Richmond Enquirer from Richmond, Virginia on October 21, 1859 · 1
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Richmond Enquirer from Richmond, Virginia · 1

Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1859
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SI-MI-MEEKLY EDITION. FRIDAY MORNING, (KTQiSKK >1, 1859. VOLPME LVL?NUMBKR <i. ? Tiie Richmond Enquirer, ^na^ilKP DAILY, SEMI -WEEKLY AND WEEKLY. BY RlTCiHE? DUNNAVANT, TYLER & WISE. IE R M S 1 . ... v I* % pick, *? ve?? dollar* |?cr inuum, nu?l at the J * J dlif# if taken for * slioiter period than one ' r??\, ii?** dollar* per ahumc, nud * f. r h1\ miiQ'Jb, payable In advance. for the 5 !% \ , ?. pr.- annua;. ??r *ix copi.t. n?r #i ?. to he \ aid in* 1 j , . . I vat ice. When containing money arc I '* s\i i .they !DUil he r*\/#V ?.r they *ill he at the * ! ^ :\c ar.urs. Esgrtitcii" vm >. n-.\ . Shm:i U published I . \J the monthly circulation ! ? twenty thouAtlvertUem uh ithrrtt I at ccuts |?it Hue. \ to thi* oflict innv I i niltcd j?trr rualltUi ^ JI | available Dank nw?<. 1/ ;***. . at the risk >>l * OM'uarie* at-.l Tribute* ??i * ec.ilug %. ire<eil (* : *> a<lverti*ettien:*. ' . *f: t? * li?tanc? be aiv?? .,?atii-.l with the ? ! 1 T1y< i ?atMact< ry reference*. t iu stion 1 k;ok $2oo?t;?o or ? \1\ HVK AND Si\ |?MC CKNT |?K?iT * fii {. *h- foil- win;; ?vrtifi * s of debt I . of Virgin?* will ink* :r*ii?e that the C??ni, : . 2sn<cin? Fund, oillir.e hi 'he r mitten to 'r ~<terhi which tl:ry-r- i;;:h >rix~?I ?ol?e redeem the Si*: .t in ?.f l?.-comber. I ? , tor-doom ?r . .!? at the Tr?- t*?:ry of the romm .nwvalth. . r* >f v.iid cc tificstc* 'ire r?*C|iiin*?i on the ?*?id itt>: ' . I *? ;', to *UI'li i . tv. * ?inr Ut the OlliiV of J . . v : -.'! ?!' r. whether *.irret? h-red or no? ? ?-.;- . 0. - . ,\H?' 0!! *h.l* dlV. ; I i .TAU.U-l '.'Tth |Vb|j-try# ai'i.oriyia-. t u : ! M P-iMie tVorfsata ??thscrll?c i behalf k the jj! C ' N 1 l?l" N H *w-' : * iJ. **. V'-r, .?fc*WM Nv. rtnvDi:. Ihit '..i ,1 >uth?rl.?n? i '* ' mm" *\000 -<J, *' " snior c ft. * " *atu* i.woo > " * s.nue d.t*N) s fJ. ** ?:iru?* ).'**! 8!. 4a ri. . Hft) f Si. " " iMil: .'..iKKJ j vi. " " <*:ae J.'Vt) ->ii> t a ' ' K-.-MM, i'oy'fr .< c-j. c of Uek'ir!. Curt. *a!l. In t lhi::'-?r- h.nno li. <c:? A/KM -? " * :,iwo ' 1 >tlna i.lMH) .authorise i tab* rlptic.j ou behalf of c e .iwclth to the stock of the V?'incliet:?r and i : rt.i ' Head Company, un.l ?vr other psi-pose*, it I ': -tary, list. *nd of an Ac: further to pi . . e t i.aentof said Mibscriptlon, ; j-<e ! 1 iii i)t:e :* .l?'-l M.v -i V. C??rct. John V. WtlSox. !' > bury. lioi.' Jantes Citsklr. -f roead. l-'.OOo jj : - N. M. !:o;hn-'i!Mi S .riot L.mlou. S.lMl) ov. " tame. i.000 * SI, " lace, i,0w.l " ' is. ' -aac, ?,Wt) SCI. " aunt*. 2."W> " :?t, ' iuTte, s.w?i> SS, ' eani- .'.mi.) S\ " it'ti*. i.uw sr. . 2,o<?> " St, " Mil*, '.',.1,*) ^ Of. .'. Ill') j ?", " >311". J.VW ' , " 4!, ", U.OtD j " e-Hl.- i.'KD j ?1, " same. i.nn U <r?rc?. Uoh-r: E. I t . ay. i.OOd , | : ?a to Increase the cipiial stock < ' thriven- | r. j-h v.J lt?aa"ke Railroad ' tipatiy, at-: -.utho - a ?.t ?t -;|i'i ui thereto oo W. .IT of the .State, .1 r-.'.i January. ls.1l. '.M?re,: -.e. tin. Sperct. Capt. <. >-.rjte William C'our'E"., of Die U iyh1 licit i?h Navy. ;?.d hi .1 ? o - R -t-.r.l Thi.rnfnn n* ' 11 huriin Whorl. t"i-l>rr Tbantc- .** . London, ."..<> i u " lib. Ditto, .Vhju ?.: *<?? ?.U1 JorSom.TJ.ufStr.itfcrJ tir'.rn, l>s>-x. t?'l . k'retlrr'.olc S' taer-, of Highbury l,irt.!.l!ni;ton.Mi't JteJex.lh nu ts Cor bro.of l'ano.t lla'l. Mktoti K-nt, Kofr. *nd Edward Sulon ?f Highbury l'urk aforeru.d E'H'tlr* frith benefit Of ?'t. flvorrhlp. *"M ' 1J3, I'llto. I.'V 4 12(\ - Ditto. ? ij:, Lw;.?, lyou .sW?Jan. 8,1*?, " David K irchiy Chat man. of l.nriiloD. VH lsJ8-J*n. S. 118. M.-s-r-klV KothjcMId, , llru'lierf. ufl'arl.-. lu.omt iiK- May ?, 144. " Din. MvloiirM-hagm. Arthur Augua'oli?fh ?ni , I. . *:? <#. jnipe, <}'!.' -i' .to., ' " 145. Ditto, .".'".m - ' " 14H, * Ditlr, lfii-Ap'188. 14T, - H-nrlett? footing. .:i. of Dratihotwr. n- r A' --ford, 01 mi* o t limn*, wid- tt. J.OOO 14?. Diito. . ;:,wu lu. Ditto, i.oco ; K . Ditto, t.'.mo i.v? - Ditto. " .non , If-?Jan. i, 1W. K. M Smltli, VW i;.;, Ditto. : < ' IS?. Ditto. ??> 1 118, Ditto. ,V?j ' U.'-frb. 1'. DX. " Vm. H. Masai!, 1.0W V", iu;. Aa tiv* jo'iDat ., - liar. 31, It-. . .Vm MayU. 10.'. W. IV.reellA < . a.J. 2?. ititto. :, <? i sM- ?. Ditto. vw i " rt;.. 11 IT?. " Ditto, V) i 8-ti.imft | \ i - , :. :! in p. ri le for ' .n-trr.. :l of a turn- < . 'rum Staunton to 1' irk.-r-niir/. ltlth March, < : under the -l oti.Mi of "on act to i .i-. r r?i- ag : ??? to certain railroad cot.opnriir-. < t! : ?*. r ; I.", ??o ;>aJ:e-1 JlJt March. ls!> !?- - , t: . ... r .t Smith of An go-ta, v., , ], it) t S?* ' Jj-r|ili Jnrkwo. o; IUchinoii'1. 1.0C? I *i- !, > . I"?r|>h >.nl*ti. 'if ,\. ! :?. -00 1 .. c:. Mt:o. ;:?> i *.?J.' l?r. V. r l 8. Navy. i.yo.1 < Luc* ji. n "."3, r-r : lifo. w>h r-n:*.tr..K: t *.o her oliiMr n. J"!n < H. ?. \ai other-. " c::.. '! liVrt UI..1 , Wni .1 Mbert, i:i :ru?: for J. , .\r*.rt, OA , li.v'.i. -John C loiurtti el JUl. fax. "<* ' " C. J. IMm., .'?i > ... " Wi::uw i. ?u ' .Ucfuhai.l Uuliui. . . <u.r.lmn 'if < . Unr: >c. l.v, . ? ?MJV vury w. nuch?iu . of .S'.ilTirt4 ! ' "> 1 ?ItiM-hut lorr I.r CrtnUuati-i who i1c.-if to r? ' ' . t un.! It,.- llPllii of i* >; ;*>*cnc*w]?;?j^ tfit* j?Qwrf before >?>:r.e >1 i:?r r'.r ifeuhiry, Chav ?f.\ff4*r*,CAn??ul (??ntrnlt ' ?. . V . ; #if C"uim?;rc!a! Agent, sppolnteil by )' '? o: tbv IViU*; ^uics tj ;i:ijr forei/i: man* .* r ' ?? ;.? |iro}ur olliocr of any court of such c --'.r . t :?./ iUyor or oilirr C'fiirf M-ightrate ft any ; fUt i corporation therein. If iv-*>i?iicir; in tho J";': '.he :v'*nc*lv:lf:u;ci:t bMf'?r?* a JoMlcc ??f the . Sultry Public, or (*o;:irnK*i?'ner l)?'cl appointed 'ritorrr:y r of Virginia. I* ititHfi xit. In all . ??. t Th?* * tnu?: be fleltrerrd. J. M. UESNKTT, 1 Auditor Public AcccoiititH, f tJoraniis^oiitrij 5. II. PAKKKIS, Kc^iitrr, i? of <iKt>PJiK W. \|| \r??i;|#. ; Sinking Fund. vcrrUry of th? Cwnnn?.!:WfHlt!% j - *i?, September tfC, lsV.??-:t'o l*JKMTf?Vri.lKY or VUUaMA. \1 *M.Y i("Tt"KEl? at t\;? Instii'ilbm, ar..!-old th*-ri* and f ? 1 t ic \g-Qt'? itOfv, No -7, IV:*r: Vrv.* . th- fol!o#lnf w ?Jttc<(lprlcti|to*vit ^|* .i ?? uau * voa?r;;% Cfill irrta nnu M-nr?m 'i*b trt lUrnrwof erui* 'l^cr'i M . Ur Lcattrr II- ?? vU'>, ' *1- 4*1 W :,e-lb ?: rov?? ?r i Saf?rt, 4r. J; "r: ?i.d I'uM C?ttor* ^*rv ?> *n?i Limrys for pumaitoc r*%o<i? : uih.K- Ooihln;: for ^rvmla ^ Cic on band and for ^ ' ' rr;?a'.rrd, or niberjob work Jone t? or<!*r? ' Soli, f ? ; r ihtj -,r 1?, pun?'t?i4l iviHojih-w only. V-Vu0*v? rr ^ .? . . .rv# sutj-fictorv rvfrr^nc?, . v " ' ? K. M. MMMW " tf \ .. ; * . J ?tor<?k?pff Vx Pf fi !?*n: UlCJI.UONb LIVK VriM'K 1UKKKT. thf. tiiiJcri yu*?' flavins jifix nr."! 'h?* aervioc* t!' IL | 4 Crgclwc:t. IT ti t of <lllin< Livo tft.Tk . Kicbtn'-.rt, will, %!:' Lnlh?r >. Irtino, l>r ' 1 kcauHMton the ! ; i.'v r i^r. t.. r next, yntfwrrd | '. f"*r * rir Mtl 1 viJril attention t ? h!1 ? u*lnt*M j ^ i;.ii f??* i ? uii!t.itriil ff'tm their lnti#; onjTrienro, to " p ? vf rrtlr. : ' r '-I uu'.r U1.., ,i- '.'i on tfDrviljnir.Ltiti'. JiiiiN CIIOCSK, * >: I. IgVlXE. STEBB1NS, HOYT & CO, I'O'i iissiox Ti2::u sn.vTS. If 08 THE SALE tT ' I ' > v.\k v4, osN\ii?:u<is. -HKirriNGs axp N?. 1 .VJS riMllDKK!t STKKKT. NEW YORK. p VJOKK A\i? TO AKU1VE, m.Im ' , < i*. J Lr itlit'f. i..*l 11 ! * * [ ' r" ? V.J|ic?l I fill! -**il !' 'W f*?r CMh 0" gwt I M. li*KK11>Alk, i .< j! Ol.^riuttr. "f Uiclt*ioa4. ?: v liKsoile a iihothiki?s I.IS, ?lh IV. I1.VNvs. IUCIIMUM', VA. i '? 'in Stmccmi fftuom I I " ** U'V WCb* i.*-ul.- >u * in ban I. j u. H. \ U~. M. TliKUU.u; i T T O K N t? Y S A T L. A W , W *t all lh<* Conn ? nf KU<y1vu:i!ani:J 1 V. ' -lit. 'Aii'jtlti, on>l alotb* rl. unt Sojie ' K| ? U. V, X.b 7_oty II VALUABLE FAlOIS FORjSALE. VALIABLK liSTATK FOK SALI.. UrK oiler for -ale privately u tract of land lying iu the v? county of Rockingham, S. C , about twenty*!wo nilc* above Danville, Va., and three below Leak?\ilte, N. \, containing Fifteen Hundred and Jdxty-Mnc acre*. ThU and extend- within a few hundred yards of Dan River, rhieh U navigable to Dauville, aud t? iu the heart of a c lib rated section country called the "Meadow* of Rocknghatn." It lies gently rolling, of a dark red color, and is larlicularly adapted to the production of the fluent tobacco Mid wheat. About otic half of the tract is In origliiKl for st, heavily timbered, with an abundant supply of ?b* be?t dan* land, and every ptrt of it It well watered. The society is as good as any in the country. Methodist, Baptist, KpUeop d and l'reshytorlan Churches are all conrenicnt, and la the town Leaks vllle, brides a large colon factory there are inl'.U. shops and stores of every decription. In addition both o??al and it on arc found on it, as it forms >artoftli<* L viksvillc coal field* to which the latt I*1 *?*!** ure of North Carolina chartered a railroad, and which vitheut doubt will be tjuil* and thus open the mineral re* >our?v* of that country. 1>r\ih.?Any reasonable time given to the purchaser? hcpurchs?e in?>ney being satisfactorily secured, and the nt? re-t promptly paid. Persons wUhiaglo hear wore of I.".- I:?rd will ad li e? e tber tr 'he undersigned. ,1<i|l.N T. CI.ARK, Talcott.l*. O., Charlotte Co., Va. W. II. .MM?\ Juii" ?!l?* :i Clover Depot. iiaMax i'n,, va. Mr. C.ti. Terry, living*. the I.tnd, rill show it lo any >ne, or give any information concerning it. KOSC N.UK, Oli F.Yi'H \\4iU FOR TUX AS I. VVAU'AltLK ui -1 beautiful farm, situated so miles fn?:u Kichtuocd, ?>n?- of the b*?t railroad*, it. a .tu-st de-irabU* neighborhood, at. 1 uo:*r athriving village, rh rt th? pc ai char I ?tor<? iirge !-. t, osi-olbce, telegraph olhcc, *te. The tract contains ?Hh> ?crts, d<*? under cultiva'ion, of which a rr/*y hirgt ?M2un ?? I'vttor.i lard of the l?e-t quality, and all well trained. 'Hie balance is in original e?m I, with a **tn:t!2 porion of second growth pine. This Latnl U highly adapted t.? . !! thr tuple*. of the ountiy, Mtiif abound- In water from the purest living pring- in every part of it. The impioieineuts are est?nIve, mostly ne? . or lately repaired, and in good style. The location C wrv beautiful, perhaps not Hirpas*eri hy uany in this par* of lite Stat*. and as healthy as any place n the w orld. This F*r:u i- otiered for *?lr privately. or wbu! I *% dunged in j* iri for hindi'i '1. x??, ultahly located. For further particulars, address * Knquircr Uihe Kmhootid, Va. Julys*? cfltn not vr < d.UFoitr f?i; n.Vll," 111IK subscriber ??Ucr* f r sate privately the Farm on . which he a! present resides, called Mount Comfort, lotitaliiing !.' "? acres more or less, situated in the uppdr cud ?f llenrieo county. 1?' uiiies west **f Uichiuood, on Deep tun, between the i liree Chopped and tjuloelron roadu, an*t ibout ta?? miles below Short Pump. The improvement* onsi-t of a large and conveniently-constructed fiainc Iwelliug house. Containing I. ro u:s and ample passages; ibout half of It is two stories high, with a good brick baseiieiit. kitchen and quarters, -tab.e?, carriage and ice-houses, i brick smokehouse, Ac. This Farm i* wll-watered, Deep lut. being ihe boundary * icne e?!#i.v>i lr for about a utile, ??i l?tony passes entirely through'hcentre of it, upon both f which streams there are good n .II sites. * w? !1 ?.f ei.'clnt water in the y %r I, and springs f the purest wu'er conrenicutiy dispersed over the Farm, fh** subscriber deems my furthtr description nuneces- t'.T. i-*r mpectfuily invite* ail dii|Khed ! purchase I c wd view : for them>clve?. Any .--. mnmiucatton upon t!.e -abject, directed t? ;h-subscriber at Priii Shades, wiij t>- pr >n>pllr attende 1 to. Sept. 1 - >* WM. K Uakkis. M TRIMS L \.\ I) FOR SALE. HAYINti determined on Mill. I hereby oTcr toy TKACT OF LAND, lying the water* of big Sutousli Creek, in the county of Warren, North Caroline, onsisting of 1,*j#s acres. ?.f whi*!? !." *? acre* are choice creek tlatf, HTh> well Improv* .1 1 * and upland In a high s:ate of culture, snd the remainder in riginal forest and [due, well rechiiiucd. The laud is t. 11 adapted to the growth of Com, Wheat Hud Fine Manv.tucturiiig Tobacco. The Plantation is in good repair, fences good, dwelling new, neat and commodious, with all necessary out-houss. negro i wbin>. tobacco t?.irris. Ac. The farm i* intersected by the Itv iU U?- Valley lladroad, we'l watered; location pleasant, in an xcellct.t comtnuriitr. Pert 'tis who desire further InforiR'itiun will add-- v?, *hr..jgh utail.u? William"horo*. North Caroilu . Purchasers will cor'.'* and XHii.ia-- r themselve*. - , : I?elf JNO. T. TaYLOH, VAI.IAKI.F PA Kill l oi( SALK. rgtllK u:?d* r-ig?i-d offers for -ale t?is r*-ry valuable Farm, 1 situated on Clinch Hirer, in the county of Taaewell, \ a , T iniie> we*t .?f the Court House, containing l,tW?i acres of as ? o I grasa land a* is Id th" State, a large portion <>t whicti i" finely set :u grass, and " tn g-u- '.' >? cattle. It is situated in a good uvightM)rl:*?>d, i- ntivl> watered arid under -vrclient fence. It ha.* on it good meadow*, uu 1 !? 3i:e!y ad ipte*l to corn, vhoat and other -mall grain, and it i> t?eiirved that tobacco could be raised successfully. I: ha* on it a good dwelling and other ri-et --a: y houses, and ais *n g??o.I mill site. Those wishing to purcham* a good ?tock farm would do *-II to visit l .^:-wt-ll, as the; * are r* number of desirable f r > ile in the county The above Farm can !? purchased en the most accommodating terra-* Ky paying a part of the mancy down, a creillt ot ?ev*-ral yc iia will h ? gl* fur the balauce by paying fhe iuUTv-t. tV.r turiht-r o.irikul^r. ? ??>!. o lha un?l?T?lgiiad at Taieweli Court Kou?r, V.i. AugJ? . WM. L TTATKlXg. L'K KIX.H V M LA.N1> KOK NiLL. rjlilK subscribers oilcr tor sale :b? lr Jarta on Slate Jtiver, JL l:i the county of Muckix.glutij. It contain* over i acres of land. KH1 being of rivt-r bott?ni, with wood land MilOcictii for the place. and as productive 6i any on the river. It has a t *. story dwelling with four room* and all accessary out-buildi. gs fur the place. Also, a > ouur apple bndpeuch orchard ? f **Iect fruit. This estate is shout four ur five mill* from *hv James ltiver Canal. Slate lllvt-r Is also - nut i^ahle stream for small boats, which in:*ke? it very confident for getting produce t<? m.?rket. It adjoins the lands of i?r. Kobt. C. Jones, Col. IV. a. Kurd md others, >!tjilted in a healthy section cf country, convvulcn* m several churches, post ollices and mills. We decui It unueCf sary to say nt ?r; shout It, a." thos* wishing to purchase, can view the plate, and judge fo? them.seive*, or get any information from tf?c -ub?crlbvr* hy tU'iresv.iig iiu m -i initio .<i?i>, The purchaser, l>y paying two or three thousand d'dlais :he lir?! pay u.etit; e >11 net nve or nix years, or a longer thue ,f desired, i make other payments. deferred paytiie- ? Hearing interest from djv of sale; till* retained till all p iyaents are made. JOHN k SAML'KI. AM.LN. Si (it 1'i- rn" L.I>U POttTsALI,. VK71SI1IXQ to go toUto West, 1 offer far tale the tract if 11 Land o:i which I reside, lying in the county of I'rinee ildward. on fast Creek. 4mll--i from Prospect on he S-iu'lieidc railroad, 0 from II tn,p len Sidney Colb-g.-. ind !J Iroin Fannville, containing till seres. This I and :s n a high-tate of improvement anil i? well adapted to the rri.nth of all ln? crops ttsuali.r made In this section of rountry, and i- ene of the he.; Improved places In the rountry. The building* urr all new, having been erected n the l.t?t '! or t years, of the best materials and under my >wn eye?an I consist of a llAXDSOME DWEI.LlNti, with line rooms conveniently arranged ; a large Kitchen, with en ro.-in- ; Icehouse, a Carriage-house, large enough fir hree earring,.*, Smoke-house, btaldcs. Tobacco-barns, too >f whieli are ft anted and very large, and built In the last ihrev years, and every necessary house on a farm. There s a large proportion of wood land, both of original growth md pine. There is every kind of fruit of the choicest rari-tii-s, such as apples, peaches, pears, plums, cherries, nectarines, apricots, and a great variety of grapes. This is >ne of the most beautiful and desirable residences in the tate, and w.-hlng those desirous of purchasing to view for hem-e!vrs, J shall give no further description at present, tcept tnsav that It is as healthy as any place in the world. Feb. gs?ewsm JAMES CORDS. U A It UEXTOM (M. C.) iItA vES* 'J11JE HACKS over the Warrenton .? - ? I X. C. t Course will ci'KPitti'c a 1, >t. tlieSlXVND 1CH.-DAV IX NO- 7^CT<Mtg...v t'HMltllK ti-v, tin I cunt aue four g r Yl ?_ lays. Fm-r l?.ir.?A ."sweepstake for Colts and Fillies 2 years sld; utile heats; flMt entrance; forfeit; to name snd lose by the 1st of November; |A't added by the Club If two or more *t.*rt. Second Race, same day?A Saddle Race; best thfe in '.Vv. tuile lf ?te; fer a Cue ."saddle and Rigging worth f rntrance 4?V. four or more to make a raco. sg'.'oxo I'at.?A eweepslakeforJI years old, 1 mile, f Itei entranee; |>u forfeit; three or more to make a race. J11 ii.i added by the Cte.h; to name and close by ?.h? 1st i| November. y?*c ?n?! Itare, same day?Proprietor's Purse. 2 nvl* >.< ?*%; f !'?*); f ?r Co!ts and Fillies 4 years old, entrant 4_'\ lurnn 1>*y.?Club Purst; ( .'<>?; 'i mile heats. Fni imt Purse; f.'UX); X mile heals. HIOMAi* II. CHUISTMAS, Oct - Wtd Proprietor. VLKWNDPa <.Aititi:rr. CAP.V MKKKT. boor I flow YMh St., adjoining to* old #Wv.? 1/oUl, liuhmonrf, b'rf.. GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT AN;, pkai.KK IX CrKOCKKIES, Pes;t'VlAN mid Flide Island (iunno, Muffin's l'h<?s<?ho. iiu.;no. Plaster, Ac. Particular attention paid to the *a!cof all kind of c-untrjr produce, Whea1, Com. PI m-, Tobacco, (tats, Ac. I have made arrangements with M-. Jobu M. tticppard, Jr., one of the best judges and sale-men of tobacco In the Sty, to attend to the sale of nil Tobacco consigned me. 1 return my sincere thanks to my friends for the libera! patronnffi*heretofore bestowed upon :ne, and hope, by strict attention to btnlne.?3, to merit a continuance of the*am?*. A off ltL- cwSm HISAWAW A ll?CONDKI> FltOM TIIK SKItVICK OP Till: J A MISS JL IttVKIt ANl? KANAWIIA COMPANY, on the llihol August, n negro man named 11AKKY, who belongs to .Mr. John 11. Ilejarnettc, of Caroline county. Harry Is quite h! irk, and small In statue. He is. no doubt, in Caroline ai this time; :tnd the James lllveraud Kanawha Company will pay whatever the law allows in such cases, and f 15 besides, fo any p*-pm>ii who will apprehend and confine hlai ir C?ry Street Jail, 1q Kifhtn ?nd. P. L. CII1NN. .<? ;,? pj?erf Sap't J. R. and K. Canal. notickT r?Y2IK Twctityy-hfth Annual Mating of :h* St??ckhnldri* o| JL the James KivJr aud Kanawha Company, sill he held at the Company's Oilier, in tin: City of ltic?ito*>nd. on Monday, the -4l!i of October, next. ro(.? nv rkuxr. K.V/W ALL Mia BY T llKsK PkKBKSTs: Tll?? WC, lile PllbaCrh lien, being Stockholders in the Jiiiib Ki tea axr> Ki s jwha C?glM>Y,dohereby constitute and appoint , our true and lawful Attorney anJ Proir, to rrpresenl rarh f u? in nil General Meeting? of the M?ckh?lde>i of aid I'ompauy, held within six months from ainl after the date terror, when we are not personally present or represented liv some other 1'ioxy; witit full power and authority, at such liencra! Meetings, to givesuch tote or vote*, and to do >ueh tiher act or arts, as each of us could give or do, as a mem' bcr of the said meetings, if we were personally present; and re do hereby ratlfe and confirm whatever vote or votes, let or acts, our said Attorney inay lawfully give or i!o for ts. In pursuance of the authority hereby conferred upon tint. Wits less our hands and seals 'hi- ? d.y of . one hou>nnd eight hundred and ? . Teste, *. ,.?'e?L.j Be order of the Hoard of It ires tots, Sept. 20?2aw?0.'l!h W*. P. MrxroKP. Secretary. VtrAXTfiD-THIKTV-KlVE OR FORTY" NEGROES W 1 wish to buy the above number of negroes, in famiics, for which a liberal price will be paid. Address Aug22?cwlll* T. 1'. RAY, Grand Gulf. Mist. WANTED,?ft.Ouu A genu Wanted, to engage In a genteel business, that will pay fhw per month: and an capital needed. Enclose a stamp to K. IfAltP i CO., f'atitstetvii.t.K, Tennessee, an'l you w'll get a receipt. Oct Is?At* " 'JlCDRfl IlK'Ji RKAPKRS AXD MOWKKS. L1 H. McCORMICK OFFERS TO THE FARMERS 01 Eastern Virginia ami North Cam- ?^ itta, his REAPERS, and REAPERS and a I dOWKES.drllverabte to order, through _ lie agent. WILLIAM A. UltAiiTUN'.dteflHM Ado?l..~?Acoulnton Post '"Dee, King Willlata county, flrgluia. S. It.? til poraotia wanting Machine* are requested to end in their orders early. D?e 41?ctf WILLIAM A. BRAXTON. | AUCTION SALES. j TKl'STKE'M SALK OF TIIE HOCKINGHAM TL'ltNl'IKE ItOAH. 5 BY virtue of *, deed of tru?t executed to thi?uud?T>igio J, * a- Trustee, l?y the Rockingham Turnpike Company, for tlie benefit of certain parties therein named, and which 1 deed bear- (life the 13'h day of June, 1-OT, I iliall proceed to sell, ? public auction, at Gordons villi-, Oranve ruuntr, OS SATURDAY, THE TWENTY-PI IIST DAY OK N-iVKM UKU, l-i?. THE riItNFIKi: HO A I) mentlonej in said deed of trust. Staid Turnpike extendi from Harriionlnii? in 1 lie county j of Itoekingtinin, to a point on the Blue Itidge Turnpike. r within half a in'ie of Gordonsville. If peso through a " densely populated section of country, and command- a 0 large travel, which will soon be greatly Increased by trie [' completion of the Mantissa- Gap Railroad t.? Harrisonburg. 1,1 Tkrhi or Sine.?One-third of the purchase nion.-y to bo : paid in four months, and one-third in eight months, and 'J one-third In twelve months from the day of sale, the-pur- v chase money to be secured hy well endorsed negotiable i " j notes,and a lien upon lite property to lie reta'ned until the , ' purchase money is paid. Acting as Trustee, I -hall convey ' sut-h title as is Tested in me by said deed, j Oct la?c-dm K A. XIIAXDS. Trustee. A VALI AUI-E. KXTATK Ftlit > t 1,1., p IX U LI Hit'EST Kit COUNTY. V.\. ,, WILL be sold on WEDNESDAY, the 10th day of Ni.vent- ? her, InVJ, if fair, if not, the n -it lair day thereafter . ' upon the premises, th.- large and valua'd- es'ate ealt.-d n j \VA\ KRI.KY, in the county of Gloucester, Va. It !- -itusi ted upon North River?a ravigabl- water, within a few I |, j til ties of, and eailyiug into Chesapeake Day?a stream ' , aoou.uoiiig >n o,,sj?ts ?n>i mil, ami in a ?ornou:i pro. u verbial for I'J intelligence and refinement. I'licTract p lalne eleven hundred in.I eighteen neri*? oi land, of which n about six hundred arc low ground* ??f g/eat feitillty, In .1 ^ high ?tut? of Improvement, and undctlai I l v i.^xhsuraibV beds of mjrl. ; a 1 pf.Ji t r . ? #tethrioi? < miilci't: Tb'k'V illi?ti;i? in j"? the most elegant n:id abstatitUI tua-ivr--..nt.lining, be. j j, sides a basement. t*n large rooms. It* tbtu'i 1. i? one of y j remarkable beauty, limned in t*?y the rhep In the I p mi?l>?t of a vTc'.l *ha?led lawn. Altogether, ?u li an r*tn?o I* | t. ] rarely found hi Ip'TuarWe*, and f!?r sale will be positive and I without rcservo. i ri At the sam*-time, the household mid kitchen Furniture, . j, Implements, Si nek of nil kinds, pror# inter .< ., t, belonging ro such an r*tjtb!Ul;tnrn\ all! be - M .?; ! *l- ^ : usual terms. , \\ F??r the real estate, oii?*four*It of Mi * purchase nnmey .. wlU be required In c i?h, the br.Unce in equal iiKalments j u bearing interest tmm the day of late, tthe interest payable ^ *?uii annually.) at otic, two, three and four y? ar?. ured 1 j.( l?y a tired of tru.t upon the premise-. p j A crfcp of wheat, in regular rotation, will be a-e.W fore the day of sale, for wn flithe pttreba-.r will pay at the ? < customary rate* c : If any gentlemen de-ire- to the *b??ie e-t tt*- at j. ? private Mlv before the 1ftb] November, wi'h everyi! iug upon it. V ran adders*?stating Id* proposition? itlw. Dr. JOHN S. WKI.KOKP, Krcdcrick-bui? i ,, Judg? IVM. W. CKl*MI\ UUIitn >ed. f, Sep: 15?etds . g! ! KIM. WlLLI A jf M> U, I Ml n TANNKKY. KOK S.\LF.. H l flAlllS property, lying i:; the upper end of King W iham i: ! A county, within >ii miles ? f Ii*: 1 v?*r C. II., ad; . dug *< the laud* of (jro. Taylor. Iln. F. M. J'uttun, and *! r?. t< will he offered f >1 bi?IM privateiy. u:,t"I the --d Ol'T'il'dK 0 laSJ, when, if rot sold, it will be offered public!}. 1 the ' w The Farm ?'?oi!.iiin about .no a.-fi of 1: ?'?d f r- ! (' I *ist 1, lying hninc-ii:ift-1,r nt-uni! lit- Mill, M--tt ??n -- ' I ' half cIcAr-il and tin- remainder in lltnl- r. It is l-lii-t-il (. ! that :.? timber, ?ti?u hwH, (vhleli I* in a fetr tniiilrcil si yards "I tMill.' will pay the pri .i-i. i f- r III- la .d ' I'h liitildin;< are in gp?>J nnlfr, mid r'imf-r!al-V f-?r *. ' .! i ?tn?ll family. 1' Ii.m an orchard of clwlcp } :> - *\ j, I Ifsriitn cni hi'.ire, and new ice haute. Tie t- tl I - tl ' fuiirstnthigh, -na nit:; a ;>od runt ?ti! ?l- .it '... ;l, ,| { ton iiitt, nearh new, sa* mill, with riretil ir - in , e ] -ah' f ^ I rutting three thousand feet .! luniher p-r day, nn | abundance of timber in the earroiiu iihR ; ! ail ! j. ' Hie machinery In rfect order, ?ati> it etnut mai l-ae and tl J bullingcloth,havia; been put tie* a few ve in nyi. f ' ! : iron Rearing, m a coat of Utrrra! hen-and d-llare. II.r ' t Tannery, wi*h jorae trivial rrpairr, is ?ald i i he the l-'-' :irratiRcd one in l.ower Virginia. All the tunla an 1 new hark ' mill will l>f nold with the Tannery, tine of the fitantr;-: :;:,j | , to devote bis attention to farmin;, we w i <e:l 1-j-r, an ! y I tsik* 'he ixrsia nniniodatln* AiMr-w ?. r. NOIIMKNT, If?-- . C II.. r ?*. NtllSMKXT. limJfi.t , I Oct ft.'i' King Williain. j i <O.H.HiSbiovliU-ssAXii or T7\~i/( akli-; " | ItKAVEIt llAM 1.A.VU IN IIOliCIII.AMit'iM NrV, AND '? ' A I.I. TIIK 1'KltyUNAt. I'ltDl'KItTV TIlHthnN, TUN- ' ! MATIMi OPSEVKItAI. VuL'M. AMiMKKI.VM.AVK!>, ' ' HOUSES, CATTLK, HOUS. CROI?, iltH M'jH'I 1' AMI : I' j KITCHEN HKMIl.UK, A. . j > ' l)t'll!tt.'A.NT to a decree of the I'ln nil C urf n| (n>o ii- i * : JL land county, in ti e e??ia? of "Martin v?. M.n-tln'a \ I- ' 1 nilnirtrktor,ef of,' rendered at lite S-| fuil'ir t rm, i', I. th* ur.drrsigt'.rd. as t'ninmla.loncr, will s-li n* puMi- a'le- ; : tion. to the highest bidder, on thr premiss, r:; Till R>1>AY, ' a : the TKNTI1 OA Y Oh SO VKM ISMS, 1nV?. (if fair,if r.f, , p nf\i fur dajr thereafter,) the Tamable FA 1(31, li m . - r ? "AtVh.S <iK0\ K," owned by th?* lat*? J. f . A. .Mnrln, r j on which Ik* resided at the ti?:.r of UU \ ?'l. I*. contain# ; c I acres, adjoining the lands of Col. |V*rr (Sierra!;!, the late John >. FIcranjf. and Charl*- tiwrrunt, dee'd., ami c ? aituat**d mi the Hearer-Rani Creek. There arc nh.>ut X> ?> it j acre* of first-rat* low grounds, and *.'0o a?*re^ in original * ! growth, hoavil/ tiniherrii. The huihlingi rouslrt of ?s two. [ atorjr Dvellloc Ilooae w.tii itetenlargeroowa; NV'gr , Ice ' ! ami Tobacco IIoi!?efc, and other bnthUii?? U"tial cn *uch a ; f*r*'i. The situation i* a? beautiful and health? as any in ; the county. It ! about four miles from the James Hivr , t end Kanawha Canal, fire rciks frou t!?e Court llou^e, one ; j1 tnlle from the <*o!itemj>Ia,ed line of the k(raight-fhoo: Rail i I Co ad from Kichmoml to Char lot.* re vlllw, ond J"i mile # frora the city of Richmond. v Tamis?Cash for eo much as wIJI ? " eulCcient to pay the p expense# of the sale and th?* codi of #ilt, nrcS the hahince > on credit of 'J, U and l year#, tlm credit iustahiii'iit# to bear inter?*?t from th* day of tie, to bcpahl annually, and j the purchaser to gl"" bonds wltli .c mii rv :js! eecuritjr for j, * j the deferred payuKMitft, aud tho t'.tlvto he retained until r ! the further order ??f the Court. j Capt. Win. M. .May , th* mtn.iger, w!'.! ir t tho-c ; disposed to purchase, and they ran write to rue, at .%' M . braska Poct-olttre, Appomattox cituntv. ?r my counsel, k White A* Mary, in Kk!m:'*nd. K. KORIiRT.-nV, , Special Comra'r. p Ten young ji:iU iibt ly slaves?viz: Fiw men, two u Women, two ilirla, and one llojv aod all theperr nal pro- ? perty thereon, will Pe told alter the s.?le <>? the laud, cou- v iintirijl of ralua'de llor*e^ ari I .Mules, embracing tw>> very T flue rhoroti^h-hred bron.l marc#, in foal hy4 TeIcgrnph,"?*ne ' :4 of them his ra;?* mure. "Juli.i Todd,*' and a yearling j, coit out of her uy "Red Kye," pronounced, by gvod judgv>, |, the fines! coil ihey evir ea?r,Cc#ir.s, Calrea, llog^.nnd uhirg*' t dock of phrrp. W.ngonr, Car-*, Top iljgjfy, all ?he Farming s Implements, ami croj^ of Tobacco, Corp. ?!>:?, llav, f St;.iW, Household a:.d Kl'chcn fit rnit tire. J %. lite % *?. k are of the most improved blood. r i rr;:i . ? r ??r m? person ?? prup-i ?.v, i rjn r- *, 11 *.? .u* whom cash will he required,) for nil sums under f.'u cash; over that amount C m*?nih? le.Jif, for hon^?< ui'h npproved ti J ccurhy. The foregoing sa!r* will lak* |*S ?* * po-itirely ;vi*iio n limit or r'trrr*. JaMK.> II. ISoISKKThjX. *> Adm'r of J. T. A. Martin, nr.!I Adm'r ?b- bottle nou of John .Martin, d-< lj Sep', Id?eld*. j ^ LOWKH J A *1HH 1(7VKlt LIAU. V. VAIX'AULK FAKM IN CfllAVILK4 i'lTV COl'NTV FOK SALE. ! \ITI1X br eold a* Public Auction,on the*, on the l' > IN KM PAY >* NOVKWIIKK, if fair, if r. d, the n-it , fair day, the highly Improved and very rafti tide Farm, called 4*L'ed?r Hill," belonging to the estate of fht late Join: II. f Harrison. Haiti farm lie* in the county of Charlee City, . (i immediate!)* on the public r ad, twenty ndlei from Itlc1:- ' mond, and one mile from Jhuhi itlrer, a 'joining ihc land* )' of Hill Carter, Em|., .'"Shirloj,") and the un Icrrign I 1? 'J consist* of about MA acre*, of which about ??'.? ate in high state of improvement and under cultivation, and ?.V- . balance In wood. The Improvement* on the place, ? ' . v isting of dwelling, barn, ?t*l?i<v, negro-quarter.*, A**., are J( mostly new and in good repair. It i? no*, deemed nee* wry A to enter into a t^ore minut* 'Uscrip'Jnn. :? p-r-uu* -its- ' posad ;n purclMHd will, dotibtlr*?,\N!t t?:.. lv* vinua to the day rf sale. Will be aold, al?o, at the ?a'ne iin? and }' *, -ev -ri . > Mule* and a lot of Plantation I"r Titan* made known on the day of a* I*. Further Information with regard ! ? M ??v >, may he obtained, by application to the ?ub*rrib- r. through M tlie City Point post-o?2 *. WM. A. IIAKIHHON, \ Sept. 2d?ct t* Administrator. DA.N HIVFIC VA.VD FOll SALE. ~ d rilllK fUbscrib'-r* will o?? r tor to the highest IdJ !er, < X oiithepreir.I?eS.n \\r.l?Nt>l>AV, the MMTKFNCH V OF 0CTU1IEK, l^""4, finable ir.n : t Land. iy ??? in - u jcklnghaoi county, n. r., m:;? ,<f>u(!i-w^( or iluiv.i? au'! three mile* of the village *?f I/sik\viSlc. ThU v r.irt cotitdi.'ii acr??, nhoui one-half in oriental f.?re*i I' growth, and :a considered to be one ??f the in l" that section of thecjuntry. %r?-.I particularly a?I fpttd ' ? th- J growth of fine robaeco, Win a'. X-c , aid i- *- II -up; * t with excellent Plant Land. Tli** t>er:u*n*on ami Lak.*v:lb Railroad v.lil po*rhi...t-.h 11 thin ?th* k *o ?*hj Road having air-* ! # ? v ... scribed.) 1 TKKM.S.?The lar. I nil! he eoM on a credit "( one. *tco and three yeare; bonda with good security, iit:. : !. and tho title retained till the put chav n:??ney 1? , At the ?<aine time, we will svll the crop of the pn-mJ * year, cmifdstinji of * fine cmp of ceo, c .r-# .%n?l Oat-, J. with the Plantation L'teneiK Ac. t Mr. C. U. Terry who re?dd?* *ipoa !hc la' i willsdioo i? t\ nnj one wUhiusf to | -j JOHN T. CLAlt**. - Ida WM. II. SIMS Ii/L3MD sAXjE . rp KMi I- AllM> on : .% v? \z* vKirir. eon r jl ta!n!ngfrom4*M'> 1,'nxtarregearh ?iiiisui pu* ? ! |?y an.v w Land* :ri Indiana or the WorM, for and frVrtili'y, ami I' each hiring a ;?rn^r proportion of Ub-urtd nod Timlm ri Land. Th? Timber it of the finest <;?rility. Iltr lurailoii h j * excellent, being on the Oiiioano Mi .Rut. Ihun. from 1 | four toaix mi!e? wrst of therro^ln r.ftheJvirer<onvtlle aai 1 Indianapolis Kail Koad, and four in;! s from the ourity uent c ut Jackson county. Indium, [ * ' j Upon them are lIou?e?, K:?rn*,0 .du: d.-of :he t?e?* IVcl!. " A'-. We sincerely assure all who may w!-h to pur base. that I hrre is a wont deelrnlde opportunity, f?s these Lull'!* r :!l 1 c . ' sold very cheap, and in tract* to ?u!t purchaser*. r l'i km> On*-'hlr<I cash p.nd the remainder in ten anno 1 payments, If desired, cured hy rnortg*;:e on the I.and. I We confidently aa?ert that any one iiblc In mule * e fir.i . payment. ran make the others off the Land. j, h i'nr Information, address. liALI'II AITl.tWIJETK, B.-owneton n, Indian. It. KICKKTTS, Ktq., Jf(Tenonville. Ind., fillCLD? 4 EWIM;, gejt.jniir, In.I., Or #?,< subscribers, C. L. DUNHAM, Indianapolis, Intl.. ! > W. H. ENGLISH. Lexington, Indiana, fept cwSin B lisa"foh nali; T?iir.v\<?vkcii,tuit i AS!II..\NI?. I rilllE undersigned will, mi the premises, on the i2d day .1 J. nfOCTOIIKK, ItOW. if fair.if not the neat faird ty, V. the tract of land on wliicli the late Thomas Hooper re-ld-d :tt , <1 the time of his death. It contain* 1 SO acres. more or h -?, p with a substantial brick dwelling with six rot no. is una and c a kalf miica from the villas" of Ashland, adjoins the land" of l)r. James M. jjheppard, Sample Kllett ami others, and lleslmmetllately on the Richmond, Kreilcrlrh?burgand Pc-o. 1 msc Kail Koaii. ? Titnw- made known on the dav of sale. WILLIAM O. WINSTON, ? Oct a?wftw * Agent for the Legatee*. j v.i i.i ablk s;>i rriTTN" <T>i ?V?c i. \ n J; o roil SALK. 1 c I OKI"EK for rale my estate In the comity > '. Cumber- j land, lying on Jam's ami Willis' Rivn \ ami contain! ing, according to a survey by Peter Ware in 1*12, 2,2t!0 1 Acres, about l.JWt in cultivation, the remainder in forest: A I of srhirii, Clifton, on which I reside, is estimated t., eon- < tain 1,+Kt Acres. ab.,-ji toO Willis" low grounds; Olantivar. i f ?50 Acres, nearly 12" Aries rf low grounds of crca- fertill- ; ? o Tbe whole e.tats ! in rood condition and ill inodtio- r tire cultivation. ' \ I I should prefer "filing privately, and to any ?,;t? nho j would purchase the lanu with the negroes on ii tabout in number) a deduction of several thousand dollar" i.-'-m ' . the eslltnatid value would bo made. If COM privately due notice will It given -If no!, the ^ land will be offered ?t public auciion on Tlll'R.SD.tV, the I c 8rd day of November. Term*: One-third run, '!.< re- I f ! malnder at one and two years, with interest, payable an- j 11 nually on the whole of the deferred payments. Payment I . , j to be secured by deed of trust. The deferred payments j would be lengthened If desired by the purchaser, i j I will take pleasure iu showing the property to anv one ' who wishes to view it. PEYTON HARRISON, J i Sept 14?etds Clifton, Va. J AUCTION SALES. CO.n.lIISMOMCHV 8ALK OK SOUTHWESTERN VIRCtNIA LAND VriKOlM \. In tlm Circuit C, ,,rt of Uyt!,.. , Court Hon?*?, > Tuniiny July litli, i HAVIU -i:\IOV aixl III! r\. I'. riipl.iiii.ict,, r-. , In I'li.tift lO.-Ki'll r. KI.NTmiUo:!i-r?. Ki-frii'luntr. Thin rau.n- c;iin<; o:i tl.k JfJih -la. .Ink, fjtil I'V mini-lit,II |),V .?!. ivt-r- and . ?!" < oir>M.Ta:|..ii wherc.'.f, i t opinion that iiln.oiy f !'i- j.r <] > :i, th* l.ill uli. i . .I will I In :! ' : iri. .' Tliunin, J. ?I ,,l l,i. ,-r. .lit* i?, ah I . .rnting acar in may |.( ii,.- ?f.;iii of i:.-;-' ! Mar- !i III, !?.>, and :..-iry f i-ilf 11luit lite tract of lao I sivcn In ichuirefcr the tYythcvlIle Hotel property, named Intlie cfd of >I.|V2-M||, KV., Iiy (!?? >|. Criiouitl,. i- ' al.nii! ipial tain- will.v. mm h ! a; I Wi ilo-illl.- I ; *> ''I a ci.iiiii ||<- -old under III' |! -d of May, l-ati. u i i'm inirt bclicrihK II" ft irU-U* houl'l ! prate : ! Ir. Iioiriirlc njornirnl of tla-tald Wvtli-xiHi II I proropcro, ami l.ri: , fut:l..-i?.iiUitrd .. -ai.- ! tv ' I' in.I onnlil in* in I.I- io in""! adv..ulna in mi nil fnt: * 'in I nit Hie land*, u?Ua< to Wjrllit rilleaudtotlie Wrtln vllle would bring tiio largest pries If mid In I It. ? l.llil i.lli nil I ? l:i.||i t;|.-il iii II.:- i mum', ii I I n li.-! int. n.lif.y in ii i. il' i T' C i.. I- ijii.ii tin- ii?l ! < : > n r . limn;, the li.-r,? ..f any ..f t.ii.l I! vif. I n ti" .1 nw tlioy i x'-r, ilolli 4i|jii'l|.'.', ..i.l rnr'-l ii. .Tin', l.i.iI Viinr.-'. Pillion, t:..'i. II f. K I.: .ml Hi I'll -. ?!.' ' criby appointed ro<i?:ni,?io:i. ri !..r i'i<; pnrp. i . .? ' triliiny liie time and place of aale for ntm ty .1 ij s lu . e?f*p:i|'cr published ill Mi ' ; -n i .iii*l U y !ii-'. i!i*'. 'I I It e..>ii" lioufn i.l each i.f the rra|i< ll?v coaiilie* i". nh!;' v .i. i' f | * * |"'i may i ..ivi !:. :i ..tti-r oniml'>l<i:i'r- :mhv .i-rm In ,! to a!-. |ttiiilir''y in I' ?.il , nv|-r<- -<?l to nil to tlic Mgiieal IMei?, : audi times i- objects t:'. proceeding, .-.ll ?lw |>ro|?cfty .. lit* ili rntilt:( >! I. ' li'l >.l "lie, '-AH, 111. ! I . ;c years. mli inter. : i> : sj'o, I ;li:.r !r :::: |J;p Jiuiciiaseri t(.-o?i KCDTitfi pay iblf > !h n...|\(? :Jx ' iln. \V_n!. nil* I|r.. ! I'C.ii,, j *y |? Ui:.:. r tli:? ilivtec; i> I ir l'niaT)ilc-ir :irr? line nu:l, ;il.v 11 i iv i till..- l: l.ivli. i - M 1 -t;ii Mi far- ?, .UhL In -il - ii 1 . s: in- - p ! -tTt! V. ur I'l: III" Kli',.1 I: ?ncii true.Ml r. n-li. y : 'u vim i'l produce tbe i iirlce, awl to "'.l llio lands near ' i'ylliian-l t!.? U'rtln liilc llijri. .! ' : 'ti.: Is 'C 1.1.1|', IT if ll.- I'mIIiI-hOI".'!- il"*" ! ! , , 1, nite '? > or more of ?.i <1 tuts in one rale, and imc Com mil r- rir.- .!. r-.. lii- foil"',. ;.nl.iol ill-! I .,-i.| r-.iivry I ' >1 ?. i'i > -.,'.1 -'il l, fir in! , i.n.'i; ,'i I, lit" Utrl j uroti i i "i fr ci. .I.ilic- i!. I'.r.M'it!. - i-'-i o!i:?.- J i.l It i'l fi'mn (ill 'l.iViix .1. Cr-ioWeli; . I he |-irVi-ci l.y x iI; .y.i f; . i , <i?iaiT, i ir* .It.jj if \,ryi: i .Hill T-1 :. K,iit ic I r:ty-.i-. ?j.i-ii ,. i.,t\, i I ,,'lv .,'1 |.r,.j-. r's i.itn ir" I i.i Mom Ii, ..f Tr;-',. 10 'ii- II Mi vr Wyii'M;|i. |. : .:i i tii i' j-ic: rimj I. .j MO (iy .iy, ?t l, . lyic. -"iltli ..I It .: * . in!-, I. I I. Mice llaUroail, and I lie personalty and furniture cooerl'il villi ti l ,'i.l II .r.l, a 1 t'n -in '! W It . I.'cl. .,! M '| l-'.x. '. |'f. :.. r' .. ..;,ly tn I,. 1.1 I til.' . v.nt r).- ! . r |.ri r*y -I. .nl.l let '! . . I, ? j,?y ?.ii i II";. .!, til,, i.'it ii j.- |n .,, ..., , i >r otjot;.- |.a? rit.l I; y.i's di' is. ili!a ii i.t.t .... ' l ti t!." >ji. ii,. is ii.i . li. r l' "i"'.'i>, *>"i 'in.- -1^' . 'Mel, tiny l*o - ! !. i'licr f i o.i-|i,... rs,( sh ir! -o ti*. n , ?}, < i ;fK imy -? !' '1 I I i ! t ; trlUc! * r-i r -l. ?. ri * ^ < ,.?rt*tly, ?\ . iaj m . Vm ?t; . nil until tlw t i llot fu j ami Irtrii h:?' ?"M. p;?. i K .} i . . i. ; o?.?c?vi :?;. ! \1. *? ? jr- ! r I V.T or.Krt 1. i!.. cut -f t.i- i ' of fh-j - I .r.v ebt '.tl.itii !i v p I m i ? | - r.tox:?-y .f ny ; irt t?f ? .? |?*i i u :i.. iOnw.V fir-: ftiii: vi". fr it > .; ? of r . J . r*\ t'j. . \?!.i . < ;i li . .iij'l: J in . . . t'i* IK.! ' 1 v I! K-*? - or : 1 i*. '.) * ' * i** til * I !v?;? ?lnT :'*; ! j j-/ : t *. : i?v nfol of \f: i .-? ?!in; .. fturti for I' I: :j- ? ebt, the Court forth* or>l?f (hit the stld Joif|t!i f Kent n pai i next the . - -ure.l to l i t i v tV tl?t ! of i!?.. v|. May, lv>j. ?: i of :!? tufoi t!i?. t ..irt \-?2< *?'?? f- . Jotili- i1 .on huj i.'ic ?ll-ni-1 M-y.i s l i c !.* ?> orfiiv !* :'.*1 .?ral t i/t.'-. -u !.. H'-ta ali, i t' ?' . lr : -v I f fully * <:< f t .. .. an*! for j . .IrtM* ft - i*It ' i* !. icM .1 i>- , .oil. r 1(1.1 Il>. ? J 'o f.'t'wu.tIt A1' " > '' ilti l!oy.; n?l the I'fi.'i. f hi* Creditor* . r- port :! It* C'?ut, to?'-:h?sr wth mij . .. * r. -j. ..tally !. Inutfit |.fi'tii'*nt ? y l.lni-.'.f, ri . "' r f t?.?>iir:;c? t ? I-* : -.n?.l a* tl.c p ?! larch .V.! t. m uth- iir ti < 1 r . - * *. *. . j iir?r i o f v.m Uit.h < ': 4 ?lit- t-o;? t?.\ ?, m I r: lo.iii/ <1 if-: f i *ir- I : .f - ! t.? jivf paitl (' t.inii- . rs t: vr..:?aui' t *. i* . mljii-fircl .-rtlrr ii '- I ?!* .*. -? i. t. .* ii.i-y I .-*t J ' v. iy. In |?.tt.*? N it. yiti: . - . ' : ! to.* :?} ? . .1 .u?l ..f Mtit Coa;! m-I ?. t \.i?- n-.M* In r | r. from - :. i. ' r t . ; .Aii I it !? f illy ' > ' - il i !i >.1 or any of > (.< - . i .y on.rin under Ibe jirovMoiwof K n thall i:-;.:.!.ny fiiriln-r ?iti. J- . j-o i". ii< ut ... i i . it ti? noiv j" n In.,' for lli.i! imri.'i-.ill li-- .1 t . I. II'. l'.r.r!iiii!"i.l lit -< f 'i.- .. . i\ iriii- roj.v fraiii to r 1 . .'AMI :- 1 lit Lh.-. < . I !: j . titi.*' -f tli- f-rr^ i' r? .tO 11 'oli.t.lif;i'.iicri> ?|i]iOilil I Ij.i >.i; I . .. .!) .1. | 15 land* bclonsins to *1.14 Tho . .! It yu, v{i: On Tilt l:>l)AV lli.-S7*!i .lay ' " -r , .! ? it r| tl .- I . il ?' t.i to !!!.. 1 "it: !.oii:? n Yi.wn p! tV.rifcoTlllc in U /f i \ 1, !.* rji". i-Htit.i'iiici: i-v?, lylu;- r. *..M c . f \* uillo from w \ iIh-wII-viM . mil.-ifr .n mvk'' Wcadowj ? ) >11 ' \ . ! 1 r Kali H il.l? being 111'; .lid I'tirch i+>"\ ii . ?i r\ ( I:. I. Crockett. Core l rtrk uris through It, and ; m well - i un y s.\ernl go d ?pr::i,;*? ?? f ' iv.. r. *,!i f i! -) ra-:'. i* cleared *;.d ia?iatly wrll ? ' in gi.i ? :? . . I i, rell timbered. n lia- a .Incline; :n?- . : "*< On 7 it*i .lirof N #\ : .! r ?. > 1. '.r f ths court hon9tf of tillct CmiRty, V,i,t tn ?tracts I injri he vail. ' ?.r Uf jfl l . s;; ! ( J';. ' l.i*. u | !.*? illenfromf aid court . t ! ? :. ont iacrri nil ;?rr? ??.'i.'V', artly t " .if 1 ;?r. J i. .* ; jation, nnd with *om?? buildings on them. Fin * Uadi arc cry fertile, and well ad.ip'* d t ?:1. i;r-h >'t-r ,r>, ?r ml lobar co. A vr(il|.gra*I?il tnrn] ?. 1 id from ti our! Ike road to Wytliei lie, and 1 ?i . h oih : iiructi(I. 1 . e)i \ u . ? : : : nltl separately i*i :1??' whole, or tr;11 ! ?!;%.*vi Ir:' -Ml r trin*. .in'i-'# !?'?' !,u. mi;! pin*!. r*. If iI.muU i,-.* ?' aj nl dale, For Inf . malion rcf rm (U), ii. V.'. I I^idiir; on t 1j?- tract, or'.# I .Ijf. It. i liics - titr: , or r Tlini:r?M ,1 t'-y}ul IV;.the On rJfUHSIMV.tlw! 17th day < v. n! r! V town oi* wythiivllle, aid Ii lyd'n ..tie untilvid* d half(t! < r !? If l? i'loK in Wythe countf j pari of Dru y and itlker's SloiiDiaiM from l!n ? f Iter Cr? . * myth county line, and Ihiwit ilu r few miles of the [ail I.OAil-it w# ii tiro! ! - - valuable d i?f pon and coal- and much if ilea well f . culUvatlon?sap* oved to contain in the wh< y?....... at ahomt l?y tlio Iwrmw . n?? ' clit* rd to '?? .* * Aho at tli# t it;;, time h j ! \ !>#wl:i^ if- t. ? * I%. 11^ . "#r:t..iri K ir?. l> f?n t:.- ? ; * f tli" 11.1 i il" 11, nr 1 on he ffn!eijrh andGrayat > ' ik.\ ?.*d .1 milt %r^?t of ti.^ \\1 ? ,.SU Iicpoi-' ' dirtd'iliu j.irtly u.i.*k a* 1 ; t-rly- fr.tu.- !. :t. i or. 1- 1 Willi a g >od ejtrl i: waSet 01 ' brh !c t?rii s li ;?< i ? ?rd?p irtly. 1: ! :tn?lpurt'v . > > [oibrr^bdiiK a part of tholHid ihnoed fr Flan?thr other ?if ?;. '? : r.i:; ?ir.ine * *. .inx 11 11iv imrtli tide "f l?f.-11 . !;. ! # ...- V.'v t:.r\ .; ?-nd aid 11.ii !l? id uintiy eltirf >? .? ' d'^cKiti/ ' fr. : nd soml ?}*. 1 / of water?b?d g tin 1 . I purrh; nub !\*!r and T. II. >h* r? . /.!t a: ill.* ti?n- i or "ii Uanld a forge number of lot*, or ?ot*1l pitic*!s f la wliliin and mlj to eald town of 1 toutid the tVythevllIc Depot, and on botli ?ldo r? ^ lid I! 1 l!<?ad?an rounded hy Fell tended and part !. A-map or plauof which ? * .?en ?#y ?ij^ l\h e t t .mI- i i crs, "r J > p ?i i li f these' loui and pat elf of l*ttd, uttmiM ng tcv 1 ! u r? *1 '' ' * t-* # < . 1 .>y, 1. 1 r. f : ?.? w i'.\ he ? otinu i '1 iut d *t to 5 tii! i!? 1 ytfirvil!** It w ..? ri #.?i j'jc i'Ktfii.MA 1 i;nm:6m;k ft.ift ijoa.vd, ill; .t po* 'ii,..f-J* ?>, r. oiv. ;.f" ?r>|l graded turn* ike road-1? ?ii. * to ;iij 1 froiu jj; , d : . ?>n-. and c? itral 1 option iu Hot th western A irglni i? ts eh . ill littf 109 8 I ;. Rklimond, ' . ; i i.i 0 !. r:# 1 n;..i r.t .*% i ?sr Irad*. and 1- a climate, i rhealtli 1 finniner r ?ldcncc# > . 'I.:. -U\ ,r. \\ .'i \h".. *ri.: I I . ?i \\! . th.- .'d i ;> ember hcai, the i i!i*i e *' ' ! j tld !* * it being fit roil lh Id d rv. nthn) ??: ! ) GRAYSON SULPHUR SPRINGS, Lod aliout fiOv acre "#f;.':'i itid furnlturo and fixtures at ' I--);,!.-v Smiles f:?.:;i W3?!; v.iic. N* ^ . r, , t *r..ll# m;ty -a -'r? a:naiTirdlii^uiillniiti ! r t.-r j ; nil t'.V" it ??| ,'rc-h uvtcr Tl.b property ii prepared 1 ri'vnmmod ?! from l'M' to l.>) viiit >ri; buviny; at i i - fine *. ? \ I'jn.tK-nv-iTyl m v wr* u ? i r.ich u:!i .-. lie IVhlie Sulphur, Chal}lie?-e. ' . T'.r' :> I ; tfi'i: tint | i f.:i i.' " I \ tare. ,i:rl |V. rlu! ui illii- ).r<.;i.-.;;. n r.-n.ler ihfia anion}: the it *: > a'-!-1 r.i'rrt. i.l ttii- - i'e. There i< .1 Well yr ?'le I titrnj-is : ri 'IJ iiis'ii.S l"} tbi-.te spring-. from 1V> tiit.Ille to V-rlli t jr I' in. rherr jo- hKd leluali'.. prlvil. ?-rv . ! i.e. '.i! *.?::!i (h'?v ( rliio ?i'"'h 'he purcluin-rv can avail i'nt: lvr? of, 'ir.atgh a charter of |ne..r;i<ir.tilon, pave.l t , It 'leyiir reof Tiistnia,MarchSith, Ibl*,entitled, ".v. V t loinorporate lie V .r If., r IV Sulphur j r' .a.i 'I line ji-l Manaf ieitiii: i-Cn3i|. ;:iy - fur lite ; i-'ot.i t v \'.h rSeiTSice It Ma-It t 111- Acllloif. Alia, will villi, licfnrc 1!.e fin:.: .ii .. ?r 'lie 1 '? lootc. In Carrol! coimljr, Ta., on the Slit da? of !'. evt,.iieir.j eoarl ilav.i raid Doyil'ei.v r.-: i\ it j>M.To x coi-p r. a .v / a r, n -r.i! county. Thiv Mine lv ifi. l. any ii- v i i' j > he exitieiie# of an ahunilIII r ..f -.f ; .piain Ii tin- '.'i lip's* rn ill miitrit;: frmtt U'.ni.rville H'.'l-iffr and N'lit't <-" ii . I'll, vt.i u: *.'1 inili i tVy . ill" nil five mile* fr-in Ilj!>rille. in.l in the i. .tiity f a C ipj"T ?,.-."!tiii? !'?:.? . ill, in-e !.. i i; . t . \ company of Gentlemen r,f city- n I'-illtm ir . All the sl.ovc prn|. trie will tie?o|| o;i erei!:: . wo, tiin r, 1'itir iiti'l live year- li.e il.-v ?>r-ale. aime-: n;i ft* whole from rial- - ! j r:.'iv -I-.r i?jnl rilli approved reciiril.r ami n Ii-:i on ti c bin." r> ' 'o.M'.-loli of all will lie RilCU on lilt* da? of ?.i|e..-. n o all tenant* and ocenprat* .1 mprntMr t!a>e I ,n 1 remove yronin; The Connnis.-ioiierii. i>eln,: vi'io.rir I ) ? the - "11 letree to icll any or i. oi ' . afor.-ahl pr.pc.-:%. h.r luhliely or priva-'iy- we trill receive propo?*l* fori hi p'li of ihe suae f'tr.i niw until i| . .lay of -il-. Glren it'. trr our handv thlr -I .: III.! DAVIS. K. C. KLXT. -t vii c ri-iT.iv i Anxlou* t" a.Yor.1 !e sai 1 Commbaina'? - : " ' aid ayv 'OWcr, 1 u!!l promptly attet; I t? .u.v Ilcntlunto ?! at Wythrvilk V . ? f..ri :?* 1- a?.? j: r if the property rcfrrr?l It ,'t? ! ); ! crte r iuif. rw<??!.%!= J. r<tyi' July So?e"m a iti \ \ u a Y mJa\ h. i XKGRO(?up| glare) *ra> on iV lb'' .'illi day o| ?t|i!ca/Tr. isM, to tbcjil f i ; " f Berkeley. hating bun arrwted ai.? ri.iuw ::y tlnr* II are hi* nam* a* H iliiai.i l'ipcr. Ha : ol rappee Color. '1*:H f apprehension.Sir f"l nia>?* i:i n - bvl ' n ' :: ommlttrtl, a t>l?rk lr<> t oat. touch wi, * r"j-?.i pi , . dark cloth cap ami a pair of low ?:,o. r. Oct.lg. ISod?ewft Tilit-. t nrxrtx. Jailor. WT1CK iS hereby gircn that H. C\I1N, i? no i ragent ! r :j? L to buy for cub, and go ?J?, < .ri * and merchandise, n DroaJ urect. on Sboc?<H 11:11. u: to art ..a ny ar-- In iny other rerpcct la the ri:y n, Richmond; hat.m y Merest in tl.e said wTc re to ilirj.imh Xcr.tna'i. Oct 11?eoilisr oAMU.I. M.U.MAN. CABINK'I' VVAKK KIT33 db WALTON, IfANLKACrLKi: Superior Wjurr, .'IihocaSY and i?l RnsKwrwih Furniture. Fine Chamber Sella, Itabliny, I No. 41$ Walnut Street, PhllxfrtpMa. Oct 11?c6m | SCHOOL TEACHERS. SITUATION' tVANTKD. \l lOV,ilia' iV.I in i!..1 . 1 ! .'r.m i! obt&'.r:>' (llutha a Gi rent - Id . |>rirat< hnllf orKliM 4'' I"r* i M.i . II ui|4 > j 'loitiib'i- T.;*r eat VMt .'I K. ! I i I!, Mu:>. .\t.s >ll'l ATIOA ?? 1 VN Honors 1>U tiKAlit \Ti: .: Tale College, dw e : i.;.m? r-coai :? ! 1 in a Thorough ami Kspericnccv Inrtracior, detlre*an Immediate enganetnefit in " Collcm <-r A . . . A . ?. . .f Virginia, in-f tr-'. <> any other. Addrezr, f. It. A.,geotlaml XV.I' t?.. > 1 II-tli4.1 11 N-tiIi Ctr.AIn .. M i l ATIf?\ H A xiT.tiT \irA.\fi:p.?a j >1 ' In Xt York, . . :. , r 1 kin atchool orfcutili at til* South or lY~r. fl:? l.crl of referentt .?il be giren. Vl.Irr-j M. U A. 1? Itull.tnHill.Al. . III trict ftC \\ AMl.lVi . t >c,..- ?>j.t 1 I '< 4ilin-. . ;;t i:-. a ( i r ira(? : ' 'i.. 1 l.?'t.i, 1 . ?;r.m Mali in..'!;: if! the In.lit-!. ?.r. . It. I r.Mi n.-e. ;i .1 r. I.Mr, v I \ |VI?U t . V. * ,k. WANTKO. \ ' \ >' I T . T- 1 ? . ...1-; I.'i?*i |mt MlxaiitiornmtdrInn private family. Ilashaij Ml w ?of Cliem! nai I itillovophli d npi I < ' I1*?iliirlt WojttiaHOli,SwYork. Mil ATION U'AXTKU. Y\" AN: I .' I " It iM . f'-.i.e 1:1 i- n\-viw:-:-.l 1:1 !h Mercantile or Hanking department < . .. reasonable salary 1 '<> . r. -*rr .i> !> f;:-,.' .: ;? l" . hart<"rr ability and eaerry. Mrni I; V. Best Mm*. .. -t r 18, > V A VI'MI.-A I,"';. Y. 77 vn. . l>y birllt and < kt r .i l iv. r.l :li.< l':.i. T-i'y . f l.-tp-.!'-, s.ixiwy, l-.iilj .., ii.s'tii* n: 'hi* i . nitra lAtipttailt', tfc-lj _-li li . >. : ; Mi..-.- i!;::i ri;tiMlr>r a- f't* -r in . >; : i., . 'ly. T:.? li. r. ! ;ri.r -.* In r. parii lo his character and atillitlca trill lie given by iddretiBi I M. A . Ci'litiir:..!, I tt-r l;-.v I-I. <)? : II rtl* UITI iTi?S WAM'fcD. \ gentleman ihmmm n lag a Ueglati . cail and 18 cars experience fii!i.i -.prt.-.p If. ).: ; . .- .ill,- for . I n'ver.-ity, de Ires R school or itina in a v.riealo fmaliy. Best refer |rnee?glreu. Addrt A. 8AM.. " , : -I ' t ! Ol I\ II , t a. in Tin: iioviviiMiu or vnnn.M t: a i am \ii<>.\\ [ I WIOX ' . . ij. ni l-v'l- f'.v-ntivr, I Hut JOHN r. COOKt, ... been enjng ?I Inth. iit rioto and i .! m -?v: tent at llarper** ferry. t* .-li I A - n il, k ?:m> l > i -i i - ; t fr ; t just'.M and ! r. tn : -i..: ! -.- i; ' . I . lit; ' y .1. r a R ? ' ? ii.I lilot tMi iMl.lal;- li r.-y ,nr o r i ' :ir i- : !l .11 illv i. iviiKI...-- : l.-lltfr J -i-. !r.-..tin .Ii<!t ' '' r I :: ...nil I. .. .-tot*, r r.'pi'-n n. up -. .f i;r I' n:, i --ji.Uary, and le hill ' ! | cople general!) . ose their bestexertions to pro v. .i*' r the , i JOHN F. COOKC, . .. it I 1 I ..-*-11 tui-lrr - j- I,J, at I.---.-CIP I I ' 'i ' I S tlw JaM Itil Scat cf Hi* Commonwealth, l'*fc urvnt ? *Ai-r at>tv Mt >r in.Eec'y of C Jolm h. Cwlce is Are feet .ix or seven laches blfh t?r> light c atpkxl n, lubt blue eyes, vets Ught eyc-bwwa am .- ! l.iir l?. t?i-> . art - x l?:(, lliruilj , n;i'! (i I ->t!? p. *: pi q li'-lle. Ii i.? i n?.*u i i : - : i.:. isvkat-i.'.ti-aHbac Is 1 o i? > *> . ! d. Oct eto in i hi: t.ovmcNoit or viiii;im\. t PROCLAJ1ATION. . m tt i is ' , , n r .v...i i?v ' 1 Hit) lloVEltl UdllKitl MX, trho I., ha v ! with an-r,iar, Uie nhith intaat, in the c Misty of Rot kliQkin, liar !' -I .P. l-i-ti a |T. I . 1... 1 i|p I | ... . II ft. for-' I Ili-r.i; U..-:irJ rf I'M IIPM'llKD \M) Hi"Ti IK)LL A fid ti) no) Mfton who shall arrest the eald Kobert i! her!* n and delirer him Int the Jail f aaid e luctr o lloekiitpliam, and Idom rcorcr require all odiceoofthb Uomtoonnrcaith, civil and military, ind request the peopb r.l.-:.?!iv l.-c !: i-.-l i it! t ! l |i|..cU... lliu tr?ol f:!;. -.ill . I. .' . <;.' Iroiul.'. to j.i! . liieen under my I ind aaflovernor, and under the Lwa yutlofilM Richmond, this scrip ii ! ) -f I'.- 1 r !-.W UENRV WKC t; . i: 2J or'J-'i years r|i|, litrit ?in. ii.. , ure l-nil:. a' ;*. I .ari:.-?rtia lachrsl ul I' i. . IV. .. .. .. i t'.ij : *iofiJfi;> ? r. (,i\-r., w. Mt.^r ??r. Oct 1 ftsc'jr of the CovTth. n\ iini.ov or viugima. A PROCLAMATION. IT' ? . A 11? ? > ?i . ??] i. .-. !*?<! by Un- i if i:'iv-. It- NATHAN]! . SI. MiKi'l.AM), el.o ** 14 eo;iWtvi. in ' . I' tilirtiii.ii\ . f ' ur.'t-.T !?r!--nr- of t!? i ii- At i' -in lii.-lji ! f.nurilrr in the ?econ* I i I- ! : ' tnetrir.s, It riicmt ou: lb. ... T i 'ij g .ius A'lir; 1 I . 1 ;? ! i i A i. <i I i f UAb lll'NUKI.1 Itoi.t.lit to io> pes on *1 .;11 srrertuc hUXmIhii I .- *ii ! "I ! .ir.-t 'b''* r i . i-i- ' 'V* TFitlttii'isrv A1 Isi luitoii'l; *u>l 1 osor irer require oil 091 eon ofthl Common* ca!Ut( eiril . military, and request the peopk : , i "ii? ti. |>r'i ' :*c the 2;r.:nl . f it... iT-j > : i .-:?rivi I, that !i< t : { lit*9fhl iiiiiriii- . i. ?j (, AtrOor, *\.fi cr. i<_r th? I ??> I iS oi >i ? t tin'* or. .Iih. ? !!! -:. - t l.'t!. ULNKV ? Wf*r. 1 11. ' . - V. jjr>; * a : v ' !,i l'i ; i * nl. . NATHAN]}: . T. . ;. j:. | -l I.r birth, " f 4 !'. > IT. ' . . os fill r?ro ; In . ' I. , a It--: : iruponth. i!ilg "I tiit li/ht Irp ud iim iijsh' arm baa been injure v.l W< ..; lie CrCSfx I fc? war mil!:.. rui ?r thoes, and had oa his convict paata i 'if i:li*. ? :?? ; (.DViJIi.AOIt OC V1ICVIM >. a pkoclamatio.n. jNI". ?i:*t \ i i?a%" t; a ,*n? T...?.n received by the executive r. it i.'.naiiiw i:n!l !'Ki;r4, .e w,? I in I'm ' ill : ii't t.f i." 1 . :t " i.'I 1 .r,-- ',f v.;;.- .p.: ! !* ?? -. r'.iM.! ? .w 11,I :< :i3. coin*-at l i ; ; thercfori I : j I rteby :f.-r r. ? f.-.l . fOl - Huiii.fe* 1. I Iffy !? >!!.?.-- j per ?a who shall arrc t t!.? till Ifoaalb i CUM ir. : -Si* < r him Into the jail cf sab I . ii. , ill 'HI', fii * t It'iiui i ... .! i ! !. ry, m: ! rr jU* ! li.- p.-'ple 2?-lie ill..- i.- v -im.i: - pr -ii. c t!.? urri of tin i. ivhabia^'overiior.'au.t undirth* * 11. t r i!i? ( imwonweatlh, it Richmond, tbh nr.n'itv a : t f.rn. tt. Mcxpmut,S? mj of the Commonwealth. ' lldervls tbottt Ave feet nine inches io height, i' . -.ii,'. ;.??:, ! , I.a. iSiri ?*ln and ry.'? i.'if' i-. i for,.! iii. I tifi li.i". Krri?r?l!y wear# Marl r. i* . . ,i i -;. i . " . iuW*. r*-. !'2'i h cnnriin, u|" Ot'l*?c3t? ffi rilliflllUllCNillt OF ViKI.IMt. A TK'u I.AM.VTI'JN". ! Af VTI' V |i...v I'ti: b'rr i ?.l : y 'I.e n.v lire I : - AISIMM I i.n.I .It'l l. FIMIKK, who tv?n .'.Illy :i..i;.-. '1 eonn?y rf floj ! f n b-irglory ein . retry, I, i.." , ,rom are liow HViltft ? t:.,ftrr, I ilt ! :rvt y rtlcr n rrwsr?l "f One llun ' r-.-.i IMSar: to any ; ; - > . ?| o . .. II ?.rn~.l c-t:v-rr cf ? ?! ! I IT- f acl .l-.|;s i .. jilt*! -nil twlv o: t'I~> !. bti I I !?? ! !" rVi'i . ail of::?r< of thi* Com i leniresbt. ele !i isd mil!! try, ant! re iiw-l ;ti? people cn> trolly to ore their be teecriloas to procure too arrcotol tht i fasUIresihat thi v may 're brooght tojaatlee. . ? Glraonndarsqr hand i? Goeornor, and ustki l. >. tdi? Lots Meal of iho Cbetmonwealtb, at lllehmt ad, ' - _ ' . . ' #? ?.? . . l IttNr.V V ?!;! ' ts IT. Moroao, Sec1? of tbo Catn'th. llm Ilrlin l< a beat In '< et tea Inches iijli. * ry light brotrntulr, r>;!.-r fleshy and baa a down > ' look when poken to, and oboot Im years of < . Joel!" her, a brother ef Abram's, !> abont tl> feel I ?h darl hair, ahotil twenty-two t>r threeyean of age. tid would weigh abont 110 pounds. 15 Is nppoecd tbcj |,aee -1;, Sorlh Carolina. tret T?*dtw Ml t'HK (iAYEI(.\OI{ Of YIKGIM i, A PROCLAMATION iMWI UI'tN !\.v.r., .-..-1 Wired by t!.< Tr- ' "INKV.-MUHI IT, Tl:? N rharffl wrrii tsl">ni. J %l?oot ijlath ontj . GreeneintbbCommonwealthJ 1.1 '' .1'-. ii i . n*i c f. ''in a'. Israel llt-'rcr.ire t .' > : i ( I'M". iirM'iii it imji.i.Mi? !-, I. . . - :i. " ' t. 'J i lift II. nrr tfilfllelt n.irl . i I I r of tlreenr, snj I . r- ': _ .1 rll '.t of litis Conir.'oriwJllth civil and military, and r< . ? tthe peejde generally te a:t their beat excrtioni to ;>ro tLr arrest of the raid fog! !. f.^i ei > bebrought t > JttitJeo < in "> > a? C.r. and a:.ilt?ii.r I ,, ai of >: ' Commonwealth, at Richmond?this fifth . < r< V:" :'fl, I hf.skv v. wifv. > ..n-.Mall'i:. Iln.y .S :t .... i.if'r, wt.II built acd ib'tsenter; * .. I coat ; at v. deep :cart ?re en t.ti f'tr- b> ! .i' ! - !. > : - ear-! ahvttluer li!;!i?i than ? "1'icr. Urt i?r>rr ... ..... i,u ltiriivi i A'phoclamation"^" \\'!lI. "I r. ,'.! : :. - r :i li. n :< - tv. ! ! > M (lie I , it til IIANK GY MANASSA, In thlf s. 110 15. notes ha geld 01 jit ( . t nf .ri-, I. llr!:: - .t. H i. , ' v. ruor of t!n CbBuu "f viriudi, i? sen be of stotw Id the executive by he, heretif pi aetata the facto! ' lei. i f: ?J i<) ji> Una* f 'I n. t : ? o>: t It-I-oiki . i ; .i ..I i jiroo'i o it i li' i- of ?.i?l .' ? " .. .| , , -Ii V i|.!v to tfll- ?:.? . Vtll - it i. tUr-ov1 'V*-*.*' jrtr-.-'iSitvi' * i!I< < i. : under nut hind a*. Governor, and a:.^^rtki ft. S.'Seal . t . tit.,. Health, at Richmond, ibli 11' ; ..f It,-..:.. . it, ;- . t...j |t.< >(.} - fV... .1? .. :l rir.-.TV v -vjj-;:. H. til: Get . t.t i. V. ' li- ' i a- C- Miuon-ro^Uh. > I ** T O " * I\T O" FLSE; K. Y I V> Til! ?r.ASOX roc PLANTING li NOIV APi'liii.M'UI.Mi.G i - sUiafe t: Mt '-v, -.. i * r .-t? . i f i it i * i r TREES. on . . i >' - v> I ' . t- v'| I*e w e I v.I i- ".To;. 01 i; NURSERY wan established la Uii, by the ornie 1 i. "liar!} ;v.-rea?iiis ilvr.. and n- lit" . r'.iiiL . i ; :!. _ i uie. The . .-i-f i-tica r'.ven .' nut.r: .? cuilointr* Ij llrjlni?a-r JI v * c?Vh v..- lost ImuJ t report :.ccisomeof oar '<itzi-!: ountifr,:!-ai " r-.j "cv.rtj ':-a?c: ( i r ,-jr r.?rof Mr. I.. in !.* Ncrs'r; I..i> ' r: .-in. I-. : 'Vy : ,-i '-ought m oaani thai *c i"?J rttirctl fro-t (lit btulscM. (V0 talr* this occa ' (? to say, that en ! a ft an t Isf ! wfttwnt ?n; !' *.d iti<*n * tit<v.*r. J. Sintoo k Co.'t, Wb l*.'- . Son a '* Johnston j j o.:ti?.Ay . .('i-ypil Kvi*i?y a 5(" > JM.iiu/ ?.? i-'t Vr .J I . i.. I! -KINJiEH ? Crt On !: (? I 'AM). 1 i' :i!> STI linsn -. i I vtnri>,frcna'T I r !'. II. ylilNKEP. 1 Co. N 0V1 I'kui vm ?.T v vs-TTTi.r.,; :<. !,> _ BBU fur !. : } Oft ? i i r,. r- PAvi Nrenr mi nora t"?SEFD.?Priae nr* r.?p Timothy See X for?at?- V tVM. PAl.MRR, ?0S fc.CO. i iiidimoiii) itnquircr. lit RITCH1K, ItCNSAVAST, TVLKH .t WiSK. Fill HA V AIOIIMMmOI'TOIIFII 41, IS.'iO. TheTwo-Thirds Vote ?Will it Represent the Drmociaj ' tir Voice > Hie Tivo Tliir?!> ni!< in the nominating <'oaI vriiiiuu "I tin- !' :in. ] ;n'v. !ia< I n-u iv !i I i :i ? ?i tin* the ** nth, i?I f-r | ensuring ;i lull exiirc?ion iln- \vi?;n- of the I ; I'eriHMT.itii-St.'ite.- in the '< ?>l ? <-ti. I i ii>-. j Will tin' ruii i-iihei |ir??t?-? t tin South, ? ! give ' I expression Iv 'he wishes i D^RKKtu'ti* I | States? 'i In lsV;. lirn.ii Stain g.'t\c iietuiii FVnioi*l riltr .' <*. n'lll llflet !l *"lfltes I 'i' lual lleuim i I'm nsv|v:tli:.? 3 ?! 1 urn ",\ i? tin- "iilv Nui tiif-Mi ? 'h'lt . :iv Mr. It i'."h:iimit nn :i-' iniiioritv. I: ! dimi.-i on Mi'tiioi luiiji-.i'v 'I 1 F*iI l*i iiiiii I', itii.i i.iiy ! i 'J'>. rhc lih ctneal v<>te.-: of l';il:fi ri;i:i. I!!i:-i :- ! V. J. .lr.r.M' Ui'!V ";Vl!! to M *. ll'JCll "''.'III. ' 'l onit !?v * i (/?'.*/ . II"1 1 :n.?cr:?t:?* fickvt ?vt- in :t?: in 'n'ifurrii.i >! "."'27 , TiJiii'ns N? u' f 71". fi> v i;i ' ii!i!'"rr.ift. tlifit have iii.iii ]< ! !. lii>M "Hi iiit!'* i oi;v* apcnn-nt '> (liv Prnioernti.; jiariy. \V< nut-!, lijm!' i'V' tniiy ntiir.t/i' i'." rw.; i?i 1>,V'., ni'l fW.rii j' 'l.-iiu. i' . Iriii''. . i, in I lii' I Ma! Eli'-t i"le lv'*? tlili Without K:i:.-"iI?i\"" 1 i liV ti?C tictilul : I | - .*??!. 11? p. > ri'ii- '."'i; I lj.j..iI I*-. II ill ill'- ( |;.ivi'-t ':i Iitioil tin' tiV tliinl- I'll- H'lii'il "ii tit!:' ni |'i"t ! .'i tll'l lli' rti-li - " l!i J)i:ii Mnfr-. ill'' : I' I il I.' t . l,.|!l i". i 1 15' : 'k I'vp't!'" 'VIM statw. iiuin'i' i Ins ' I l\ 11|| I I'll 'i 1.1 11. i, . t. ?r i U'li'i I'l''.|\. ti'.'n t'l" ' 'Ir] And two'tbipHof tli<? I? . : . . > * ?U'"b POIIliti'.'' Il t'l r!i"'.'"-t'.rii h i M.iiti'. Vru If i'tij iliri'. M:i ' it-., _(' . ni' "li- ISIicif ' ' ' i - ' ..i i fii . it*: .... | oi'JU'i ?, i.':iu, .t. .-v i-'.v. ... ... .. I I ? . anil Ma. . li?^ ! i>. | : M ? r's. -i' vi. '?i' < *ul II!:ii ii- N>-v. Iri-i'V ni: ! Al:nI in-1 tali n* \n* four 1:1 M'1" </ ' ' illc! |).. v. , i.' ; :t , ;\v I ' * ili?- .r:i' V'.t" .if :!i?. ." PP- ilia: *.iv .if;ual ina|:Mi'i'1- t ,< Ipo'v in !s"v Nw, ii t!.i- KlcCt- vai * -ic wi ' !v. addo*] rVnavrlvanin and Indiana .* pv.v . Dciii'K*:ati.: niajoritic-.. iVni-yiiania ol and I'uliaiirj Mir/, ial \M fourtc-:i .- ;!(icnir^ |ro:.i *- >>:ill_rrt shall lia'.v <>t iwo-riiirJ.. -if tin; rote of the t'onvcutiyu, with tin If '(*. .-> /< ii. : t ? 11 :*_ i mini nation i : !i a nomination mb'-dy :!<i confi'l-n .<; < ! ;l-f : r . ' '. cr.l?i< - ; NEW WORKS RECEIVED. i ' .11 ttii.;; li-.,-. JiaVf je-l I01; M !' from t > ,,?}!,and ?lc?crv?r :: : per oin n.'i.v; , i?. ?vmi,p u-i-lV. ntivc books: " Partii 'ii-; l'riii..:p!o-.' i i.: "Manual "I r..! mio a ti;;r Oriirii'. jf" vth ami rlnraetpr ?.l N.'iti in! I*.i: tic . ii. \:i!iiii Iiol'M' . i iiv M. *-r-. I;i- Wunilli'Misc a '?).. ! : *?: anil nithliy I?. .\ppltloll in.. Xrv. " '???>v<>i k ri.iiitimr,(.*cs with Uie ?H.'vrviisci;' s! Coins.ii**. in T I77l. ami thru r ? ?I*?various :i.r j.r*? :?? , time i i > p.-li'i''-'! j'-'i'it "I \rjti.-b more hi'l'< aft it. "Klvitfiifs i.: Military Art and - -on Captain 'I fVa^nn Il'illcrk. A. M.. ho-of I . j. Ann; \j-i'K-tofi <\ O, Nr. - V'-rl.. I lr iimiil.-.oiiK minute " JVi - fi;ilir.ic.> a jour- "i ;.i'trtii-rioii i:i t'ortitic.. lion, iio-i' - of kittle, with the ibiti' - > : .all, infuiiir. a*.airy, artillery, iMijjinou-s ,v?\ ii 'ii .--11 1 !l i?? I siioutd ?k! earciuitj uj ??...tcermilitia. for .-ale at V?*'n,'iliniise ,t Co'-. 1 lii' main for'* ?f !)" on tactic,. "Mir;. !.? ." This little ! ' '-.. in i\ at Livi rianre, intended I or the yiivnib world .if fader.-, being a lktle illustrated ->Kct*""* of .it.1!" M.irv'- career. 1* ;. published by \ toii . iu'1 fr-f *>' \!-?- "A if' - Co. iijiu'r. s' Encyclopedia, pair. *> r?rt?. hoi <*ni ?; to iiv.i'l fmni Appb-tu'i' . and ;o-c !br - '< tit tV. i.iboi;-' f ioc.'' rl t!i' m,v ' useful work- ! - -r?i foi rof'i'?! t.i *ny subjects. ,-r-. or kr.,... a jn ..jr ll)i?t;f]J:e I' 1 '? man's li'jr.*?ry \ioong the ".sccl'cnt . :ri > - for n- ti-r v- remark. a ' pi:'1 "C :v'v i n/n i of patronage the : I iii- Normal, or Methods of teaching iht common branrbt "t Engli-'i,' m1 Alfred !(. brook. >!' I .el,anon Merman O.'nr. -a!" in A Mom ' . and jm1 -tr.-l ' \ Harm.-. <*, ilurr,-John Mrirb NVh Y..r', it. treat? it) a pi .vtica!, plain -iiv -t<,.ni tu inner,i-f '>rt!.ov|iv, ovlliography, ft ism ntar. Togrjipliy Arithnr l;- 1;-: f-'rjctii?? **. . lie! <- 'lttrii:,s tii' i! f r tit. grt li. niatiojj, Ac. hrrtiftahiin'.: I'cdoim- i. r. Ni-rth' I cri'l. A M T!?- liook. intend: d f'.'r > ri. lU'I trcLnl- N i'ti"!', iitain-a'; .-I'. ;,i , -cli-.-r.-;: ., iliaii.g'Jf- ill ;n> .\;1\ i.i.i, [c to the ?? * i fastidious taste. ii It i-; 1 sale by A M- rrl - ificiios "II - !.A. p? by Sirglr atu! Kn'ry.' Tit - i-n^vII' n' ivo; k " r learning b^Ak'-.; <>r i- H*. V\. s':niiti am: M rf "I ! by A. ,'i. llano > Ihur, a:; i for ?! .'v [ I Morri-. Main r-'roi t. ] or a scholar . ! rttelfiit it is one of the hi jst -r.o; u-d , !; j atrange'l tnetlio'l- ?vc liav- ye- -n : ! ' ti .oc!:I ing the of jtconims: tuci.vintilc;j tiun.- in a strsteinatie manner, . ?iba! a pet.-on may ca-llv kt-ov the true state of business ; i and property, debt.-, credit.-. [ This work contains :< serio i|U?.-ii -n. ' an-MTf- on the -rivnee and joT>'-ii<:' of b- o'. 1 keeping, with full illustrations oi the different, r J boo!;? in beautiful -|tOi-in;, rnnun-lup. 1 It likewi-.. rtMifausstbriris ol bill.-. j,nte>. tlr.s!i>. [ receipts, ,tc., and it should he i: e,i generally > j in schoiji- ' b- roit i- ?] ;> ;i i to :tmk>. tkr- pup ' "! familiar in -hi tt.-Teeabb; njanverivjil, .win t-''nT lu i;fh in useful bu.-inc? obn tto.i.. ' MR. MILLER'S LECIUICE. MTc.ire glad to Jiear tbtc Henry IT. Miner. r-.,. ,.r n..i,.mt. i. .. ..... ; Lecture on the Fight, enth <.:itu;y. :.t ti..- Ait rican Church, in thi> City. <.? the fveir.ii>: ?>f, the 2lth instant. f. > ti encfii ?<f ?l? <. Vernon Fund. Thi. I.' rt-;r<- i?r.s < it-.ii beni ; ? .-. a j equal to that of Mr. Kveieit, on - flic l?i>r!? reputation of Mr. M;il<i. of j ilicIS, he ;i ?uQicit-::i guarantee < ' ?<.' j lence .if ihe effort. He will, of coui -e huve a < i crowdvil auditory. THE HARPER'S FERRY RIOT-ITS MORAL AND CONSEQUENCES. The "irrepressible conflict ?as irii:at Harper's lYtry. an ! th-m-h there, I : lite lime suppressed, ye. n-? man is a*?!?* tn w Ul ? : where ii w ill h.-Jn atiaiu : wtc it will > u!. The extent of this iniquitous pint cannot c-timateil by t!t<* number ?f men detected and kill, d o; .intui t i-.1 Harper's ! -i n : the localitivs from whence these men c.tme?from New flnylaiul, Imva, from '?hio. limn Kansas 1 ?how an extent of country embracing the whole Northern section 11 the l*i.:--n, as involved in the .Vlt-mpt al instigating servile insttrrcction its \ -rginia. Alarming as i> thefact that > extended a conspiracy has been di tcclr.!, a y? t iivuv s. circumstance is presentf'l in the ."tmoont oj pecuniary iie-ntis -it of these l-'.oh ! -, A special ilespatch 1-. the h^q- > / pub. li-l.ed in yesterday's paper, inf >r is tii public of the discovery iii?fs- mountains . t Mart iatid, I blanket-, f pules, and ,ihout jiflt'.i .' c / s , v/iWttn." f<trout v/itHfe r. the money to buy I the*, thingtf This i. i ni-.-t important question. tii-.- diieruiir-us '! e-!i! 'i w..n] 1 ! the extent of t!.' t-m-nitaoy. 'ih- tb'rty-thr?i .untie:.! wretches who li.v. (. paid ili. peii.d:;. nf iheir iviekedni - hy til* ;r of lilt*. Ji.'i-r have l.uye ( ' i.i.iv ;ti-l i ttivn : [:: wis. **Fil!?'Oij ! > :ni -1 >;iarju'" Kill-- and .-iininuiiUion,' f !i.v.> c -i When ilif known l"0|)OI?V < ! til- .' :/! l>rithfu, i> * >)>>; ! v:-. i, the fact thai -o la:y. n sum h.n- heor. fur:for T!<< j.iii iu'-"iir propmy *md the ii< <-f jkt-' i-. will give some iden <*i whit rl. h111?inn;. i iv the "iirepri I>1 onflict''jllSt 1' _11r: filially ended. either 1 > < ::: triumph <.r 'I'm Southern people have here!-*! ii;-re. ! h ; ii. l .'.i.i,. il \ -it'i. in f.itialic-, U pan they btlicvHsui'Ii madness to he merely } ''.riinr' >}icci?!ui'iu; ' ' < / *ait'.t which tin ( I..- ni Harper f ih il the N >'!! i *i i ,v mean more than words, and arc deter* intdt* ?with u ' ** ;/ iV -irrv I :l;k- 'i?* letter end \ nether ! i**i, -!.*.v. mi;; tl'.v ,ii!iu!.i*'. i.f at tit d Iii f t?M- i* wr< i* i . ii. ! i*i a Baltiia re pjx r, that large purchase* of jn; vm... . tjtt, .viiij i'..r iii'-ri from New Yuri;. wvr.ii;. ?*]? last wi th in city. Whence earn*, ihts money : I ;ii* cjw-tioii wiil perhaps i. v* r hp answered, lwt the fact that a large .-tmi <<f ' I i .in.,, wr.- at the <s:?p. -ii of tii .e wrntchi - i- . bojrond doubt. Who supplied the money will never he it" ni taiiied. '.oir tin i Merit of tint : hatred i<> the South sum ?:n>*\' h e 1 i t - ii'i 'l liy :l.i-. ui.iary tart. The Harper's lury . uti failed by a in. - - | 11i* idea < !' the t<*iiip. r of Virginia slave-.--- 1 I he I iic effort v. .1 n r.!: iilt'T jifl.-.-ins intoa >lav..Mil.: hi;- ' l.ny ' the Abolition fii iti-1- of Cincinnati any Newport. i.i | J\ ii. !.v, .v.i.iy iVom it.'- Mariin-t- at H':i?h- I ;t ir.J v? itl.ii. ii.v.liii- *ii.-t:ui oi tl..- Jo- 1 ; .! "A. m.t:i Abolitionism Virginia ha? 1 ;UC!I a?sni!e*i. All til" < !' ll'.-r sarrificcs for the I'liion :iv.;1e i nothing to pioti-el fi .-?i! t!:at jioi i--u.vii.-\ to the I'nion.? '! In- untie ami family -a \Va?hitij:t.iti. Ifercil no I : it. -i' i i tin- iis?nu!t> i.| 'hi iti r n-1 - - tilings a:.* patent, v. !r '. I.:t l\ !?v iVhiii ih iioiile- that warm iij-.n i r it-i let* oil til' ,:i:'i ai'le : i'iie ait!'t tiei ' ivdia-u-iit tea- mo: Harp.!- ferry, iiiiii wu- in liainl- faithful to Iht t'oni-fit:iti-?:i. at'.ithi l yea. : ,u pla-i- that : '1 i, th- 1 of our ns.-aii nil . ami the -i i^htri.iv," .it'ici ' !rr*.'|.rf->il<ie iici" uiyt fit i >t;-. naliii'ii :ht- hands that !iinr>b-r our f.lliili: - .'lil'i ['ilia "Ml |>!oJ .-rl v. ! - there 1.0 ,,,iy Sis::-i ,iiij > .mh. liivil.a! by melci.? .* l-V-hr-*?l iiti --, till s? -ingle t ieiine- to mat aialiay linn'!- <'f North* rn fatiati--. Call :h.'M ho 1 |i|i* 1. of e-iai:. il, ae tion- n't .-I..; .?g Stnifk ... . illy inti x< -t 1 in the integrity * t nih V UvftifC a fju'i -tii.'ii nf r-itc'n uiijiortancc let party t'i. - vink. niei the grave fset ( !' c:tfetv lil'e ! prep'tlt . -i above V! other ov uik ? r i \r. k i.'Oi:rri. IMPORTANT FROM HARPER S FERRY. ? io;rr-- :??N : Ii::o" ? ?I'trni 11 .\r.? ?.i TIII: A??AVLT?Jilt. N' "i l l; tM> t'ljM'tW" <>t ISIt IssnWKM:? Tunis A!:?! , ?Vt. f .Mpany i.. fretu iir hue ti'l, (,' ipt. (. .try, r.rT>v."l it if I ir;- nlw.tit 12 oVh.ik on the .i n;; t/f tin; The iiieurreetinn haii I- ;i qitclkti, nn<! fill the-itrvtving kailets " r. irrc.-te<l. except *h'hn K. (.'nek", tvho hrel r ! ! with .'Jr. I...wi Wa-hln^toi.'> rtegrop*. tagrocs ia" I'V.r, hi. 'nil rcturn'il. I Ini I the prite 'jeil 1' I'leritt the iiit-'tti '' it- a t npt. Ji.htt brown. iroin J!?-' v eortritv 'i . an-1 rr-'entlj* of Knrj-.:-.-. 'hi 1 l-jvcti.oi U'tao ri'.v! h.gllie Ar-iii.ti, ie<:eiv.-I iti'jt w iih l!.v uttr.o-t rottipn-. i hough f, 5? :>l!y -'in-.-: 11inu-1. fr* rn hi~. > He aid, "Well, Governor,I supp i think n. .i.p.tVi'i .-tiuiiiiai. W- II, . r, wc have < or ;!nio: < f in!i -.-tlit:. j !io r. .mark was made w th no ?!! -? o-;*c ; v. hatevi r. i i:-: Governor rvjdic !. u\i are in the innd* ol the State, ; id I i.ave 'j'i .-t'utis toad.. wliicli \ ou cap. a::s a i r or : <\ oil choose " Browa am/Acrcil every oo.-'io:. mid made afullcunfi: sina which will h?i..iifi'.r. Blown : '.hi b< was >cit as that he was in the bands f>: if.u k;.i J v.-.,- juv. pared to luce" lii> t'ate; that .: far i.i himself and those already in castouy a r>. ecrjctrncl. lie In 1 no concealmentwliati .'.r to make; that he i.'i'l been mistaken in hi . ilcnUtions uhout v.-istniec fr-un others, ot'.tervi - he wuul-1 have given linicli more trouble. IK; .-aid tli-i( t!ic whole plot wa ell co..:riV <-i ai:uiig< da- far hack as 1 til it he ic-I ,v. oil to c.vpet a-si-iance of frv:n "000 t-> .'' oOtiitT.; that !ic looked 1->r aid ' out < : cry ; Vnjr.ia included.) I j. >n I.-.; asked a any negroes or whites, in r horn llarjj.r - Kerry, were pledge*! to !i-in. he declined answering. lint upon rellect; n be f .t'lif.l ai: i.nsw- r ut these word-: "from xnyvi its and associations and enquiries about her.-, I v. a jiglit t., c.\[)ect ihc aid rt /miii thr'e ' live thon-ir.d tiscn." intcn gat-d v-:y el..;e!y by Gov. Wise a.- to where tne hosts n' guns and ammunition came from. Brown said they were shipped front Connecticut to finmlieiabiirg. I'a . uir?:< t to "J. Smith i 5o:c,'' in tw ho:-.'.-, nr.d v.eie hauled to Kcnnc h's farm in .Wart laud (ti:e rn. l.z? cis.) by drivers who knew nothing of what they* contained. A l'ioci*i'; if i ''iuf was lourid in one < f t!.?' rioters, tStcvcns) and shown to Brown. k - ?w if it was genuine. Upon licarin .' the j'rc.-iii.blo, lie pronounced it gonuiu . ami1 !;1 -fes^ed that lie tva> tlie author chiefly. ' umeiit was amended in their C .invention. He declined answering questi'-: s tie t might implicate other', until yestcr?l iV. w.itu iir he had fixed upon Harper'terry i:i lv*'i : < tiie point to commence his oj emtio i- iic-tinst the Southern State-: t. it he had full}' examined strength, ascertained the mini j. r id men in charge ot it. and the pmbubihiies f t,iking it; said he n: the Kennedy Farm in Marvlnnd'.bout two years ago F>r hi. two sons?(diver and Wats jr.?under the name ?.f ii:,-iii. to secrete the weapons, kc.. and had continued. f.?m time to tim". to add to his - tores. He though; he would have succeeded had he held Phelps train at liar I'crFerry; thh i?* in- ? ; i : able to liul i the p!a.v . . V confidence in him and !.:> |' -n*. .v. .bo. promised Mi|'|Mir w.u . .??. A Mr. Moreton MeGcr,Ui Kansa*, W - re?U <1 'in stM.i. j e.; . on.! ii.. > it in-urgents, ti|u . ; . - i Ihuw;. * the coMiei-t'.iti of MiG.e v 1, m. lie .i.-k f ^ tor hi* n:.i:e. 1 j...n !m .. _ t- '.-i .:..;! :! W ? Mor. tun M i?,-e. he !?r??l.e tmiu i*i the * " hitter dumu.-hite n <t| M.<, ,? , j, bion V man in i\?n>a. M-'he n. iiM.ue.h .! v . liai sed. Met ho tlu n ?ei.t .1,! .1 i.i.i it , ?. Cooke. anil brought in . \ of the captured arms. L:ke Coppicnml Stevens. Brown ha '. twapo \ |o;ie- to nuke, hut JIM tied i .. tbu hf^iniiiri;4 to the end. The Goutnor ssk.d it:. '. ih.v ; ken the Gown.nit i.l it: .. . lie;.;' i . indignation, that m< i.ev v\. ? .". * . i.j 11toi tin oiiji'ii but to m ite> ir-m r ni.Mers; tney had motley n.i.. '?. 1 tho'tgli they Niai.iml .? j? . t'ir for arms, who had in ho o they did not u.oie-t the no The letter- found on Hu e.!.'- i ;m u l that the insurgents were : t ; -!' n v from other patties. I!m>wi.? * t- t. . U'-.n tl::s l trtn! i. nvr i'il . t ' cliiuicl (. jti.i i jl v . > !> ?i. .. . 1 .. aii-i ioiii|ii;iiiiC(i 11. ' >i:. (i tie fx i-T- ! tij?.)n!!i: i;i ( \vi ! In;- i . pflVflHci itIS WIl I.-Mi'l ii t ! n :tl ! III. , t T.?. Ii-hail I Cl'li> ! a- :t I.1 A ?xm? lute, ei ii M.. U'n : t-.ti n:: l llrowii t*> lie s;:i rcti'le In the ur. ISrown ,-avs Ik iiiikiniin I !..l**tv tin: M iriiii's < ntmil tiK.1 > ii. ir.i lii, Mr. 'A ilrnwii l::ni :i t-..i i;; t,'- ii t when he was struc k h\ i. e ' Ct.i- . ! i'.i* \i lines. Ii: own c nn;.!.. n .:! i!. . : n\.c Ini'l not he t:i n-pveu-*'. :. . . . !.. * shot while tin ii - Ik-jr- . .J in.'. -hot liy tlii* soldier1.1.. in ,i. Tin? statement :.!.<! : II " '? very full, and w- !.n!! p.: A h .1 turner* row's j.njn.T. The c;tiz>i.s <>l' ilnrj.ii'- K.m\ I n i l?ic:(iii < !' ill- ' a . i- ... j Z?un<ir?y ni.Tit. A", ct < i.r r 1 ?'%' >v!i:lf i!it tili/.tii-\vt:t utinii. - 1.1 .! . : tiny \v? ;e -.innnoiiiT t.( Muji l \ th?* lin n, arillfil Willi .^is: 1:11 ; lMli'v i ? . . w 1 *r * 1 i.-ii nn* >U"i aril r.r;.T tli A nil. \t ? *? !? k iiii.'i > #1. 1: 11 . |!i.:t i Haiti ?. I : t". ; train w;:- tlnn -let;cut.I m.\ Morula Niontin;.:. t. ;,vi < a? : e I! . 5 rinc. 1 r.i :ii. if. n . ? I 11 ii ' lit 1. it i:fi-lir am ' tvttii air. Jur- :?. At':, r ! teal.. ? the citi/.cn.i?amo'-til ?:'i ?-tr ! . iTi?-\ ?u . nri? [. ! !y and i.ii.fii t> tie At i .!. 1"" v.-\ie tin:.?(?;? h i :i;-1 i:r.: :;<>? hepin t'? see llr::i ? . :.<} : : v..,. not entiling t-? !tU . ami! t'ofal.e and oil!> tile I'eM'i. ne. ! i. " H a.tiiiitiit'. i a.el li-vl 'tisn a i i. ; ? r .t.:! t<> t.'vn a n. 'I l.e ?i .. At:., litf'.if-tl to Mr. Wa^l.u^tot.' .- ' I i-t I r.w::v iti? s tun! crr? 1 li ;n i :.i \ land, liiovvii fiiulin.; !r.? jin^oiut- t iiiltilcrous ti) li'ilt], i iit'1 !' i !.< e ien LllC III" .-I U.;.e'l:i!>!t 'it till III, ?Ii< III i.c - lined in the Ivu.. i. n ?. vvli 'i .:?> tr. : . 'oMTiea't-!. lairing tiii- tn.. i''s ^vhn'e ava'Vn't; r.rccw:f? engaged : *. * ?.i?:1 an-m d t! grounds and public buildings?niating the :. presston that they ? *:.. -\ ?" *n--; n t t his !' re. C"l. I?it1i.i. ! II n r!"i? ri ilie tiav, and ?: - >t<>;;;i"l l>\ r. :.v. o firm . Kiupcrni'. I'ul. I. all' in- - i !. p tiee ing.whcuCapt. Urownto'd Emptier to lir. Cut. i>?\l*?r ll lu- lu'.'.a.. ? . i . Urn p., ut :i and wont around the town .j to-??. th.-r a | irlv <i!*cili/'. m i .; . i! .? ...r tlio Command in '< I - v.!.,. afterwards shot. , v.i . ; , V. . clic-tor IVtuj : i . ,... . ctixiiit-li' pri -ehd > -.ii . . lirinpj was tin n hr>k from i' 1 Scvual citizen- won- wooniicl : i i at this time. L'ul. Ihitlorthon* :tui;. .:i. 11: to surrender. IJiown pinpi>se! in vl wen1, hi* l:n n atnl p:: i il i.'. j lowed to cross tin' l'fi!_ - ;.r i ; ixcii ti*?l minute*' tin:- to make : . r i >< . Thi* v promptly de.lined hy i . i i!. I he I i was then ir-uiiicd on to a , m.iI (.' 1 until late in tin? r.i;:lit. About 11 : K ' ' :* o nt-n me from V?'a?hiti;i?nnc;tv .iiiiv : i i.iu ft: i . Ot't o|. Lei*. l iio ell?, m li ; w . ihlii.i .vr? an-! tin pvi.-oneis *.e .u . The naiii'.- "I t!ii j s .a at* if .arc I'apt. John lira*!! .u< 1 hi* < i 0'M.r ami Watson, both r.| wlu ta aic ?! -i?i. 11? y v about Hi ati'l d"yi:ns ol ; ? , : nd : I J* i I sex county, Mew Y?ik. .\. t . stun n*. I n Connecticut. n^etl -7. lie ;* i n . WiilUlit'.'il, with two ' :?'?!- t. c 1 . a . the breast, and a 1 tyn.- :,d. li- a tall, athletic inan. and I p -1 [ ; . J..? was stitiiiin^ s > tniu h that he was t i ipie-tioiK 'I. i C?-| p i, of ! w . ?i^i : ; I : - iippim:*? ?v a: i i :Lie> i.nv. tiati'V. He is tit.hurt ml i- a ;i .< r?; ready to uieet any fate that may t<? aij*. iiiin. lie in* t llrowii in Iowa an i tin u i. cd, la-t ilut.e. Albut ii.I. ?. Ilia, ik-nil. Wiilir in !. ::: .i, '! ? Stewart Taylor, *.f Canada, dead. Charles TuM, of Matin*, dead. W ::t If ! ihotitson, 11 New dud. .1 . h* > . . formerly o! \ iivi'. '-ut Jerry Aink i- I 1 < -i. John i' Ohe, c- Ij '1. t?.. < tier's t ...cla tot*, in i i t. j n; : i iViptliilt 1 Jatlljrcliiel.I Nen'o ,- w s f. .!) Ohi< \ >>. 1'. Ander-.'ii, front !' i.n.; !. r\. iiein t'li " ami t "p.l iiid, liOtii C'nio. U , ni the i n ?:r. is in jail in Charles town, ti-t- ihcrs are dead. Enip'.mr (tin s.? .. '( m;.-'. !. ri pilsiii it. li is inihurt. lie i, illicit,all. tr-.m Smith C..: litii, hut re'..?ntly frniii in tinst< r, N*. Y. A . c.i't!i' with iiroun !;i I . I.l j i'cmi. I!r<.?;i ti!" i tl . !,<: *.n*l 21 ' 5harjr* rjtfcs snd r t.i-J-iT <>t < volvtrs ihere ii:nl fotn'il, ...... i!' ' >1. ir;nnlJ' !" <i | i!\< : i i . : . . i ihi-eve'.e ro::^!it at on J a*.. ...y t' '* i'!i j>I?-k ax I . tine military tichl sj?v -il : i.t g.ihl ami silver, and 11 c JI-v < - ' !!ru?n he had :rn- u . >1: IGO'.l IUCn. ;>t" c\j ' . . it' o'i<men. AH the arms and amn ui itit n a'ero from nbr?. yd, and r: ' m ti - :>r;. r\ at ii ? . Fern. I iif a? i t ' ! the at.-' in.. .;e i. a a.^ lested. Cx.'i.j ' i . tte.ii ii! ! n. r i. had > -1_. i'ttl. en*, -ii"! 1." f-l- cp. h iUm lew, " ti't v. -.u '.p-'. '.. 1 'a' '! ilaij".: i ?.r;y, vttc s tiled inln private renidele 1 .ami t.wiinl ? ii, great himlni-s and liliei.iliiy. W ?. v.s- rei vivfl hj the citi/.v:> <;l Ii ii|>u 1 . w:i!i ?' irrvitts! gratitude and uga: J. * * oMILITARY EiCCETS. I ho fnKonintr despatchi* ?ac j.'f.-.cJ .. the Sivtelun <<1 the C< iiiinontua'th, .< the comtnaiakTs of military c->iiij .1 . r.d J<n. "i i i i. iiv, iM;uvi iu^ .11 ? v / - . . ? !i"? nt i's Fmv : Pi.:"; :.;: f * To IIi> Kx<*e]!r:i<*y Y> " ' I am itmly at :i n< :?.?.? : ' n , ami <!'> not c'.' v. ' t ' Y< ui>, Ac.. J' - 1 ^ i ; of i'lU. M 4 Xor:p- j-a. Oc- 1??M Xo Oovcrii' i '*' I can havi- 50 men underarms in cm Kout a r- !ir??. Mi'')''' to \ ortlt; V I'. (.iitf'Niit. C'.ij.t. I i ?? KOi-IBIEA MABKI7S. n?wr:M * , Oif. )'j ?H ? *< : . If " *< Ohio *.* IJ lity Mi'ilift ??. ttl 4: v. *:!cr?.. i j ^5, rcil ur.cfc .i C-rr? U 1... r . t- ^ I. v*;. aieCull s:.?i unl ai v. L ii. / '* u. NfcK V ryt0c!. P.?' ' "f '* * or* !?K#ie active*: Virginia t> ? C-::?? U ?:. ?: e .?r*tf balci; v'/i f which i*? >? vr j. - : . / ? f and In !r;?r*|Ta N ' ,V.:# to i. * ? ^ .. with 'J 1'iil. ?; oak.- > ?' i ..?) r ?,' t ? u rf i ,, Fiour 1> flrnj; > "ilium i-?V.!. * h i: ? yc:..-: and U t-or? acti* c. in: $1 10a t -r:. j* t! l * . M?-? 1'urk .'.7,; c I j.- ? 1 rt rcgurure Km N?*. (jri<+'*. C\c., Mu?vOVaco Cu7.\ a; Ev?:? baavy ti?:?. Itica firm

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