Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 4, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1896
Page 1
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VOL.XXI. •;.-o LOeANSPT, lANA ? SA : MQMING, JULY 4,1896.; V'1-s.'iii 'the real mw^intilo'-suiniuoi'. 1 - The time. wJioi 'every good mere-haul' j'rts to ml his stock; oi nil swimier goods. The romataiag-.stoek . goes- at a (rice • Desirable poods', fashionable, ami just siicb.".'art!cl;es"a5 you. may uccd. ' EvoVy ai-Uelo-goos nt a pi-Ice which will close l>t out Summer goods w sold, 'ant!'you might ,-w well be the suiue-jv -.-.. • -. . \ WASH GOODS Short' talk hut s'l'fiit' values will clo*i> 'our.e.vcs'-to the your choice of Uveuty-livo styles oC "flue F i-e uc h. Oiv Lawns; nil-the pretty Dres- j o u pffiec-ts, ' ami all iloMroble pattern*. They "were •"Sr* n.yii«l. ouo-hali' now I'-'X.* ' Choice ot' fifty pU-ces American nml Euslkli- 6ri;:>ialies, in bluc^, pinks, .•crecus. and lots of pretty patterus. You • bought -them at ilOf, now lOc • Wo hnve u, small assortmeut of ole. Sani rich imported oftefjis for shirt '•vraAsitJi,' that sold-(it i>0c aail GOc, this •"mcratli they are • 23c ' Lois of wash" prowl* renimints from ...nil tiro desirable SIUITUUT styles: all 1 lengths; all styles mid -the price, is the least, r>0c.goods 2oc, 25o goods 12c ' Our stock of T'aus was never so large and we aiv sorry for this, as the pi'lw must sell 'thorn now. •'..''• . Silk, Austrian, fold- i n g, hand 'painted fans, -worth 50 cents, 1 •for 2oe Japanese fans in all __^ the art the Japs arc 'heir to, at'SOc, 20e, 15c and: .'.3c Flue Genmui, Freuchyitirl Ausri-inn Empire fans Ui nil the.new euipire effects. Greatly reduced bwiuUns' tor ?l. S5r, C5c and,.'. . ....'•.. -V- -.- • • • ••" Ol; WRAPPERS. Yesl" w o sell -. wrappers. AVe sell 'Uu'iu c'lu-np. .. TVrappc:* made o sheerest and 0 I'll 1 c e 1. y (.rimmed will) .'iH the sensor's stylo. They were $S, ¥2.25. uow..... .$1.70 \,'o. .! "consists of very choice house wrappers made fi-onu v.ei-y prev-ty innterinlei. well mnde-dud stylUih. They were ?i.25, ?1.">6. now BELTS Of every description. A large selection ain.1 the lowest price*. Silk lielts -n-ltli silver but-ldes far .v.2,"c Lcatiier belts of every kind, -worth 50c, for ' •:• • --^ c ' SHIRT WAISTS This is fhe greatest bargain corner oC our house. The story briefly told !»,. that we. liuve far too roaiiy 'waists aud must i-eallxe.on them. Your t-holec. • " fx>t i.—.Choice., of-our/elegant fitting ChifC-orr wiiisti'thut w,ere S5c, 75e, Cue, all Cor ..,- •..,,..• ;..,... .4Sc Lot 2.—Choice oC.our splendid, fitting Derby mid StanJey.walsts an Lawn, Arcade satin, etc. .Ttfey, were 51.50, jl.23, OSc: youf'plek. tor.'.-. .-'-'••'• "5e • ' " -..-'• '"x . -, -.; . "DisiiussioQ Seems to ,tp3Dter : ' . on Two Caadidatas, ' V Boies^Has Many Strp'ng^ Supporters— '' ilettor' from Senator fellar— Thinks • •: 'Silver Interests^Should Unite.' .ChiciiB-r), July 3.—The situation Friday morn'!n/?.\va» apparently clearer than It ha? t!ori,'i"'!T!ie talk iM,'naw corirliiesl. chiefly to benfT'in'-rolatior. to 1 llir> prc^Idf-r.rlal nonilna- Clan'dVtind Teller, though Gov. Boies has •ma'r.j'.>,strone supporters. Tho forces are •arra.vert nlonjr.'the lines of expediency on the 'oViii.sldo and on the other ."icH> ii desire" to-.oonllm- J.li«'cmrlt.-s for the nomination .confidence. To the argument rliut -thls'l a donioerntie convenilpn liliJ that a demo- cpafiniist. and will he noininated,-the reply Is I'etui-ncrt that an is-hour •democrat- -is pood onbusli for the country and ought to- i)i>fO! - '-thccoi:vi?ntlon. ' - , at least, aad I favor .noioliuitlng.the man -ffo,- 1 Senator Jjuuota- K.riciay. afternoon • £8.V*j..'out ;tlie, following. letter from his asrtoclate, the; only one, he'said. "rliut. haU ; boon. received; from Senator Tell-' 1 er-'.'.since.-ths adjournment oi .the republican .national convention:. ' •'':.. . ••"Morrison, 111.,- Juno.'24,«jSM!." Hon. Prsil Dubo^,";. SprJnstleLd, ' 111.;. -Dear Sir: I leached this .'place yesterday and .will re. malh.'here until'the lust o£ the week, whuii ' for TDunvor. 'notice'that .the gold standard dt;mo- crats'.'.hu've dedarecTtKelr Intention to con- .trrl the GhfcHKO convention. I do not think tluy. efin 'Jo It. Jfour,sllver friends control thu convention: and 'give us a good-silver man, as I think they will..! think he should Kayo' the active support (it all who believa the,money question.ls..th>ygr«lt question before'-the American people. 1 .We must, for this.compalpn.lit least, overlook al! minor differences and put the country>on a souml linnncial system; thiu'reeOKTiI/rcs.thut sold Knd'silver are the money of tho'constltu- tlon. w... :.'Tbelieve'tills can be done, a.nd to that end -jvc-must bend all our energies. A little morq : :patrloti»m and a. little less partisanship is'.w'Kit, our country needs at this time. Tne'fneiids of sllver'inaJe'no mistake at £t;'.Iiouls and \ve must not. make a mistake. as: 1 to, our I'vif.iro alliance with other silver aiavi>CiU'«!«. The cause- IH of tco much Im- •['PKti'OnPe to uilmk of carping or criticism. TV'e must 'nil BCI togoiher an'd aov together -until '-{lie battle is won.' It will be a royal bill tit 1 , with justice on our side. V. : e must win.'.''-- . . • •"Let me hear from you soon. "'f .- . "Tours truly, '•":'•• ••'.' "(Si<jn6a) ' ' H. M. TELLER." •J -- •• £C: ' 306 FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date - Have been, in great-favor.at our eBtabllshinent,;.:.Fao;t Is no.one. ha»,-a flnir Hue of woolens and worsteds to select.from^than . onra. .-' '•':'.( .. " . • ..-' • "•' -...-•.- ImportantvFeatures in the make-up of our clothes work their, superiority. '. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim, to be the best. ','•'• Tailorjand Draper, 311 Markei Street.; LOST $15 By Paying fioo for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS ^or $85 and $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND.-MA. CH/NES wjjikh must b&lSold, Call and make an offer. > .. CYCLOMETERS,'"-' . ' • ••-.•.'.CAMPS'-...: '••'.'. .• •OILS"'' •''/'•'• ' ' J - ' CrRAP.mTB , ; ,. -...„ . •'•. 'CEMENT •' /I :•: ' •' .' V- REPAIR KITS : —- - / ....•;• ..-".. ; • : SADDLES-' "•-••.• ". ' 'JIBES / • ENAMELING . ' .'JX)CKS •/'•.'•"'•.•."•••;.:.• -. '••.-, OLD TIEES ; Made ;G.ood as New ;'aoa -S'itxth'.Street.-.'.'f--^'."-- !:'.-• '.'-. ; w.:- : ; Hakes :'thepuriB5t •-• • •"'•'.; : -fi^pe on separate ' ""' ' ' THE .'•! •'"• ^j^The;'M^htorg^bpW^ 1 'Cb^;'/v;\'.:',;:';'v ; ':v;It The weU-ltnoBn ppBciaiWs'iot' New vTCorU have' appolntwl ^,.' J). A. ttAt?K' us agflQt.for'tUelr C9lebratad:8peotacl'e8 and If'" y • Glgsses^everypalrguatantefld, -.-.'.-.'••-•..-..'.-•.-i;.-", .. : ... •:"•.>.'.•••.'.; ?K/fvi. 'HABK has^com'pjete^.ass'ornaent and'lnTltes'lftil'to SENATOR FRED T. DUBOIS, '.It)AHO, wlio can command tlie.si'iii'port'of thn'ffreat; cpt'-numlier of voters upon .that issue. Un- tloubtcct.'y that 'miin.ls-Henrj; M. Teller, of Colorado. In 4SSC wlien-tliojeyubllcan.party was organizing the slnfflt quesUon.'asketl •was: 'Are you opposed to".tho.extension of. slavery?' An answer In. the affirmative made a (rood republican.ot the jman.on the spot. And so an afflrmatlvj),answer to the question: 'Are you.In favdf of the freec6ln 7 ' offo. of'silver?' makes a good democrat In 1890 without, regard to tho man's former party affiliations or the length of time that he has.held.tb that oiil'nlon." Teller M»T Get Ohlo'n' Vote. .. The tribute-paid to Senator Teller's Worth and strength•• by Mr."iJohn R., McLean Thursday night, li rcerarded..aa. significant in this conneot'lon nnd the. assertion, la made -with more'-or le'us force'that Ohio's 4ti votes may be cast for Teller; If It should appear that the Ohio vote thus cast will be decisive!' ' " ' New Declaration of Independence. AmonR the ardent advocates of free coln- af?e of silver and Incldentnllyof the noml? nation by this convention of Senator Teller; besidea-the bolting St.-Louis'-delegate*, who are at work In'Chicago, are George C, ,Gorham," of California, ex-secretary ofthe United States senate, and Plallet Kll- nSurne, of the District of Columbia. The id-f-te'r has prepared what he calls a new declaration of Independence, addressed -'to the'-'lndcpendent voters .ot.. thf country, .Wfll^h, after rccitlnp at lengUi ot'r.tain un- eontested.'.sttttements resardJrn;,;.|Jie, llnan- clttl'policy and monetari' system ot the country, concludes:. ."That.the.people of the United States are;.,and..of.right ouifht to be, tree'and Independent of all entanK- llnsr alliances; that.th.ej- are Absolved from all'ivlleglance to the British! told standard poTOyr and tha.t all polltleii'l coijiiectlon'be- •t.w'een them Is, and ouKht to'b'e','dissolved; 'and:as free and .Independent people, they, Ifave'ftull-.power, throuph the ballo't'box, to •do, -aH'-'other acts and thlnfrs which-Inde. pendent voters muy of right do. ' , . • -' •"An4- tor the support ot tills -new Declaration of American Independence, with a .nrai'-ireJIance ''on- '-.the ^patriotism- and coirinioii .acnse .of the-Am^rlcan., 1 'pe,bplc,' we mutu'a1l5 ; pledge to. uftch;;:otl|Eri'.Our-'Indl- viaii^l, nnd united eflort's-.'ajid^etern'al'yigl- lahce'!to.secure an honorHhTe'^victory.'" , •, :'; :Kf*'tlmatlon ol Blaurt'R -Strength..' 8b:'<aV.'the managers of the various' oandl- dates'-h'ave been .chary ofestlmdtlng their -possibly strenb'l-h..' -V n exception to..'this statc'nfent'mlRht be'made. In the case'of •the Jfrlends of Mr, Bla'n'a^wJiO'uftor-do- Ing'so'me figuring gave, It.-oiifFriday. morn- te'K:.tnat-, with but; a srrii'tferlr..; .of 'd-ile- •.gatCB-so far on the gr'ou.nd,'they had'about .-.150: votes In.sight/.•B6m6"of these'are'.In- stTUCtlORS ,iind others 1 , preferences,, as .indicated by. the chairmen or. advarioo reprc-. .sentatlv-es' of' d'ele'gaiior.s '.that are. y.ef 'to-. •aptiear','.Jn>fliel'r full-strenBth. .The'sup'-' portora' of ex-Gov.,-Bolea, -while.rei'usln'g to' "d'o.any. (figuring, are-nevertheless .cbntt- dentV -,Nb,,-love is..being -lost.between-tlie •'Eolas/and ,tlie Bland forces; and with each sVfciJo.ecJInB day the ioiislon-'bccomes"more 'strained'.'.. . . ,;• ' .,-BlBrtcl and liolei ITorcun at.War...- • . .-/BeVal-al:'times Thursday .In.the ralmer -•'''-'•- ;% ierc'were verbal passages lit arm^ - Mlssourlans > : and/ : .lowans. '-that' ;atened ;to,:develpp'arguments stronger- than'words. ,,Each .'side, accuses, thejpther, ,- ; of resorting to tactics that ! are not usual• Jy/'.brouffht '"lnto"'play Mn*'ante-converitlo l h- citriipaigns.". .Tho ' Boles -people hold 'the- 'other side'.responsible for/the bringlngjnto ' the!e'x-Rovornor's utterances 'and /tli'reatpiis '-to- retaliate- by publishln.B. .i.ex'-CongresHman ,Bland'y record' upon .pen-. i'gfon^'Jeeislatloh, 1 and 'which -they' say 1 will •flbmbns'trate'.tha't. h'e is- an-lnveterate'.'bp- 1 - pbrient-' of -the boys in' blue.' They have .«!-• ready.' s«uredV.data,concerning.his utter'-- ahceH.and'votes upoh-t]).e dependent pension 'bill',, and which't-hey.threaten to pub-' f.Ush-'and 1 'scatter broadcast. They al»o' --charge, the '.'Bland' 1 -people with belrig-,re-. sironsJ'bie 'for .the:-;atotyt that Mew':yoj-k r »• % 72-voles'have been pledsed. Co -Boles, and the. 'circulation of .which. Uioy say; Is ih'tehded- 'only ;.to -pre3iidice"_the'.'J6wan's. prospects; f among. tlie .radical-free; silverltes.- 'Meanr ; ,wh'lle-the frieiids."or,tli'e-other candidates, : 'are •watciilTiK.' the-flght Between ;the -two '.leu.dinr "t actfons^with ^Interest,': a'nd;;-Ket-.' ^nB. i rea,tly."-t'o.':'reap;'tp'.themsolve3.,any : .lien- \t n't'i-iilwtitnBy/oojjrieJouc' of the. bitterness'.'. ('. .-,<» j;.,-;, -.i.« .•' • '• •• ' • ."•-..'••' CURllENT EVENTS.' 'Cairo cholera ivtnrns for June show •fjWi*. eases 'iin'd":i,53S deaths. '.An cisjht-fuot .vein of voal was struck .iit'l-'aisley, ill., at'a depth of OJO feet. 1 -A flow of-Vos estimated at 1.000.000 f.oet n dav IMI'S been struck ir. Overt'on (jou'nty, Tcnn. ' . : •I The-Novosti •onnpunees that Kussia KUK obtami'd'-absolute freedom of trade iiiv.northern China. . '' VVillis.iu 1-iess' a cl-:rl( in-a store st Ivy .Liui'tlina-,- I'll.,'killed himsrlf.by taking , laudanum. No cause assigned.. • •;.ITeni-,v Linden, plasterer of Chicago, w.as' rui, flowii'/antl instantly killed by 3 frei't'J't ti-ain/iit \o\vI3iulen, 111. '. • Forest -fti-e/i in 'Marinette county, TA'is..- are 1 becoming' serious /"id will .cause jprcat diimnpf'i-uuless v:ifn comes soob. "jqiiarli-s jf,y)ns, of Burlington, In., was fatally st-iibbi-d by Jour. J.. Crowdor.. IS/who elaiins Lyons, attacked' '' LAID TO REST. Simple Ceremonies Attending Funeral of Mrs, Stowe,. Her Grave Is at thfr Rear ofthe Chapel of Andover Theological Seminary On Andover Hill. •;:-'C'ollcClor .Tallies \V. Hunter, of tlie Fift'h/intc'rhnl i-cyeniie'district oi'-Jlli- hi)is,-(iuiK is.-s.ncil'n-.-report, showing' (lie coijcction.s.froni spirits and alcohol KT rbe:y«ariiinomitec] toS12,307,020, .' •,. THE N£W ''.FLAG: Ready to Float:to the Hruo/.e on tlie Nav;;-^., tlon'K Independence Day. '£ Wash in™ ton,' July' 3.—The m-u-l.y-nr- -i^wigeil -states flug 1 con1a-inin«j the 4Jtli •&ai:,,xrc|)rcsehiing-..U".tah,- which conies, irfay,' -will li; fljjf; over osts and ''naval, vcs- iipoh.that-clutc. , . . .>th the army iinrl niivy Hnve'the ni-'.y ..._„... on'hand utul are r'ea'.ly to snp])l.v '.them as soon a* rcrinipitions are innde ty'army ]>osts nnd coininaiidcrs. o{ vcs- eels.:- Under, the -regulations, tings have to,-bo tiseil' .initil \vorn out, Kacli post tih'd garrison is supplied with two post 'arid' two storm fluffs, anil each fortifica- (ion in charge of an ordnance officer hns two .fl';\gs,>a.s has i-ach recruiting depot. '^The.'-iliigs'now in use.will be'flown .until condemned, after whinli O.ld. O.Ibry wjtien'.issued'-will con.tnin the iiclditio'nal Btur. i "The order OT'thcanbjoctsays: :-i '"To'comply'with the provision;? of Section 1,792 • of -.the revised statues oC tlio /JJnlted Statea,. the-union o£ the natlon:il SsM^contaln J5.stars,'arranged .In six rows, (the llrst, third and fifth TOWS to have cisJ't Jtars and the, second,- 1 fourth 'and^ slxtii itbws to have seven stars." ..-••' I M'KIN LEY'S'CALLERS. „• Frlciirtx Contliiue to P«y Thcll , KuspectB-to'tlio RupublU-BU Nominee-.; i. Canton, : 0:, July •:!. — Cullers'arrived' diirly-Friday-morning- nt the McKinley Residence.. Stotf Hayes,'it son of ilie |ate..,presiilc.nl,;;was qne:of the first,to '.fcojhe. • IT'? cainc .to sec nis.eldest brotlicr, i£irchafd Hivyes, ,wlio .bY.S . been ill, ^hb'ug-h not'd'niigeVotislj., for twd'days. ''rAt ll-o'clockj'paity'of rittsbiirgh pco- 'pie drovc'up.'pn,a tally-ho. In this parry. .'£vcre Mt. aii'diMrs. jrcCirnfton, Mrs. Gil- 'liaii, Sir. aii(VJt.rs. Jo9eph.li:inl<ili,-M:r.. '^.'A-.- lUis'scllif.Miss'Kevin, Miss Tott'cii, ^Mri'and Mrs. F.'S, Bu'rrows and -Archi- ' Amlover, Mass.,,'July 3. — Great simplicity .marked -the commitment to earth of-ilie .body of Harriet. Deecber Stowe, Friday-afternoon, in accordance with the ;wishes o£ .the family oi the authoress. ' Her.finalj-esting place is behind tho'ch'apel of the Andover Theological seminary, on Andover Hill. The grave-.'of the author of "Uncle Tom's dibin."'-is set, in ;ii'beautiful landscape between tli.'j t of her Jiiisb.ind. and son. ' .Accompanying,-'.'hi roniains ..were JMrs. Slowe'si son'rKo.v. Charles Edward : Stowe, Mrs. S'.o.vvcV i|;niprhtcrs,- Elixa anil Harriet, Airs. Kllxaln-t-h -Bceeher Hopkei- and her husband, Hon.' John Hooker, and l?r. Edward B. - Hooker, nephew of Mr?. Stowe. .'.. They were received by Frank H. Mcs- •ser, who hail'eh'arge.of the funeral nr- rane'einents ' here,' .Prof. John ]\V. Churchill, Dr. C. P.'F. Bancroft, I 1 : of. George F. Moore and Dr. Sclah Merrill, •formerly l/nited'Skites consul to.Jeru- salem, who acted a.s pall 1 bearers, and Prof. Egbert G. Smith, who conducted the simnte exercises nt the grave.. There ^vere simple decorations-at. the £T,"iv.-\ n-'tfv: bouij'iicts or. 1hc cross over i'rnf. Stowi-'s ;*ravc and some roses entwining' tin- stout' which marks thi. 1 jj.rave.of Henry, tile son. '"Tin;.'Episcopal commitment fonn was There was normisic. : ' I-hc ladies"were enthusiastic.in Oieir Sreetinsrs 'to Mnji'McTunley, arid'' cx- 'pressed : reprift that-', tlie ''laws- of -'their ;-Bta.te-did not pertnjl.-.them to vote. ".A: large -delegation.' the .first of -its kinf! ( ^BinceMiijrMcKinley'.snoinin.-ition,colled 1 ^on'vthe.no-ininee in theafternoon. .Tli'-j; •w.e'r'b-from Akron, Alliance, .Miissil.ioii.' "arid a.h'nlf dozen btbcr'large 'towns in" •'; ' -.-WTeckiiir steumnr FiomeO. •ivlljondon,. J.ii'ly S.f-A; dispatch, to the. .-Iiloydi says tlint.the.-Eed sea packet' Steamer Ealimanieh, ., »-bich -was ;wrecked .on a reef white, on. a'voyage •ironi Suakinvi.df Sues;'.!! few weeks agoi '>The breaking:'.of. the!, . . caused, her to drift upon the reel. ...-,.; Popolldti-'CiiU' »':'St»tje Convontlon. • Hiileigh, JT. C:;-JiUy'^^The populist, %tate ;central''-comaii-itte«:.niet hei-e l-'ri- 'da'y, Seiiator: MarJbn 'Butler..presiding;, and.called the/state convention to nieet, lit Ealciirh':August-.'13: ' The'committee• 'aJso-:,ele'6ted;-M :dele'gafes-n-tTlargre -to tliu pylist - ration'R'!- com'eDtion;-.at. : . St. - V BI|fOUcl» : -Offer«il'on McKinley. . AGREE; CN-A'COMMITTEE. .MiMj : '\Vho ^Vlll linii^tti« 31 <• Kin Icy iind ;-. llii.nirf C:iSnj>aij;n. ciovoliind.O., .7tily'_^ : --T)H- rnjj«blic:i:i na't'ifinal ooinmilteo^Jiojulqnarters will be/in'; Xew York eity^'ml there will be no' touch :uiywhere. The campaign of egticiition tliro'Jirh the ilissi'jnina- tiou.'iOf literature ""ill open iminedi- ,!itcl.y! and. the regular cainjiaign about Senti'.inbcr ]. The executive commit-- tee'will meet in Cleveland for the first time'.about July 20. .The members of the.executive.committee as agreed upon between McKinley, Jibbart and Hannn are as follows: '"•», . . . Mark A!' Hanna, Cleveland, chairman. Charles G. Ddwep. Kvanston, 111. W. T. burbln, 'Anderson, Ind. Cyrus J.^lnnO. Troy, Kan. John I. Lonp, St. AiiRiwtine, Fl», Joseph H. MonK-y, Aucusta, Me. W.irnor Miller, HerWmcr, N. 1. . I-rcnry C. Paine, Milwaukee, Wls. - Mattlrew'-Si' '-Quay.-Beaver.- .Pa:;. ,-;-;^ • -..' > '\V-niiarii.. M'cKlnley, .-Oa.b6rne, .Roxbury, Ma'ss.,-' secretary. "•' ' • • ? , '; Some: of : tlvese' 1 names are dependent upon : the agreement'of all..the -party leaders within .their .respective-states, 'it being Hanna's settled -policy not to. •:intagoi\i/c any _f!ic.tion by the appoint-. 'ment.'of.uii opponent. . - ,;,-..:'' Still UiKClnsr ' or Hurled 'lHln««.' •Wilkcsbaj-re; Pa.,-..1uly3.- r Since ten 'o'clock Thursday night there has-been".. little or no change in .the situation^ the Twin'Shaft. , Three shifts worked during the "night.,, -They are still con-, tending with rock' tlint makes the prog-; i-css slow, 301 more than from six to eight'f-iist.'fias been cut through xhe flint like substnucc. 'The'air in the shaft'circulates freely an('( there.- .sp- it was. teamed Friday morning that dynamite, will iiotbe used owing to tlie pi-cat danger tliat might follow. . Strike.In MIchlBft"-- ".. . ' Bay City,-.Mich., .luly 3.—Eight him-. 'd'red 1 ' man'' employed .in .'l^.VV^ Yllc '- li;r & 'Go.'s .shipyard \yeut out on.- arstrike 'at -ten 'o'clock' Friday, morning,,. They include •'riveters',' ' chippers. caulker?, in«-)e' and-'beam'smiths. Their'griev- ance is that brie of'their'number weent- •.ly'ieft'their-nnJou and refuses to-agam. .join>thcm. .There; remain at woi'k about 000.men, who include apprentices, mncbjnists. aud other, laborers -in 1hc yai-d, -wlio/unc'loubtedly, will be shut out by the closing of the yard; . Goutry Sentenced to „..—„• Philadelphia,. July 3.--Judge Yerkes, in the'court of oyer and termiiier, Friday, heard argument for'a-new-trial ia the 'case, of John H. Gentry, who was convicted on Saturday last of the m\ir : dc'r of his fiancee.Margaret.W.Drysdale,' (known. on. the,stage as Madge Yorlce);. •The motion was" overruled .and Gentry was sentenced to.be hanged. TheTj'cis- 'oh'ef bore every appearance of grreat suffering,. and- he cried bitterly while the judge-was pronouncing the deith sentence; . -.;. • -• :'.}.,'•' .United 8tato« Entern Pro«e»t. , ; Havana, July's— Consul-General Leu. has entered a -protest on -behalf of the' United States, government against th> prohibitibn.-,ot.,tKe export of .bananas ' from.the poris of Gibara., Xeuvitas and ()l«yes, which was, ordered by Gen. .VV'eyler on the ground that the vessels engaged. in this,, trade supplied resources to the-insurgents. 1 No notion liae yet.bceu taken on Consul-General Lee's protest. •• /';• . ..' •'".' • '. "•• '•.. -"Offer" Amntiity tor Rebels. , Qanen, 'Crete, ;-Jjily..-3.'- Berovitch beorgi.:.Pasha; • prince of .Santos, the iiewly.-appoin,ted:-Christian governor of. .CreteV.'bns.iBsued'-'a'.'procldination.on bc- w 'half o1!'~ i the ;: suHan, oaei-ing.-amncstx.to all 'insurgerits wJio;wiH lay down-thei- Ne-ys Briefly. ,TpW^ftom' ' ' ^' •• •;: ''WIU -,-, ..,.-,.,..,,. 1 Indianapolis. IndJ; .July; 1; 3.;rrrj Geologist B]al«hley, with « «>™K .assistujits," has begun-iih in,™-of the caves of Indiana. Prof, •Eiddler; of Monroe cdu'nty,,is;^ sistant. Prof. J. T?. Pendle,, of^ .Polytechnic, will takfi flaKhlight, graphs of'th.? caves and p'i-ep:i« Blatchley intendis'lo dig i»--tbe. ; l : of the caves; in order to-lenrn j^. they' were once'.;"inhabited-;.. b^ historic men. Sii'ch ; .an. hi«s ncv.er beeu iDadcJn t ^ purpose of the; trip .is';!to-collect mens for'the .state •">''«'»"'>"-£*•*! ^ ^|iC " , > Greenflcld.'Ind,, July S^J^' !ig o W.P. Bi<3g-ood,'o:£ ihi sii it against' C6n.wactor.s- Co. ' to ''enjoin 1 ' 'thcra. fro, with the work. : pf'bni.ldiiig,a ; 4 hou se i n th is, city.l Thur.sd:i!fenJ| tlie plaintifrs-;:attbrneys- served on t'be'"county-.- treasurer' anJgaiB that'if payinent was''.mode-'™ * a partial estimste'o'h-.the-v was allowed, by/the c.ountj- cpmWjl ei-s. theywoui.d' begin proceedinl mediawly-on their boiids. ylndjq arc that"the work will not'be.wf for'several months. ,.....' .,..-•;<i : j . , Sons of Vntorann Meet. ;"^ Frankfort, Ind!, JuJy'.S.-^ 1 "" ness session of the state enc (if the Sons of ahdJinTtting,' the. : natlofial..i . . .fo^nrtilaie^a'-.'statenien't .>^thei-od Thursday morning. Thid aO^nrop^, ^. sion wa-s given.to hearingroiuinj.ttj'' i. ports, reception of the ]Uu1ie».V.Al| V ciety and reports of the divisiori-bfni The parade in the evening b'y,the, ; tors'a nd grand a.rmy' was large.'•' Ladies' Aid society held, two sess wii h'-a good ni tendance.' 1 .. '" ;'•'.':.''•'. IJlnem Stop* tlie W«<tdln».,.:.v Terre Haute, Ind., July. X-rT port here is thatthuhnrriiigeiojCvi Kppinghousen to Sig-'.^Per^zidnK,, / r. v i uiiflon, was postponed on:n'c£o.ttn*; / ..' ie illness 1 of the bridc's-'fathe^M;: ' •'-' , .r^ppingnuusen -iu- vjjj;...,..*. <n«r«<«*«j ? j South America, set for Thuridnjfc, / I the . Kppinprhonsen niet Sig. Perezonij Chicago during the;'y>orjd's -'fair*; is the daughter of V'Charles,--!^ hoiiscn, who was an nrchitect^he; years .ng^o. , -y^'-" : .'.-.''. I'lre at Mtuicln. • 1 elevator, recently liros., of Brig-htwob'i; : ,and barns .y by Willinui P«lmcr, j|:,L'j : /iockwo<>< Christopher 'Brown V*^ destroy^^ lire; All. arc loc.m'dSjnxtliffereiit;:^', r.f >».'».'i«>tv '.fi!«^V- l'.rilil«."}n.if. SO tolritf of if the citv.. '$iBck BrSs,;lpst30tpinf ^*-^ "h : Ay'S.nO ; ""2,U(.<6.- ; Dush^Ttt^a^|jto^'j- 1 ** ' . ^•''•^.l:'*. --.'—I .' "• •' " <Y ?^>B t W •AiV all, ubout $3,000, SviU^JttifepO^nsii)^! : Four horse ' *:-..^.-*~--'--~->- J cremated. Jocke_ : .Hammond, Ind;, July:3.~In the- cupcrior court bcre'-J.udge John E^ awarded Jockey - Everett,- witli, TV, Djeut for $293 against; the'Scho* stables, annulled the; contract fi services as a .rider and ['grsiifteit. -J nianent injunction -agatawtl'tb&jui,. at, the Sheffield, Lakeside aaid .Pprtj 'race tracks to prevent interferen'ce^v the jockey pursuing his calling. '?••. ! . Coucressloniil Conventlonji.' La . I-'brte; 1 -Io<3.; Ju}y''..3.~-Tbe.^L<y eratic.'corigreesional convention forf| "^t'i Thirteenth district has beenrcailev'---^!^ Dieet• Aug-nst 3 at Knox, Starke cojji Lafayette, Iiid., July .3:^-Th. cratic-convention to nominate a.ij da.te for, congressman ; t j-ict will be held in Kcnsseh.Ct. ' • . • • • ^ Son-*d His Cotmtry ••imWtf Jeft'ersonville 1 , -Ind;;-- 'July.'.3:—7 Heriry J. ^Vynnc; in point' of iscrv* 'oldibst gjcjvcrnmeiit employe u ' \var departiucnt, 'retired as oh: Bhipping 1 ,b'ureaulof the qnarter clepaxtmerit Acre. .• f -He;.-servedJ sccutive years in Xebraska,^ ,1'exas and here! ilerwill 1 locate. more. Jeffersonrille, Ind.j » t ™^ ag-e of 73 ' years. .—..,„,.,, :th rough the ilexican war, and-if;3cno throug-hout the stater. Rev. jsiiac""'' crts,;B{!ed-65, for. many years conni with' the g-overnffient.depot.js-alsp'i Will Pliy Sund.ij- Ball. : \t»>^ •Fort \Vnync:^i.iifC: x Tiily;-- -"'•'"'' Tebau wu.s oii'fifial i court: cliarg-cd,-'sii™.' . .. agfaiiist. Siitra^}* ball p;la; demanded a -••- : ^- ; -' •--*•-• . . Wheat Th'fi»hlttf'. Bourbon, Ind:i. ; <J5fly'; ; 3;—AVh - livercd hi thisrctt;|-testefl'34:fl bushel,' but thriisbhvg returhaj ncres '-give •; the JaTeMBtF/yicljl li\]Rhe.ls. on';ncre and^of -ver " jty...damaged bj' rust and : i) D» Wade, of this' c'i!tj;,;hasm ;an' v Starch s -conipBnx,! 'tot 1 <onc fjoto tajte' 7 ' "V^ec. '•||« ' l^OirNf,, ,«'«se

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