The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on November 1, 1970 · 41
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · 41

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 1, 1970
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I, l'0 fUS M'.Vf S St'NPAV Kl.'MSTF'R 7 S "TP Kinney Runback Sinks Buffs 35 and 39 yards. The first came back th kicknff 75 yards to the ; with II m'inuUs 17 seconds lrft Colorado 21 yard line. I,, llm ,m..i.u. n,la.(,.r .hp whJ " 'hoUJjhl he hid pwl j chance of going all the wav." ond at 2 53. ,f ( !." mtmumymy mmiiiii t tut,. - iwrnm . , w,,,,. mm mnrr.f ' " .- 'mmw ' n mi1, f ''ly'T Z 'I 1 - : .. .-' , , '!' V , i it . . 1 - ".i , - Tl . .,,. (XT rj Mn.N. NEBRASKA 1 " AM .J '1END ZONEL'VI ; , ' : - . :' ' "W "" VVj Conlm-wd from Puge Une P V ' - :i'Wf ' ';-::;'?r'ivi.4M0 V V.'VIs.m. I8l-puI junior duln't w , , c S;ud IX-vanry. L. . J ,W.'" ' J '.I ' -' ' : I ' ' ,' - lr 7 n Jr--r' --v-J" I Iwck Ji-rry TagKe until the last ! - was luckv cnmij-h to ft " lil-iinK play" and it taV- 'lU-'-l-- V,.--.C"VtV Jv'i il " 7;:'X .fl " PrnamlVa,iptthebH right; h all of that. NMJs V ,,JfC " k'; ;' '-- ; ,' ' -iT tt r . : . - , 4' , ! Winged Surprise ion the money," mt Ingles. i Suddenly the tcriiMi a on IV Afl V-'l. CHANGES MIND!. K U . V'-d Brownson, after t-ompleting I "On the first piss, I gave the' Nehraska's ide. Brownson I UC J , f ft i..,.. ' '-;;;; ? 1 .r,-. Vv ; .,-.1 t.lght of ll passes in the first ,.,, BUV a.out. M,ve aiu, 'ver from the one for a "A ' iJQ i-'rV A'C?'-: v v half, finished with II of 17 for I )TJ2 ). Z- ! T h,,wn ,,h 27 f " f -'.-1 A. L'-7"-; '--- r "i Af -rtv iS " "I iTSvards And it was a gMtd a M,p , 111 ' Jl i Kinney ran seven yards for an- .,, :-i rr i i i V . ' V - 1 fj U ;"v v;, .Jtanic couldn't keep up withi ., v. , eobson retried Brarnht ! .:;' -.:J tUV'- i,;:. V- --V-:. fdo-,. ! Paul Rogers, the Nebraska fumhl. on ,hp VoMo la. :, -; $X f -A iktVi- ll K . evpulledanewformalionil-.nfi .al st from . . tj, Vvi . ih-iu uimhiiiK. irowder. sunoav utoisTEn photos sr jomn MouieiTE - . ' " - v,- , ftv "V I "That's the best any team Season Reeord VITAL TWtH'OlNTKK-When Ralph Itaraej went hark to punt ftnn the Cy tlone end zone with the ball on the 10, third doun and !! yards to go, It looked us if a tricky fake kick was coming up, hut after some hesitation and a strong Oklahoma rush, Raracx was tackled. The officials ruled it a safety and (ho points for the Sooners, though it appears he may have been pushed back over the goal line. At that stage, the two points seemed insignilicant, for Ioa State led, 21-!, but the margin melted and Oklahoma won by one point, 29-28. SPARKED SOONERS ON WAY- .' m, luis run ncainst us all season." i O Tin? Ruffal(K's wiled up 297 V-'- .. W U V rl Sards on the ground to 153 for s :fson s uir su ft t.-w " ! passed lor on total NEBRASKA Sto.m. Cl. 1 41 Anny 0 ?a Minnesota 10 41 ska and, despite Brown-J1 ZT &l COLORADO t SI. If4 Stt Mis.ouft 'down', We mifihl have hern a ?' little htand at the st;trt. I giif&i -..-... V imJ . JtfTZ wr '?.!! hrask.-i was whinneil in K,-f'rrt w 1 toXinffensts 337-326. V'.'; HV .W ? ?,1 ; laving people rush at us 'rnTiVtr: - L'. T.v V -;i that." Devaney said. "I don t have any dele pcriorily (Colorado: ft&J. ,, j t rowder said he thong inly 40 yards), Ne-j J,-' -s, ,M, j o...Fbs.;.. or three Ruffs had eh N ?l OkKhumaiH) we came to life slowly." Crowder said he thought "two ances to ! tackle Kinnev on the kii koff ie- turn, "but he just ran throuch Safety Damaging to Cyclones mMgffBii t:. ;. "- :: r .. U ;.o-r-1 AMKS, IV " tried to sa Rv Jim Moacklrr ( lev eland, Ohio, was among i four times and said of those (S'ini Mitir wni) ( those watching Slnwp haul in J 'They were just bad throws." - Ralph Raracz.'he passes thrown by I)cantarl- Linebacker Keith Schroeder -.- Ivageas muchof Snn- said the difference in yielding a bad situation as he could Sat-! '1 as more worned al.ou , . , &x)U,rs jn urdav. but the safety he yielded ; man anyining, saia e to Oklahoma turned out to be' Stowe. -Maybe nevt week ,the fust half and 379 m the the difference in Iowa State's ! Nebraska ..." j second was probably a matter e , 29 28 loss to the Sooners here, j Otto "had slipped into the sec-'of the Sooners giving Mildren He was punting on third down onnary wnn anout t'i nnnuies from his own 10 when tilings "'"i ' icu a Sanson pass ami , , , v.i catch- - went awry. streak in for the touchdown. greater protection in a up" game. (ireal Rush vrff iV'i "In the first half we hit the 14 t t at I I . f I T . BN gap and got lo niuurcn, nc , said. "But they had to protect i i Lick hut when I . Iowa Mate went ahead. 28-21 saw I was standing in the end when Repgic Shoemake fol-?one I thought I might as well '" with his fourth straight take the safety." the senior pxt-a point kick. -if im ti,.tnit it nrohahlvl thought I had it when I cut would have been blocked andck hi the left," Stowe said, j him more because they had to fhpy could have recovered in "l iust fiS'"ocf he wouldn't get , tnnHv in the second half. We the end zone." mp,-, , . itake pride in pursuing the foot- ,-mowps swncn inrcw corner-1. .. . , back Geoffrey Nordgron off thej bal1 and we ovcr-, an 3 fcW trail. times. And, it was slick out The Cyclones' hanniness thorp." . . . i i... i . : to swing nis leg, men cnei heu rildn-t Iast ionf, as Sooners j Mildren said the Cyclones' it- . came drivinc back lo set up the1 na mwh was thp stroneest final touchdown on a pass by . he's been against all season. cnlit .i,rl U'illifi ITrunl-lin U'lin 1 jpiii iiv. t,iiiiv t iiiiiniiu, ,im' . , II had inflicted earlier damage by j '1 wcre !" " S,V " ? Illllliu, lie diu. ;x i'i 3 (iel Through Raracx said three men sifted through on him, and he started ! The decision to lake the safe ly seemed wise at the time, he said, and then added: "But it didn't turn out that way." When Oklahoma went for two points following its fourth touchdown it missed extra points kicks after two others the success meant a victory. The safety only pared Iowa State's Ipad to 21-2 in the second quartpr, but it seemed to switch the momentum to the Sooners. "That safety kind of hurt and after the half we couldn't open up becausp of field position and had to stick pretty much to running," said end Otto Stowe, who set an Iowa State pass receiving record of 1 .446 yards. Stowe, who finished with six receptions for 143 yards and scored the final Cyclone touchdown on a 70-yard play, said he didn't care about setting another mark. He had been hailed at the start of the game by the crowd for breaking the career reception record of 97 set by Eppie Barney in 1966. Barney, who said he now op erates a dry cleaning plant in! taking a Jack Mildren pass on a 75-yard scoring play. The Franklin touchdown play resulted from a "mixup" in the Iowa State defense, defensive back Jeff Allen said. Franklin threw on a third-and-eight situation. Albert Chandler caught it for a 33-yard gain to the 15. "We knew they had a play like that, but I think they set us up for it," said Allen. "We were not expecting it at that particular time." Carlson, who directed the Cyclones all the way, running for two touchdowns and passing for two others, said: "We seemed to lose our momentum the last part of the second quarter. We had those drives stopped at midfield and had trouble getting field posi tion I stars today." looked as if Nebraska, t.:..l. n..niwt.l miinlc url!lilict j Willi II sroini 'm (uiiiu c.H.. ...... Oklahoma Slate me wcck nc- fore, might be headed for an other computer afternoon when Brownson fired two scoring passes to lM-pound Guy Ingles in the first quarter. "We thought we could beat Colorado's defenders on deep patterns." explained Rrownson, "and for a while, we did. "Teams just can't play man-to-man on our split receivers. After the first two touchdowns, Colorado didn t play so tight, but began put ting more pressure on me i J son's pass to Ingles for a two- them." likPPmnter faded later. j "j""nnpr''-r guess! i was too iigui on inai ursr n rm in uulll nsive lry, said Rogers, who later, TW IT UllbUI.1. booted a 46-vard field goal that! lf pushed the lluskers' lead to 15 -j g PnfCETON Rrownson humped the same elbow in the first quarter that ! ' Rt'I'r-M K R (API -kept him out of a couple of Pete llaiu k caught three touch-earlier games, down passes and hallhack Hank "I did it when I rolled into Bjorklund rushed for 217 yards the Colorado bench." he said, including a fi7yard louchdnwn "It hurt for about three plays jaunt, Saturday as Princeton afterward." jn)(1(, ,(( a 45 M foolha virt0.y Heel, Too OVOr Brown. Rrownson also said he rein- Hauck caught touchdown pas-jured his left heel in warmups'SCs of 69, 24. and 22 yards 3 before the game but it caused the Tj rm.ked ,hoir f((h him no serious problem. . . . . , . Jon Keworth, a 4. victory m six starts. Prmretnn inch, 221-pound sophomore run-ihl'l(l Br,,wn scoreless in the l i i i i it., j I t.if : : i i The passes to Ingles covered mnK uaLK wnn sianen ine nay m-cuihi hhu as u ihim-o us ivy uii uiuii mm a nu. it mill, (niiii u fragile ri' IM U 10 J-I. 118 yards and speedster Cliff i Branch added 95. j It was Branch's seven-yard f touchdown that wound up a 93-i yard Buff drive with 2:14 left in i the first half. Oklct. State's Long Plays Sink Kansas Statistics Kansai 1 'V t k a of times we didn't have enough men to block them. That 55 (linebacker- Mark Wilhrow) was a real good one." Coach Johnny Majors said the Cyclone running game still neeas improvement. . r r - .-r', -w , 4 w "Tt hurt us acain." he said, r "With our running game not vJJ ''V'' ''2:''f come wen, we nau 10 ucuenu t r m-.. w- . nn our nassinff." rSl-t, .-A Majors said mat ne amn i think about going for two points after the final Iowa State touchdown. "I had that much confidence that these men would hold on," he said. r if Late Gift Score AidsColgate,21-12 ! HAMILTON, N.Y. (AP) - Colgate evened its football sea Carlson said the offensive line; son record at 4-4 Saturday with! did a real good job of protect- a hard fought 21-12 victory over stubborn Lenien. jne naiueis -fw Jifi, A . kx?? , jJLAiA a.l. T!i m swy-v SAFETY: 2 SOONER POINTSL : m - r i ii in in--in in iinimiin-TTmrrrnr-Tr-Ti v rn"r n ii ii i .oi OKI SHI 14 ?0 1.1? 253 8 138 11-54 1 7 21-1 8-36 7 1 0 70 70 Rushing yardaqe Passing yardage Passes Punls FumblM lost Yards eenaliiea Kansas ! .1 5 ?.Z oma 51a e . OSU-Satnlv Heck tackled in end zone OSU Oranam us oass iroin ruum iPruss kick) , . . ., Kan-RiBins 3 run (Helmbacher kick) OSU-FG Pruss 30 , . . . . OSU Graham 47 run (Pruss kick) Attendance-35,000 STILLWATER, OKLA. (AP) Dick Graham, a scrappy little flankcrback, led Oklahoma Slate to a 19-7 Big Eight victory Saturday over Kansas. The 178-pounder scored on a 58-yard screen pass and a 47- With oranges thrown by some of the 15,000 Nebraskans who came west for the game lying in the end zone, quarterback Jim Bratlcn ran five yards for The Rruins jumped to a 7 0 lead In the first period on a 20-yard run by Gary Bonner, but the Tigers came hark when defenise back Fob Wolfe intercepted a Rob Zink pass and returned il 68 sards for a score. Princeton added three insurance touchdowns in the final v I mnininH iim h l-inxb Lvmemff ttttn a Colorado score with 11:22 left; M , ,.. ftllU MllllC TVIIIIrtllia 1 III II I II 1 Season Records OKLAHOMA ST. 13 Miss St. 14 7 Arkansas 53 26 Houston 17 20 Missouri 40 34 TCU 20 31 Nebraska 45 7 ing." "Stowe made some more great catches," he said. Carlson was intercepted stopped a fourth-period Lehigl drive, then scored on a fumble recovery in the end zone. ; Late Dickey Aerials Push K-State By Missouri, 17-13 'if j V, yr V i ' H 3 x , rf1 ' 4 ' l'X-v J 1 i MANHATTAN, KAN. (AP) Quarterback Lynn Dickey drove Kansas State 77 yards in the last four minutes Saturday, lifting the Wildcats .to a 17-13 Big Eight victory over Missouri. Dickey completed a zu-yaru scoring pass to Mike Creed for the victory. Only seconds earlier, Jack Bastablc of Missouri had broken a 10-10 tie with a 38-y?J-d field goal. A 25-yard field goal by Bas-table late in the third quarter had tied the game. Kansas TCU Snares 24-17 Escape Over Baylor FORT WORTH, TEX. (AP) Texas Christian rode with Steve Judy Saturday to a 24-17 Southwest Conference football triumph over Baylor. Judy scored twice on short runs and Kaymona nnoaes went in from two for another as the Horned Frogs rolled to their ' second league verdict against one loss. Rusty Underwood kicked a 24-yard field goal in the first period and TCU took a 17-point lead before Don Huggins stunned the Frogs with a 63- yard trick down the sidelines with a punt for a Bear touchdown. Quarterback Si Southall unleashed a 61-yard scoring shot to Derek Davis in the final period followed by Mike Conrad's 32-vard field goal with 22 seconds left. Statistics First downs Rushing yardage Passing yardage Return yardage passes punts nmhlec nst Yards penalized Missouri ll 222 139 110 18-49-1 8-34 0 45 K. State i j 45 276 14 14-2-4 8-38 0 39 Missouri 0 ' 3 3-3 Kansas Mate j u KS Creed 33 pass from Dickey (Goer- aer kick) , IV0 Koper i run idosiouib hp-iw Mo FG Bastable 25 Mo FG Bastable 38 , KS Creed 20 pass from Dickey (Goer-r kick) A-42,000. KANSAS I 48 Wash. St. 31 0 Texas Tech 23 31 Syracuse 1! 49 New Mexico 23 51 Kansa St. 15 70 Nebraska 41 7 Okla. at. iv iy Kansas 24 Iowa SI. 10, N. 7 Kansas St. Ml CnlnraHn N.14 CnloradafHI TS; N 14 Oklahoma(H) N.21 Iowa SKH) N 21 Missouri I N.28 Oklahoma '4t yard run as Oklahoma State boosted its over-all record to 3-4 and conference mark to 1-2. Kansas, hoping to ruin the Cowboys' homecoming for the sixth straight time, saw its record fall to 5-3 and 2-2, respectively. Tony Pounds, the Big Eight's leading passer, completed 7 of 21 passes for 138 yards, in cluding the scoring pass to Gra ham. Kansas never got its powerful running game in gears but 230- pound fullback John Riggins managed 76 yards and a touch down in 19 carries. Oklahoma State never trailed, jumping ahead on a safety and Graham's scoring pass in the second quarter. Kansas came back on Rig- gins' three-yard touchdown run, but the Jayhawks never se riously threatened again. Uwe Pruss booted a 30-yard field goal just before inter mission, and Graham supplied the clincher with his scoring sweep in the fourth quarter. in the final period. Rut Branch, who returned two punts for touchdowns in an earlier victory over Iowa State, couldn't negotiate the run he needed for the two points that would have tied the score. Corner back Joe Blahak said five yards for the other. Lynn Lee Paces Drake Runners Lynn Ie paced Drake's crosscountry team to a swppp of the first five places and a 15-45 he got an arm on Branch andi17 0V?J Northeast Missouri wtianmr cam toi'Llo jitu .la t JT,tc cobson tripped up the 165-pound junior, too. Kinney Special at Waveiand course Sat urday. Lee won the four-mile race in a .time of 20 minutes 31.2 seconds. This was Drake's final Anyway, Branch's knee hit tune-up before the Missouri the ground before he could get j Valley Conference meet next into the end zone and Jeff l Saturday. Lynn Lee (D). 20:34. 7.- J Steve lock ID), 21:73; 3. Sieve Johnson Kinnmr navp hio fpam a Inn nf ' V Lynn Lee (D), w "- Garlc fnrthpr insniralinn hu rnnninc CD), 21 :33; 4 Warren Whiled (D). 51 .43; I "J B 5. t Bob Becker fOI. 51:52. '"-v.Vi. v k tentwtt TODAY! Kansas City Chiefs State led, 10-7, at halftime. Creed earlier scored on a 3j- yard Dickey pass in the second i quarter. Kansas State had gone; ahead in the opening period on j 'REASON' WINS $197,000 RACE MISSOURI Baylor Minnpsota Air Force Okta. Slate LAUREL, MD. (AP) Limit To Reason, considered the sca-' son's second-leading, 2-year-old VS. Oakland Raiders TUNE IN THE PRE-GAME SHOW AT 2:35 P.M. Follow the Exciting Chiefs Season Records KANSAS STATE 37 Utah St 0 ,3 a'Vosi. 35 behind Hoist The Flag, gained All Coacnn f)n 51 Colorado 30 . lm.,AII OedSOfl Ull ! 7 N'otre Drre Iowa Slate 0 - u . T i c-,.J, Kt. 14 MILMlOliil U i -aiui u; j Mouri 13 -i .. ila 1Q7 nin T '.ii i cdMiy winiiitif; tuu j,uiw uou-i 113 K3n?as ?;ate 17 19 Otviahcma . 3(1 Coicdo 16 1 M if. -(. n ' N.U IcAa St. (H) N U N-hrka Kansas (Hi Mortoa at. No. 1 Wofford Scoots, 48-10 SPRTNEURG S.C. (APa 23-yard field goal by John lengths, running the 1 1-lfi mile I j Wofford, ranked No. 1 by the Gocrgcr. These Iowa Radio rpI-Pimlirn Futiiritv. Limit To Reason won by fourMptvA'ork StatiOflS. Vatinnal Assneialinn Icolleciate Athletics, of Inter-; stormed ! J jpast Waynesburg, 43-10, in foot- j i ball Saturday. The Terriers scored the first) two times they got the ball en 'route to their seventeenth j Islraicht victory. Harold Chan- With 59 seconds left in the first half, Pete Buha intercepted a Dickey pass and returned it 35 yards to the Kansas Slate two. Three plays later, Chuck Roper sneaked across. Missouri, behind Roper's race in 1 minute 44 4-5 seconds over a muddy track. Jean Crugtiet was aboard Limit To Reason, who earned $123,526. New Round was second and Droll Role, an entry with Limit Tu Reason, was third. SUNDAY REGISTER PHOTO BY LARRY NEIBER&ALL Jock Johnson sadly reflects Cyclones losing to Sooners throu, tun tmirhrinun nas-! nassinc. drove to the Wildcat 20' Limit To Reason paid $3 60, ses to split end Skip Corn for 54 in the final minute of play, but j $2.60 and $2.20, while New and 71 yards. ,. 'time ran out. 'Round returned $3.60 and $6.40. TQWAT Ji dLyil NETWORK KASI-Ames 1430 KCFI-Cedar Falls 1250 KROS-Clinton 1340 KVFD Fort Dodge 1400 KXIC-FM-lowa City ....100.7 KOKX-Keokuk ..1310 KLEM LeMars .'...1410 KFJB-Marshalltown ....1230 KWPC-Muscaline 860 O

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