The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1948
Page 9
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^FRIDAY, MAY 7.1948 Increase in Road Funds Is Sought $8,000,000 Yearly iJL,Hik« Asked by State Highway Department LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. M«y 7. (UP)-The Slale Highway Deptrl- "'*"<• yesterday sot its sight* on »n $8.000,000 yearly increase in maintenance and construction funds 10 carry out a program to improve Highways and match federal tiinds. .''""S its proposed budget with the state comptroller, the department requested $19,003.000 Hum /<- ly for highway construction and maintenance during the next bien- inuni, compared with J10.575OW allocated for the same purpose during the current fiscal year. The budget request did jiot in- dude .12.625.000 for debt sen-lce. Collection costs or county turnback money which already 1,£ b "™ t aside by law a'nd must come from highway revenues. Highway Director J. c. Baker said the entire demand on sue), revenue* would total (31.625.000 a year, io.iL leveiu ' PS wcrc running about d£ ^°?- A "' hi 8 h *°y funds ire (ierwed from the gasoline tax and >»i>r vehicle license fees. Second incrtsu* Asked The budget increase was the second major one requested by a state department. The Education IJe- partment announced earlier that it would ask the state legislative council and the 1949 legislature !o • Pprove an additional (11,000,000 • nnually for the next two years The highway request included Mlarie. totaling $743260. an in- creast of »230.000 over the current wage allotment. Baker explained trut he was increasing pay throughout the department in an attempt to attract j-oung engineers and other technical men and keep present •mployes from going to other state highway departments and into private industry. He said the new budget would allow the department to give complete maintenance to the roads to match all federal money and to rebuild some main roads in Arkan- *tU, Baker made no recommendation « "J way* of raising additional highway money, it was generally understood, however, that most highway officials feel that revenues other than motor vehicle taxes should be used, especially to offset •ly,, B " debt servloe Payment ^ch must continue until 19T2 The Education Department budget was for »3«,335 1 SOu annually, compared to t25.517.633 for the current fiscal year. FLYTHEVTLI,B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Three Suffer Injuries In School Bui Mishap ALTUS, Ark., May .7. .(UP)—The 24 occupants of a school bus which crashed and overturned on Highway 7! north of Springdale Wednesday were going about their business a> usual today despite their ROACHER I * NOTI :r. Notice In hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner ol Revenues of the Stnte of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at, retail at 401 W. Ash, Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned stales tin* he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, (hat he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; lhal no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past- and that the undersigned has never ; been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. H. T. LEWIS Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6 day of May, 1948. Elizabeth Mason, <SEAL> Notary Public. My Commission expires 4-28-50, NOTICE Notice is hereby given '.hat, the undersigned will within the time lixect by law apply lo ihe Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit, to sell beer at retail at 501 W. Main, Blythr- ville. Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license lo sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. J. H. PIGMON Subscribed and sworn to before me this • day of May, 1948 Elizabeth Mason (SEAL) Notary Public My Commission expires 4-28-50. County Court, Chlckasawba • District, Mississippi County. Arkansas CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Ex-Farte Petitioner In the matter of the proposed annexation to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, of certain contiguous territory and the re-establishing of the boundary lines or the said city NOTICE OF HEARING Notice is hereby given that there has been filed in thp County Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, a petition of the City o( Blytheville, Arkansas, and the transcript of the proceedings in the matter of the annexation of certain contiguous territory to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, and the re-establishing of the boundary lines of the said city. The territory to be annexed being all of the territory lying between the present boundary line of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, and the boundary line us hereinafter set forth, towit: Proposed City Limits Extended Blytheville, Ark. Begin 30 feet due .south and 40 due east of the southeast corner of section 15. TlSn-RllE; thence proceed duY'librtri 'along?|f liiie 40 close brush with death. The driver of the bus, E. E. Tjau- hon said the steering failed and the bus went out of control. It struck a bridge abutment before turning over. Only three of the passengers, including a teacher, suffered scratches and minor abrasions. feel enst of ond parcllel In lln>! along a line 30 feet wost of and 5 TISN'RM *T o"" 0 " 5 V ""<> j» ala " fl lo » w * "«Uon lha' i» a corn?, nr iair« l ° ,H T,", H™ 1 "° 1 " 1 al " le '"tf^tioi. of said V conic.' of Vails ^nci Addition; section line with Ihe rUlu-of-wav o^/'ni Jm!F ""I 2 ulh " tle ""• °' "* *• I*'* SomlAcm of .,uls 2nd Addition, to the south- Ralhon.l; thence -.vest alonn the ' 1948. PERCY A. WRIOHT, City Attorney. T. J. CHOWDER. Special Counsel. . 4123-30-5i7 paper publishers. ' j soll(h "-^j"ft- ^"ril^f-w^ north along Ihe east line of said I " nc o( 6allt lllll «wd to ft point 450 addition' lo the south line of Ash ' rpct " orln ° r thc !>ou '"' Mellon line -. section 8, TISN-HIIE; thence Vest 450 fc« north of unit pnj'allel Street carved out of Vnlfs 3rd audition; thence enst along (lie ~ ~ llvl r'v'tci south line of Ash Street to a point' d sectlon "'W. (o 'he center of 30 feet east of ihe '•. section line ' " drn " ln i!e cannl known ns I'einls- of section 14, T15N-U11E- thence i cot Bll 5' 011 Ditch Number '27; (hence north along a line 30 feet east o I |South aml wl ' sl nlo " B " lc «*»tcr- and parellel to said 'i .seclloii Hue llne of sald l1l ' Bl "''Be cnunl lo a to a point 30 feet north of the sec- '' ' u tlle Intersection of the lion line between sections U nnd lun ' ln aml so » l l> 'i section line 14. T15N-1U1E; thence west nloiiEl 0 ' Mcll °" n. T15N-R11E; Ihcnci a line 30 feet north of and parallel . s0 "" 1 aton ? tlle sllld '» section lln lo said section line lo a point 30 feet enst of the section lint be- I twccn sections 10 and n. T15N- K11E; thence north along a line 30 feet east of the parralel 10 said section line to a point 0 feet north of Ihe •; section line of section 10, T15N-R11E; thence west along a line 30 feel north ol thc parallel lo said It section line lo 30 feet east of Ihe north and south "'" ulu11 " ">*i--i:i<, m WI-.M r.nn mioi- " Action linc.of section 10 TI5N- "°" : lhelK ' c Cils t ala iil? the south ilone n line fo "'"' ° r Alabama Street to tlic !l tiiuii inic ni seciion 10 T15N- ; thence iTOrlh along „ |in c 30 feet east of and parallel to said (i section line for a distance of 300 feet; thence west along a line 330 feet north of and parallel to Ihe east and west !•; section line of section 10, T15N-R11E. to a poilli 400 feet cast of the section line between JtLL V, \ sections 8 ancTTo" "TlTsN-luiE' thence north along n line 400 feet enst of and parallel to said section line to,a point 30 feel north of the section line between sections 10 and 3, T15N-R11E; thence west along a line 30 feel north of and paralle a point 515 feet due north of the center of scttlon 17, T15N- 111 IE; thence west along a line 516 feet north of mirk parallel to the oast nnd west ',i section line of section 17, T15N-H11E. to n point at the intersecllon of anld line will! the west 'I section line of snld section; Ihcucc soulh along said 'i section line to thc south line of Wr Sell and Service All Typrs .Snail 2071 for Repoirs! • HAD ID & PHONOGRAPH Service— ISoth AM and KM • KKKRHitiRATlON SKRVICK ilousehold-C'ommercinl «nd Aid-Conditioning • Cias * rCleclric WASHKRS • (.'ASOL1NK KNC1NKS ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY .1. \V. ADAMS, Mgr. 20(i-OS West Main I'ohne 2071 Alabnina Street, In West find Addl section line of section n. V15N- U11E; thence continue east on the same lino lo a point on a Hue with the west end of Pcabudv .Avenue, In the re-plat of Pride null Gnte- »'«y Subdivision, whkli Is 300 feet west of the line of Harrison Street in said sub-division; thence south on a line 300 feet west of find parallel to the west line of Harrison Street, lo n point 30 feet south of the south section line of section 17. T15N-R11E; thence enst along a line 30 feet soulh of And lines and 9, T-15N-RHE. to a point 30 «"U a, t -I.TrJ-ltllfc;, 10 a poitH 30! A^LUMI I.T. liarj-llil ifeet west of the east ii section line wh! <"> ls tllc point of beginning, :of section 4, T15N-R11E; thence I it •«ti-in**^ f VIIU1JUU south along a line 30 feet west ol | and parallel to said 'i section line continue south along the same - tion in the office of the Clerk ol said Court, and the undersigned ame , an ersgne arallel to j has been named by thte petitioner . of section I us the persons authori 19, T15N-RHE, io n point 30 feet I for It in the premises. ;line .10 feet west of and pa r I the east '.i section line of section I us the persons authorized lo act . na absolutely m-w "[jr. KOACMCK" brmKi Ulril moltrn. clean, quirk hell' Kills nta 5 ;'!.""'"" rc»idi« whirl -I.S -r,™ ,n«o, re.- On. » Win In. ,ftec tiv* lot week*' u— — JL. 'MM Gel £)„,„",">"• ROACHER toda, .1 *ro,.o and froceri the BEAUTY BAR Mrs Nora Bpradtey. Owner Glenco* Hotel Building Phone 3202 Margaret Dean Smith, Patty Lucy 1 along a I parallel I n point [and SOL tion Given this 22nd dny of April, • ttthlnntt ft Drcijitf, IflKtl, fit mil, Mging, KIYSTONI3B IHt AIL MVJAfO MEMO Have the car checked at LEE MOTOR SALES INC. When first thoughts of casting for trout or swimming in cool surf stray into your mind better make plans for a thorough Lee Motor checkup right away. Let our expert mechanics go over your car, put it in top form for pleasurable summer and vacation driving. Oldsmobil. — GMC Trucks 307 East Main St. Phone 2056 Corn, While & .... • * Medium Late, Small & Large Stalk • suited to any type soil. ' ' £eW a -eed" 1)Ulilr Varieties S(> -V» e ans. -AlfHlfa, and other IMPORTANT FM SERVICE is Our Specialty! All New FM Test Equipment FM DIPOLES The Best- Installation Complete '25 In City FM Tuners on Sale For Radios Not Equipped With FM Biylheville Sales Co. Felix Carney 158 E. Main Phone 3616 Blytheville Soybean Corp. 856 —Phones— 857 Elliott Johns, Prop. FOR REFRESHMENT AT ANY TIME! Our Restaurant Has Been Redecorated For Your Comfort JOHNS CAFE 409 West Main MASON REFRESHING REDUCING INVIGORATING Kid yourself of that ugly flit, both men and women. Feel young and be young ngnin by sulphur bath and oil massages. Course of 10 for $20. For Appointment Call 25:t» 1510 Ash Street E. C. Davis Violetta Morgan Masseur Masseuse Clinic 514 Main, Blylhrvlllr, Ark., Phone Itll FOR SALE Get our prices on tested 12 inch lo '18 inch concrete culverts. Also concrete building, blocks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 We Deliver and Scfl for Less Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Concrete Tile Sewer Til* Sirrr. 1, 6 and H Inch Culvert Tile Sll« , 12, IS, U, 21, •nd 36 Inch A. H. 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