The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on November 26, 1965 · 22
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · 22

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1965
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J. I 'I l. 'i I S till 11 WooilV World s.. j im Pros 'Find' Stars Missed In the Draft r u t w-;r iittMvi vrV?w "Wa hoe ice good Hj'iM on tonight ' NKW VOKK. X V Al--nhrrt Imt Ukhtt ami ).in Mrllhany wrrmt ti ( tly tM Big Three ( mllrga ((ball last rar. They are proof that the National and American rm.ib.ill league, will ignore tomr prm-in-cine ro talent when Ihry Imld Ihrir annual Aatr drafts Saturd.iv llul hr usually rati h up with thrnt rtmlually, .lining Ultntrd playrr like lagan. Mai Ithrr, M llhany ami many Mhm rum holding berth in blh league at Utr agrnU. l'U in i)inrd a a free agrnl ami txv is a oiarlrr with iMnf did thr .tiiw innrsota and Mi llhnny Anuria id worth f MMir scouting ny.trm slum in the, judgment yem rmcise in your, l.ilrriKiml draft selection and the frre agent you sign," nay IAS YAWs. Y 11m rr 1 a Mwng rli.iw attributable TrI Si-hrmm. Rirtrral manaurr j lit thr rr.1l M-litti .mil Hm r.Ml innit.inv wf are nub ' bi, MTtrd l.i hire in thr VwUn of llw bliml.'lhr onr rynj "Anybody ran find Ibf brst 30 nwn I klflL' 1 ' ' NH-nr KRiiuaii (iiayrrs in iw4 k.i iiu kitin,!.. iiri.miMii..n 1 tti..i lassiiw iii.u fntrjr by goinjj to t if riniiiiiiTini? 1 i..n i.r Jiu ..h ""'- "i"ii n. -,.-i ..1 i..... nnr Itut we know many boys " .n-, rralv haVf. Ilw npK,r. UfiTII lirilfTnil their first mmirtunity wbi-n It h an rmmimr h..-h l .mt m;.kc him d.m at all jke ,u""y ' .flT ,,M,m,rlm ln Willi lit if I UH KuKpn K.rklaml1. .a.lron. ho mt thr inmn mi Ihh own hrad Mitnrlimr bro, Hut r,,l,rK'' punt and Mike Durns recovered be rome on now hr.iyinc hkr a Ii smt animal. saultmj! the ears Make Mitokei Riwsevcll. Dow ling and East ! on the Nebaku 42. of the world with "I am tlr griali-M lliere evrr wa, Tlre Al Davw riwi h and general hpir ba,krlbfl, wawn, l0. ' y rf , wn ims i-ii 11 iiniiirr !M mm 1 .n 1 (tv mi ciinic mii ana nay I ''mi mw r.. wan " i (l . k ,l, u n HE'S THE KING OF THE IVY LEAGUE inti now i j with MmneMi f I I with lm Anne 1 1 1 ' Ttie real IIK"S SOI'll AM) lirXXIXCJ S.homorp quarterback I nc CaRlc alipn artiuml rnJ for 16-yard Oklahoma gain to Nrbraaka'a 3-yard line Thurmlay at Uncoln, Neb., netting; up Sooner touch- down in ncu.n.l qtwrti-r fr P-o kad. Nebraska rame.btck to port tenth victorv. LM-. and nail down fimt irrfrct oton In 50 war. lOIITt PHOTO ' RIDERS OPEN 1 NEBRASKA Continued rom Poqt One Texas Trails at Half, 17-0, i Rally Tops A. & M., 21-17 WLLKCK STATION'. TKX. AI-Tc;is rallied from a 17-0 halftime deficit and scored 21 points in the Us half undr the direction of .Marvin KnMynik Ttmr-d.iy for a 21 17 triumph oer Texas A. and M. They didn't cash this chance. 1 jt was the ninth atraighl SUtlMlV TtlH MM ASM Horn aM rhi4 Iml w i;J icoama i -1 1 44 i II-J 'mlcht he a err:i! fii'hii-r 'Mit-ln hr" I land Itaidi-rs. nuts it a different greatest the world Ims ever win None of them, not Joe Uhjis. ay I 'o0!t'vcl, ,h d''tndin; interning no closer than the 21 as,victory over A4M and gave the l1:;:. rvK Rorkv Marn.ino. n ik4.kIv nmld May with me Tliey don't "f m"ke lot or "' cnampion. piays nosi to .ewion, gophon,, quarterback Gene , leghorns a M season record have my sjn-ed " 7 on rookies." Davis explains. while travels to East Wa- lCage wM hauM fof n The Aggies finished at 37. It went on like that at the press confenme they called for' "There are probably more J " JJj ' & uJESff ihl-yrd loss by linebacker; KrUtynlk passed for nne Hie champion and 1 halli ngir here Tuesday T1.e unmark-d failures than we would rare to I. "ng P1"' ,Jncoln " ;.. M ' fni.,h touehdowa and folded drives rhampkm bivame suUhird only when Klovd Patterson limped admit among draft coolers. N,r,n Jonnson on a lounn ana fofwomorPi painfully Into view, a virtim of a Mt ho..k uhi. li .nu hivi.mnn.1 lHwnvr I ihoa vlamor ,n 0,npr ,c,,on a,Ioy goes two situation. . rate no tvtlrr Ih.n kli.irL.i'. mwl K..,nrt nU f.wini . f.riMa mIut ikv i' Indl.inola in a South Central, Thrn lh rnrnhuskeri besan .. . . ... after a guy running away from a bank robbery, and a muscular bring ia the No. I rholee. I (Conference game and I the Valley juggling the football and the mend(HJ5 pass-receiving cxhibi- liVitJJMi back spasm which is one of man s most ex. ruriating pains Jus laugh at the thing." 'K,rls P'ay "0'a"; Ankeny Sonners kept upstaging the Corn- tjon bat(errd the Lnnghorns in tTIW i 1 II is fruitless to rm.rr .hamoions f one fra .i.t. One of the teams laughing ""i! the first half before a crowd of IZ. " cbampion, of another in anything ,ept eompor.ment. Here '' N Vork. The jrr- , f "' 'r,a,nK Wl" K , . . .f Ca.slus couldn't carry Joe l.iiui1 slve ' J ' A. F. L went to the o, l?Hli first v etim. lie was hit hard, j McLcan con,bim-d with Harry , Kaui""H li m'Shly urange itowi 10 waicn joc r..i .1 c.i A.iioe uu" i'i'i Ledoetter and Jim Jvauimann fu," ' wanviiie Liggins recovered tor on a u-jcit pay that netted a 91- DU and P"ntea in i.r a eo imvi Oklahoma on the Nebraska 32. yard touchdown. i ("uchdown. one talked about Namalh. very ct!L The Sooners got to the 3. but The nlav that shocked Texas In the first half McLean couldn t pene rate a suddenly ( in u,e first half went like this: raught 10 of Ledlx-tler's passes iou((o ucicibc iium Leaoeiier uirew 10 wara T..- till Dude W -- Mlw ! mm om livi' iv - (mum i rv" awatfv 1 1 .MIiT 0 tii ..., LM . 1 it... . ,. , , . . vrange itow 10 waicn jot f.i i (i tirioo Did he carry Hoyd ratlerson" Well, of course he did For v. ,h ani .i.v -u-nh.niw' v "' zn?:r?Jn d,,,,', "r a cvt mi'de F,,,vd - K look like a guy swatting flics, or chasing a bee off his nose. ,alUH ahnlll N.amalh ' c. Virginia Tcci Stripped of All Dignity f mentioned his opposing - - .a..tjkaln..L ia lltak aanawtai dm ff a TOELOLIS earned opponents. There are limes when pruden,-, m Virginia Tech Z? n fth" ..SL 1 "w. a." fr 213 yards. In the last half he, U aictates it. There are more times when economics dictate . .... ..... .. .. . , "r' ,n.a.u ,mn" caucht three more. His total it Future gate receipts are nt stake. . "T Jcis 1 aran i.uason Trim 9 V M I , , . i ... sldclines evcn Wlth lMm- 1he was 13 for 248 yards. The first ...,,.,, , . , but ,h,y d,d S8 Iwm as a free, TITTIS V. IYI, f. goal for a 3-0 lead with 22 ball rolled on the ground and Tj IITcct Rut I.OII I did II In kiuh a unv I. Iai hi. nnnn...t . II. .... inA ' ..mmI. IaM 1m lit. RnI finri.ii I. ....... . l .... I" WM? MUMMCM lOniCTCnCC "... - ;; ". ' - fr'"'i" " -" uii".u iiiiw Ki lA.vfiKK va api Vip. it in i h""11"1 waocucr siappea nis nanus in j l....j i( " ' , ... . . inwiii, IIIC KVUIIU Ullllim II, the hrtxl af iiionitv f 'u..ii.. JIJ If iM . . u .. l. .... jf .in.k.nL .vj. u i, i. . . , . ....... . ..... ... fiinia Techs Tommv Franr tern On the lirsf play of -nun- "i iu Kim- ii auu in iii.inr a iaugningim-H nunoon out a starter limn ne was iaen in " ' , . .,.. tC. .... ... The propittitJon is that Cassias Clay is like a hyena feeding Baseball Player for a outh'own Thursday and rrVovtrfd Cl hf Nbrak,, 39. on the dead bones of a lion and prinlaiming "look at me. I am Another interesting case Is ,he Gi,bb "rved up Vir- Tfd Vactor checked this the king of beasts! Am I not feeding on a lion?" He is jonn nramlelt of Memphis K'n'a Mililary Institute 44-13 in threat by Intercepting Cagle's wavy weight champion of 16 and I suspect this is a much state, an inficldcr in the St. the sixty-first renewal of their! pass on the 11. So I The Cornhuskers moved 17 not conquer the fight game he survived it. baseball "because you had to go ta J, 7 . !yard. upfieId KlrkIand Cassms is a magnificent .ghter for h.s But there are around looking for contad."'h J1 slTiiih a .fumbled and guard Vernon Ana mey cam get tne siue out in ttie major le.iciie. There are acent and now is a starting loolb.ll mm. tht can .lack up ihc Ivy Um. n,.l MIcMru lim-tacker. , I r"S,i ALT , .TS Eta Tut, Iter Lrv S1.l.ouldbcahc,.iU,,h.Scrub. . Aa.A. JJ-",' & With Cassius. yon have to ask, Who is catching? Competition !aKPn,. who naIe Krabbfd j"bUtin kicking a 30-yard field for the touchdown and a 9-0 lead : S!S4m!S-. is the leveler. Cassius is the heavyweight champion of the Ivy ,are. fa" ,:ia,e CKie D"i goal. with about 10 minutes left in the 'tt&tfSSS tr Uague or the International league. He Is the undisputed ruler i";?Ky?na. cran"on Owens, the Tech quarterback, second quarter. It stayed that i,t feigned disgust. Kaufimnn kicked the turf to show lie was disgusted, too. Meanwhile, Mclean was in the clear at the SO and TULSA INTO BOWL, 48-20 of the twilight zone of boxing. little Morris Brown, who is haA w, var.. , . L,.u shn.,, mi,,A .k- mn.! breaking in as a defensive back wjtn 158'rushing yards and emersion. I tilth ! r mr rm I tftr ' . I It's not his fault. But it ill becomes him to be bellowing witn Kansas City i tin flAms'lmtet T-l. . ...... .. t it. ...t . . ... . Vrdt ptntilfd CSU Tvlta i 10-41 1 40 ICOINO Two other N. F. L. free agents passing. Ten plays after Kirkland re-, ST?" st Texas, behind the passing and running of Kristynik in the second half, swept to a victory not even Texas followers thought would come. Share Women's Lead on 7Vs AUGUSTA, GA. (AP)-Texans Sandra Haynie and Kathy Wh t-worth took a one-stroke lead after the opening round of the Women's Ttitlcholdors golf tournament Thursday. Both carded 71's. Miss Whit-o-n worth recovered from a double 77 4 177 43f braggadocious. The creatures of the jungle pav no attention to tu.. I i i . .l. l .i i . . . well know they have nothing to fear from them so long as they C'imonball Butler of Edward OQmQf Aubum jbraska 35. the Cornhuskers i i - -m a- finished ne under par. Beth . . laiupn ana ine ians reieaseu "-?" vinno u qo h .h a 77 turned the ensuing kickoff to thehlfs,u Ptck w" ,rom Wo1" (WoH hoficy on the second hole and from Andrun) CSU Goldman 4 past from Wolfe (run failed) iau - mini im pa.i irom vvunr i. jn. (wont kick) Jesscn, Carol Mann and Betsy tu Sweeney to pass from Anderion Rawls all had 73 s. (past failed) Til Cu.atauaib( Al Aa IcMawt InHariAii Tur i r A rse n a Then Winters, who runs with w kick. H,vni ' " ...... KjitK, lAJh ftainrth are alive . . L. 7. . . ' . i . . . .. . tallied and the tans reieasea Hatecancarryvou 1 Ij- of roselored bal- TJ ATE CAN carry you a long way. If vou don't think so. just S' 'f-SSl A,BIRM,NG,i VsJLtf1"' ' Ue dcfense sloWed lhe II go over Ty Cobb's hfetime records. But wi.h hate there ' Je Net 7nl Z AUbUr'?' J0?,! Cornhuskers at first, is imolirit fnar Vim nniv hnt- thine k.w.,c- (n i. t... n',m'n ,tie wew YorK mg to bowl games, clash Satur- rh Wintprs who run. with . . r . " H. Han s. in . nam. r". I TU - Ti uuiais tuiuiufu me oilier uay ne aian t even nae-ftiax .Ncnmeing i .u c .u 7 7 1 me power oi a iuiiosua, tome m i . ,rAm Bcm st0n ii. .... . l: .. .. . ...... .. the Southeastern Confprpnppi . u.. i T". - ..Ph.rty il pas from Andw ,.... R, nc iusi orsiroyea mm as a ma er o nriae. And hp dirtn t mir.; nii.Hf lant ir . . . . at a leu nauoac ,on.(iiiiev Stick him. He just ripped him out like a page in a book. Cassius works himself up into hate. He Is, at odd moments In his life, a nice, personable young man. He is, at other times. that most intolerable of human tvpes-the all-Durnose bull v. cf.n.'.?.r- M vf .' ft?. w m a a if' u una. uurii arirwi w i 'wi w. bvwa It is tiie proposition in some corners t(xlay that Cassius has iacki-john Boyttn. cimn, wnior Alabama earlier in the season, some Improving to do as a fighter. I don't think so. Not unless iiyT7u:on', Dukt, Alabama plays Nebraska in Jack Johnson conies back to life or 1Q2S or iir, rnmp ha, k in thi ' GVd,72?.'iNPvhjcnn,0sW?: ithe Orange Bowl and Auburn ainLfi vTcmcui as a nullum ufiiik' is mm t't v se HL!H n. 1 np senior. 4-1- ? f. Ardmort, Pa Pill n nuvjri nnnuiunii v, iriowni snuui , Stone was third at 72. Marlene Bauer Hagge, Ruth All-Atlantic Coast Football OFFENSIVE .. 1... ENDS-Jr. P.. Wilson, South Carolina, mil doncu jin. vi i inucn r,-:- Oruii, Dukt, anior ), l4, SI. Louis, .vicuigia t h e Southeastern cnampionsnip I He bumped people around. Fifth-ranked Alabama is the' ,j L.t. 15 0h defending champion. Auburn is burst out ofhat net to ramble team that defeated-1 of the gooi. The score was locked at 9-7 until Wilson cut left, broke three or four tackles, darted away competition is a good deal deeper there. IMS, Los Ansalrs Tlmrs Co, COLTS- ConJinied from Page One quarter, the Colts drove to the Detroit four where Mike Lucci recovered a Tom Matte fumble. Marsh finished with 147 yards going was impressed with the way the Colts came back. "They'n? tough because they can score without making drivos," he said. r,.,1 , tne UKianoma ana was on ms Defending Champs y"d way to push n .jNebraksa into a 14-9 lead. (jam in Best-Ball 1 . t pinehurst. n c fAP JBritish Champion champions Dexter TULSA, OKLA. terback Bill 34- 35-71 35- 3471 3-34-77 35 -34-73 34-39-73 34-37- 73 34 37-73 MArlpnt Baur Ham I "VJ Ruth Jnm . . ; " Carol Mann i BpTsv Rawls in, r,, Wanda Sanchei 34-3773 (Ar) Oliar- BpIsv Cullen 34-38 - 74 . , ,. , aninpy enqirnorn J JV 4 Anderson fired ninn smitn 3440-74 , josir nritjawrii , ja. 41-3 three long touchdown passes in "y"1,?,", "'it' the fourth quarter to lift Tulsa prwXT ::: ' it'J . ... . , n, 1. 0. . . I Clifford Ann Crofd 38-3 77 Uctal SIUUUUI II XvUlui auu oiuic, to- wary wins 37-4077 , , , , I Sandra SpuJlch 38-3977 zu, rnursaay ana into me uiue- Arms rong ' ' 1 Sandra McChnton bonnet Bowl against Tennessee. . BKe'rrk Be" Lou Hassell, chairman of the svwi ontfin Bluebonnet Bowl Committee,! X-Ufn'" ,ma"ur' extended an invitation to the! A CW men xkji i tot i 5 9. IB9. Rock Hill. S C.; Danny Taibott North Carolina, junior, 4-0, U5, Rocky Vount, NC; Jay Calabrfsa, Duk, sophomore, 4 0. 712. Colla Park, Wd ; Shfl-bv Manstirld, North Carolina Statf, senior, 6 1, 7u5, Camden, N. C. DEFENSIVf 1 Ends Butch Sursavnof. Clemson, sooh- rvfnnlin omore, 4 3. 217, Andrews, N C.i Pete Ueienaing imore, 4 f, 205. Aiientown, Pa ' Daniels and Dr. John Mercer; rARDlFP WAIES (P) The Hurricane led by 21-20 idtmes-iennii orro, raunn v.aionna - r'c., tlA"TSS:i. TT7. won four of we last seven holes British 38-40-78 38-40- 78 38- 42-fO 39- 41-80 42-38 80 39-41-80 Romps, 38-14 "We saw a weakness and kept "wdd uard-i'o. Fr.tan9.i0. North 1 Thursday for a 3 and 2 victory LhamDion Brian Curvis scored a 1 . .t - Carolina, lunior, 5-10. 203, Rutherford, . ., , , . r )ing at it," said Gilmer, re-N j. . h ,k , i in the quarterfinals of the World i2.r 0 u n d technical knockout Linebackers Bob Matheson, Duke, lun-! c;. ' D. tjh rlt rr... 1 16 1 uou " , tie- ociiiui a ucii uou uuu luunia- over Hurricane immediately after the came, and Tulsa promptly Scores T. K. O. accepted. PHILADELPHIA, PA. (AP)- as the final period started. Cornell beat Perm Thursday, 38- But with just 14 seconds 14, in the Seventy-second game elapsed, Neal Sweeney caught a between the traditional Ivy Sammy McSpadden of. A few minutes later, Anderson ca8ue football rivals. Empire welterweight i in 23 carries. ferring to the weakened right 3v ",v B.0S,n'! c;...Bni!LH,h.'' Unitas experienced one of side of the Colt defensive line. Istai n,,m, nt n. , Scotland Thursday night in a 'found Sweeney again, this time Bill Wilson, whose 126 yards his poorer performances. iDon Shinnick and Ordell Braase .V.iiTcXr n.rti Pprnn nf Mpmnhic' I scheduled 15-round champion- for 63 yards. on 26 carries gave him the Ivy completing only 8 passes in 17 attempts in the first half for 7! yards. He finished with 14 in 34 tries for 188 yards, but was trapped four times and lost 34 yards. The Colts' Lenny Moore left the game after the first half because of fatigue. He suffered from a virus infection earlier this week. The Green Bay Packers, second to the Colts in the western division, could close to within a one-half game of Baltimore with a victory Sunday. Final season standings are computed on the won-lost percentage basis. Ties don't count in the final standings. The tie game was the first in the N. F. L. this season. After the game, everybody had something to say except Johnny Unitas. "I bet he's never been knocked down so many times in his life," said Detroit defensive end Sam Williams. The great Baltimore quarterback sat across the hall, weary , but uncomplaining after salvaging a tie with the Lions. j Lions Coach Harry Gilmer were out of action with injuries. 1 S&fiHk v5ryl4nd' "nior' "0, Tenn., scored 3 and 2 victory. ship bout. : Anderson men nit nowara rushing title, shredded the Penn Curvis, ranked fifth among j Twilley on a &i-yara scoring mtenor line while Pete Larson, the challengers for Emile Grif-toss. who scored two touchdowns,; fith's world title by the World Twillpv's touchdown, his swept the flanks, Wilson fin- Boxing Association, knocked! second of the day, gave him ished the league campaign with McSpadden down in the first! ic or i,e season and broke "28 yards. round and gave him a fearful t the National Collegiate record j Cornell recovered to fumbles beating. of 15 set by Vito Ragazzo of ,and intercepted a pair of passes TiTm i ! William and Mary in the late i m moving to a zi-v ieaa. All-East ! 104ns. senior. Pa.; Wilt AAorln, 4-4, 245, Leomln- It was the only major pass; receiving mark Twilley hadn't broken already. , Twilley grabbed 19 passes, I running his season total to 134. i mm WIREPHOTO (AP) r i , ... . : n n nr in Fniit-Tom Mitchell, Bucknll, 4 3, 222. Conshohock.n Massacnuseus, svmui. slr, Mass. Tackles-Jc Bellas, Penn State, senior, 4-2, 230, Colyer, Pa.; Mike Addesa, Holy Cross, senior, 4-3. 220, Boston. n,,.rrtTnnv Yer. Dartmouth, sen ior, 4-1, 196, Silver Sprinss. Md.; John Leone, Boston Colleq., senior, 5-11, 205,1 Norwich, conn. rnter Pat Killorln. Syracuse, senior, 4-2, 230, Walertown, N.Y. OuariM-hark Ken Lucas, Pitt, senior, 4-0, 180, Glassport, Pa. Halfbacks Floyd Little. Syracuse, lun-Inr. til. 195. New Haven. Conn ; Ron Landeck. senior, 4-0, 180, Cleveland, Ohio. Fullback-D a v. McNamhton, Penn1 State, senior, 6-1, 206, Indiana, Pa ; Placekicker Charlie Gooolak, Prince- j ,.ni c,.- r1., Plc. .... ton, senior, 510, 160, Oodensburg, N.Y. iCLUiiu dunuai ougai vuij viacj- Beyour OWn man. Use Key Chew- dcfense ; sic Thursday. 1 '"8 tobacco. Just place a pinch Fnd-Sam Chamoi. Army, senior- 4-4.1 r- .i j -i l DetWeen EUITI and Cheek, t BiVES ??A. Fast Oranoe. N J.; Ed Lono. Dart- r.SSCX JOHHSOu SHU (.Ildl IfS r-. tK, , .I-'T mouth, senior. 4-2, 193. Batayia in. Washington each scored two Tackles Paul Savidqe, Princeton, sen-i " ior. 4i. 215, Lambertviiie. n j.( pnii Rat-1 touchdowns for the Southwest- ner, Cornell, senior, 4-1, 230, Winthroo. , ,, , , , i vass. ;ern Athletic Conference cham- Stirrnv C nn Cmillrt Goes to Grambling STAHD OUT Grambling College swamped; jftj J D) j Lincoln University, 54-18, in the you rich tobacco f lavorand frees your hands for work. Each can is dated for freshness. Big Toe for Big Three Lou Michaels (79) gets off 42-yard field goal for Baltimore Colts in second quarter Thursday at Detroit, as Lions' Bobby Thompson (27) rushes in and Jerry Hill (451 protects. Michaels' kick left Colts trailing, 14-10, but later proved vital for 24-24 tie. I Middl. Guard Vine Caslllo. Army 'senior, 4-4, 221. West Hempstead. N.Y. Linebackers Towndsend Clarke, Army, (junior. 4-2. 210, Newport, R I ; Stas Mal-iszewskl, Princeton, senior, 6-1, 215, Da venport. Iowa.- Ray U9-. Colgate, lunior. 4-2, 205, Darien. Conn. Backs Charley Brown, Syracuse, senior. 4-1, 195, M.ssillon, Ohio; Dev. Poe. H.rv.rd senior, 4-2. 185. Mason Citv, pions. Grambling ran up 534 yards on the ground. GOLDEN ARROW FLIES LINCOLN, R. I. (AP)-Golden Arrow won the feature Thurs- in.,'m.Urrnlce..Penn s'1"' ,enior' day at Lincoln Downs. UMTOB IT ATM TOBACCO COMMMT REMOVE SKOiVTKE EASY WAY with a ELECTRIC SNOW THROWER MOOfl SO TcflonUoaMa 1 A 149" V I.'O HARD STARTS CO HEART-TAXImG SIIOVELImG NO GAS TO BUY Slant init.alrf-(nil flii tU iwittft StOftl tllilv-kingt H I fftlt I low putt lot tht homeown.f Potttfful. can throw 250 ir.y.lfwll tr nitwit lightwiight, .n if lift of ion Motor tnclottd It imw w.t.f fioa tnttring doming Complilt with 100 ft. Jwifl. inirint typ. .it.nnofi cor U.L. littaaj sunuam Du Pont', nam. lor H' TFE nen-ttlch SEC THC SUNBU OECTRIC SNOW TrUtOfV EtS AT THESE DCAtilS DES MOINES Ardan's 4100 Merit Hay Read Ph. 276-4511 Miller Hardware 1300 Harding Road Ph. 283-1724 Fairground Hardware E. 30th & Walnut Ph. 262-5869 Thomas Electric 816 Locust Ph. 283-0165 Distributed & Serviced By Sunbeam Appliance Service Company 1477 Keo Way Ph. 288-0108

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