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The Inter Oceani
Chicago, Illinois
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1 toWBOYS' REUNION Kvcnderful Horsemanship at I Uniquo Gathering. is OLDEST TEXAS RIDER8 Have Grand Blowout in a Border Town. roncho Buter RJd th Most Vlcloua Horaaa In th Lor Star StaU Roping Contact. I From tha mou-talna an4 iba. lowland, irrou th -lalna from Try raticli within 154 mllee.

the cowboy of Taxaa a wept Into border town of Beypaour last montn. 'Wo who hadn't eea- atoreora atone ouiw- r. in months, boys who tad never rail me ia-Xueoce of clTlllxatlon. aa tba kin a found on a Isolated Tazaa ranch otbara who bad shone Is earlier year la tba Eaat, bat bad wad tba fwl'd Ufa of tba plain, and found they tlkad better; all aorta and conditions ot men, Jbealtby. picturesque, and akillful In their own peculiar employment, wera among tnoae who 4escended on Mjmour, i They cam to aid to tba celebration of an Jfrent tba Uka of which baa -rear bean aaan (in tbl or any other country.

Tba flrat ra- 'linlon ot Tesaa cowboy waa tha reason tor I she e.thertnv It waa a marvelous gatbertug Ir.f men. wba. for tba anrumant of Ithelr fellow and tba crowd that docked to J--. In an In I ha tlOVeltT Of a COWbOT reunion, took their lire In their band and participated In the corneal wmcn nan Tha moit Tlcloua borseg that all Texas could produce wera ridden bareback by apurles riders; the wildest ateer Inthaetata (were turned loose to ba roped and brought to k- mn and txivi who are a nccura.e I with their lariat a a marksman with bla rtfl. and other sports equally dangerous wTa Indulge 1 In.

The reunion waa a glorious auc-'-eea from etart to nnlh. and atrangera who lTltnesed It it thing they will never e-'gain, unle om time In lb year to coma there Is another cowboy' reunion, j. Seymour, the town where thla remarks Me ratherlng waa held, la at tha termlnue ot tha Valley Railroad, a apur fifty-one tntlea long from the Forth Worth and Denger road. It la tha neareet railroad town to all tha great atock-raising country on tha beat waters of the Hragoe. and 1 reached only a trip which la declared by thoee who taken tl to ba "tba rolliest.

Jerklest journey" In tba country. Thus la Seymour described by a correapondent of the Galveston jlJally Newa who went there to attend tba reunion: Ilka other towna In tha west. 'rnee enjoyed a boom which provided poslte corner of pan, lte corner of pan. "With buildings that woui'i do aa 'to many towna len time It le. A buga three-story ton building with about eighty I feet front stand with eashless windows and doorlesa door, a grim akeleton-llke moou-'inent oTer tha grare of eomebody'a Invesi- xent.

Not far from II Ul with rooms for business homes ion the ground floor. It baa Beyer had an occupant except dirt -daubers and bat. Hut. aa 'tha man who la Intoxicated feela aad and ra-( jventaot tha next day and begins to feel better on the third day. Seymour baa reached her third day after her Intoxication, or perbapa her fourth.

Anyway, aha 1 feeling all rigut 1 again, aa ta demonstrated by ber people being I willing to subscribe upward of $1,000 to eo- v. Whan tha ItrMnt ll IffriAlil lu fcv -'J a started 30 waa subscribed In half an hour." 1 1 Wednesday, July Zl. tha flrat day of tba re- found l.W") atranger In Seymour, mora than half of whom were cowboya. They wera e'lll coming In. too, on horsback and in covered wagon.

Soma of thero bad been fiinr tor aaya to get mw wu uT batch that floated In waa cneereu oy townspeople and vlsltcra. Alexander tjeng. b-st f-ook on the plains, who had charge 1 of the baubecue pit, threw up bis bands when way the boy were responding to the call. Jo Dickson and JuJg Olaacow came to tha rescue, however, and helped fclin out of bis difficulty. A doxen more beasts 'ware slaughtered, new pita were dug.

and 1 meat waa cookad to keep all of the campers supplied. All tha wella and spring ta toa-n. public and prlvata, wera placed at disposal ot the rUitor. too. both for i themselre and tbelr tok.

and on Wednea- night tha reunion bad bean well atarted. rowbov Tells and shout. The broncho and mustang could beard telgblng all over the town. Tbelr ia cbed tba firework In wonder while tba borne- drw back their aara and trnb, tlh fear. Everybcdy was good-natured and iimnk anouah to forget that tha reputation of bla companion and tba brand lew Texas uowooy very morning, depended very much on bla own individual actlona.

That night will cover be forgotten by the cowboya who rolled over on tha grass In tbelr blanket on the outaklrta cf rl irarttrl toke of every kind were lulayed on tboo who tried to leep: tent fell I around tha ear of tbelr occupant, borae -iemrely pegged got loo In myaterlou taahlon, land atreama actually changed tha course laid iut for them by nalura to neak around and I tinder eoma batch of sleepers protected only I by tbelr- bUnkata. Oood natur prevailed 1 though, and not an arrtat waa made In Seymour that night. Thursday morning opened the conteta, and all Seymrfur. native and vlaltora, went out to the depression west of tha "dogy" atock pen "Doer" mean the cattle of Eaat Texas In cowboy i-arlanco. and In thee pen ith animal sra quarantined when they first driven In to Seymour.

Kor two weeka i before tha reunion everybody who could hit la sail with a hammer, manipulate a saw, or Ult a strip of board turned In to build a grand stand, and tba tructuro. which held l.W0 people, was packed to tta utmost capacity on Thursday morning, in pox crmmt.B uw sidings and tbs fnce ot tha neighboring atock pen were crusted with enthusiastic man and boys. The horseback crowd and tba prairie schooners were ranged around the ground tu a circle half a mile in diameter. Jo Dickson, tba marshal, and his aide, Cltted up and down, pushing tha people back bera sn4 thera. and aeelng that the rough rider had plenty of room.

All excitement, for the first eonteet waa to be between tba most rkKlful riders on tha Texas plalna busters," they ar called. When a bronk buster tacklea a broncho ha either break blxa or get broken hlioself. and It wa well understood that tba toughest animals In tha South-weat had been procured fcr tbeaa contet. From tba crest of tha hill a mile back Cf the grand stand the eceoa was ona which could only ba presented in a Texa border town. Tba circle made up of the canvae-topped wegone and the horsemen, tba tnterior a mass of rough riders dashing up and down, whouplng and bowling aa they loosened up their legs for the bronk busting which wa to follow.

They were the best horsemen In the state and they wera out to do ona another up la the conteete or die. The old cattle-men grinned aa they watched the younger ores i.u...miiii4 nt wondered, aa they locked the kicking and bucklrg nags la the pen. I lust how many of the boy were going to be laid up oeior tne ar A pistol shot rang out In the air and out swept Marshal Dickson and hi aid. Clear the ring! Clear the ring!" they shouted, snd tha riders left the Incloaur with whoopa and yell. Then tba marsbal annouseed that the first Mcttst would be In rough riding.

Tba prtxe wll a autt of clothe, and tha condition were that the horse be ridden with a llck I raddle, which mean that tha saddle must be free from the roll usually tied serosa the I torse, that the atlrmp must not be tied un-: th horse, and that tb rider must not i wear spurs. Thnse ta cfcar- trade no aecret of the fact tbat all tbe horse tbey had were outlaw' It hill ha tCB POS lb 1 break. and, amid grsal appUeaa, be 1J4 ff kit eoat, threw his suspenders kiit, loul a rest la his belt. and. with on bouaa, uaaea oa bay's back.

Swish! and hi lthr hat whistled through th air and eeuvat tb broncho euros lb ld ot th head. The pony pitohed vlolsnUy for fifty Tarda, tnakUg about 1J0 revoluilwa to tb minute. Tha he starud. run and tbs crowd bowled. "He'e a plug! raUsl on.

TU ride his etdeway!" said aoothar. 'Oiv my apuraaad I'll make blm pitch. yelled Goff. and they did give blm bla spur and cut tb pony to bit, but tb exhibition wasn't satisfactory. Tb rldsr had too a tlm.

iJrury Orogan. th pride of Shakslfjrd County, down from Fort OrlfBa for tha oe-raslon. tackled a llUle sorrel of the Heart X. brand next. Tba animal waa a notorious out-law and bad never been ridden, Aa aocn aa Drury wa on bla back ha began to pitch, wltn aaddle cinched.

Thla waa a dtreot violation ot tha rulea, but th sorrel evidently bad no respect for the conditions of tha con Us t. lie plunged and kicked, Jumped In tba air, and male a seesaw of himself, but Drury held on and waa marked down aa a successful rider, amid cheering. Bmllnle Gartonehire of tba Lip ranch la Archer County waa tba next rider. Osrdrn-shire let It ba known that ba wanted ire worst horse in the pea. and ba got blm In tha shape of a bay from tha ilasnknlf raocb.

known throughout the section aa tb Montana Iilixxard. Garoooshlr. rawblda whip In hand, crawled aboard cautiously, and, occe firm la bis aeat, began to larrup tba bay unmercifully. A sight followed which tickled tbe rpectator hugely. Tba man from Archer County roda with bands free and kept plying bis wbipcot-staiiUy.

There waa a frightful mlxup of cowboy and horse, but Gardenshire refused to be unsealed. For fifteen minutes tbe bay bucked, pawed, and Jumped from aide to side, tben amid cheers tbe mighty IiUxxard succumbed and Gardensblre rode him around tbe circle at a genUe gallop. It wa a magnificent piece cf horsemanship. GoR claimed another cbano to show he could do, ao they fished a bony, yellow nag out of tba pea, and after tour bucka ba gave Goff as neat a throw a wa ever seen Goff didn't csre to test Gardenshlre'a supremacy further, and. aa no ona else stepped forward, tba ault of elolhea.

together with tba title "Champion ilroncbo tluster of Texas went to tbe lad from tba Up ranch. Tbe roping contest came next, and flftst-n minute a ere given to those Intending to ui -ticipate Iq which to teat their lariats. Th: was ttaelf ao interestlag show. Th boy tied their rope to the horns of each other- saddlr and then tugged in opposil directions for all they wera worth. Tha ponlea, wonderfully trained for thtlr work, sal rigfit back on their haunches and helped In tha tests aa though well aware of tb fact test their own aa well a that of the rUtr depended on tb strength of th lariat.

These were the rules for tba roping contts. as read to tba conteatantat "Hula 1 Steera to be la the pen and tUn driven by a committee of two meo out at the west sate and turned due west and run la line thirty yards from atock pen. Rule The roper is to atatiooea op Immediately upon alec crossing above-mentioned line, at each end cf will be a i'jdge. the word go wwi be Ten. "Rule's Tba roper la to have rope reay when word la given to gow "Rule 4 Roper may carry extra rope for a tl rope.

"Rule 9 Roplcg steer by h.s feci pes. live forbWWen. 'Rule 6 If th ateer I killed, that run aid tie shall not be counted, and tha party shall have chance at another ster. -Rule 7 Steera to be kept tlej until r'-leased by to be tied by not less than three feet.

"Tbe man who ropes ateer and ties him la tbe shortest time aid be ardd IbepriZ', which la ona 7i flexible aaddle." Tba etefra. every one of whlrb waa an outlaw, were brought up from tbe pecs in a i catti car. It had not been thought safe to lead them, aa they wera iM big fellow, averaging In weight nearly l.TuO pound, and. aa Joe Dickson announced to tta boys, "the moat vicious fillers In tbe country today." Tbe bono of being first man at tha ateer waa awarded to Emi.nle Cardecshlre, A b'g, speckled steer, with horns four feet ecroa was run out. and Gardensblre went for biia.

lie threw such a big loop, hoaaver. that iLe steer went right through It, and tb peoil laughed at him. Tbl rattled tbe boy. atd his next throw was a complete failure, missing entirely. Tbe third throw landed fa'r and Gardensblre turned tbe animal red over end In bringing blm down.

It waa a magnlfi-cejit exhibition of skill, but the fact tbat tbe steer had run a mile, and that tbe two mlsfee bad alretcbed the time out to three minutea and thirty-seven aeconds, put Gardensblre out ot tbe contest. Ross Sloan of Seymour took the next steer, a big end vicious red fellow. He caught blm around tbe born on tb first throw and downed and tied blm In 1 Budd Smith of Hasbell downed and tied tha next steer, a big black and bit fellow who ran like a deer, la Tben Cus Lyles of Seymour made two misses at a piebald and catching him on th third wound up hi Job In 3:3. itlll McLaren of Seymour did th trick In 2 minute, and tben Dave Harris tackled a big piebald steer who wss an old bacd-et tbe business. Ha rolled him end over end at the first throw, but tb teer wa up in a second.

Twice more be downed tbe snimal, but the Jerk proved too much for the born of bla saddle and ssy It went. Dav didn't give up. however, and managed to tie hi ateer ta 4:10. John Crr had aa old timer on bla bands, too. lie came down 3 bsrd on the first Jerk tbat he bounced like a ball, and tbe thump could be heard In the grand stand a quarter of a mil sway.

Th steer wa on his feet In a second, though, and C'arr bad to wind blm six time before be could throw blm. Ill time, 2.54. wa considered good under tb circumstance. John Chalk of tb matador outfit wa next on tba list, and a Chalk ba been looked ca a tb best roper la Texas for a long time, hi exhibition was watched with Interest. They had saved up tbe biggest ateer In tbe pen for Chalk, and Chalk bad tbe lariat over htm e-cosd after crolng th line.

When tbe Jerk came both steer and pony went down, but Chalk alld off aafely. Tbe second tbe animal were up again Cbalk wa In tbe saddle. Tb second Jerk was all right, ao far aa tb pony waa concerned, but th rope parted a foot from th saddl horn, and away dashed the tear acroaa tbe plain. Chalk waa after him in a aecond. and tben came tbe finest exhibition or horsemanship ever seen at Seymour.

Riding at full speed. Cbalk leaned over and caught the end of tbe lariat, which the ateer waa trailing behind him. He tried to get It around the saddle born, but tbe steer Jerked It away, and most cf tbe skin of tbe man's band went with It. Once more Cbalk gathered up the rope, and by riding full apeed got In enough alack to take a turn around tb aaddle horn. Tben be threw and tied the ateer, tba whole performance being done In Tremendous applause greeted Cbalk and tbe pecy wbea tbey came back.

Chalk would undoubtedly have won the contest but for bis two accidents. His roping the ateer In aix aecond wa th best throwing of the day. Sheriff Gejrge Martin ot King County downed bl In tbe second throw In 2:10. Then Hilly I'arks of tbe Moon ranch In Cottle County, known all over Texas aa tbe "I'ltch-fork Kid." tackled a strawberry roan steer nd downed him la making tb best tlm of tb contest. Job a Arnold of Vertoa tried to beat Park, and rod John Chalk' famous little dun pecy.

but the best he could do waa 1 and the prize went to the "Pitchfork Kid." There wa a hall ram later In the day. and In the evening the Seymour Dramatic Club presented a five-act melodrama. "Fielding Manor; or, tba Lost Heir." for tbe cowboya. It waa a great performance, and tbe boy almost tcr down th house in their entbu- S.SS3). Friday's fnn epened with tbe bar bene near Captain McLean's house.

Captain McLean founded Seymour, and his house was tbe first ballt there. There were speeches and aocga, aad aueb a feast a sever took place In Texa before. It lasted all day. and at night tbe i and th mad It dangeroce riding. crowalcg feature of th whole reunion came Many of tbe boye ahock their hrade.

but Will off. A grar ball took place at tbe opera-house. 1 Coff a llra young cow puncher from Throek-J It was Ilk all Western balls a doxen I rnnnrt lurrned out and said he'd tide young women present and aome 400 cowboya. arvthine thev brought Into the ring. A quiet- Alexander Benge.

Jeff Scott, aad George looking bay pony was cauuocs.y out cy JscV leister of Seymour. -He has a had eye. but t1t try him If youH give me my spurs, said Goff. -No spurs; Uka hlaa or hlai." a Id Letr. -Well, ITJ Wa anyway," aaii Caff, Tarlor were tb floor snsnsgers.

and they did tbe beet they eould for tbe boy, but twlv ycung oma won't go around among 400 young men. srea If they ar th most obliging young women la tbs world aad tha hall does last all eight. Tha twiv joticf womea wort jowns seat TUB DAILY IT-CIl OOEAX, MONDAY MOBIXa. AtTaTOT 0J, JSDO. at frst th Bi fcr tha eloa, gad tba eewbey wars a rattled a let of school children around tbaaa, Tb bail kept up until I o'olook la the morning, but long before thit lbs boys whs gal a dance quietly went out, got tbelr mustangs, ana put tor it Soros tb plalna.

Oa Saturday morning tb reunion brek up ntlrly, and Seymour sent bar sow boy guaata away with a cordial invitation ta come again. Tba boys set off llcketty- pllt la every direction, sod for a week there waa aome tall rounding up and untangling of atock done to make up for tboee two great day a at Seymour. New Tork Sun. LATTER DAV l.tlTI I SKSSIO. Moramoaa WTs Saver Prate tleest al- ray Ceweaaeaervste Tfselr Kisasi.

hlontroae, lows Aug. 20. Special Telegram. Oa a high bluff overlooking tbe M.s-slsalppl near thla place, a tul Just across the river from historic Nauvoo. 111., there ta now la session the general reunion of tbe Reorganised Church of Josus Christ ot Latter Day Sal ola.

Theae reunions bava hllberi-i been held la Western Iowa, but this year, owing to th special Interest centering In lb i place and lime, it waa changed to Park Bluff. Just fifty years ago occurred the great exodua of tba early aalnta from Nauvoo, they being forced by an infuriated mob to vacate tbelr comfortable homes at an uncomfortable time cf tbe year and to plunge Into tbe wilder-Bess, trusting solely to providence snd tbelr own thrift for future subsistence. Crossing the river they found" a temporary rcstitig place, and it is in commemoration of this fact that tbe reunion la being held a tints plsca and lime. Though bitter persecution followed these people, yet after fifty year tbey have, by persistent endeavors, succeeded (a removing tbe odium sttacblng to original Mermonlsm through the apostasy of brigbam Young and bla folio era from the original faltb. Viewing Nauvoo.

although now It eeenua desolate and neglected, one cannot but note the a Isdom of Joseph Smith in selecting such a alt. No prettier location for a city could be found anywhere. Tbe park where tb meeting are now bald was formerly under the control of tbe Methodist Church, bul ha finally reverted to ita original owners. There la a large amphitheater in the center of tba grounds, and all around are neatly arranared cottages. Several hundred peupl are present, and altbouga there are from tour to five srrrlces ram day.

they are all well attended. The following ministers are present and assisting In the services: Apostle A. 11. Smith and J. R.

Loffibert. tbe former tbe econd son of Joseph Smith, the prophet; K. O. Pitt. Chicago, 111.

I I Oiumous coll, I'M MUlura, ua, W. Williams. I'ouncll tllunTs. lows; K. A.

STilth, Oniab. I. A. Robinson. W.

N. Robinson, and H. Etxenhouser. Independence, M. T.

Short, Millersburg. M. H. Uond, St. Louis.

Illsbop E. L. Kellty, Lamone. Iowa. Tb preaching la of a high orer.

and It ta evident tbat these people, are neither oar row nor bigoted, aome of tb preachers tak Ing sperial pride in noting the jod In otbrr churches. While having. In soma respects, a distinctive and d.llerir.g from other. yet tolerstlon is their watchword. While not indorsing tbst which to tbem sems erroneous, yet tbey credit all men with tnceri till proved olberwlse.

Tbey all goul as God given, whether found on Christian or heathen ground. The prejudice hitherto ex lsting aiamst this people must soon. In ta light -f modern cr. Jition. dissprsar.

ant tbey be permitted to take tbelr legitimate piece la tbe galaxy of religioca. Ona of tbe advantagea ine tmlalera of this church have over aome others 1 that they are not bound bv anv creed ssve I bat of truth. thus being permitted to drsw from the grat fountain bes or any of Its tributsry streams in their search for light with no fear that they will tried for heresy by a conervat.e svnod. Such tbemes ss "Love. tbeGr.aiest Thing In th World.

"The Attribute if God "Tha Canon of Scripture." "I'roor of Cod Existence." "Where Is Heaven "Mo rallty." "t'niversslity cf the Gospel, and others eauallr Interesting are aiceusseo. Once or twoe esrh dsy a Sunday school alon la helJ. and all tha latest and best aux tltaree oT Sunday arhoo! work ar aiscussea and. If approved, adopted. Tti.ii do not worship or illeiw taar.h 1 1 ii (s rommonlv supposed.

Ha waa among the first ta alvjeate a return to nr'mlMve Christianity, and aa auch they holm blm In ri1, but they would as quickly repudiate an error coming irrm oiia oth.r Tnsn. Tbey are not an off- ahoot of t'tah Mormonlam. out nave msm- t.ina an Individual existenee. separate ana apart therefrom. They are rearieee ana re lentless foes or I tan iua.

ha Meh.rtn fa name or tn cnurrn wa polluted through that departure from th faith. Their natn distinctive feature, aa eompared with other IToteatant ehurchee. Is their belief In present communication w-h Ood. and Intervention ror ine pnysi-i antrltnsl msol of man. It la probable that tb future reunlooa may be held ker aa special iMiii-'mfmisreri fared.

Tresldent Joseph Smith could not at tend owing to sickness. noTH mf.kt cnF.niTOR. OtTera to Give Real F.etwte la Settle sweat of Claltaa. Twentr-Icu stockholder In th National Tu! dire Ld Loan of which er Alderman Rtb wa eecretary. met Saturday evening at O'Connor'a Hall.

St. Louie eve rue and Wei: Lake etreet. to hear the defence which the alderman had to offer for hie alleged thortare. Roth, who la now under ar rest had -ailed the meeting and appeared for the Durpoae of trying to reach an agreement He said he bad enough unincumbered real est to sat-sfy tbe claims of the stock' helpers, and he would turn this over to tbem tut they would not entertain the propoel- tio-. Grers Cora Ktlejwette.

When you cut corn from th cob to at It you miss th very best psrt of It There Is enly one wsy to sat green corn If you really want ta en joy It. Cover the ear with butter and pepper, snd then bury your fsea In tha grease. A 'roastlns ear" doesn't taste good unless yoa gat your fsca emeared with grease. Da Kalb lilo Record. BUSTNXSa PERSONALS.

(FND roR STATISTIC AND TRAMNO-CON tains valuable utiles; market dictionary; cipher rtrtia? rtrmnH. at banks: mailed rrea. Tn Fault anle Produca and Hinrh Eicsuis, Consolidated Esrhan Mog CTitcago. Y)H KKHT CJO TO OAHFIELD PARK BAN' IT A riom, foe treatment of all chmnlo. wereooa.

snd ear. ics I aiarassanarr pampniei.uss arren sr. SURE CVRB FOR DIARRHEA, PTSENTKRT, Kte. Bold bv Wiraesiua, room t. 1-J E.

Waa TITa-. FOR PALF-REAL ESTATE. warfc FOR BALE- TO CASH X'STOMERS. TTs see effarlng aome evetlant Hargalne In frjrn. and bru-k dwelling's, coeitalnlna a.

an- 10 ea inipreeeowala; lo- CS L.O in -Ii ami auiiuih i ara. iXiITfN a IALa.KTTB. tult and 411 H.x aery bllg. Kara fraperty. FOR SALE A FIXE FA RM OF SS ACRES.

well stacked and equipped: will tak some good city property la part payment. Address IT. E. "vft'lER. Pie Tw.

Vlch WANTED REAL ESTATK wASTKn-noiNE flat nfiLnixn about fiT Him vacant lnt.Ts feet weat Chicago iv n-ar im all Imiirovtmtntf snd pain nr. TOWNHKMI SMITH, 111 IWrtonl St. WAKTKD LA KOR IMIIiT Or FtHTERN IA Sola lanl fr equliy In two Hyla park apartment bul Mil osa. rnflr-iiifT snrit; mojMTi ai rvet mit. TWNrKNI HMIT1I, 111 T-rrwm 7LXASEHOLDS for i.EroMrijrrT:?.Y TmtNisiiEDPix r.mi flat: a narsain.

1 c. omo st. HORSTC. CARRIAOTLS. ETC VlA tra pa.

aarreys. aad fewest. rT rs Wsr-sh it. TONDERTAKOO. ForrLrwArf-st oodim at.j riqh clam wndartaking: all iiTlssnas os Laa citr wad eabartas.

ACCOUNT AHTS. O. ta UARCHAND flLITB sit CtUCAOO iwts-iitnus, mm eg raterei TO HXVT HOU3 sa gaatf tide. Bl st fv-rooms, new t-tM. f'tl alaliaon rooms, baw w) ITrh rooms tvM I'M Vahinstin II moras, SuO Wasalnstua rooms.

pw Xi.iW 1j Euclid firm alaar. detached CKbrr lioua-s 91 up. I- lats Sl up. FRA NIC I. HK.N KTT.

lul Waahlngton st. TO ItKNT AT F.Nf5I.BVrooraj (TTII I'U. Di'vl-rn house, with rxun and tath: rent t-J; alorssn house, with room and bath. rnt tu lliAHUS u. (llfc.tll.

ruwau, 17 tearlrn mt. TO RENT-rLATa TO RENT FINU t-ROOM TWO-FLAT WRIf bull. Una. aoutb frat. maj larg anJ llaht; wto lt.

with Cm lawn: ItJs blm to clectrta Unea; prtoc. XJ0. A. U. iTJliKllaoN, Ut llU Kaatta le.

TO RENT )'alunart rooms, furnished sS-l runmK. ti vl r.ima i ruutix 1 fhamntain rooms rr r' r. tail truums fr till Kvaua tv. I t. I.

hATTEKMUS a Itoarborn or i't 4H St. TO ItKNT TKAM-HKATKI KLATS In Howard Slat iwnw, s-u-In ilia no tan 7 r' a. In firaca oi irac-e i rom. SIX. Xs4 Wuudiaw a Terrace, rooms.

hi. liAKriALOI'X. CS Ogleaby (Vioulal Hotel. TO ItKNT J. OI'NZKNIIAfKKH.

Xs. 8. Ii I'ark room Had heat 1" KJ si. Hat T- 11 Xid a-ruura flat TO HKNT-M I I TO ROOMS; UTS AM. h-x watar.

nal. gas. JANITOR. 1711 linaley av. TO RENT-STORES AND OFTICES.


ROOM to. Till INTER (XT.AN BU1LDINO. Storthwast eorwer Madlaoe and taraorw sts. TO RENT ROOM A Advertising under thla bead, 15a per Una each Insertion: 1 linea one weak, dally snd Sunday, tl! I Unea one week, dally and Sunday, tl. tt; 4 Unea an week, dally and Bunday.

fl.M. Thla Includaa a han4soma nickel "Rooms to Kent" sign. Merita aide. TO RENT FI.EOANT Fl'HNIHHEn FRONT srl'T nJ alngi front room, im uucun corner A'ells; nII. To Ni iHTII I'AHK I.IN- r-ln rh; roiin.conveuirnt tostrrctiar II nr.

TO 1ST rtOOMS. REASONAPl.Hl all conveniences. I Pearbnrn tt cor. buperinr. T'i iiKST-n iiritoN kt-pkhihaule lata rin: ml-rn; nnor; rrrr-ns.

tsaata aide. TO RFNT vi VliritinAN AV. TWO PI.RB ant fr-nt rM rr.s fumishsd: elrTator. rl-ctrlo light, cafe, etc i rrrrnca. 10 llu futo- RENT ROOMS.

11 LAKE ILLINOIS fsrlna Isks anl lisn; mel If dlrd TO RENT NP'ELT Fl'MNISH Et ROOM trn cnvTicno i with or without r-ard; rvaan- b. ar sni rsuis, alt si nst till II 1-HAIH1K AV TO RHNT CHOICE furni.lia.I r-tiii vrrytntna nsodvrn, on or two genl l-iun i raii ati nurnl.r. TO rirri, private family NEWLY FfRNIallED fcl2 MuhlS'n if. Ikm "micmman and --in --ni at rair. Vee Side.

wr.irit nyo t'ara station. toM ALL TO RENT EI.FOANTI.T KI'ltNISIIFn FRONT rrnim, -vi'1 "nor, with hath ruj all cpvnlanc, rr tal l- cars; very destraM; rate reaaonalla c-m-r. ijrin ef TO KENT fcT AI.MS It iRNEH ASIIUNI) blvd south fnint alrova ml nthr 'Ut-l roims: Hnt board; locatlosi and conveniences noes- c-Mn. TO RENT KI'R VIHIIED HOt'BEKEEI'l rr- I ua summer aiiH-u, a-, a-, l-nr-rsi n-a Van Huren car. Ill Alr.taen t.

SJS WAHHIXHTON I LVn TO RENT IIAN1- rurnt.rie.i rrni aici; ww imi all rnnver.itiesj prlat faniljy. l-V-T- fWlTiPV AV "1 1 Ti 1 1 IV Vf.I'n 1 finrlr furnished roonie; houaa fronting on rnln 1'arit. 1 PARK AV. LAROE. FINELY FlUMSHKU r-rtis: i-arii: tJt

BOARDING RHODES AV. NEWLY Ft'RNlSHriD rnoma for two r-ntltmsn; brown stona hous; ai gant wim rsnaea young mow INDIANA AV. laM AND IKIA Itli IN privet famiir two or thrva vung ntvu; price rrrre Aannstii- 4113 WAIUSII 1 1D FL fnmt rn.m with Rrt class board for on or two; l-ri mti family. 111.1 Mil'HI'iAS A V. HOARD.

WITH STEAM- heateU roim and cintnirnces; walking di- tanoe. MKMIIOAN AV. FAMILY AND BINOLR with r-m rn st-m MEDICAL. ir? w.

Varrolu ot.dest kstahlThed and only srrt In city treating special plirat and nervous diaasars, lat vigor, etc. 1 adlce fre; mnl. 11. fall or write. IS2 State St.

PR. EDWIN COKE CURES FAI.I.INO OF THE wumt. evaiian fa In a an I ehronlo contiatlon by magnetlo and ut-Hns masaaga; rellsf guaran-tad. Ill Wtat It. to.

Leltrr answeraj. DR. EMMA HKI.I.WIO ORAPl'ATH PHTSI- ftan. liarlln snl I'ari: 11 Wall t. Irregularities runarlor firorass of treatment: private home.

lru BTEWAiin. a dams pt ladie-- t-hyslrlan; consultation free: hours. tn T. In. STEWARD.

LADIKH' PHYSIOlANj ft) years. a. Clark mom in. I to T. DR.

HORTA FAI STMANN. 4SS WELLS treats sll female troubles ucrfully. MRS. DR. RASMI SSEN.

N. WELLS: rofnr-latnta mi 1 1 treated. WOMEN'S HOSPITALS. DR. IDA VON BCHCI.T7..

1 TVELLS ST. NEV-er-falllng treatmant of monthly Irraaulsrlttr by my entirely new Indian method: tjcca guaratt-teel: Z3 years" practical eomfortabl private homs. "lot. i a no fii'lar th i- cln lot Wells treatment cf monthly Irrearo-larltlaa by never-falling method: yaara experience in Charlie Hospital. Iterltn; private home.

WASHINOTOS RLVD. MR A DR. 7.ARA take ladla durlnc eonnnrmant: babies ad't-d pM-iallat In femal oomlalnta and PHYSICIANS. PR. LINCOLN.

C3 STATU I.N diseases nf men; ajvlc free by mall or In person eu- isrsntwil. HOTELS A CHARMINO HOME IS WHAT THE NEW Ifotel Holland offers people wanting a place to Ilea. Fine suites and with batha and board, at lower prtree than anr hotel of like character: tabl excellent: ten mlnate to city. W. F.

OOLEBI1T IIOTEU IST A.ND AV tn suites, furnished or unfurnished; 111 to EM-1 (o. r'l gt per week. BICYCLES. SOUDAN. NILE.

AND PYRAMID BICYCLES: lao r-ecia! wheels at bottom prlcea. MASON A MASON OV. Manfrs s7 W. Madison st. DAYTON RICTCT.E SALES PARLORS.

MOST elesrant In city. Wabash 1st and Id Woors BJOND-ll AND WHEELS FINE LINE CHEAP at tcVcEljJK.R V-trt Wabash ar. COWS. DOOS, BIRDS, ETC FAlROTsTAROTrPpAlutOTS Rl celved sa young Mexican doubt yellowneade: SI eclal sale next 1 dav at rldlculouetv tow price a. Atlantlcand Pacific Company.

l7Madlsoa at. YOL'NO CCD AN PA RllOT AND VOt'KINCl birds now Ml Una ebean. Kaeropfra ulrd isbara, yT Sts-41-o -t near Prank'tn PROFESSIONAL. A. J.

FORD. LAWYER. SUITE 4. ITT LA BALLS Chicago Cases la all cowrta: 1 years' sio-re ful practice: all balnea stfictlr conndewtlat a. ooodrich.

lawyer, dear horn Cblcaga: thirty years experience: beaiaesa lags aad quiet branches la other eltfa. rNSTrtUcnoN. SOPER 8 SrjL KTTIOX. deiaarte. and 1 hyslcal rwlture opens Its year 7.

Day and evening elaaaea. Oradtiailng eurs. specla' course, (ieeid fr new ratak sua. H. M.


KINDS OF MACH1NKI fretw AK AM, Ads ma sc. Pullmaa hid wbnl. sal price; wew llTee-pated Singer. II: Big arm. (it; Ktw Wiisoa.

La. AUastuae hefora yew BTTTJATTON WANTED K-wt LOANS leaewrapbera. SITUATION WANTED BTENOuFAJHEM. thoroughly conversant with bualnaas methods: eould tak cbaxs of set pf books and Iianai oorresoooilence est city reireoce: city relrence: salary. Address 77, The Inter Ocean.

ftiTir A-rirtM a KTVII.U al.R HTES'OllHA. her and bookkeer; young man; experienced. Th Inter Ocean. II 1 1 A Tl I ASTK MALE 8TKSOU- mpher: em pert Caliaraoa bberatur. Ad areas a.

Th Inter IK-ean. XI A I liN KD sTKNUuliAPHbHi Hjr so -perin Al rtl.rUKM us, in met (H tn. SITUATION WANTED BTENOtlRAPHF.R experienced; young suaa. Addre aa Si, Tb Inlet O. ean.

atetstrapher. WAS'TKt Addreaa II. 1. HY KXPKRIKNCtU Yh i luterjK-ean. Trade i.

SITUATION WANTED RT A PRACTICAL miller of Su years' exir1ence with both stone end rolls; have been head miller and general gianagcr here for last years; nil 'I lately chanced bands, thus I am out: will go on month on trlul: ref r-ei ra furnished frusn last employer and bank cf la plaoa. Addrsaa IIA.NK aOabllVllXb, r-ntont. Ilos 7. arTTTATION WANTED AS HNOINEBR AND iectrtclan: first class: tan do hi own repairing; willing aod obliging. Audresa i Ocean.

K1TTT ATION WANTED ALL- around bookbinder d. sire situation: Al flnlahar-l will work cheap. Address M. Th inter ocean. sittjation" wantk'd o'stiim cuttkh pk- slre position.

Addreaa ALBERT HITK, Portland. Hub. WANTED RY BREAD cake baker. J. 1ETZ.

l7Wella t- llaaLlcsesers aad AND BIIV'AII'I i sari r.i -i i i- ler. or collector: best of referenaw or $9w aecurtiy. mm, fi. I ri SITUATION WANTED POSITION A8 l)K. keeper or office snaa: years old; sapartoaewd.

14. Th Inter Ocesa. Salessaea. BITITATION WANTED AS TRA YE LINT salesman, by energetic, reliable man: SS years of age: At referencea. W.JTUe Inter kresn.

SITUATION WANTED BY EXPERIENCED hat and rents' furnishing salesman: ran furnish beat of references. M. The Inter Ocean. Misrellase SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNO MAN OF 1 la wholesale hous where there la chaac foe advancement: pablle echnol gradual: hav hd eanei ref-r tienca 1 rrmei. shlpolng-roo ii can fi Al.lres XI Th Inter CV furnish gscd ran i SITUATION WANTED HY YOUNO MAN IN arg manufacturing or wholesale Arm; strictly lowest snd reliable: sober snd attractive: not afraid of work: satisfactory reference.

Address The Inter Ocesa. SITUATION WANTED HY MIDDLE-AO ED man; hav practk-ed law fen years; will do ary kind rif work; offle s-urk preferred: no csnvass- jug- referance AJdreas i. The lBterOcean. SITUATION WANTED UNIVERSITY ORAD-uste; well connected: ten years' Chios' experl- enue; want situction her ability ill Count A 1 dress i 41. The inter -ean.

SITUATION WANTED 1IT TOUN MAN IN produce commission buslneaat have had soma ex would Ilk to learn uta Dusinss. aa drees iT. Th Inter If-is. bllUATION WANTI t-OACHM AN F1RHT class nismed no children ife Is fl ret -class cor-fc and laundress; have tha bc city references. M.

Th- Ict-r (SITUATION WANTED-A O'TOD tXlACHMAN nd all-najnil man. seen sinc-x no slner: g-d city referencea. AdJres 7. Th Inter Ocean aiTUATI(N WANTED HY A YOUNO MAX who can fuml.h bonjs or tk shares In sorr lrrltlmat business. Address Th Inter ean.

FITCATION WANTED AS COACHMAN: no chlldreni a if will co or do laundry r-eat ray rvfersocea. Ad iresa Tb Inter Ocean SITUATION WANTED COACHMAN. MAR-r-e-1 wlft to ooofclr. or ive laundry; best lly referencea. Addreaa 4.

Th Inter Ocean. SITUATION WANTED BT YOUNO MAN, I years li eg, with good hf oat. with view to ad-Vsncement. Ad iresa SO. Th Inter Ocean.

S'Ti'AI WtSTi I AS HA( UMAX; tH Mill bora- ii and housec an: atrt-tl 'ii and willing a rk Tie In, cean. SITCATIOX WANTED AS HOUSEMAN! MY If a nret-elase cook and laundress: we have Oratress II. Th Inter Ooen. SITUATION IV ANTED AS JANITORS I in all hind cf house repairing. A dree V.

Th Ir.ter Ocean. flM'ATloS WAN 1 r'l AS JAMTi'U: a'l kin i or 'ici'aa real'iiig. 24. T'ie lnt rc FITUATION WANTED-TOLNO M.N sra old. la an ouicw or piuri.

mw K-ean ITri' ATION WANTEIs-RT AN EXPERIENCED f. ia, hmaa; beat oily pefarencaa. al. Tha Imr n. HTUATION WAXTEIs-sAS OR AX km! of work A.Mres 14, Th Ir.ter Oee.n.

FITUATION "WANTED FEMALE. Ilesirkerfrrs, flll'A'MS WANTI- I A Wllow UPT AND djus ifi. dvu'iioiei to ma.isnns x-1 horn. 1 111 to tak c.u.we of lacheUr home or a widower's bom, with without children, where s.vnt Is krpt .1 larr; will oauahter'a r-sr est of r-'ererv s. Tht ltilrOcewn.

FITUATION WAXTED-RT A LADY OF RK- nemrnt, aMlity, an I irlfni-. ti a widower' a famllv: non hut reiisbl gent.e-ri-n need apply. Will go snvmhere. Address Vltrl I. M.

STARK, peiavan. Wis. ITU ATION WANTEt HOUSEKEEPER-COM-lanlon. well e-lu lady, exparlerx-ed In man-nicement of home and family, seeks position travatod min-lit ai-ks French and lieiman. Hi Lafayette Ionia.

Mich. SPTUATIOV WANTED AS HOUi-EKKKPEIl bv an el.lerlr la Iv of refinement, where a aritn; I kept. A1.1rea MIU. IIAMJloXD. E.

4th first FIT! 'At ION AX TKD I1PVCA frD mm' hrnra, wnh chi.i ren lt-r WORKT- i wlil tke rha of s-entle- SITUATION WANTED I.ADT WOULD LIKE position aa housckeeier In widower's family. Ad-ures The Inter Ocean. Goveraeaaea. PlTTTIOX WANTED AS AXD to assist In light house work, by a young widow: an exir1ence.I teacher: widower family Address ti. Tha Inter Ocean; Hoak keepers and Clerka.

riTI'ATION WANTED OFFICE WORK RT axperlenced una ledy; good pen 'an: high school graduate; rood referencea. i. The Inier Ocean. MIseellaaeeBs, SITUATION WANTED PROOFREADER: women, with a varied experience, accurate and rapid reader, wishes position. (7.

Tha Inter Ocean. PITt'ATION WANTED TOl'Srt LADT WISH-es iH1 on to travel ss Is le's or mot h-er' help. Addres M. Th Inter Ocean. FITUATION WANTED RT A LADT.

EDUCAT-ed In Oerman and Encllsh. to travel with invalid lady. Addres 14. Th Inter Ocesn. SITUVTION WA.f-ED-C''LTT.'RED LADY would herself useful In- a good home.

14. Tt.e Intr Ocean, SITt AI loN WANT! HY MEP1CAI.GRADU- a evp-nrceo- CO'. Th-inlrr rtoesTl HELP "WANTED MALE. Sales-ae-a. WANTED SALESMEN TO SELL PETIT LED- f'ers couio book, and msnv other oeclaltls merchants.

W. B. PERSHlXO, couth Lltnd. Ind. Roy a.

WAXTED-ePOTS TO LEARX TELEOR A Piling. E. Tel. Dearborn th floor. H.

Patten, president, for 11 years superintendent Postal Telegraph Cable Western division. Mia ellaweoaa. PATEXTS WRITE JOHN WEDDERBURN A patent attorney. Washington. D.

C. for their l.fc-sl prlxe offered to Inventors. WANTr.D C1RCUL DI TRI I.t I ERS KV-ei a ourlde Chi go; ln-l a 4 ccm. World's Ao -enUIng Ch'iaao. HELP WANTED FEMALE.

Mlseellaseoss, WAXTED LADIES AND OEXTLEMEN TO fill permanent In telearaph ser-lce by engaging and learning telegraphing with Union Telegraph E. S. 1'atten. president, for 1 1 years su-perlntendent Western division ot the Postal Telegraph Cable Co. Dearborn 4th floor.


Patten, president, 11 year superintendent Postal Telearaph Cable Western division. I esrt rn 4lh flooe. WANTED-AGKNTS. Advartlaemeota andar thla head lag. is casta per Ha of aavea words.

WANTED AGENTS TO SELL THE LITTLE Gem telephone: tke the plac of speaking tubes; push button, bells, everybody needs them; price. XM; greatest seller known. a. PATTfcM. Dearborn St.

WANTED AGENTS IN EVERY TOWN IN THB United States to sell Tb Inter Ocean. For terms and particulars writ to -CIRCULATOR. Th Inter Ocean. CP lea i WANTED I WANT AM AGENT IN EVERT locality to sell the best thing In. on.

or oat of th earth. Send rente fur pa rtlcuiara. TiiEO tsoEU Chlca-n. I1L TTNANCIAL. MONEY AT PER CENT ALSO AND PF.R cent sooner oa terms ta be arranged: will eca-eider application from Evanston to south Chl-eaao: will grant privile of peeps rnent In am ao leae I ban OREENCBAUM SONS ja; euiiaing loans a specialty.

U.U1I1 ss ana as prir nee a sr. xos is sail st. banker! made on ciucaoo real estate at Lowest rates. KuaiaaU aaravuxxn at a tthi'lKoiAuuiuttBvrir uxxvTAcrvHicn or riAito. esargalna ta IsUabla plsal ay aaiyraaala.

iiswros A ms, upright, eeiavaa. I'e-VoM at esblAot graad. 11 Emerson pp-ltH. iUpunham wprlgbu l.f Err.ect Osblsr p's T1- octave. tlora Slck A T-ootv triana.

ii gmiih A laarnaa oablnst grand ICrei- a Iju upetsht. llt-Nr Kng'and uprlglita Ii-1 Chicksnng wprtghi t.lanoi oalava. Ada IVvsst wprttrht piano. 'a Btelnway A Sons. ostavaa.

let Chaa. laxaw uprlaht. tl" I)Kk A Sons, ui.rluht tdi tw utirlght rlanoa. llv. Iris.

Sc9 ea'h. equar pianos. es as mi a LAST CALL OX "SUMMER SNAPS" HERE THEY OO! Bo wares I Uprljrhts Nsw W0 IS Hail A fi 1 Emerson tf Esty. Camp A llTi. I3u0 Ui Fischer Rrambach Haiiet Davis Mathushek 2o Eatey Camp lust Mathushek grand Iecker K-ia.

ISatey. Camp A Arlun pianos. Tuolng. repairing, moving at lowest ralea. EaTEY CAMP.

133 Stat 49. 51. 13 Jackson st. QR11AT HARUA1NS AT CUA61C I1KOA' PIAXU STORE. at apright PUnos entr sllrhfly used.

IH te tl and npward. Almost ev err mas and rullv warranted. Ha. lest time pavment In the city. CHARE BROS PIANO CO.

Cor. Wahash av. and Congress at. Opoolt Auditorium. 1 CLAYTON r.

SUMMY CO WABASH represent CHTntERrNO. OABLER and MARSHALL A WENDELL pianos; upright and aouar piano of variou makes, takes In exchange. Will sol at a srest sacrlBca CLAYTON F. SUM MY I WAWASTT AT. VO RE XT I per mon'h: fine, new upright pl-aroe; cMie ye rent llom-ed If purchase.1.

tuned, tpalrsd. Morvil nd xchnaed. ADAM hl'HAAF. tT ett Madison corner Morgan. TO RENT GOOD UPRIGHT PIANOS.

$15ii TO S5 per month; one vear's rent sr-plled cn ttir-chase. JULIUS HAUfcR i-i Wabash av. TO RENT FINE UPRIGHT PIANO AT 4 PER month: on year rent allowed on oarcbaea. THE JOHN CHURH Wsl-ai-h v. BUSINESS CHANCES.

WAXTEDCAPITAL TO PLACE MACHINERY on idacer g1 ild mine; have leas on acres, composed of aand and gravel, that will aaaay 12 to IP cuhla yard all over claim: tested feet we do not want to but want machinery to han-dl the Bhlft; we want to hear from you. J. It. WOUiKal TH. witcneii.

I'. I oVX A TW'O-riTOKY ACTOR UUILD1XO. feet, fully e.u!iiiej with boilers, engine and ail maihin-ry for PI.INT. Would assist In forming a stock company and take stook for my mav-hinery and building, or Would nse th property on liberal tenjis. Ad-dress 77.

The Intr Ocean. WANTLI WEMrKSO A liOUrE. GOOD an inanrg branc'i oillce rr take slat aaency siu le In i.f gau wlda kwn; mum In-ct 11.) 0 or upwap In carding slots of goods; salary llol per mon.h or better, aad 10 j-r cent on troas hu.H ess. A. vj Tut Inter Ojean.

AVERAGE WEEKLY NET INCOME WITH fc.v Invested: safe, conservative; prospect ua. proofs, free. F. I'A uT. V'-'i Hrowdv.

ar. New York. CAHU KH ENTIIUi b'TOCK OK fHOES OR other rierrhandls. Atdrrss klilRCUAXLilSJS hniAHIMl 1 XInrket St. RATES.

FOR SALE SECOND-HAND HANK Call at )) Wabash or writs for partlenlara- FOR SALE SECOND-HAND SAFES POUQHT snd sold. Th Hnker oaf Co i Dearborn at. tsTOKE AND OFFICE FIXTURES. FjittTAijArACRTi snahoaany and oak oitic laruiuu anl uiurta tj 1 Plety-Klrat MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE A CHECK PERFORATOR IX flrat-clas coniltlun; but very little used: Cum-mines maVe.


Shortest snd most cumentent rout to London. St. l.ouis Hpl. Paris SepU 1 6t. Paul bept.

York IJ PlllL-Vt ELI HIA TO ivL'EEXaTOWN AXD Every haturdav. Indian l.Kluniaad Sept. 11 RED BTAR I.IXK 'EV YORK TO AXTWERP. Eery Wei3rielay. I KetisinKton Sept.

1 Frleeiand Sept. Westernland SepL ii 1X1 EKXATIOXAL XAVHSATloX COMPAXY. Tel. I Main. 111 La Salic Chicago.

11AC1FIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY Through line tetsrai Xew York and Saa Kranctsiti. via Panama. bie-uiera lea-ve New York l'Hh. and ZCUi ot each minih. Steamers leave San blh.

lfth. and th of each month. JAPAN AND CHINA T.IXE. FOR YOKOHAMA AND HONG KOXG. C-Miiaevting at Vokohvaraa with steamers forMiar.g-bal. mg Ki for lnv: etc Sail-at 1 p. ni. frim the companv's wharf. First and Itrannan tsn Francisco. City of 11 City of Rio de China tK-t.

Janeiro Xov. 12 Peru Oct. For fretKlit fir apolv to G. XE1MYKR. Asent.

Clrk Ciikrtgo. iV. It ound in tii kets at reoucea ratca. WHITE STAR LINE-NEW YORK. wl'EKXSTOWS.

LIVERPOOL. K.ery WMn-Hiiiy st 13 Noon. Dleembsrklng paesenmrs at Prince's Landing state Llvenool. whence vpectal train to Lunuoa la three and ir.ree-oua.tter hourf. "TEUTONIC." GERMANIC." "HKITAXSIC." Ex-elient acc.

tnmodatlons at winter rates. P. TEXNY FRENCH. General Western Agent. Tel Express lro.

S. Claik Chicago. GOODRICH TRANSPORTATION COMPAXT. and docka. foot of iiichipan avenue.

To Milwaukee, at a. a. and p. m. rtallv.

Tu Racine. a. m. and i p. m.

daily iSaturdays at p. ra.) To bheboygsn and Manitowoc, dally, except Sunday, st a p. m. To Kewaunee. Ahnapee.

Sturgeon lis v. and Menominee Monday, Tutfday, Thursday. Friday, and Saturday at 8 ii ul To Green lUy. Tuesday and Thursday at I p. m.

and Saturday nt 7:50 p. m. To Escanaba Slid Gladetone. Friday at p. m.

and Saturday at 131 p. m. To Manistique and Green Ray p. rts. Satuidav.

st 7:31 p. m. To Grand Haven, alus-kegon. Grand Rapids, daily at 7 p. in.

To Lo 1 1 gum and Manistee, daily, except Saturday, a I a. m. Telephone Main "0. Lake Micktrsa ssl Lske Saperlar Trsaarntla Ca. LAKE SUPERIOR STEAMERS.

THE GREAT LAKE ROUTE. Own the Xew Steel Steamship Mer.itcu. SAILIXG3 FROM CHICAGO. For Mackinac Island. Detroit.

Cleveland. Ruffslo, 1 cronto. etc. Tueauay. a.

m. Ve1neUay. p. Thursday. 11 a.

Saturday. 4 p. m. For Charlevoix. Harbor Springs, Petoskey, etc.

Tuea.lav. a. m. 11 a. in.

1p.m. For Marquptte Hancock. Houghtoo, Ashland, Duluth. etc. Wednesday.

I p. m. pamohlet mailed free on application, drive A dK-ks. Ruah A X. Water Chicago.


Grand Hi, puis, its Paw lake. SHORT ROUTE to atl points In Michigan and Indiana. Leave daily a. 11 p. m.

specials Saturday 2 p. Sunday 19 a. tn. Dock and cfCce. luot of abash v.

free. HOLLAND AND CHICAGO LIXK STEAMERS leuv for Holland. Grand Rapids, and Allegan daily (except Friday and Saturday! at 7 D. m. Friday and Saturday 4 p.

m. Special oay trip 3at- unii) a. m. a auu ew efihona Mnin 4. RAILROAD TIM.K-T ABIDES.

tlliN'llN ROUTE tLOUISVILLE. XEW AL- "l.auy and Chicago Depot, Dearburn .1 I i. Tralne Leave. Aniv. The fust MslI ror Indianapolis and Cincinnati 745 am TLalavrtte and Louisville am Indianapolis and Cincinnail am lafayette Accommodation t-'JO pm Indianapolis and $:.

pm La.lactl and LoulsviLe. pm n'n pm ra am 7: JO am am A TCIIIPOV. TOPE A AXD PAXTA FE RY. Trains leave Dearborn station. Po.k and Dcar-Lorn st.

Ticket otlice, ZIZ Clai cor. Adnms. Daily. tEx. Sunday.

Iave. Arrive. Galrsburg and Fort 7 am pm 1 .3. l.k in Vi 4 Art tint Jollet and fcireator Warn Lemon. Lccknort.

and ltn :41 in I'ltv. i'ihil. I'tih A Ttc sc.t-m Kan. Cny. California.

Mex.10:ii pm pm TI'l FOUR ROUTE DEPOTS. CTII S7. AXD 1 9 Uark row. zi, in. b-io.

ami uj sis. Ticket oflices. -34 t. lark st. and Auuuurium tiotei.

ti'xrept Sunday. Leave. Arrlra. and Loulsvill Ex 9 00 am i) pm IWashingto- Expres 1:00 pm CiudaiiaU ana Loulsvlli F.x. pm am C1HICAGO AST EASTERN ILLINOIS RAIL-j road.

Ticket cfnoe. 1J Clsrk Audllnrium Ann-x. and paasenBer stUon. Darlorn sod Polk. Daily.

tExcept Leave. Arrirw. Terre Ilnnt and t-ou am 40 pm Dar.vtli and Uraxll 1:15 pm pm Chicago Xashvlll Limited. pta pm Terra Uaule aaJ Evanavliie. ..11:14 pm am CHICAGO GREAT WESTrTTlV lesf Route Central Station, Cth ar.

and Harrison at- Office, lis Adama St. 'Phons 3W Main. Dally. Ex. Sunday.

Lesv. Artiv. Mlnneapo'la. St. Paul, Pu-'tl iUra prn BUqur, vuj.

i e. euj les Molnea, Marshalltown. pm :) sm Eye mo aal hyroo Loat 2:14) pa 10: saa C1HICAOO A TT. MIOIIOAM RT. TTIROTOH trains te Grand Rapid.

Tracers Clty.JL'hert-rctx. Petoekee. slack. Island. City otlice.

11) Adams st. Station, 11th Lake Frort. Leave Arrive Local, through coache am XI aai Local, parlor car and pm I pm Dally, aleeper pa t-M am RAtLttOAD TTME-TABLSS 11 Chios-) Union PaMnear 3titS jjyennsulvania Lines. artama Cnl Uadiaoa Ste. TW-at OIRcas at Station, at 2t) Isuutb Ciara alresl.

corner Jackson, and st Auu.ioi luiu lioi Througa train run st foliows: allv. tllsl aaociai HluaV. ram Chlcaxo ta Lear. sansuciu ana i'lliaourg. am ndlanapull and am ayton and Krlon 'Oiumous and tha alast lu.l am la I ilmor aiid Washington.

am 'hlladeiuhla and New am Vlansrlald and Plttaburg pm uauimor ana oitaiisifcinia tnu ui -w tfw rh Pennsylvania pm 'ittsburg and Waab.ngtou pm iad. phi and New S.0 pm bdlanapulla and 1.15 cm Dayton and Cincinnati. 15 pm Culumbua and It I pia Tcuugstown aud pm Pltlsoarg and in Eaat pm CITY OFFICE. SM CLARK ST. and Flfrh IV.

PailV. tEx. dav onlv. 'Phone Main. IeRve.

St. Paul. Minnenpoll, Mon-l am tana, and Pacific 6 25 pm St Paul Minneapolis. Ash-' am land. Iron Towns.

Chip- am pewa Falls A Eau 25 pm I am Pulnth and Superiors -25 rm Fond du T-ae. Oshkosk. Nee- 8 am nah. Menasha. and Wan- I pm kesha 25 pm Chlppiwa Foils A Eau Claire.

t-Ki am Waukesha SpeclaL- pra Eurlir.gton Local 2M pm Arrive. -6 in vu i sj.ii om pm 5 pin l'i pia i.U pa (U alu put a .00 fcio :00 am s.n 4 am 7.30 am 7:3.7 am 7J0 am e.Ow pna CHICAOXJ a NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY Ticket offices. Xot Clark st. phone. Mala SU).

Oakley and depot, cor. Wall and Klnzt sis. rum Chicago u- Omaha. C-Uiufls. Hlotix City! Leavs.

bait Lake, tian Francisco, t.itu pin Denver, Portland, I.M'ne.r 10 3u pm Rlack Hills and pro Flerilng. Clinton, Cedar pm Ht Paul. Hmneapoiis. pin St. Paul.

Mmneapolia. klad-)t li am I son. and Eau "10 1- pm Wtnuna. La Crosse. Madison.

am Winuita. La tToau, audi am Waatera MlnnesoLa I -10 1 pm Iowa and the Dakota 1 OD pm Fond du Lac. Gahkoah. Nee- Ml Jo am nan. Appieton.

Green Uayt pm Xlreen lUiy and Menominee. pm Ashland. Hurley. It aaemer. Imi am 1 wood, and Rhinel'iier.

pm Oshkosh. Or. Menominee. I a 1 am Maruue tta A Lake 1 pm Arriv. 3D aui 7 .45 am 7 00 am 7 45 aui 1:13 pa 3D am aai 11.43 pm 4- pm t.u am ti li PU 1 15 pin 4a) pm 7 .10 am .0 ac flu pm am riocKiora a reepori lv.

ti a.m.. a.m.. p.m.. 45 p.m.. til p.m.

Rockforl Lv. 11a.m.. Wauk-sha Lt. tl a.m.. e4 a.m..

17 a.m.. a. ni. vu a.m 11 p.m.. p-in.

Mijasukre tj e4 a.m.. 7 n.m.. a. til a. m.

tl p.m.. 3 p.m.. p.m.. p.m.. p.m.

Daily. IKx. Sunday. eSunday. ctx Monday.

(Ex. aat. aDaily to Menominee. ILLIXOIfl CENTRAL Alii THROUGH train from Central Station. 12th and Farrow.

Trains for the South can aiao be taken from 2d. gJih Hyde Park, and ad su siatlun. Tick-eta at city otlice. AUam aad at Auditorium Hotel. Through Trains Leave.

Xew Orleans ai Memphis Llm. 2 IN pm Monticello. 111., and I 20 pm St Louis Diamond S'OO pm St Louis Daylight Special am Si ringdeld and Decatur lu.3a am Cairo Dsy Train 8 34 am fcpringheld and pm New Orleans Fast Mail am and pm Chioao and Xew Orleans Ex. pm Oilman aol Kankakee 4.5 pm Itockford. Dubuiue.

Sioux City and Sioux Kails Fast I R'ckf'rd, lub'q'e. Sioux City. sll pm Rcckford Passenger l.i pm Rockforl snd Dutmque Rookiord and Pre tort 0 am uouque and itockford Ex. sun Saturday nixhi runs IDally ex. Sunday: Arrive.

11:20 pm 12 pm 7:35 ar.l i.W pin 6.W pm 7 "0 pm 7 ain 11. am tiv.21 pm 7. On am 10 rOU aui 10 :01 am am 111 .20 am l.iu pm 7: Vm to Dubuque ou.y. CI HICAGO. MILWAUKEE ST.

PAUL RT. Ticket ollice. A.hJUs Tel. Main. Union I'aseetier Station.

Canal. Adams, and aiadiaon st. Leave. Milwaukee. Sr Paul.

am Milwauke fi am Mllwa kee. Madison 111:3 am Cedar ILapida. Kan. City. Dub.t o.j pm Green Bay r) pm pm 1 pm pm pm Omaha.

C. Hluffs. Stoux pm X. Iowa. S.

Dak 1 pm MHwaukee St. Paul. Mpl pm lay and Penir.sula.." J15 pm Madison p. deChlen A pm MilaauKce. PauL 7:13 pm Cedar Rapids.

Kansas tl''23 pm lows. a. 1'ak 'M Z-i pm Omaha. C. Sioux City.

tin pm Arrive, i.43 pra 11 am i 43 pm 1 .43 pr.i 43 pm 13 pm .1 pm I 1 :43 rm I :3 pm 23 am a :3 am 30 7 .0) am a 7.iJ am 7:0 am a 7:13 am a 7:15 am a 7:13 am Dally. IEjc Sun. XEx. Sat. a Ex.

Moo. laun. our. "URLINGTON ROUTE. C.

B. Q. RAILROAD I'erths and tickets at Xo. HI Ciark st snd Lnlon Passenger Station, Canal or.d Adams sts Tr.ilos Leave. Arrive Local to Galeshnrsr.

Ill sm :1 pm ottaws, Streator at I -a Salle. r-30 am 6 10 pm Rochelle. Rockford. Forreston.t am 00 pra Local point In III. and :30 am i pm Galesliitrr and yulnrv 'irMtm pm Ciintm.

MnMne. Rock Island. "11 am I pm 1" rt Msdimn an.) Keokuk "11 HI am "5 am Ottawa and Streator 4 30 pra am Sterling. Rrclielle. 4:31 pm tlO-TS am Kan.

St. Jo Leavenworth. pm S3 am Fort Worth. Dnllas. 8 S0 pm am Omaha.

C. RlufTs. pm St. Paul pm 1 oo am Kan. i jm am Omaha, Keokuk.

pm Ptra Denver. Crippie Creek, pm i aro Sail Lake. Ogden, California. 10:1) pm ara. Deadwood.

Hot Springs. S. pm sm St. Paul snd Minneapolis pro 0 25 pm Daily. tDaiiy ex.

Sunday. IDally ex. Saturday. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND AXD PAC.

HY. Panser Station. Ven Buren. near Clark St. City ticket cor.

Adams and Dearborn ets. l.eive.- Arrive. Fast Mall to De- Molnee am pm Omaha. and Invri Mall oo am I pm Pvoria. la Snlie.

and Jollet a -a am 7:2" pm J. -liet Express ll :45 am 1:4 pm Joiiet Accommodation pm 1 era St. Paul. Mnpi. Sioux Falls 4i1S pm 11 f-1 am Peoria.

La Salle, and Jollet 4:15 pm i oi) am Ptru AccommnlMon Omaha and C. 'Huffs. Flyer 5:45 pm 1:50 pm Kan. Citv. St.

J. lsvenw'th. Colorado an: Texa Kx pm am Fix Five to Denver. C. Spr'E.

Pueblo. Omaha. A pm mm Omaha. St. Paul, and Colo pm I 7:10 am Peoria.

Tat Salle. R. Island. 1I :0 pm I 7:10 am Peoria Lai Salle. AV Island.

pm sm Kansas Citv and Texis r.x pm am Daily. lEx.Snn. lEx Sat. fEx.Mfn. rMon.only.

Fast F.ver for omna natiy st p. m. Tn-neots st Mo. River wilh U. P.

Flyer next morning. "Tfw Kianara Falls RnuU." X. Y. C. H.

R. and R. A A. Ticket office. 113 Adan'r snd stations 12th st.

and Park row 2id 29'h Hyde Park, and C3d st June 21. 1S9C. Leave. Arrive. Mall and Express am '5 pm Xew Yrk and Hoston am pm North Shore Limited 4-SO pm Fast Eastern Express pm :05 pm Kalamaxoo Accommodation.

4:1" pm til :10 am Detroit 1'ar City Night Pin a am Atlantic Exrffss pm 7:50 am Grand Rapids trains via C. W. leave a. ts n. .30 p.

in. arrive. 5 30 a. -f'1 -v a. ::0 p.

m. Daily. tExcept Sunday. WISCONSIN CENTRAL DEPOT, Sunday A 10 in 10 1 1 9 9 8 HAR- tSun- rrfve. pm 45 am :45 pm :45 pm :45 am 45 pm 45 sm pm pra 45 am pm oo am 33 am Y.

C. A H. R. and n. ft A.

Rys. Depot. Van Huren one block south of beard of trade, and i-'d st. Citv ticket om-e. 110 Clark st.

Dally. tEx. Sunday. Ij-ave. Arrive.

Dsv Express :00 nm Limited Fast Mall sra sm N. Y. and Hoston Special 10: am 2:4 pm Eastern lpm Elkhart Accommodation am Xew York Central pm New York and Boston Ex pm :.5 am Special Mall am 11:35 pm rt HICAGO AND ALTOX-UXIOX PAPSEXCER I station. Canal street, between' snd Adams street. Ticket ofTlce.

101 Adams street 1 1 1 TnclQc "Express 2 30 pm Ksn. Clly. Denver. A Cal pm Kan. Citv.

Colorado, and Uth.11:S pm Fprir.gfleld A St. Louis 8:00 am St. Louis Umlted am St. Ixmls Palace Express 91 pm St Midnight Special im Peoria Limited WT, rn Peoria Fast Mall -f) pm Peoria Nlaht Express 11: pm Jollet and Dwight Accom'tlon. Arrive.

pin 9:25 am nm :10 pm 4:55 pra 7:30 am S-oo am 4-55 pm sm am BALTIMORE AOinO DEPOT. OTtAXD fTV-teal Passenger Static-. City ol-ce. 1M rk si (Xo extrs fares charged on H. O.

limited "Trains a. Arrive. TocrTl IMiin -to pm NT. Wa.h. Vest.

Ex 10:1.. am rm PRta. Vest SJO pm 8:65 am pi'-isbarg. Cleveland. Wheel- Ing and Columbus Ex.

719 pm T- 40 am Daily. tEx. Sunday. UAEASH RAILROAD 1) trcm Piitrtiorn station at- Ticket nfires. 97 Adama i St.

Louis. Penrla Ht. IXU1 A fan. v-nv r.a...

St. Icls Peoria Ver-t Ex IVrrtst Detro-t. X. Falls 4. X.

Y. Ex Detroit. Rnton A Can. To npto. Montreal Can.

Ex Chlcaaa-trolt TRAINS I.KAVTJ I'o'k arid Dearborn tn MlcMasn sv. am :15 pm 20 pm 3 p.n pm 7:30 am B' pin 5:10 am am .10 pm :45 rm 00 pm 7:33 sm 9: am f-65 V'CKrTt PT.ATR TUB XEW TORK. CKCA-I and St. Loula R. It.

Depot, irth st. via- .1 St. Daily, Da ly except Srmrlny. Utiles ro no T.T-e Arrlew. sm pm Xew York and Uoetoo impress.

pm 00 pm Xi-. York and D-iton Express. pm 40 am For rates and sleeplne-car accctcmcMations eal. on or address Henry Thorn. Ttcfce AgtnUUl Adams su.

Chicago. X1L Telephone Main S. P'RIH LTXrfJ fCHTCAOO ANT) ER1F RAlT jrcadl Ticket oflU-e. Clark Audltori-irw Hotel, and Dear bora wtatioa. Polk at-, corner Fctirth av.

Daily. tExcept EnTeay. Lecve. Arrlra. Marlon Locwi am New Ycrk and pra f-JM pm North Judon rn am ti.

Yaek. St :5 im 7:15 am.

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