The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 31, 1971 · 5
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · 5

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1971
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Des Moines Register Pane 5 Tuet., Aug. 31, 1971 " S.F. Hunt For Killer of Policeman SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (AP) Policemen armed with shotguns guarded San Francisco's nine police stations Monday as a massive manhunt began for a gunman who killed a desk sergeant and wounded a woman clerk in one station-house. Police officials ordered the beefed-up security after the gunman burst into the Ingleside station in the southwest part of ; the city late Sunday night, s stuck a 12-gauge shotgun barrel through a hole in a bulletproof glass partition at the desk and fired. Police Lt. Charles Ellis, heading the investigation, said several persons were involved in what he called the "execution-type killing" of Sgt. John V. Young, 45. The clerk, Ellen Lipney, 31, was struck in the arm by two shotgun pellets. Ellis said the police radio had broadcast a description of the suspected killer a slender man in his early 20s, about 6 feet tall, wearing a light shirt, with a medium Afro hairdo. "It's senseless," he said.! fT .nil,. - , -- ' ' X Myy : a?x yjy,yy4 ''';;;Xy ' 'f'Mf&' yyjy ''H y '? ? - T 11 , r . . , WIREPHOTO (AP) Policeman Shot Through Window San Francisco, Calif., police said a man carrying a shotgun burst into the Ingleside stationhouse Sunday night, shoved the gun through this hole in a bulletproof glass partition and began firing. A desk sergeant was killed and a women clerk was wounded in the assault. Marks at the upper right are the result of shots fired at the window by police. "There's no other motive. It seems like it's all part of this San Quentin killing, these Ferry m fririir Mil - i n r-'- John V. Young Victim of Slaying bombings, the b o m b i n g s at Stonestown tonight." Less than an hour before the shooting, a Bank of America branch in Stonestown, a shopping center a mile northwest of the police station, was bombed. The explosion broke several windows and ripped a 12-by-8-inch hole in the building. About an hour after the police station shooting, a flash fire which Fire Department officials said was deliberately set did $35,000 damage to a house under construction and two neighboring homes near McLaren Park, about a mile from the station. San Francisco's famed Building. In letters to news media, a radical Weatherman group claimed credit. The Weather Underground said the! bombings were in retaliation for ''the assassination of George Jackson." Jackson, 29, one of the three so-called Soledad Brothers, was killed Aug. 21 in an abortive escape attempt from San Quentin Prison. Two white inmates and three guards also were killed. A third explosion Saturday night wrecked a State Department of Rehabilitation office in San Mateo. THEATER CLOCK Vatican Assails Film on e Court Bar n m. r n To Pupil Shift Priest, Orgies in Convent SI0UX CITY) TA (AP) 0f fipialq in sir Smith Daknta ! ROME, ITALY (AP) - A Bntisn i mm aoout a sex-prone ; schod distrjcts jn Union c priest and orgies in a convent came under attack by the Vatican: say they mgy .je an jnjunction ivionuay ana surreu cunuuvcisy in me imuu muvic nunu. The Vatican newspaper called (Tuesday's starting times as provided by theater managers.) CAPRI: Carnal Knowledge 7:30, 9:30. RIVER HILLS: The Red Tent 7, 9:15. RIVIERA: McCabe & Mrs. Miller 7:30, 9:30. VARSITY The Student Prince 2, 6, 8. CINEMA I: The Omega Man 7:30, 9:30. CINEMA II: Night of Dark Shadows 7, 9. PARAMOUNT: The Horsemen 6:10, 8, 10. INGERSOLL: Billy Jack 6, 8, 10. PLAZA: The Love Machine 6, 8, 10. GALAXY: Lawman 12, 2, fl, b, 8, 10. FLEUR 1: Ryan's Daughter 8. FLEUR 2: Summer of '42 8, 10. FLEUR 3: The Helstrom Chronicle 8, 10. FLEUR 4: Panic in Needle Park 8, 10. WAK0NDA: Friends 7:30, 9:15. HOLIDAY: On Any Sunday 7:45, 9:35. STAR LITE DRIVE-IN: Cartoons 8:15. Vanishing Point 8:30, Butch Cassidy 10:40. WEST-VUE DRIVE-IN: Cartoons 8:30. Andromeda Strain 8:50. Colossus 11:20. PIONEER DRIVE-IN: Chain Gang Women - 8:30, Slaves 10. She Beast 12 midnight. CAPITOL DRIVE-IN: Big Jake 8:30, 1 a.m. Little Big Man 10:40. PLANTATION DRIVE-IN: Willard 8:30, 12 midnight. Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice? 10:10. S.E. 14TH ST. DRIVE-IN: Cartoons 8:15. Chrome and Hot Leather 8:30, 12 a.m. Von Richthofen and Brown 10 20. CINEMA III: Pornography Prostitution U.S.A. 11, 1:30, 4, 6:30, 9. STUDIO III: Daisy Lay 11, 1:30, 4, 6 30, 9. SCREENING ROOM: Smash 11, 12:30, 2, 3:30, 5, 6:30, 8, 9:30. MINI-X: Flesh of the Lotus 11, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. White Slaver 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Car-Train Crash Kills Ames Boy (The Register's Iowa News Service) CLARION, IA. - A 2-year-old boy from Ames was killed late Monday morning in a car-train accident on a county road about five miles west of Clarion. He was identified as Jon Schnakenberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schnakenberg. His father, the driver of the car, was hospitalized in serious condition at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Mason City, and his mother was taken to the Clarion Community Hospital where she was reported in fair condition. Wright County Sheriff's deputies said the car was southbound and the North West Railway train westbound when the accident occurred. No charges were filed but the accident was still under investigation, deputies said. CYCLE AXED WEWAK, NEW GUINEA (AP) A man whose daughter was knocked down by a police motorcycle attacked the vehicle with an ax. A court fined him $22 and ordered him to pay $300 to repair the cycle. FASTEST SHIP LONDON, ENGLAND (AP) The destroyer Cavalier of the Royal Navy is listed as the "fastest ship in the service," having reached a speed of more than 33 knots 40 miles per hour. i ' E 3 I W - Jr m 1 tomwmtat I igJr father and ion wnj battle for glory! m ""1 111 O VIM i ! iwmsmrif . mmm guuMi iFTvmi)-vniitjG-jn piiiNfE mm m MlrFl'li1 1,00 1 SJ.'i'y Just a person who dfcCS-"23 1 protects children and 7 -TAwA mTtmt jJJJjjJ" other living things tft: imm BILLY tfM Explain Denial of for resignation of the Venice Film Festival's director for showing the film there. Ken Russell's "The Devils" overshadowed other entries in the six-day-old film festival when it was shown Saturday. The Vatican paper, too, acknowledged Russell's talent. "We are not questioning the lynching of the Church of yesterday, of today, of all time, as a political instrument of oppression." But Rome's daily Momento Sera called it a "splendid movie." It said the spectators' reaction was "religious silence, and then a roar of applause." Corriere della Sera, Italy s most widely circulated paper Pnhistnn Vlfl!fact that Russe11 is talented" U 1 called the movie "a terrible WASHINGTON, D.C. (REU-TER) Senator Edward M. Kennedy was barred from visiting Pakistan during his recent tour of refugee camps in India because of the danger of serious demonstrations against him, the Pakistani ambassador in Washington said Monday. Ambassador Agha Hilaly told a news conference that following statements by the Massachusetts Democrat on Pakistan's action against its dissident eastern region, the Paki-s t a n i government concluded said in noting "the rhythm, the refined coloring of some scenes, the power of some parts." "The Devils" is about the French city of Loudun opposing the dominance of King Louis XIII in the Seventeenth Century under the leadership of Father Urbain Grandier, a priest and also a great lover. Ahysterical nun, Sister Jeanne of the Angels, accuses him of having seduced her with the devil's help. The priest is tortured and burned to death. film stars Vanessa Red Kennedy ' appeared to nave a -rie closed mina ana mere was noi , , point in his coming over and: 8rave aild 01lver Reed- discussing matters with us." The ambassador was responding to a speech by Kennedy in which he said the United States should break diplomatic On Saturday night, powerful j relations with Pakistan unless time bombs heavily damaged 'peaceful, political accom-State Department of Correc-1 modation replaced military options offices in Sacramento and ' pression in East Pakistan. The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano denounced the work Monday as "an insult to cinema," saying Russell indulged in "images and sounds of such an obscenity as had never been seen before on the screen, in order to accomplish a crude OYSTER BAR AND SEAFOOD RESTAURANT mm hours Monday thru Saturday 4:00 p.m. 'til 12:00 p.m. Sunday 4:00 p.m. 'til 10:00 p.m. Far The Best annruuL i 2 I . M angiiJhEPE Y1 Featuring: Whole Maine Lobsters (flown in daily) Captain Don's Choice Steak Dinner Famous San Francisco Dungeness Crab Deep Fried or Broiled Seafood Specialties Children's Menu (and the Captain's Treasure Chest) PRIVATE PARTY ROOM AVAILABLE THE CAPTAIN'S CABIN" COCKTAIL LOUNGE 6.1 1 6 Douglas Avenue Tel: 276-3444 mixture of sacrilege and ob scenity, of horror and perfidy, heaped on a hot dish by the director with a spectacular artistry equaling only the commercial speculation in which he indulged." to prevent the use of South Da kota state funds to send students to high school here this fall. An estimated $114,000 in South Dakota money would be required to send 80 students to Sioux City schools and 30 others to schools in Jefferson, S.D. Representatives of the Greater Scott, Greater Hoyt, Elk Point, Jefferson, Vermillion and Beresford districts say they , have made no decision on seek ing an injunction. The students are from the financially troubled North Sioux City school district in South Dakota. Operetta Day! ) &8P.M. M-G-M's Gorgeous Jrw Love-time Musical... IHJb Student Prince 1 'CotOft' tub 'at tty at a mrm m i m i m m i .v--a O zo So 1 W. Germany Halts Sea Mines Search BONN, WEST GERMANY (AP) - The West German navy Monday closed a chapter of history with an announcement that its minesweeper unit has abandoned the clearing of World War II mines from coastal waters after 26 years. The Defense Ministry said some of the estimated 10,000 mines laid in North and Baltic Sea coastal areas during the war still remain, but tests showed the batteries connected to the mines have deteriorated and no longer provide enough current to spark a detonation. LAST 3 DAYS A TO SEE... f 4Tr!k TRUE COURSE , ' ' IN L0VE MAK,NG ! ! ! I' :" ' 4 y'vfj GRAPHICALLY i&W&?f$ DEMONSTRATED cooooooooooooooooooco O'" . C yJ FIRST TIME IN IOWA O tmwnfSsC ONE WEEK ONLY 2 g iSiiiuyX " ; Both Features in Color g 2 mMZyi,Jm3, RATED XXX g ANOTHER OF THE GRHAT W 0 JOHNNY WADE DETECTIVE SERIES Q O "FLESH OF THE LOTUS" o q "WHITE SLAVER" q !f THEATER LOCATED Vi BLOCK SOUTH OF 4th and WALNUT f O FREE INDOOR PARKING O ooooooooooooooooooooo I W XLf mm 'i"...'. J.i: vhez w TOP NOTCH FILMS y INTIMATE X ATMOSPHERE X SMASH CONTINUOUS SHOWINGS ANN BLYTH EDMUND PURDOM AND THE SINGING VOICE jOF ! MARIO LANZA M lt(M FlCIMI The Elegant Twin Theotrt lacoteri iill1jmhmwmmr Auditorium TONIGHT at7&9:15 Sean Connery 'Claudia Cardinale GIANT ADVENTURE and LOVE "THE RED TENT" RATED G COLOR The Elegant Twin Theatre leated Veterans w " ' AJt Auditorium TONIGHT 7:30, 9:30 The 1st Story of the Real West Warren Beatty Julie Christe "McCABE & MRS. MILLER" RATED R COLOR "ANDROMEDA STRAIN" ... AT 11 OO .. . COLOSSUS" (imioiiwpRmici) GP at 7:30, 9:30 ( jndkt Bcrya Anhur GarKjnkrt. AnnMargrttarriXilnrfrflCT. M Mike Nichols Carnal Knowledge I POINT" 1 1 10 35- GP -BDICII CasSIDT Hurryfi Triendsi TONIGHT AT 7:30,9:30 CHARLTON HESTON OMEGA MAN" GP COLOR TONIGHT AT 7&9P.M.' NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS GPCOLOR 3 Hits 4-3 All Color Rated R FIRST RUN! Once at 8:30 "CHAIN GANG WOMEN" Co-Hit at 10 Dianne Warwick "SLAVES" BONUS HIT AT 12 "SHE BEASTS" eve. 7:30 & 9:15 R lit D.I. SHOWING ALL COLOR-CP AT 8:30 & 12 "WILLARD" PLUS CO-HIT AT 10 P.M. "What Happened To Aunt Alice" ana mmf Ml i;i(ej;i mirA'i 99 ON oioecrcii srot yjsCT i ANY Mi Enos Tues. 2 Color Hits-GP 9 m wmmm 11 aSMSe VC1 ,5v -?7J mm STACY KEACH FAYE DUNAWAY HARRIS YULIN inIAA A FILM BY FRANK PERRY anVi: tinTl'rvWnfabyFTtH.;MIlJ. Pd m PiMrad by FUNK W UmtBll AptlStS JVllr.C. WIlNtl M:ii.-i-ih.l!MMl(WBfi r p -4 R LAST DAY- BURT LANCASTER in "LAWMAN" AT 8:30 JOHN WAYNE "BIG JAKE" AT 10:40 DUSTIN HOFFMAN "LITTLE BIG MAN" !SSUNDAY fffi 3'

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