The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on December 20, 1974 · 18
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · 18

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1974
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18 DES MOINES REGISTER Frl., Dm. 20. 1974 HARRIS SPEAKS comes Remains of Railroad Bridge To Be Removed at Saylorville ON 'CANDIDACY' The Family Circus 'H I I U III I By A STAFF. WRITER HOIXYBELLE fM6x DUMB DAY.' ! CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. For." CtiP T ArtAi: mer U.S. Senator Fred Harris (Dem., Okla.) said of his presu dential hopes here Thursday that, "I'm not running yet, but I ra in a last trot. The folksv Oklahoman. a fori." The last remains of one of the most famous old railroad bridges in Iowa are to be removed , under a contract for clearing obstructions in the Saylorville Lake project. The $257,250 contract, let this week to the Jensen Construction Co. of Des Moines by the Army Corps of Engineers, calls for the concrete piers of the old High Bridge of the Milwaukee Railroad across the Des Moines River south of Madrid to be torn down. mer Democratic national chaiiC man, said he will make a foir mal announcement of his presi? dential intentions Jan. 11, in- Concord N.H. He left little doubt i " jjrH i!Efl j I1- ! M 'I I i I " ZL i I rL i beat in ! ilLJl- at a press conference at ihe Montrose Hotel here that the announcement will be that he will seek the Democratic nomination in 1976. Other Bridge Removals 17. Ik Harris said that ending "eco i The contract also calls for the removal of a number of old iron road bridges across the river in the Saylorville area, bridges that have carried gen nomic privilege" for "super rich" individuals and corpo rations and the need for "a "That means we're wishing EVERYBODY a Merry Christmas even the man across the street who told us to get lost on Halloween." The Wizard of Id ' .-sZpBBLY BRIDGE .... ' - -I BOONE' ' I 1) (tf) CUNTY ' 1 . 1 0L0 HIGHWAY 89 BRIDGE) i 1 Hi (g) 4 jr .C I 1 Madrid j r "T TT oA" " ""1 JShlldahl"" "Woodward N TV" , I CHESTNUT FORD BR7dCE SNYDER BRIDGE j is OLD RAILROAD BRIDGErj 'VU hANLEY BRIDGE PARK JC' V . Gran IS ICQRYDON BRIDGE4IS) . I rF Dam I (44) Camp Dodges I Grimes (I DALLAS I ' I I Des Moinesj erations across the stream. diffusion of economic power" will be the keynotes of his pop The old High Bridge goes back to the early days of railroading in Iowa. Its predeces ulist-oriented campaign. Economic Policy sor was a narrow-gauge bridge "Not since Franklin Roose velt's first term have we had a built in 1882 by the St. Louis, Des Moines and Northern Railway, a line that had been organized a year earlier by F. M. Hubbell, J. S. Clarkson and president whose primary concern was domestic economic policy," said Harris. "It's about time." : . J. S. Polk. Harris recently left a govern ment teaching post at Ameri-nan University, Washington, D.C., to launch his bid for the presidency. He was a candidate The High Bridge was built in 1892 and was raised and lengthened in succeeding years until it was completed in 1907. It carried a line that ran north out of Granger. A station called Zook's Spur was just beyond the bridge on the north side of the river. The line joined the main Milwaukee line - fudge Parker fudge Parker for the 1972 nomination unui nis campaign ran out of money. 5 I WAS IT JUST H NO.' SCOOP HARRISON I I WELL, THAT ) Y I THINK JOEY I 60 THE NIGHT Harris charged that the Ford administration "is on the side THAT MEL CARTER WAS MURDERED, YOU AND JOEY LEFT YOUR BAR AT ONE IN THE MORNING AND WENT OVER TO THE THREE r JOINED US? SOUNDS LIKE A WOUND UP WITH L OF YOU ? f 1 7 r-rr HAPPY FOURSOME.' ABOUT 20 BUCKS kXJWmmm J W WHO WAS THE MAYBE YOU'D LIKE Blttr1 Vessel . rt IfjAi aii uhlilicoo m tn taw ii coap of the super rich and giant corporations and not on the side of MICKEY'S PLACE WHERE YOU PLAYED POKER UNTIL FIVE IN n i msmm sv -sb r? "i. ?.J jw the average family." He re at Madrid. MAP BY STAFF ARTIST JOHN WHITEHURST Map locates old bridges to be removed in the Saylorville Reservoir area north of Des Moines. THAT'S THE MORNING ferred to Vice-President Nelson frw 1 RIGHT, lira -a-. i The High Bridge was one of the most popular excursion spots in . central Iowa in the lieutenant: Rockefeller as "the greatest living symbol of concentrated early years of the century. Moines, Boone and other points cost 50 cents and use of the wealth and power." Harris outlined what he bridge until World War II when it was scrapped for its iron. The concrete piers that sup picnic grounds was free. thinks should be done immedi From there, persons could watch other trains inch their ately to deal with the nation's economic woes: Picnic Site ; Picnickers laden with baskets and bottles would board the train on Sunday mornings, cross the bridge and get off at Zook's Spur, then walk down to the railroad's picnic grounds way across he towering structure, 107 feet above the river. ported the . structure still dot the valley and the northern bluff. Two of them stood in the middle of the river until a 1964 flood knocked them over. Now Rex Hlorgan, M.IK Some early accounts called, It T1 m,, .- f t noH'T CARE m r NO, I DON'T THINK 50 ji you.: n FOR THE FIRST TIME IN NOT ANY MORE IN -FACT, I'M GOING TO TELL REX EVERYTHING, ABOUT US HOW WE PLANNED ABOUT THE underneath the bridge. ,;; I the highest bridge in the world. " Trains continued to use the I CRAZY i V MY LIFE , I'VE MET A all are to be removed. TV MONEY f GO AHEAD CALL THE 'Train tickets from s Des! MAN WITH WHOM I'VE FOR ME TO POLICE, SWEETHEART' The Jensen contract also FALLEN IN LOVE UXHA II MARRY BEN JTJvVvYll MAKKTBtlM ,yV P THAT'D BE A GREAT WAY calls for taking out four old TO BLOW THE CHANCE OF V I I M V immediate "selective", price controls on "monopolis-: tic industries." ' A tax cut for most persons and sharp tax hikes for the "super rich" individuals and corporations. "A massive jobs program." -"Vigorous enforcement" of anti-trust laws. ';" ' Harris said he is conducting a . true "people's campaign" and is staying with friends' and relatives as he tours the coun1 iUat tcMmlH uotd fa YOUR GETTING BEN'S iron bridges the Hubbly . MONEY i, &rr v a jii 171.1 1 if, ii i tar . bridge southwest of Luther; the Chestnut Ford bridge about two You win I'll tiavt another Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. miles upstream from Iowa Highway 17 bridge; the Snyder" bridge, about a mile below the Highway 17 bridge, and Cor- ydon bridge, west of Polk City. try. ' Rural Home Higher Structure ' Also to be removed is the old Iowa Highway 89 bridge west of Blondie After an evening coffee, here., Harris spent the night in the rural Elv home of his uncle anfl Madrid. It has been replaced 'HP I've been JIB W j HOPE YOu V H1" IIP I'm sorry, dear- N if sme not only went l1 fljb) J CHRISTMAS A DIDN'T GO f&) ( BUT 8EPORE I KNEW IT, ( OVERBOARD SHE TOOK J HOPP BOARDj MJ i by a higher structure. aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harris. ' , : .':.''' : Sr I For the time being, the old iron Hanlon bridge at ' Jester Thp former senator said he Park will remain in service and his uncle, a switchman on the Rock Island Railroad, MOANAZ WXu: rSI I ; PEOPLE WHO PRINK: L A I 1 1 1 : FINP IT WEAKEN IMS. ' PfJARCFi " ' ivis i i Now the circ,ed ,etteni 1 1 t0 'orm t'ie 8UrPr'8e answer, as yTI ' I I I suggested by the above cartoon. Iowa National Guard troops are to remove it next summer as a "used to do a lot of 'haying together" on an Oklahoma training exercise. farm. The Saylorville dam, which has been under construction few miles downstream from Corydon bridge since 1965, is 1 Prim Ihe SUBPBISE ANSWER here A XXX expected to be completed next summer or fall. Officials said (Aiuwert tomorrow) Jumble.1 GRIPE RAVEN THEORY AGENDA Steve Canyon Yf tlrrday't they expect to start storing water for the lake behind the dam Aiwwrn llcr circle is 'mij(-"HER-RING" 'HERElTISjSTEVE-y THECHINESE ARE in 1976. . IF HE'S STILL ALIVE, THERE IS AW AMERICAN PRESENT VJHO REPAIRS TYPEWRITERS - AND PLAYS THE IDEAL PROVING gKOUND FOR PORTABLE NUCLEAR DEVICES.' LET'S FIND OUT WHOM WE The Jensen contract also Adult Crossword Puzzle GENERAL PIAILERIE, FAD, MAHNAY, HAS calls for removal of the piers of BACKST0PPIN6 MAHNAY- AND THE 50VIET5 ARE HaWNS HANDS UMTU TUOkl I VOUR, DAILY REPORT HAVE ON THE SCENE TO CLASSIC ON ATIN WHISTLE.' BEEN INVADED BY ITS NEIGH60RW6 . I ... . . S a wabash Railroad bridge ON FIREFI6HTS- OBSERVE... M?niikin tiic uincin' across the Des Moines River in BAMBOO KIN6DOM southeast Des Moines, just west ot the Iowa Power & Light Co 2fi Side by side 27 fione by 28 Forever and 29 Restaurant patron 33" Rushing in ! upon 34 Time of day 35 Elwood P. of Part of the eye Standpatter Certain ballplayers Dispatch DOWN Garage or white Hyde Park vehicle power plant. The rail line was taken out as part of the Red 03 04 65 66 . 1 2 3 4 5 ;. 6 Rock Lake relocation project. Otto Knauth "Harvey" . , , Have relation to Part of a pub Most wise ' Bonneville Power "But I did most of the work," quipped his uncle. Harris will appear at public coffee meetings in two Des Moines homes tonight. He will be at the Norma Matthews home, 518 Forty-fourth Street, at 7 p.m., and at State Senator William Palmer's home, 2948 Easton Blvd., at 9 p.m. ; Slow But Steady. Goes the Task PARIS, FRANCE (AP) --The members of the French Academy have worked nearly 40 years on their dictionary. They are still . on the letter "D." The pace prompted secretary Jean Mistier to comment Thursday, "Nothing is more difficult to compose than a dictionary." - .. The 40 lifetime members of the academy are creating the ninth edition of the official French dictionary at a speed suitable to thier ages, which average 80. They began their labors 38 years ago and have , now reached the . word dextrine, a substance derived from starch. A spokesman assured journalists that they will soon move on to the word dey, a ruling oSfir cial of the old Ottoman empire in Noth Africa. ; 37 Yields 40 Management of ' finances . 1 42 Tourist: Abbr." 43 Genus of lobsters Patriotic monogram To Raise Rates ACROSS ; 1 Have words 5 Bay of Luzon 10 Rebuff 14 Instrument at .. La Scala 15 Town near Mantua 1G Put on the payroll 17 Nomad of the 1 North 18 Lively dance 19 Shower 20 Become manifest 22 Backs of books 24 Expose to heat 2(i Smarting 27 Informal accolade: Phrase 30 Rib or apple 31 Deserve 32 Province of Pakistan 3G South American monkev 37 Portals 38 Marsupial, for S.A. country 8 t',N relatprf en. 45. Single unit -v.... WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) - 9 Nautical hoisting 4fi Gary and Lee ' UlHAT ARE f I'M HAVINS A FAREUEU-) DINNER FOR AW HAND! 7 47 Winning of all devices The Federal Power Commis sion said Thursday it will al WU DOING? ) BUT NOb) I THINK 40U SHOULD TRYITA6AIN...I THINK YOU SHOULD OFFER THE CAT NEXT POOR fOUR RIGHT HAND OF FEUOOKHIP, PUT WITHOUT mam 1 1 me r -I THINK V fOU SHOWED 2? THE TRUE J SPIRIT OF ( rt (s JQ tow the Bonneville Power Ad THE HOCKEY feLOvt... ministration to t e m p o r arily raise its electric rates by 27 10 Contracts 11 Chinese weight 12 Shelley's name for himself 13 Think, in Tou-- louse 21 Lightweight -champion of the ' 1900's tricks at piquet 48 Alamogordo's county 49' Round-up hand 53 "Like the sound of a great " 54 Study 57 Wartime agcy. 58 Weight per cent. Commission spokes- man said Bonneville, a federa 23 Peak: Fr. agency under the Interior De Place for a play 59 Biblical vessel ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE Wee Pals partment, requested commission authorization to increase its electricity rates to the customers in its large service area in the Pacific Northwest by some $60 million a year for h ostI1oMawscrub 0 P A Hip , R Y If R 0 V E P A I fills M E E 1R A V E L E L l ims i snT i n "e'a!l CIAIP t-orBdTTa G OlNlAlLl I " ( WE TMn'S 0N f WHAT'S THAT, " THEY WON'T W S ZhAlLC-txlrbL I. GOOD THINS A&OUT 1 KmPj-r? (' ftOTHWSD &Y ANY ) 1 WSSS tfc SANTA AND HIS VjHEU SHORTAGE 7 ' J d - . Y-J five years. short , 39 Newcastle's river 41 Virginia willow 42 Hurl 44 Makes progress 47 Character in a whodunit 50 Type of steamer 51 Makes amends 52 Incarnation 55 Gourd fruit 56 Leading role in "The Ring" 60 Hoarfrost - ; 61 Town in Utah G2 On the left', at sea..-; R10LY P 0 L V HT HI 1. 1Mb I A Small Hamlet's Yule Dominated by a Castle a A t H EQJJF I N INI b u A N T R 0 I TftP U N GT T Y R 0 SlIlUlIIIII OH G 0 N DSMM L L It N E B 0 The Better Half Citizen Smith 112 13 14 Ii o 17 18 19 ' Il0 III IIZ 113 T5 ' 10 " 21 if" ?3 " ""1 24 " 25 26 IE---"" ----52 - Wtllllnmiiif" 30 - -; 31 -- & 32 33 34 35 4-1-37 39 ..: . 40 41 . p 42 43 " 44" 45 7"" ' 45 T ' 47 48 43 m 50 " . - " "ii " M 66 "" son Street. Nels built the 14-room castle with rotundas and stained glass windows in 1900 on the order of a manor house he knew as a child in Sweden. When his wife, Johanna, died in 1914, Nels left the big home and its memories. He left everything in it. "When my husband retired in 1972 we didn't want to sit around doing nothing," ; said Mrs. Streenz. "A friend told us about the Larson castle. ', We bought it. By 1977 we expect to be finished restoring and remodeling it. It keeps us busy but it is very rewarding. Spring should be beautiful. I've planted 6,000 tulip bulbs," Mrs. Streenz will have her four married children and two grandsons in for a traditional family Christmas Eve. There are three fireplaces, more than enough for the family's Christmas stockings. VOORHIES, ILL. (AP) - A brightly lighted star shines over this, little town for Christmas. Its seven residents are ready for the holiday. The star hangs high outside the home of Milton and Sue Streenz. Nearby, the Don Harrises and their three young children have strung colored lights. Even BoBo and Tonya, the hamlet's only dogs, seem to have the holiday spirit. If Santa can't spot Voor- hies, be can be guided by the bells of Christmas. This hamlet in central Illinois is known for its castle and a two-story barn with a steeple 69 feet high. In it is a four-faced clock, each face six feet across. Milton Streenz, A 67-year-old retired machinist, got it working. ' The huge bell tolls the hours and half hours and can be heard across the farmlands for five miles. The only street is Nels, Lar JIK' ' lec " "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but he's even fatter than that, and a whole lot jollier." "I don't like the way you people have been getting into my secret compartment lately!"

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