The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1935
Page 8
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PAGE . Relic 'Fioni Burclcnsnmo Dis fuel ] {-vies CAmjTlIEFnVTU.E, Mr..—A hill liatud b Uirmers of I'omlsco jimiy for prM<mtatl<m (« tlie Mis iin tik l jjislaiiire, marks Hi. 1 'inn n uf n I'amjiaign by lil run ( uimty Taxpayers League i'' iceiitv relH from "unbearable I'ljnio , mi K'i'f.= liisirifi tion. Thf bill, In part, wnv'iks "Im tit Ij lien of a >,»H In HIP ••ml court liy llirw or more or tlir < n I ot 101 (H dl R drainage rlls- li c ) mi I id? other bomllioldns n»i U i I (net, lo have 111? snlil ilMilil dcthicl insolmil." It lurthor provides, >ilmt slimil:! Hi? cutirt mid the district, insolvent, no interest is to bo paid an Oss over-cine toivjs, "bpcansa nil I \ts collated HIP (iiflrilwtal pro i ill mrioiiB li bondholders us they re coll (.• il unminlly. mid tacii lionilioltfcr BOls hlx just share!" nir n J I'm-, Democratic rcp- II "iilalHi is fxptTlwl 10 pre.SL-nl, Hi:- bill v.'ilhm Hi:; nm few days Has KCfltl Mi-inhi-rs Tlic Pi'inlsMil Taxpayers l.c i is fo ni tl lit ypar Lo prrisrnt ft milled front in ju-olcctljfg laml- ov.iras Iroin "imlulr tu'xallnn.' Within n jnrs time Urn organization has fjicnvii from IK to 1,000 inumters. and marly onc-lialf of Hie tillable 1 laml of the comity li ri'prssPiilfil rm the nipinbrislili roll-, •It Is iiol UK;' purpose O f (.tils U-iiBiie," .said Dr. j. n, i,:il.slinw iret-wj lo try to evade mil just, debus. A report, or misropres: illation of facts, lias been elrcn- l-i d that Die league .stands Tor repudiation of debts. This is on- im ly lals- Ihnysver, wt nrmlj liJI'W ontl mjsl. tlmt the lanj- f M or hoiild iiavc nn pqunl break i tl) (be mill on His oilier =lde of 11 fenc In palntliii, out IbaL Peiniscot J)iilouri°i \nte iner Ijimlinc J 'Aifi-ive taxes Uv. l.alsliaw used tlio condition In Little nivcr Draln- IH District vs nn example. In IHtlc nlvcr. the bonded ln- 'i hteducv, touted iitoTO $10.0301100 V'li n tbls ilMrkl applied for an rul ( loin Ibr- DKC appraisers val- ""! the touts of tlia district nt S' 00000 ns, means llic district MJ over burdened nmle r j>res»iii "Millions for more than $7,f>00000 Hint is one of Ui c inost forceful ' mplos of the tra«ic ' condition «l linJonnew in Ibis county." DUtncIs Qvcr-tlonJcil t-pon nfteslt atloii,". lie said, "it » i found lint bonds were sold In i naiii dr>'n i - districts f,, r tn ex<•<- or buiefilb assessed against Hie linds in sat i district. Suits were filed in districts 8 and 0 to det'r- nnn« Ih- «1 dity of tli- se excess n mils Tn tie ™tK the doctor rcfcrrcrt to Judge John E. Duncan held llmt cirtiin bonds « crc fnr In excess of v-«tl ben«lils. mid thnl those 1 on is ^o sold were invalid. The cvs «ere liken to ibc supreme 3LYTHSVIL7.E, '(ARK.) 'COURIER ' Japan Bids for Flivver Dominion THURSDAY,/ JAjfUARY 1Q.' 19^ Dr. J, B, Lfllshaw, «cretary-tr«»s . -T. R, cole; pas- cola; Ronnie drwriwell, Nelson , -aeorge. ^fer^^ll jr ; , K»,™. p T, prlddle, Noble ca J pe- Holland; John Henderson yvaller ilolfy, Co oter; >".' • jdeaiv- Mond»y 'and . Tuwday, the ,SoiithfMt Mteourf Mwrnaciutlc™ Awoolation was formed, with I, p ^ V '/« Porta 6wme, president, ''" off ««. >re J. H. Workman. Sleele, .vlce.preslrtent; Byron' P nnrnipyer, Cape Ol/ardcau, • sec " PortajfevilJe Druggist Heads Kxarnlriptioa, were given - Ui Hranu for r«jlst«f« n< pliaimoeeiitien) Time Way MAT. & '•MTIO-lOc - .Zfic UnSUlAPAftnOTT'S ALWAYS VAlS Cluabcth Voung, Louise Uli-ntr, Alan Male. Produced by Cail Ucrumlc, Jr. Oircctsd bj EJwatd Sloman. PrettntcJ by Cjil Latnnnlc. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Pox News Comedy—"liliislctl Kvi-nl" W.ilh Kd(f:ir Kcnncdv Friday & Saturday lie tin- slicm-ii her,, cnn make Uiclr vision vamp- true. Aiinrumilly M-L'^nJn"^ ""outr'), 011 ." ""' kc '' UK '"" y mxh>m ' "" 1* mrr-a-iy In ihu trim order "li™ ,"' a.oelmLraW,,'' »rl!»in ^l.:*'^!' <»',«'>• -''ant P-niino,, ,n,,;. 'p 'n" Jlildilbii, H,lP S! brotliej; of U K . 1; Mlk»do, is .show,, i, m [lt , u," wlicol nt Ihi; yakbhiinia plant. Serial "ilj-slcry Squailron" Novelty Reel ourt, ami jiroliably ivIJl be dl.siios'>(| I Minietlnic ihi.s month. In the nirantliiK.. uiiplieittloiL-i to ,, »».• /(PC /or reflnaiitlnjj iho vnvrl- are- ons <lls.trli;i!i ,,ro helhs | :c l ( | „„ ,, JiwidlriK Hiii (Hsiiosltioii of the U* tnses liy the higher cmirt.s. "" ;: im-.scnt ofllmrs or Die irai'i, ilnlpli Hutchison, nre.siilcn BIG DOUBLE ATTRACTION STAGE SHOW MATINRK - 2:.'ifl; IDc - 25 NIGHT - (i:•!!•>; ir>c One Dai/ 'Only Friday, January IHh \ BIRCH The Famous.Magician AND HIS COMPANY OK ASSISTING ARTISTS The Vanishing Pony Kirch innkos a Live Pnn, vnnif,h in mid-air. ' SHOOTS A CANARY INTO A ...>VAI;K.S:.-'AWAV.PROM •/..ins; SHADOW.'.''. CUTS A fjRAUTl'KUl, (JIRL.IN NECKS!/ '• DIMVKS A RIMKB THIUi VOLUNTEER ASSISTANT . ']• Other Startling''": WORLD FAIR ARTISTS l'V:ilur«! With Kirch Magician MABLE SPERRY Unlliiinl Youngr Musicnl S(ar and Danseuse XYLOPHONE SOLOIST .WITH 100 PIECE HAND Al Hie L'cnltiry or Progress, Chicapn On T)tc Screen ( THE PRESIDENT VANISHES __M1JS.CAI. SHORT - . CARTOON - - COMEDY BBDIE CANTOR ' in' ''KltT'sHILLIONS" . Mo' AI f 1 from Jhls .s'ecllon -• Cari|t|i(>rsvllle ; . nils- carl Haskin, of •'Hti'yii-' P . member • of tl Pf«*rve Ancient Tree As Aid to Navigation HOQUIAM; wash. CUPI •'_ The ^nn'fl s ' llm P° f Grays hsrbor-s nimis Iflne Tfw.' which report- dly was iwd as a g'mjing ^ k hy captain Rpfen n ray g, m ,^ w ''"'. J* wteieU the port, w ,|, ™« S ^ ark ' l All but elgh't feet or the tree a .idclsnd. spruce,. was blown to Hie Bfounrt in 'a ga i c . but- federa" o ? glnwrs erected: a ..3o-foo|. marker over the stump French vineyards report the: best' 276,000,000 liters How Calotabs Help Nature Throw Off a Bad Cold e fnuml In rt a ) n i' A t. A _ >,._ , „ . . . ^^*%« have found I lets the i «« c or two tab- fim- an le P eat le fifth night if heeded, How ^lo Calolabs help Nalurp oneofn Ootabs are one of Hie most thorouph and de S*ndable of 9 ll Intestinal* ellr,, nl> m s " ' germl - "wnal et of germ-laden mucUa and tosines. Second, Catolab.i are drumi kidneys, promoting the eilmin?»i ' of cold poisons fror» the blood TI'°? Caldtabs serve tlie doiible ptrnjosj \, a purgative and diuretic, • both 'i of cowf P " eFd "' '" ' he tceM ™rt Oalotabs )nlc tireni; — Jlv , ,,, c , packnge, ten cents for the , s are quite •'economical! lr-five cents for the family SHEETS /?cal /fdfure v<](ufi^or(/> 34' i', Just, look - at, the price—and tiien I stoj) to-realize Hint's nil we're asking for,-ttils good, long-wearing sheet! This,ls your cluince to save —.stock tip,now! OASES, 42 x 3li. ;.i 15,. Hotel Test Proves Quality! Penco SHEETS 57 x 99 ske feature value at $ Use ewo o»i-e-anit you'll always wmit I'snco! Thousni.ds of'thrifty .housewives buy no other slicets— they ve fouuJ out whal a loi of long wear they itive—at this low price. Nation Wide! Famous Quality PILLOW SLIPS Soft, smooth finish' It pays lo buy these by the dozen— this event price tnakes them such fine bargain^ 1 "12 \ d§-^ we|l made with a well won reputation for exceptionally lonuseivki,' Buj now inil s\\c more' Every household needs tins Brown Sheeting It's a great bargain at on/v yd. Rfnl 9/4 brown -tin etinp—make it up into stur<i\ heus. or for other boiHchoM uses' It outlets almo t any other kind of fabric—ami it:* <n inexpensive at Pennev ' Nation Wide Brand! 81-in. SHEETING 9/4 B\cacktd—it's ererit priced Famous Nation Wide 81 % 99 SHEETS DURO SHEETS Bl_x,90! Here's a real sheet bargain! Practical 81 x 90 size' Smooth finished! Values] PILLOW GASES Wizard- Jr, a n a m.e -that atanda for long wear •anil pood quality! A.Buv! Grub,Lunch Cloth* Sue 52x52> 33* yd. All linen 1 Gay, colored 'borders. Plain or plaid ctrite'ra! N a p. ,Hni..6 lor 4icl When you buy it by the yard and make it up, you can make your sheets as long as you need them! Famous Nation Wide quality, 'smooth, silky finish, 81 in. wide! UitblrtclitJ.'JOc jt. ' We predict a "sell-out" on Terry Towels in this handy size, weight! People who prefer face" and hand towels of terry cloth will welceme this BARGAIN! Soft, absorbent' Mx- lure, firmly woven and in the proper weight! While, colored borders! . , Buy HONOR MUSLIN Brown SHEETING -i/i. bleached; in- unbleach- - Sttel beam •ted strength. Stronj! Sturdy! Will lake » great <ieit of wear and at this price it's a bay! Unbleached CRASH (7-i'n. Wide 5yd.29* Kasl dryingp&r 1 linen toweling for the kitchen! Colored ' stripe borders! A buy! Known from coast to coast for their smooth finish, soft texture, and long wearing dependability! Tested by 104 launder- mgs in General Electric appliances at trrt Century of Progress; they showed hardly a.sign of wear! White Goods' feature! PRINTS Vanl Wide, Fast Colors lOc Wash Cloths 3 for I2c Exciting New Patterns 39-in.SiJk CREPE Beautiful color combinations] Flonl design 1 ! whirls , Ecornetric pntlerrs . i n the smartest bold ne« color combinations' And when joi5 reahw the small cost of a' new dress it S9c T jird 1 It's imazing! Tempting New Colon in SILK CREPE 58 tn. width' Bargain priced! It's a perfect weight, too, for so many purposes L-istrous and rich looking! And you will like the new shades . . . there are so many to choose from! You can't afford to miss this! Terry Bath Towels thread' White with cpl- icred borders or sol id colored! Sizfs are 22x42 and 20x38? Luxurious SPREADS Good Quality! Striking —dfea-' sy! A lastihf:; •'lualer! Loye?i ly soft shad«!l ! Size 80" >. ins"i> MARQUISETTES; Atwited—•' ya. B i g variety to choose f r o m! Cream, ecru, or cciori in some tyiws! Values! 72-inch Mercerized White Table Damask A real low price jot this width! 49 yard This is good news! Beautiful white damask in extra width at this .bar- 'gain price of 49c a yard! Jacquard floral design! A fine cloth for utilty as well as for "best" use! Your house gets a break! CRETONNES Variety of patterns and colors! Juat think how many windows, linw many -room« you can brighten up jwilh some well '•• chosen drsperies cushions, or garment bags, laundry ings. A good mcfl tn stock UD T Colorful Plaid Rondo Print WASH DRESSES Foil-color! Sites 14 to 52' Beautifully styled with tailored or «i,»« y or « and y trim! Shirt frocks! ' n Rp ' puffcd ar flrlretl alw I" 1 , 011 " 1 " 3nd fl ° ral51 , too! Mar>- c lous at 9gc'

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