The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 12
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THURSDAY, MAY 22, 1952 OSCEOLA NEWS &U ( e St In 22 Years, Jailer Dave Gwaitney Has Seen All Types of Humanity Doctors, lawyers; merchants, " thieve* have ill been slsr board«... era in our city jail according to •*>• Jailer Dave Gwaitney who. in his • . JJ years on th»t job. has encounter<l.,»d ill types and kinds. "A few times in all those years the jail has been completely vs- ^•cated but noUfor many hours at a ^ time, the drunks kept us busier •^ than anybody. There's one in Os- >,a>ceola who has been In here as ^ many times as there are b.ars on . ^ *11 the windows. It seems he feels E;> more at home here than he does ' on the outside. J 1 ^ He always comes in as though I •:. • was expecting him as a guest. He's a great handshaker and greets ma i^each time as though he was regis- '•-,- tering in a hotel. I get disgusted with him, sometimes, .but after £; 22 years of it, if he isn't brought , in every so often, I begin to in•.. quire about him. • • £' "He's a card and all the trou- • ble I have with him is getting him '*• up the steps." *£ Mr. Gwaitney has kept a month t:\ by month record of every one who f! has patronized his jail, and has ""'every offense brought up to date. , He took the Job in February 1931 &•> and. these total offenses are up to ':."•' May 1, 1952.' Includes 212 held for .. murder, 726 for grand larceny and '^ burglary, 249 insane admitted to ^ the State Hospital, 361 sent to the ,t penitentiary for various offenses, £'' and the staggering amount of 37.022 sent to the county farm. All <- races and creeds have been in this '••_"' spotless jail. ^- KEEPING IT clean and sanl- l "" lary is the thing Mr. Gwaitney » prides himself on. Rules of sanita- ;'; tion are posted in each cell and the >' corridors and if any of them are ^broken, he punishes violators by "";,': putting them in solitary confine- 'j ment and letting, them miss a ••• menl. '"£ "That beats nil the kangaroo courts in the world." advised Mr. •£ Gwaitney. "That's a thing I do not """permit in this jail. There has nev- BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW STARR GAZING Some tilings always come to us too late in li/e to enjoy, in (acl, in this instance, about W years. It I could have Just touched a movie star then. I RIIC-JS my heart would have stood still—iinci there I sal, Vubblne shoulders with that tall, handsome Wayne Morris and 1 didn't even feel a goose bump. Manny Sett hugged me around the neck and asked me how to cook hominy grits. That didn't, l-hrill rne cither, and for that beautiful Susan Cabot, had I ever had the chance to look into such eye« as that gal lias, I'd probably have hitch-hiked to Hollywood. All the things I had stored up to say should I ever come face to (ace with such personalities seemed to have left me and all I could think of to say was, "pleaded to meet ya. you-all." . . Jailer Dave Givaltncv . . . variety spices his life oners in the Osceola jail at one time^has been 98. according to Mr. er been an escape here yet," added f Gwaitney. "That's usually at cot- J--. M-. Gwaitney. (ton picking time. It's " a funny "A lot of them that are put in *f hr*? have a cleaner place to sleep ^ pr.:l better prepared food than they ;" l:-vo at home." This writer made t an .infection of the jail and the '£ '~"1 e clean kitchen and watched i l'-5 noon day meal being prepar- •*, e'.' on a stove that covered one y side of the wall. All the vessels were shining and the aroma com- f- Ing from the well prepared beef '*' stew filled the building. L The inmates are given two meals • •: : a day. breakfast and again at 1 ""o'clock. They have good maga- .. zines to read and Mr. Gwaitney '"• Inspects the literature to be sure .' there are no murder -mysteries ,. among them. •• • "On all holidays the noon meal ''" always includes either turkey or ,. chicken and the turkey Is a must ^> at Christmas. "THE INMATES appreciate and ;/ respect visits from preachers and they all join In singing »nd after "• the benediction It seems to put them In a calm, remorseful Rtti- t«de. •ffc "I'm sorry to' say." added Mr. Owaltney. "Shat the ministers don't make a regular practice of •fail, and I think If they would just take turn-about in spending a few mtaiVM oo Sunday with the prisoner!, it would really be a irreat thine. "To« know." h* added, "they wkn be*sU with music and I have been In t*to work long enough to know wha* tt do*, for a weakling bee*u»e after all. they are the ones who fljl up tht Jall«. "Twletf ta never lacking In an m- •Mtutjon at thla kind. There have been two weddjnti In the jaU. One wx i Mtoeraekar waiting to be aent »o the pen." Mr. Qwaltney «nU«d when he pointed to a cell: 'There la the honeymoon suite. • Wh«» Chattar . Danenhower was maftato»te, he marrlea a couple here. I brought the boy down stairs and let them marry tn my living worn. I took him back lo his cell , and the (irl left." * • • "«•»« HATT been two .uicldes hen ttooe mi. one WM > man _Jf pwir* ta Blythevllle u a traveling ^ Mleacnan. Ha went from house to houee selling soap, and when he Jound the family gone, he went In »n<S toe* what he wanted The Chief of Police tracked him down but ** w « armed and killed the policeman. He was brought to Osceola for safe keeping but In searching him we did not find anything. He had Brought a ramr blade with him i concealed so we never did find out; where h« had It, but he did and \ that's what he used to slash his' [". wrists with. • -- '' Th .« other suicide was a man " who had killed his son, and the day '• he was sentenced for life, his wife and two small daughters came to I see him. After they led, he swal-! lowed a vial of carbolic acid no doubt brought In by the smallest; of the two girls. j "There have been five deaths' ••-mn natural causes since I came•- One was a white woman, who •••-mijia here crazy-drunk and'! • f om a heart attack, one white si, and three negro men. Six ne- groes from this Jail were electrocut- • ed. One of those was the negro who .-• killed a small child and threw :t to the hoes to eat. which In nil of' r - <•-•• -.-rlsnces was the most hor-j Hbte thing that has ever happened " ! THE LAB GUT number of pris-j She is now three years old and plays over the place like a kitten «» ™ ' T . It's a funny Lna SkC Maf Sha ° d ^aiS ^ '"oT & 'Ln^s'^er therrl ^^ ^ »"« m ° ^—''' broke but just as soon as they get to mingling with white gold they /eel a lot richer than they really are and they go out of their way to Bet into trouble. Money makers Bunsalow h an Indian word mcan- ini; a rural house. Did you know that St. Crispin is the pntron of shoemakers and his day fa!Js on Oct. 2o? The Golden Rule we should all abide by. "Therefore all things v:!"- (soever ye would that men r c"ld do unto you. do ye even si t-> them; for this is.the law and the prophet*." This same Men had been stated by Confucius SCO years before Cbr f st in what is known as '.!*e Silver Ryle. Why are cl-ests of drawers called hiqhboy*.? Lowboys, also chests of drawers, were common in the 18th century. What names! This email war we're In has only co«t the USA 15 bill-on do!Jar<. to >ay nothing about the lives of our b"vs whirVv up to date is almost 19. r OO. nnd it's still poine strong. Don't pass up tho-e who are elv- ine their time against your dimes and dollars In selling popples for the veterans. When there's mud at the bottom of the well, stirring it will not make the water clear. Mae West, the come-up-and-see- me-sometiine gal. is celebrating her 60th birthday this year. There are over 100 varieties of pecans and It Is the most Important commercial nut in America. In legend, Helnis, sun pod, crosses the sky daily from east to west- In a golden chariot. Uncle Pudgy said niarriace Is a mutual partnership . . . the man being the rmfte. With potatoes «s high as they are now. to say nothing of everything else, I'm going to "put In" for lend lease. With food prices as they are, maybe we wouldn't gripe so much If they'd start, gift wrapping Rome of our lovely foods. * j rest camp in northern Japan. Three of his division were select! ed to go and when they reached their destination. Karul7,awa, they i were taken to a beautiful hotel where honest - to - goodness sheets were on the beds, the first he had seen In months and months. There was an eight-piece orchestra playing American songs in the dining room. On arrival, each boy paid {405 In good old American money that paid for room, meals (which they said were out of this world), horseback riding, movies. : fishing and even haircuts and shaves. S'jch'luxury hr said he had never seen and what's more .he added. ! "We could 2et seconds on oar I meals." and they did. This Is a funny thing but It works every time. Try it on sonic- body, but make 'em be honest: Write down their aqe'and nuil- ttplv it by two: add five and mul- ' tinly by 50: substract the number' j of days in a year 1355 hi case Jim- i ior's not around to tc 1 ! youl; add i j the loo-se chance in their pocket, i ] unc*°r a riolbr: and (inp'Jy add 1'5.' j Th* first t'.vo dt"lts rrve you ihe ! per.'ion's ace. th? last two. tile ^ ; change in his pocket. | Beats anything I ever heard and ' '"ou re.iliy haven't Eained fmythins ' : u ut fcr a fellow who is a prartical j ' he'll get a big kick out of it.! i You're truly a ba< k number if you ! renembrr when fo^'is '.vent calling ! • arid all homes had a card receiver f 'that the caller deoosttecl ills card! I in when he was admiued. | The state Icsislature offi:ial!y ] adopted the name, "The Wonder '. Slate." in 1923. PAGE THIRTEEN TO OET DKC.REC— Miss Ch.r- Ih'.o Armstrong, daughter of Mrs E. W. Noland of Dell, will receive a bachelor of science in education degree at the 125th annual commencement of Lindenwood College, Si. Charles, Mo.. May 31. A major In business education, Miss Armstrong was vice president of the Commercial Club during her senior year and also was a member rf the Linccnwrcd chapter of r.-tuie Teachers of America. smiled Mrs. Gwaitney. Mr. and Mrs. Gwaitney have two daughters. Mrs. Johnny Bell skinner, who is a clerk in the sheriff : s office In Osceoln. and Mrs. Thelma us more trouble than any- Warci of Memphis, and a son. Louis body." | Gwaitney, formerly of Osceola but [ I noticed a little negro girl run- j who no ' v resides in Las Cruses, N ' nine all over the place and asked M - and ls married to the former ' Miss Lillian Ward of Osceola. Mr. Gwaltney's hobbies are fishing and raising chickens, and he was rushing me out so he could find some minnows. He came to if her mother was around. It turned out her mother coAs' for the inmates and "Ella Mae~was raised in the jail. Mrs. Gwaitney bought a baby bed, placed it in the kitchen **« natur - Sweet Adeline wouldn't be Sweet Adeline without the basses loaded. Mammas have nothing to do for the next three months but wish for school to commence next September. I had a letter from "Son" telling me of the five days he spent In a On the Social Side.. Church Women Meet | ]e Women of the Presbyterian i In Church held their annual birthda party Monday afternoon when the those present. A birthday offering was collected and will be sent to the college to help the students who attended the college in Tuscaloosa. Ala. During the social hour the hostesses served strawberry sundaes and coffee. Club 17 Meeta Members of "uiub 'n" met Thursday night with Mrs. R. D. Mrs. Lula Cable was the only guest nlaying w j tn the Widow's Pitch Club membeis when It met with Mrs. H. L. Levenstein Thursday night. A salad plate and Iced tea was served when the guests arrived.; Pastel shades of summer flowers! were need for the floral decoration.] Mrs. Maude Hudson who will r e- i celve her B. S. Degree in June at IllCt^l -£•£! SHHSS^fS 1 at Interval* in the entertaining rooms. ' In lhe games of -bridge, Mrs. Billy Ayres won high score. Mrs. Bill Joe Edrington won second and Miss Bebe Levenstein won the brfctgo. At the conclusion of the party, Mrs. Mears served a sandwich plale with Iced drinks. Atlcnrt Convention Mr. and Mrs. Ben Butler, Jr., Mrs. Bob Gillispie, Mrs, Milton Pope and Mrs. Bettye Nelie Starr. In the bridge games, Mrs. Pflljner Stanton won high score and Mrs. Searcy Mears wop srronrf, ProgressiTC Cluh Mtrta The 1 o'clock luncheon given today at the Progressive Club was the last meeting of the Osceola Garden Club until fall. Mrs, Sarah Gant of Harrisburg, Ark., was the guest speaker. Mrs- Lee Wesson, president, and Mrs. J. W. Whltworth were in charge of the arrangements. .Members .of Town and Country Canasta Club met with Mrs^ Char- He Lawrance Thursday for dessert followed by canasta. Roci roses and daisies were used for the floral decorations. Mrs. O. E Massengit] waa the only nuest. High scores went to Mrs. Searcy Mears and Mrs. Ta] TongPte. At the ronrl.usion of the party the hostess served s tray of party foods and iced drinks. PtrwinaU Mr. anci Mrs. G. A. Robinson of Memphis former residents of Osceola were in Osceola Saturday and attended the Day-Ellts wedding. Mrs. Willie DuiiJap snd children of Rideley. Tenn. spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ta-1 Tongale. Mrs. David Laney received a sprained ankie when she fell at the Progressive Club Room Monday while preparing for the PEO Style show. Mrs. Laney was to be one of the models. Mrs, S. A. Miller of McCool. Miss. i.< vipittne her daughter. Mrs. P. D. Johnson and family. Bridge Club Meets A dessert course was served when Mrs. Elliott Sartaln. entertained members of her bridge club Friday afternoon. The guests played card's in the sunroom which was decorated with colorful containers of tropical plants. Playing with the. members were y Brownlee Entertained Mrs. Leroy Brownlee entertaln- ed Saturday afternoon -\t the school i cafeteria In honor of her son. Gary. | on hi.s third birthday. Party fav- j ors of whistles and balloons were given the fifteen guests present, I Including Anita Gentry, Ricki In- sram. Betty Thompson., Dusty and Sandy Driver. Linda Whitmore. Alcta Richardson, Roctta Denton, and Karolyn White of Luxora, Billy Ishrnael of Osceola. Diane Brownlee. Judy Kcllcv, and Gordon Hcarnsberger of Blytheville. and Jerry, Pcfrssy. and Robert Brownlee of Joiner. Party refreshments were served after an afternoon of games. Seniors Kntertained The thirteen members 'at the Luxora High School graduating class were enterlained last Fri- clay night at the country home of i Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hanna. when | a dinner party in honor of their j daughter, Elizabeth, was held. j Mr. nnd Mrs. G. A. Mcl.endon i served as co-hosts, in honor of j their daughter. Jane. The uroup enjoyed a skating party at West Memphis following the dinner engagement. Another In the round of enter- t tainments for the class was a ( dance held in the Legion Hut last Monday nighl, with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Williams, in honor of their son, Donnie, and Mr. and Mrs. SV. F. Lowerin. in honor of t h e I r nephew, Hazen Looney, serving as co-hosts.' Graduation Exercises Held Members of the 1B52 Class of Luxora High School were presented diplomas in exercises held in lhe school auditorium Thursday nighl. Mr. A. B. Rozclln, member of the school board, made t h e presentation. Appearing on the program were Miss Elizabeth na in a piano soJo, "By A Blue Lagoon," the valedictory address by Miss Jane McLendon. salutatory address by Joe Paschal, class his- j lory by Miss Billy Sue Clark, class ' prophcny by Dannie Williams, and ' ; lhe class will by Miss Eloise Rich- ards.on. The Rev. H. L. Robinson, pastor of the First Methodist Chiirc;]i, pronounced [tie invocation [ nnrt Mrs. T. L. Stanford was I h e ' accompanist for the processioval and recessional. i MORE tno.e MORIS more MORE | -Van Ailams r'nlerlained | Mrs. Charles Edwards and Mis. i J. T. Koch (•ntcriainod at an af-. j lornoun picnic and wenier roast i ; Friday on the iJ.iptist Church lawn [ j In honor of NV.n. young daughter of Mr. and Mis Tvc Adams, who, I with her family, is leaving Luxora shortly. Fifteen guests attended the affair, Personals Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Castllo hsve just resumed home after t visit of several days with his mother In Missouri. Mrs. W. A. Brantley has as her guests for several days her dauoh- tcr. Mrs. M. W. Alexander, and husband, of Hobbs. N. M. Mayor and Mrs. Moses Sliman attended the Cotton Carnival Mayors' Luncheon at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis Thursday. Mrs. J. I. Mifflin left Friday for a week's visit with her sister,'Mrs W. D. Terry. In Smackover. Ark. Members of the Luxora Rotary Club entertained at a Cotton Carnival party in Memphis Saturday for Misses Billy Sue Clark, .lean Warren, Mae Clark, Helen Norman. Lyvetta Clark, and Diane Stevens. John F. Clark accompanied the group. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hays left Friday lor El Dorado, where Mr Hays will be connected with Lion Oil Co. Mr. and Mrs. Hays have been Ltixorn school facuily members for the past three years. I.uxorans In the Memphis Baptist Hospital this week include Mrs. J. D. Fowler and R. N. Forbes. Mr. and Mrs. Tye Adams and daughter. Nan. left Monday for his home in Enterprise, Ala., w h e r e they will live for t h e summer months. Mr. Adams, who has been the athletic director nnd coach al the high school here for the past five years, has accepted » similar position at Brantley, Ala., for the next ypar. T. D. Wilkins returned home Monday from Memphis Baptist Hospital, where he has been a patient for the past several daj's. • McGranery Will Call for FBI If He Starts Where He Left Off WASHINGTON W - if (he new attorney general. James p. Me- Granery, picks up where he left off a couple of months ago he'll call In J. Edgar Hoover and tell the FBI boss: "Eddie, let's see those files." Last April 4, right after F'resi- dent Truman chose him for attorney general, (he 50-year-old Me- Gianery told newsmen Hoover wwild be given the job of finding any misconduct in the frovprnmcnt. At the lime, McGranery couldn't tell Hoover to inveslij-ato anybody since he wasn't then attorney general, in spile ot presidential ap. pointmenl. nnd couldn't be until the Senate approved, which it did yesterday. Now he's in. And, becouse Mc- Qranery is head of the Justice Department and lhe FBI is part of It. the new attorney Reneral can resume where he left off In April by having B chat with Hoover, Although he hasn't said so publicly. It's hardly an exonerated guess that hoover Is less than delighted by the prospect of making a special Inquiry into the hiclflife nnd low life of government officialdom. His FBI already has plenty of chores anyway, while government corruption covers that extremely gummy field of ethics and morals where only a wink can separate t Imliweton from conniving. j And. at least in one direction. Hoover would be handcuffed be. fore he started: He couldn't In- f vest'.niate the Treasury Depart- j men!, where most of the wrong;i doing has been found. By special | law of Congress only Treasury investigators can Investigate the rca.-ury. 'Still. If McGranery asks Hoover /or his files their chat may turn out to be very fruitful, if they have a chat. The FBI, collecting various kinds of Information a long time, looks upon information with the same fondness some people bestow O'n pins ami nld strings: It never throws anything away. Since it has been making loyalty investigations of government workers lor some years now, a tnsk requiring it to pry Into the private lives of public people, lhe FBI undoubtedly has accumulated Interesting oddments. And. of course, maybe tt hasn't But, whatever it has learned is Iri the FBI files, which might make as good a starting point as any for McOranery, if he wants to take some reading matter home with him. WARNING ORDER In the. Chancery Courl. Chlcka- sauba District, Mississippi County, Ariumu. David Smith, Plaintiff, vs - No. 120+i Plorine Smith. Defendant. The defendant. Florins Smith, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, David Smith. Dated this 1st day of May 1953. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Sykes. D.C. C. P. Cooper, atty for ptf. E. B. Cook, atty ad Ittem 6J1-8-1S-M Rend Courier News Classified Adj. Free Picture Of Your Caleb Just bring your string of flsh to nur store and we'll take a picture for 3-011 any time until 9:00 P.M. No charge at all. Good luck to you on ynur flshlnf. Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 2006 W. Slain Phone 3641 PLAIN,OR IODIZED $«« it newt The wonderfully new and different ff&W it's a Food Freezer and Refrigerator combined! CAREY it SATURDAY POPPY DAY POPPY on Poppy Day Sponsored hy AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY And you get oil Uiete exclusive features too! Mo4*l I*. 104 544875 otter om/ Sh Onc-piec» porcelain tsad compartment Quickuhc lc« Trayi Bin-tire, all-pore** loin Hydratarf Famout M*t«r- Miisr mechaniim wifh 5-Year Piolac- lion Plan Ati/mlnum shelvej thai tannal rust • New Food-Safety Indicator fieauliful, Raymond loewy Slyling * Slornga *pn<« on moJw/t, priced from $2(W.1»5 HALSELL & WHITE Main & Division FURNITURE CO. Phone 6096

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