The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1948
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MAY T. 1948 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams •<>U SAY I'VE GOT A BASS ? LL, PULL HltsA FOR ME.HAP-. HOW CAf^ T, PAC& TUfr SOULS WHO ewe MK MONEY TO 06T OM TMATf ACCURSED 1nAMIMB?~~ FIFTY TO OM6/ THEIR 6A66R FACES AMD OGT- *- STCETCriSD HANDS/-— I ASSUME Like DR. k'WILJOS DRIFT TO SlSJGAPORE? VOO'Vt 6E6M AW rtOUR,MA,30R UK6 ^ FRACTURE V30R£ M« • ' START SETTIMG nnocen Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEE SHANN- DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC ' — __. __ **^**A*»*TJ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplg J** L+* C« Widow, Three TSons Are Slain In Farm Home CHESTER, 8. C., May 7. (UP) — An 88-year old widow and her three sons, one ol them'paralyzed were found shot and slashed to death early yesterday in their ifarm home 16 miles Bist of here Coroner Lewis H. Miller said Mrs. Margaret Howze was shot early today u she combed her hair; Richard T., M died instantly in a shotgun blut as he lay in bed; Isaac M, w«s shot in the back and stomach; and Lucius A. Howie, 86. bled to death from a slit throat as he «at In a chair. Miller laid a shotgun charge was fired into the ceiling above the oldoit son's head and the shotgun was found beside his chair. A half-prepared breakfaat wai found In the kitchen. A plumber. G. H. Chrlstophw, who had been engaged to repair a pip* at th« farm home became alarmed »hen no one answered his knocks and calls early today. County Police Chief E. L. Bostio P blitical Announcements The Courier Newi has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July JT and COUNT! TREASURES Prank Whltworth COVNTf COUHT CLERK Elizabeth Blj'the FOR CORONER B. M. HOLT FOE COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shipper! UTATB REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edward* L. H. Aulry H. K. "Bud" Fisher L«h~e N. "Dulcie" Speok For fountj Judg* Fielder Peery Roland Green Itr Circuit Court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Chiskasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno Fried Chicken Riv«r Catfish 85c Choice of 4 meat* Vegetables - Salad 50c Goff Hotel Coffee Shop XXVII J^OGER moved his chair a little nearer to Patience's. Dwigh drew one up next to Charlotte "Have a drink," said Roger summoning the waiter. And when he'd given the order: "When did you decide to come to Paris?" "Just a day oc two back." "You were clever to track ui down here," smiled Charlotte "I guessed you'tl probably be i here or at the Cafe da la Pabe around drinking time." i She smiled at him. I "Any plans for this evening 1 Dwight?" | "None. Have you?" | "Not yet" i "Can I join up wilh you three? 1 ! "Sure. That'll be grand." said Charlotte. Patience felt a hand stray to .hers beneath the table. Roger murmured in her ear. "We'll have fun, you and I We I might possibly lose the others." "What's that?" asked Charlotte Roger grinned. "You'll know later." Dwight looked around for the (waiter. "Let's have »ome more drinks " Patience shook her head "I don't think I will, thank you " I don't think [ will either'" Mid Charlotte. "I'd like to be getting along to the hotel." They sauntered back together They talked over what they should oo that evening: "We could get seats for some show," suggested Dwight. "But it's Sunday," protested Patience. "That makes no difference in Par!*," said Roger. "Didn't you know, darling, that It's a wicked city?" "I believe the Polies Bergere is worth seeing," said Dwight "That's O. K. by me," said Charlotte. Roger hesitated. " Y °u take Charlotte there, Jwight, and I'll find somewhere else for Patience." "Why7" asked Patience. "1 don't think you'd like it " "Oh, gosh," said Charlotte, i forgot my little sister's careful upbringing." "Why wouldn't 1 like it?" asked Patience. Roger tucked her arm through his. 'It's not suilable for nice little girls like you." J)WIGHT said: "That arrangement suits ;ne all right. Actually I've got to see that show. That* one of the reasons I'm over here. There's a girl in H I'm Interested in." "Another one?" asked Charlotte. "Sure. I'm interested in lots of girl«. Didn't you know? They're my job." "You're awfulty commercial, aren't you?" His expression changed w h« looked at her. "Not always." Patience saw Charlotte's color nse. She thought: - "What is gong on between those two?" And 'elt certain there was something. Something, too, that Ro^er didn't very much like. He said now, a trifle irritably: Well, what are we going to do his evening? We'd better make up our minds about it." "Let's dine together anyway" id Charlotte. "And if we go on o different shows we'll meet up aler for supper." It wasn't a successful dinner >arty. Patience knew she'd be hankful when It was over. True, he food was excellent, also the wine, and for her at least it. was exciting just to b* sitting In a mart Parisian restaurant. But he other three seemed singularly 11-tempered. There'd be spasms f conversation and then strained ilcnces. Till at last Dwight called or the bill. i 'Where sha> we me* asked. "Somewhere In Montmartr* I suggest," said Charlotle- "Some place where we can dance." "Lcl'j make no plans." said Roger. "We'll probably bump Into each other." Charlotte looked at him "Is that what you'd really pr»for? "Yes." Dwight grinned at her. "We don't want to thrust ourselves on them, do we?" «u?*,'J" nc * lnid desperately: Wouldn't it be nicer for ua aU to be to£elher?" ]yo one seemed to agree with her. And soon Hoger and she were in a taxi takin s them to the ballet. "D'you like ballet, Patlenc.r "I've never yet been to any." "I've an idea yoti will." He wai right, o< eours*. She found H enchanting. She sat ip«l)- bound, her hand in his, listening enthralled to the lovely musk, watching the exquisite dancing, the color, the letting*. She listened to the thunderous applause that came when at last U was over, too moved to clap herself, too deeply stirred even for words. "Com« out of jour trance," «M Roger gently. She turned dazed ey«« to look a< him. "Roger—thank you for bringing me. I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed it I'd no idea anything could b« w wonderful " She rose .lowly to her Je*t Roger helped her Into her long velvet coat, his handi lingering on her shoulder*. She followed tlie people out from their rows of seats, and remembered that other occasion when together they'd left » theater. Then there'd been Paul. aul standing some distance away from her turning to look M her with that cold hard stare which mode her think he'd completely finished with her. How rick at heart she'd been that evening! But now—was it possible that Koger was makin« her forget Paul rb Be .S± op J!! r Jr k r:L ?™i* an " »™ d °» ^ f.™. Miner « M . Date of inquest WBS not set im- :he bedroom windows and saw the bodies. The three brothers were all single Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing No Job too Large or Too Small Phone 2536 For Prompt Service Eddie Saliba It U said that one person m every threa in the D. S. reside. In different state from the one In which ne was born. Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN Calls Made—Farm & Town Day Phone 4484 Night Phone 2138 DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAY AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of All Ages! f °' kS W [' h Children have wanted for a resp ? nsibl «> *f« Place (o leave their chil- ARTIE'S NURSERY """" Mi ° 3.3 N. M a. GET YOUR NEW CAR NOW! Drive a KAISER or a FRAZER Today "61" Motor Company (Home of "61" Implement Company) Nor* 6th I,™, ^^ 2M2 For Sale D.& P. L. PLANTING SEED CLEANED & TREATED Roseland Gin Co, Roseland, Ark. HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Fur, V^J *Htf^| • For Woolens vJ$f* ^ * Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Phone 4474-4475 HOUR. NOW • > I rook. ONL.V TV* I eg* oo EtNT - *"»rw RUN . AGRCKJNO' PRISCII.LA'S POP Everybody Loves Our Baby By AL TERMEER /^ Say! i That teacher of She's sure crazy about me/ 7//, '% Hfff, Mats certainty What did she wishes I her little gH -for just tt/nn/nutfg/ Silk and Sandra By MICHAEL O'M ALLEY, and RALPH LAN* WUB BIRTHDAY PRESfm, JVING KAlf-BROrKER SttKUFF ANP PIENTYMORF.WHEBE THAT CAME FROM. TE01OOD VOLI IOOK LIKE OANH CLAUSj ROOM. TO(J GO IN FIRST AS USUAL .'ill GIVE YOU TWENFV WNUIE5 TO SPOT OUB VICTIM THE MUfnv.W HAVE AJ BfWWUA81YINfOR*fO -A TWVTFESriVIIIES ARC IN PROCRE55 HER£ AT THE MlltMNE ESTABLISHMENT UNO THAT VEftY GENEROUS Of VC»,SHK. AND WHAT'S THE ROUTINE K)R TONI6HT .VASH TUBRS Ready (o Shool Br LESLIE TURNEH HE WAS TOO FAR MMD or TIME..,TWf«nv VEMl* AGO THEY 4TILU TW41K HE WAS A CKHCKPOT&! MK.POPPOF is SHOOTIW6. £»5V. IS IMP &&OUT IHI HMf SCIENTIST* FIRST «fG»u CROOMf WELL, EINSTEIN HM) A FEW «EU WHO UUDERStOOD Hit THEORIES... BUT MO OHE COULD FOILO* MOSTO'CROCWS! SET OBUDUHLW HE COW- VIIWCETHS WORLD Of HIS GEMIUS, AN' HIS IDEA* HAF LEAP TO ASTOUND. IN ATOMIC HELD.' ifMKinia of aewtusEs. T MOT WT Ti«... HMJE VOB HSARD / 0«. MKf« lib I' MWHIWJ FKO* BUSTt* / I^ROTH « KMLIKAK SET t _^ IAST. MOW t» CM»W*» CM) Peppered and Salted By FRED HARM AM iGEtCHAOESS.'TriE VIEWERS PACK (?ACTS/ What Is U—A Whalej By T. T. HAMLIN .. NONiOC A aivte B_ . „. , —/ VC7U ONE O^ **VKAL WAY* rMAKi IT JiF \Jl*U"Vt 1 SISHTIP LIKS TO A DOuaW_F.(^ijKrT-rr» 57^^ WITH X HUN'K'OF , AN' Hf AVS IT VV DOEi. M THEN SET SOME REALLY JUB- PRUIN* P«*ULTJ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE! EDGAR MARTD?

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