The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on June 15, 1971 · 4
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · 4

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1971
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Rights Unit: Nixon Policy Is Too Soft HOUSING- Continued from Page One names of defendants in these cases will not be released until il. nit: smus are uieu, pruuauiy . within the next few days. Mitchell's announcement followed President Nixon's policy statement on open housing last Friday. The President said the government will prosecute individ ual cases of racial bias but will not try to force economic integration on the suburbs. Asked how he would differentiate between economic discrimination and racial discrimination, Mitchell said the Justice Department would have to investigate "the intentions of the parties involved, their state ments and actions taken. George Romney, secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), appeared with Mitchell at a joint news conference. Romney announced proposed new guidelines for locating federally subsidized housing projects, with emphasis on selecting sites outside of areas having minority concentrations. Communities that have rejected or made no effort to provide low and moderate income housing will be ineligible for urban renewal projects and wa ter and sewer grants, Romney said. Open Hearings The U.S. Civil Rights Com mission, meanwhile, opened three days of hearings to examine the effectiveness of federal policy in combatting the growing predominance of blacks in inner cities and whites in the suburbs. Foreshadowing expected tough questioning of Romney and Mitchell at hearings today and Wednesday, the commission vice-chairman, Stephen Horn, indicated the civil rights fact-finding unit believes Mr. Nixon's open-housing policy is not tough enough. "It is clear that a much greater leadership role must be assumed by higher governments federal, state and regional -if the suburban-access problem is to be solved," Horn said, speaking for the commission. The first day of hearings concentrated on housing access problems in the metropolitan areas of Dayton, Ohio, Washington, D.C., St. Louis and Bal timore, Md. Citizens and local officials favoring dispersal of blacks to suburbs in these metropolitan areas said strong federal policies are necessary to overcome suburban resistance to subsidized housing. (T - 4 2 - . j r J hi l:rr EH illrJA 4 - f JU,XJP- Setoffs. ? ' -' - wik WIREPHOTO (AP) One of Seven Slaying Victims The body of one of seven persons shot to death Monday in Detroit is removed from a house on the city's west side near the focal point of the 1967 riots. An eighth person was critically wounded and three others escaped. A number of guns and a quantity of a substance believed to be a narcotic was found in the house. Officers believe the "execution-type" slayings are the latest in a string of 25 narcotics-connected homicides. Search for 4 Men in Detroit After Bloody Execution of 7 DETROIT, MICH. (AP) hearing a couple of shots, then DM. Man Jailed On Check Charge Alonzo Lee Bibbins of 1119 Eighteenth St. was arraigned before Polk County Justice of the Peace Charles Roberts Monday on a charge of uttering a forged check. Bibbins, a coordinator for the Model City project to remove junked cars from the neighborhood, is being held in Polk County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond. He is charged in connection with a check for an undisclosed amount drawn on the Northwest National Bank in Johnston last Wednesday. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday. NORWEGIAN OIL OSLO, NORWAY (REUTER) Loading of crude oil from the Ekofisk field in the Norwegian section of the North Sea began Monday, making Norway an nil TlrnrfimincT rnimfrv An intensive manhunt was un der way Monday for four men seen fleeing from a house where seven persons were shot to death. Police said the deaths may be the latest in a series of murders connected to a battle for control of Detroit's narcotics traffic. Three men and four women- three of them with their hands bound in front of them died almost immediately of gunshot wounds fired at point-blank range into their heads. An eighth victim, wounded in the chest, was in Ford Hospital. Three other occupants of the first-floor flat in the house bordering Detroit's predominantly black Twelfth Street center of the 1967 riots dived out of the windows to escape the hail of bullets, police said. The three surrendered at a nearby police station and were being questioned by some of the 20 detectives assigned to the case. The three were not identified. Police said witnesses report ed four men fled the house on foot after the sound of shots was heard. Said District Inspector James Bannon, who headed the police investigation: "One thing that has us puzzled is why these people apparently just sat quietly while the killer or killers did their work. . . . There is no evidence of any struggle." Bannon said police found sev eral hand guns and two long guns in the home, plus a quan tity of narcotics, needles and other paraphernalia. Newspaper accounts said the seven slayings brought to 25 the number of persons slain since the first of the year in continuing war for control of Detroit's rich narcotics traffic. "We cannot say for certain whether drugs played a part in these seven murders or any of the others, but I would call the newspaper account a reason able picture of the situation," Bannon said. Bannon said another puzzling thing about the slayings was that several witnesses reported after about a 10-minute inter val, a fusillade of shots. "It's only conjecture, but one theory is that the killers shot one of the people in the flat," said Bannon. "Then, they may have realized what they did and tied up the three women with surgical tubes similar to the type used in blood extractions. At that point, there may have been a mass execution, for all of them were shot several times." The seven slain were tentatively identified by police from fingerprint comparison as Kath-erine Louise Winston, 18; Tes-sie Brown, 18; Katherine Betty Basser, 21; Sharon Brown, 19; Romandez Burton, 23; Carl Darrington Mounts, jr., 26; and Lloyd Kenneth Tyler, 27, all of Detroit. Robert Gardner, 28, of Detroit, the wounded man, reportedly was found by his wife when she returned to the flat at 4:30 a.m. Monday. She rushed Gardner to a hos pital, then called police and told them: "There is a real bloodbath in that house." French Atom Tests Held Satisfactory PAPEETE, TAHITI (REU TER) The air force vice- marshal in charge of French atomic tests at Mururoa Lagoon in the South Pacific has described the two latest ex periments, June 5 and June 7, as satisfactory. capp Homes MODEL HOME 4721 E. 14TH STREET DES MOINES. IOWA 50313 J62-M57 iroun'd oyt your com fort the fabulous air condtioner with exclusive round design ONLY Dittributor srottsted Mlllnf price. Mav urn mt i.HiuiTii W-ZL S4.M4 Bf U Modti MGC901 w,th matenmt coaliiw csil only. Installation, labor an malarialt such as thermostat, Ian , relay, shaet metal, refrigerant tubina and electrical svinna which mar ba required not included. I IferECCS CBS DSH bill if Whisper quiet indoors ... Low-voice outdoors ... Built to Last Locates Anywhere k Keeps On Inventing Air CendrtloWiti . . . See On o tha Followl., Autftorlied ( Bell Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning 22 aTM AVENUE . DES MOINES TELE: 144-ltll Schaal Furnace Company George Larson. Owner FIRST i UNIVERSITY DES MOINES TELE: 2M-3631 Wyckoff-Horn Heating & Air Conditioning 1S UNIVERSITY AVENUE DES MOINES TELE: J7M731 Dealers Comfort Conditioning INOIANOLA TELE: l-330 FESTIVAL CLOSES SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO (AP) Puerto Rico's first rock festival came to a close Sunday night without incident. URGE HIGHWAY WORKERS STAY Gus Lartius, president of the Organization of Highway Com' mission Employes, said Mon day he has asked Highway Commission employes to stay on the job. . - Lartius met with Lt. Gov, Roger Jepsen, several members of the House and Senate appro priations committees and other employes' representatives to discuss salary requests and re ports of a pending statewide Highway Commission employe strike. At a number of meetings over the weekend highway maintenance employes voted to "take drastic action" if their salary demands are not met. Joseph Coupal, jr., state di rector of highways, said he advised the employes to "keep cool and keep working." He also said he is willing to work with the organization and with state representatives. Gov. Robert Ray said he hopes the Legislature will look into the Jacobs Report, a year- old study of state salaries that recommended reasonable and fair pay" for highway workers. Ray said he has no plans to meet with Highway Commission employes and said he knows of no authority for the highway workers to strike. Employes this weekend agreed to strike unless higher pay raises and better tringe benefits are voted by the Legis lature. A spokesman for the commis sion employes said he thought no substantial progress was made at Monday's session. t i I i i IT P EFREM ZlMBALIST, JR. J. EDGAR HOOVER Zimbalist Aids Fund Drive To Defend FBI, Hoover By Jack Nelson and Bryce Nelson 1971 Los Angeles Times WASHINGTON, D.C. - Actor Efrem Zimbalist, jr., a Wash. ington publicist and a Chicago attorney have launched a nationwide fund-soliciting campaign for an "educational" program to support the FBI and its embattled director, J. Edgar Hoover. Zimbalist, the Inspector Er- skine of TV's "The FBI," recently wrote a letter of solic itation that was mailed to 50,000 persons. It sought contributions to "Friends of the FBI ... a project of the Commission for International Due Process of Law." Lee Edwards, 39, long active in right-wing causes, and Louis Kutner, 63, chairman and founder of the commission, conceived the project to counter criticism of Hoover and the FBI. On GOP Press Staff Edwards,' the founding editor of New Guard, magazine of the right-wing Young Americans for Freedom, formerly was on the press staff of Republican National Headquarters. According to Kutner, the commission's board members include Roger Baldwin, founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, Max M. Kampelman of ; Washington, Senator Hubert I Humphrey's attorney, and several other liberals. In a telephone interview, Baldwin said he knew Kutner "but I don't remember being a member of the board. I certainly have not been active." "I have never heard of 'Friends of the FBI' and I repudiate it," Baldwin added. Kampelman said he was not a member of the commission, had never heard of "Friends of Des Moines Register Pan a A Tu.., Jim. 15, IW the FBI" and had never met Kutner. Zimbalist's letter, composed with the help of Edwards and Kutner, identifies him as "honorary chairman for Friends of the FBI." "Vicious Attack" "Dear Concerned American," it begins. "As the enclosed news reports reveal, the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover are now being subjected to the degradation of a vicious partisan attack by self-serving politicians, their supporting media and certain radical elements that ultimately seek the destruction of all law and order in the United States." Attached to the letter were: A page of excerpts of news articles containing both praise and criticism of Hoover and the FBI, a signature blank for a petition to the President, Congress and the prea declaring support for Hoover and the FBI; and a form for contributions to the "Friends of the FBI," with blank check marks for amounts of $10 to $1,000. Zimbalist wrote that sub stantial funds were needed to reach hundreds of thousands of Americans with the commission study report. He said contributions were tax deductible, "so I ask you to please be generous." (An Internal Revenue Service spokesman said he did not know whether contributions to "Friends of the FBI" would be tax deductible.) The 47-year-old Zimbalist was picked for his role in "The FBI" by Hoover. The FBI also approves and works on each script of the weekly show. IM VM CUSTOM TAILOR IN TOWN 4 Days June 15-18, Tues., V fl "IT 1T7 Wed., Thuis., Fri., Sat. iUjJLiUl All Wool Worsted Suit $59.00 Silk Wool Suit 65.00 Terylen Wool Suit 55.00 Sharkskin Suit 58.00 Please call Jack Wadhwani Holiday Inn South Tel: 283-1 7 1 1 ext. 422 ' Also on Display Ladles Beaded Suits, Dresses, Sweaters, Gloves, Pantsuits, Top Coats. WELCOME ALL. Ladies May Bring Their Own Pattern. 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Stole Phone 295-2122 MASON CITY 30 E. Slate Phone 423-5775 . CHARLES CITY 210 N. Main Phone 228-1036 MARSHAUTOVYN 136 W. Main Phone 752-0229 WATERLOO 306 W. Pork Phone 234-4445 CEDAR FAILS Slackhawk Shopping Center Phone 266-61 5 1 DECORAH 303 W. Water Phone 382-2620 ' CEDAR RAPIDS 1 9 Second Ave. Phone 364-41 84 MARION 1144 7lh Ave. Phone 377-2784 IOWA CITY 1 1 i College Phone 338-3604 OSKAIOOSA 1 1 1 High Ave. Phone 673-5316 DUIUOUE 401 locuit Phone 582-1875 CLARINDA 1 12 E. Washington Phone 542-4778 CARROll 520 N. AdamiSf. Phone 792-4210 SPENCER SI 3 N. Crane' . Phone 262-2431 LoMARS 33 Plymouth St. Phone 546-4359 OTTUMWA 1 1 9 W. Second St. Phone 684-7545 f THI EARTH AND 6 LOCATIONS IN THE QUAD CITIES AREA AND 4 LOCATIONS IN THE OMAHA-COUNCIL BLUFFS AREA AND 2 LOCATIONS IN THE SIOUX CITY. AREA TV

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