The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on November 6, 1974 · 1
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · 1

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1974
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Where to Find It: Comics Editorials 15 8 Markets TV, Radio 17 10 THE WEATHER - Partly sunny by this afternoon. High in middle to upper 40s. Fair tonight and Thursday. Low in 30s. Sunrise 6:52; sunset 5:04. Details: Page 15. The Newspaper Iowa Depends Upon Des Moines, Iowa, Wednesday Morning, November 6, 1974 Two Sections Copyrltht, W, Dt$ Molntt Kei Ijftr M Trlbun Company Price 15 Cents o) fi) IMl mi n m? Local DEMOCRATS WIDEN EDGE President: I Accept People's Verdict From Th Register's Washington Bureau WASHINGTON, D.C. -American voters apparently took their frustration with Watergate, inflation and unemployment out on Republican candidates in Tuesday's mid-term elections, providing Democrats with a landslide victory. In the first election after the Watergate affair blossomed into a scandal, Democrats made massive gains in the House both in numbers and the ouster of Republican veterans. Democratic Gains , There were only 14 Republican seats up for grabs in the Senate and the Democrats won four of them in Florida, Kentucky, Colorado and Vermont. The Democrats held 19 of the 20 seats they had on the line and the other one in Nevada was undecided early today. Democratic challengers also took away at least six Republican governorships, including those in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Republicans won cne former Democratic-controlled statehouse in South Carolina. President Ford, who had mounted a strenuous personal campaign for Republican candidates iff 20 states, conceded his party had been trounced. "The people have spoken," Mr. Ford said, "and for 26 years I have accepted the verdict of the people. "Those who lose often come back to win another day," he said. In Senate races, the victorious Democratic challengers were Colorado's Gary Hart, 36, manager of George McGovem's disastrous presidential campaign two years ago; Gov. Wendell H. Ford of Kentucky, Richard Stone in Florida and Patrick Leahy in Vermont. Hart defeated Peter Domin-ick, Ford ousted Marlow Cook and Stone was elected over millionaire Jack Eckerd to the seat left open by the retirement of Senator Edward Gurney, under indictment for bribery and conspiracy. Rare in Vermont Leahv's victory came in a closely contested race with Ver mont Representative Richard Mallarv for retiring Senator George Aiken's seat. He became Vermont's first Demo-. cratic senator since 1896. In the past five mid-term U.S.- .' Please turn to Page Nine I CONGRESS Staggering Blow to GOP Seen in Election Results By LOU CANNON 1?74 Washington Post WASHINGTON, D.C.' - The Watergate-shattered Republican Party was punished by voters Tuesday in a far-reaching Democratic sweep that forced the GOP back on its shaky bastion of the White House. "The White House is the glue that holds everything together," said presidential adviser Dean Burch a few days before the election. Now the White House, where President Ford will attempt to rally his party for a 1976 comeback, is just about all the Republicans have left. The Democratic trend was leaving the GOP with a Bond Key Races In Nation State-by-state election results: Pages 6 and 7 Senate ARIZONA (50 of Precincts) Goldwater (R) ...133,409 Marshall (D) , 101,461 COLORADO (89 of Precincts) Dominick (R) 294,991 Hart (D) 434,864 INDIANA (89 of Precincts) Bayh(D) 780,573 Lugar(R) 743,239 KANSAS (80 of Precincts) DoIe(R) 307,038 Roy (D) 298,545 KENTUCKY (100 of Precincts) Cook (R) 326,851 Ford (D) 398,618 NEW YORK (67 of the Precincts) Javits (R) 1,554,769 Clark (D) 1,273,908 Keating (C) 553,207 NORTH DAKOTA (62 of 1,649 Precincts) Young (R) 68,631 Guy (D) 70,565 Jungroth (I) 4,184 OHIO (63 of 12,716 Precincts) Glenn (D) 1,160,032 Perk (R) 538,724 OKLAHOMA (70 of 3,027 Precincts) Bellmon (R) 288,645 Edmondson (D) ..... ..275,778 SOUTH DAKOTA (65 of the Precincts) McGovern (D) .72,734 Tborsness (R) ....65,505 Governor ALASKA (4 of Precincts) Egan (D) 1,794 Hammond (R) 1,557 CALIFORNIA (21 of Precincts) Brown (D) 699,592 Flournoy (R) ...648,735 CONNECTICUT (96 of Precincts) Grasso (D) 638,455 Steele (R) 424,868 MICHIGAN (65 of Precincts) William Milliken (R) ... .893,060 Sander Levin (D) 849,669 NEW YORK (87 of the Precincts) Wilson (R) 1,948,939 Carey (D) ....2,696,119 OHIO (92 of 12,716 Precincts) Gilligan (D) 1,337,694 Rhodes (R) 1,359,109 House ARKANSAS (30 of Precincts) Mills (D) 40,630 Petty (R) 33,041 Clrmernnr Rail sous Republi can Party faces big rebuilding joo nanonmae: fage s. shrunken minority in Congress, particularly in the House, which will be severely limited in its ability to push forward Mr. Ford's budget-cutting policies. Republicans were in even worse snapa in tne nation s statehouses, the traditional sources of patronage and politi cal rebuilding potential. Numerically the GOP was in similar shape after Lyndon Johnson swamped Barry Gold-water in 1964. Republicans were then reduced to 140 House seats, 32 Senate seats and 17 governorships. Even in that hour of disaster Republicans held on to many of IMPACT Please turn to Page Seven My . Issues Fail; SMITH WINS AS SCHERLE, MAYNE LOSE Grassley Is Lone House GOP Victor By JERRY SZUMSKI and GENE RAFFENSPERGER Iowans elected five Demo crats and a Republican new comer to the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday. Republican representatives Wiley Mayne and William Scherle were ousted. Elected were: Neal Smith, the Fourth Dis trict Democratic incumbent, who easily dispatched newcomer Charles Dick. Edward Mezvinsky, First Dis trict Democratic incumbent, who defeated James A. Leach. Berkley Bedell, Sixth District Democratic challenger, who ousted four-term Congressman Mayne. Thomas Harkin, Fifth District Democratic challenger, who up-s e t four-term Congressman Scherle. Michael Blouin, Second Dis trict Democrat, who defeated fellow State Senator Tom Riley in the bid to succeed Democrat John Culver. And Republican Charles Grassley, Third District winner ever fellow State Representa tive Stephen Rapp in the con test for the seat being vacated by Republican H. R. Gross. , "Very Humbling" In a statement, Smith said: "It's always very humbling to listen on election night and to realize that nearly 100,000 people who are my friends took the time to vote and to cast their votes for me. It makes me want to do the best job 1 can to fulfill that trust, and I certainly will do that. It was a rigorous campaign and the losers also should receive some credit for the fact that they make our system work." Dick said in a concession statement: "We tried valiantly and lost. Before you learn how to fly you have to learn how to fall, and that's one of the things we are learning tonight. So much of politics is being at the right place at the right time and it appears we got caught in a Democratic landslide." "I couldn't believe Iowa was so liberal," said Mayne as Bedell votes piled up in rural and urban precincts alike.- "Worked Harder" Asked his idea of why he was the only Republican to win a seat in Congress, Grassley said: "I believe it was because of my reputation tor d e l n g straightforward and not com promising any of my principles. Also, because I ran a full-time campaign." He said that meant he prob ably worked harder than the other GOP House candidates. He is a New Hartford farmer with 16 years service in the Iowa House of Representatives. Grassley, still on crutches from a knee operation last spring, was hugged and kissed by Republicans at the Kamaaa Inn at Waterloo. He said thanks CONGRESS - Please turn to Page Four Election Day Is Dreary in DM. Cloudy skies, cool tempera tures and some ' snow mixed with rain fell in Des Moines Tuesday, making for a dreary election day. State highs ranged from 37 degrees at Audubon to 45 at Decorah. Des Moines' high was 41. The National Weather Service said a slow decrease in cloudi ness is expected today. Loser Wise: People Wanted Xjunslinger' By BARBARA MACK Republican Dick J. Clemens, a police science instructor at Des Moines Technical High School, upset Democratic sheriff L. J. (Sam) Wise Tuesday. "I call this a victory for the people of Polk County, not for the Republican Party," said Clemens, 49, who lives at 2600 N.E. Fifty-sixth St. "People are tired of politics in their law enforcement." "I guess people are looking for a gunslinger for a sheriff," Wise remarked. The only other Republican victory in Polk County was in the fifth supervisor district, where incumbent Carl Gavin won a fifth term by defeating Democrat Frank Stout. In the race for county attor ney, Democratic incumbent Ray Fenton easily defeated Terry Swanson. Democrat Kathleen Shinstine won the county recorder's office, defeating Republican Jeri Vanderlinden. The office was left vacant by the death of Ken neth Fenton last spring. , Horner Re-elected Democratic incumbent County Treasurer Fred W. Horner won re-election by a wide margin over Republican James P. Abramson. . In the third supervisor district, Democratic incumbent Richard Brannan defeated Republican Ned Kissinger and independent Chessely Perry. In the fourth supervisor district, Democrat Jack R. Bishop won by a wide margin over Re- Father Accused of Killing Son With Cyanide Treat PASADENA, TEX. (AP) -Ronald Clark O'Bryan was charged Tuesday with murdering his 8-year-old son by placing cyanide in his Halloween treats. A source in the investigation said O'Bryan had recently taken out a $38,000 life insurance policy on the boy. Bond was set at $100,000 for O'Bryan, 30, an optician, after he was charged with poisoning his son, Timothy. The boy died Thursday night after eating Halloween trick-or-treat candy. A source in the investigation said the charge was filed against O'Bryan after he took a lie detector test Monday and officers discovered he had recently taken out the life in surance policy. No Further Details , Capt. R. E. Rhodes, who heads the Pasadena detective division, said he could not give further details on the case. ' "At this time, we cannot comment as to any other aspect of this case or any state ments made by any of the part ies involved due to the legal aspects involved," he said. "Obviously, we and the dis trict attorney felt there is sufficient evidence for a charge to be filed. We are wrapping up some loose ends of the in vestigation." Pasadena police had found five of the powdered candy containers containing cyanide. They had been collected by the dead youth, his sister Elizabeth and other children who accompanied them trick-or-treating. The incident had set off calls by mayors in the area to end the practice of giving treats to children at Halloween. Resi dents in the area had started a reward fund and had raised over $1,800 when the arrest was announced. Neighbors said the O'Bryan family was active in their church and that O'Bryan closely supervised his son's activi ties. O'Bryan, talking with report- Clemens Ousts Sheriff J k I Dick J. Clemens "People's Victory" publican Joe Baumann. The two were contending for the position held by Democratic Supervisor B. E. Newell, who will retire at the end of the year. Newell, chairman of the board of supervisors, said Clemens probably will take office imme diately after the vote is offi cially canvassed next week. Wise was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff Jack Woodard, who was killed in a car crash last February, and the appointment was to last only until the next general election. "The new sheriff will take "polk - Please turn to Page Five RONALD CLARK O'BRYAN TIMOTHY O'BRYAN ers Friday after his son's death, said he took the children trick-or-treating on two streets in a Pasadena subdivision not far from their home in Deer Park, another Houston Ship Channel industrial city. Held in Arms O'Bryan, holding back tears, told how he held his son in his arms after the boy became ill. He said then he did not realize his son had been poisoned until he was told by police. The O'Bryan family was ac tive in the Second Baptist Church in' Pasadena. The Rev. Jimmie Jones, pastor, said they had been members for several years and attended regularly. The Rev. Mr. Jones said he had visited Tuesday with Mrs. O'Bryan, and she was "holding up well. She has a lot of faith." t gj ' 1 INDEX: SOME NONELEGTION NEWS Nixon lung collapse Nixon's doctor discloses the former President suffered a partially collapsed lung last week. Nixon still is "terribly weak physically." Read about it on page 2. 'Little Sam' charged A Colfax waitress who officials say used the name "Little Sam" in radio transmissions while driving on Interstate 80 is arrested and charged with illegally operating a citizens' band radio. Nick Lamberto describes the case on page 9. Coal miners negotiate Coal operators and United Mine Workers go back to the bargaining table to try to prevent a nationwide strike. The latest developments on page 11. ' . . A sailor's welcome A Lithuanian sailor smiles as he is welcomed to New York City four years after he was dragged off a U.S. Coast Guard ship and returned to a Soviet prison. Details on page 11. .? S AUDITORIUM POLK BUILDING PLANS LOSE Defeat Is Blamed On Economic Woe By CHARLES HARPSTER Polk County and Des Moines voters Tuesday defeated bond issues to finance a new county office building and an expansion of Veterans Memorial Auditorium. They also rejected two Des Moines school-tax is sues thought to be noncontro versial. Except for a few precincts, both the $4-million county build ing issue and the $7.5-million auditorium proposal received less than the needed 60 per cent majority. In the total vote, neither bond issue won a 50 per cent major ity. Economic Instability Backers of the projects blamed the defeats on fears of tax increases in a time of economic instability, rather than a rejection of their merits. And apparent unwillingness of voters to pay more property taxes also was blamod for the reiection of two school Ux measures that required only a majority approval. The meas ures had no organized op position before the election. "I don't think a bond issue to give away free money would have won," said Peter Flynn, chairman of the Des Moines Convention Bureau and a main backer of the auditorium expansion. "When the school tax loses, you don't have much hope for anything." "I thought the schoolhousc deal was like motherhood," au ditorium commission chairman Ray Stiles said. "But those pro posals had the same problem we did." "I just feel that at this time the taxpayers just don't want to vote for anything that raises their taxes." Polk County Supervisor Samuel Anania (Dem., First Dis trict), chairman of a committee backing the county building project, said the defeat means the county will have to continue locating its offices in scat tered areas at a cost exceeding $175,000 a year. The cost could double in the near future, he said. Waste Taxpayers' Money "It makes me ill to have to waste the taxpayers' money that way," he said. Anania said the county proposal was "realistic," and should be placed before voters again soon. But Supervisor Carl Gavin (Rep., Fifth District) vice-chairman of the committee, said the defeat the second of a county courthouse proposal . t i j in as many years snouia BONDS - Please turn to Page Ten Republicans Capture Statehouse Offices By JAMES FLANSBURG Republican Robert Ray and Democrat John Culver won the top contests in Iowa's general election Tuesday. Culver won a hotly contested Senate battle with Republican David Stanley while Governor Ray easily outran Democrat James Schaben, minority leader of the Iowa Senate. Ray, a 46-ycar-old Des Moines attorney, won an unprecedented fourth term as Iowa's governor and is the first governor in more than 100 years to be elected to a four-year term. Ray's sweeping victory appar- U.S. Senator, State Offices ('Unofficial Results by The Associated Press) U.S. SENATOR (2,493 Precincts of 2,617) Stanley (R) 399,172 Culver (D) 412,480 Oxlcy (A) 5,943 GOVERNOR (2,494 Precincts) xRay (R) 509,310 Schaben (D) 362,250 Scott (A) 7,045 LT. GOVERNOR (2,491 Precincts) xNcu (R) 451,217 Miller (D) 376,209 Glade (A) 6,519 SECRETARY OF STATE (2,491 Precincts) xSynhorst (It) 449,022 Robinson. (D) 376,642 STATE AUDITOR (2,479 Precincts) xSmith (R) 444,256 Forret (D) 368,633 STATE TREASURER (2,479 Precincts) xBaringcr(R) 402,190 Fitzgerald (D) 395,712 Hartman (A) 7,164 SEC. OF AGRICULTURE (2,494 Precincts) xLounsberry (R) 432,008 York (D) 380,759 ATTORNEY GENERAL (2,494 Precincts) xTurner (R) 434,399 Miller (D) 401,383 x incumbent Congress (Unofjicial Results by The Associated Press) FIRST DISTRICT (358 Precincts of 359) Leach (R) 63,511 xMczvinsky (D) 75,637 SECOND DISTRICT (316 Precincts of 355) Riley (R) 67,010 Blouin (D) 71,480 Whitford (A) 1,007 THIRD DISTRICT (460 Precincts of 467) Grassley (R) 76,300 Rapp(D) 73,604 FOURTH DISTRICT (322 Precincts of 364) Dick (R) 49,583 xSmith (D) 90,593 LcPorte (A) 832 FIFTH DISTRICT (546 Precincts of 566) xScherle (R) 74,647 Harkin (D) 78,709 SIXTH DISTRICT (483 Precincts of 506) xMayne (R) 66,186 Bedell (D) 80,070 x-incumbent Constitutional Amendments (Unofjicial Results by The Associated Press) (1,763 Precincts of 2,617) LEGISLATIVE SESSION Yes 246,573 No 121,078 SCHOOL FINES Yes 188,038 No 179,525 Democrals make substantial gains in Iowa Legislature: Page 11. cntly carried all the Statehouse officers with him, including Lt. Gov. Arthur Ncu. But Tuesday's Democratic surge threw two Statehouse contests into tooth-grinding closeness. Republican Treasurer Mau rice Bannger had a neck- and-neck battle with Democratic challenger Dan Fitzgerald one that might not be settled for days and Atty. Gen. Richard Turner had a fierce tangle with his Democratic opponent, Thomas Miller, before pulling away. Another close contest involved a proposed constitutional amendment to repeal a provision requiring that fines go to the school district in which they are collected. Some school administrators opposed the proposal, and the vote tally on it sce-sawed through the night. Another amendment, permitting the Iowa Legislature to call itself into session, sailed through the voters' approval. The statements by the winners and losers, excepting Schaben's, were the usual. Stanley sent a telegram to Culver conceding defeat, and adding: "I sincerely thank every Iowan who voted for me and the thousands of dedicated vol- County Table: Page 4. unleers who helped in the campaign, and my loyal and understanding wife and family." Culver congratulated Stanley on the hard-fought campaign, adding: "I believe we all fully recognize the magnitude of the problems that confront our state and nation now and in the days ahead. "To meet these challenges requires a united people, and I pledge that I will give to this high responsibility my best efforts in the public interest." Ray issued a perfunctory statement thanking the voters and his campaign workers. "It is naturally gratifying to an individual when he or she is elected to public office by a majority of the voters," he said. "I am not unaware that this election has been precedent-setting inasmuch as it is to a fourth term." Schaben blamed his loss in part on the publication of the Iowa Poll in this week's Des Moines Sunday Register. The Iowa Poll reported that Ray held a lead of 57 to 43 per cent over Schaben. Said Schaben: "The polls published Sunday had a very negative effect on the campaign. I really don't feel that polls should be published that close to the election. "I hesitate to say this, but I think the race might have been closer had it not been for that poll," Schaben continued. Schaben said he bore Ray no personal ill will and wished him ELECTION - Please turn to Page Four Voters Defeat Iowa Judge The Register's Iowa News Service CLINTON, IA. - Clinton County Associate District Court Judge David Halbach of Clinton was voted out of office by a vote of 4,152 yes to 4,192 no in Tuesday's general election. It is believed to be the first time an Iowa judge has been votd out of office. "A

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