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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 42
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 42

Des Moines, Iowa
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nn rvi 17 Oct. IT, 1971 0)0 B-J DES MOINES SUNDAY RESISTED ft nB nm teas nmney mm mm mwma ram i yl White recovered on the Kansas 29 to set the scoring stage. Kansas' Losses Kansas fin'shed with a net Tigit Rein By Defense, '55-0 Romp 'loss of 42 yards rushing but Kansas Nebraska I Rushei-va-'ds PdjiinB V8'aa3 tu'n Punts Pumbies 'os vads penalized Kansas Upbraska gained 98 yards on the passes of sophomore Jaynes. Jaynes, who started but alternated later with veteran Dan Heck, completed seven of 21 passes but threw three interceptions. Tagge completed 10 of 18 for 108 yards and one touchdown, with one intercepted.

Brownson, who replaced Tagge after Nebraska had run its lead to 35-0, completed two of seven, with two intercepted. Kinney and his alternate, Gary Dixon, led Nebraska rushers with 104 yards apiece. Dix KB KnV 1 Sangrr leek i i x. vaf -z. jr tarn Metv Dixpn i run tnjer mem NfbTsoge 1 run kirK) Nfft Roooert 37 pass from (Sflnoer kick) Kh Kinnev run (Sanoer k'Ck -its rs-? lv if Kb Roctoers 13 run (kick tailed) Ken B'ownson 1 run (Sanger kick1 Ketv Fiicher 14 Pass interception (Sana kick) A 66.331.

on's total included a one-yard LINCOLN. NEB. (AP) Nebraska's top-ranked and undefeated football juggernaut rolled over Kansas, 55-0. Saturday in a Big Eight clash before 68.531, largest crowd in Memorial Stadium history. ISo grudging was Nebraska's Btackshirts defensive unit that the Jayhawks did not earn a Season Records KNSS NC BRA5KA J4' Wasn.

St. I Oregon 7 22 Haylor 0 35 Minn. Fla It. 30 34 Te. AM 7 'ft Minnesota .31 42 Utah St Kansas St.

.13 34 Missouri touchdown run in the first period. Jayhawk Errors Kansas lost five fumbles in addition to giving up the ball three times on interceptions and both Devaney and Kansas Coach Don Fambrough agreed the turnovers crippled the Jay-hawks. "Once we got the lead, the defense could go out and not worry about the run," Devaney 1 Nebraska ii Kansas 0 said. 3 23 Okla. St.

ioa St. Said Fambrough, "We certainly helped their cause today. 0 30 Okla. St. H.

Colo 1.1 Oklahoma N.20 Missouri O.30 Colo. N.t Iowa St. Kansas St. 25 Okla D.4 Hawaii We made every mistake in the book." Shift on Defense However, he added, Nebraska has to be ''on? of the best football teams I've ever seen." "The No. 1 team in the na-.

tion doesn't have any he added. Tagge said the Jayhawk defense confused Nebraska for a time with a series of shifts just first down until the third quarter Meanwhile, the Comhusker offense made two touchdowns in each period, the most spec-tacular score coming on a 66-yard third-quarter run from scrimmage by Jeff Kinney. The victory ran Nebraska's string to 25 games without a loss and dropped Kansas to 3-3 fc' tit 4r Big Jeff Kinney flies by grasping Steve Roach for first Husker touchdown 'before the ball was snapped. for the year. The margin was thC ISTGSt EV CF pOStfitl by Ci T5nK hoirinou "Hi ccftr in rt nnnnrh tnit ioc Knf nolle imnf art'iincf iUn i 'iLa a unmnla Inf in iVia Riir I MaaKpoclQ 'e ff fanct a talma vie .1 ivuavrii fiij iv.

ciu, oaiu, ii uij 'pfju lumiiuoi Luir will i Liaia unno vitiit cagciiJioi, tut jiutnt a vuiiipiciiii i mv jihiucii ia, scored two touchdowns each. wasn't one of our better days defense had a tremendous Cornhuskers, said he would re-! EiSnt, he said. mnn't Ar, it I wrtn't Hrt it Jayhawk scries dating to 1892. nnhlirlu in thp offense. day." jview the game films Sunday.

nrPM nr raHin hP saiH -hut1 Rodger? boosted his season Finds Fault Despite the 55 points and 532, "We were given good field Devanoy, who displayed an-j "If I still feel about the ju do it to the league office." total to nine touchdowns with a yards total offense, Husker: position and missed several ger several times when offi-j calls the way I do now, I'll Johnny Rodgers and Kinney, 37-yard scoring catch from Jer "But then we went to a quick snap," Tagge said. He agreed with Coach Devaney about the Nebraska offense, saying, "We made a lot of mistakes and bad plays." The game marked Nebraska's homecoming and participants in halftime ceremonies included television star Johnny Carson, a Nebraska alumnus who was born in Corning, la. ry Tagge and a 13-yard spring sneaked for a one-yard fourth-quarter touchdown "and substitute defender Pat Fischer returned an intercepted pass 14 yards for the final tally. The defensive unit set up two of the first three scores. Bob Terrio picked off a David Jaynes pass on the Kansas 32-yard line to open the door for the first touchdown.

In the second quarter a hard tackle by Dick Rupert loosened Jayhawk Gary Adams' grasp on a Jeff Hughes punt and Dar- from scrimmage. Kinney plunged one yard for a touchdown before registering his 66-y'ard spectacular, his longest run from scrimmage in his Nebraska career. Alternate quarterback Van Brownson of Shenandoah, li CARROLL RALLIES, 21-7 GREENVILLE, PA. (AP) -Carroll scored twice in the final period Saturday to down Thiel, 21-7. HUMANIZES FOOTBALL, UTTERS AXIOMS Nittany's Paterno Speaks Out A Mod Squad Coach Coaches have to humanke their approach to football and their players.

The smart ones who can tune themselves in to the tragedy I'll never buy that stuff some coaches are always saying, that if a boy loses a football game, he's a loser in life The coaches with that attitude, the ones who try to make their players believe that, winning is the only thing, that nothing else matters, don't belong in football. Fair Play By Leighton Housh (Sporia Editor) new generation are the only ones who will survive. Those who can't, don't belong in coaching any more. JOE PATERNO. FALL IS the time when leaves cascade from the trees and books from the presses books about coaches, quarter ON ATHLETIC DIRECTORS Some A.D.'s can't or won't control their coaches and the free spending that goes on for recruiting.

If school is losing money on football maybe it's because the athletic director is a lousy administrator He has to be a good businessman cially when it comes to sports, not to appreciate that the great joys are in the effort and even in the disappointments. They try to shield their kids from disappointment, to feel sorry for them when they lose. As a result, kids lose some of the m- srv- f. and, if he isn't, then he should backs and other deities, most of them aimed at the Christ-m a trade, when misguided wives are too often misled by big names and bright covers. That is why "Joe Paterno: joy that comes out of just play- be fired ing a game.

a i.i-tiniiT. jmju.1J IsWoi. Nebraska's Maury Damkroger hits big gap penalty squelched gain ON SCHEDULING They say they have to book games 10 years in advance because everyone else does. That's ridicu ON EVILS OF RECRUITING Coaches tend to lie to boys. They go after a high school kid JOE PATERNO of 17 or 18.

He gets maybe 40 or 50 scholarship offers and GAL ESCAPES IN LAST MINUTE then the coaches descend upon recovered a fumble after a pass completion at the Penn State 15. Pennx State, under quarterback Steve Joachim, added the final touchdown with Football My Way" (The Mac-millan Company, $6.95) didn't excite me until I started browsing. The book by Mervin Hyman LSU Nearly Upset, 17-13, AtKentucky Ninth-Rated Penn State Cruises, 31-0 75 yards for Cal's second touchdown. Cougar Don Sweet, who kicked three field goals to tie a school record, then put' his first one through from 28 yards out midway in the third quarter to put State ahead, 17-14. Kemnitzer went over from of Sports Illustrated and Gor- Statistics 39 seconds left as fullback Ken White of the New York Statistics 'i three yards with a minute re- Andrews plunged.

in from theTimes isn't literature, but if lous. That's why there are so many mismatches." If the athletic directors' can't get together and decide that they're making a mistake with their long-range scheduling, then the NCAA ought to step in and legislate against They ought to limit scheduling to four years in advance. ON POLLS They don't belong in college football these weekly polls only sell a few more seats and maybe a few more newspapers. I prefer Penn state Syracuse Statistics down, Rushes vard LSU Kentucky Passing va-riaqe ig 9 Petun yarda9e i Passes him. They build him up, idolize h'im, kneel at his feet and tell him how great he is after 'the big buildup, he finds out he's just another player on the freshman team.

He isn't a hero or a star any more a tremendous letdown and not every youngster can adjust to it. It's all so Wrong. ON SCHOLARSHIPS The they painted a true picture, then 40 102 after 3 64-Vard 7( '7 maining in the third quarter to le-24-2 nut Cal UD 20-17 Rushes-yards -33 2-30 H'" veU UV Passing yard 5-33 aae drive. P. ret cf'n? itsevvaros Pacmg 'u'n ya'daat Passes I 3 79 71 I punts id sii Fumbles IcM a-2S-3 s-15-7 1 Vards penalized Sweet's other two field goals, Return yardage Passes 43-245 39 112 2--0 t-43 0 .5 26 75 102 40 14-27-1 7-43 2 20 tho Punts Punts 5-33 7-i5 27 and 47-varders, were w.v.

ln.4 Penn State improved its record to 5-0 before a near capacity crowd of 41,382 at Archbold SCORING California Vvashtnaton State Joe is a different breed of football coach. I really regret not having met the man when Penn State paid its September visit to Iowa City. 25 23 only points the Cougars man-j pen4lizei SCORING WSU Jackson 1 run iSweet kick) aged in the fourth quarter. Syracuse i -a Stadium Syracuse is 2-2-1. unites inst Varos penalized 12 22 SCORING Louisiana Stata i a 7 1 Kentucky 7 II LSU Micnaelson 2 FS LSU Danton 1 run (M'ChaeUon kick) Kent Carroll 1 run (tOrk LSU Jones 3 run (Micnaelson kick) Kent Koiar 3e run (oass tailed) A X.0O0.

Hurnagei i run ivitieno kickj 4 I ps pg vitieiio 43 Svracuse is 2-2-1 I PS Hugnagel 1 run (Vitielle kick) entire system of athletic grants i Cal Curtis 11 run tWerschmg kxk) WSU Jackson 3 run (Sweet kick) Ca! Kemrr'zer 75 run tAerscnmfl kick) WSU PG Sweet 26 Cal Kemnitzer 3 run (Wersching, SU PG Seet 27 ViSU PG Sweet 14 Cal FG worsening 20 A 5 Could be it's because First Penn Loss Since '23 to Foe agree so fully with so much Setting out of hand It has a national championship playoff rj uia, 4, iciurn ui ui.kcu pvnr i (Vitieiio kick) PS Andrews 1 run (Vitieiio kick) A 41,382. he has to say. Ever notice the heco tau of fPfS Bowling Green In Wild Finish involving conference champions and the best of the independ LEXINGTON. KY. (AP) SPOKANE, WASH.

(API -i fact that the people you like "'j" PHILADELPHIA, PA. (AP) SYRACUSE. N.Y. (AP) -j not an honest way to conduct ents, but it isn't likely to ever Louisiana State, ranked twelfth Ray Wersch'ing kicked a i 20- best are the people who tend udidvciLca unmei line jyenn Mate linnptpatpfl and an intercollegiate athletic pro come about because of pressure Bowl- to see things your way? KENT, OHIO (AP) vl. -J'8 fleld 8oal Wltn 1 minute ground game upset Penn.

17-15. uua i gram. It encourages cheating to; by the people who run the post- A Brooklyn boy, Paterno ureen used a 29-point as it took a 17-13 Southeastern -n 31-0. Saturday behind a erind-l Plk aH nlavPri is. iM fnntKaii'Ret the super-players 1 he season bowls.

Conference f-tbaU ctory over 7ooTb.H 1 pined offense and the standout Vrb ouT jcourty 7a alumnus should adopt a national Kentucky Saturday night. 8-" g3a nlav hhr, IpH anrl rantnrp uilrl lfcf Rrnwn nna nf On football Scholarships. rnHERFS mArW. cnH tho nouiikiiiuciii. x-tj on o( tarries, wnue r' i i 1 in Ui n.

The Tigers didn't Twenty-five or 30 sHlla II s1 Jft Var-tA aa mariirin Anf (rml would De i i Tt. I am nit A nPAniit tUnen si mm it tntii4init Paterno believes in driving until Kentucky i-ouyars eni aneaa, j- tne Latayette detense torced winci.t uaa mming jame away more than enough i nere cmiar) (nr fh fire in thr, anrl ttaiiori it on a iieia goal oi meir own lour fumbles and one inter-' xua' lcl nunuigei uau n.ivi,. iv, Kagucis iui men uy- are more than enough good nratjp lhpn nff Ja clA lf -j l.ij apnnttntorl fnr nf tho Xitta.l Thp two tpams romhinptl fnr rrfifriv in rprriiitincr athlotpc drive with onlv minutes left on "lul tt-puun anu iwii-e neia renn on i in tho mnntrv1' mm the cWk The lead changed hands sev- downs within 10 yards of the'nv Lions' four touchdowns on! four touchdowns m- the final Joe obviously says what he! 'ba" afrnS they should 6et tneir fun lirinminatPd the first ouar-eral times in the first three1 bursts of three and one yanls. four minutes. Bowling Green thinks, and what he thinks usu-1 I out of playing games.

He isn't bursts of three and one yarJs.jfour minutes. Bowling Green thinks, and what he thinks usu-jtn go around so everyone cou dout playing garneSi falr als0 the I.eoo-'His scores sandwiched a 43-i used a 15-yard run by Jerry ally isn't orthodox. Some ran-1 nis share- bothered by hair styles Alberto VI-1 Fields to get the lead for the samples: i put a greater premium on judg-, As for black ter. outffainir.2 Kentucky 147-12 Quarters, with Washington The victory was i State cettinE? a touchdown bv, arris' fnnrth nf tho spavin yard field goal by season 'yard field goal by i ment. The only reason coaches players, be jnua, uui viuj n- rA in tho Ticor.

oro Bernard Jackson in each of the apainst nno Hpfpat anH rame neuo, wno aiso cucKea on an oi 'i against Harry Gamble, who his placement attempts. kjngs. first two quarters. says: "Let not kid ourselves. There Isn't one black kid on my football squad, or anyone else's, who has it as good asi a white boy." iter, 32 27.

However, 30 seconds' LITTLfc. LLAGLts 1 take more now is that they re i I later, quarterback Larry Hayes am unalterably opposed to not sure which are the best Iran 11 yards to move the Little League baseball, midget) ones. Flashes back in front, 33-32. football leagues and summer i The Falcons stormed backicamps for boys under 14 O.V FOOTBALL FOR FUN coached Lafayette a year ago. alssTe cycljst wls ontario.

calif. (api Australian Kel Carruthers drove his Yamaha to victory in a 125- Less than 2 minutes after Hufnagefs second touchdown plunge of the second quarter, Gray scooped up a blocked punt on the Syracuse 21 and rambled untouched into the end zone. As of now, Penn State is on- with Reid Lamoort hittine RichlThey are a contributine factor I You should be doing it for the! In the jecond, in which Bears' Isaac Curtis Kentucky scored on a 55-vard took ia neir flrst drive, the Wildcats outga'ined i 0D an run 10 make LSU, 105-32 yards. the second quarter. Each team also scored in the' State iumPed back, .14" fmal period LSU first and 7- luarback Ty Paine Kentucky's attempt at a two-j moved 59 'ards ln fiv point conversion to set up a' J'ays- i Newman with a 50-yard scoring tne insecurity and problems sheer enjoyment, not because oeien ana in me lop 10 nation-pass.

They insured the victory jOftheNewGeneration you have to win or you're afraid ally-when Miles ran 12 yards for a. There is too much of the to lose I don't want Pennj I'd like- to see a team mile race for juniors and ex-1 perts Saturday at the tino.000 Gray made another key play score with 29 seconds remain-; woman involved in a bov's life. iState lo become the kind of a conched by this kind of a Champion Spark Plug motor guy early in the final quarter ai he ing fter a Kent State fumble. Women have a tendency, espe- place where an 9-2 season is a' go all the way. victory with a field goal failed, i Steve Kemnit-Ter zig zagged evele classic..

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