Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 26, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1891
Page 4
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^ John Gray's "CORNER" ON NEW GOODS. While everyone is blowing, striking *nd trying to push off old unsalable goods on their customers; John Gray >as gone and filled up his store chuck lull of new goods and is selling them lower than.some of the old chesnuts that are being offered elsewhere as jgreat-,bargains, reason why, he has no d goods to lose on. Good Goods, good selections careful "cbuying and. close prices' is what has .given Jrim the cleanest stock in the State. FINE PERFUMES :-: A T :-: of the boasted "characteristics of the United States that justice is prompt and unprejudiced. In Indiana it has been retarded by an insufficient judicial system. The bill provides an economical and speedy relief and will be approved by the intelligence of the State. Tarlir Pictures The average price of barley In eight farming States, 38V2 cents per bushel. A SEHATQB DEAD. ID eight manufacturing Suites ' 60 cents per bushel. Why not extend this this more innnulacturlns market by fosleruie New York Press. Parvin's r: 12tli-st Drug Store. :-: The Conner of the TJiiIvcrMc. •|The hub of the United States" has been mo.ved West, but it rests in Indiana. No wonder ' Hoosiers feel' a little pr6u'd. Indiana should see to it that the tire is kept well set, and that the spokes don't rattle.—Inter- Ocean. Sudden Demise • of Ephraim- K. Wilson of Maryland, Heart Failure the Cause of His Un' expected Talking Off—A Short Sketch of His Career. More Morrow Tin has been discovered in Ashby's Gap, of war fame, in Virginia, and a company with §1,000,000 of capital has been formed to work a mine So the troubles of the free traders accumulate.— [Indianapolis Journal. Pei-Nonul JouriiaJisni. Irrrespectable and law-abing communities there is aa sentiment against personal journalism which is strong enough to make itself regarded by reputable newspapers.- - [Ind ianapol is News. SENATOK WILSON, Dally Journal. every day In the week (except Monday) by W. D. PRATT. - - so oo - - SO Prle« per Annum. Price per Momli. ^THURSDAY MORNING. FEB. 26. THAT untiring advocate of Repub- <iicanibm, The 3STe\v York Press, has l'3»een investigating the situation in ^eomm unities where the producer and ^•consumer live side by side and gives following statement of its work: the American farmer could only the truth about the home market ihe free traders would be compelled i\> abandon all attempts to carry a g-le Northern agricultural State. Press has gone to considerable lains to .ascertain the average home ff ^^~ of farm products in eight farm- jj£n<y States and eight manufacturing slStates. The farming. States selected |»re Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, ^Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska/ £Th.e manufacturing States are Ver- imont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, ^Pennsylvania and Maryland. The ^following table shows -the prices in |seven different products in December, |l889- WILL PAY IT BACK The House Passes the Bill to Refund the Direct Tax. A Sum Amounting to Over SIS,000,• OOO to Be Returned to the Treasuries ; of Various States. FARMING STATJS. i -'-•• - Per Bushel. forn. 24 cents Wheat bO cents SBye . 34 cents iDsta , 18 cents SBarley 38 5 cents ilrlsli potatoe 255 cents MAUUFACTUK'r, STATES. Per Per Cent. Bushel More. 51 cents 112.6 91 cents 33 60ce"ts 7G 35 cents 94 60 cents 54 . . _ oSceuts 1'Jl $5.30. per bale Sll.a ill. The average.jSelling price of these oducts^is'SSJjSlifccent. more in man- 'acturing jlftjcs than agricultural States This "6'eing the case, how is yt possible that tariff reduction and |consequent decrease of prosperty in lufacturing States will not be felt agricultural States? The fact is, .e extension of manufacturers ' has foeen of inestimate benefit to the agricultural States. It furnishes beyond Question a market right here at home ifor surplus product instead of compelling a farmer to pay cost of transportation to distant popalations." WAITING THE IVfiCSIDEXT'S APPUOVAL. WASHINGTON, Feb. 25.—The direct tax bill has passed the house by a vote of 172 to 101. The measure was adopted by the senate some time ago, but as passed by the house it curries an amendment and will therefore have to come again before the senate. That body will promptly concur in the amendment and the bill will beyond doubt become a law within a week. The amendment provides that, the money shall not be paid to the states until the various legislatures have adopted joint resolutions declaring that no further claim for payment shall be made than the sums provided in this bill, the object being- to gain time for the treasury tfe accumulate a surplus with which to meet the expenditure, which amounts in the aggregate to §15,227,632. It was the purpose to make the language of the bill so as to give the secretary of the ; .treasury option at the time of payment of conform-: ing to the condition of the surplus in the treasury. This bill has several times passed one or the other branch of congress, but never more than once has it got through both houses of the same congress, and that time President Cleveland vetoed it. The measure refunds to the states the taxes levied on them in 1S01 to raise funds for the equipment of union troops. The following are the amounts due in various States, the total being 815.227,032.03: Alabama....S 2a., r j20 -if Mississippi.$ 113.324 60 Arkansas.... 15-1,701 IS N. Carolina. 377,-152 61 California... 3JS.955 41 S. Carolina.. L'a3,396 35 22,139 96 Missouri.... MB,95S 23 201,9,-U 9J Nebraska... S.241 33 Nevada 70.332 83 N.H'mpsh'e 49,.«7 33 New Jersey. •1,766 00 New Mexico 117,882 89 New York...2,213,330 86 974.D08 (B Ohio J ,332 025 93 7(i!),144 03 On;pon 29,869 57 Iowa 381,274 SO P'nsylvania.1,054,711 43 Kansas 6U.U81 83 R. Island .. «9,419 11 Kentucky... G06.84I 03 Tennessee.. 392,004 48 Louisiana... SH5,8S6 O'lTexas 180.841-51 Miilne 3S7,702 10 Vermont 179,40780 Maryland... 371,2119 »'! Virginia.... 442.403 09 Mass 700.894 14 W.Virginia. 181,30803 Michigan. .. 42B.493 83iWash1nglon 4,263 10 Minnesota.. 62.245 OOlWisconsin.-. 440,53541 Colorado— Connecticut, Dakota Delaware.... D.C Florida .Georgia—. Illinois Indiana. 19,312 00 3,«03 77 185,645 67 3f-2,614 83 62.048 00 MARYLAND'S LOSS. WASHINGTON, Feb. 25, — Senator Ephraim King Wilson, of Maryland, died suddenly at his hotel about 10 o'clock Tuesday night. The news was a great shock to his friend?. For a few days he had been complaininjj of illness and this week had not been in his place in the senate. There was, however, no cause to fear an unfavorable turn, and when word of his death was spread it could hardly be believed. Senator Gorman and members - of the Maryland delegation went at once to the Hamilton house, where Senator Wilson had been living, only to find the report confirmed. ^ Senator Wilson was a kindly gentleman of the old school of southern politicians. His personal relations with all his colleagues were of the most pleasant kind. He was a conservative democrat. While he did not take an active part in the debates, there was seldom a leading question on which he' failed to speak. He was reputed a lawyer of unusual ability. It has long been the practice in Maryland that one senator shall be from Baltimore and the other from the eastern part. Senator iVilson was the eastern-shore senator. He would have entered on his second term as senator in March, the Maryland legislature having- re-elected him last winter. The legislature is not now in session, but the governor of the state will hardly make an appointment for the few days that remain of the present congress. WASHINGTON, Feb. 25.—Senator Gorman (Md.) announced the death o£ his colleague in the .senate as soon as the journal w,as read and offered resolutions expressing the great sorrow with which the senate had heard of the death of Senator Wilson; directing the appointment of a committee of eleven senators to take order for superintending his funeral; directing the removal of the remains to Maryland in charge of the sergeant-at-arms and attended by the committee and ordering that a communication b e sent to the house of representatives with an invitation to attend the funeral and to appoint a committee to act . with a committee of the senate. The resolutions were agreed to unanimously, and Senators Gorman, Gray (Del.), Jones (Ark.), Pasco (Fla.), Faulkner (W. Va.), Spooner (Wis.), -Wilson (la.) and Mitchell (Ore.) were appointed the committee on the part 01 the senate. The senate then, at 11:30, as a further mark of respect, adjourned. [Ephraim 'King Wilson, of Snow Hill, was born at Snow Hill, Md., December 22, 1821: was educated at Union academy, Snow Hill, and at Y» T ashington academy, Princess Anne, Md., and graduated at Jefferson college, Pennsylvania, in 1841; studied law and practiced in that profession lor twenty years; waa a member of the Maryland liouso of delegates in 18J7; was an elector for Pierce and King in 1832; was a representative in the forty-second congress; was judgo of the first judicial circuit of Maryland from 1878 to 1S84; was elected to tno United States senate us a democrat to succeed James B. Groome, democrat, and took his seat March 4, 1S8S.] STATE NEWS. Bits of Interesting Information from Points in Indiana.-" *• ' •OLIS, Ind., Feb. 2G.—The new apportionment bill was'.rushed through the house late Tuesday evening under a.suspension of the rules. 'Under it the democrats will have, on the basis af the vote of 1.S8S, 00 members of the lower house against 34 for the republicans. In the senate they will have 83 members and the republicans arc- alllowfd only 17, giving them' a majority on joint ballot of 48 if they are able to hold their party strength. In the house the vote by which the bill providing that cities may purchase and operate water works, gas plants and electric, light plants was passed was reconsidered and the bill was indefinitely postponed. The bill to investigate tlie state's claim against the Terre Haute it Indianapolis railroad was passed. It provides that the governor shall appoint a commission to investigate the claim and report its findings to the attorney general, who shall bring suit to recover the money. The claim is between $1,000,000 and 83,000,000. In the senate the world's fair bill carrying an appropriation of .$200,000 reported favorably. It was made a special order as soon as a pending measure is out of the wav. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—if.' S. : Gbvt Report, Aug. 17,'1889. , Brier Bits of Xews. John Lacy, a tough, of Columbus, Ind., who January 3 assaulted Edward Delta with a razor, lias been sentenced Lo three years in prison. The'Farmers' Mutual oenellt association of Clay county, led., nas organized a joint stock company and will open up a store in some cen tral point. Robert Watson, ot Rodtvli'.c. Ind., pleaded guilty to the murder of William C. Davidson at | Torre Haute and was sentenced to seventeen years In ihe penitentiary. . Glanders, n fatal disease among horses, has been discovered at Mount Vernon, Ind., in the livery stable of Jamas W. Bluff. Several animals have died and two were shot by order of j State Veterinarian Knowles. The stable has been quarantined. Robert Grayson and Charles McComb discov- vvas ered a heavy vein of silver In Graysnn's farm on ' i Silver creek, Clark county. Ore assayed of tha sami5 Uinc! at Chicago some time a;;o gave a All Arc Proud of Jmliiiim. CHICAGO. Feb. 20. —The Sons of Indiana, the last state organization formed in Chicago, held its first annual banquet at the Leland hotel Tuesday night. After enjoying the banquet the guests leaned back in their chairs and listened to responses to toasts by prominent luclianiaus. L. 13. Coupland acted as chairman in plaee of Judge Gresham, who was too ill to be present. Secretary E. C. Crawford rca.il letters from President Harrison. Judge Gresham, Gen. Lew Wallace, Hon. R. W. Thompson, Jlaj. Will Curnback, Maurice Thompson, Gov. Hovey and ex-Gov. Gray, all expressing regret at their inability to be present. The toasts were responded to as follows: "Capture of Vineennes," by Prof. John C. Kidpath, of De Pauw university, Greencastle; "Oliver P. Morton," Hon. John L. Griffiths, 'of Indianapolis; "The Soldiers of Indiana in the Civil War," Gen. Milo S. Hascall, of Chicago; "Indiana in Peace," P. E. Studebaker; "Thomas A. llendricks," Hon. L. P. Bovie. large per cent, of the precious metal. leged liud creates much excitement. The al- THE MARKETS. <;™ln. Provisions. Ktc. CHICAGO. Feb. 25. FLOUJi-Qniet ana steady. Spring Wheat patents, ^.. r )0@4.75; Bakers'. $3. JO; Winter Wheat Flour patents, 84.COg5.OU. and Clears, S4.40@4.5U WHEAT— Ruled llrmer early and then weaker.' No. 2 cash, 93Ji©94Hc; May, 9llJi@-U7f.ic. CORN— Fairly active and stronger. No. -2 and No. 2 Yellow, 54c; May, BliJiffJIMc; July, 54!5i W»v. Filer, of Illinois,' lias pardoned . Thomas J. Sunford, of Christian county, who was in 1SS9 sentenced to the Chester penitentiary for a term of one year for embezzlement of the county funds. John Boyer. of Burlington, N. J., entered the shop of Mrs. Sarah Cowles on Sunday night and demanded a cigarette. Upon a refusal of his demand he beat and kicked her. inflicting 1 injuries of which she has since died. Joseph Hollase, a Polish miner of Iron River. Mich., angered by some boys who htul been throwing snow- .• balls at him, shot Peter Iloctor, a bar-" tender, and Bd Scott, chief of police, wounding- both mortally. Tuesday the (./eyser Oil Co., one of the most aggressive opponents of the Standard Oil Co. in Ohio, went tinder.- the complete control of the latter. The ! price paid for seven-sixteenths of the stock was 51,000,000. Passtid Over the Veto. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. '~G.—Governor Hovey this morning sent the bill providing for the appointment of a state oil inspector to the house, with his objections in a special message. The bill seeks to take the appointment of the oil inspector from the governor and place it in tlie hands of'tlie state geologist. The governor declared that the bill is.unconstitutional, • that' the appointment of the officer is a prerogative of the governor and cannot he changed by the legislature. He proposes to carry the question to the courts i'or settlement. The message was read in both houses and the bill was immediately pr.s ed over the veto. . New Federation In Indiana. IXDIAXAPOUS, Ind., Feb. 26.—A conference of executives of the farmers' and workingmen's organizations has agreed, to take steps to form a federation in Indiana. It will be non-partisan and will be mainly for the purpose of acting unitedly in securing legislation in the interest of the two classes. They have demanded that the new fee and salary bill be put into effect at once. j OATS— Higher. No. 2, -i6g-i6!4c; May. 47Vj@ j -\"%c\ June, •Ni;Si<SH(5, 7 ie; July, 4.'iJi®437ic. Sam I pies in good supply, but higher. No. 3, 44@-i3'4c; j No. 3 White, 45 i/J^-lBK; No. 2, 45^@40}4c; No. 2 White, 'lli!4©4Sc. RYE— Scarce and firm. No. 2 cash, SlH@S3c; February, Sac, and May, SSc. Samples, Sigi 83c Tor No. y, and S8u,89c for No. 3. BARLEY— Slow and easy. Poor, 60©61c; common, G2g-,G5c: fair to good, OtSgCSc, and choice, "0@7ic. MESS PORK— Trading only moderate and prices steadier. Prices ranged at S9.3.>f,j)9.40 for cash; S9.35©9.40 for March; S9.S5g.9.75 for May, and S9.87Ji®10.05 for July. LARD— Market moderately active and prices steadier. Quotations ranged at $5.r>7Vi@5.60 for cash; 85,57 y,@5.60 for March; !K.77«@5.80'/i forMaj, and $6.00(g;6.02H for July. BUTTiin— Creuuiery, 2S@29c: Dairy, 14®24c; Packing stock, 6fe9c. POULTRY— Live Chickens, 7©8!4c per lb.; Live Turkeys, 9g,10c per lb. ; Live Ducks, 8®lOc per lb. ; Live Geese, $3.00@5.uO per doz. OILS— Wisconsin Prime White, Sc; Water White, S!ic; Michigan Prime White, 9'/-c; Water White, JO^c: Indiana Prime White. fiyc; Water White, lOc; Headlight, 175 test, Q'/ic; Gasoline, S? deg'.s, He; 74 dcg's, 8^c; naphtha, 63 deg's. 7c. LIQUORS— Distilled Spirits ruled firm at 81.14 per gal. for ilnished goods. CUBES PEOMPTLY AHD PEEHAHESTLY r.njrit>ag;o, Headache, Tootlmcho, 28" E IT R A I- G I A ^ Sore Throat, Swellings, Frost-bites, SCIATICA, Sprains, Ernlseg, Bnrng, Scalds. THE CHARLES A. VOGELEB CO.. NEW YOHK, Feb. 25. WHEAT—Market Urm and ?^©Jic up. May, Sl.OOOLOOV;: July, $1.00>i(gl.OO^; August, 91511- lG@96 3 ic; December, 9S;)a@98>ic. CORN— Market more active, y,c up and linn. No. 2, 6-!^©85?»c; steamer mixed, OJi^©t ; 5i.4c. OATS—Market stronger and fairly active. Western, 5l@02c. ' PROVISIONS—Beef—Dull and weak. Extra mess, E«.50®7.25; family, S8.50@10.SO. Pork quiet and weak. New mess, $10.50®! 1.00; old mess, $9.23!i?,10.00: extra prime, $8.00@9.50. Lard, Quiet, steady. Steam-rendered, $5.92{{. CLEVELAND, 0.. Feb. 25. PETROLEUM—Easy. Standard White, 110, 65£c; 74 gasoline, S'ic; SC gasoline, 12e; 63 naphtha, BEECHAM'S PILLS (THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY.) Cure BILIOUS and Nervous ILLS. 25cts. a Box. OF AT.T. IXRUGK3-ISTS. Condensed R. R, Time-Tables, Pittstmrg, Cincinnati, Chicago ',&' St. Louin (CxOTBAi TIME.) IRKIVI Bradford Division . LJ KJ-, U:36am* ...... EastlfnBxpresi ...... 1.00 A IE* F4st PATRIOTS ADJOURN. FACTS STATED. scans, the u Sprats and |- THE apportionment bill as doctored Sto suit the majority in the legislature Shas passed the House. As changed, 16 Senator, one representative and one joint representative jintb. Miami county. The House will wtand 66 Democrats and 34 Republi- Senate thirty-three Demo- seven teen" Republicans, e Congressional districts will stand :even Democratic and two Kepubli- .n. The effort to take Lake and off the tenth- almost failed .rough the vigorous opposition of thirteenth district which objected, the addition of two Republican Ixmnties to its territory but they |were finally taken off and 9£iami was added. By the bill Republicans." Alliance men, Labor S^t, organizations and Prohibitionists are Btefranchised and a Democratic legis- Bture is insured no matter ppular will may be. what the lHE,Journal proposes to be fair the legislature and to commend where "praise is due. Its action on the JLppelate Couit bill is wise. The Supreme Comt is at least two. years behind in its> business. It has ~ : long- Been apparent that it could not attend lip the business cast upon it. It is one Fred Keifer, of Steubensville, Mich., *vas killed Tuesday by a falling tree. The county jail at Waterloo, la., was burned Tuesday by prisoners, causing- a; loss of §."5,000.' Flames at Burlington, Vt., destroyed the cotton mills and a lumber yard, causing a loss of 8180,000. An act repealing the organized labor conspiracy law has passed "both houses of the Montana legislature. Col. Richard F. O'Blirne, colonel of the Twenty-first infantry, U. S. A., died Tuesday at !New York. The Kansas house has passed the Elder railroad bill, reducing passenger rates from three to two and a half cents a mile. Frank Gable, of Honesdale, Pa., tax- collector of Texas township, has disappeared, leaving a shortage of 832,000 in his accounts. Near Winchester, Ky., A. C. Barrow and Thomas Barrow a few days ago were swindled out of 81,800 by the gold brick scheme. At Erie, Pa., Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Co.'s works were seized by the sheriff:. The liabilities are about $150,000. Two .clergymen, while sleighing at Tamesvar, Austria, were attacked and devoured by wolves. Two night watchmen were also devoured. At Decatur, 11L, John Kellingt'on, one of the managers of the Union elevator, fell a d.stance of 40 feet into one of the empty. grain bins and was fatally iniured. . .--.... • Warren, son of Floyd Bushfleld, of JefEersonville, 111., is missing. He started to school Monday but did not return, and it is feared he has been drowned in the Ohio river. The Council of National Americans, Held in Chicago, Completes Jts IVorJc. CHICAGO, Feb. '25.—The council of National Americans, which convened Monday morning, closed its session with a meeting of the national committee at the Grand Pacific at 10:30 o'clock a. m. The council was made up of representatives from the following organizations: Sons of tap American revolution, Sons of liberty, Loyul Americans, committees of 100 from Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia; Patriotic order sons of America, Order of unit-jd American mechanics, American defense association, American patriotic league. Ked, White, and Bluo, American protective association, the British- American league, tne Loyal women of American liberty, the Ladies' loyal orange association, and other patriotic; orders. In all about 1,500,000 voters were represented by .the council, located in. twenty-n'x-e states of the union. The object of the present session has been to organize the purely American patriotic orders of this country into one -body the better to secure cooperation iri favor of American "institutions. The object was accomplished and for the ensuing year the officers will be: President, Col. G. G. Miner, of the Loyal Am'ericans, this city; vice president, G. H. Uartlett, of Massachusetts; secretary, James S. Reynolds, of Illinois; treasurer, W. J. H. Trainer, of Michigan. A platform was framed and adopted which declares m favor of "free speech, a free press, the restriction of foreign immigration, an educational franchise froe common schools, no appropriations from the national treasury i'or sectarian purposes, and in favor of giving public land to actual citizens and' bona- fide settlers only." i.ost 5130,000 by a Train-Wreck. ASBXAXD, Pa., Feb. 25.—A freight on the Heading road crashed into a disabled coal train near Gordon, piling engines and cars in a heap. The wreck took fire and five oil tanks blew, up. Several trainmen were ..hurt, thougl' none seriously. The loss is 5100,000. The Immigration .Bill Passed. WASHINGTON, FebV 25.—The house took up the immigration bill, thVpend- ing question being on''the Gates substitute, which was rejected^ sand the bill was passed • ,.- Minnie Mnbbitt oil Trial. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. 26,—The trial of Minnie Mabbitt, aged IT years, for the murder of her illegitimate child, was begun here Tuesday. She says that her two brothers killed the babe. It will be remembered that three years ago at Delphi, Ind., Lulu Mabbitt, sister of .-Minnie, was betrayed and murdered _ -. _ _, „ by Amer Green, who was lynched »« BAD. ECZEMA ON BABY the crime. Live Stock. CHICAGO. Feb. 35./ CATTLE—Market moderately active. Quotations ranged at $5.10©5.00 for choice to fancy shipping Steers; *4.50@5.00 for good to choice do.; $3.3034.25 for common to lair do; $3.00@3.50 for butchers' Steers; $2.25@2.75 for Stockers; ¥S.75@4.2. r ) forTexans; S2.90®3.?5 for Feeders; 81.50(5,3.23 for Cows; $1.50©3.00 for Bulls, and 83.0046.00 for Veal Calves. Hoes—Market active and firm. Prices ruled 5©]0c higher. Sale? ranged at $2.05^3.45 for Pigs; $8.35®3.60 for light; 83.35@a45 for rrugh packing: KAOfgS.m for mixed, and 33.50 @3,G5 for heavy packing and shipping lots. SMJ-S Sho Was One of the 5.OOO. BRAZIL, Ind.. Feb. 20.—Mrs. Matilda Evans (colored) has been, pronounced insane and taken, to the asylum at Indianapolis. Her mind became unbalanced through religious excitement. Her halucination is that she is one of the 5,000 fed on loaves and fishes in Christ's time. She refuses food, is violent, and had to be handcuffed. Head one Solid Sore. Itching Awful. Had to Tie His Hands to Cradle. .Cured by Cuticura. - Killed Himself. BOOXKVIT.IVB, IntLj Feb. 20.—Charles Hammond committed suicide at aoon. Tuesday by shooting himself in the forehead with a revolver. MADISON, Ind., Feb. 2i3. — Tuesday John Potter was acquitted of complicity in the murder of Marcus Selig. Our little boy broke out on his head with a, bad form of eezeraa when he was four months old we tried three doctors, but taey did not help him! Wn then used .your three Cuticura Eemedles, and af'er usini; them eleven weeks exactly accord- Ing to directions, he begun to steddlly Impiove, as d after the use of tbein for seven mouths his head nas entirely well. When we began u-inglt his head wtis a solid sore from the crown to UIs eyebrows. It was also all over his curs, most of his luce, and small places on different parts ol his body. There were sixteen weeks that we had to keep his hands tied to the crsidle. and hold them when he was taken up; and had to keep mittens tied on his hands twkeep his finger-nails out of the sores, as he wou'd s ratch If he couid m any way get his hands loose. W« know your Cuti<>Kra Remedies cured him. We .feel sate In rec- —.• ..w ..is jScck. COLUMBUS, 0., Feb. 25.— There 'was a. prize fight at JSfslsonville Tuesday night between Dave Seville, of th is city, and Tom Tracey, of Toledo. When tin} e was called for the nineteenth round Tracey, who was getting- the worst of it, came forward saying: "i can't see any longer; hit me if you want to." Whereupon Seville hit him a severe blow, breaking his neck. Seville and Tom Macey, one of his seconds, have been placed under arrest here. Another Blow at O'Urlcn. LONDON, Feb. 25.—Mr. O'Brien has been served in jail with a debtor summons for the 88,500' costs awarded against him in his libel suit against Lord Salisbury in 18S9. Unless Mr. O'Brien shows cause within three weeks why he should not be declared a bankrupt for non-payment of the amount his parliamentary seat will be forfeited. .Jim Howard, of Pineville, Ky., has been sentenced .to imprisonment for life for the murder of his sister-in-law.. He escaped arrest for more than two years. GEO. B, <k JANETTA HARRIS, Webster, Ind. Scrofula Cured. I hare a sitter younger than myself, whose' whole body was covered'with scrofula sores from head to foot. She could not lie down at nlnbf, and uadno peace by day. A friend advised her to try the Cutlcum Remedies. She did so, and they cured her. 1>ORA B. ERVCNG, Rushsylvania, Ohio. ...... ...... Uopm* ......... F4stLlne ......... J20pmt ..... Accommodation ...... BKXJamt 9:45 amf. Marlon Accommodation. 4:20 p mf Richmond Division. S:00 am*. ...Night Express ....... 1:05 a m»- 11JO a mf ..... Accommodation. ...... 55iamf . l:SOp m«....HayExpress ...... .. I2onm» llaOpmf ..... Accommodation...... SSGpmfr Indianapolis Division. •J:20a m*.... Night Express ....... li£5am«" 130 p m*....DayExpres» ........ 125pm» Chicago Division. U!:40a m*.'... Night Express. ........ 8:10 am*- i:<5pm» ........ jFastLlne ......... l£6pm»- . 1:47 pm* ............ Fast Line ............ 1:47 p m*' 11 30 a mf .... .Accommodation. ..... 4^0 p mt 7:15p rat ..... Accommodation ...... 6d5amf State JLlne Division. l:30p m|... .Hall and Express....^ 8:30amV : 7:45amt. ........ Express ......... 7:25pmt f 11:15 a mi ....... Local Freight ...... uaOamfi,. Trains marked » run dally. . : tmlDsmarkedt rundallyexceptSuDdaT.. '•,-.'• VJindailn Mnc, - ( SOUTH BOTNB, . ( Local freight ............. .w.;.i ............... Sflfi a or Terre Haute Express ..... _ .................. 7:25 a ID Slall Train ........................................ ItfOp m NORTH scram Local Freight .................................... B.-OO a m, Mall Train ................. . ..................... lo^fi a m. South Bend Express ............... . ......... .. 8:45 pm ' Tnroogi Freight ........................ „...;. 858-p m Close connections for Indianapolis' via 'GoUtac- now made by all our passenger trains.— J.-Pj. Bdgworth, agent. Wabanh Railroad. . EAST BODUB,^ - . . ;. : . New York Expres, daily ........... : ____ ... u^am ••Ft Wavne(Pas.)Accm.,except Sunday 8:18 a n*: Kail City & Toledo Ex.,exceptSunday 11:15 an* Atlantic Express, dally- ................... 4KJ6pm Accommodation Frt,, except Sunday. 9:26 pm WEST BOUND. Pacific Express, dally ......... . .............. 7:52 a-m ' : Accommodation Frt, except Sunday_l2:16 p m Kan City Ex., except Sunday...:...:...... S:45pm • Lafayette(Pas)Accm:, except Sunday 6:03-p-m" St. Louis Ex., dally, . . . ..................... 10:32 p m " Eel Blvcr DIv., LogajiKport, West Side Between Logansport and Chill. BAST BOUND. ' Accommodation, ex. Sanday, Leave.. 10*0 aim Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Leave.. 4rfOp'm, . •WEST BOCiO). , Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Arrive.. 8:10 a m- > Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Arrive.. 4:10 p HI WANTED W ANTED a few persons In each place, to'do' writing at home. Enclnse lOc. for 400 page- book with particulars to J. H. Woodbury, Station- D, New York Cl'y. oet21<Uy A in o3<1 rr(I>Mi>flrv ,_.ck snlc-., _ opportunity. Goo, A, Scott, 84ft e profits. . AMr\C fREE; A ra Broi>wny. N. Y. Cutieura Resolvent The new Blood and Skin Purifier, and greatest of Humor Remedies, cleanses the blood of all 1m- punt-es and pol.ionous elements, and tiius removes .the cause, while Cutk-ora. tlie great skin cure, and Cuticura. Soap, an exQUlslte skin liesu- tlfier, clear tlifl skin and scalp, an-i restore the hair. Thus the .Cutlcum Remedies cure every species of Itching, burning, scaly, pimply, and bli itchy skin, scalp, and blood diseases, from Infancj to atfe, when the best uh,> slcluus fall. *old everywhere. Price, Cuticura, 50c,; Soap, 25c.; Resolvent, gi. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Corporation. Boston. !39~Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases," 64 pages. 50 lllustrat'ons. and 100 testimonials. L> A UV'Q Skin and scilppurllled and beau- D r\ D I O tilled by CUTICUEA SOAP. Absolutely pure. W ANTED—An active, reliable man-salary$70 to S80 monthly, with increase,, to re-- > present in his own section a responsible New York House. References. .Manufacturer, 'Lock. Box 1585,New York.. • • •-.•:.•. * Chartered Countctlciit Life Insurance Co "- jTX wants a Gentleman Manager for this locality A good man can make personal ly $2.50'. per year . and 'clear Sl.OO-'.. from i. Is subs. Address, liana " ger, Box G7, Waterbury. Conn. febSdSt 47^ fn ^QSH AMOXTHcanbemade^ (D/U IU ip^UU working for us. Persons' preferred who caji furnish a horse and give their whole time to the business. Spare momehts.may. •" be profitably employed also. A lew vacancies -Ir*--' towns and cities. B. F. JOHNSON & CO., 200& MalnSf RrKhnannrt. Va ' marldly I IFE AND REMINISCEN'.E-j OF GENERAL' I /Sherman, by a distinguished author. Contributions furnished specially for book by prominent soWlers and statesmen. Agents wanted.--Will : out sell every thing. Send SScts. Instantly, for outfit. We guarantee best book and best 1 terms' • Buy no other, , , - . ^ "B. H. WOODWARD-i-CO.,' Bal'tljrior<vM3' PAINS and WEAKNESSES Of females Instantly .relieved by that new, elegant, and Inlallible Antidote to Pain, Inflammation:'and Weakness,the i Cuticiira Ami-Pain Plaster. W ANTED—AH Active Man for e'aclf section " Salary #75 to »J 00, to locally/ represent (ii • successful > T . y. Cempany • incorated to supply Dry.jGoods. Clothing, Shoes. Jewelry, etc.. to con Burner 1 ! at cost. Alsoal,nilj- of "tact-rlSnlnrv *<O. to enroll members (8O.OOO' now -enrolled" *" " SIOO.OOO paid in). Seferences exchanged Empire Co-operatUe Association tcrefil t' \v (i)lcck Box 610. N. Y, -, " t i ri ' " " r

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