The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1955
Page 3
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 19515 B'LYTHEVTn.15 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Opposition to School Desegregation Is Picking Up Momentum in the South By KENNETH O. GIL.MOKE NBA Slaff Correspondent WASHINGTON — (NKA) — Determined opposition to (lie Supreme Court' s decisions against public school segregation is picking up momentum in tlie South according to latest reports received here. The. resistance is active, organized and widespread. In most cases, however, it does not follow Hie violent pattern of the discredited Ktl Klux Klan. A number of ils participants are respected community leaders. At least 21 private organizations from Delaware, to Arkansas to Alabama are openly opposing compliance with the Supreme Court's decrees outlawing' public school segregation. Six of them have sprung up in [lie last month. These figures are based on information received by the Southern Education Reporting Service, an independent organization in Nash-j ville. Teun., -^et up to report objectively all developments in areas affected by the Court decisions. Its monthly publication is called "Southern School News." Here is tiie iipposiliun breakdown where it is most effective: Strongest pro-segregation activity India's Politicians Backing Complete Probition Movement The defendant, Johnny Mick, Is! 1955. hereby warned to appear within SEAL thirty days in thr court named in t! caption hereof and answi-r the 1 complainl of the plaintilf, Vivian GERALDINE USTON. Clerk. By DONNA SIMMONS, D. C. James M. Gardner, comes from the Citizens' Council "• movement. It claims 50,000 mcm- her.s in iMississippi and is reported to be busy in Alabama and Louisiana. About 40 local councils have been formed in South Carolina. The States Rights Council in Georgia is taking on state-wide importance. Opposition in Tennessee is cenScrcd in the Federation of Constitutional Government. Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberty is working against mixed classrooms in Virginia. North Carolina has its Patriots of North Carolina, Inc. "Characteristic of many of these groups, but not all of them, is the fact that their leadership often is top drawer and that the groups themselves repeatedly renounce vs- THERE'S N'O SEGREGATION in this hiffh school al Oak Kidgc, Tenn., where the Atomic Knergy Commission hus ordered compliance \vUl\ ccuuve director of the Sot/hern Ed- Ihe Supreme Court ruling. But elesewhere in Hie South, new organizations are springing up to oppose desegregation in the public schools. Southern School N'e\vs reports that ) of organized opposition is greater ucaiion Reporting Service. ; 16 out of !20 Negroes who sisued a ; than many experts believed it "Thev are very careful to say ' desreregauor. petition were fired : would be. The Supreme Courts they don't believe in violent resolu- i from their jobs. This estimate was' second ruling last -May is now seen lion of this question. Some frankly , Riven by Alston Keith, chairman of ; as the foremost factor for irigger- say they are exerting economic and j the Citizens' Council there. : ing this activity. " * • Luurl to,d local tlieymust make other pressures on Negroes not .„, petition for compliance with Su- '. He called the actions "spomane-; In effect, the preme Court decisions. Others deny • ous" on the part of ihe respective i school authorities .„._.,. « ......... i employers. However, he added, "I; a .jroinpt and reasonable start to\vi don't believe theiv would have been i ards desegregation within practical Perhaps the most favorable case the unity of action that there was; Mnitmions. for these opposition groups was ' without the educational work of he This stirred up many groups to made recently by South Carolina's Citizens' Council.' ; resist, delay and stall. They took on t NEW DELHI I.4V-Many Indians •arc. convinced their country can ac- co.'iiplish successful prohibition. Politicians and newspapers, wilh important t'xct'ptions, ure backing a prohibition inquiry committee, which I s H (niniended that India achieve l il piohibition in stafii?s by April Iii58, Its recommendation probably v.ill be approved with little modifi- r ion. The committee says prohibition «n '.ujrk in India lor these rea- n The relatively small magnitude of problem of "drink; the general 1 \ itatding nature of the people; tie i sired support of womenfolk; le if stance of the average family U.S. Treasurer Tells of Speed Trap Incident DENVER i.f> — ThP treasurer of the United States told Thursday night in a speech how she was caught, in 'A speed trap while driving across Nebraska last May. "They stopped me and took me to riie fire house where the justice oi peace was al! set up and waiting 1 •• lor his miended prey," Mrs. Ivy : Baker Priest-told a meeting of Colo- i rado Republican Women's Clubs. : "He asked for my driver's license, studied it for a moment, and . aiiked. 'Are you the lady who signs; al) ihe money?' ; "I admitted 1 was. He turned to j the others present and said. 'Well,' boys, it looks like we really hit the \ jackpot today'." Mrs. Priest told newsmen later; the incident occurred in Brady, I Neb. j to drinks being- served at home; and inhibitor.', teaming against; ; drink which have pre\ ailed for j centui if\«. ! AnuripaiiiiK comparisons with lor- 1 e\Ki\ experiments. th»* committee j aiiiilyxf*s reasons lor ihe failure oi • ' previous attempts at ciirtailmp i i drink. Its findings on the United' ; Stales said: ' "The lav, was (U'U-^-uve-, enloree- ! mem, was . . . without proper co-1 I ordination ami from ihe very incep- : j uon prohibition game tinder persist-. cni attacks from powerful and or- i ganizeri vested interests." Mick, Any. for Plaintiff. Da^ed this 21si day of October. I 10 22-20-H'5-U W A R \ I X G ORDER is Tin; ni.vsi.KKY rourr, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, A It KANSAS Josie P. Ha'-chel, PtU. vs. No. 13,139 Clyde Hatchel, Dit. The defendant, Clyde Hatchel, is hereby warned lo appear within thirty day?- In the coma named in the caption hereof and answer Che complaint of the plaintiff, Josie P. Ha iche!. Dated this 26r.h day of October, 1955. SEAL GERALDINE USTON', Clerk. By DONNA SIMMONS. D. C. Claude P. Cooper, auy. for pltf. Ed B. Cook, any. ad. litem. 10.29-11. 5-12-19 \\' A R X I N G 0 R D 1C R IX THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT* MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS Vivian Mick, Pltf. vs. No. 13,134 Johnny Mick, Dft. Lt Gov Ernest F7"Hollings. He j Roy wilkins. executive secretary many different names. Here are ^irt- ' l o.E the National Association for the , some that have not been noted: is my belief that the Citizens' j Advancement of Colored People. White America Inc. i Arkansas*. 1' is mv oenoi mar me WILI/.CU.S < .*vnv.iin,uiin;in. vi ^UIUK.U i \.v t sn., ,t...<. u - - Counci'ls 'bv 'mobilizinn 'he best i takes a dim view of the upswing of Friends of Seprcgated Schools (Mis- ci^-inm, rhvKrian Amm^n* Sec-leadership tit the community level, j opposition group: can help lo restore decency in gov- ' eminent ond maintain neace and sissippi), Christian Americans Seg"In ihe fighi to attain ful! citizen-; relation Association of Delaware. .ship rights."the,Negro is faced wiin \ Maryland Petition Committee. Tcn- security for"al'fpe'ople. both white ' a conspiracy to deny equality." ne j nessee Society to Maintain Scgre- and Ne"-ro I am glad that responsi-1 charges. "Here and there dotting | gation. hie spokesmen for the movement! the South, organization? have; There are other one-man outms. sav thcv do not use organized eco-' sprung up overnight. Some wilh; some oi which are suspecied as nomic " pressure as ' a weapon fancy names like Virginia's Defend- i crackpot. Also among the 21 organ- A giant rorete press about sixj and a half stories high is thump-' 11:2 out huge steam boilers from red-hot 50-ton sheet steel six inch-1 <?s Uiick. This is the heaviest plate' ever rolled. against anyone." \ ers of State Sovereignty is pointed out. however, that! victual Liberty, others nd tnrii- : izalions is the National Association lik? the for the Advancemem of White Peo- ted Ollt llOWeVei lllill • VlUUitl LjiUci I ^ , UUILI.I unr mi. iui •-•"- *iuvi.i.i.t.t.m.i»i «^ s. being exerted by Citi-j White Citizens' Councils of Missis-, pie, headed by_ Bryant Bowies, a olence," says Don Shoemaker, ex- heart pressure is ezns' Councils and other groups. example, in Selma. Ala., of the .state's Negro beit. sippi. which frankly declare their | resident of southern Delaware. But' anti-Ncpro purpose." „ j among responsible Southerners it is < One thing is certain. The extent' considered a reckless hate group. } Famous Prussian Fortress Marienburg Now in Ruins By TOM REEDY M-XLBORK, Poland ^ — The old Prussian fortress of Marienburg, now in Polish hands, is lying in ruins. No one is making any effort to change it. Germany lost this past of West Prussia, all of Silesia and part of Pomerania to the Poles A special commission worked Warpaw from 1945 to 1947 diggi up the old names. Arkansas Rice Estimate Up LITTLE ROCK 8> Fulbright Sees Revision In Farm Supports LITTLE ROCK : ,?. — Sen. J. W Fulbright said ye.sterday Congress is almost certain to rcvj>e the government'? farm .support program in u.s 195G aession. He said Congress mu.-it t^ike HC- Uon to bolster the farm economy and at tlie .same lime solve the problem of increasing surpluses of 1945. As the Nazi armies retreated | f or Arkansas' 1955 before the Russian storm, ancient j a50.000 bags over what it Marienburg was torn apart. The month a g 0 batsions along the Vistula are a Th( , monthlv heap of rubble- ' ^ Thuradav pound? each. crop estimate. WARNING ORDER I IN THE CHANCERY COUKT. | CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, | I MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, i j ARKANSAS | Willie B. Lucas, Pltf. ' | vs. No. 13.140; : Betty Lucas. Dfi. j : Tile defendant. Betty Lucaf. is ; hereby warned lo appear \ thirty days in the court named in: Ihe caption hereof and answer thp : ', complaint of the plamtitf, Willie i B. Lucas. j Dated this 26th day of Octooer. I i 1955 i iSEAL I I GERALDINE LISTON. Cierk. I By OPAL DOYLE. 0. C. ! Claude P. Cooper, ally for pltf. Ed B. Cook, any. ad. litem. : 10 29-11 5-12-19 The October estimate was 11.262,000 bags. Middle Ages lo bring Christianity lo the pagans of the East. They did it with the sword and became so dedicated to warfare that it became a way oi lite. At one time the Black ,„ , , n • Knights fought both Poles and Ger-| Domti a UUO mans iust to keep their hand in. j Prussian militarism got its spark j LOS ANGELES i.-P, - A package hel . e | save out a whirring squad as it A« far as the Poles are con-1 slid down the chute at the posl cerned, the remnants of modern j office Thursday night. "I think Geman militarism can lie as they i we've got a bomb here." Supt. Sam are 1 The city's name has reverted Wemgarten telephoned police. Sgt. to Malbork "us name oi 600 years! Erwin Hyde, demolition expert, nr- ago ' j rived with two other officers, car- "iri fact, all the old German names! ried the package to the parking lot of the Odcr-Ncisse territories have] and slit it open. Inside, whirring been obliterated and replaced with away merrily under battery power, the originals that go back centuries. ! was a child's toy washing machine Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission !5c & 35c At All Times l.A.ST TIJIES TODAY Double Feature inc io the annual convention of the' uon hf're YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Northeast Arkansas' Most Popular Theatre GEM THEATRE "Osceola's Finest" SUN. »MON. »TUES. November 13-14-15 CHARCOAL PIT BARBECUE • By the Pound • By the Sandwich Prepared with our Own Home Mad* Barbecue Sauce KREAM KASTLE DRIVE IN Phone 3-8051 Phone 3-8051 TONIGHT 10:30 p.m. SUNDAY & MONDAY WITH GUTS AND GUNFIRE they blasted tiiair way into hiatoryl THE TREASURE OF PANCHO VILLA MOX THEATRE On ft'. Main St. In Blytheville Phone 3-4621 I Weekdays Show Starts 7:00; p.m. — Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m ! The Finest in Cinemascope Presented in High-Fidelity Optical Sound! SATURDAY Double Feature "Carolina Cannon Ball \\ith Judy C'anova — AND — "Topeka Terror II " With Alan "Kock.r' Lane CARTOON & SERIAL I Serial "Capl Africa" N'o. 10 j Cartoon "I'd Problems" ] Sl'MUY & .MONDAY SAT. OWL SHOW Starts 11::») p.m. "Docks of New York" With The E;isi Side Kids Sl.'NDAY & MONDAY Doulile Feature 'Passion" With Cornel Wllcle — AND — J "ASSIGNMENT "War Arrow' GIANT WIDE SCREEN OPEN THURS., FRI., SAT. & SUN. NIGHTS Box Office Opens 6:30 — Show Starts at Dusk SATURDAY & SUNDAY Double Feature ' PjriTOWIt OtKWS* • M/V J«W t*t, DAMOW RUA f ¥bN& MONEY FROM HOME**? ";:r ... s ,.....< pj.a fctHFJH I. : *Y;.iKiL V^M;*:*.!; ? ;;; .:; " " " ALSO CARTOON Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Vaughn Box Office Opens Weekdays and Sunday 1:45 p.m.—Matinee Starts at 2:00 p.m. Saturday Box Office Opens 1:00 p.m.— Matinee Starts at 1:15 p.m. Cinemascope at Its Best With Stereophonic Sound! Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and 1 p.m. for Ritz & Roxj Program Announcements SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature THE FURIOUS STORY OF A LAWLESS WEST! r A I /" j. Js«£. Also Cartoon SUNDAY & MONDAY Find your name in our ad and be our guest to see "Count Three and Pray" FAST WITH HIS FISTS, HIS HORSES AND HIS WOMINt Color by TECHNICOLOR — PUS SHORT- CHILDREN" Wilh Danny Ka>e ALSOMETKONKWS A\'ilh Jeff Chandler ALSO CARTOON Watch Cleaning $3.50 3 day Service Mr. A. B. Ford, rccrislered chron- ojtraphcr technician wllh '-'- vears watclimaklliR expcriencr. is now associated with our firm. H> are now offering 3-llay walch repiiir service. O'STEENS 111 W. Main RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Our • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK r.llAKAXTEF.D GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS Cl. I.Jke Atf. Ph. 3-6M1 CINEMASCOPE " uiwtu mat .«. Some WOC'DWMO • Pnil CASEY • Ri,mwd BURR • Allison HAYES fKHn tf HtJB wf.'00# . P-orf^ri tl nn HCrMOW • D-r( C ld if «C»« Sl-J^W . * CffA P9».CI«« PARAMOUNT NEWS & CARTOON COMING TO THE RITZ SOON TO CATCH A THIKF in Technicolor and Vstavision with Urace Kelly and I'ary Grant ARTISTS & MODELS in Technicolor and Vistavision with Dean .Martin and Jerry Lewis GIRL IN THE RICD VELVET SWING in color and cinemascope with Ray Alilland and Joan Collins THE McCONNELL STORY in color and cinemascope wilh Alan Ladd and June Allysttn PETE KKLI.Y HU'ES in Color and Cinemascope wilh Jack Webb and June l.eip;h LADY AND THE TRAMP in Color and Cinemascope A Walt Disney Failure

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