The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on November 26, 1965 · 21
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · 21

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1965
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lei Ptate kgiktr Comic Dictionary lil.ltl A sm .lyH hy rn.' Imru i.f t mt f whom are jvor , . iii.ikii' I WHO, NOV. J. I-S V A 41 M5 Ml nlmll W That, Who Needs' WithAdviceLike lOTM IA!(CHAM2-fl ViVfnrv !U I II JHIILItlHIl ' TOPPLES, 9-3 Enemi xet: SHIi(ir By Maury tthil DAUL ZIMMERMAN hatn a mf an I can t fiRure mil Ah - M ny. Aiirr an, wrauw in Lft Kmlev Vnm I w ' AnRl Time npirU editor is a former Ioan. I rnt out of my way to be helpful last August in Chicago. Zimmerman ajJscd m to lmk ovw a column he'd Titten on the Big Ten football picture. It's smart to jet expert advice from ' the area. Hie flaw In his reasoning was quickly spoiled. "Paul." I k I idly volun-leered, "you're going to hmk silly lillng Michigan Stale a one of the favorites." At Port Huron ft. vrae t'attet luffRlM OkiM"tt (aetata l In 1 LAST-PERIOD PASSES FOR 2 Stoat H.L MuUMKMt . Pert Hvtoa rt , Dyien . .., Del Mo net TXt . ... Minding, WIT ? S 4 8 10 7 V 17 11 9 a. m r o i re liwi J tun (awe -' l run leroi aval A.lun M fun (UtarMwHr A.imxi M tu from C THURSDAYS CAVtS Port Nwon 9 Dm on W4r 4. Toledo 2 POMT II Lit ON. M1CH-Frank St. Marseille scored That'l the way it's been all three coals as Port llurun won fall. Win a lew; lose a lot more. Zim collared me during the World Series and said he'd like a few words, lie didn't learn all of m in Winfield. la. I BILL BRYSON and I went on from the Iowa-Wisconsin uame 10 caicn me Twins on the final day of the baseball season.! ' In I I ii l!y Jim MoiH'kltT (if Wrllrrl 1.IMX)I.N. NKH.-Nebraska's Red almost turned blue Thursday before gelling un-tracked to whip Oklahoma. 21 9. and finish the Cornhuskers first all-victorious fooihnll sew son in 50 j ears. A Thanksgiving Day crowd of 52.685 sat in 39-dcgree chill and and Wi,,-n'd Ibe Cornhuskers fum- me away ine looioau inreei times and suffer their first Moines winning ll0('kpd P""1 5 the w,son in' string. 9 3. ""'a ' Thursday night 9-1 Lead in the Interna- This collection of misfortune; 1 1 onal Hockey for ihe Huskers gave the League. Sooners sufficient opportunity to John Bailey 'erect a 9 0 lead and threaten for scored two Oak the second year in a row to l.eaf goals and demolish Nebraska's hopes of, Barry Jakeman an unbeaten season under Coach ' scoring spree. Bob Devaney. , But the ComliUhkcrs, In earn ing their third straight undis- its seventh straight game at home snapped a two- game Dei 4J5"V f-7? - ' ...... J I - WILSON (Ml TATMAN (N7 jbyY it 3D - Mfvd q ..Skiil y.i w i. - U 14 ; ; w 41 ' 1 ' t 4.t f-orn Ui4l IV rf.nH.f rir; mi lrf V4' . - I lull Kil r, MiiK f v.irf i) 1 . Im UnUI (Mi MfH kail V ti M fi t'tn UxKtt iMI fen AMrm1n4 i .Hlfe4i IKt) I; ACkrr fe.rl 6 Seconds Left, Buffalo's NICKLAUS 3 Plan Golf Kick Ties Chargers, 20-20 SHOTS BEHIND Meet Purse SAN DIKUO, CALIF. (AP-Pete Gogolak kicked a 22-yard LAFAYETTK. LA. (AIM -field goal with 8 seconds left to play Thursday and gave Buffalo Long hitting Paul Bondeson. a 20-20 lie with the Chargers in an American Football Iaeue'cW.Ln,. hi fina vu-torv n iim DETROIT. M It'll Johnny I'nitas llirew ihn-e touchdown passes-two of them to John Mackcy in Ihe (mirth quarter ami gave the Baltimore Colts a 24 24 National Football league tie with the Lions Thursday. Detroit jumfH-d to a 21 Id half time lead on two louchdowas in Ihe second quarter by Amos Marsh. One was on a 62 yard run. live longest scoring run from scrimmage in the leagim this year. ft O P f fff ''on Wayne Walkrr mied game Season Records OKLAHOMA P. ('.. A. national tour, carved a NEW YORK. N. Y. (APl- game ended. Tlie Colls. who entered Ihe game with an eight-game win- . imiiwni l.mi, nil uu "til , , K"""- " v igiii (rule will- Quarterback Jack Kemp fired r -rd field goal, cutting six-und.-r-par (A Thursday for 1 1;,ns are In 1,10 m;,kinK for a ning streak, scored the first ; V Knt lla't I 0 Colortda , 71 Too S(ii 0 WitlOUrt I Ni-ty.U ;i ?l 0 I Oklahoma Slat ' l Ok Bt'SY COKNKK JIarry Wilson turns the Thurmlay at Lincoln, Neb. Tho t)ranj;e-!Jowl boun.l corner on 17-yard scamper during Nebraska's first Cornhuskers fell bchinil. !(). before rolling up tenth lniirhr4nu'n Arwe in 21-fl virtnrv nvrr Oklnhnmn utraiirht virlnrv. f&ntf photo by o iono We arranged to hitch a ride to the park on the California! Angels' team bus. A problem developed. The man in charge ordered the bus 'iir to appear at the hotel an hour ; continued his later than it was needed. The getting his thirteenth goal of the players had to charge out in season. laxis w gci in oaiung practice, i The largest home crowd of puted Big Eight Conference Suddenly there wasn't going ,n season. 3.029. saw Port championship, stormed back on to be any bus. One red-faced 1 Huron grab an early 3-0 lead. It ' road secretary, General Man- was the same story for Des acer Fred Haoey. two scribes ' Moincs-not enough shots. The from Des Moines and one 1 Leafs got only one shot in the! Mttbunn . . 'a furww uniacniuiea person Manea ' nu ui-i n looking for a cab. , shot, 54-21. The bus rolled up. No one had The Flags, who haven't lost at cancelled it. The club was going! home in 19 straight games this to have to pay, anyway, so five season and last, built an 8-2 lead of us rattled in leg-stretching arly in the third period by the sensational play of halfback comfort to the stadium in scoring four goals In less than 5 Harry Wilson, who scored the Bloonungton. i minutes. go-ahead touchdown on a daz- "Is THIS the ball club?"! Bert Fizzell and Blake Roth, zling 66-yard run and the clinch-skeptically asked the man in picked up two goals apiece for er on a 38-yard pass from charge of dropping the chain at; the Flags. quarterback Bob Churchich. the parking lot. stupid ot nim. a Des Moines next game is t The Cornhuskers were three Gogolak, who now leads the and rolled 42 yards to the San some disolav " of no-ver n a disPsition of the 100 00 Thun- Mlh niTt u y . sign on the windshield clearly Saturday night at Muskegon. or four-touchdown favorites to A. F. L. with 88 points, also Diego 6. Then Gogolak k eked ! S had To settL ,o a M dl"rbird- held Ihe last three' u f ( , , . "J iH ii uaa I imit iv nntnh t.iwnrw m m in ih. u j . ...i ..j ' . Tdk Mlra!iniranaai(iscuieiu lbs. ...... i the Lions' first two touch- w . .rt Huron ..... " j t i- T ,i . i . . "lc , Dooiea a i-yaru nciu gudi -nu Iz.yard field goal. "Hey," Bryson whispered. "Maybe we can charter this bus back, too." NttRASKA IJ 34 Tia thrill. 'I V Air Fore I 44 Iowa S'' ' i WIconin 0 41 Kmtit staia U 31 CnloratM It Mittourl 41 Ktnui ia 'ata lahema a 35-yard pass 'o Costa, then scrambled to the y Charger 15 to set up Gogolak's u kick. V The tie was the Chargers' third of the season and they remained one game ahead of Oakland in the western division. San Diego is 6-2-3. Buffalo (1-2-1 ) needs one victory to clinch lis second straight eastern title. to end Paul' the Buffalo lead to 17-13 The Chargers trailed, 1410, when they were stricken by misfortune. Lance Alwnrth look a 15-yard pass from Hadl to the Buffalo 3, but the ball quirted from his grasp into Ihe end zone and Bill John Tracy HI on it for a touch-back. the first round lead in the npw lw"i pro golf tourna- time they had ihe ball on a 71- $30,000 Cajun Classic. ment in the East, the world's "rd driw- Cnitas passed the Bondeson had a two-stroke richest, which sponsors hoc I'11 fivp ards ,0 A,PX l,awk-Icad over nine pros, including ! could be developed into a new regulars Frank Beard and Bert Masters. Mils Mai key Weaver and John Joscphson, a "We have lic sponsors and But the Lions thwarted Ihr youngster from Wcstfield, N. J , we undoubtedly could gel the Colls from then until the playing in his first P. G. A. d'','(', from "'c P. G- A ," said quarter when I'nitas passed 51 tourney. Bill Jennings, president of yards to Mackey in Ihe first . Big Jack Nicklaus, who usual- ,,otK(,y s irK "angers ana minute of play, then hit him for third Jy handles par-5 holes with case, general chairman of the Thun- the tying marker from the 15 ; witn l minute 51 seconds left, on t he .... ,. ... ... Minutes later, in the I .r.-lnA n ...I ... li. . .. HitrhirI fruirnnmnnf ijn-"u. a uau puss Hum venter ran inio iroume on iwo oi me --"" sailed over punter Hadl's head, lone ones and desDitc an awe-! The move depends Finn I it mvwr.iiiiiwfi. nrui num. Ml.fl(, Crlbboni, LrCalna, Clark Marxiiir, GoiemDrosky. I On Maiitai-Coal: Mlkulan; o(nw: OOME gUyS have a 1 the luck. ICharron, Kim. Predirr, Maljncrtuk, m-j " Iforwardi: Connon, Cinnall, Fontrr, O Lafayette, Ind., was a sclVr,0Ar!'r,ll' B,il"' v'rri"' Jtkt' out when Michigan State came! , OHIclali! Dovlt. rettrtti Llndtay and Ann ...rilor rgiwr, iinrjmrn. Part Huron Dm Wolnri japr,. didn't look "y wnd of i ,,;iiauuiictny tcicvucu game uui two extra points. Kemp completed 17 of 35 The Chargers took a 20-17 nasses for 201 vards and one i lead in the fourth quarter when: touchdown. Hadl hit 18 of 37 for Paul Lowe recovered John 312 yards, but had two intercep-Hadl's fumble in the end rone, tions. The play was set up by Dick! kohino j wesunoreiana s inieruepuuii 01 Buifmo 7 0 10 t-n Char. Id (hiah (tripping I In rtloir PiirHim wound un with a hotel room (c,rk' onbDonO 1 ot j j. p. m. fi- four feet wide and 30 feet lonej riiir (vatiid. Goetti, 13 34, , " ,pnaniM: Banv (nooning), furnished with an army cot and ran (interne.) sticking) It: II; Prrdigrr rmntv nam! cans. it.. r- 1 . . . . . . uulm uciuic uldNKC uuwi-lajuiiu . . . i m : cana tnoo-4. u. . jakrman (An-i.. , , ..." , . , : to DUl Hero iraveniO in UUhlllun 11; 5 p. h. st. iieDrasKa goi roiling, unurcnicn favorite for quite a spell. Misery began for Nebraska on Ron Kirkland's first punt and it didn't end until Charles (Choo Choo) Winters bolted 29 yards across the goal to trim Oklahoma's lead to 9-7 in the second quarter. n k-nmn nnt. onrl 9fl.vnrH refitrn J P", - a iujd - ww DUT arnon a pas irom Kemp (&o- to the Bills' 15 M 0 ments earlier, fullback Keith Lincoln took a swing pass I'd have sulked. The enter- 41 a t..a..0c 111 Muanci- , ,. . j flr hu.lrc Kfnro Oranrfa,mW u"1 ',au' "u '" WUl l0 WIUI . Ul HUgw UUtTI IrtlUUU noi. Mvianchuki 12 .a a . rr 1 nntlfMrillB UnUUOni. WflXriVIOl IB 3UJ B prising serine wno Rot it onerea o. m. eay (Crawtom. prtnr) 'v.. irenniiiri rriunpr iouii'VI I.JB. iwaveTv leiDowingj ij:uu TMrd pariad-7. p. H. Roth (Mavrtv, McCammon) I p. H. Vavoty (Flz-zrll, LaCalne). 2:58; . P. M. Flizell (LeCalnr, Mavrtv) :51; 10. P. H. Roth (WcCammon, Rrid) 4:49; 11. D. M. Bailrv (unasslstrd) 7:14; 1J. P. H. Co-Irmbrosky (LeCainr, Mavetv) 10:43; prnaltlrs-Predigrr (tripping) 4:05, Kiss (Interferrnca ll:?t; Mlkulan (ilashinq. srrvad bv Glnnellj 14:56; Roth (slashing) 14:54. SAVES Mlkulan 15 21-4 ol ak kirk I ! Stf Lowa 4 run (Travmio kick) Sd Fg Travrnlo 9 But Camonica I run (Gogolak kick) Sul Fg Gogolak 1J I Si Fa Travmio 14 Sd Lowr rrcovtrad fumbia In and lonr (Travenio kick) But - Fa Gooolak W Alfrndancr- 27,473 Nicklaus electrified the gallery when he boomed a drive nearly 400 yards on No. 11 a 479-yarder. His nine-iron to the green split the pin and rolled two feet past. He tapped in for an eagle. Bondeson, 25, an cx-para- to sell looks for 25 cents per person, and wound up with enough to buy a round. Naturally, everyone had to buy back. Some deal! Nebraska played at Missouri a week later. It was a real good game, until it ended. I tat between two guys dictating stories by phone. In one case, electronic help wasn't necessary to carry the voice to Kansas City. j I started my story eight times Sneddon 5 4 7- taking over from Fred Duda, who had directed the Huskers since the Iowa State game on Oct. 2. The Sooners, who came to town with a 3-5 overall record and a 3-2 league mark, seized NEBRASKA Continued on Page Two Scores of ah SpoDMts 3 LEFTIES TOP BOWLING DETROIT, MICH. (AP) -Skee Foremsky of El Paso, Tex., took the lead Thursday in the $65,000 Professional Bowlers Association championships, fir ing a six-game series of 1,3361 for a 26-pin margin over Dave Davis of Phoenix, Ariz. , three inches from the cup. The Cajun Classic is the final tourney of the year on tlie circuit. It has the smallest purse and is also played in the smallest town on the tour. Jack Rule of Waterloo, la., LEXINGTON, KY. (AP)-The opened with a 75. University of Kentucky Thursday rehired Charlie Bradshaw for at least four more years as its head football coach. try Club in Rye, N. Y. dowl"- Sponsors of the event are, Maher returned his intercep-considering a move back to Newjt'on 35 yards to the Baltimore Jersey, where the tournament 2s- Mi,t P1" passed 13 yards was held Ihe first vear at to Pat Sludstill for the louch- Montclair. down three plays later. "The Westchester Country) On the next series of downs, Club is the perfect site for a big Lebeau grabbed a Unitas pass irnnnpr nkn had an :ip1i nn pro tournament, Jennings said. I on ins own a, ana eventually the 525-yard No 5 where his "If t,ie Thundcrbird sponsors returned it to the 34. Marsh second shot a four-wood, landed d-'( idl-' to move. ,hen -' get scored from one yard out after anotner tournament lor west- ine Lions naa Deen sioppea on Chester. three tries from the two. Fancy Kentucky I Pact for Coach "I have talked to sponsors. They are ready to commit themselves to a t hree-ycar contract and we possibly could make it five. They want to make it the richest tournament in the world a quarter of a million dollars." The richest tournament at; quarter is the $200,000 Carling Basketball bfti! ana me nrst seven versions n. . ... .i. i tt EASTERN DIVISION inciuaea me unai scure. nap- Won pc. sahind pily, this omission was spotted Snatr V, . mi v, in the office by Dave Dorr. As: YorkT ... :.. u :5?M an nlf Tirror ho know Nphraslta WESTERN DIVISION ,,. v.u ; iLo, Angele, .... ,3 7 SO had won, iu-i. The rest of the day was routine. My keys were locked in the car. I didn't have extra keys along but I had brought my wife. She had keys. It only took 45 minutes extra to get Virginia and the car together. Football NATIONAL LEAGUE Baltimore 24, Detroit 24 AMERICAN LEAGUE Buffalo 20. San Diago 20 iraci wun uraosnaw may be unique in the United States. Tf rri xracf Tfn4aVimir tkn Foremsky wound up 36 games-, - ment benefits, status and re- sponsiDincies as tne other uni of qualifying and quarterfinal Dlav with 7.880 pins. Davis had THE LEADERS Paul BondMon 33 33 44 Bart Weavar 34-3248 Dav Stockton 33-3544 At Krllev 35-3344 John Josephson 34-32 48 nrncpnt U..I. Inhntnn 34-34-48 F1 LOLIIl IVJX 9.'"..- it'itJSIWorld. Dates already have been ine university said the con- ti Hi?""" ulXl awarded for the rnundemird John Schlsr 35-344? Tom Nlrportr 35-34-4? Jack Nicklaus 34-334? FrrdHias : .. . 34- Thunderbird has raised $500,000 LOU uransm jj-jo or i f , , , Glrnn Stuart 34-35-4? for Charity. Roy Pucr 34-34 70 ' Berb Yancey 38 32-70 gob stone 34-34-70 RAMBLIN ROAD ROLLS Ro and Stafford 34-3470 Steve Oppermann 36-34 70 Michaels Kicks Lou Michaels kicked a 42-yard field goal early in the second ; quarter after a Colt drive stalled at the Detroit 35. The only Detroit points in (he second half came on Walker's 12-yard field goal in the third Midway in the final COLTS- Continued on Page Two Aug. 11-14 Under Jennings guidance, the San Francisco .... 11 10 . 524 Vfi St. Louis 7 9 .434 4 Baltimore I 14 .344 4 Detroit 4 14 .300 7 St. Louli ll, San Francisco 113. COLLEGE III., 77, Fort Wayne, Ind., Greenville, CnnmrtiiA 7? Tennessee State 44, Central, Ohio, St. 12 Hockey NATIONAL LEAGUE W L T PtS. GF CA Chicago ? 4 1 19 54 34 Montreal t 4 3 1? 54 38 E BOARD a plane one) Toronto 4 7 1 14 33 44 Friday morning, thinking Detroit .:::::::::: 3 7 4 15 , . . . ... 1 Ti ' It S fiOing 10 tOlUmDUS, UIUU. Ill Boston 4, New York 2 isn't going anywhere. Bryson and I are not natural-born squatters. We feel going somewhere beats going nowhere. Possibly no one else has ever made the trip via Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Madison, Milwaukee, Detroit and Toledo. We arrived convinced that it's tougher for Americans to find Columbus than vice versa. It wasnlt necessary to leave the office to get in trouble. One day I noted that Sandy Val-despino of the Twins would be tried at second base. The copy desk wisely guessed it wasn't so. Sandy is left-handed. Nezt day, I went to the blackboard and wrote "Cesar Tovar" 5,000 times. Left-handed. Chicago 3. Detroit 1 AMERICAN LEAGUE Buffalo 4, Providence 0 Cleveland 4, Baltimore 4 Rochester 5, Quebec 2 EASTERN LEAGUE Long Island 10, New Haven Johnstown 4, Clinton 3 Nashville 5, Charlotte 1 Greensboro S, Jacksonville 3 CENTRAL LEAGUE Tulsa 4, Oklahoma City 0 WESTERN LEAGUE Vancouver 3. Los Angeles 1 COLLEGE Alabama State College institute 17 Bucknell 22, Davidson 14 Cornell 38, Penn 14 Earlham 24, Maryvllle, Tenn., 17 Grambling 54, Lincoln, Mo. II Hofstra 2?, C. W. Post 20 Henderson Ark. State 7. Ouachita. Ark. : Baptist 0 I Lenoir Rhyne 35, Catawba 7. Middle Tenn. St. 21, Tennessee Tech 21 Montana 33, Portland State Nebraska 21, Oklahoma 9 Newberry 4, Presbyterian 0 Southeastern Louisiana 54, Appalachian State 4 South Carolina St. 12, Benedict 4 St. Benedict's ?4, Arkansas Tech J7 Tulsa 48 .Colorado State Univ. 20 Texas 21, Texas A&M 17 Virginia Union 2?, Hamoton Institute 4 Virginia Tech 44, Virginia Military 13 Sports Today Basketball GREATER DES MOINES-Lincoln vs. Dowling at North, Valley at Indianola, valley girls at Roland, Newton at Roosevelt. East at East Waterloo, Urbandale at North Polk (bovs and girls), Saydel at Carlisle, Ankeny at Southeast Polk (boys and girls). i 7 Itti Tnmmv Tlllt P nf Rural vprsllv staff mamWc n.nJ Jerry Maqee 3-3S-Z? ,,uu,, v j - '-.-v U-" mniiMufl. xJiau-ioick Lot! 36 Hall, N. C, 7,853; Jerry McCoy j shaw's salary is believed to be j NEW ORLEANS, LA. (AP) - 34-3470 Raniblin Road won Thursday's iv, lusKeveei r iirn.4U 7 70n oiut'nkn.. enn nAn - u. , i uhArt .it'll; 7n oi run nuiui, i"., i,t auu.auuut iu,uuv a year, ne naS'nirk Hrt 31470 except Tuttlej years 3357? I feature at the fairgrounds. Bob Vollatos of Santa Monica, been at Kentucky for four!1rir!',rr.G,rJ9."- ?.Vtln Calif., 7,773. All are left-handers. Joel Goldstrand : Boo Goetz Ed Davis 34 32 70 35-3570 34-3470 4 Complett Ment of Exotic mm foot Table Service Carry Out 611 - 37th St. off Ingersoll 274-2303 Open Daily 5 P. M. to 10 Closed Sunday Don't Wait f 'til It Breaks Down! It's cheaper to adjust bow TRANSMISSION ADJUSTMENT Bands, Linkage & 4 A50 Pressure Setting I U CAPITOL CITY RAMBLER E$t Jnd antf Locust JO-2131 01 charter and tub. whil vou wit. iliOTOKS WE SELL 'EM! WE INSTALL 'EM! and 2SS-5787 TED'S AUTO PARTS 1st and University Des Moines, lowa Headquarters for famous MOHAWK CARPET One Store Only and Carpet Is Our Specialty! vf 1 For Home or Commercial Installation EARL GRAY CARPET 2712 Doughs inl 274-3834 Open Daily t a.m.-l p.m. Saturday t a.m. -3:30 J noD FITCH'S M . . . the aerioui shop for tarioua skiers, specializing in the best oi everything you neea. Buying or rent ing, ask for our advice . . . and rely on our experience. ROD FITCH'S SPORTS CENTER 14 4ttl Ave. N CLINTON. IA. Phen 142-44J lewa'i Mast Comalett Ski Snaa Ala r-eaturia Hart Skit it" A jr pev Known for Agt'tl Sh'uks REAL Italian Cuittin W II MARY FRAN I ILL THE GREATEST n iraj-f.niun Rur Drive On the Strip l"I Furnace Service WE WILL . . . Clean Theromilat Clean Pilot Clean Humidifier Oil Blower and Motor Clean Filters Cherl and Adjust Gas Pressure Com plete Safety Check Winter Special Only 7 r.0 N2, Any Make er Model Free Furnace Inspection Morgan Colonial Htg. & Air Cond. Phone 283 2355 CALL ABOUT OUR Low Prices FOR Green Colonial Furnaces ' Open Sat. till neon 321 S W. 4th END of SEASON USED BIKE CLEARANCE $10 GUARANTEED and up Good selection now. Soma near new Choose now, will hold lor yu en lavaway ike IDlAlkl'C JPOfi'M Supplies I IV V in 3 Goads 1144 24th (on 34th lust So. ot Univ.) PHONE 279-1913 GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS JEANINNE Blue Garter Formerly the "Ran-Da-Voe" In the Randolph Hotel at 4th & Court JUNE TRACY Comedy GIRLS a. ID GIRLS I GIRLS GIRLS -RECORD-PLAYERS for AUTOS AUTOMATIC CHANGER HOLDS It 45 RPM RECORDS MOUNTS IN ANY CAR ATTRACTIVE CHROME FINISH J A C k Wallace VV AUTO RADIO HI42T Walnut 288-247H

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