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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 16
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 16

Des Moines, Iowa
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CANADA 3 Apologize to Ray for Disruption by Inmates i By Michael Wagner (Register Staff Writer) ANAMOSA, IA. Three inmates at the Iowa State Men's I Reformatory here sent letters of apology to Gov. Robert D. Ray for a disturbance at the reformatory during a visit by the gov- July 15. 1972 Boycott of Lettuce Gets Big Boost FRESNO.

CALIF. (AP) -When Senator Edward M. Ken-! 1 I $l-Million Suit in i ernor June 19. 1 Ten prisoners held two i guards captive for about an I hour in an attempt to disrupt the commencement ceremonv 1 'i 4. IK i' Mi honoring 240 graduates of vari-; BOONE, IA.

(APj A $1-ous education programs at the mjlliori suit has been fiipd in prison. Ray delivered the com-: Djstrjct C(mt mencement address. The letters to Gov. Ray which aSainst lowa Electnc Ll6ht and were not from the ten men in-j Power and Central lowa Power volved in the disturbance, rep- Co-operative, resented the apologies of the The suit was filed Wednesday Reformatory Jaycees, the In- bv Fort Dodge attorney Robert mate Council and a prisoner nn of Karpn 11 4 it WIREPHOTO (AP) Walks Alone representing himself. The first was from Noah W.

Shetfey, who expressed eon- cem for the governor health and apologized "for the rude- ness of a minority of our in mates at Anamosa." He thanked the governor for at- tending the ceremonv and added: "The things you had to say inspired me to go on and do more for myself. Things that I might never have done." It was signed "your friend Billy." A letter from Roy G. Harris. 1 representative of the Inmate Council, expressed the council's apology for the "entire inmate; I it. i Bobby Fischer, the American chess expert, strolls out of his hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland, at dawn Friday after talks with Chester Fox, who holds the filming rights lo Fischer's world championship series with Russia's Boris Spassky.

Fischer boycotted Thursday's game because of the presence of cameras. Fischer Charges Attempts TRIAL AS ADULT To 'Upset, Provoke Me' FOR YOUTH, IT REYKJAVIK. ICELAND (AP) Bobby Fischer charged on (The Reaister's lowa News Si'vice) ooiduun. narris wrote is asking Snr a the governor's visit "is the first jlldgmpn, aBainst Kmpr LinR. hnclay that tournament organizers seemed to upset ana pro-i voke me" deliberately, but an appeals committee rejected his; uie niMuiy mis in- COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA.

Ajstitution that a governor Fischer i r. wnicn is my ai i aim my proics- sion. "It seemed to me that the organizers deliberately tried to upset and provoke me by the way they coddled and kowtowed to that camera crew. "I am keen to plav this match, and I hope game two wiil be scheduled for Sunday July 16 at five in the after- noon request to replay the chess game he forfeited to Boris Spasskv. souweu mis mucn concern tor The world champion from the one of three men charged the inmate body." Soviet Union was a warded, on anything affecting playing assault with intent to com-; The council asked the gover-Thursdav's second came in the conditions of the came itself.

mit murder in the recent beat- nor and the public "not to hold Canadian Theater Booming By Richard L. Cne Washington Post ATIAGARA-ON-T E-LAKE, i ONTARIO. CANADA -Tins is such a lovely town that it's a pity to toll a living soul shout it. But sinco it is the home of Canada's Shaw Festival, publicity is inevitable. The Shaw Festival, in its eleventh season, is one more feather in Canada's theatrical cap.

The productions are skilled and. with the century's most, internationally popular playwright as the root of its material, can hardly go wrong. There's one main street in the town. Flowers are nurtured, trees respected, picket fences gleam with fresh paint. Apolhecary shops, taverns and n-grocers inhabit unostentatiously restored old quarters.

There's a golf and boating dub and what New England villages would call "the green" are the sprucely kept cemeteries of the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches. There may be 4.000 residents in a 10-mile area. Why, then, the Shaw Festival? Well, on the main street is a 125-year-old courthouse and in the surrounding houses are souls who have the theater hug. riiHERE ARE less than 4 an I seats in the courthouse theater, and actors must duck through an improvised alley on one side of the auditorium In get to the stage. Since there's so little crime here-a 11 1 the court hasn't needed all that, space for years and only occasionally does anyone wind up in the one-room jail on the ground floor.

The founder of the theater. Brian Doherty. is a lawyer who once wrote a highly successful play called '-Father Malachy's Miracle." Diverted by World War 11 into liaison work with the Air Force, Doherty returned to Canada and enlisted John Gielgud. Michael Redgrave. Flora Robson and Michael icliammnir for Canadian tours.

He visited for an overnight stay in 1055 and has hardly left since, using what he dubs poor health as an excuse to escape the hustle of Toronto for the pleasures of village living. Since theater everywhere requires subsidies private or governmental nature, the Shaw festival has done well enough to inspire grants from Ontario and Canadian government councils. One scheme for a ticket-selling lottery brought in and now over is pledged for the theater's total cost of three million. This time next year the company will be in a new building. The festival's artistic director.

Paxton Whitehead, first began as an actor in Canada's regional theaters. He became ar'i-'tic director of the Shaw g-oiip in 1987 and last year took on the same job with the Pacific Coast's Vancouver riyhonse. making him one of be few actors ever to head two theaters simultaneously. ACTPESS Suzanne if Grossman, he adapted i'(n 'cvriean "The f'hrinmv Circle." presented at stage Washington, two seasons ago, and "There's One in Every Marriage." which failed on Proad-wav last, season. cnampionsnip maicn wnen Fischer refused to appear, stay Fischer re used to aonear.

stav- ing in his hotel suite, because he objected to three moving picture cameras in the hall. Thus Spassky, who won the first game, was 2-0 in the 24-game series. He needs 10 more points to retain the title. A victory counts one point and a draw half a point. Fischer said that if the forfeit rolimr riivm'Kprt anrt all U'urn rrmiVnH no i would go ahead with the match.

Thi Hn.nH HEnifn ih I.I.T ULIIICIItU t.lll tilt, f.w.t iu A iru.1 mi; niovic rtiiu iur vision nedy hailed delegates to the Democratic National Convention as "fellow lettuce boy-cotters" it gave a big boost to the Cesar Chavez-led boycott against nonunion head lettuce, a United Farm Workers Union tUFW) official said Friday. However, an Associated Press survey of supermarket chains across the country indicated the boycott thus far is having little effect. "When we plan a boycott, we plan for a couple of years." said Marshall Ganz. director of the farm workers international boycott program. "The success of the boycott depends on reaching many, a Americans and convincing them not to eat lettuce" that doesn't bear the UFW label.

Ganz added. "Something like this is tremendously helpful." he continued, referring to Kennedy's salute. Kennedy, who introduced Senator George McGovern when he made his acceptance speech at the convention early Friday, echoed sentiments expressed by members of numerous state delegations, including California, New York, Illinois. Iowa, Tennessee, Rhode Island and Oregon. McGovern also has come out in support of the boycott.

"We're very pleased with it," said Ganz. of the delegations and many of the Democratic state conventions endorsed the boycott and urged people not to buy lettuce. "The Democratic Party is the largest political organization in the United States." he added, "and having that kind of support and the fact that it's endorsed right in the platform is very helpful. We're waiting to see what the Republicans are going to do." The boycott extends to all lettuce which does not carry the L'FW's stamp, Ganz said. About 15 per cent of the total lettuce crop in California and Arizona is harvested by growers which have contracts with the UFW.

he added. However, many other growers have contracts with the Teamsters, which has led to a jurisdictional dispute between the two unions. Ganz said the current cam-: paign is directed primarily at the general public, asking people to sign a pledge not to buy non-UFW lettuce. Each I pledge that is signed, he added, costs a grower about $15 a year in lost stiles. Robert Antic, president of Bud Antle, one of the nation's two largest growers of lettuce, said in Salinas, that the firm's field workers have been represented by the Teamsters for 11 years and a wagss and benefits "equivalent to if not greater than like benefits paid in many industrial organizations." C.R.

to Get New Telephone Office Register's Iowa Nes Service) CEDAR RAPIDS. 1A. -Plans for a new telephone equipment office on the city's' northwest side were announced by Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. officials in Cedar Rapids Fridav. The building will cost and will house $1.1 million in switching equipment.

WASHINGTON VISIT WASHINGTON. C. i AP) -Canada's trade minister. Jean-Luc Pepin, will visit here later this month for trade talks with U.S. oflicials.

the Treasury Department said Friday. Fihcr dcdared that since birth, as all the camera equipment had he has been living with his 'irKr nH miitilafinn nf an Omaha adult, Judge Koss taniglia ruled in juvenile court here Friday that Michael Lee Wadle's case will be referred to erim- inn! court for prosecution. A i preliminary hearing was set for July 20 in municipal court. Wadle was arrested on June; 27 under the name of Michael, Lee Armstrong. He has been stepfather, officials said.

,1. IWU Ine same charge, William L. Tic 9i and Carv IV Lc nnn, vm have preliminary hearings in municipal court July 19. 'I hre victim of the beating, lclt'lUlllwl as N- HLU'Ibllt. 38.

of Omaha, has been uncon scions since the incident. near critical condition, he has transferred from Mercy "Tfltal Louncl Blu fs to! ADVERTISEMENT I Fatal Air Crash r.ravhill Her hnshand. Robert. Comrnander of the Cjvj, Aip patro, was 1P7, whpn th tt Of eta living Ldllic III with a power line over the Des Moines River. Mrs.

Graybill charges the defendants in the suit with negligence in that the power lines weren't marked and were virtually invisible against their background. Sue for $65,772 In Boy's Death BOONE, IA. (API A Boone I1(T 0r and Charline of PoiTV in a suit filed in Boone County District Court Friday. Leo A. and Delia Wirtz.

are seeking the judgment following sccmii iiiu juiiou-ii. i cloiith of their Lf-vear-old WHO (t.S MUCH Ml fill (11LI- dent Sept. 5. 1070. The petition says that Ling-ner was driving the Anderson car when it struck the Wirtz boy while he was helping push a stalled car in the East-bound lane of U.S.

30. Lingner is now on parole after his conviction on a charge of manslaughter. Earlham Youth Drowns in Lake (The Register's Iowa News Sprvicp) EARLHAM, IA. A Hi-year-old Earlham youth drowned Friday attempting to swim across Diamondhead Lake in Guthrie County. Sheriff's officers said Leslie D.

Freis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Freis of Earlham. went, under near the north end of Diamondhead Lake about 2:, 10 p.m. He was found in about 10 feet of water, officers said.

ADVERTISEMENT ages are enjoying the great outdoors, and together! After the lour, the gnosis and their representative discuss the possibility of becoming a property owner at Lake Panorama. Put yourself in their place. This is your invitation to come out and take a lour And, if you bring this ad, the hostess will give the kids a free frisbee. The Good Life Exists Ho p. Come See Us By a Famous Manufacturer rights allowed the Icelandic! Chess Federation to offer a.

A tour-man committee voted! record purse tor both pavers 11 Thorarinsson president of the Icelandic fedcr-'ant ation, said the cameras would ho removed hut that Snasskv's tor in i 1 Ntw Xms YORKA NUj)a Falls 'ENNSYIVANIA GAINS PAROLE IN TOT' CASE i I By a Staff Writer ANAMOSA. 1A. A young Shenandoah man whose five-year prison sentence on a marijuana i pot! charge drew the personal attention of Gov. Robert 1). Ray.

has been granted a parole, it was announced Friday. The state Board of Parole voted to sent Gary Thorsness. '20. to the Rivervieu Release Center at Newton to prepare for his release. The case came to the governor's attention when the youth's mother.

Mrs. Wallace Thorsness of Shenandoah, wrote a letter to the governor in March questioning the harshness of the sentence. Thorsness had been sentenced to five years in prison last December by District Court Judge Harold Martin 1 Hamburg. Ray expressed concern about the seeming severity of the sentence and asked parole officials to study the case. Jack Bedell of Spirit Lake, a parole board member, said the board met with Thorsness two ago and decided he would make a good parole risk as soon as the staff at the Iowa Men's Reformatory here all needed counseling had been completed.

Bedell said the parole vote came on recommendation of the staff that he was ready for release. "All I can say is that I am very, very happy." said Thorsness' mother in a telephone interview. Court Bailiff: 'Criticism Unfair' By a Staff Writer CEDAR RAPIDS. 1A. Deputy Municipal Court Bailiff Ralph Schultz Friday said his work had been unfairly put in a bad light in connection with a controversial criminal case dis-i 'missal by Municipal Judge An-j thony R.

Scolaro. Schultz said a check of his records showed he had made five unsuccessful attempts to a witness subpoena to Cortez, complaining witness in the case, between June 21 and 27. It was reported in Thursday Register that 'Schultz and made only one attempt to deliver the subpoena. Scolaro dismissed the case on 'grounds that Cortez failed to show up to testily against Le-roy Starkey in the assault and battery case, ''although he was subiMienaed." un Ally. i 1 1 i a Faches responded that Scolaro was wrong in saying the ii i wanted the case dropped, and by not checking to see if Cortez had been informed of the trial date.

Faches has filed a motion to set aside the ruling and reinstate the case. ACID SPILL CIUROES DENVER. COLO. iAPi -Criminal charges were filed Friday by the I' S. attorney's office in Denver against Allied Chemical Co.

of Denver in the wake of an acid spill in the South Platte River. mJ-tmnnk aim qy imac ov.uu.ij nRauisi cvriywiic me iiisuiuiion. nor to nm- der or stop us from going ahead with our plans and pro grams, that will make us free men and responsible citizens." Randall C. Rowe, apologized for the Reformatory Jaycees by saying ''the incident was just as much of a surprise to us as it was to the staff." and asked the governor to accept "this letter as a token of appreciation for coming to the graduation cer- Pmitnipc Thp tJWM the incident "will not disillusion from cominf, back to the Ketormatorv in the near lu- ture." The letters received personal replies from the governor. DOGS SUFFOCATE BILBAO.

SPAIN AP) -Seventy-three Irish greyhounds died of suffocation at this air- port Friday while en route rom Shannon to Seville dog series of colored slides and observe a terrain model of all the facilities at the lake. Following this briefing, the visitors are introduced to a Lake Panorama representative who takes them on a tour of the development. On the tour, they see people having fun in various ways: tanning on the beaches, boating, swimming, water skiing, golfing, picnicking, or just relaxing. It is readily apparent that this community has bridged the generation gap as people of all THEY VISIT IOWA AND SEE GENERATION GAP CLOSED! ucoi iinivnru. will be at the III 0-1 lu "-J1-1- 'tltu a replay, said uuomunoer Arnlaughsson.

of Iceland, assist- referee who served on the' committee. Andrew Davis Fischer's law-' yer. declared Fischer wanted the forfeited game played and deserved it because playing conditions in the hall had been ruined bv the presence of the cameras. If one player objected, that was sufficient reason to halt the play, he contended. The Russians said a match can be postponed only for a written medical excuse and no excuse had been given, Delivers Protest a nnxl nf his protest to Spassky's hotel after handing it 10 Sehmid.

Spassky read it and said: "It's! about everything except chess." Spassky commented that he was disappointed and planned to go fishing for two days and I not think about chess. Chester Fox, the New York promoter who bought the film rights to the championship, said he discussed arrangements with Fischer at the ale Club in New York on June 28. Fox said he explained how; the cameras would be used, Fischer raised no objections and "seemed perfectly reason- able," he said. 33 DAYS game point would stay. That still left the future of the cham pionship in doubt.

Thorarinsson said that if the match was stopped by Fischer's disqualification, the organizers would not pay the loser's share. This meant that Fischer could not only lose his chances at the title but a great sum of money As the loser, he would be entitled to from the chess federation. $45,000 from a purse of about $120,000 offered by British financier James Slater, and $27,500 from television and movie rights. In a seven-page letter to l.othar Sehmid. the chief referee, the American said he was told the cameras would be silent and invisible but "nothing could have been farther from the facts." "Clumsy a era en" In his letter, however, he as- "The bungling un- knowns who claimed to be pro- i 0 a 1 cameramen were clumsy, rude and deceitful.

The only thing invisible, silent and out of sight was the fairness of; the part of the organizers. 1 "I have never compromised ililtflllllif SUNDAYS Lake Panorama Panora.Iowa A record number of fami lies enjoyed inspection tours of Lake Panorama this past week: These included families from all over Iowa as well as seven other states. (There are now property owners at Lake Panorama from twenty-six states.) What happens when a family tours Lake Panorama? First, they are welcomed at the new Visitor's Center where they have the opportunity to watch a ONLY THRU flowered THE TRACKS TO ELM, TURN RIGHT TO ffM LvLS3 don't 1hf)k (I Scir Yr.W; fmhirr," he "of Irnst nt't much, because there's so mwh dowy Can-aril "I feel Canadian, I Ioe if. On'y five or six years ago, Canadian actors were hard put earn a living acting. Now there are professional theaters from Newfoundland to the Pacific and with fine TV on CRC.

there are other opportunities." Another British ingredient i-srt designer Maurice Strike, who has lived five years in Canada. "The shape of the courthouse room and those chandeliers just nor the proscenium have haunted and challenged me since 1 got here. Thai's where adapting a set (hat will work both for the courthouse and the Kennedy Center theater has been a tough one. Shaw's so specific about his sets, where everything must be." Also, there is Texan Torn Burrows, who began at Bob Porterfield's Barter Theater of Virginia, directed the Seventh Army repertory theater company in Germany and France and spent five years as Dean Robert Brustein's assistant at Yale. Burrows is the Shaw Festival's general manager and, with his wife and five children, has taken up resi-cence in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Thus, saluting an Irish playwright, the Shaw Festival enlists Canadians, Britons, Tex-ans and other Americans. Available in 3 sizes 96" and cover with Scotchgard, fabric. All 3 sizes on sheppard castors. Limited quantities. MANY OTHER SOFAS, CHAIRS, BEDROOM AND DINING ROOM SETS ALL SALE PRICED Shop Now For the Best Selection-Don't Wait, You May Be Too Late! Beautiful -i in a long wearing Quality 'URWTUHC AT PM PM R.

I I 11 JLJ tL jummmw Juuuiuaiu DISTRIBUTOR'S FURNITURE WAREHOUSE AT 702 ELM The Pester Stations want to put a little wind in your sails so at the end of July (1972) each Pester Station in the Des Moines area is going to give away a free Sunflower Sailboat. All you have to do is stop in and register. You don't even have to buy any of our gas that isn't any better, just costs less, if you don't want to. Remember each Des Moines area Pester Station is giving away a Sunflower Sailboat. So register during July.


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