The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1935
Page 3
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JANUARY 11, 1535 B?.VTf?F.Vn..LE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS AuotbU Editoni MISS LOUISE DOWN MRS. RUTH CAMPBELL MRS, BERTHA M. HARSli MRS. EDNA K. CRABTREE MISS EDNA H. FERGUSON M QP.£RM:JHi?JMJE^E ws iM'Nr.w Colors awl New Trimmings Explains Problems Which Arise in Minds of Home Makers. near Friends in Blylhevillc: There are so many questions asked at the Cooking School •which cannot toe answered dinin;; j the lecture sessions, that 1 Und it a good plan to keep a little notebook of inquiries and lo refer to it week by week. I/Hiking over it for this week's letter lo you, t find, belo',v, unanswered, and some of idem are pretty distressing to u good housekeeper! Especially this first ono: What can f use to clean aluminum pots easily when they arc tiuite discolored and dirty. Now if my -questioner means when they are sooty and black, dented and brown-stained from long wccfcs of| careless cleaning, I want, to ad- i minister a scolding right here. Aluminum is a wonder metal, one of the products of the modern age, given to us by modern industry, making a.JighUwelght,. easily cleaned, dwablc'.'xerviccnMe iileiisll. And it deserves the best of care, as does any other of our household tools, It needs careful cleaning after each use, line] if it is stained, black and badly discolored, then this condition shows that it has teen put in. the dish pan, it has been given a lick and a promise, and then was dried on a towel which must have suffered too. To Clean Aluminum Aluminum in that condition! > first, should be washed In hot soapy water; then scrubbed with the combination, slccl wool and s|>ecial soap sold everywhere for this metal. This removes ihe Imbedded slain as •well as the surface black. Then rinse in clear hot walcr. If it is siill stained; boil in water containing a litlle lemon juice or vinegar and see it brighten al once. Then- wash as usual in hot. soapy water, nnd rinse in clear hoi water. Dry on a clean towel. Give it this treatment every time il is used. ; Another reader says: if I use lemon juice on meat when searing it, my Inisband.jsays.-li makes the meat taste^sour.. 7 ;What amount .should teJUSStf?-^^;:!.?.;., .,. H; :-,....:, ., . , " None*''ne«l',?be.used'if : tii'V flavor or lemon is objectionable.- Why not try it this \\ny- broil the steak and serve ib'with hot melted .'butter in which there iire a few drops of lemon juice; or if you refer to a roast, omit lemon entirely, simply rub the meat with sail and pepper, then dredge with flour, then sear in the hot oven. Another reader asks: Please tell us how to cul. fnnrv vegetables for salads, garnishes and olher uses! To describe such a process' using the uual kitchen took is out of the mifistion. But almost all cutlery departments in the stores and hardware shops, carry special vegetable cutters. These usually come in a set. packaged with directions for use. I suggest that one such a tool, or a set of tools be purchased. In the large cit'l-? nt the cutlery sections in the house furnishings" departments. th»re are usually demonstrations or Hies" tools, siep up and watch the demonstrator, then with (he new set in your own' kitchen, ,scc what' tri- nmplis of vegetable sculpture are Possible. Tht^hild-who won't c at ™" Pl f u ""Wispmetlmcs be tempted with this vegetable'when cut with fancy cutters: <'; T ^ •'-' - What' Is -in ! En'lree? I quote from-.a;-boofe on'cntrer-s. ami m'™° r "1. a «<"ni>"sli«l cook """ modn mon menu the characteristics of the en £Hh- are ,, S ° m<!whnl> Banged. Uo to Tvithm the last ten,, years. D=r h nps n £ ?° rtCr time - an Clltr <"- or dish, was thought of prinei- KO in a , bllt now tho lhc;!e <li!ihcs H m& y ta "mnin dish" than )IW roasl. w i. i, v n.., „,,,,„ When Victorian'furniture was revived in style last year, many other types borrowed Victorian idea" in color.and trimming. This armchair is far more comfortable than the chairs which, were in vogue in the nineties, yet its color and Ihe wide fringe trimming are both typical of Ihe old fnslilonoc cnairs. Plum, dark green, a rich wine red. black and .deep brown are favorite colors for such chairs and the .fabric may satin, ming. silk, velvet, fancy silks, and always with this wide fringe trim- - • , —"~ .•.,,.. >.,.,,,i., >,*i>v.j .in*..!, .iiju iiiwu^ wiin mis \\uu_ innge irnn- This chnlr is deep red. the fringe white, for Ihc scheme of the room uses n great of white •killel, sear quickly on both sides, when brown reduce the heat up.:] cook at a lower temperature until done. Do not cover and do nol add water to the skillet. Season the! chops with salt ami pepper and I ipread with butter when ready k> | £rvc. Steak is pan broiled the same way, although a skiltet-coofced steak which is preferred by manv is the Swiss steak mel-bod. Use tiro and one half pounds of steak, cut one inch thick; one half CUD (lour; two teaspoons salt; one hair teaspoon pepper; one medium sized onion; one half medium 'sized green pen- pcr. Sprinkle the meat with one fourth cuo flour. and reasoning. Pound this .into the meat w-ith Dishes You Will Want.On Mid-Winter Family Menui , We have given ninny recipes for frying cheese balls, but this one is particularly good. Try it for a luncheon dish, or for the Sunday night supper. Hot Cheese Balls One cui> grated cheese; one hnlf cup line bread crumbs; one fourth teaspoon Worcestershire sauce; oile bcalen egg; deep fat for frying. Mix all ingredients, mnke into balls. Dip in beaten egg and crumbs then lower in the frying corn nrirt tomatoes and' pour al into a,greased baking-dish. Spread the crumbs over the top', dot-wltl the '•shortening, ' and hake in r rnortei-ale oven, 350 to 400 degree." I- 1 ., for one hour. meat .hammer or the edge of n thick basket into deep hot fat (380 cte- plale. Turn the meat and reneat jgrccs P.). Fry until light brown on the-oilier side. Brown on boiii jDrain ami serve very hot. An e.v- sides in hoi drip«ins s in', a heavy icellent Accompaniment for VCGC- sfcillM -wl.i «..^ ...... _r ,_.. _. ,nV>i_ i.. . "' skillet. one cuo of water, .. r and cook slowly on too of Hie stove for one 1 hour, ft necessary add more ivaler while cookin* Serves five or six. What is the diffsrenco in the method of preparing these two dishes: an gralin and casserole. An gralin is Ihc French Icrm uwd to describe anything; healed in the [able luncheons. Asparagus Wilh Cheese Eighteen stalks canned asparagus; one half cup grn'tccl; one teaspoon salt; one tablespoon butter: one eighth teaspoon pepper, cut asparagus in pieces and lay in a baking dish rubbed with shortening. Sprinkle with grated cheese and seasoning. Add oven under a cream sauce and I butter in small rtnhs, bake in .... crumbs, with or without cheese n'tiVl- cd to Hie crumbs. It, usual!? an- nlies to twirc-cooked dishes, lor instance to make ixvtatoes an aratin. lise boiled notaloes. tlien cut them in cubes, place in a shallow moderate oven, 350 to 400 degrees P-, until cheese melts. Eggs and Spinach Three cups cooked, chooned spinach: one teaspoon salt; one fourlh teaspoon mace: ... *.. u ^.,, >ll(IC i.- ln :l shallow uaxmff |'""^ ji u;uafjuun mace: one half dish, cover with white sauce and ! teaspoon pepper: one half cup or crumbs, and Heat in moderate oven. 375 degrees P.. until tho crumbs are deli- en tcly brown, A .; casserole is a dc-cp taking disli of rtass or earthenware: a"v oven method ln r0l ° OI of cookiii" "' wlUl crunibs : for instance, may ehccse or not. cream: one tablespoon flour: uvu tablcs]XK>ns butter; three tomatoes; six poached eggs; 'one fourth ciin pimieiito cheese. To the cooked, chopped spinach acid the seasonings nnd keep hot Put the cheese in the upper part of the double boiler (over hot wa- ler) with the cream and (hen thicken with the melted butter nnd flour, sin-ring un in „,, k smooth. Cook, stlrrlnj constantly it first, until smooth and velvety' Put the spinach in a baking dish' cover with slices of tomatoes saut- - ,. «^ v .. t ed in , bulter - Pooch Ihe eggs, place designed lo look like any on Ule tomatoes, nnd cover with' wall fixture, but whirh may be chci ' sc savtce - Serve very hot fastened up anywhere whether' E ° ort ollp -<1i* supper, there is a wall outlcl linnrty or! l{3 ' ' ~ lot. . | Two run'! rannwl corn: two Thn rlrsign k modern, Ihe effect | cmw «>""«) tomatoes: one lea- >f Ihe hcsl ivall equipment, and. i s>Mfln sall; onn fourth teaspoon within the reach of ev-1 ""W. one teaspoon i, nnc . or nsance, may be called the main dlsli; or be a ( , gratin. by having a cream " 01 s(1 " cc alld crllml » al ^ cheese added. — 6DNA M. FERGUSOM. Have you enough wall lumps? There is a new "pln-ji-up" eleclric- *•**!• Uluni : MRS. !UNCY ROWE MHS.CEORCETHITRN MRS. EMILY M. Um MRS. J. WATSON SHOCKLEV MRS. FRANCES NORTHCROSS Lamb Noisctto Gala Dish >e-w<! \V i ( I, Simple Smicos ihc Pliiiiiesl Become Appelj/ing Dishes. 'I'ry preparing n u . .spinach In mi :r«t«i fashion, if yn ii «nnt this •*Kctablo to ix, popm^. wU1 , (lu . Sphufh AII (Irallu Chop flue one peck of spinach- j vasli uiubr running water, In u •leve. iiissliijj the spinach' nboiil mill it b ihoroiiijhly cli-iui. Cook n u few tablespoon., of ualcr until lender. Prepare OIK., nip of while •jiuce; rub a baking dish with slior- ''"liifr; .spread in Jt a luyor (1 [ spinal, sprinkle wllh salt and |H !p]x>r over this wllli a layer O f the white aucc- and sprinkle the sa uce with srutwl tlww. continue tho liiyor.s mill all ihc spinach is used, Imv- 118 the top lnycr of .sauce und clicesc. cover with trucker crumb-i nlxcd with n imic incited butler Set ihe dlsli iti the ovun, iimdenile. 31» degrees, until the crumbs are ,'Olden brown, serve very dot. llriisvls S|ir<iiils l)iscar<l the coarse or'dark colored leaves. I,H stand, i,, , :0 i ( |. water for one hour. Drain, and boll or sk'am imiii tender. Drain, then dress wllh llollmitl- <lse Mime, or milted bultcr. They are delicious sinned- molt tor one quart of sprouts, four ta- itespoons 01 bulln- in :> fryhv pin uilcl the sprouts nml a sm-lnklwis of sail, nutmeg and white prp-i-r Toss over the heat mini the inilU'r is mt'lled and coals the sprouts. Vegetable Hairniii Four Sunday Night Suppers , if your family Is the kind which brings home u fi-jcnd or two, wants ^omdhliiK cold and somethlnc hot, and not. much work, for 'its Sun(Iny nliihl spread, those menus , j>l<!n.«! ;iH— K Includ- in* .\Mitv i'.. »A<;r;/; MIA Service SlalT U'rllcr nol.seiti- wiih n d.-ta-i- Ono Cral Cullct Clip coukrd ric Huffi-l Srrrh'c Pitcher of Tomato Juice CockUitl Cold Culs, liowl of Tarlaro Sauce I'oluioes Unshed In Cream Slurred EgRs HiiLtc-rcd Rolls H.-ulis'hfs. Cetery, Jelly individual Apple Plc.s Cliccsn Coffer; , Welsh nurebll, Toast Potato Siilnd, Celery, Olives, Hard Conked Eggs ns' Garnish Hot CUnnci'brcad, Whipj»x| 'Cream Coffee or Ten Creiiinod Chicken with Oyster.^ Hlcc Chutney, Chopped. Nuts, ChopptMl Orecn Pepper as Garnish Slurred Celery with Cheese and Anchovy liiilierod vvholc Wheat nisciilis, Cherry Preserves . Coffee, Hot Oiocolnte Moat l/inf, 't'omntb Sauce linked Ikaiis, Oi-ceii Pickle ftelLsh Mrown "Bread und Butler c;i-o]ipfriili and Green Pepper ' Salad .lolly floll, Coffee Ciramul Chicken Wilh 'Oyilcrs One ell)) inilk; OIK; cup cicam; iwo cups diced chicken; one pint oysters; one fourth cup bultcr; me fourlh cup flour; one hair tca- 1 vpoimd spoon salt; one half cup finely ' " leeks, or t r oniou.v , . stalks canned or fresh asparagus- two cups milk; one roiirth cup butler; ojn; hiilf leaKiwwii salt; tnic fourlh tea-spoon [icppcr. Cul ihc potatoes In cubes, slic'e the leeks or onions, und cut th" cooked asparaguii in short tcn»ths" cook all together ten minules llieii drain. Scald the milk and butler, puur on l simmer T T »! i r i""iiy IWO 1 OWns -Named for pram Texas-Minnesota Pioneer ndd .sensonings, and (lien Ihe drained vegetables. Until all are Lk , hoi serving dish and sprhiklc w'iti! chopped paraley. rarsnlps wild Clirisi- For two cui>s of sliced cooked parsnips, have ready one and one half cups of thick white sauce ami one half cup grated American cheese.. Place l!ie parsnips in a baking ,]lsb, cover with the white sauce and sprinkle vvilli the. chccsr. Cake In a inoderale oven, 355 degrees, until ih c cheese molls ami is delicately browned. StufTctl Eggplant Cut the csgplant in halves and cook slowly in boiling , rater for Ihniy minutes, or until tntulcr. " cnrcfiillj- nnd cut out, the •BniSCKEN'RIDGE. Tex. <UP>- Colone.l Peter Swcnsoh of Swcn- sondalc, near here, has an unusual record. • . : Coining' 10 • ihls country from Sweden as a'small-boy, be selilal in Minnesota. Ho : became a proin- .inent citizen there and the lown oi Swenson Forest was named after him. Later he moved to Texas and Swensondnle, in Stephens county, was named after him. He celebrated his 93rd birthday recently and Is slill healthy and Ton Popular in MM SEATTLE (TJPi — Mis., Victoria BoiirgaiiH. owner of a small res- laurant, hoped 1935 would be a better year than 193-1. Burgiare entered her restaurant 25 limes last year. . I! -'' ;C[| Corn and Tomatoes disb )1a lnr?c menu, then lt ,„,' to Ms oriclnal chm f £? y an entree between first course nialn cours- ror Instance 1( ,l slices of fish h, an unusual °><"W* and mushrooms- or h ""chicken in^ sauce b No Broilrr has no broifrr i, ft ,,, R. I'. 1). Hccoril MARIONVILLE, Mo. (UP)—Joe J. Lester, traveled 275.000 miles over his rural mail route cluriii!; 30 i-cars, ho csllniatccl on retiring today. Pan brollln? is a , favori ,. 0*1 of moil orcn, M f,lon. and 1 Pie, resulting i n delleio," „, as digestible meat. p or choos Ply Ptace them in a sl^I ho eryonc. ;\sk your dcctitcal dealer. cll!) btcspoons shortening. Mix the seasonings crumbs; three with CREOMUilON CG-LEA-NOR THK SOUTH'S HBST COAL SUPRRFOR COAT, « MINING CO. Phone 700 Pat MenthoUlum In the notfrib io rcllm e irrllollon mnA promote Chop fine the portion lakcn fron Ihe eggplant.. Add tablespoon ed chicken, ham. veal or Innib- on? teaspoon salt; one half cup tomato soup or a raw lomnto chopped fin?one fourth cup or bread crumbs moistened wllh two lablcspn<«« bullcr. Mix nil thoroughly nil ciinipimlmrni fjl inisiry and;cups while .sauei-. ccaked liesh friili i.s my fuvorl'.i-; uuishrooins, stwil.-, -i .iiitv-s loiimto, I 1-2 chopped celery. I cup sliced 1 fr-aspooji -' * *< " '1,"H,, „,,'. .:<rM.^*l<ll[IK.^ UJIfl (ininced coin- pickle, 1 huid cooksil blcnileil.. Add milk t.inr , . .... Cliimse u loin of iamb and re-j''UK- mow to ' fillet. (;m In'o Mli-ra i Cut tin! Mnil: Inlo foiu 1 Illlels, iibniit an Inch thick, nip in nieil- muklnj Iliein u.s round und !,hnpi>- cd biitlri- nntl lirull (|iilchly, lirsLi'V as pcssllib. Roll In [tiled broad crumbs, dip in ,„„ . bcnlcn mid roll ngnlii tn mimbs. Brown In :> hoi frying pan in hot ful, il; n i cover• nnd conk over a low nrc unlll iciuler. the while In Ihe uini on onii side nnd then on the'other. Season well with will'nnd pepper; plncc each on n round of hot buttered least, Put a targe mushroom cap which IKIH lircn sallied In Uutter on 1 lop of ouch. Pour u "-- ,">- nn-uumm: I]ULK(! me wmie port wine sauce over it. iirrnneo Klll "' e nil| i "ante Ihe mushrooms In ""«"•" r '""- 1 ""- "• bmter lor ten ininule.s. Add iiiush- i-ooms, minced pickle and chopped OBU while lo while sauce. Make IhD rice In tour round |j.-\t(,y oikes. On eiich brd or rice place a cooked cullcl. Put a iilico of tomato on each-cutlet ami lop with a bit of •''••-' -- yolks, Biirroun',1 with imslvy Tilled wllh many dilicrenl hiiils on the platter and rtocornle wilh points or toast. * I'riiil (ViiK tin. 5]|,;ii Melon halls cut rrom mclmis. wedges or fresh pineapple, c.-illfoi-- nlu/grapes, slices Of f ,]ip| 0 nn ii penrs are simmered in imtlrr anil then stulfed into Ihc pastry boats —then yon Inu-c something, lei me tell you. In (lie wi'.y of food. S.ive the drippings from the mLfll as I!, broils and add boiling water lo make 1--2 cup. Add 1-1 cup port wine. 1-2 tcnspomi lemon jiiioe and 1 tablespoon cm-runt jelly. Heat Ihoroughly but dn nol lei boil and pour tit once over meal anil fruits, SIM-',? ivith Jiilieune iKilalws, crisp celery, huge ripe olives, choice cuciimlTi- oi 1 u'.ilermcloM sorted rich torikio.s makes a perfect finish lo Iliis meal, liil/cnni- I'nlaloi-s Potatoes, salt, pepper, frylns; fnt. . she h' eov M -' '" «'--"-e iwtaloes and cm In slices Miens cover the tops with cracker not more than 1-B inch Ihlri- Cut ' ' 1 for lor Crystal is very W ' 111 m=Me " """«»«» "te U.n E lhwic ino maid- 1ik<: Sllll>s ' '' CL slnn<l il! icc »'"'« for one Hour. Drain uni | 1)at (i ,. y te'.wi'in lowels. Drop inio deep mlnulcs. . . "? , c>ltm '- t!l1 " o; l '»°"S" '" "rnwn an Inch ds , paper hot eile hove, „„ , , - !l e tie boxes and trays, and for la- j cube of bread in lHr^f '" W T^ "'*vyj.3» .irgrec, P. on M , -T tov ca " dlc -' i !lll<1 1U - Drni " o" «>» eninipied He tea cake.s ore also new. Aiso I sprinkle wltb sail an I ,erv cream while china services, with (or cold table figures of fruit and animals ; Another -ood meat dish is T arc amoiiB thn newest. You'll .we'sprcinl venl rullet served' wllh i, Ihem at the gifl and novelty stores Initlercd vr-petahle such -is DCIS or ami you,- , nvorj , c department : e n-cn l ; «,ns. a' piain m 'con«al.vl slolc lo °- 'and (mil <l~sort. }- Cliilled By Prlgidalre Safe - Sanitary Pint - 7o Quarl - 12c CRAIGS DAIRY Plionc 74 Universal Waffle Irons at a new AUIOMAIIC WAFFLE MAKF.fl Adjustable —Light, Medium or Dark. Softsignal light tells when to pour batter and when waffles nrc ready to serve. Beautifully Panelled Top. Chromium Pla^;. $7.50 tow-soy WAFFLE MAKER Bnltcs Koldcn bron-n vi-afflcs csnclly (o jour tajtc. Heat fnJicoior tclb when to pour batter. PntcntcJ expansion hincc nllon-s b.iticr lo rafjo, Bcotitifuiiy finished in Chromium Plate. $5.95 Hubbard Hardware Co. rlccd 111 ic sfiiitt: mid servo nt once. If (he;household Is small, are In .ihc habit of currying one breakfast upstairs, there is n tricky new rarfce service which will Interest you. It looks like n cotfcc pot, but actually Includes a sugar bowl nnd cream pitcher nested under one lid, The: handle nnd lop knob nrc of red cnmpmlllmi. Burglar Wrings Neck Of Family Parakeet HOUSTON, Tox. (UP)-Mr. an:l Mrs. w. If. Ame.s's parakeet had no clmnce to warn them when a burglar entered (heir home re- ceiiily iKCiiiiso (lie Intruder wrun" Ihe bird's neck and tossed Ihe noily out n ivindoiv ivhlle they slept. "Our parakeet might have fnvak- ened us if she had not been killed" Mrs. Auif..; said. "She could say n few words, and she often amused us by callliv; m v husband like I do—Oh, Will!" Melt the butler, add tho Hour, nasoiiliiKS and sllr until well a'ntl cl'cam slowly, litirrlns conslamiy. until thick, noil one minute. Add chicken mid oysters and cook until the oysters arc plump. Add celery .and "I've on (oasl. Gmid Welsh Itarcbll One pound ' American cheese; one lublcjjuoon bulter; two teaspoons salt; two . Icaspoons dry mustard; one lenspoon paprlkn; oni: can loinaln soup; loasl. Shred Ihc cheese wllh a folk, or put through the Grinder. Mell the hiilfer. stir In Ihc seasoning, add cheese and let heat over n low name until Ihc cheese Is melted. Stir in llic lomnto .™up undllulcit oi course,, and eook, gradually. Oo nol-sllr nil .Ihfi. time;, let heat through, sllr around once, let heat "Ruin nnd 'stir just enough lo blend all. Pour at once ovci Ihc toast. Does not string.- Sfiiffcd E|T£S Six hard .cooked eggs; one tablespoon vinegar; one hnlf tablespoon salad oil; two tablespoons devilled ham, or one tablespoon anchovy paste; one hnlf teaspoon • mustard; one hnlf lenspoon sn- . . pepper, salt, paprika. Cut Ihe eggs in halves crosswise" ic- move the yolks nnd mash; add (lie oilier ingredients; mixing lh c sc a- .ronliiEs logelher bcfoic nrtdiiig-. nenil the whiles and ai range on lettuce leaves. A curled nncbovy on each half Is decorative alid good. Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Coollnj,' and soolliini,' time Star plnlmenl iiicllsoii Iho skin, scnrling icslcil mcdirinra dccpl.v into pore" whore .1 .illicitly kills itch, (clter rash, crzcina, foot ildi, riiiKWnrm clc. iloiiey b.icU a first jar falls. $? TIME IS HERE j The paint that brings vi Qiie-day 24 IVORY rt RIOR WALL PAl"lj With WallliKIc your room can be settled (he same day walls and ceU- Ingnrc painted I Only one coal inu- ally required. Freccolorcard show» lhc IS jicial-like Walltiide'shuoes. t.omcs in lhc modern "flat" satin finish; nlso t£ ff .^ (nscml-Klossforwood- cS3 C work, bathrooms and ^•'^^ ^* falcbenj. Quart UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL.',. Quart... 70c While SHELLAC Gal. $2.60 Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH fra^l ^ xtra Arable. For in U tier Ifj^j! Or eskrior »ise. \V[|| nf>t JKJ! tumwliit*. Dries «« -. lES'-y h*-*" te'Ralton . ^^.a^j I2-Q«art PAH, 30c Each CALCIMINE, All Colors,. . . . P er Lb 12c Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORJZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCV

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