The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1937
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLY'IHEVILLE'CAIVK.)- COURIER NEWS .Vailed Wardrobe of Sea- soilings Makes Appetizing • Them Feed Families For Health Is Warning Nutritionist Gives Waffles For the Epicure 'Apftit' s, io3? BY MRS. GAYNOK MAD'llOX NBA- Service Staff Writer No costume is any better thnn its Irat nor any salad tastier, than its dressing, Here's what the well dressed salad should wenr in April. On crisp cold lettuce on a cold plate, nfningc sections ol grepo- Iriill, shreddert celery root and decorative strips of green pepper. Then add: Fruit Dressing Four tablespoons olive oil, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1-2 tca- 5|ioon salt. 1-1G teas|x>on dry mustard, 1-4 teaspoon paprika, 4 teaspoons candied fruits. Place sail, mustard nnd paprika in. mason jar. Add a little lemon juice and stir until spices arc dissolved. Then stir in olive oil slowly and. finally the remaining lemon juice, chop candled cherries and candied pineapple nnd ndd to dressing. Shake lav well, chill, and serve. Shake again just before using Tart Siil.ii! Bowl (0 servings) One. cup shredded cabbngc, 3-4 cup shredded raw carrot, 1-2 cup drained shredded pineapple, 1-2 cup cottage cheese, 1-2 clip sweet pickels, cut fine. Combine nil these in large bowl, then ndd 1-2 cup mayonnaise and about 1-4 cup Miicgar. Mix well and serve on large plates. Health and energy and spring'-hope all mixed up together before your eyes. Try thts on shredded lettuce, bunches of chicory and shredded celciy. Garnet Dressing, Four tablespoons currant Jelly 2 tablespoons olive oil/ 1 tablespoon distilled white vl pinch salt; 1-2 teaspoon fresh onion juice. Beat Jelly with fork unli smooth. Add nil (lie other- Ingredients and beat until well blended. To secure onion i juice, cut slice ciosswise front onion am then scrape with knife using 'up ward motion Gut nway scraped part each time and conllnu scraping until you have all tin onion juice needed. 'Feeding families for health was demonstrated In actual practice bj' 53 Home Demonstration club women of Mississippi County during 1930 according Id Miss Am Lee Column, county home demonstration ngent. Diets containing the necessary mineral!; and vitamins to prevent nnd correct 'dietary deficiency diseases were adopted in Ihese homes. ,Thc most prevalent dietary de- iclency disease in Arkansas ac- ordlng (o Miss Gertrude E. Count, Extension nutritionist, Unl- ersity of Arkansas College of .grlciilture, is pellagra. This Is auscd by lack of such fowls as illk, lean meat, eggs green leafy egelaljles, and bread. The pavtlcu- ar vitamins which prevent, this llscasc are found In liberal .mounts In these foods, while this cast is used as a cure for rouble. Another deficiency disease anemia, which is caused by a ack of Iron In the food or by u )hysicnl disability to utlll/c such ion. Liver, egg yolks, and greens re nil rich In iron and also rich n the vltumlns which ennblc the body to utilize them In the bulld- B of the icd blood cells. If the child's teeth begin to decay it Is n sign thnt more fresh nnd raw vegetables arc needed in he diet to furnish vitamin C, says illss, counnt. Healthy teeth, healthy bones, a healthy body and n good if u olnrcs. disposition are the result won-bnlanced diet, she dc Can You Make Nougats or In Blan- Pul Sausage kels? They're Delicious! And Neither Boiled, Poached Nor Fried fresh eggs in spring seem to undcistaml the need. for delicacy. Here aie a few variations on that 300 per cent value for your inonev theme. ; ." Hum TunlDiddy " ~ " 14 to 0 servings) One cup clear vegetable slock or water, i can condensed tomato soup, 1 large onion. 3-4 pound American cheese, 3" eggs, 1 1-4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, 1 teaspoon dry inuslard, 1-2 t'en: spoon pepper, toast Slice onions, add to soil)) combined with stock or water and simmer until onions are lender Cut cheese Into thin strips nnd they have add, stirring tnitll .melted. Add seasoning. Separate eggs, and beat yolks. Slowly add ,the beaten yolks, stirring con> slantly. Then beat whites stiff and fold in, blending well. Senc en perfect sections of but- i?nt t0ast ' Jfakes a «' rnri * luncheon dish. Here's that old standby when a touch of elegance is needed. It's fh r ^ e H '^h many men hotel. Not hard™" make, loofe quite sophisticated. KSSS Benedict' English muffins, thin broiled ham, poached eges yet slier- landal lsc sauce K a ,V ne butter f muffm. over 1 , Im " fins "' n!y ' Bullcr < no l> art "^co Then spread ' "to fit thh i-i ' will auco and .*>rvc Wollandaisc Jjaucc Four pgg longer hot to soft 0|J These unusual recipes Imvc ieen nskcd for by so many readers. Hint it hns bcne impossible !o reply individually. Anil it's more '»n, anyway, to pass along lliu 30od news to everyone. Nougats (A little under 1 pound) One and one-half cups sugar -3 cup corn syrup, 1-8 leaspoot alt, 1-2 cup wnler, i large egg •vhite. 2 Inblespoons butler, 1:up finely chopped almonds, l-'j easpoon vanilla; This: recipe hus required cev eral weeks' exprrlniciXtitfaii. So 'ollow each of the eight steps ac •urnlely for good rcsulta: I. Gently boll together sugiii :orn isyrup, sail and water mill t reaches the hard boil stage 01 150 .degrees P. on candy ther nomcter. 3. Then reduce heat until syrup •oils very slowly. 3. Continue to cook ack slage or 270 dee •nnciy thermometer.. Remove from heal; wipe Crystals from (he pouring' side of lie saucepan and ALLOW SYRUP TO COOL FOR FIVE MINUTES WITHOUT STIRRING 5. Pour the hot. syrup into the tiff y beaten egg white, beating onlinunlly. b 6. Continue ( 0 beat until the candy becomes somewhat stiff Then ndd butler, chopped mils and vanilla. 7. Stir until a .Mtlny-llkc finish appears and the consistency is men that it will just flow a. Pour into lightly buttered •wat resistant glass dish to about 1-4 inch thickness. Nougat is usually di/ficiilt for •.nc home candy maker and too alien it turns out to be little tllf- icrcnt than fudge. But this specially developed recipe, if nccll . rateiy followed, will produce a remarkably good candy. Sausage In Isimilicls (For Sunday night supper-12 servings) Twelve fine frankfurters. 2 large If old Mother Hubbard could take a peek into her cupboard today she would not nnd It bare for almost every kitchen planiisr hus the "innklns" for delicious waffles on her shelves—rich sour cream, butter, eggs, flour, leavening ngcnt and salt. Crispy browned waffles, with plenty of fresli butter, served with naple syrup and milk taste good "or bi'enX'fasl. lunch or evening snack. A friend of mine serves Individual pitchers of hot melted but- cr nnd hot syrup with waffles Instead of cooling the wnllJc by \slny cold butter and syrup. Isn't it worth trying next llnin yon make .hem? The waffles shown here are made of rich sour crenin.. Don't they look .cinpting? And (hey arc! You- may like to ndd sausage, or bacon or serve fried chicken with them for guest luncheon. Sour Cream \VufIlcs 2 cups flour 1 1-2 teaspoons soda 2 teaspoons baking jiowdcr 2 teaspoons salt 1 1-2 cups sour cream 1 1-2 cups buttermilk 4 eges . . • Mix and slit dry ingredients. Deal esgs thoroughly, add milk and crenin, and beat until smooth. Yield: 8 waffles. It Is convenient to bukc wnlTlcs nl the table on an electric waffle iron. Modern wattle Irons nre equipped with a hent Indicator which is most satisfactory. Pour about 1-3 clip of waffle batter over Hie healed iron. Close the iron 'and leave it closed until Die steam no longer escapes between Hie two halves, when done wattles should be crisp and brown ami cusily litl- ed from Hie iron with a fork. Chocolate or gingerbread waffle.'! lire popular desserts. Serve -h'ot chocolate waffles wllh whippec cream or vanilla ice cream, with hot gingerbread waffles. I like to serve sweetened whipped cream, or whipped cream to \vhich a little cottage cheese has been added. Chocolate Wnftlcs 4 tablespoons butler '2 squares of chocolate 2 cups cake /lour 2 1-2 teaspoons baking powiicr . 1-4 teaspoon salt 1 cup sugar 1 egg 3-4 cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla. Melt 2 squares of chocolate wllh the butter in a saucepan large enough to use for mixing bowl. Cool slightly. Sift, the dry ingredients and add to butter and chocolate mixture. Add the remaining ingredients and beat, vigorously until smooth. (lltiRCrtircad Waffles 1-3 cup butter . . • 1-3 cup boiling water l-'J cup molasses 1-3 cup sugar 1 cgu • 1 cup. flour 1-4 teaspoon sull 1--1 teaspoon »sodu 1-2 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon ginger 1-2 teaspoon cinnamon. Place the butter in a large mixing bowl and pour the boiling water over it. when melted add molasses; sugar, ami unbeaten egg and stir until sugar has dissolved. Sift dry ingredients inlo the bowl and beat until smooth. The batter will be very (liin. BAKERY SPECIALS Cooked ges in Cggs sct Much liian ;-ou'd AM cubed avocados to thoroughly i'.eated clear soup just before 5 serving; Prune Waffles 2 cups flour •I teaspoons baking powder 4 tablespoons .sugnr >.i teaspoon salt 3 eggs 4 tablespoons fat 1 cup cooked prunes cut in pieces 3-1 cup milk. Sift flour, baking powder, sugar nnd cult logelhor. Arid be.iteii eggs and milk and mix well. Heat fat and add with fruit to mixture. Bab on n hot wnflle iron, serve with butler and lioncv. Slice ri|ic bananas Into jiincap])!: Juice for f» delicious first course. dill pickles, 12 rounds pie pastry about C inches In dinmelcr. Skin frankfurters and cut each In quarters lengthwise. Lay one entire sliced frankfurter on each round of pastry. Add u thin slice of pickle. Then roll up pastry and press edges together and moisten. Chill. Then bake in hot oven (400 degrees F.) until crisp, about 15 minutes. Serve wince. APWCOT FUDGE LAYKIv. Kit I.C1K. OATMEAL COOkllCS. Dm. .. 1'KCAN NUT BREAD. Loaf .... CHOC. CKKAfll ROLLS. Ka. .... KRUIT TWISTS 19° W 14 Special liutcrejr Hour 5 !o « !>. iM. Kriday-Siitunlay-SuiHlay FRUIT WAKBRS Don ............. HOT DO NUTS 3 l Ciinncl-Ciiiiianion ROLLS. Do/.. . . . 10 We Specialiic in Special Orders - I'lione 110 BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Screen Your Home Now! Keep Out Insects the hualfli and coinrorl of your family with ffood .screotis. Flics arid insects will soon bo plentiful'. Don'L neglect llii.-r necessity until hot weulher . . . Screen All Openings' Now! \VB HAVK A UK; .STOCK OF AND SCUKliN DOOMS— OKDIift TODAY. ()(•({ I'IMCIJS AKIMtlGHT AR HARDWARE CO. I'UONB 32 LIBERTY CASH GR The Complete Food Store su w _ j,. lin ^ j,| y(hcvi |, e> Ark- Specials For One Week Friday to Friday the BBS? For i,E8s ~ » BACON, Fancy Sliced ••^n^^^^.— ._^_i^± —^-~ ... .- Why I»ay MoreV In lire 1'icte, J.I). 20c (2 Lb. Limit) BANANAS, Golden Ripe -^-^^--^-^--.^-.^ '- :..* -'...-„.._• 1^. Pri, SiUi Only {2 Do/,, Linlit) Wisconsin Full Cream 2 Lb Limit Pound Evaporated 2 Lb Limit Ib. 10 HAMS, Picnic pound Or Macaroni 2 Lb Box Fresh and Meaty Pound POSTTOASTIES package POTATOES Anglo, Can ..While Cobblers Lb. 3' FRESH TOMATOES 15' RAISINBRAN Skinner's .1'kjt, 11' OCEAN PERCH I'rcsh PURE LARD Lb. IS' Computind Iceberg Head GREEN CABBAGE Lb. HONEY 1G-0/.. Hottlc 17' VANILLA WAFERS Lb. Box 15 l HOG MELTS, Ib NECK BONES, Ib BACKBONES, Ib SALAMI Arniiiur's Star Lb. 25 ( BOILED HAM 39 C PURE LARD SOU Stand $6.75 4 Lb Pail 65c 8 Ib Pail . . . $121 8 Lb Carton. . $115 GREEN ONIONS Bunch SALT S(|iiurc Box Krfch 3 C MATCHES I'cl. liox CHILI STICKS 2 for PIG LIVER '•'rcgh I^ 2 PORK CHOPS Hrst Cuts Greens 2c SUGAR I'tire Cane 10 I'ounds DOG FOOD Srnnrty Can 5' BIRDSEED French's 11 OLEO MARGERINE Lily Pound 16c CBAPE JUICE Weld * VIENNA SAUSAGE Standard Can Corn UW>y's Golden IJ;m- lam or Country Gent. No. 2 Can GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Garth's Can TOMATO JOi6E Campbell's Can Ruby 1 i-0/. IJottle 1 MUSTARD Quart Standard' N'o. 2 Can 7JC Bunny •il-l.h. Sack $1.03 TOILET TISSUE Waldorf ii 3 Rftlls II COFFEE 3-1J). 55 Graham l,h. Hox Salted 2-Lh. Uox Brass Kiich CLOROX Ciiit Uottli!

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