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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 19
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 19

Des Moines, Iowa
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

OFFICIAL PUBLICATION WORLD BANK BONDS tfea fonro (Sang Instruction 1 30 MEM-GET A MAN'S JOB Operating Bull Dozers, Graders, Drag Lines, Backhoes and Scrapers. Earn too wages. We will train you en our modern equipment. For information write to ASSOCIATED Heavy Equipment Schools 1004 Grand, Des Moines, Id. Int.

Bnk R. A Dtv. Bid Asked 4 65 W.24 100.4 it 100.4 10C.2O 335 6 7.24 W.14 3'jj 69 97.14 98.1 3'as 21 95. 94 31 72 91. 4 9J.I4 100.

101 351 75 91.14 9J.14 31 74 89 8 101 77 1001 101 4'4 75 97.14 98. t4i 79 97.16 W. SO 102.14 103.16 3Vij 81 89 ,90 4V 82 100.8 101 5s 104.8 105 8 Bid and asked prices quoted In dollars and thirty seconds. List Plans For Soybean sr -4. LAND BANK BONDS al Land Bank Bonds: Bid Asked April 1965 100 1002 4s Aug.

1945 99.27 99.31 4s Oct. 1965 99.24 99.30 4S Dec. 1965 99.24 99.30 3s Feb. 1944 99.4 99.14 3'ds May 1964 98.20 99 4Vis July 1964 '100 100.12 4S May 1967 99.14 99.28 411 Oct. 1967 99.20 100 4V4S Mar.

1961 100 100.16 4s June 1968 99.8 99.24 4'4S Aug. V8 99.24 100.4 41s Mar. 1969 100 101 4s July 1969 101.24 102.24 4V4S Oct. 1969 99.28 100.8 Feb. 1970 103 16 104.16 April 1970 95.16 96.16 5's July 1970 1 03.24 104.24 Oct.

1970 100.16 101.14 May 1971 95.14 96.16 4'4s Feb. 1972 99 100 3s Sept. 1972 96.24 97.24 4V, Feb. 1974 101 102 4VM Feb. 1974 98 99 Bid and asked fractions represent thirty-seconds.

TREASURY NOTES Bid Asked Yield Apr. l'j 1965 99.6 99.10 3.75 May 4't 1965 100.8 100.10 3.88 May 37 1965 99.30 100 3.87 Aug. Vt 1965 99.29 99.31 3.92 Oct. 1', 1965 98.12 98.16 3.41 Nov. 3V2 1965 99.18 99.20 3.91 Nov.

4 1965 100.1 100.3 3.89 Feb. 3 1966 99.14 99.18 4.03 Feb. 3s 1964 99.22 99.26 4.04 Aor. l'j 1966 97.10 97.18 3.43 Mav 4 1966 99.28 100 4.02 Aug. 4 1966 99.28 100.4 4.00 Oct.

1966 96.12 96.20 3.43 Feb. 34 1967 99.2 99.6 4.03 Apr. IVi 1967 95.10 95.U 3.52 Aug. 3 1967 99.2 99.6 4.07 Oct IVi 1967 94.8 94.16 3 57 Apr. Vf 1968 93 8 93.16 3.60 Oct.

Vi 1968 92.8 92.16 3.63 Apr. 1V 1969 91.10 91.18 3.63 Oct. l'j 1969 90.14 90.22 3.63 Sublect to federal taxes but not to state income taxes. For One Week of Work A 4-Acre 'Lake' After a week of earth-moving activity on a farm operated by Lee Johnson (left) and his son, Max, near Dana, the stage has been set for developing a 4-acre farm pond. Stenstrom Construction Co.

of Coon Rapids moved 9,084 cubic yards of dirt to build an earthen dam and shape the ground for the future water recreation area. The Johnsons plan to stock the pond with fish. They farm 370 acres in Greene County. More Farmers Borrowing To Send Kids to College MIAMI BEACH, FLA. Farm people more than ever before are banking heavily upon a to enhance the future of their children, even if it means borrowing the money to do it.

Association By Don Muhra (The Register'! Farm Editor) The first effort to organize Iowa farmers into a state asso ciation dealing with soybeans will be made Dec. 16 when producers of this crop meet at Iowa State Univ i Ames. George Stray- Hudson soyabean official, said the pur- 4 pose of the pro- i posed associa tion would be to "give a voice STRAYER to Iowa's No. 2 crop" at the state level. He said that the recent growth of soybeans, coupled wtih increased domestic and overseas demand, puts new importance on organizing producers at the state level.

So far, Strayer added, soybean growers have been organized in four states: Minnesota, Illinois, Arkansas and Mississippi. Strayer said that such state organizations can figure effectively into working to increase soybean markets and to seek state appropriations for soybean research. Such state groups automatically become affiliated with the American Soybean Association, which has a membership of 11,000. Strayer is executive vice- president of the national group. The purpose of this association is to promote use of soybeans and to support market development work for the crop.

Money raised by the American Soybean Association comes from dues only, Strayer said. He, added that the association has; no plan for a soybean producer! check-off program, at this time, where producers would contribute money for such promotion and market development work. Strayer is a member of a three-man committee seeking to organize Iowa farmers. Also on the committee are Howard L. Roach, Plainfield, executive secretary of the American Soybean Association; and Seeley Lodwick, Wever.

Strayer said that one-half of the farmers in Iowa produce soybeans. This would indicate that approximately 85,000 farmers are prospective members of such a state soybean association. Iowans again this year produced a record soybean crop, with a harvest of 115 million bushels In the state estimated. The American Soybean Association, the organization of growers, works in conjunction with the Soybean Council of America, a group supported financially by soybean proces sors, soybean handlers and soybean exporters. if Cn) to fed 4 PHONE YOUR WANT AD? DIAL 243-2111 Mm WairtH ill MAN: Des Moines Chemical route' Opening due to promotion.

Commissions avg. over $200 per wk. $125 per wk. guar, while training. Married man 23-2S who now feels limited In his ambitions.

Apply 11:30 AM. Thurs Iowa State Employment Service. Ask tor Mr. Westhues. MAN Active Good work record.

Stoos daily on chemical route. $152 aver, wk. plus expenses, 255-2104. MECHANIC. Experienced Chrysler! Good working conditions.

Ref. required. Permanent position. Chuck Ostrich, 1420 Nevada, la. MECHANIC Experienced.

Apply Bud Glenti, EV2- 2402, Nevada, la. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST Challenging new position In cardio pulmonary and medical electronics. Excellent opportunity for someone interested in a responsible position in this rapidly developing area of medical science. Contact Personnel Office. Mercy Hospital, Pes Moines.

OFFICE MANAGER One of Iowa's largest and oldest multiple line General Motors dealers located In Cedar Rapids, Iowa needs a top-notch middlefrgj office mwt-aoer. Automobile business office ex-perience essential and knowledge of the General Motors accounting system helpful. Responsibility would Include expense control In addition to usual office duties and supervision of approximately 15 people. Many com-any benefits and excellent compensation make this an exceptional opportunity for the very well qualified man we seek. Contact Sam S.

Johnson ALLEN MOTOR CO. 1015 1st Ave. SE Cedar Rapids, Iowa PHARMACIST Experienced. Competent fo manage large volume super market department In Cedar Rapids ares. Good salary with profit participation.

Write or contact Rusty Mannel at SUN MART Branch of Nash Finch Co. 1201 Blairs Ferry Rd. N. E. LcUAK HArlUjr IA.

PHARMAriST-RFfilSTFPFn Un vnina. Cunriav. Ar HnllHav. rriDn uadit'imc hrjiirc Tffi and Locust 283-2787 PLUMBERS HELPER Steady year around work. Please send resume X-576, Register and Tribune.

PRINTER floor man for twin weekly. Contact Renn nawk, unoxvnie Newspapers, Knoxvllle, Iowa. PRODUCE MAN Larqe midwestern supermarket chain wants experienced produce man for eastern Iowa position. Top salary with complete company benefits. Write or contact Rusty Mannel SUN MART Branch of Nash Finch Co.

1201 Blairs Ferry Rd. N. E. Cedar Rapids. Iowa ROUTE salesman.

Cleaning supplies. Home nights. To age 40. Bondable, aood health. Better than average income plus benefits.

Ask for Ray Rompot, Iowa State Employment Service, 11 AM Thursday. SALES and management trainee. Outstanding opportunity. Write for app't. Q-377 Register and Tribune.

SALESMAN Chemical Drug. $400 Mo. exp. commis. No fees.

Iowa State Employment 545 6th SHOP FOREMAN for Crane carrier (truck) manufacturing. Steady work. Excellent opportunity for experienced person. Write Q-385, Register and Tribune, SUPERINTENDENT To take charge of Municipal Natural Gas System. Exceptional opportunity for second man now working with f'ublic or private utility who wants become manager.

Should have five years experience In operation, maintenance and extension of city gas system, and know how to control gas loads, adiust appliances, and handle inspections. Should be able to meet public as representative of Municipal Gas System and successfully handle applications for hookups. Give educational background and salary expected. Write Dr. R.

E. Drennen, Secretary, Mu-niclpal Gas Board, Manning, Iowa. TV TECHNICIAN, EXP. ln9ersoll TV, Phone 274-2571 Boeing Openings in Engineering and Computer Tprhnnlnnv Des Moines Interviews December 10 Through 12 See BOEING Advertisement Page 14 Boeing is an eoual opportunity employer. NEED MAN for steady employment, no lay-offs.

Above average earnings, 5 day week. If you are over 21 and married apply. OMAR BAKERIES CARROLL, IOWA. TRANSPORTATION PORTER Any shift. Good working conditions.

Apply Mr. Huckins, Ass't Manager. No ohone bl IU I I1L.V IRI 1 a LL I I I I V- I I IIILI I I II .1 FULLER BRUSH YOUNG MEN (2) part time route sales work Sat. and eves. $2 per hr.

avg. 20 hr. wk. Also full time men 11 A. M.

Iowa State Employment Service. PART time work for students with car. Former sales carriers preferred. Call Mr. Welch, CH3-2111, Ext.

209. PART TIME-Call on steady Fuller customers. Flexible 20-hr. wk. $50 wkly commission: 255-2103.

-MCDONALD'S Drive-in. 4125 Grand Ave. Full or part time help. Des Moines Register Dec. 9, I94 BID, ASKED QUOTATIONS NEW YORK.

N. V. (APl-Followina are bid and asked Quotations with net changes on the bids on United States amMrnmMl tAnrttia In lata limxtlna nn the counter markets Tuesday: (In Dollars and Thirty-seconds) Net Bid Asked Ch'g Yl'ld 2tis 65 3s 64 3s 46 99.25 99.27 3.46 99.16 99.20 4.04 98.16 98.20 3.85 98.26 98.30 3.95 2'2s 67 62 97. 97.4 .2 3 1 98.26 98.30 4.02 99.12 99.16 4.06 98.26 98.30 4.08 99.8 99.12 4 05 95. 95.4 .4 3.82 99.30 1 00.2 .2 3.98 94.8 94.12 .4 3.87 99.24 99.28 4.03 93.24 93.28 .6 3.85 93.18 93.22 .8 3.8J 99.18 99.22 .2 4 06 92.12 92.16 .6 3.86 99.13 99.17.

4.08 98.11 98.15 .1 4.13 99.6 99.10 .2 4.11 90.18 90.22 6 3.94 99.6 99.10 .2 4.10 90.11 90.15 .7 3.94 90.9 90.13 .7 3.90 98.26 98.30 4.15 99.26 99.30 4.13 100.27 100.31 .1 4.12 97.20 97.28 4.13 100.20 100.28 4.18 9B 8 98.16 .4 4.13 92.8 92.16 .2 4.15 SB 8 88.16 .4 4.15 88.4 88.12 .4 4.10 100.24 101. .4.19 89.20 89.28 .2 4.15 97.4 97.12 .4 4.16 99.4 99.12 .4 4.16 86.4 86.12 .2 3.76 3s 68 68 3's 68 Nov. 2ViS 68-63 4S 69 Feb. 69-64 June 4s 69 Oct. 69 64 Dec.

2I2S 70-65 45 70 2'2S 71-64 4s 71 3'S 71 4s 72 Feb. 2'as 72-67 June 4s 72 Aug. 72-67 Sept. 72-67 fiec. 4s 73 4's 73 4i4S 74 3's 74 4'AS 85-75 4s 80 31 '25 80 3'4s 83-71 3Ws 85 41,41 92-87 3V2S 90 4s 93-88 4Vss 94-89 3S 95 31 is .98 89.4 89.12 .2 4.08 quoted In dollars and thirty seconds.

FOREIGN EXCHANGE NEW YORK (TUESDAY) (AP) Closing of a dollar: Canada in NY (free) Great Britain (pound) Great Britain: 30 days futures today Prav. Day .9296 .9293 2.7907 2.7900 2.7828 2.7816 Men Wanted 190 ASSISTANT PURCHASING AGENT for large metal fabricating plant. Must have some experience. Write 0-384 Register and Tribune. BAKER'S HELPER Age 20-35.

Hours 11 a. p. m. APPLY IN PERSON AFTER 1:30 NOAH'S ARK 2400 INGERSOLL BODY MAN Combination. Middleaged preferred.

Pauls Paint and Body, 262-8121. BUS BOYS FULL OR PART TIME APPLY IN PERSON AFTER 1:30 NOAH'S ARK 2400 INGERSOLL Cab Drivers FOR RUAN CABS ReQular shifts available. Better than average earnings. Must be neat, have a safe driving record and know the streets of Des Moines. Apply in person only to Mr.

Dowd, S. W. 6th and Tuttle. Cab Drivers We will accept a few applications from careful competent drivers over 25 years of age, who know the streets of De Moines to operate Yellow Cabs. References required.

See Mr. Douglas after A. M. Yellow Cab 7th and Keo. CANVASSERS Top wages.

Hutchison Builders, 285-2341, 600 E. Army Post Rd. CHIEF ACCOUNTANT needed to supervise general ledger, payroll etc. Educational benefits for dependents and self. Good fringe benefits.

Salary open. Please send resume to attention of J. L. Sillars, Controller, Drake University, Des Moines, I aJ COLLECTION MAN Aqe 21 to 40. Must be enthusiastic and aggressive with or without experience.

Good salary and benefits. Apply in person. 7.2 Grand. Costing and Production CONTROL Experienced man In costing and control department. Experience in sheet metal fabrication, welding, and assembly procedures preferred.

Eastern Iowa firm. Write X-589, Register and Tribune CUSTODIAN Lynnvllle-Sully High School. Modern plant. Contact Jack Asby, Sully, Iowa. DISHWASHER 5 day week Apply to State Office E.

12th and Court. DRAFTSMAN with machine design experience. Permanent position. Call for appointment Mon. thru Sat.

967-4261. TOWNSEND INDUSTRIES ENGINEER For design, development and Improvement of metal products. Preler graduate mechanical engineer with several years experience. Hours 7:30 to 4 P. M.

i days per week. Phone 266-3157. Woodford Mfg. Co. 1624 Delaware DM FARM HAND help wanted.

Married. Experienced. Call or write Dan Gross, R.R. 1, Davenport, la. 391-3740.

FINANCE TRAINEE 21-30. Married. Only enthusiastic, hard working men who wish to get ahead need apply in our rapidly growing chain. Good starting salary. GLOBE LOAN CO.

313 E. Locust AT8-3281 FULLER BRUSH MAN Pick up orders from established customers. Open new accounts. $100 wk. to start.

We also have part time work. $1.50 hr. to start. Call 274-0148 for appt. GOLF COURSE GREENKEEPER Experience required.

New 9 hole golf course. Year around work. State full qualifications in letter. Write P-897, Register and TriDune. GUARD Riverview Honor Farm.

South of Newton. Apply Personnel Office, noard of Control, 6th Floor Stale Oftlce Des Moines. HEAD PORTER Experienced, must be dependable. Apply Mr. Huckins, Ass't Manager No phone calls.

HOTEL FORT DES MOINES HOME OFFICE UNDERWRITER Challenging opportunity for young man ith experience in Life and Accident and Sickness Insurance home office underwriting. This is an opportunity to participate in top level underwriting and department man-apement in a fast-growing progressive company. Send full details including education and Insurance background to Kenneth Glaze, Administrative Vice President, Midland National Life Insurance Company, Watertown, South Dakota. IRON WORKER Ornamental Iron and light structural steel work. With shop blueprint experience and qualifications to X-595 Register and Tribune.

JANITOR Night work In one of Des Moines fine restaurants. Good health. Will take retired man. Write 0-383, Reg-ister and Tribune. LINEMAN Experienced In distribution work.

Central Iowa construction work. Write X-593, Register and Tribune. LINO. Operator. Twin weeklies.

Per-manent benefits. Refs. NOW. Report-er-Pemocrat, Emmetsburg, la. MAINTENANCE MAN Must have had experience In building maintenance.

1st class fireman's license. Salary depending upon qualifications. Contact personnel office, Broadlawns Hospital. 16th and Hickman, Des Moines, Iowa. 2.7762 2.7755 2.7719 2.7715 2.2330 2.2335 .020154 .020150 .204075 .204075 .25145 .251425 .27825 .27835 .001604 .001604 .13985 .13985 .0348 .0348 .1943 .19435 .231775 .231775 .1447 .1447 (R-2261 STATE PRINTING BOARD Tha Iowa Stat Printing Board will meet at Dee Moines.

Iowa, on Friday. December 11, 1964, to receive bids on 300,300 I ESC Warrant Envelopes and 30,000 Form 559X Continuous Forms for Iowa Employment Security Commission; Weekly Letting Reports for Iowa State Highway Commission; 600 copies 1964 Biennial Report for Board of Regents and other miscellaneous items Bids will be received until 10:00 a. on the date named and at the hour mentioned will be opened and read, and award made. The Board reserve the right to reiect any or all bios. F-or specifications, Interested parties should address S.

E. Tennant, Superintendent of Printing, State House, Oes Moines. Dtaths I BREEDEN Services for Mrs. Blanche Breeden of 4401 Southwest Ninth will be Thursday 1:30 P. M.

at Hamilton's Funeral Home, interment Sunset Memorial Gardens. BROOKS Services For Mark D. Brooks of Grinned, Iowa will be Wednesday 1 P. M. at Dunn's on Grand.

Interment Masonic. GILLUM-Services. for Mr. Loraine ilium 4055 South East Fifteenth Court will be held Wednesday 10:30 A. M.

at Hamilton's Funeral Home. Interment Sunset Memorial Gardens. KELLER Services for Mrs. Lillian M. Keller of 3821 Eighth Street will be held Wednesday 1:30 P.

M. at Hamilton's Funeral In-terment Lowman Cemetery. MARVIN Services for Mrs. Clara May Marvin 2000' Forest Avenue will be Thursday 10 a. m.

at Ambrose Cathedral. Interment Glen-dale cemetery. Rosary Wednesday 0 p. m. at Hamilton's Funeral Home.

McKENNEY For information gardlng services for Mrs. Patricia McKenney of 409 Twenty-fourth Street, West Des Moines, call 274-2897 Conley Funeral Home 3425 Grand THORNTON Services for Clarence S. Thornton, 1440 East Grand Avenue will be Wednesday, 12 Noon, at Hamilton's Funeral Horn. Interment. Glendale Cemetery.

TUTfLE-Services tor Mrs. Alfar-etta S. Tuttle of 1100 Euclid Avenue will be Wednesday 3 P. M. at Hamilton's Funeral Home.

Interment Glendale Cemetery. WOODS Services for Monica Woods, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Woods of 700 East Aurora will be held 1 P. M.

Thursday at the Highland Park Lutheran Church. Interment Glendale. Family suggests memorials to he church. (Arnolds' Service) ADEL i JAMES Services for Leonard James will be Thursday 2:00 P. M.

in the Washington Chapel Church. Interment Brethren Cemetery. Fisher Service Adel-Van Meter. WEST DES MOINES SUBDON Services for Mrs. Louise Subdon.

4113 Windsor drive, Des Moines, will be at 2 P. M. Wednesday at McLarens. Interment at Jordan Cemetery. Express Your Appreciation To those who have sent floral tributes and acknowledge services and kindness with a CARD OF THANKS in The Register and Tribune.

Call 243-2111 for suggested jriessaqes. Qard of Thanks 4 WE wish to thank our neighbors, friends and relatives for their acts of love and sympathy during the recent loss of our beloved wife, daughter and sister, Mrs. Barbara Mullican. Also for the many floral tributes. Florists 60 itk Grave Blankets 'afJOAV Evergreens Door Swags 3f Wreaths-Roping upen bun.

iu-4 D0HERTY FLOWERS 1540 2nd Ave. 288-4557 FLOWERS FROM 0LSANS AM2-544J Lost and Found HUB cai 4 bar spinner lost be-tween 2nd ave. and Merle Hay on Douglas or Hickman. Rew. CR7-7585 KITTEN, silver gray.

Dart Persian, Notices 90 PERSONAL PROBLEMS SOLVED Shoafstall Detective Service CH3-6344 or CR9-0140 Clarence A. Rundberg 1344 Morton, will not be responsible for debts other than my own. NOT responsible for debts other than my own. Fernand Erickson, Whoro Shall Wo Go 110 MAGGIE'S Kner 355 W. Locust Open 5:30 a.m.

til midnight HOME COOKED MEALS MARGARET GUFFEY. MGR. Personals 140 A BILL PLAN Let us consolidate your bills past due or not Into one low payment you can afford. Garnishments avoided. For IF YOU OWE PAY AS LOW AS $1,000 $15 per week S2.000 $25 per week $3,000 $35 per week NO CO-SIGNERS OR SECURITY NOT A LOAN AMERICA'S LARGEST AND MOST REPUTABLE CREDIT MANAGEMENT COMPANY Free Consultation CREDIT ADVISORS, INC.

226 Des Moines Bldg. 4th and Locust Eve. Office, or home appointments. 243-1227 Prescriptions By Mail At Wholesale Prices Prescriptions filled by registered pharmacists and mailed same day as received at low wholesale prices. We will be glad to quote your prescription before filling.

Robinson Wholesale Co. E. 14th at Euclid Des Moines, la. 2020-Kth Ave. SW Cedar Rapids, la.

FILMS DEVELOPED 39c Get acquainted offer on black and white. 8 exp. 39c; 12 49c with Jumbo prints. Service 10 to 4. Enclose his ad with order and money, and 1c for sales tax.

Bring in or mail. No limit. DEAN STUDIOS 913 WALNUT ST. DEPT. DES MOINES 2, IOWA FROM THIS MOMENT ON For as lone as you own a BEAM No bags to empty, no filters to buy, no charges for service.

BEAM builtin vacuum systems. D. K. Hicks 3624 Nierob 274-0755 SAFE DRIVER DISCOUNT FOii CANCELED, REJECTED OR SR22 auto insurance risks. Terms Call or write Mike Anania 407 Court P.

la. 243-8666 5ANTA CLAUS SUITS RENT $5 4104 Sheridan CR9-5880. 282-4684 OUR new AMWAY office is now located at 1912 Woodland, G. Story, L. Vllmer, B.

Kramme, 288-7547. Santa Claus Suits-Rent $5 519 Livingston CH3-4312 RUSH your damaged garments to Dorothy M. Brown Reweavlng Shop 301 Shops Bldg. 243-2935 VACANCY for man or lady, board, room and care. Best of food.

Home- like. 1714 Logan. 264-1571. PAY too much for auto insurance? Bill Comlto Ins. A9ency 266-8610 1.40 CARAT BLUE WHITE Dia-mond Very nice grade.

262-1636. 12 HOUR parking, 25c metered gate. 10th South of Keo. IVWVVVVVWWVWVNfVNAflAMSvA Transportation, Travel 150 DRIVE lata model cars to Seattle. Partial expenses.

This is not a iob. Welling 119 E. GRAND AT8-02I9 TO L. A. 15th or 16th.

Taka 1 or 2. Help drive. Share expenses. AT2-9670 TAKE 3 Long Beach. Share or will neip arive your car.

roa-ijui. Beauty Saloni 170 PERMANENTS COMPLETE $5 00 AND UP. GEORGIA'S mm sajcNjvERsiix Instruction ISO U. S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTSI Men women, 18-52.

Start high as $102.00 a week. Preparatory training until appointed. Thousands of iobs open. Experience usually unnecessary. Lincoln Service established 1948, Is one of the largest and oldest privately owned schools of it kind and is not affilitated with the U.

S. Governtment. FREE Information on lobs, salaries, requirements. Write TODAY giving name, address and phone. Lincoln Service, P-9t Register and Tribune.

LEARN IBM MACHINE OPERATION COMPUTER PROGRAMMING DATA PROCESSING OR ELECTRONICS For complete Information contact COLLEGE OF AUTOMATION DES MOINES, IOWA 3001 Grand CH3I694 D. M. NEWEST BEAUTY 5CHOOL YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN Build Your Future On Beauty Enroll now I Classes start weekly ROBERT'S BEAUTY SCHOOL 120 Locust, Des Moines BIG MONEY FOR SPARE TIME There Is a large demand for both men end women In bookkeepine and accounting. You can train at horn. Free placement.

Write tor free copy. "Accounting, the Best Paid Profession." For resident training ask for catalog A A. I. Pes Moines. AIRLINE TRAINING for men end women.

Write for free catalogue. McCONNEL AIRLINE SCHOOL 1004 Grand Pes Moines Train now for high pay iobs in Electronics. Next class starts Jan. lfcth. United Electronics Institute 1101-Sm W.

0. M. 214-1579 KEY PUNCH SCHOOL Ev, Cass 541-Sttl 244 4174 oh school at nom. Diploma. Free booklet.

American School P. 0. BOX 1514, Ce Moines, low. REGISTER PHOTO BY TOM PATRICK Ellender for Less Control In Farm Aid PHILADELPHIA, N. (AP) Delegates to Jie Ameri ican Farm Bureau federation! convention Tuesday applauded a promise of a Democratic farm bloc leader in the Senate that he will fight some recommendations expected to be made by President Johnson.

Senator Allen Ellender, chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, told the convention that he d'aiikes the idea of using government payments to supplement farm income. Ellender criticized the aa- muiisiraiiiMi iniTeajing use ui government payments to win to farm support for controlled production. He specifically mentioned present cotton and feed grain programs, which will end next year unless extended. Proposes Shift "It would seem desirable to attempt," the committee chair man said, "to work out a pro gram which would give full flexibility to producers, provide some price and income protection, reduce costs to the gov eminent, and yet move away from governmental controls or interference. "However," he added, "the direction in which legislation appears headed is that of direct payments to farmers in order to supplement their incomes.

I believe that farm income, just as the income of a jobholder, ought to come from the marketplace I agree wholeheartedly that government interference must be kept to a minimum." Scranton Heard Pennsylvania's Republican Gov. William W. Scranton, said past programs have failed to give farmers economic justice. He said also the programs emphasized controls unwanted by growers. "It is sound government and sound farming to start off on the premise that as we can make our agriculture freer, the better off everyone will be," Scranton said.

"At the present time, the pol icy of the federal government is clearly rooted in the opposite belief, namely, that the more controlled we can make our ag riculture, the better off every one will be." low an Heads Farm Managers STALCUP ALEXANDER CHICAGO, ILL. At the an- nuar meeting of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers here, the group installed H. E. Stalcup of Storm Lake as new president and Jack Alexander of Iowa State University, Ames, as central region vice-president. Stalcup operates the Stalcup Agricultural Service which pro vides professional management and appraisal services in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Alexander is manager of the S. U. Agricultural Foundation. Both men have served as pres idents of the Iowa Society of Farm Managers and Rural Ap praisers. if (J The association works at the i to ib.5U, top for tne session.

national level in the domestic Mixed 1 to 3 grade 190 to nhlt fhplDOUnd butchers SO from $15.25 college education as the best way TESTED SWINE CAI CO 01 Tpfl OHLLU OLn I LU Iowa's five boar testing sta tions will have about 850 boars for sale at 15 sales this winter, M. D. Whiteker, Iowa State University swine specialist reported Tuesday, Total entries for this season were 959. The boars are the to tal expected to meet the requirements of the testing stations according to test report data on the animals thus far. The testing program measures rate of gain, feed efficiency and carcass quality of the Snine on test.

Carcass quality of the boars is based on carcasses of barrow brothers as well as on-hoof evaluations. All sales will be at 1 p. m. at the five Iowa stations. The schedule for sales follows: AMES Jan.

9, Jan. 15, Feb. 5, Feb. 17, and Mar. 3.

NEW HAMPTON Jan. 19, Feb. 9, Feb. 23, and Mar. 9.

IDA GROVE Jan. 21 Feb. 18. and EAGLE GROVE Jan. 20 and Feb.

24. LISBON-Jan. 28 and Feb. 25. Produce Market Iowa Produce Following Is Tuesday's report on Iowa egg and poultry markets as given by tne heoerai-iaia market News service: KMC 4 hrwr; receipts generally unchanged; tntimint unettltad: orica or iS other A large or better 2326c, mostly 23C25c; A medium juc.

mosny iswic; large I6'ic, mostly 16 17c; dirties and checks 12'oi8c, mostly Hi? 15c; smalls and pee- wees Vif I6C, mostly 13915c. LIVE POULTRY Trade light, restricted to hens; goosa trade insufficient to report prices; price per lb. paid pro- uikfi, oi rdims 19 ii a. m. neits, iigm type 3m 7c, mostly 5c; old roosters 396c.

LIVE TURKEYS Trade light, offerings of Voung hens limited, young toms very scattered; some turkeys handled on contract, consignment basis or custom processed for grower; reported live weiqht at farm prices to II a. young hens young toms 2021'c mostly 20 21c. Chicago Produce CHICAGO, TUESDAY (AP) BUTTER Steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA, 62V4C; 92 90 6IV4C; 89 60c; cart 90 42c; 89 61c. Eces-steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged to Uc higher; 70 per cent or Dener oraae wntres, juci mixea. 30c mediums, 24c; standards, 27c; dirties unauated: cnerks.

22c. LIVE POULTRY Wholesale buying prices unchanged to ic higher; roasters. 2326c; special fed white rock trverv iHa-iy'7r; few neavv nens. ivac. 203; total U.

S. shipments 507; supplies moderate; demand moderate; market for russets barely steady, round reds slight stronger; cariot track sa es Idaho russets, 7.75 7.80; Maine russets. S6.50; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley Round Reds, Sj.SO. Produce Futures CHICAGO, TUESDAY (AP) Futures iraoing on tna inicago mercamiie exchange: pre Close Sales High Low Close sneil Eggs: Dec. 144 26.85 26.40 Jan, 133 27.85 27.30 Sept.

3 31.75 31.75 Oct. 0 Frozen Whole Faas: 26.85 24.50 27.85 27.50 31.75 31.65 31.55N 31.55N Dec. 1 23.00 23.00 23.00 23.00N Frozen Pork Bellies: Mar. 10 27.15 27.02 27.07 27.25 May 421 27.67 27.50 27.60 27.82 July 83 28.30 28.07 28.60 28.45 Aug. 1)8 28.50 28.25 28.40 28.60 Open Interest: March, 255; May, 2393; July, 907; August, 993.

Live Beef Cattle: Apr. 45 23.25 23 05 23 07 23 32 June 8 23.35 23.12 23.12 23.4' Aug. 13 23.90 23.65 23.65 23.90 Oct. 2 24.00 23.82 23.82 24.25 t-rozen Turkeys: TOMS Jan. 12 32.40 32.15 32.35 32.00 Mar.

22 33.35 33.10 33.35 33.00 HENS Dec. 2 35.00 34.45 35 00 34 25 Frozen Shrimp: Jan. 1 1.040 1.040 1.040 1.040 N-Nominal Butter Market Following Is Tuesdays report on the lowa-Minnesota-Vvisconsin dairy bulk but ter market as given by the Federal- State Market News service. Grade AA (93 scorel, 61i62'c, mostly 42c; grade AA (93 score), 4162c, mostly grade (90 score), 6(H62c. mostly 41mc Potato Futures NEW YORK.

TUESDAY (AP)-POTATO FUTURES: Maine closed 4 to 36c lower; sales 5.990 contracts; S4.55; May. 45 55; Nov, 52.54. Wool NEW YORK, H. Y. (TUESDAY) (AP) Wool futures advanced today on news of steady prices at the Australian wool auctions and higher wool futures markets aoroad.

Wool top futures were ouiet. Wool future closed .5 of a cent to 18 cents higher; Dec. 12.8cB; Mar. 127.7c; May 125.7c; July 124.4c; Oct. 124.4cB; Dec.

5cB Mar, 124.7cB; May 124 4c B. Certificated wonl soot lTB.ScN. Wool top future closed auiet. no sale. aaot wool top if jcn.

I. Evidence of this was supplied here this week by F. Vernon Wright, deputy governor and director of short-term credit serv ice of the Farm Credit Administration in a report on educational loans of production credit associations. Although these associations have been loaning money to finance college educations for years, it was not until recently that they developed an educational loan as such, Wright reported. C.

A now have over! 2,500 such loans outstanding, while thousands of other regu lar P. C. A. loans include money for educational purposes," he said. Wright told a meeting of Farm Credit Bank directors that despite a depressed cattle price situation, widespread drought and other minus factors, farmers will likely borrow per cent more this year from their associations than in 19G3, when they borrowed a record $3.6 billion.

HOGS LOWER, CATTLE MIXED CHICAGO, ILL. (AP)-Prices for hogs dipped lower again Monday in moderately active trading. Butchers sold weak to as much as 50 cents off and sows were steady to 25 lower. Receipts were 9,000 head. No.

1 and 2 grade butchers 190 tO 220 pounds brought $16 ii to $16 In the cattle market, prices were mixed in moderately active trading on a supply of 2,500 head. Steers and heifers grading average choice and better sold at steady prices and those grad ing low-choice and below sold weak to 50 cents down. Cows brought steady to 25 cents high er prices. High choice and prime steers 1,150 to 1,250 pounds brought $24.75 to $25. Choice steers 1,000 to 1,275 pounds sold from $23.50 to $24.50.

Trading in sheep was mod erately active and fully steady Receipts were 700 head. Choice and prime wooled lambs 80 to 105 pounds brought $21 to $21.50. Local Cattle The Des Moines cattle market was steady Tuesday. STEERS Grade Tuesday's Price Prime Choice 21.50-23.50 Good 20 Standard 15.50-17.50 HEIFERS Prime 22.00-23 00 Choice 21.00-22.50 Good 18.5O-20.5O Standard COWS Commercial 11.50-14.00 Utility 10 Canners and cutters 9.00-12.50 BULLS Bologna 14.50-16.00 Fat 14.00-16.00 Name A.

R. Knutson ToFHA Committee Arlen R. Knutson. who farms near Radcliffe has been appointed to the state advisory committee of the Farmers Home Administration (FHA) for Iowa. Members of the committee advise the state director on the adaptation of broad national policy and assist in co-ordinating the activities of FHA with those of other government agencies.

FIELD DAY NEWELL, IA. A field day of interest to cattle feeders will be held at the Allee Experimental Farm south of Newell Tuesday, Dec. 15, ttarting at I I 60 days tutures 90 davs futures Australia (pound) Belgium itranci Franca (franc) Germany (western) (deutsche mark) Holland (guilder) Italy (lira; Norway (krone) Portugal (escudo) Sweden (krona) Switzerland (franc) (free) Denmark (krone) LATIN AMERICA Argentine (peso) (free) .0068 Brazil (cruzeiro) (free) .0006 Mexico (peso) .0802 Venezuela (bolivar) .2227 PAR EAST Hong Kong dollar .1745 .0068 .00066 .0802 .2227 .1745 Want Ad Rates Want Ada may appear In both Tha Des Moines Register and The, Des Moinei Tribunt on weekdays for on price. Ads appearing on days may include Sunday at no increase in rates. GENERAL CLASSIFICATIONS 58c 63c 69c 80c 80c per line or 1 per day more UdyS per line per day per line per day per line per day par line 4 days days days 1 dally combination 1 Sunday 90c per line Rates apply for consecutive Insertions.

Minimum size d-2 lines. HELP WANTED FROM WITHIN IOWA On Pr "ne 00 per day days ZQ- Per Una 1 5 or OOC per day 4 days 74c '3 days 85c ZZ 2 days DC. 1 dally OJU per Una combination 95c Pr Una 1 Sunday Rate apply tor consecutive In-serf Ions. Minimum aiza ad-2 line. The rate below apply ONLY 0 THESE SIX CLASSIFICA-TIONS: Lost and Found, Rooms for Rent, Board and Room, Roommate Wanted, Positions Womei Man, Position Wanted One Day 3 7 Sun.

M4E, Consecutive vg. uany uays Days $1.20 $1.20 $3.00 $5.00 1.10 1.10 4.10 4.25 2.40 140 5.00 7.50 3.00 3.00 4.20 .00 line line 4 line 5 Unas 30 letter and apace to each line. THIS line ad contain aporwl. EX and spaces or 30 letter and apace per line. Count on line for Ads con-tainina "Writ 000.

Register and J.ribui2. PLU.1JS for "ox ser-vice. ATI ads. for positions Wanted or Business Opportunities in aavance. Ads may be ordered for Insertion In either, thejnomina Register or evening Tribune alone; rate for Ingres Insertion ar as nn less, man ouotea rates for all day Insertion.

Want Ad Rules Minimum turn iihm All ads ar aubtect ti Publisher's ooravi that liability, for Publisher- y.i na is flat ruDmner to publishing rur is iimiiea tne corrected ad In a iute- 1 in went Issue, providing advertiser "Porrs error or omission on the cjay that it occurs. Deadlines Weekday Issues: 4 P. m. pre-CMina day, except ads for Saturday which is 10 a.m. Friday, Sunday, issue: State-wide all editions Friday 4 p.

m. city edition, Des Moines and surrounding counties, Friday 7 p. m. Want Ad Counter Trained ad writer on duty: t.x a. p.

Fri. to 7 nv. Sat. to 1 p. m.

Phono Service Want Ads taken 7 days a week Trained ad writers on duty Tues 1:30 a.m. to 4 p. m.1 Tnurs Frl. a. m.

to 7 p. i 0:3 a. m. to i m.i Sunday a.m. to i e.

m. For further Information wrl Fred BeM, Classified Depai sneni: Register and Tribune Det Moines 4, Iowa Phono 243-21 1 1 iiiuu.n. council works across the U. S. soybean industry and internationally to broaden existing soybean markets.

At the meeting Dec. 16 various Iowa State University agricultural officials will outline growth of the soybean industry in Iowa and in the nation. Specialists will discuss soybean varieties, diseases, weed control practices; results of recently-conducted research; and anticipated expansion plans in soybean research. Malsam, Mauro in Insurance Center Joseph G. Malsam, who has been with the Allstate In surance Co.

here seven years, has been named president of the newly formed Malsam and Mauro Insurance Center, 2125 Indianola road. Frank P. Mauro, formerly with the McPart- land Adjustment Is vice- president; and Joseph L. Mauro, jr. is secretary-treasurer.

The center will handle all lines of insurance. Christmas The moving story ot the birth of Christ in a new series beginning Sunday. Dec 13. in the Oes Moines Sunday Register. Get started on the right foot Check the classified ads You'll save both Time end Money doing your Christmas 9ltt buying with the help of Want Ads.

Items that make Weal efts will be easy to soot every day between November 23rd and Christmas. Look for any of the following iSe Items iJcntijui bj these symbols hart been selectej tspecUlly by merchants fjjerini them beootst of their $oo4 dut mj gift teceptmce. And say. that Christmas list is longer this year, here's the pertect way to get CASH in a hurry! your no-lonogr-needed items with an Inexpensive Want Ad for two davs. CaH 243-2111 and ask June Bell to hete write your ad.

Cham it. of course. 1p.m..

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