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Des Moines, Iowa
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Des Moines Register Page 4 0. II, .191. Apollo Astronauts and Their Wives New Emergency Drive at Merc Mercy Hospital will open its CITES DORM AS 1 FIRE HAZARD By a Staff Writer ESTHERVILLE, IA. State Fri Marshal Wilbur R. Johnson saifl Thursday his office is considering legal action against the oyer of a private dormitory heijs which does not meet fire- j.

i SK 'V 'X v'cA vz A -V to- i-rr new. emergency entrance at 6 p.m. Monday on the south side of the central wing of the hos pital building, with an approach leading from Laurel street. Access to the emergency, en safety stand ards. (stktnrillt Leased to Es- trance may be gained off.

Laurel street from Second or Sixth avenues. The drive is to be used therville Junior DES MOINES 1 1 ge and operated by the 0 MUn 300 for vehicles and doctors' parking only. The former emergency en trance to the north of the hos pital off University avenue will be closed Monday because of construction of the new power plant and laundry facilities. Mrs. Walter Cunningham Mrs.

Walter M. Schirra Walter Cunningham school, the dormitory is owned bj, College Inn Corporation of AHjerica, a Kansas City, firm headed by James Watson, aCpording to Junior College Arvil Parks. Johnson said the building was not built In accordance with the state fire code and hjg office has been trying to get Watson to bring the build Walter M. Schirra Mrs. Donn F.

Eisele ices the spacecraft at the end of Bus Damaged by Children at Play a 25-foot access arm also has ALL YOU CAN EAT POUR WATER ON STUBBORN FIRE been made bigger, so everybody A school bus owned by First Federated Church at Beaver can move with more freedom in an emergency. and Adams avenues received Stubborn "hot spots" buried about $200 damage Thursday deep in stacks of lumber kept when children playing in it re firemen busy throughout Thurs In the white room itself, a high-velocity fire hose has been installed, as well as a big exhaust fan to help suck smoke out of the spacecraft in less than 10 seconds. Even the floor has been re day night and this morning at the Jewett Lumber 615 E. Walnut which was destroyed by a fire that erupted early Thursday morning. done to a perforated aluminum Fined $100 in Accident Case Marion E.

Leese, 51, of 1200 Grand was fined $100 Thursday on a charge of failure to leave name and address at the scene of an accident. Leese, who appeared before Municipal Judge Howard W. Brooks, was arrested Sept. 28 at 7:30 p.m. after he was involved in an accident at Sixty-third street and Grand avenue.

Larry H. Hansen, 33, of 717 Fourth was fined a total of $35 on two traffic charges when he appeared Thursday before Judge Brooks. He was fined $25 on a charge of failure to leave his name and address at the scene of an accident, and $10 on a charge of failure to stop for a red light. Hansen was arrested Sept. 27 after he was involved in an accident at Fourth street and Grand avenue.

should keep a safe distance from the walls. A police official speculated Thursday that the blaze might have been set. Loffredo said, however, that investigators had not found any evidence of arson and probably would not be able to make a thorough examination of the remains until numerous deep-rooted fires had been extinguished. "Flames pop up every time we turn over a stack of lumber," Loffredo said. "This is going to take a long time." Main Office A crane was used to move stacks of lumber Thursday and will be helping with the mop-up operation again today, Loffredo said.

Company President Gerald A. Jewett Thursday estimated the loss of the company's main office building and lumberyard, which covered a half block, at between $750,000 and $1 million. District Fire Chief Joe Lof-fredo said teams of 12 firemen from two engine companies and NOON LUNCHEONS' VERY DAY IXCIPT SUNDAY I I p.m. DINNER Monday Thru Thundiv P.M. FRIDAY FISH-A-RAMA Pirn Stindint Round, kid Ham-Sliced on tho Lint.

1 ir Unr I Under J-FREE that will keep people from slipping should water have to be sprayed inside the room. Wally's Ship The spacecraft, which cost $40 million and took almost three one ladder truck would work in shifts pourin'g water, on the leased the brakes and the bus rolled down an embankment. None of children, whose names were turned over to police, was injured. Quarter-Century Club Elects Three Hazel Kehoe of 1325 Payton ave. Thursday was elected president of the Quarter-Century Club of Equitable of Iowa at the club's annual fall picnic at Bird-land Park Shelter House.

E. B. Mead, 1821 is the new president, and Irene Ketterer, 538 Poik smoldering debris all day today. years to finish, is called Ready to Fall Crowds of curious onlookers milled around the ruins Thursday evening. Loffredo said "Wally's Ship." Cone-shaped and no bigger SATURDAY EVENING ALL DAY SUNDAY GOURMET DINNER.

many of the cement-block walls Free of the office building and other structures are unsupported and Detsert and Bavtraio Extra Hwy. Ill, Coder Falh Donn F. Eisele APOLLO- Continued from Page One side their cone-shaped spaceship, the Apollo 7 pilots are to speed into earth orbit aboard a thundering 224-foot-tall Saturn IB rocket. The $145 million, 163-orbit mission will answer two ques tions: Has the nation recovered from the Apollo 1 tragedy, which killed three astronauts and grounded all manned space flights for 20 months? Can Apollo spaceships safely fly men to the moon? If the mission goes the full 4Vi million miles, Navy Captain Schirra, Air Force Major Eisele and civilian astronaut Cunning- FACTS, FIGURES CAPE KENNEDY, FLA. (AP) Here are the facts and figures about today's Apollo 7 flight: Astronauts: Navy Capt.

Walter M. Schirra, 45; Air Force Maj. Donn F. Eisele, 38; civilian Walter Cunningham, 36. Flight duration: 10 days, 20 hours, 9 minutes.

Purpose: Check all systems to qualify Apollo ship for later flights to the moon. Orbital path: Varying from 105 to 262 miles high, between 31.59 degrees north and 31.59 degrees south latitude. Rocket: Saturn IB, two-stage, 141 feet tall, first-stage thrust 1.6 million pounds. Spacecraft: Before third orbit separation from second stage 113 feet, 3 inches long, maximum diameter 21.7 feet, 69,034 pounds. After separation 33 feet, 4 inches tall: 12 feet, 10 inches diameter, 32,389 pounds.

Estimated cost: $145 "ready to fall any time." He stressed that spectators ing up to fire safety standards jyer since it was completed, two years ago. The fire marshal said stairways in a three-story wing of the dormitory are not enclosed with fire-resistent doors, as is required by state law. There were additional, less crucial, violations of the fire code as well, he said. Legal Action Johnson said efforts to get the building upgraded to minimum fire standards have been unsuccessful, so he has taken the case to Emmett County Attorney Max Pelzer for possible legal action. Pelzer said if one final attempt to get conditions in the building corrected is unsuccessful, he will begin legal action against the owner.

Dean Parks said junior col-Jege officials are not alarmed about the safety of the dormitory, and described the dispute "With the fire marshal as "a ihinor thing." "I'd call them the junior college dean said of the fire-code violations cited by ijohnson. $10 Item said the complaints intruded "additional fire extinguishers a $10 item and a change in the wiring for the ajarm system." Parks said 240 students live in the dormitory complex, which has a two-story men's wing and a three-story women's wing, joined by a dining hall. He said the enclosed stairway is required only in the women's wirig "because regulations for three-story buildings are a lot more stringent than for two stories." 1 than a panel truck, Wally's Ship nonetheless has almost three times as much space as the two-man Gemini did and more than four times the room the one-man Mercury had. Unlike Gemini and Mercury before it, Apollo will have real sleeping quarters two hammock-like beds directly beneath the couches that serve as the astronauts' working quarters. For the first time.

Anollo astronauts will, be able to stand up, held upright bv restrainine shoes in weichtless snace. They'll be able to unzip their DON'T MISS THE BOAT ON SILVER COINAGE AS MANY DID ON SILVER CERTIFICATES. WE ARE PAYING A WHOPPING 10 ON ANY U.S. OR CANADIAN DIME, QUARTER, OR HAT DOLLAR MADE IN 1964 or BEFORE space suits and wear flight cov-eralls. They'll also have wet and drv clothes, toweis and even toothbrushes though razors and PAYING $1.75.

EACH FOR U.S. SILVER DOLLARS (More For Some See Below) shaving (the whiskers might (See Other Gold Prices Below) PAYING $50.00 EACH FOR U.S. $20.00 GOLD COINS? WHAT ABOUT THIS AD NEXT float around the cabin and foul equipment) are still forbidden in space. Better Food Food on manned spaceflights has come a long way since Col. John Glenn in February, 1962, squeezed applesauce into his PAYING 8 EACH FOR SILVER NICKLES 1942 THRU 1945 BRING COINS TO HEQGAir.1V nGBEf.lP?lCJ SGNVGCJ DOOR Locust at 4th Des Moines mouth from a tube.

On board where: SAVERY HOTEL Elect 6 Students "At Grand View Six students have been elected WHEN: 9:30 A.M. UNTIL 7 P.M. 4 DAYS ON sin! ham will have logged a combined total of 780 man hours in space, compared to only 534 N.I Nit.iury But Wiih Cell Number Stl.w. man hours accumulated by all Usually No Waitinq Time AT LEAST THE FOLLOWING PRICES WILL BE PAID IMMEDIATELY Friendship 7 there were only two other edibles: Malted milk tablets and beef cubes. Schirra, Eisele and Cunningham will have a choice of over 50 different items.

The Apollo 7 menu looks as varied as a small restau-rant's: Beef stew, barbecued beef, creamed chicken, tur- Soviet cosmonauts to date. Christmas Flight No amount of coins is too large or too small to bring in however, if you have $50.00 worth or more at the listed price and if it is impossible for you to come in-phone. 244-2151 and one of our staff will come to your home and buy your coins. the Unge Kraefter Council, the student government body at Grand View College. 'Winners in the campus elections are Carol Ann Blaisdell of 1102 Southdale drive; Beckie J.

McCallister, Ankeny; Steven J. Davis of 1907 Fifty-second st.f Douglas P. Yacinich of 1421 Success also could clear the way for the next astronaut team, Apollo 8, to fly 10 orbits INDIAN PENNIES Osceola Karen J. Sorensen around the moon at Christmastime. The 363-foot-tall Saturn 5 super rocket for that mission, scheduled to blast off about Dec.

20, rolled to its launch pad key, cheese sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, potato salad, corn chowder, chocolate pudding, vanilla ice cream, orange juice, tea, coffee, etc. Yet the food itself would be Will pay at least 10c for any Indian head penny not listed. of Peoria, and Robert A Anderson of Madrid. unrecognizable to the ordinary LINCOLN PENNIES 1909SVDB 1914-D .14.00 65.00 1915 10 1909- ..10.00 ..,.,.75 1910- 75 1922-D 75 1911- .....25 1924-D ...2.00 1911- ...2.00 1926-S 75 112-D 25 1931-D ...1.00 1912- ...1.00 1931-S ..11.00 1913- 75 1931 1913- 10 1932 ...10 1914- .....75 1933 ..10 U.S. LARGE CENTS 1793 50.00 up 1799 30.00 ft up 1795 Thru 1807 1.00 up 1804 12.00 tup 1808 Thru 1856 1857 2.00 up Other Odd U.S.

Coins 2c piece .50 ft up 3c piece .50 ft up 20c piece 5.00 ft up U.S. HALF CENTS 1793 30.00 up 1794 3.00 up 1795 3.00 up 1796 1 00.00 up 1797 3.00 up 1798 Thru 1808 1.50 up 1 809 Thru 1856 1.25 up 1 840 Thru(proofs) 1848 100.00 up 1857 2.00 up Wednesday. Last Time Apollo 7 will be the last space assignment for Schirra, who will Election results were announced by Jeff J. Simpson of Grimes, who was elected last spring as president of the U.K. Council.

Robert W. Cram, 2505 Ej.TForty-first is tuner, is cooked, freeze-dried, powered or compressed, coated 1866 $2.00 $2.00 with gelatin and sawed into 1856 Flying Eagle $300.00 Eagle 1857-58 $1.00 1859 50 1860-61 ....50 1862-63 ....50 1864 50 1865 50 standard sizes. A sandwich, for xample, measures by by inches. A three-inch-square pink block sprinkled with water from become the first man to fly into orbit three times. At 45, the witty veteran of Mercury and Gemini flights said he's getting too old to wait for another mis 1876 1877 1908- 1909- $1.00 $21.00 $5.00 $20.00 Arson Attempt At Apartment Paying 2c ea.

all 1939 and before with or below date a gun puffs up into a portion of sion. Charles Schroder, manager of U.S. DIMES WANTED NICKELS WANTED 1891 .20 ft up peacnes with approximately the texture and taste of commercially frozen fruit. No Salt Shakers The food is purposely bland to avoid' gastric disturbances. 1892 Thru 1915 ..13 each 1866 Thru 1883 .25 ft up 1884 .50 1885 10.00 ft up 1886 3.00 ft up THESE COINS ARE NEEDED AT THIS TIME Your coins do not have to be in perfect condition to receive these prices they should not be bent, corroded or have holes through them.

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We hope you will bring yours in to us during our short stay whether you have 50c worth or several thousands, you can be certain of a courteous cash offer. Show us some of your famous hospitality and bring in your idle coins while we are in town. HERCAIMY COINS The astronauts will consume four packaged meals a dav: 1913- 1914- .50 ft up .50 ft up an apartment building at 812 Forest reported to police that an attempt was made to set a fire in the building Thursday. Schroder told officers he found a sweater, which had been hanging on a door knob, burning on the floor of a hallway about 6:40 p.m. He said he threw water on it, then kicked it outside.

A wall and the floor were slightly damaged, police said. Schroder told police recent attempts also had been made to set fires in a garage and an apartment. Speech Tonight Eisele, 38, the guidance and navigation expert, and Cunningham, 36, Apollo 7's systems engineer, both said they hope to fly into space again. One of the main mission highlights is scheduled the second day, when Apollo 7 is to attempt a rendezvous from 83 miles away with the orbiting 62-foot-Iong upper stage of its booster rocket. The odds against it happening are at least a million-to-one, but if there should be a fire on the launch pad today the men at the space center are ready for it.

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GOLD WANTED the escape routes. The "white room' that serv Kenneth Goff, founder and director of the "Soldiers of the Cross," will address a public meeting at 7:30 p.m. today at the Argonne Armory, E. First nnd Des Moines streets. Goff, described as a former member of the Communist Party who voluntarily testified before a congressional committee, will speak on the subject, "What Is Next on the Red Program?" There is no admission charge for the meeting.

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