The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1937 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1937
Page 11
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APRIL 8, 1937 Southwestern Dishes Popularized by , Centennial Exposition Texas' big birthday i>;>rly last year, marking the 100th anniversary of it.s freedom, imd a far- leaching influence ou food! Food as it is cooked "down by the Rio Grande" was brought home bj millions .of visitors to the celebrations throughout, the lane Star Suite and that southwestern-flavor is appearing on dining tables all over tile country. Tills is'grand good news for gourmets (food-lovers to you) because Texas cookery is a clever composite of those countries whose nags have flown over 11: France, Spain, Mexico, Texas, the Confederacy and United States. Latin, southern, Mexican and "cowboy" vie for flavors as we "go Texas") Rice is a feature of many of the uoulhwc-stern dishes, 'for it's not cnly good in its own right but is the jrerloct accompaniment .for other southwestern toocls. Try some of these southwestern dishes: Texas Barbecue 2 cups cooked rice 1 Ib. sirloin steak ',i teaspoon paprika \~ teaspoon black pepper « teaspoon chut powder 1-4 cup vinegar 1-4 cup catsup 2 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon salt. Make a sauce of the vinegar, catsup, butter and seasoning. Cook until a thick paste is formed. Brush the steak with the pasts. Broil. Turn and brush tlic other side with the barbecue pasle. Continue applying the paste until the steak is cooked, serve with hot cooked rice. Praline liaimius 4 partially ripe bananas '•i 'cup brown sugar 3-4 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon lime or lemon juice 1 tablespoon melted butter 1-3 cup chopped p?can or walnut -meats Peel bananas, cut in half lengthwise and fry for about one 'minute in a small amount of butter, place bananas into n well-greased bakirj dish. Mix brown sugar and sail together and sprinkle onto bananas. Pour lime or lemon jutce and then the melted butter over sugar. Cover wHirdioppcrf-hnts. Biik'e in a mod- I erately hot, oven (375 degrees F) ' about 10 tninutes. or until sugar melts and bananas are tender Serve hot. Serves eight. Ccbollas Kcllcnas 12 onions 4 tablespoons mazola 2 hard cooked eggs 30 ground hazel nuts 2 tablespoons vinegar. Cook large onions In salt water; remove to a plate and core. Chop the eggs and hazel nuts; add the mazola and vinegar. Stuff the on ions and serve cold. Note: You may use other Huts If you desire and serve with salad dressing f o siiit your taste. Southern Lamb nitli Kite 1 qt. hot boiled rice I'.-i Ibs. lamb steak 4 tablespoons butter Salt 1 glass currant jelly. Cut young tender meat into one- inch pisces. -season. Fry in butler until meat is brown and tender. Push to one side of pan Add jslly and melt, with meat juice Place hot rice in center of platter. Pines hot iamb around rice. Pour hot sauce over the rice. Serve at once. Creole Fhh and Kite Balls 1 tablespoon shortening 1 small onion, chopped 1 cup tomato .socp 1 tab'icspoon chopped parsley 1 can fish flukes 2 cups cold water \'i cup cracker crumbs 2 c|cs, well bsatcn Dash red pepper Salt. Heat shortening in frying pair "del onion and let. fry to a goldcii orown. Add tomato soup. Let come to boil, season with salt and red pepper, add parsley, pick fish flakes lo pieces with fork, removir," all bones, stir into sauce. Add rice and cracke,- crumbs, mixing thoroughly. Add eggs, beaten light. Let cook until il leaves the sides of (he pan Cool slightly. R 0 ii into balls. Dip in bsatsn csss. roll in cracker crumbs then fry in hot fat. Arrange on serving rljsli. Garnish with parsley. Serve with sauce- 1 small onion 1 green pepper (shredded) 3 tablespons huttcr 2 tablespoons flour 1 clove garlic (optional) 1 cup strained tomatoes 'l small tan mushrooms Salt and pepper. Cook onion and pcppur in butter, add flour, then tomatoes and mushrooms and other seasoning, cook 3 minutes. Remove Irom lire, pour In sauce boat and serve with balls "t table. I'cvfccl X-Hny Alovic. Camera LONDON (UP)—An X-ray cam- rra which will tnkc movinc pic- liirts has been perfected "bv a British radiologist. The Invention enables a doctor ta lake a fast- mcvlng x-ray picture, and then slow- It down so that he may study it in detail, a feat which lias hitherto been impossible. It is expected (o prove n great aid to the study of gastric, abdominal and respiratory Illnesses. For Spring Afternoons I liesc Recipes Arc Invitations to Drop in at Foui- 0'clock »V MKA G.U'.VOK AUDUO.X NKA Service Staff Writer lu spring the urge loivard friendliness turns greener like the Irees. These recipes are iirisislible invitations to drop in around (our for a sip and n bile. Orange Pekoe Cake (1 eight-inch cake) Two teaspoons orange .pekoe tea, 3-4 cup boiling waler, 1-2 cup shortening, l cup sugar, 2 eggs, grated rind of I lemon, 2 cups all- purpose ' flour, 2 1-4 teaspoons baking powder, 1-4 teaspoon salt. Pour boiling water over tea. 3over and stand 5 minutes. then' strain and cool. Cream shortening, add sugar slowly and cream imlil x light. Add eggs, unbeaten, 3ne at a time, beating after each iflclllion. Add grated lemon rind, bill flour, baking powder and salt .ogether.3 -times.' ~AAa to 'Shorten-' ing-egg mixture alternately with 2old ten: Bake in greased .square Bsklng pan in moderate oven (350 degrees F.) for about 1 hour. Cut m sections and for an unusual ireat serve with slightly sweetened whipped cream touched up with a few drops of bitters. Tea time can be exciting, you See. Southern-:Te;t-;Cake3 (4 to C servings)' Oiie-half cup butter,* 1-2 cup Inrd, 13-4 cups sugar, 3 eggs, 2 teaspoons grenadine syrup,; 4. cups Hour, 2 teaspoons baking powder Cream shortening .(butter and iard), then slowly add sugar and cream together until light, Add unbeaten eggs, one at n time, beating vigorously after each addition. Add grenadine syrup then sift in together the Hour and baking powder. When thoroughly mixed, • roll . : out thin on floured board. Cut into -circles with.- cook- ins cutter. Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees F.) until golden brown. . • • _<^t< , If friendly neighbors drop in unexpectedly, spread slightly sweetened cream or cottage cheese between plain chocolate cookies. Or try water or butter crackers 'Pread lightly with cream cheese decorated in the center with jewel-like mounds of red currant BLTTIIEVII.LB '(ABK.J- COURIER NEWS IS" Stretching Strawberries W i t h fruit markets fcatui in« strawberries a bit ahead of Ilia season, homcmakcrs are sorely tempted to treat their families to juicy red strawberries and cream If the family i s smnll this doesn't put much strain on lh c budget, but if the family is largc-,well. "there's the rub!" However,' if you serve unify Strawberry Marshmallow Cream, your family (large or small) won't have to miss their'share of fins delectable fruit. Nor will your budget suffer a relapse. JtfarsrtiiMiioii- Strawberry Cream 1-2 pint whipping cream 1-4 pound mnrshuialiows 1 pint fresh strawberries {stemmed nnd sliced). Whip cream until sliir. Fold in mnrshmaltavs, cut in quarters, and chill for about 1 hour. ' Then fold 111 sliced chilled strawberries and pile in sherbet glasses. Garnish with unstcnnned whole' strawberries. Keeping Eyes From Being Bigger Than Fooci Budget Problem Keep your eyes wide open and your purse half shut—Die result will be good meat dishes that don't wreck the faintly budget, Shop critically and cook \vilh Imagination. Hoast Shoulder of Lamb with Spinach Stuffing (4 lo 8 servings) Five pounds shoulder of Ifnnb, 1-3 pound young spinach, 4 tablespoons butler, 1 teaspoon chopped green pepper, l tablespoon chopped celery, i •. tablespoon chopped radishes, I tablespoon chopped onion, 2 cups bread crumbs, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-4 teaspoon pepper. Ask~7ii<r!"6itlch<:i io"~b'one"The meat for stuffing.' Keep the bone for soup stock. Wash meat, dry and season well. Wash spinach carefully, first in warm water, then In cold waters. Drain mill chop, cook in 2 tablespoons butter together with all the other chopped vegelablcs. Melt (he other 2 tablespoons butter and mix with bread murTbs. Combine vegetables and bread crumbs and stuff lamb. Skewer. Insert sliver of garlic deep in Hesh of meat, dust lightly with Hour and bake in very hot oven (450 degrees p.) for 20 minutes, then reduce heat and continue in moderate oven (325 degrees F.) until done, allowing nbout 30 minutes a pound in all. Baste occasionally. Mexican Steak (4 to c servings) Three pounds round steak, floui seasoning, 3' small onions, l cup canned tomatoes, l teaspoon chli! powder, prepared mustard. Have meat cut about 2 inches thick. Cut off some of the fat and heat fat in heavy iron frying pan. Brown steak on both sides in pan. chop onion, then rcjnovc browned meal ntirt turn in onions to brown.: Spread the steak with prepared miisiard, return to pan and add chili powder browned onion, foln'atotur.' Covei and simmer until tender, nbout I 1-4 hours. Add more water ]f needed. There should be a naturally thickened gravy, but if yours turns put too thin, thicken wilh flour. At one time, the mqori WM an object of devout worship. Read Conner News Want Ads SPLINT SEAT HAMPERS Hardwooo 1 frame woven with hard maple spiinh. Lid covered with pearl pyralin. Colors, ivory, whife, or light green with dork peed lid.. Sturdy and attractive. , O y a n THERMOMETER SET I «a*Uir/ SEt 1.00 It's easy fo avoid cook- .ing. errors with this thermometer. Registers •from 100to600degrees Fahrenheit EKndsrf i» •Tlie Progressive Store" J. W. Shuusc ,- J. Wilson Plionc 35 KROGERs MCGLY WIGGLY STORES BIRTHDAY SALE PKICKS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Crisp, Firm Heads Pound GREEN CABBAGE Potatoes <"-29c 13c Sour w Dill QtiiU-t Jur 39c Sugar Pure Cane 10 I'oumls 47c Bananas Peaches nr 15c !• ' •••• 15c Peas Country Clul> Sifted 2 No. 2 .Cims 29c Soap Octagon Giant litir 3 for 13c FLOWEK 1'Vesh Head LEMONS •'*"• rr • Ti'ump 00*- Eacli 00 EXTRACT " 1 " 1 5 ROOT BEER 2j ^ 25 ( PAN ROLLS Fresh ASPARAGUS V; 15 CARROTS " r t,,.5 MUSTARD ,,,10 TWIHKLE A " "!;•";; 15 CAKE iMilk Chiu;o!att 4Q TEA Wt "V,, 25 COFFEE C. C., Lb We French, Lb. .. 23c Jewel, Lb. .. 20e Jewel, 3 LI) .. 58u" FLOUR Little Kir- Hack tS-Lli. Sack . §170 ORANGES BREEN Maraschino C -3-oz.JnrU FIG BARS "fa. PEARS A S, Strawberries 15c Clock Bread 15c eSauceKi g !7c Salad Dressing 25c APRICOTS ,{&.W MATCHES 3 lioxes TALL BOY 10' GINGER ALE ^ ,t 25 U FRESH EGGS „,„ 22' Clean Sweep 41C Each L\ PLUMS L FLOUR c - c - 15 CRACKERS CATSUP Frazier'g U-07.. !iOt. 10' PURE LARD 5lll ,.c,,..S7 B 1ft HT Gr 'OKEs Tec LIUIli 15 ( 0 (jf> w«tl 10. CALUMET UAKING 1'OWDEIl 2 Sm. Cans - 15c LbCan19c Country Cltib •IS-Oz. 1'lVjr. |7 Kaeh If 20-On:.' I'lttf. •flC 2 for'..?... 10 MACARONI BEEF STEW..S SALMON Til 11 Can MOPS Special PRESERVES Beef Roast » liriskel Pound Fancy Slitctl Pound Jack Salmon Ib lOc Catfish Steaks . Ib 29c Fresh Shrimp ..... lh 25c Spanish Mackerel . . . . Ib 19o FEET MKI.TS MiCK HONKS Lb. PICNIC HAMS Wilco Tender-Made Hnmd Pound Hens-Fryers Cheese Daisy Pound PorkLiver Ib 12ic Spare Ribs ib 15o 1). S. licllics Pound ]). S. Bulls Paiind

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