The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 29, 1956 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 29, 1956
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY », 1»M BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THM6F Open Selling of Cotton Surplus May Strain US-Egypt Relations 9 f JAMES MAKLOW , AMOclatod Prei. New. An.lyit WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of State Dulles - who says Ms foreign^policy com bines "enlightened self-interest" and "missionary spirit" - faces the endless dilemma of try ing to solve one problem without making another one worse. He has to worry not only about* ' • — ~ foreign affairs—like keeping the Russians away from the Egyptians—but also local affairs, like cotton farmers and votes in Congress, when they affected the foreign field. These two fields can get pretty tangled, and they just did. Baltimore Hospital Program Is Aimed at Nurse Shortage Yesterday Secretary of Agriculture Benson, with White House and State Department approval, announced the government will sell some of its surplus cotton abroad at cut • rate prices. Whether this drives Egypt closer-,to Bus- sift remains to be seen. Debating Farm Bill The announceinent came Just as the Senate was debating President Eisenhower's new farm program and some legislators were "blaming the administration for "failure" to work harder to get rid 01 cotton and other farm surpluses. The government, which- artificially keeps up the American cotton price at home by taking cotton, off the farmers' hands when it falls below a certain price, now has 12 million bales in which it has invested two billion dollars. At once the Egyptian Embassy criticized Benson's announcement as a "very unfortunate step ai this time." Egypt is not only ta tie cotton business too but has a and depends almost By CHARLES STAFFORD BALTIMORE W) — Armed with ederal money and a unique plan of action, Baltimore's Sinai Hos- iltal will square off tomorrow with i nationwide problem—the shortage of nurses. The U.S. Public Health Service ;as agreed to gamble 535,190 that Sinai's battle plan will prove the solution to 'the shortage. The hos- jistal's experimental program is he first of its kind to be backed by the federal agency's'funds. "Briefly, the scheme" big surplus _ - .. entirely on cotton foreign income. sales for its If American -cotton sold compet- ively on the world market cuts Into the Egyptians' sales,, they may be forced to do more business with Russia, which has shown a willingness to accept Egyptian cotton in exchange for things Egypt needs. Yet, the United States doesn'' want Egypt or any • other Middle Eastern country to get closer to Russia. This country just came out on the short end, diplomat! cally, of an Egyptian - Russian deal. Recently, when Egypt asked the United States to sell it arms, this country, as Dulles has explained wanted cash. Egypt is short 'on American dollars and couldn't pas the price. So It bartered some o Its cotton with _the Communists for arms. . Kushinc Sale Since the Egyptians sold their cttton to Russia, this country ha been pushing hard the sale o American cotton abroad. As a re suit the Egyptians may be puzzled by Dulles' statements about ' self interest" and the "missionarj 8 In his 'first broadcast to tin American public in 1953 Dulle said his foreign policy would b based on "enlightened self-inter est" Later, and again in-a broad cast last Sunday, he added thes Ideas: "We need to recapture the spirit which animated our missionaries, doctors, educators, and merchants who during the last century went throughout the world carrying the benefit* of a new way of life. "For the most part these persons were not seeking to make money for themselves . . . What they sought ... and gained was the unique joy that comes from creating and sharing." __ He said it would be "tragic if Americans now "became so attracted by mercenary considerations by the lure of the market place, that they lost the missionary spirit." ^^^^ Kentucky's .motto is "United We stand, divided we, fall." search for poles—the ones from which bottles of plasma and glucose -are hung—when the floor ran short. Between crises, she squeezed in her nursing duties. Still calm and unruffled, nurse Roland admitted: "We just aren" able to have the personal contac with the patients any more, O course, tile nursing aides are do ing a good job in that regard, bu I miss much of the personal satis is this faction of nursing wlffi nam 'floor managers" who will relieve the nurse of her ever-increasing administrative duties'so .hat she may devote almost full ;ime to patient care. To illustrate, this was a routine tour of morning duty for Mrs. Patricia A. Roland, head nurse ol surgical and medical floor at She checked her linen and emergency drug supplies . . . called housekeeping to have some vacated rooms cleaned . . . hurried to the linen department when a shortage of rubber bed mats developed . . . checked the specia diets which the dietary department sent up for patients requir Ing them . . . and instituted a tank Is Ordered To Pay Missing Night Deposit LONG BEAOH, Calif. («—The Farmers and Merchant* Bank has been directed to pay » theater manager I5.33B, the amount he said he placed In the bank's night depository. Alfred 0. rurman, manager or th« RlvoU Theater, testllfed he placed the money In a bank bag and dropped it Into an outdoor chute Feb. 23, 1953. The next day, when a theater representative went to the bank, he found there was ai record of the deposit. Bank officials maintained that there was a sign near the chute warning depositors to reopen the slot and make sure the bag enterec the compartment. They contendec this caution was not heeded, anc that the next person who openec the slot probably found the money bag and took it. when I can 1 "Be" the pa Morris Throne, Sinai's assistan director, will direct the program He says the project will br launched tomorrow in two inajo nursing units (floors) of the hos pital—a 28-bed private maternit; unit and nurse Roland's 31-bei semi-private surgical and medioa unit These are 2 of 12 nursing units in the 312-bed hospital. Nurse Roland will continue n charge of- her floor. But the floor manager will check and order linens, see that the vacated rooms are cleaned and chase down poles. Under direction of the floor manager will be a staff of "general aides," young women capable and responsible for performing all duties on the floor now handled ruary, 1W8. EAL QBRALDINE LI6TON, Clerk. J/29-3/7 NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the Annual School Election for the year 956 will be held in ABMOBELi District No. 9 of Mississippi Coun- y. Arkansas, on Saturday, March nth, tor the purpose of Boy, 13, Killed in Fight with Friend PITTSBURGH (If}— Eugene Psota and John'Wilinski,. both 13, were eighth-grade classmates and altar boys together but they didn't always get along. They started fighting in a wooded section near their homes in suburban West Homestead yesterday en route from school, where they sat two desks apart. A few minutes later Wilinski was dead from repeated blows on the head with an iron pipe. Psota was taken into custody and turned over to juvenile authorities. Gervis A. Kudis, West Homestead police chief, said Psota—who weighs 95 pounds—told him Wilinski had tormented him. Wilinski was nearly 100 pounds heavier and Jive Inches taller than Psota. Kudis said the boy tearfully told this story. "He Wilinski wanted me to' smoke, but I told him I didn't want to. "He told me I was going to have to go out some place with him to- night 'I ain't going with you," I told him. And then he said, I'm going to make you.' "He hit me in the stomach and I went down on my knees. I picked up something and turned around, md swung it at him. Then, I guess, I blacked out. I don't know what happened next." . Chief Kudis said Thomas Andrews, 15, witnessed the attack and took the iron pipe away from Eugene, who had found it lying on the ground. The officer said Wilmski's father John Sr. was distraught at the death of his only son. He quoted the father — an employe idled by the Westinghouse Electric Corp. strike -as saying: "The boys played together J don't know why he did it." Chief Kudis said Mrs. Psota, a widow, told. him her boy was so afraid of Wilinski that he would not leave the house after dark for tear of meeting him.' by the nursing aides and housekeeping and dietary maids work ing out of their separate depart ments. "At the present time," Throne said, "the dieticians' office is re ible for serving food to th< patient, the housekeepers' office for linens and cleanliness, th purchasing agent for supplies anc the engineer for repairs. Now thf coordination of all these tasks wll become the responsibility of the floor manager." IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOB THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS C. M Abbott, Pltf. vs. No. 13,12 Beulah Joan Hargett, et al, Dfts. NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that th undersigned Clerk of the sail Chancery Court will, on the 2i)t day of March, 1956, at the Souff door of the C6urt House at Blythe ville, Mississippi County, Arkan sas, between the. hours of 10:0 A.M. 'and 2:00 P.M. offer for sal at public auction, to the highes bidder, upon a credit of three (3 months, the following describe lands: .The Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (NE'/ 4 SW'/4>, and the West Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (W& SWV4 SE}4), (totaling 60 acres, more or less), Section Eleven (11), Township- Fifteen (15) North, Range Eleven (11) East, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Said sale is made pursuant t Order of the Chancery Court fo the Chickasawba Dictriot of Mis slssippi County, Arkansas of dati February 27, 1956 in partition pro ceedings. Purchaser at such sale will b required to gi- 1 note with approvec security for tfj^ .purchase price. Dated this the 28th day of Feb EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbord Hard war* Phone Z-2M5 Cullison Bicycle Shop We repair all makes Bicycles & Tricycles. We carry a complete line of parts for all make bikes. Phone 2-6122. Across from Kroger Master Mix Feed j 16% Ualrj Feed $4.M cwl . 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