The Dispatch from Moline, Illinois on July 2, 1894 · 1
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The Dispatch from Moline, Illinois · 1

Moline, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1894
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r v 1 V) V" V E !'MOLINE. BA 57". ATCE ' I. it 10 CENTSAsWSK. OL. XVI. NO. MOLINE ILLINOIS, MONDAY' EVENING, JULY 2, 1894. "v , BISP 9 S3 i - ft i i 11 1 1 MO. U: S : )FFERS For This Veek few bargains that almosteverybody nnvc DUIO M ;50 pairs of Knee Pants, v. 1 8 31 1 come handy PANTS ate a pair, for MelNTYRE - REC DRY GOODS CO. Sole Agents for Butterick Patterns, the best in the world. CHILDREN' 50 Children's Suits, wor' $2.00, $I.y mens wnir O Men's Domet Shirty S7C. S ,50, f 2.60 for HUTS everybody for 30c, dozen Men's Silk Web aiispe i rs, worth 35c, for 16c. Rockford Sox, 50c pe? Dollar Shirts, 65c. Dollar Straw Hat - 78 Men's Suits, hai: Men's Undershirts, : 2 n. It always piys t it the Fourth of July With many a merchant marks the end of the busy and the beginning of the dull season. Not so with us. Our plan admits of no dull time, and our every effort shall be directed to vard making July a better month than June and August better than July. There is one way, and only one, by which this can be done, and that is by offering the purchasing public values so great at prices so little that buying now will prove a real saving to your pocket-book. Ims week we open the campaign with a cannonade double shotted bargaiss. which you will have to snaD quickly ere thev are gone. OF up SILK MITTS. WILL RECEIVE A BROADSIDE. 15 .'),' 10 10 vv 15 do. all-Silk IJc " r.nd ISc and 28c ' Jc and ;?oc Mitts at He " ,l 9c " " 12c " lttc l " 24c Values you don't cFen see at 33c. 38c. 43c, 48c, etc., up to the finest qualities. Pla..i knit and milanese mitts, extra size mitts in a variety of prices. The new white embroidered Mousquetaire mitts and ihe black button Mousquetaire are the latest novelties. Ask to see them. You would do well to lay in a summer's supply at the prices we name on silk mitts. HO RE DRIVES. IN OUR WASH GOODS DEPT. THIS WEEK. 10 pieces creponette, splendid goods, handsome patterns, worth 18c at IOJ-a'c. v We throw in another lot of those 10c and 12c dark ground pongees which created such a furore last week, at 5c. 30 pieces French oreandies. extra wide, fast colors, finrettv designs, 10c oualitv. at 5c. and a lot more we cant name now. A FEW MORE ITEflS OF INTEREST. Children's dresses nicely made in pink and blue striped wash goods, shoulder ruffle and all complete for just 25c. They would be very srood value indeed at 42c. 15 nieces half wool challie, ISc quality, nice designs, only T' ica yard. 10 yards to a customer. If you want belting ribbon in white, cream and colors we have it. Nice new ponsrees received on Saturday. Come in this week; you'll find lots of items both interesting and profitable for you. We have decided to continue for one more week our ereat sale of 25c and 50c muslin underwear. Remember that after this week what is left of these goods will be sold at the usual prices and it will be simply impossible to buy such elegantly made and trimmed garments for so little money. In about ev ery instance yon will find that the bare material costs more than the finished garment at our price. HE IIMIICK DRY GOODS COMPANY 1709-1711 SECOND AVE., ROCK ISLAND. DROWNED. Richard YouiifC, Aged 28, an Employe ot Dimock, Gould & Co., Drowned lu tbe Tail Race. V Richard Young, 28 years of age, and unmarried, was drowned, about 3 o'clock this afternoon, a few rods below the government bulkhead at the foot of Sylvan island. He was in bathing, and is supposed to have been taken suddenly ill, possibly with a cramp, for he sank without a word. His companion, Axel Nyling, was near the shore, and waded out where he was, but was unable to find him. The young man was an employe of Dimock, Gould & Co., and resided at 1127 Sixth avenue. No attempt was made to dive for him, but a boat was procured and the bottom is being dragged for the body. . BRIEF LOCALS. weather and Special Assessment Notice. Special Assessment Notice. t-' Notice is herebv given to all pet$ interested, that the city council f . ; city of Moline having ordered tha: .ir. j eight (S inch sewer be construct - ; Sixteenth avenue, between Tweir i Fourteenth streets; said sewer t constructed of good glazed Whiteha e or equally as good, with necessar;-i T -, and ventilators ior xue purpose u; t necting public and private sewers t with and to be laid at such a depth provide sewerage and drainage tor ; ertyin the neighborhood thereof. The ordinance for the same bein file in the office of the city clerk x city, and said city having applied i county court of Rock Island county nois, for an assessment of the cost o improvement according to benetiu n assessment thereof havinc ber. r nd returned to said court, trie h j. g thereon will be had at the Ji. y said court, commencing oc the .v of July, A. D.,l94. All persons desirirg may thti. aere appear and make their defer s ated at Moune, Illinois, il.ssh. t June A, D.,13VH. JOHN A. i;odf:i.: KM1L DAHLHSIV DAVID M. PHiSh Com T.isjii 1 n Notice is hereby given to all persons :erested. that the city council of the city Moline having ordered that an eight inch sewer be constructed on Sixth mie, between Twenty -seventh and venty-sixth streets, said sewer to be ootl glazed Whitehall tile, or equally KOod, with necessary T's and ventil-r-i for the purpose of connecting pub-uil private sewers therewith and to aid at such a depth as to provide sew-:e and drainage for the property in . eighborhood thereof. ordinance for the same being on n the office of the city clerk of said .' :tnd said city having applied to the r court of Rock Island county, 111- for an assessment of thecost of said .: r vement according to benefits, and ; : -sessment thereof having been made : -.-! i eturnsd to said court, the final hear thereon will be had at the July term did court, commencing on the ninth .f Jnlv. A. D.. IStH. net-sons desirinsr may then and innear and make their defense. ed at Moline, Illinois, this 27th day ?, A. D. 1H. JOHN A. GODEHN, EMIL DAHLHEIM, DAVID M. PRIN'GLE, Commissioners. J ANTKD--A GOOD C IK L. MUST GOMK V V well recommended. Ann! v to Mrs. Chas. Hill. 3 RUFUS WAl & SON. WANTS WANTED. 7 ANTED GOOD GIKI FOR GENKKA1 v V uonsework. Mrs. A. A. Grainpton, tt f ANTED V V work -GIKL. FOR G ENF.RAI. HO ITS E-Apily at i10 Forlv-third st.. 'Tdgewooil park. " 3 WANTED A COMPETENT reference, for general Enquire at 1916 5th ave. GIRL, WITn housework, tf 1 WANTED A LADV WANTS A POSITION VV as cook In a restaurant orboardioc nuuc inquire ai a ot ave., up stairs. 4, YVpia ANTED LADIES WHO WRITE ainlv to work for us at their home flH.iX) per week guaranteed. Reply with se'f- anaresfea siainpea enveiopea. ..lllian uur-ward. South Bend. Ind. 6 "I T ANTED A PEACTICAI. AND EX- 'V perienced steel plow-maker. A steady jol to rlgi.t man open. Married man pre- terrea. t.-orresponaence solicited. Address B. Rowell & Co., Menomonee, Wis. 3 T ANTED TO LOAN MONEY IN MO- V V line on household Roods, piatos, orcaus or aav furniture of value, also on diamonds watches and iewelry. Issac Parrv, National ijoan ntttce, nin st., kock isian. 7-7' FOR RENT. "OR RENT FURNISHED OK nished rooins at the Belmont. UNFUR tt T70R RENT HOUSE CORNER 15TH ST. 1 and 6th ave. Inqoireof W. R Moore, tt T?OR RENT SMALL F at 202 4th av., or of Nels K HOUSE. INQUIRE ietcion. It lers in and handlers oi .til trades ot FOR SALE. i; P the bluff, cost f)0, can be bought for J350 on easy terms, inquire at tms orace. tt COAL A? J COKE SMITHING COAL, HAIR, PLASTER, Orders taken for SAND AND STOM Sole agent3 for RE5T0F ROCK C 5AI.T. i 416 1 6th st. McUne, Illinois. NOTICE. Knox frames pictures. Telephone for MapeB'a hack. Ice-cream soda at Qua Ford's. The Drummer Boy tomorrow. W. A. Golden is on the sick list. Esterdahl is at 1216 Fifth avenue. If you want a fine straw hat, call at Mayer's. The great drum concert conies off tomorrow night. Forecasts : Vtir slightly warmer. Dance at Prospect park tomorrow (Tuesday) eveniog. Take your boys to hear the wonderful war drummer. Don't miss the drummer boy concert tomorrow evening. Celebrate Independence eve by hearing the "drummer boy." Keep cool and buy one of those New Era negligee shirts at Mayer's. S. M. Hill departed last evening via the C, B. & Q. for Minneapolis. For a good suit go to S. Olson, the bluff tailor, 1503 Fifteenth street. Regular Wednesday dance at Pros pect park occurs Tuesday this week. B. V. Lerberghe, 319 Sixteenth st., has hard wood in stove lengths, $4.50. Two new sewing machines for sale dirt cheap. Inquire Dispatch office. James Magill arrived on the Q "this morning from Omaha to spend the Fourth. The 75c New Era negligee shirts at Mayer's beat any ?1 or $1.25 shirt in the market. U. S. bunting flags for sale at Klug-Hasler-Schwentser Dry Goods Co.'e, Davenport, la. C. E. Hill went to Albany, Whiteside county, yesterday. He will remain there about two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Sundberg, of 1616 Seventh avenue, are the proud parents of a first-born daughter. There is a bouncing new daughter at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Axel Brimberg, of No. 530 Fifth avenue. The Twin-City typographical union met yesterday and adopted a resolution indorsing the present A. It. U. strike. For first-class rigs and courteous treatment go to T. B. Cralle's livery stable, first door west of the post-office. The temperature today as indicated by Sandstrom's thermometer was: At 9 a. m. 77; 1-2 M. 85; 3 p. M. 88. Highest 8S ; lowest 65. The opening selection at the drum mer-boy concert tomorrow eveniqn: will be "America," led by Wm. Baff terworth and sung by all. I Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Wheelock ar rived this morninsr from Denver, where they have been attending the homeopathic convention. Miss Bell, district president of the W. C. T. V., will be present at the meeting of tho union at the Baptist church tomorrow at 3 P. M. There is to be a lawn sociable at Mrs. J. II. Slaughter's in Rock Island on the Fourth for the benefit of Ada Chapter, order of Eastern Star. William Allrn, of Healy's addition, will in a day or two join his wife, where she ha i been visiting for three weeks past, in Jackson county, Iowa. Mrs. B. F. Boiler, of Davenport, sings "ihe Dandy unth" at the Con- gregational church tomorrow evening. Miss Eva Entrikin plays a violin solo. Svea Garde will have an all-day picnic Kt Riverview park on the 4th. In the afternoon there.will be a pro gramme of speeches, etc. In the eve- Hill." Mrs. Gould sings the "Battle Hymn of the Republic," audience uniting in the chorus. Dr. Arp has a telegram from Fulton, 111., that theiJleet-footed "Elec- tuary" is getting there in this afternoon's racing, winning one heat in 2:28 and another in 2:27. Race was not yet finished. Lou Gaylord left at 2:10 yesterday for Detroit, where he expects to spend the Fourth with friends. The probabilities, however seem quite strong that he is laid up at Joliet, as all east-bound trains are side-tracked there. Mrs. O. A. Ford, of 1417 Sixth avenue, had the misfortune to fall and break her right arm yesterday. One of the bones was broken an inch and a half from the wrist, and the joint was also dislocated. Dr. Morgan attended her. The South Moline highway commissioners at a special meeting, Saturday evening, awarded the contract for the building of a bridge near the Grennell school house to Huey & Co., for 8350. There were five other bids, ranging from $350 to $545. Mrs. F. W. Gould, Miss Eva Entrikin, Miss Nellie Bennell Mrs. Boiler and Mies Scheuler, fine vocalists of Davenport, Mr. John R. Cumpson, Capt. W C. Bennett and Wm. Butter-worth take more or less part in the Drummer Boy entertainment. Invitation i being received by fortuna one? to attend a barge party tomorrow evening, the boat leaving i Rock Island at 7:45; Davenport atf o'clock. The committee consists of John Van Patten, F. J. Kinney and C. P. Skinner. The tickets have been placed at $2. The Misses Josie, Clara and Anna Krone entertained about fifteen young lady friends at their home, 527 Sixteenth accnue Saturday. The afternoon and evening was pleasantly spent with vocal and instrumental music, and general sociability. The hostess served dainty refreshments about 6 o'clock. Unusually high temperature prevailed yesterday over Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. Dodge City reported a maximum temperature of 102 degrees, as did also Oklahoma. Wichita reported 100, and a number of other stations from 92 to 96 degrees. The temperature as recorded at the Davenport signal office did not go above 96. If you are in need of furniture, call at my store and see how cheap you can buy it. I will undersell any dealer in the three cities. I will give a plush-seat rocker for $2, a plush parlor suit for $21, a fancy square extension table for 6, and make leaders in all lines too numerous to mention. Call and 6erure these bargains quick, as they will not last long. F. A. Johnson. The approach of the glorious Fourth recalls to Benjamin Goble's miad the first time that the eagle was let loose in this county. The territory at that time (1832) was a part of Jo Daviess county. Col. Davenport and J. W. Spencer were the leading spirits of tbe celebration, aad the audience nuxebered an even hundred, and included every settler within the present limits of this county, exclusive of the government garrison. There seems to be a sort of ice-boycott on in Davenport, which is partly excused by a scarcity of ice. Families who did not order ice early in the spring for the whole season from gome company or other, cannot se-ctrce ice for love or money. There kerns to be an understanding among the companies t i this effect, to compel the people who want Ice hereafter to take it regularly the whole season. This will result in the formation of an independent company. CLEARED UP. The Mysterious Disappearance of a Former Plow Company Employe and Family Accounted For. . ,A letter has been received from James Mills, who, with his son-in-law, John Lorenzo, and their families, so mysteriously disappeared some months ago, which tends to shed a little light on their proceedings, arid will doubtless be of interest to more than one of their acquaintances in town. Mr. Mills claims that when his son-in-law came from Kansas City he was induced to believe that he was to receive about $200 a month, and acting on that supposition, they proceeded to live about up to that limit. A lot of furniture had been bought on installments in Kansas City, and when Lorenzo found that he was only to be paid $75, he was unable to meet his obligations and the Kansas City creditors becoming urgent and threatening to come here and make things lively for them, they concluded that discretion was the better part of valor, and mysteriously disappeared. It seems that they reached Kansas City, where the women were installed on a "light houBe-keeping" basis, and the men pushed south and located at Houston. They have not found an "Eldorado" yet, and have apparently been in hard lines; but declare their purpose to ultimately straiehten out all their indebtedness in this city. BASE BALL.. SATURDAY'S GAMES. At St. Joseph Peorias, 7; St. Joseph, 2. i At IMs Moines kock island, s; ve Moines., 3. At Lincoln Li ncolns, 14; Quincys. S. At Omaha Omahas, 20; Jackson villes, 11. SUNDAY'S GAMES. At Des Moines Des Moines, 15: Kock Island, 4. At Omaha Omaha, 17; Jacksonville, IS. Lincoln leads: St. Joe is second; Rock Island and Jacksonville tied for third. LOCAL GAM AS. The Never Sweats and Acmes playes a match game of baseball, at Highland Park. The score was 10 to 11 in favor of the former club. Batteries: Berger Johnson and Tom Turk for the N. S.'s; R. Bock and C. Jones, for the Acmes. Umpire, Robt. Thornton. The Minnies and Deanea crossed bats on the diamond at the Highland Park. The game was for $3 a side, and at the end of the seventh inning the Minnies took tbe purse, the score being 36 to 21. The features of the game were the terrifiic batting of the Minnies, and the fine running one-hand catch by Jack Wynn. The batteries were Webber and Samueleon for the Minnies; Kurtz and Ohline for the Deanes. AT MINERAL SPRINGS. A good game of ball was put up near Mineral Springs by a couple of teams of amateurs, as follows: Will Maxie, captain and 2b; II. Nelson, p; W. Gorman, c; Muench, ss; A. 8chell, lb; St, Clair; 3b; A. Patterson, rf; Truxell, cf ; E. Jasper, If. Baker, captain and If : landgren, p; John Staack, c; Ritter, ss; Lysell, lb; Taea, 2b; Glinz, 3b; Coneidine, rf; Staack, cf; Baker, If Beech Maxie, umpire. Tbe result was 9 to 6 in favor of the Maxie team. After the game the players ad journed to Steve Walters' wayside inn, where they were regaled with lunch and ice-cream. THE LATEST BY WIEE Debs in Consultation with Pullman Representatives. SECOND EEGIMENT AT BLUE ISLAND Militia Sidetracked on the Way to Decatur, 111. COL. J. S. CULVER AS AN ENGINEER. Injunctions Against 'the Strikers Being Sought by the Railways If Granted One ot Thee Will Cause the Arrest of Debs-Two Mail Trains Still Detained at Springfield, and Federal Help to Be Asked if They are Not Soon Moved C, B. A Q. Bulletins. Specials to the Moline Dispatch. Chicago, July 2. President Deba and Vice-President Howard of the A. R. U. are said to be in secret consultation with Pullman representatives. At the Stock Yards. The situation at tbe Union stock yards is a ba&ly demoralized one. Six thousand men and four hundred girls in the packing houses were laid off this morning, on account of the impossibility of shipping the products of the establishments. A non-union switchman haa been assaulted and thrown into the river by the strikers. "Where are you going, my pretty maid J" "I'm going te the Boston store for Jerse Cream Soap, Kind Sir, "she said. "May I go with yon and get some too my pretty maidi" "O yes it wonld do your cheek lots of good, kind sir," she said. Jersey Cream Complexion Soap The Best 25-cent Toilet Soap manufactured. THE. For the Arrest ot Debs. Cmc go, July 2. A federal judge is confiidering bills asking for injunc tions i gainBt the strikers by the rail road?. One bill, if granted, will cause the arrest of Deba. The United States marshal is kept busy swearing in deputies. WAR AT BLUE ISLAND. Two Thooftand Striker Drive Away the Deputy Marshals The Sen4 Regiment Sent Out. Chicago, July 2. A special train A i. . 1 carrying 125 deputy marsnaia ana sheriffs left over the Rock Island this forenoon for Blue Island, armed with riot guns. On their arrival a mob of 2,000 strikers and sympathizers attacked the deputies and drove them away from tbe railroad property. A call was then made for tbe Second regiment, I. N. u., wnicn leu ini- cago tt once for Blue Island. MILITIA SIDETRACKED. Col. 4. S. Culver Obliged to Art as Fngt-neerloGet Militia to Deratur. Springfield, 111., July 2. Three Wabash passenger trains were sidetracked here by strikers this fore noon. One of these trains carried the three companies of militia on the way to Decatur. The engineers refused to run the soldiers' train, and it finally pulled out with the colonel and three officers on the engine. Two mail trains are etill detained here. The federal authorities will be asked for assistance if the mail trains are not slartt-3 soon. BOSTON STORE Cor. Second & Brady sts., Davenport. I Will place on sale Tuesday. July 3. 3,000 Cakes for ioc per cake. We know it is an ' scellat -cap ani therefore confident that pisrcbasers wil' be very mac! pleased witn the result of atrial of this soap and wil! use no othei afterwards. "Satinola," for cleansing and polishing russet shoes, pianos and furniture, for sale at the Boston Store For 15c per box. P. S. Just received a met new line of checkec and striped Silks. Taffet? WANT EVERYBODY TO ow tnat our customers smile when having rrintinR or boot binding done, and blank books made, at Kramer. Bleuer & Co.'s, 1808 2d ave, Rock Island. I Is Phone li7. tf V The proceeds of the organ uRKI s J00MS. i Electric and. Electro-thermal isiness hours.! Gymnasium conrj ATH hi f,F"s tf all kinds, iucluing Turkish, Stewpoo, Electric, Electro-ther-221-'. way be obtained at the Sam-JT iBath Rooms on the first floor of I psr House, v ustx. wift" S OOMa OPEN. :S JYoin 9 . m. to 13 m.. on For Gentlemen From 6 a. m. and from 2 p. m. to 9 P. m. CIys the rooms will be open A oure Gr ta 11 a.m. for gentlemen only. Apureortait time dunng XTOTICE STOCKHOLDERS" MEETING 1 of Deere & Co. The annual meetinS of at their office In Moline on Tuesday, .lulv H. ""'ft L"c"VJln-a a"vl UOUL,uo iwM at s p.m. CMgned h. h. eiu-, secre- A. Q. Butter has received word of ine aeatn in ocouanao ni3 orotuer iiirwKbbnncvrwo. in- aw. Jonn Lawson. whn HnenT, a year with him, returning to the old country June 6 of last year, The Misses Emma Schwarting, Ullie Behrens, and Messrs. Herman Behrena and James Schwarting, of Valcott, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Volkraan, of South Moline The Moline Baptist Choral Union will give a concert at the Milan Pres byterian church July 13, under the direction of J. W. Day will be for the benefit fund. Stevens, Swanson & Co. have se cured the contract for the erection of a large poultry house for J. W. Simp son, on Rock river bottom. Mr. 8 goes into the business on an exten sive scale. At the South Moline board of education meeting Friday evening, Elliott B. McKeever was elected principal at a salary of $60 a month. The salary of Miss Clara Wilson, was Increased from $30 to $35 a month. The Rev. Dr. J. S. Cumming, Rev. Fletcher De Clark, Misses Sarah Trevor, Carrie Altz, Sarah Cornwall ,nd Mary Chadwick left for Alpha this afternoon to attend the Epworth League district convention. John-R. Cumpson will sing a solo, "The Golden Wedding,'- at the Congregational church tomorrow eve-ning: also "The Sword of Bunker WILLIAM BOBB'S FUNERAL. There was a large attendance yesterday at the funeral of the late William G. Bobb, at the Methodist church. Members of Island City Lodge, No. 388,1. A. M., attended, to the.number of nearly fifty, besidea a large number of his shopmates and other friends Tbe church choir sang several appro' priate hymns, and Rev. Dr. Cumming gave a brief but impressive address, during which he stated that the de ceased had been converted about five weeks previous to his death. There were a number of choice floral offer ings. The pall bearers were Messrs Georga Noyes, Harry Cosner, Wm Spohn, Matt Simonson, H. Abbott and Leamore Green. At the grave the services were conducted by John Morris Camp, S. of V., of Rock Ial and, of which deceased was a mem ber. OBITUARY. M'NEAL. Miss Hettie McNeal, second daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan McNeal, died of lung trouble at her home in Water town Sunday morning at 9 o'clock, aged 27 years. Miss McNeal had al ways lived in Watertown, having been born there Sept. 27, 1867, and for years had been a popular and success ful teacher, as well as a most estima ble young lady. The funeral occurs Tuesday after noon at 2 o'clock from the church at Watertown, Rev. Harper of Port Byron officiating. She leaves a father, mother, two sisters and a brother to mourn her loss besides a host of relatives and friends. The C, B. ft Q. Chicago, July 2. The situation, to day on the Burlington system, so far as its own tracks are concerned, is that all is clear at St. Paul and Min neapolis, East St. Louis and St. Louis. Perishable freight for or via these points must not be accepted. Other freights subject to delay. Live 6tock for Union stock yards, Chicago, ia all right to accept. Perishable freight other than live stock for Union stock yards, Chicago, delivery not made by the Burlington, therefore ia subject to delay by the stook yarda company, and must be receiped for to Chicago only. Owner's risk beyond. W. . Besler. For salt; at The Boston Store, AGENTS FOR STANDARD FASHIONS. Live Stock Can't Ht. Chicago, July 2. Do not accept any perishable freight or live stock for Chicago or Union stock yards until further orders. W.G.Bepler. DAVENPORT, IOWA. Summer suits at Mayer's. reduced prices at order. When the ofneera arrived there Sunday they were immediately surrounded by a mob of 1,000 strikers and disarmed. The marshals made no The 0' Connection. Chicago, July 2. Connections at St. Louis and East St. Louis, Chapin J resistance, aa they were not suScient and Beardstown advise they cannnot I in number to accomplish anything. kew flag staff. take perishable freight. Other As soon aa the Information was re- The arsenal shops are shut down for freight subject to delay, and entirely ceived her Receiver Trumbull, Super two weeks for the annual inventory I at owner's risk of damage incident to I Intendent Dun a way and United State Special Assessment Notice. Notice ii hereby given to all persons interested, that the city council of the city of Moline having ordained that aa eipht (S) inch sewer be constructed on Fifteen and One-half street and on Eighth avenue, besrwining at the south line of G V. Bell's addition to Moline, thence run north to the centre line of ighth avenu thence run west in Eighth avenue to Fif teenth street to connect with the sewer at that po'mt; said sewer to be constructed of good glazed Whitehall tile, or equally as good, with necessary T's and ventilators for the purpose of connecting public and private sewers therewith and to be laidat such adepth so as to provide fo-drainage and sewerage tor the property in ike neighborhood thereof The ordinance for the same Wn on tile Ir? theofflce of tire city clerk of said citv, and said cuy bavlng applied to the countv court ol Rocklsland couuty, Illinois, for inent of the cost of said improvement accord ing to bn.nts. and an assessment thereof having Jeen maae ana returned to said court, the final hearing thereon will be had attheJulv term of said court, commenrin? on the ninth day of July. A. D. All persons desiring may then and there appear and make their defense. Dated at Moiine. Illinois, this 27th dav of June, A. D. 1894. JOHN A. GODEHN, EMIL DAHLHEIM. DAVID M. PKLVGLE. 3 C'ooimissiouers. AN APPEAL TO THE PUBLIC. The Associated Charities has again reached a point where it must again appeal to the public. During the summer the poormaster is allowed to aid only the aged and sick, and thus an extra burden ia cast on the charitable associations. For some time there has been an average of an applicant for relief per day. The money of the association is nearly gone, and it must have more or cease giving aid. If any have work that they want done, either by men or women, they can be assisted in getting help by the Charities. Contributions can be sent to Mrs. E. B. McKeever, treasurer of the Charities, or will be receive"1 and receipted for by any member. - W. F. Eastman, Sec. FOB THE FOURTH. The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific railway company will sell excursion tickets to any station east of the Mis souri river on this line and through tickets to points on the B. C. R. & N, pad M. & St. L. railway within a dis tance of 200 miles, July 3 and 4, atone and one-third fare for the round trip. Tickets will be good going commenc ing date of sale only, and return up to and including July 5. F. C. Meyers, Agt., Moline. Have you No. 22 of the Encyclopedic Dictionary? If not call and get it. and repairs, a force of about twenty five men being kept at work for that purpose. A new flagstaff is to be erected to take the place of the one blown down last spring. One of the old Rock Island electric light iron towers nas Deen purcnasea, wnich is 116 feet high, and on top of this a 15- foot staff will be placed, making the top of the staff 131 feet above the ground. K. T. The committee having the matter in charge has decided to hold the en campment of the First division of the Knights Templa? of Illinois at Black Hawk's Watch Tower Aug. H to 17, Inclusive. The encampment, which will be under the direction of Everts Commandery, will be commanded by James P. Sherwm of Chicago, Grand Senior Warden of the Illinois Grand Commandery. ice house burned The ice house of Koehler & Lange, Davenport brewers, located in East Davenport, near the Lindsay & Phelps saw-mill, caught fire about 1:30 this afternoon from a spark from tbo saw-milL It was burned and a large quantity of ice melted. labor troubles, riots, etc The B., C. R. & N. advise they can not accept perishable freight for the M. and St. L. Other freight subject to delay. Connections at Denver will not ac cept perishables or live stock The Union Pacific advises they can not take freight for points west of Cheyenne or Denver. Chicago connections cannot receive perishable freight at Chicago, other freight subject to delay, except the following roads, which will not take anything: C. & A., Illinois CentraI,Rock Island, Chicago Belt road, and roads using the Belt. The E. J. E. at Aurora say they cannot accept any freight for Chi cago & Alton, the Santa Fe, Illinois Central, Grand Trunk, Wabash, or perishable via C. & N. W. Our Streator connection, the 1. 1. & I. railway, has not advised us yet that their connections are in any way In terrupted. W. G. Besler. COLORADO SITUATION. Marshal Israel drove to Judge Hal-lett's residence and requested him t issue an order on Gen. McCook t Fort Logan, to send United Stat troops to take charge of tbe Rituali st Trinidad. A'terabnef consult. tiou a telegram was sent to Attorney General Olney explaining the situa tion and urging that tronps be ordered out at once. teputy Marshals Disarmed by Strikers V. S. Troups Called For. Denver, Col., July 2. Federal troups are about to take hold of the Pullman boycott situation at Trini dad. Satirday Receiver Trumbull, of the Union Paciffc, Denver and Gulf system applied to Judge Hallett of the United States court for an in junction restraining the strikers from Read Me. Good health is better than riches You can nave it by using Weed's Sassafras Compound, a perfect blood purifier and nerve tonic. It purifies the blood, beautifies the complexion, J interfereing with tbe property or op-strengthens the nerves and builds up lerations of trains on their refcd. The the whole system to a strong and order was granted, and Saturday a bottle. For sale by Wm. Clendenin. I night over 100 deputy United States marshals were sent to enforce the During the hot weather ircpuritie in the blood may seriously annoy yo Expel them by taking Hood's Sars parilla, the great blood purifier. To Whom It May Concern. I was troubled with dyspepsia and constipation for a number of years; tried physicians and all kinds of pat' ent medicines; had become discouraged and thought I would soon g down, but was induced to try Eat India Banana SvruD. which be?an to do me good from the start, and has , never lost its effect as other medicines did. It has been two years since I first began using it, and now have, only to take a dose occasionally, and can truly say that Banana Syrup is just the thing, i ours, J. A. Wallace Alexis, Illinois. Cure for neadahe. As a remedy fur aU forms of headacb Electric Bitters fit.; royfr Jthe ver-best. It effects a permanent curuat the rnoht dreaded habitual sick beadacT'. yield to its influence. We crge all W are afSicted to procure a bottle, and $4 this remedy a fair triaL Incaseoftal nal constipation Electric Bittersure1! riving the needed tone to t he, jels.,a few long resist tb use or this i&f cine, TTVitonce. Large &orLe. oni" cents at Clendenia" drug tore. 40 ,ms- ... n i il

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