The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1935
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO.-2.YI NEWS Blylhevllle Courier Blythevllle Daily News nlylhrvllle Herald Mississippi Valley Lender JQ, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY II, IflSf, PENSIONS ON ROOSEVELT SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS • ' Scy/s Haupfmot^ Ransom Notes Both Handwriting and Spoiling Jdenlify Ihe'm, Me Tells Jury. FLEMJNGTON. N. J., Jan. II «J P)— Bruno Richard Hauptmann, his face a dentil-like musk, today heard .himself described us the iin- llior .of tlic Lindbergh ransom notes. Derailed Freight Train Hits Swifton Station K.W1FTON, Ark., Jim. 11 ?UP)- Killcnn cars of n fust Mls'Sniirl- PiiclflG iroluln train were derailed ami plowed into the sUliim )i3ro' tcday. .A l:rol::n arch bar was Warned' for the wreck. Three ilmeriuiw, rldluj; in one of Hie curs, were injiirnd slightly T-hiy. were Thomas Harris, .22', mid Hugh Shearer, 23, of Patterson. Mo., and Van Huron Brown of Biiifr, MO. Albeit S. Osborn, ham!n'riti>H;j expert nnd scientist, declared: I.-AII (he ransom notes were Condemnation Proceedings Starlet' written by the same hand I!.-—The writing in (lie ransom notes stamps ilicm n.", the product of Hauptmann, as proved by Haiiptnunn's .script In other documents. Pcinti to Riinil.ii-itics Osborn described the contents f.t .the notes and placed before Ihc jury a graphic picture of iheir :imtlartlirs nnd p/jjliarlllcs of which he noted, hn said, "seven or eight." He called attention to the repeated use of the word "sing- nature" for "signature" and "ing- nme" for "ignore". Before the handwriting expert, n key witness In the prosecution's case, was called lo testify, (lie court had received for identification the bundle of SH.IiOl) in ransom bills that \vas dug from hiding places in'Hauptmaiin's gar- nge in the-' Bronx. Frank J. Wilson. Internal revenue intelligent;; officer, identified the money r , and .told.', of ."tjie^ govern-* inenfs*-'trncing. olherij'vSfikpni bills lioin shops and other sources in New York. Nil More Ransom Bills The most striking testimony h? tflered was that since Iliuipt- maim's arrest no further ransom money has been recovered. But h; qualified the statement under cross examination by- spying that lie could not check every place in (he world lo determine the' 1 :- truth cf his belief. Justice Trenchard .•• announced there would be no session of the court tomorrow. - - -, Had Car Painted Black NEW i'OHK, Jnn. -11 <(jpt _ Eruno Hauptmann, 'on trial sit Hemington, N. j.. o n charges of mui-derins [h c - Lindbergh baby look Ills green Dodge seibn lo " Penalties Will Become Effective After Saturday, January 19. A busy day at (he local office 01 the slate revenue deparlnienl is brought to n close about 7:30 limping nun nan n *' night with the receipt of u , George Johnson,-a ., gram announcing extension lo the garage,'said" to- """'"Sl't, January 10, of flit- per.- tod for payinj automobile llcer<s? ""•" for 1935. - .v ul ,,,tu inni he ,."' ic "' to ''eeeipl of thp telegram Ilaiipimann riding in'a "diriyi" 11 ' .'wl office had sold auproxl- Siwn" car near.-, ih e _ Lin.1b:>r ? ii| l | lil « ! »' 500 nuio (,,gs. ., „„,„( "late on-the day o{'\l.li6 crime |™i's'business. Jolmson said HaniMaiin did nol Tlle telpemm Love Finds a mist's Cell ueslions Forecast Possi- )lc Decision Against : Government, he supreme court look thn mo- innlmi.i gold cnses under consld. — —• v.i«kdtti^ : . " -umvi V.UI 1>UI- Joseph Love is done with love nnd the numerous Mrs. Loves are!rjmi> with Josenh but the |-iw isn't MA, f" , y Mfr l^s'stcnl qiies- When two ol his wives eaiiifiU »i> with Joscnh. hi- n,.,i .„ r.j.innJ,. , w n,, „„,.„',.; ... ,„/ ' ....' , „.'. ...' " K I' 8 "'. 1 j""' indicated Its au. where else is the divorced first Mrs. Love, Love j io Consolidate bird Reservation. : Summons have been served on IS homesteaders, whose properties extend into die federal Ijird r»s"r- vation at Big Lake. Ior ln ' c condemning of this property by the federal government. Washington Burgess, United States marshal, served the siim- moiis for the filing of laiv suits federal court nt Joniviboro These will be heard in Iiray. The condemnation afreets • yi acres, being small parts O f land d by homesteaders wlilch I into the reservation established by the "federal government 1 la years ago. Up to ijow the' government has allowed (he homesteaders 10 use the lund m (he reservation where ducks have been -<liol. because It wns on their own land,; -When '..• the Condemnation proceedings cnre' completed. and ' Hie' govei,<niFresThetc~3l2-acres it will _then own all of the Iand Vlanafacturer Agrees to Replace Unsatisfactory License Plnles. Blj'thevllle motorists, who rose up more or less in arms over !he 'mammoth" city car tags issued .his year, are going to be satisfied. floss Benvpts, clly clert:. rinnoiinced today. Beavers said Una -the company which supplictj the tags has agreed o furnisli an entire new supply of 1,000 plates because of dlssatisfnc- tion with tlip new lags; which failed Lo meet spaclficalions Included; 1 In the lag-contract.'" • • *-•• 5 The tags were to have been the same color combination ns the state t*SS and the-, same sire, but when they arrived^ they were neither. Beaveis said, being or an "off color.' Such a protest has arisen from motorists because of the size, colors and fading queiiiy of the new ta<-s that Beavers notified the tag company l!v,U no payment would bo mack- until proper tags were fur- :iished.. By agreeing that th; new tags may be made the same size as the small lags of previous years, one half of the price will be saved, it is stated. Sonic 200 tags nlrcndy issued will bs recalled when the new plales arrive in about twc weeks. Tennessee Governor Recommends Sales Tax NASHVILLE, Tcnn., Jan. 11 (UP). —Gov: inn McAlliter today recom'-. mended rclention of state uyohlbi- Uon laws, enactment or a sales lax fls an emergency measure for a 30- month period, and authorization for a constitutional convention 'referendum this fall. Delivering his biennial message to the general assembly the governor approved proposed legislation lor aiding expansion nt the 'Tennessee. Valley Authority In the state' and removing from Hie stale utilities commission the right of poss- ing on contrncls between TVA ami private utility companies. nervous. He said,lie didn't renumber the ^incident until i,i s employer found an bid bill which iX recognized:-as /one tendered llauplmann. ,' .• Five Divorce Decrees Granted by Chancellor decrees have been granlcd in vacation by Chancellor J. F Gautncy of Jonesboro to plaintiffs "i live divorce cases filed in chnn- ciiy court here. Mabel Swihart lias born award- cii a decree from Merrill L. Swi- ilUVi , lu " de " 1 ' n , Property seltle- «i«m ntainiifl is to receive. SIOO monthly from February , J l|i through May an ,| $500 vearlv ., w , nim Oi>uu VPariv . «rea,cr until ami including 19 0, ra a total or 53.000. and a to receive certain ptoperty. . Tlle lele sram. from Earl rt Wisc- rcvollllu "Time for collection of pen.iltic.? on license has been ovicmHPta midnight, January tg, 1935. p| c!15e advise field men immediately Pos- date" "° cxteilsion bc -™»<l that Permanent Homestead Program Recommended Be Levied and Schools Should Benefit, Says Dr. j. H, Reynolds. CONWAY. Ark. (UP)—Support for the proposed stale sales tax to bolster school funds came today from Dr. j. H. Reynolds, president of Hcndrfx College. Education of the younger gener- jallon is the state's greatest nal- ural resourca, 13r. Reynolds believes. "The sales tax i.s going !o be levied in Arkansas and the schools in their weakened condition should recsire the benefit." he 'said: The nation is being swept by such tax moves and the state by placinsr such n laxatloii plan on" its slnt- Plea (or Widows and Orphans Branded False Issue by Commission. WASHINGTON, Jan. 11. ( rjp)_ President Roosevelt today presented . the federal power commission's answer to the charge that the government's yardstick power policy •was threatening the.savings of wf- doivs and orphans. Tiie power commission (old [he ules win keep the federal ...Jan. H;'-(UP)— Recommendation '.-that: establishment of subsistence.-homesteads'be made a permanent national policy vas made to.President Roosevelt today by the laii mitlep of the i board. The group warned, however "that no substantial movement of uuem- plojed psople from urban areas into « criTniMOfrtJ*.! ^™ „:_.!• . fi e -•• president in effect that the charge mct '- 1 was a false Issue drawn into the I fight of private power interests .against extension of Hie govern- government from occupying such a field. _ , :; •Thc sales (ax will''fores'per- sons working for salarirs and wages u ml who are '• payitig no taxes whatever to comrtbute something to the support of the gov- tnx would te.sen (he on real estate the ' past have carried the burden nnd who in the future will have to carry n greater, load unless new economies are found." A man is .1 better citizen Dr. Reynolds said, if -he sharps In carrying the burdens or govern Unlawful Conspiracy in Rc- slrainl of Trade. ST. LOUIS, Mo.. Jan. 11. tUP) — Ten Motion picture concerns and six executives ol those firms wore Ittdlcled by a federal grand Jury today on charges of "unlawfully engaging iu a conspiracy In restraint or trade." , . The indictments grew out ol charges of Allen Snyder, independent exhibitor, that hc was unable to obtain first run motion pictures .f.rom Warner Brothers i .Pictures, 'Inc., because of alleged. a'srcon'ients of Warner" with "(jtliers" of the so-' called "big five'" of (lie Industry. Companies htuued in' I he Indictment are: ' • . Warner Brothers Pictures. ' inc.: the Vltnphont! corporation, First National Pictures; inc., Warner Brothers Circuit Management Corp., Warner Brother.-, Circuit Management Corporation, General Theatrical Enterprise, Inc., Paramount pictures Distributing Co., Inc., Paramount Pictures Distributing Corp., Paramount pictures Distributing Company, Inc.. Rndio-Kelth-Orp'h?- unv Distributing Corporation. Dillinger Was Promised Escape from Death Chair CHICAGO, Jan. II (UP)—Louts Plqiiettc."" squat bushy-haired "moiithpeice" for tliC' outlaws of John •Dlllinger's gang, revealed from (he wilness stand in fedcial gold. Chief . Justice Charles FIvnns Hughes again took the !en;i in tl) llnal questioning of government I'onuscl as to tlsc- eonstltntionnl Ight or congrew 10 break the gov- cnimcnfs. promise ( 0 redeem In gold it? obllsntlons. pspeclnlly Liberty bonds. ' y The government seemed obviously concerned over the indications of the court's doubt. Skirting the constitutional issues Ally. cten. Homer Cuinwlugs d W nH on the gravity of the financial crisis whlcli confronled the nation In 1033 rjie final declstons io call In nil gold, abrogate the gol<l clauses in public nnd private obligations, nnd uevnlue the currency were carefully weighed, he said, and sought "to deal rightly with «11 our people" eminent. "A sales taxation burden cwners. who in court today promised bv thai mi he had been Indiana judge that pmingcr would be KI vpd rom cicatlirl/iMhe elcelric chair if ho surfenilered. -. Plqiiett'c's testimony, given in the courtroom of Judge Wllltam Holly, where he is on trial on chnrge* of • b,niii! the "master mind" of Court. Justice William j. Murray of Crftwn Point, ind., „, ollciina the promise. • p for lower electrical J ment's drive | rale.?. Tiie utilities had claimed monc Negro Jumps to Death from Truck at Osccola Midnight Inn Padlocked Order Issued by An order padlocking the Mid- in gilt I tin, oiwrfltcit recoil 11 v hi Hal Fletcher, on Highway 61 a short distance north of the nty- Inevllla country club, has be<n Issued by Circuit ' Fmrna V Ei'lirid^x plaintiff; Richard , „ cilb Jelfers, plclntlti; Audrey end Thclma Btickncr • Biicliifr. plniiiiifr. vs. CJiis Miss Willie Lawson Will Address Shawnee Meeting Miss Willie Lawson ot Little Hock, executive secretary of the Arkansas Educational Association and former county school superintendent here. lv m b( , ,j, c ' speaker al-a meeting of the county council of Pnrnil-Tcacher Ksiocintlons to be held Fridav Jnn. 18, nt Shnwnce. Mrs. Scoll Wood of Hoi Springs, stale P. T. A. president, will also address the .meeting will l» an nil day scj.sion. Agriculture be publ'clv - : !Mvc° l tha SC(l " beCaU ' C " St ls lmpf ™- «nploymentVsoH'ed\n r othtr'«-ny.! Ihan by trying (o make farmers out of urban unemployed." The committee submitted a broad ong time federal nnd plan including retirement ol 750,000.000 acres "' sub-marginal land comprising i n , psng •150.000 farms, control of soil cm. sion, rural reclamation nnd irrigation. Lodge at Osceola Will Hold Masonic School Department Store Sales Show Gain of 13 Per Cent WASHINOTOM. Jan. li. iijp)_. Department, store salos gained i;) per cent last year over 1833 tVr reserve board repovled to, Sales in December, reflecUiie Ihe active Christmas business, ihowcd a gain of u per cent over last year. ojvy, OSCEOLA. Ark— Osccola Lodge No. 27. F. and A. M.. will hold a Masonic, school of Instruction at the hall here Monday, Tuesday and We'dnesday nlghl.s of nexl week. Baker Clark, grand lecturer, of I-ill!e Rock, br prc-rml. . be Fred Sluckey, tx>p:uilo 81 nnd junior warden, Enrl n. I!o- gan. Luxorn, district deputy grand master, and J. B. 13mm, 'of Osceola. Grand mtislcr. The tliltd rlesree will be con- fcrnetl Wednesday nlglit. All Masons are Invited. Csccoln Motor company. R. S. Asnmorc was the owner of ths truck from which the negro jumped. . .'Hie tody « a( Fi.iieral porlor. taken to Svlil'x Will Hear Appeal of Kidnaper's Father Cr,VCINNATr7o7 J M1 . II. 'UP) -The united states circuit court Of, appeals will hold a liwrine Peb- luary 5 on th= appeal of Thamos H. Robinson sr.. N'ashvillc. ai-oused as n kidtiapiiig con spiral or Irani the decision of judge H. B Anderson in united states district court at Nashville, dismissing his nppH. cation for a habeas corpus writ. Hope for 'Peek' at Hauptmann Gounly. Superintendents and Principals Vote Ap- pi'oval at Meeting Her6. Endorsement or the- legislative program recommended for Arkansas schools by the slate Aboard of education vros voled at a-meeting of the Mississippi Comity" Superintendents ami Principals association at (lie high school here lost The program, which is threefold calls for: 1.—Adequate financial support of the schools by the state, for the accomplishment of which a 3 per cent retail sales tax Is proposed. 2.—Reduction of school indebtedness, it, is proposed to seek federal fuiuis for refinancing school district debts along lines similar lo those under which drainage dk- trfcts are now seeking debt relief. .1.—A program of county supervision. Dr. D. p. Show-alter, a member of the faculty of Arkansas State college, Jonesboro, addressed the meeting on "The Marks of An Educated Man." Miss Rosa Hardy • a report -, viLt. u>U3H.| • JIUIKl 01 -V-ULJU liutvijr guvu 11 lUjHJri the Dillinger-mo!:, named Criminal on 1 } IC w " a >' s "nil means committee ---„ ..—,,., ...... ".i-niij lUJJUIIllll'U or the Arkansas Educational Association. Members or the home economics class of Miss Annie Maude McCorvey served dinner prior to the program. L. H. Autrey, of Burdcttc. r,™ti,i_ cd at Ihc mcell lowing schools nt fo] i ,,» '. p h , awnw ' ' °''' d were represented: evUlo, Armo- Dell, Wilson, ' : ' Census Enumerators invested in life Insurance and sav-1 OSCEObA, Ark.-odessa Delancy. Fletcher rrcently entered a plea Establishment of the commission for County Appointed and providing for Its financing will placed almo=t exclusive^ stocks and bonds of operating com- Youth Fined S5 rather than those ol the intersection of Highway CI an:', al- the enumerators have holding corporations. Imiate Highway fit. som i, of the Presiclentwl Message Place Security Piogram Before Congiesb. WASHINGTON. Jnn n (Up>_ ['resident Hooscselts weeping so- clnl toglslatlon plan contemplates s»?urlly for the w-ige carnei imle- pcmtcnci! (or the aged, and health Insurance foi medy and chlldien Uie United Piess leiuiied today The |)!nn wns'revcal«l in the re^ port of the sub committee of experts to the cnWnel, committee and ROM to the White House today The prcslilcnt will bundle the plans into a message to congress next, week The seeurllj program as worked out by llu> sub-committee and which the cabinet gioup and the president are 'vpected to rdopt In Us main points piovldes 1.—Old age p»iii,lons of $iO a month for needy pei$on>, over <« 2.—Employment hranance to which labor oulrt contribute one per cent of wipes and Industry three pn- cent, 01 payrolls. 3.—A lieolth Insin niiLe phn whlcli would give fiee medical attention by pihata phy='-'ans to those on work rollef •I.—Extension of present woik to prolect clil'd heallh, In some rmsHers It nppeireil that the $50 a inoiith reeoinmcudi- lion for old age p»nslom will b" cut to belo« $40 a month bj the lime congress staru actual worl on drafting the bill Th P fund to cire for persons now eligible Is to come from the public treasury wllh the federal and stale foveinments shoring equally tlu> coat iL'ls clearlj intended that onlj aged persons «ho ha\e no Immediate relatives' upon whom 'to depend or whose fnjnill^ arc unemployed and neeitr«ill shaie in the osnslon fund ' > It'i»,» little (outEli on that hottora lad. but hia turn will come neit . pil.-.ninylio he'll cn'toli n g)!mps« b( j.Bruno Hauulmann [„ (lie •Plemlngion, N. J.. Jatl. These lads, rJsklnE broken' uouca, haYO cllmbcil to the Bratcil wlu- dowa ot tbo stono prison 1 by employing u llttla team',v.,rk, In l\\o hopo ot seeing tb« prisoner. State Commission to Cave for Unemployables Is Proposed. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (OP)—A public welfare commission will be Arkansas' answer to care for 41.430 unemployable.* dropped from federal relief rolls February 1, it appeared today. Legalization of liquor or part of flic proposed sales tax arc looked to us most likely sources of revenue for the new commission. If expenditures are conttoued In lllc proportions federal relief was administered Hie slnte tvould need $100.000 a month. Most enthusiastic estimates of liquor are between $1,000.000 ant 51,500.000 annually. -. ----. district rem,.o „„.. supervisor^ for northeast Arkansas, mlttcc, has indicated much concern number of n.... .. ~ • •-"'-"^'i uujii- «.v.>.-i, Btuiieiuig information on ]»•« n yniith '/ v f rmcd fl ve dol-1'atm acreage, investment and pro- 'Bl-s 111 inunrrinn (vuit-t 1-^=10^^^.. Htr/.ir n » ^ In Jtiuniclpal court yeslerday a charge of " ' "8 n supply of . us mischief. n-as charged with toss- wood into t residence of u neighboring h fuel, hon-evcr. Surprise Parly MILFORD. N, M. <UP>-Postmaster S. Carroll cobimi dally sort*, a mall bag or modest size . — -ILHH UHg He was nmaii'ft recently when ^ -••-« I'HlttiH.^ '00.000 postcards poured 'into Investigation revealed \\v hntl tc m misdirected. They «ere.addressed to Trenton. N. J. Greek Is the source of tlic word 'hippopotamus"; It mean.* "river horse", in that tongue. dtiction. The Mississippi county enumerators are: n. H. Branscom and Bruce Gulp, Leachville; Mrs. Lillle McKnight, Joe P. Pride, P. E. Black, Henry Knappenberger. T. O. Johnson. Mrs. Kathleen Worth, «• D. McHoffey and H. L. Moody, Blythevllle; William L, Rea and Thomas W. Haslett. Huffman: J. C. Byrd, Pain Mcclcndon nnd George F - B «rt, .Tyronza; C. C. Russell and B D. Mooring. Joiner; Noel E. Johnson, Roselautl; Robert Greene and W. L. Lesmeister, Kelser: Joel E. Davis and ASH W. Woodson, Luxora; W. J. Edwards. Osccola; C. w. Jones H. C. Smith Btid Mrs. Tutlsy Mc- Fatridgc-, Basscft; Mrs. Christine H. Webb, Pecan Point. in cnrlng tor the nnemployables. The question is expected to be one of the first considered by the new legislature. Judge Seeks to Force Appropriation for Court JONESBORO, Ark.—A petition for n nrlt, of mandamus, compelling the Cralghead county quorum court to make an appropriation of $2,000 for the Jonesboro municipal court, has been (lied In circuit court here following failure of the quorum court to moke auy appropriation for the municipal court at. Its Kccut session. fhe. petition was filed by Municipal Judge • William Carroll and James Can- Cobb, municlp&I clerk. Only $500 was appropriated for llie'court In 1934. , South Has Leadership in the Present Congress • WASHINGTON, Jan 11 (.UP) — The south '.« as well it not bst- Isr represented on Important com- mlttces of the house of rcpre- ipiitailves in the 74Ui congres.5 tlmn in any previous •session. v The four leading positions of .congress ahead} are filled bv -culhcrnora—Vice-president Garner, Texas. Speaker Hyrns. Tennessee, Senate Majority Leaclei Robin on, Arkansas and House Majority FJOOI-.Leader. Bonkliead. Alabama. Importnnt house committee as- anmenls made by the committee on committees and appio\ed by a Democratic caucus were announced, today and included Rcpre- scnlatlvc Tcirj, Arkausas intei'- tflte and roielpn comineuc con- inittee. and rtepreoema,t\ \.ilkr Arkansas, Jiidici ,\ i omnitu^ Farmer Fined $100 on Obscenity Charge J. L. Edrington., North Sawta aimer, entered a plea or : giillty .0 a charge of obscenity in iiiun- .clpal court this afiernoon arid' A'as nned $100. Municipal Judge J. A. Cunningham ordered $50 .f the fine suspended on pajmen^ The defendant aflegedly partlcl- .alcd In a' display of oUcenlty .« the heart of th~ business dts- rict, at Main and Second streets ,e.=tcrrtsy afternoon. In court this iftcrnoon he said he had no ccollectlon of the Incident, siat- •ng that ho had been drilling md must have been drunk at the clme. Installations at Wilson 05CEOU\, Ark.-Mr. «nd Mrs. f. B. Buim Installed officers 'of he Eastern Star at Wilson Thursday nUjht. Mr. Bunn, past patron of the Eastern star, installed ths officers, and Mrs. Bunri, past matron, was grand marshal. Mr. Bunn, grand master, and E. B. Eojan, district Brand master, installed Carson Lake Masonic' lodge officers nt Wilson Thursday night, WEATHER ; Arkansas—Pair tonight and Saturday, warmer Saturday in northwest portion,' ' ' .'; ;..;'• Memphis and viclrilt}-—Pair tonight, Saturday partly, cloudy.; • .The maximum temperature hew yesterday \vaa 52,. minimum 41,' cloudy, according to Samuel P. Norr!.s. official weather observer. :

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