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Richmond Enquirer from Richmond, Virginia • Page 1

Richmond Enquirer from Richmond, Virginia • Page 1

Richmond Enquireri
Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:

WEEKLY EE THl HISHSQfcB EptyiJirttH, iUU-T, TYLF.R, WISE Al-LEflRE. a si s. Si.iHT doliar.iptl St.1 If tss-a for shorter t'aur. cut bf-ii-W-cesLT, uohsn p.r aumira, or vu lor tnubtiit, payable in a.i. a Tanya piT annutc. or TtrtTre IV-U. Two tc ho lafnrlably in WJua arc reel by mail, they tacM he wlli be at thft rlsfcOf the srilltr. er ieio, cac UueriiJa a oiaiUocsl Ob. wIShoa; alttrotits to ihr dc 4b IS CO da da SO (W r- ir no la 65 00 aaohj So 00 80 W) to 00 niTcri'iOTsnits to be copaltiercd by the month -i rfroiUed 00 ifce fiUnusczlpt, or preneusly ptrtlea. r.o: narked on the ropy fcr a spc.s3t-d w(H boaoaUaued r.rr!-r?d aaccordingly. Toldaiyir.iiniudr.-- ir: part of the Annual Advertisers, it pro- i lu-it only extend? to ii'ite hiol Lejil uau nil other hythcawb? aa amlitloatd oblige, bcrtl nlc be ybaivbaito be charged ovtfcc icbicc? xp 3uch dlwcttsts -ball hi agreed I ..2 i'jc egreed upon 03 the standing rule Mi! ail exceeding iusU amount to be i-j-i ti the raws. lithe acmS-nTeebly Ecquimr square of tlnai or for the-first r-'J per square Tor each continuance; 1 J. lor ox-b Insertion. -Jaw this other may be remitted per mall, in i r.Tui.> fi.rJt n-tjs, registered, nt the risk el and Tributes of Seipert, exceeding -Vt em chd'ged for ss from a distAti-m most be accompanied with the rt'iT. or to Insure execu 3 i i.ihiiii i i r.l.TIU Hlcijimmfc BY ITLSR, 7TT5E ALLEGRE. T.CBMXO, JUWE; 16, LrtvUcs-'iCJi end iDhuaatiU; the Fneay. 77- in hi E.sSi.-iita of its: ny the modern ustsre of na. h-s required the fcrcs ci "fttt.iic pro: cr? inri.i 15 exempt CrffiicuY' except io special asw, cr contributions ars ieriwi on ice 01 tDe hostile "This be ados, "extends eras to the or. absolute and unqualified conquest of country." vVbeatoa is an ftiri nor.hut the biifcest Aroeri 1 Tfti WLo A armies in the of i- ins plundering of private bidder. ana rigoransly -uppitca taken or purchaser to paid iif, i-. of relation 10 iLc ci prtrete property is tns opposits I -tors referred to, but is iu keeping rritb i be character tfcay bare displayed or. teloro and pending ihiS war. rnufei sta iraudaleat nod seeming they respect the principi? ptop-rtj mast jug: be plundered br t'f knavish wit known "Taofcca ltd principle cat cf u. TgcJ doubtless felicitate them 1 tr.i2 as something i.i tr.r.sfcio xcemseives about scab t.liiw uj U.1 iiiMalieltOD ofld ui cuo in wtiioh ttio iankces oi promts the ear sr-d it. iv fiinllot 01 s. tvu ij-T-u ii is which 7 plunder, firmer ct county on it a printed form, aiiid cbi occasiju vie copy it, simpjy a -v-m an r. to ptvtcnc individual rercg li. a printed portion ci ice piper ii toe osufct mc iiilisg in I or i-i' Jtrz-rv Carc.Vv. 3SC2 j-hit t'iioro hts been rcceired i ff-T the fnllowir 7 r. pi: 3 Ciislfs of zkelitz cc accounted for on the urrs cf Lieut., qusr S. for the 2nd quarter of said property will be entitled the uame afir-the suppression oi upoo pi oof thst ti6 has, from himsctf C3 5 level United States, and has not ptd or a to ti c. rebels. authority of -T'. x7ate, u' here been much more like a straighs u- but much les3 like a AlIfib nimpiy robbed the gentleman of b'Jc irr. 3gj frankly told him sa But that my3tcfc.r tiring called 'Northern conscience1 Ltcr. not under the crime, 1 Lf- A aisgnise aiust it reiw.i prepared. Nettling i' is ever the fool ol the ally to Yankea ictcrot 1' Into that cr.mforublu salt? 'splicency trhich saya "I thank Thee that i va ret other at the very moment 19 nimseii 10 IB-H I- f-s tv irtiboi! 10 ir. ih? above quoted r.z- zo- for, not tvcn iip is Dot only indefinitely postbat enrol ally hedged out, by bjtfc an.l impo'vcle conditions. it if.r.i i plundered man one? ir.iit bi? country and to its j(but he shall produce ci JCf a ujuiUclU 11 9 afu: wards ir. bis now alicgiinr.a i 'l yxres that frotf HFGi.Tirn? ufytr the it bo ci hi. jiiio kid atiO er.talott to Lis osii tr.r kindred' iiow could ha prove this it trot of bim jci, out, "Northern cougl'rifs the paper we hav3 i top pv combination of public 1 ---sty with patriotic duty and admirable "ejnotjy; when ir: face it is an ornmpic of Cfsfiy end knavery, and of a violence foib jJiti by the law of iho world. ucctsarj to compare it with the course of our arroy in already referred to, to "5- it it: its true character. ia short, the track of too is. rthorn army 5'tvgh our land is tho track of the lawless piuadercr. Our enemies disregard the laws of and thus exclude themselves from the paie cf no protection. is it ci.iy plundering the ansrmsd rd non-combatant citizens, that our enemies their instincts and their disregard of the conventionalities of civilization. We have before us one of their war appliances. It is sailed, wo beliave, a buliot bomb. In shape ta I and it would Sv-orn a two-oance zcir.nie 1 i It is moulded, r.owaTer, in two co3riy equal thr.r fii into earn other. The? or conical pari, is solid. Tr.c other part ir- hoiiow, boing, indeed, nothing bw a cap This tp, when prap.ired use, ia.iiuod with an rnatetitl-. ar.n Man contrived an (o 4 whontrTi-i' the point ot'tht hail striken ih- object, principle ni bomb. The ball on comiing man's body is i jxplcdr i instantly by mealing with bene, and porhapr. eronby rrsisifcaci. the pre-ntnis. lot- -4 most gbsstiy wound is produce d. A man whose sent was struck in mo bait-s oi by one ot tboso bid ibo Sesh torn in shreds from tbs bene, by the explosion which ensued. A solvation of horror and disgust is the natural feeling with which we rogsrd sufh an insirr.iaent (i Thern ic something ic voicing, barbate, diabolical abmii it. And I not only Aha it ei.iitc our ic.hiine.tive ropro-. nation, but it under the fepiobatiur. of the civilised world. ia. distinctly interdicted an-l c.indinMisd' fcj" iode wlinob; nations i sport, and which js called the Lw of nsitiocs. If is precisely of the ot is csacdv ti sair.o with.caittk'-ir -bviug effort tft" kill rrhst ic- a'reiidy To Trie a hauls all that is is to ditabU lbs adversary. A poutiirance designed to mate a disabiir.g sr-yoi festcA, is simply g.r the i etter i an oncay's effortbe must be s.tiutk, ar.d ii once disabled what no- nossity is there that dio ol bis wnar.ds vt ar is never permitted to nsliens but irois necessity: arc to refrain from inc.bed; v.fcirh tend to render if mops desttneuvo, un.iir.^y arc at en to op- poseiktiE is tbet.ef.irc vmson, ai.d agretabtc to tctor rtvii 7 bite cl mood r- the isrva of vvur, the mat 3 itn which prcdjibhs-the poiioninitof fc cli Hto by t-hoir common safety to 3Uf press ur.fl the a ret who skrulii dVr break ti.tough this ou t-ii; nt ij the r.M-.rses lb ay Duties arc urns tapos-id or. our gov-, tn which it v.ili nut Jr? its itcoui el iss, giowisg of peopid oi the Kortr; niuiid ivr listrnsd enly to any rtprfcer.laiicus hive made. They sobering nor, and if era not great ly mlsuksn, 3 month vriii not pass before they oro cinch iberer siisi. se'emu and manly uarnir a uc addressed ihb 01 which we it.o.u be distinctly urrnir apprised, that aeraterrnvr, svritt and 8 terrible, si tail be visited up in theni i for And it tfec ovuis of Europe told hjtr I lor qjarter1 masters. tsarina tciS'j for I i rorerr.or^. iucCitms ar.i su Cctrset, i A sore pucs is ter 03J rtqmrss ccDoiar.t guard. A pier. quirw ootw, ond calls fur strcr.gtQcstST Asd acre and I week places are Oiun rov salsa by the prscau tiens for cc Tumedyrng' lb on. una by lbs j.ialcm* Si-MHiiiTfcnsss which i tolls of an ercr of their Tfcc sua neck. piece car $. is tba rcu.s?i of toeir uorps to -stand i hay an rtnuj. bare- Refer done it yei, Doiioto 1.. u.i this point thvtr u-vicis sre th? re! tai? peculiarly aei.s';ti*et inty ZcHlousiy employ the i ana sisicprsoer.u.iwt.. act a-ctice tbit proLiiaii.j in falsest uscUl? the tbit luc trocp; bad msd? splendid csycaot drives the rcc-eh ruo tos bayonet, Tain ij iiii- 'U5eAtcbcS copied today. it may bo that is dcliberato wiliui i fuisiiicnttoa iu intend in to stittiuiiio his to do ho thitn credit for. thttn tint il.07 hare gc-nft-4 through teiriblo ore ujtcre-, and coursgijog zu to iik? the glory end the praise to the face of the it en he nay think to commit them against defining one. it" heroafter prcnorvd then. 5s think to praise them oat cf their propensity fci shying at the gleam of Steel; just toy is I out of some naaghiy tt.sL idling i "that's 5 good boy i-' Ccopisd arret.j-y. torreser doufct'ess thit other tnativv which has McCisilaa str.k nil prrtsnsions to the- ccara-isr i of man of honor and truth, ha raises his own ctScinJ nrnl. be must feed tb? frith frcquont asiu-anras cd r.riiiisnt and, a victory rrori by the bayonet would be on especial delight to tho people triers, and therefore 1- ss apt to be questioned by them. 3 McClcllan is ant only, at oil times, tempted to piease ihsia by the necessary assertion, but, whan pressed by facts, ho doubt- less feais specially urged to do Hence he nercrloscr a battle inject bat tic retrieves it by a hayncoi charge Ttie bayonet I charge at Seven accnruirgjy, I Host incg sue tactic; w.ii avaii not. BiUj hot long has many and shrewd enemies, wio watch him with lynx's eyes Tcey detect his ieheode, and often partially expose them; but us these are designed to beip cn the weii C3 support hts own feme, both oi v.hioh rest on dectptioD, his spare to a great extent, for the of the catnsc. fiiE time come, when this lalsiiicn- tic.n will i)o to t.u as unavailing to sueojsa as it is disbonorabie; and then 'Northern conscience," finding that need ''tines will be rleu.crous for tte truth, an-i UtC.b.Ut: wiii bj istinbred; he wiii then he disrobed, dishrr.crcri, ar.d disgrace i jAiPMRTA'Sl the folioati'iyf a nolo sot.i by; lira. Smith n. Afejut J.iflSey lt-Lsburg. people ul that city to hold thcTiSsi-vS ir, readiness to extinguish Rnr ii-rk tbci ttnsi iron. iCs bombard- meat of the city j' srr.5, June 1S62. Elon. L. Letoet, of Victaburg: flrtJ originating from explosion of is ono of thes pin pnl uf tbe destruction of doling lha bombard lutnt of town, I airouglijyou to the citiZoca to rtc into companies 1 and supplied with buckets, with a to the prompt extinguishing ail that may bo discoverer. iTbenerer a shell explodes near or ir. b-iiidirg. an examination i abauid te aside io become 1 igniud. A little cars cf this k.nd. uken tou without any increased pssrsynai risk may an extensive cchS juration and greatly disappoint our enemy. Ytry respectfully, jfwur obedient servant, 1 ML. Smite, Brig. Gen. Com'g. XEkd IliC FresidotrVo CottUUA paragraph which tscatiily appeared ir. a jjaptr published in Hinds iutirg that lb a Prcddeut'ii oounr. hid sol soon burnt.and giving it to andsfsmnii that was preserved by hia crdor, pied by loijio of enr cotsmpnraries, and brought a his Not ha-ing bad-inae, frnta ft.s. pressure of iffirial duty to pay any t) hi? priratc affairs, and being, ihatfthro, ignoiant oi ybtl had been d.r.a hu by boas to whom be Lid entrusted its nisnag. caat, lbs Proa snm iho ioliowicg to a friend in Jdckson, Mississippi: Iiicux Jnfjj-12, 16h2 3. E. DlCESON, JaCusGO, MldS. Hi'tlclo copied from itto," is circulated to impression hat hava presorted my-cotton when that ci r.y neighbors van burand dr. not know that Lean done. but I do thv it is issely false thai. I have sought to prworro ir.y otton. 1 have notfgivon iho ordinary sUtonion to my private Ploaao learn thr acta and answer. (Signed) ti. Mr. Dickson the. umnij diflpfttch, which id iho. he the 18 lis Excellency, Jefferson Datj3 The following arlicie is iroai "Oitiicn," labiisrud in Jtrrt-Ksos JJA-rn'n or ivrc. a'pers in this Statu who wen: foriocDy ir. op whe cmnot forget their old psriv iitjutlicer. nod who never omit opportunity ocas? a fling at our President, l.avo Intel) aist-d a question us to whether ins cotton had icon dcsiroyid or removed irom the reach ol or enemy, manifestly to rrosi. be impression that iir Davis was tolnsc'ed by l.r i in -I I iu coGiiiiir: with other en; ens. fa answer to ifcu inlerrogctorj, tale that Mr. DaTis's ooti-vi is a hero the will pet it, fur usens. vir First, it was thvu each and, tiecond, it tetn ali humid. ss .180 was the belonging tc bis Jot further pu.ot can rtici Lieut. II. H. Ksiiy, who. with a squad perf. rmco the duty cc: it In he. bioihci is1 nr.ri the sili-. i. ii.e mii-mom nli to .1 YTiiij ar iose the article F. Dickson. "-Air. Joe roiurrt-n tc idasr bratorr he President, eci not ropayrr, tIcxt- 1 J. a A. D. 0. Too above ii.u uriuior. i chs. isu-nishiiij; mrhlcr.ass,! which the times. aini iccait'o even ioiua veil tinier the ides that thoy are proofs nt rr.atihness ad independence, it secni3 as if nn sge, epuUtion or position, or i respect, is secure agsinst the cr-t ihheral suspicions and the most recfckaa atmentions. There is even that decent i-? notic respect lor the oiScc of our Kupauiic, sbvuid protect the it zm in-- Oeiiivderscj has aojudguri vorthj tc till ot Diet frvc alaaaetaus f'ibt: Then- tLitsg; irr a to 113. fhey ate --try Wc dishonor ourtcuury, by ctufass, Surciy 773 shall no; be bold a bclUr. r. lappicr, or a mors engaging people. if itiren shspe his ccnuuct upon ish naaiuifah rme, and bnasoii 10 troaucioc ir.d a3ssilir.g e.Tt-y those in esponaihis and 1 ins i Lvl it icVeJ hs 5 id .,.1 that ri: fjjd n. irutisfi breasts," ana arc. nation rt siLslandcrcis. Wn trust the for eNamp'c, ii not be an prompt to tske nr. a'u 1 icighoor," -or to tcsio injurious publications baseless rcsaors. it new sees how an or.i icnt ci iu.n who, ur.c,< ice call of ni- Jona'ty, ic7ctiag his to his duties ia this terrible hoar ci danger sua rial, to thn toial personal neglect of his private nterests, has been rounded end iijurcri, and be cause with which bo is as the liHeltti head and iront. disparaged, by a loose iccusatioo which proves to be without the badow cf fcundaJian ia Jac'i there to bs tr cbarity, trust, nc justice mong as, is even such time us this Is a whivfc is the growtr: cf ic-nu lite, s. I epatatioc which has been a hur.drc-d times ndorsod by the gs for r.ol\ir.g. or be made the sport of ovary passing rumor jbise upoD such uareascuobisaeec tod such ajusticei TTo cope cue wui it. csd intake ali such i THE EAILKOiPS. VTl are glad to iearn teat it is ia ronLtn liatun to restore too mntii-g of pssstrgrr rsins on the Central irr.m tula rity. VTe riil aot doubt that the prevision aiss iorludss be running of raetssT trsia.if which tiiero is till greater need. When our amies vrero nri he Potomac, cur Norlhsido railroads were so T-ifVi ca i up nnu to interrupt their usefulness oraiury business. The shitting of car great would r.os, tLcia to be if extreme ij ih. fv? hare no oore sagacious, patriotic an.i enterprising rui-1 er.s in the hod than the Presidents. of these nads and thpir wc reij confidence upon them ic- to the mfclic help in this exigency. We secerfii utsuujcd cur constitute the only ijnmt.dint;; 1 to the fall use of these We rust they will be restored wim all pi.vut.l', lespaicb; and we hope the k-eson not bs ost, and thai this precipitate, burning if bridges will no aharidr.r.c:. t'r is? been a good deal more of it than fi ie greatly mote in rue 1ijt of ooininaudjr? defend then to destroy. Mcont we hope that the proTisica dealer; caterer3' of our erert tic untl7c3, bronyc country ayenriss ana otherwise, to in limit' ustomod soppins sr ihat people can pay The citortion bat suutc are now practising exceeds any fling Itirvl jio? voiih nuiiij for the ir better to czort betnseitss s.nd gather in supplies, ihar. to iraw the titj blood out of their by ricktd prices. vTe courso, thai he hospitals wii! hwo thoir agents out to )rocurc supplies; and if the, and issociations of citizens, do the will diminish the present pressure pn tbo narket stalls. Nj expedient for relief must )e neglected. A goDiicmai; from Caroline county teiis ur butter is selling tbcm o.r. 25 canls; tgen it 12 to 16 cents dea chickens, Jl 50 p9r dozen; wheat offered Jiity aid these and ether articles are in great thr.nlance. Let us draw our supplies thenoc, iuilesd of leaving them for th9 Yankees to oh in exchange for their certificates sach as fro publish to day, Open up the railroads. IIWI11-rrr-M i iimji ifc jim fc i -v wi IWMHWIIC'H-mwti i JKJWJ a. UNPARALLELED MANCEufkc" BT CrK InTTi RAL -J. Hi. STTTXliT i 0LRCW7T OF 75K ENTIRE LIWES CJT3F rBpir HAL ARMY. ONE HCHDREC AMI. otTssrr-nrir peisjiKrM REM THREE FSnEiUX TRAHSPdhrA. RUSKi in ILLloN OF F-CLLA GA VOR73 fit hTORFJ DEaThOTi LARGS AMOPRT.OF"VCDICi.NKS TAREM IIO'iDBcD F.IFl'T SOiiJKS AND FTC. TGUFodrT iu.ii, I'iua. J. wiih too Pint sod jNialh R-. gimenU- of Tin ginia uaur.r Oul. Leo, or.c rcjjifioct the -JjC. Legion, uaderOrflonal irlin, tbo cuFttlry Loni Gj two pieces of r.ri:liery, set out iron A.vh&nd upon rtfi yf Ifcr. mast Ji.ring and advcniiiros of ibo Pursuing a ofwijitaas route, ihoy pvfflfi th? the icjnrniiW, fell 'M r'ltictfli CCaRistule of Uf? PijiJP.dran;., tlr.eiy fnou.tird ir.d eqaippad, was 17f? iok prisoners, their dead und wounded cn tLo Slid, the remainder Sod, and their cucfttEpciints, with sa ininieacf) amount of stoics, fell into our bands, and ware turned. An effort was tcado to send the priooncn- back to Aobiand, but ttc guard oiscountirtd the. pickets of tho enemy, and their man-rime being diicovcrod, tbeir only resc-r? wee to carry them along on their tour of daring. c-ening the liitio cci.sistin? in nil of Cut more ihsn twenty tire hundred sen, reached Hanovertown, on the Puamr.key riffct, where they coot four trauspens by surpi ide, and destroyed it ho iourih cicapicj:) wim Uicif icutr, cuch being heartiy i.tden with it! suppr. i fisj iccvi tviiiii in 4 rluiitb-vtiiiieir. reached lbs Toil P.tier Esjilrcid, i.icn the White Hours, in iicio ic meet tbs train coming the rear oi ihd F. fitrti ur.xj oi tLe Ofciokahcntinj, and as 11 appn.nchi'U tboy oil into it, killing, it the and urcmEti. wars to luii. or.J the lorcier, as be fcii, grasped ttjo hay the Tiitu on a fall 0: tears'. The train immediately on at sr. mrrrciibic auti by tbij ticio is probcblj si.ihmcrg?.n rraieio r.f tho Pauciunksy at cr about the pises at which the White iir.tisu bridge ust-l to A "tor tog up a potiioii or the railroad track, they directed ibiii 01 march down Olurios county, sad bagaa iswir with the on.emy in pursuit. Arriving at io? lord ocor th6 Caickihorjir.y, (formonj Birrlcr's bridge,) they smm the rircr, passed or or their artille17 on mite, ar.d r.c sccncr saiViy iuan the aj-arce guiro of enemy appeared liter them. Fotliog corr tj-jy hastened through 1 he s'T-itcp, aid fiuaily into ibe Otarfss Quy 1 oaf, from which thoy'haa -during ihcmassch, passed tbs oi tho It res, md reamed tnc aty'Eaieiy;i.g at five o'clock, bringing with tacit; ibcir prisoners, about two hundred i eft? and amies, 401 a quantity of fir; sris- nr.d tuhres, okptured it. tho fight Lf I ths r.i.t tnri iong lbs 'I fir a.i.ij J'stiguod from 1.7 of nr.c.fcis"i rr-urerr, sppesroa sol tr.ry ha hat hour's ti i.iuu:;ir.g acnounis .1 through fcr.3, swamp and river. and recounted to hundreds who cius.eie.i aro.ind them tho incidents of their cnrciinur with sr.d their work of destruction along tho search. Tceonly which sarorea of mishap. juris? the tour, err-? the dectb of Is-tanc, oi the favolrr, who woo kiiicd in the engftgemftr.t at Cid Cbuieb, where, nice, twe of our men were wounded. The "ierst (cc reuir. were -iul- Ttsilrd by the- cu-gte-e of out adventurers. and relieved of a sale bsDt'qunutity of xaorprir.e. opium ana io sapi them f'-r eiv months. An worth reiatin? is ioia of one of me negroes raptured at be was brought it, bis Ifclio'V prisoner-. Cj claimed jespect and consideration dua to him es art officer the Fcdrroi army, producing, at tfco sama time, bis commission as a sutler in one cf it iiVtr itrsey regiacufs. Tbs officer tc be himself, astonished ct thaioibw impudence, bark and bitn oiox, irom the that on tumciicg heel; over head in tee mud. Tt officer trad about tc finish bins with a br.iiet frcm bic piatoi, when fco was puvsnt! by ten imt rrantitn of i There incidents connected march whicn wa have net time to recite, As I an evcni, ibis achievement of General 'stuart atan.b= alnne in tbs history of the war. ami rivcls be meat brilliant scbicvcnunta of the lamented and glorious Aehby, of invincible Morgan. ar.d, re will 7 eat are tf, the gallant, ar.d dishing Jactson. It is estimated that at least one million of (ioiLrs worth r.f Federal stores, rrsgr.ns, tents, end other property ware destroyed omitted ntstc above that a portion of ihb Fourth VugiDia Cevaliy was in (ba cutui pl Laf-ti frvSi IHempblii-OccCjpetts-s ttte t'lli bj'ibe 14 Jackson hnsaissip! pun of e.h that in the gunboat light uosr tviciiiptitoo confederate ronristed. of snTon boats, ana tbs Federal fi-ut of eight gnnbiisls. bovan rains, two tugboats, and a number of with "Yankee Th? bVfihioi rttr.i.intr Q.ieen of the ftesr was complete! destroy td. The Confederate gteamer van 'fn Tt.fc Mciij.L]'o "AtaUnciio 'Af hays ih5t in atiauopiing Ui a od the P-ast Grace, the F'edaroia were greeted wiii, groans and and cUcrrn for Jeff Ditis. a ptatoi abut, did no The tr.e nartespoadcace bfrtvm-c ibe i'udsrsl Flsg C'fficxr, 0. H. Davis, and ii -John Park, shy lorraar the fiurrend-r ot tfco city. Tiie Feyor sjiya that havnti: bo means of by thc terce ct she city is in yoiir CjI. F.tctJ, ci-tninandiT-g the Indiana Brigade, ha-, tppjinltd uiiliiLf c.itiiLCftQdo;- oi the The Coo 10ib says that r. portion of Loveli'sromtDand, under Ool. Wm. Miits, near Gibson, tngiged two i-f the bhemy'w. guoboftts on the mo ruing ot the 9tb, and after a brisk er.gSgsiaoni of one hour. tn driving off tbobonls. TUC'J. CUAITANO. (Ja. Tbe Avuuta "Sentinel" leprae from pas.stngcrs tunc tea enemy retreated from Cbtt.i&i yn Sccnd-i? at 11 Tne only result their attack was the bc'cheriag- of sores women aca children. 'CoL Morgan tad crosord i rirtr with two bodies of cavalry galnibair renr. General Karby Smith waa in pur suit vritb 5,000 men. WMWjM'MWfUBb mtu all I Ml jfjM1 gMmmMg-. JUNE" 17, 1862, tile i Sf'T: vTs sreiv.jeh'iad Jo5 frirn-1 "I tnnt AboJiifoTi shoot tks Now 1- Tribur tbo ICfh ssiccr ike "TyF. WAH Under ilie ai. vrc fir. i ti.v I 1 i Our mrora c-i'SA'-i i I are about 40. below CVriutL, on the 1 Mobile Oaio ratircab 7c jbeiicyca tbsl 20,001) RafcjN bar? 01 thorn i being from Tenuwsac,, aa.i Arkan- All iuf' from tfcoSa 3est 03 pasdaa dft-wu the cicsAy gunr.i&'i by more adutborn trenps. Trie country people i will not bring into bus the nn.n he led frcca Oorinih, the -J srhwe-Tegidti boinp. lull rtf dtseriaa, their ray. home. Gen. Pope ears these who firr.t deserted and were paroled, ore now anxious to take the oath. Tbn witreaiing I trEitor3 havo dciWfttaa the- and lalt ths waaitbica! families iu 0 slnic of p.tar-J 'vstion, whili the saldioro tro almost daaihuts of 1 Ky the tttyunct Guido, from Ncwbsrn, XJoSLi255k' .1 jxcsdingiy high Boiiw. opt cwj hut Thb In ba A'tfStba hunted duwr. for Uio whip of her minter i "nan been hn; ned. orders in tfco harbomasUr to search ail lor 1 hot the barbci sent bio: wvr i that he would sao btforo; would obey such an order. C'-aciey decided in bad odir. Vrc are permitted tc know, an cfBciai dispatch from General McOleilan's Lcadquar-; tho important Dewa 0 oi.trafiand who left Richmond jeflteTQay morning ha-i arrived in our people's camp, and that hj toid our side tbnt no roingorcemer.m had recentl-, crrivc-d ot Richinonci. and further that were no signs oi s.ucuatioD. rlhe patch says thct a captain, a lieutenant and two soldiers ui General Eurn's dirit-ior. were k'ilcd by toe robais whiie estabiiebing an od Tanco Tb9 War Department promulgates an crckr a Camp of 11 men near Annapolis, Md, wiii command- tto troops will na w-stnihls-i is speedily as possible: Gwimrai barn will ho Ohief ol B.igujici -ilai Biown. Ohifit fit to hcrtnitor VV here the Mutiilor to r.vre nut i a word iff the iitdu the- ro pulhfe Junes River, until yf.4ierd.-y, worn a paragraph in a Paiiadelpins paper a uf which the is a pan was ready to assist in ukiog Ricr.tsnaiJ sooa- as Genera! McOielUn stun' 1 bay ih.word. Ali was quiet at Winchester jcstciday.Gcr.tiola and were there, with thoir coaiuands. They were or. ir. i restoring bridges hurst by tLw icbJs, or riti? ed by the jod. The Baltimore and io Railroad was in complete order, excepting the Urldga at Harper's Ferry. Jeff.'u Adjutant General pobhuhei order directing the every male white sr.d mulatto in tfco South capable iff bearing arms, wLether they k-rosubsliluics nr.t Either a then. Nepel.oc ever Tenured upon. I Zcri iC ESSES 8TEX0I5 AT BxCH-tfOMh Jr. war, reservo and ailsnce are often pcnsibls, but wo do not reelirc that reiser. end probability nc' be outraged. Soma oi ot cbs forces it Eicburond as amounting tc two hur. i'r. i Ivjw ws have seen no ten mato of ikjir urn bars trgagid in the racer, i battlcu which piaeed if coots sixty thonsnxid. and ci firs tc tar. thcusat.d disabled in-thcue banies Ne one can tbil t'uy then put forth tfasir wboic avail.ibis Tiisy that their 'I i portnnit; bad come. Tr.e ruins me bar.fcs of the Cbirfcahf.inir.7 and li lodcd ti.e W.iOded swamps that Laic that ir.rr.r.hiie.-abio Uur scldiar; wira en fiainprJ on cilW bank sr.d temporarily diridrd by the ti.ind had been craftily swelled by suddenly opening the sluices of the mill damson the upper waters of lhe Btream, which were 3till in rebel bands. The bridges were broken up, wii-h great que go ires under on either sido of each, lho rebel generals ret out rritfc firm resolve to drire our troops between tbuin and the Chickehotniny intj tbul stream, just as Beauregard attempted to drive Gen. Gf ant'6 army into the Tennessee. Noitber, offirt ultimately succeeded, though the in flither case surprised our mora advanced divisions end inflictrd heavy has upon thix while the disparity of force was greatly in their lav or. At Sbiloh the rebel commanderin-chief, Albert Sidney Johnston, war- killed; ct Fur Oika the rebel General Joseph otcn was severely wounded. At the latter ssident Divis was on the- field in p.r son. New is it credible? is it one. o-acrlvabSc? that the Rhbiis shcuid hara brought cut tfc'rd of their trizy into action iu sueh i struggle? Tbe fight continued a occur.a dnj; Richmond wan from five ic ten r.ilca aioiani; they bud planned the engagement and mads the attack in tboir own good time-; was C7er. Buii P.on stupidity equal to fighting a Second day without bringing up tie buik of a grand army which had baen etanding within twn hourv march throughout tho dayo The resumption ia utterly The Rebels put forth their full strength in tho recent battles, for to have- done otherwise voulH have been tea extreme of imbecility, border ing ciosciy en butchery to their Tncy aft. iio no holier hereafter. 1st us have sucti a force in'he fifcid next time ae wili preclude djy's fighting. A aro all egrsed that tho lata struggle resulted in a Union victory, and thai we An not want another suck. Wn hope tc ens Gun. MeOUdlac largely and rapidly rainlorrcd, so to parslyzi the energies of the Rebel masses by rendering further resistance bopeiess. Bur they hare no Two Hundred Thousand uffectiyej about Richmond, nor even One Hundred Thousand. Utiles, they can attack at ao advantage, fighting portion at our army with the wfcnis of ihoirs, they w.ii baidiy provokes second Bui let us have men enough to fgUt that: whole army with ball of ours, and dtiil best i ibeui. With sum an army, we have to fight at alL r. -1 Of A BvTl i.E A WA-HINOTOK, iiuiiilay, June 9, 1S62. The following dispatch wts rtc ived at thai" War Department. by telegraph front! Front Royal: auNvts'ZM DtruniTit, I i Tbt FlB.Lt), Jano 9, Etwn it. crmtrv c.J Toe army reached place at 2 o'clock yesterday, driving out the enemy's rear guard from the town. Hcvers skirmishing continued front that time till daik, the castuy's rear being closely pressed by our At 4 o'clock the 1st New Jersey 0a7airy. after driving enemy tne village, fell into an ambuscade in the woods, to the southeast of the town in wniob O'i. Wyndhftin of that regiment captured, and coufidcrabb Iocs sustained. Col Obesoret, with bis brigade, subsequently engaged ihc enemy in the timber, driving bim nn. ami tskin? bis camn. At anout 3 .1 battalion of CuL Kane's ftfgi.Tifcnt entered the woods under tue cf Bayard, and main timed for halt an boar -igorious attack," in which both aides suifered severely, driving the enemy. Tne c.siny attempted tc shell ont trc jps, but ofs shots from one of our batteries soon silenced bis gun9. After dr.7 the enemy continued bis retreat Full particulars will be forwsrded by mail. J. 0. Frihont. Major-Giteraj. To the Associated Press. ja-utaaotrBuES, Friday, June 6. IS62. Tbs advance guard of General Fremont 1 U. 5 i. -a; no Ji-htnT Coring it? r.r.::i- tJ.ii t.rc" rent miis fee- tfcs -hirh -i! rebfcl forrs cf in I.tiC Ool ffys'tkaot, hid pr.ifecrt the rsor-nnoibi thir. rashly fonrsri tf.j- a forsiry, and back by infantry in aciibursu. Wyr.dh"m and Out is. fad 1 and AH the officer" Lu ji-iy nduacMcd rally theii cus. Jaac-ray piiatmy sjcvsrct ry, which co-erad the ixiroat oMha 1 He hurt. Tin regiment i in killed, votin-ied and nut-iing. ft. nutii Bay srd, with the or Rjijjsi, art-J 1st p.rinsyl. and i.ilussreis of tho 30.h Ohio and olh vrrrr ordlrod forawi to 'he support, drore tho.body'of ths tu.rov from itioir pc-fHtion, and cip'furod fknif cwsjjar.d anmo "was. TWifcaa RfV-R, uttering 125 thernpolTsa -wodfla feu? tabid bo Kjtbdt.i-o, "Colonel mnndca, h'so tror.r.dza ioG csplurc-d. Onptiir. Vf. P. Bimohtrd 37a? 1 trntinricri scrorf.iy. S. was prnhshly k.ihj. After 1 ih-j fiet rn dj br.jlr. .1 loaf: 50 hiSied. trtiiiiid.iii nr. i Th? rcc-'rla 1 ifarir ojijlicrv it i 1 CifT. -7 ti rn- Htii.r main i celesta far bstiin or gn vtrcngthi.nvl his trains, uro in Cun a iyn uu tl.o Vi.afi. ST.LL I-ATtS i it- nvh up tl.t PfciiadeipUta "ir.quMar7 wf ir.Hi&iit: i i A der.palcb. tUisii thn iitb.Rr.7s! r. victory or Cr.ftttanoo^, ifcj rcc-is h-nng routed, aiie, hani Hghiing. Ttio moor. oi' toe '2ch M.y, says Lute -Liaovir. ngiV j- nevsibing thi-i fc as iLc 0 if; "t'MU cLit tlwTJi a.i r.ioiilT days' out- jr f.n.i that c. to so. J' ir; PtVtri-T svTrr; vie- to.J oVm f'Lloitfa tit Tlits racii i them 1 oVCfV step, U.u ItO.i IiUlltUfR flh 3 aiip.ntir to outs, fcciiii? to ou; ons, sro b. tl at sia 1, r.osVy SflCibtirv Ohstiu n.thiritj issue ooa hULtirtri legal tsotbf, rtinl 1 full Mr lhat ui.jrCJ hs" he. reported iroir. ihe. A grand tifir. vras an- 7 is tars or, 1 i.e eO.h. 4Oor. P-crpon: tt.3 ispert- 10 ne pr.senr. r. viafd ih.r Yuik, to be absent P.sTtrdy Jsr.fir.i,.u p.iing to O.iaaoS as coBitaiadMntr ti.e tints Airtrs. Lirerpool bas arrived at iiilitar. hc in 10 a Tfir gi; r.ara cc.1- b.cVii tb 7u? ii ibe; ra on iSv. r.trtr.cLn:eo; qtest.ui.. is ttbrriors i ill-. r.tU?.y 1 ho areola tail i -to of girr.d. Fr.dcC.t oii'i 3ie-r-s, 0:: aTio 1 e. Nothing is said ac intervention or titrion to itio sptr.taary of t.ct-. c.ftrrcv or VcK 'it: 1 rnajs r.i:st} orv o.Mifsivo watrry 1 rre. x- 7" i.T?- intiuiF respjT.diint, TiiCt more fron? ur. j1 wf the iuriuntJi of the 7r.ri.-iH more glaring iri ihu fact that act halt so was accorspliaLsjd by us us havo is-t 1 what lucV. kid was Ike bra "try of our ir.op*: to oppor- tunn Uirugh late Geo. ifeCJeika on j1 the licl-i. The irulh sightvroii ec icii. it cs I btiiovo, to narrate nil ftcu connected With battle fought. General shamefully a. tho Ho tsss dissppoiaud the otouiaD'tirg Froa: scccur utile apnthy oejivrcd areil.r.g fcis'-e'f the tramps Bianuing in Kic 1 rscene." Eo rJiioTcd Goh Hooker, with i.ot;' tea thcivsanri effective men, to iuatctaic a q.acttssiag snd untq con- iw.a: or three mis bin number i from otock in the morning tiii ike rnid ait; ci tr.c arte; Gen. meats cjpcr.otj r.ti r. same a iCutti field c. nrs after the oir- tnuge and ios: scores of cosa with no to ubj re tno H.s hi-, was iurti-d: be wa.1 IiWClu to lr.ii bao's; tse hr.irssiy ur.ti reinforce- oknn at last rrau too Ute to n-nkn more tbsn Jra.r gems uour bat tie on tfie wmg ihc iij.r.1? though Hinccck superb i' cviinct? of movitr. us the victory for trhich iL-i Had bdsu so c.oudilj ccntindstimuli da.y?on the right, i nay, tho uvtc ffursjc. it won criminal tc 1 ooly fno thousand men en a ijiuk mortmenl. investing pulss r-iiouit through andrarints Ji the cr.sniy end tbiown ten regimenis around riar.r.eck, ac ho might, in- stead of he ui.shi hove crashed ns mm powd-r. it anker hid been ri 3lmngiy sap 1 ported he tare ontreor.hmoots ana captured 'j cf prisonem before neon r.Y that trying dm So much lor the chief mar, -ar. in qaence of hi? and other orinjina- (ion and pr.ivi-:ied throughout th3 actios bctrrteD isadr-sof who parc.e pateti in its hl'Al i truh i.f :t.d inter. llgbilt pltsOlii-rs tokol. t)y uii t.UVs- Jlidm crt U.i. Ut Icoj'. I'j tally 1. T(-ot ih-. ft ucmaiiy sippMcd t.j 77ci only J-u! giiraet'r 'hiauvus A fctnithV divisi /j.s? t.yriher not OTct SOOrtn and that only a pin-mii i Siir.ihs nail cbai.r.0 tn Iht I 2 That nioiri body of the renal pi-ilups t.ic.i, unhia a di.stHOi'c iron. .1. Tnfti it the rchJiS. thins, qiwniiy, had beer. I ot msney.rfeni. they m-ght hire puf.ifihfi; us t. it thai F.natiy, oar its ir. stuns up j. utiiot.kb.i iur tntsi t.e.r twenty fire bundled killed, wounded rjissmp. Tha rt-balo must hare -at thtr.e Wo har? orer ur prisoners', beside? :00 of c.ur hands. j' They ni- ou; and made i good heir iCURiion. Go the other band. vrs have their ft vr -ha, gura and jiosuiva, end wo mu. cosiosion Gen. of Mo, vrm scrensded a fctt flights siiioe st An immense; crowd prr-sfot who cisrawj for the cpi.nsd cY i or jutb and said Santivrcei.c-: is: no mtr.s do rpBn? for Mine sword haeb bin i da gtuic :jr.d da iso-p 01 aii dstisb good, at wi'i: wtiip -Jo us: rebbmets, of de 5uui. or carer drink py tecs, i say you mine cuui.tryasds& This oil of Dutch liago, arc toid, wsero- csived with tremendous applause, daring I the Tinkle-Dutch General retired. ttuxatvr, jimn J-'. -jg'i 1J SiJJJi 1 VOLUME itcCi. "iLL 1 ZV MS a 0 7. Fl? oi ibc iu-TT "I.ri i-b :r.3?, dr. "7 iCifc? scsss thai iha iciV? "i The Finos sutcd ttiroc Z. if? M-'V. i- if fcoui lift ci a 1.0 iron; fife nis. of ir-srt isolvn 4' -jrr sux readir un kits ico nura'tors caged aqnicst as Tn-'j biy care h'-r-n d.iuMe 'Mi: fore-, Trhicr. r.w has urn Tufc, idcOiclicri he5 aurcciisricf naaiwiv. Xankot I Tmusuy, Jana 5. Tfln fo'iUwiCig t.j-ijjy it liic War Department: Sew BniiijE, Juno A. ii. -iispych 'r- I lit: "hattfe at Fair OJM, Wf.w ii.rart^- iy i arid this a corrtci napji whirh 1 ha sronce. lsn ihc r. ui.zkur itij. einao as v. -jioi lecao ic sh'ah if- to V. k. c. in iificai; yaswf itrtia: cUo-stqaar1. coT.h^:. ak ijt.ri;., have ib; sc.ilih: tb't pa'-b by ihe (Siine-j) Iiljjui OjtitriU TEC DI JiEi.3 or 12 i. Ioe. E. al. k'" tifa ban a dispi raiy ic he oi f.irane:, htor. r.up.:.--; ir.i'-r i vjrar.Ugy ol a tv.Tib'-' rx. sr-icr. ivi Cjoti.d ib, valley ir.c Or.irj.Ar.i.ri-inj, bscfce our troops or. ttc rig'u bint it. wb R-J lirai OOiiRUbly Ins trrneij gu brg-hjc, but ficimzciiujit Z- bought i tru.p-?, cbu. k. a be rr.v. A the ar.iua 'uraner nurcaaded. by grout tsertijns, iriiiging arrcas Sedgwick's iTioicr.s, drove jpcmv ct toirit of the bayonet, covering the grcur. lis dcid. This morning ifce siu-tfly tbo contact, but areiy u'Bcd. Wo bare Us-rr. laar.j pris or.r-tnp rho 1,1 avo Cun V.t!;i?re-r i heary; but that id tremens. ilb iVttton. our mon bayonet charged bits, EicoiFiur tr.a.le tw-t (Signed B. Tot i ZAO'i KltKi. I Eremng, una a Toe storm which -at ir. ijv.rcvfi: during Ti.e 7r.ii<sr in ca-a Ccickihoicioy fac c. kD ur c-re-rcdort-id height. bom Grille House to 5 a to battle 13 c-'-d ifiijufi niid A jnirabccd. who U': T. a ctsttd icaf sU she cans, I'lirnituic s'i'1 into tLe earner shv r-rry'sjg. (: and wounded the balilc? field, cai ttt Eichirige rjM-ncr with icituie wort turr.pd hospitair, s.h-; nfyriijiiucn rr.n? cjunif ttrrimr. Tr.C roboi- With tl. if.z Jfcjn iivo points Bridge, vruh vinf of r.ff-<}r.iii fnreo 01 our opened nr. iheifi, cubing them to retreat afur a hot iiss if twe.nor.rc. wes on riiic.i it no MO wounded. istttfjres-rt place daring day. ocx ii'cinu AJX 70 scir.T&s. EES 0HC1 7FKS, Tuisiv? Emiir-4, 7ii? foiicwicg sidrc .5 tue Lfos erctitcg ures-j cod wiTod with zr. cc iVeo. regiment: Aavi ottse PoTOiiC. Damp near 2i. Bridge, 2, Sd ID IE rr TPi Ui.7 Cm T5F I fu'flSii'd pri yoa. "a are face rtb b. is, hsi'i hay it. fror.c ite Oaj iu! fuit w.J at d. 7. oelie i niss try, ttsult 0w duub''ul. if iahc.r.,u co ipcthfuliy, rMUgtr jaliauiyv. Y.iiiitcr,-;. ar.d nncciy won toh tarsi st vr'iiiiiictcuiii. r'oilii. U.ti^Tcr C.iUr* --ci-j ww p.vre worthy of net is son. ly Tiiu ever.ts of ever; prove your jupcr; irilj. Wherever j.jii have ast ihe ftiu Lars "hito. -yon ist-n a a his "5-ij in disorder. I sfck of you now one last crown.r.g t-iLrt. The hie staged his on the Usuo -i bailie. Lit us roevt him ma iira out cere it. the very aim of rebelion. finidicrs, I mil t-e with you i.i 'bis hstti', iha sfcaro ils dangers you. Out k-nce in each other now upon tr.s iaiit. Lie 03 sirikd thn hluw which a- Ijitore peccj ana union to this distracted ism. Lyon your end Ith.s Geo. i'dcOiEitAS, Mjjor I'tic doot-utCheo IIOIC It! srn ji.pers reveal the fnght into winch "lfc? itsi" trad thrown by Jackson's rout ot bit Kr. They ware V.iTftrr.or nf Massachusetts, hni arc pror.ab itii) samples of what went everywhere uZ CALL FOE IBOUFS. Governor Andrew, of Matsaccuietts, has the following io, G.j?..rrior Asds-ws Send ali the troops tor ward you r.c,E Etnediareiy. Banks ia completely t'bcoui-iuv arc large torea iiirptrs Ferry. Zz id. cjpj. 25, 1562 Tu the of Intelligence varices quarters leaves no douot that the enemy, 'a force, are advancing on Wsshir.prom iou will plcone end forward immediately the volunteer un-J ou'iiia your State. hi Stastof. of HI COPT. hley 25, 1-562 Tc Governor Your, tek-grsm received Tfle orders yea desire be given Vj tfco Adjutant Genual and General. Jo addition 1 hereby you to siaso rcqart.tons upon the rct-pective quarceriniatcro ana commiisariea, at your discretion, end do ar.d psi sgp LVIX Io'tz. acts and" things may be far tho mister and r-3 Thfc tt'agmo t. vj -z-r-r- 11. Stastow, 3-icretarv 01 i rev. B.Niiwa 4 T'-: directs ibac nip is^inioatF nv.dr r. Tbjjj, I i 'a ri sba: COEtanvd, i i Cv.r bt ht psd, will csp' f.i.' 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