The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 13, 1931
Page 3
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^ONDAY._AP_R1LJ 3. 1931 tittle River Schools Win -Lilcrar \Me2l RLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRBt Picturesque Windsor Castle, Where King Lies 111, Home of Rulers For Centuries OSCEOI.A. Ark.-School District: No. 2U, wlildi c'impri.'es the .«lK,oK . cf Ilaldn-r. Kiowah, Red Line and West RWec (if LIUle Hivtr w:st of < Osccoia, v,o:i lileiary sweepstakes: a 1 , the Mbsbsijipl County ruial (ielc! mid iiurary meet Ir. Id here Saturday. The cup awarded for class room evehls \u-rn lo the school at Number Nine, on u SL-OI^ of 7u iwinls, and the school ni P.alf MUCH won Ilic (up awarded for auditorium ; fvenl.s en a score- ul 41) iwinls. Mat Lake in the nr>rtl; end nl thu county won ihe athletic iu|> wllh a to'ttl of I3[j points. Approximately 300 pupils representing the schools nf liatchrr, Ktor.ah. Rtd Line, West Rld^e. I Niimlx-r Mne, 1'lat Lake, Perry. Frazier, Half Mcoii. Shady Grove and UnCiir attindc^l the meet which was conducted at the Cs«- ola Hlgli Bdiool bulidin.; under supervision of Miss Willie Lawson, county sui'crimcmienl of .schools, ar.d Mis.* Winnie 'turner, iiurol sthocl EUi>tivi:,or. f 'll:e .'i'jlio^ls winning in each event ' are listed (is follows in the order in uliich they won: Athletics liean Bag Boarii—Perry. II: Moon, Frazjcr. Block liehiy—Flat Luke, Half Moon. Balance Hoard—District No. 3i, Flat Lake, Frazicr. Tug of War—Flal Lake, Hall Moon, Frazier. Dis- Bas!:eiball Relay— Flat Lake, trlct No. 2G. 1'erry. Baseball Throw— District Ho. Frazter, Flat Lake. Dash— 35 yards— rial Lake, Half Moan, Frazier. Shuttle Relay— 500 Lake, District Ho. 3C, SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN UY S1STKU MAKY .!. of head lettuce that nre «rwn 10 the center arc richer | n • vllninlii A and Iron than the light. : blenched heads most ot us prefer. , lioniEilin.' nnd cress mill the curly 'endive should not he toiRoHcn as sultid plants. They BIO a gixiil green color iimrinuy Ix' eulen raw. This, makes them lm|H>rlanl on two conn Is. i i One should be laken In cooklm ! linen vegetables t:> preserve Ihelr M;_ n UJjii mirror Will /i]J Too often we make little disliiie- Color. Tlie three rules for tills are tlon between the lerms green, raw bolltm; water, itncovrrrd kpllli and Iresli as applied to vegetables. «ud shnrt cootitns ixrlol Green as 11 color is wortliy of ton-' It's Interesting lo know that skleration. .while lomiitoes and carrots a n •; Vl'.nmin A, that substance so very sweet iwuioes are not ureen In col- Imiwrtant for growth as well us or. t!:ey Itsve (he same vitamin A I the malnlenanc of health, is found j as the KIWII ones. White nearly all hi the green purls of vegetables, j yicen vegetables contain other vnl- I1KUIJN, (UP) —A "caincrn-mir- ror" which reflects a person's tm- nijo will nppeiii' when photograph- id, luis In.-eil tnvenli.'d by I)r 1'eter Svhhimbchm, LI Herliu chemist, and i:i (.'XIHTlcd 10 Ix'CUllW U VCIJ' IISC- ! Inl udjmvjt to photography, espe-' h'l.iily lo film ^induction. mine workings In Natnl, South Afl . |al Photography ] ' 1! 'c character of the mine work_.. • Ings, as reported lo Assistant Trade' Commissioner DuWayne Clerk at. . were betiv< operated before Ihe av- rlvnl o[ liie Zulu nations In Soulh Africa. This .same yreen color be.s|x l ak.s Un 1 presence o! Iron so valuable lor making good red corpuscles In the blood. No matter whal the source of «y . Service IHcturesque old Windsor Castle. Pbovc. where Kin;; George V. right, ! is recovering from acute bronchitis. ! Is closely linked with England's li F 'ward's Unv", but a court orchil'el for George IV heightened Ihc walls and added Ihc tall flag I met The (la_ the kins is in residence there. Iron inny be—egg yolk, liver, heel stenk or a medicinal "Ionic"—urcen vegetables should b; Included In the dietary, for Ihetr vcrdno proclaim :i qualify which enables the body to use the supply of iron to the best advantage. Hunger often is due to the ali- scnce of vegetables In Ihe prcvltus meal, especially In the case of children. The habit ot eiitliiu between meals nnd nil unwholesome craving for more food Is never prevalent among those who eM plenty of vegetables regularly. Vegetables Itith In Nutrients The type of vegetable where tills greenness is found Ls of small consequence If the vegetable-is chosen for Hits alone. Sweet green peppers r which are so difficult for ninny persons lo digest, ore nevertheless uable on their color count. Buc! vegetables as spinach, beets, peas thible substances Ix'sldi 1 tills attribute, when tomatoes or i-nrrots or any given vegetable is served yon may be sure that yon are provldln- a food wiilch promotes growth aiul nlfortls protection against stune ol the everyday ailments of mankind. I 'll-o minor Is based on the principle Hint tin 1 camera's eye takes In only a tctlaui part of the ll' : 'ht spu-lrums, ulvhiB a dltleivnl tona In u p)i<j|(iKraph friiin Ihe Image as it app.'ins in natural H>;hL Dr. Si'hli:in'.j(.l;:n has proiUic«l a s|ie- clnl Klass which reflects Ihe same tones as a "camiTu: the lones which do not appear In a phcto- Kiaph nb::iiilH'd by the eluss. King Cicorge of England receives an annual appropriation of 12.284,000 as hlB income for serv- I:IK as monarch. Rally Mvnu IIUEAKPAST—Clraix- Juice, rcre- . cream, e?gs |»aehcd In milk on aham toast, milk, colfee. LUNCHEON — Mueuronl cro- lelli's, celery and apple silnd, rye read, iwicii dainty, oatmeal co<jk- es, milk. lea. DINNEli — smothered mutton hops wllh spinach. sleniiK':! rice, llced tomatoes, whole wheat rolls, lontlng iiiliind, mt!k. colfee. history ! A stronvhoM existed at the 3!i moated, circular mound at Windsor i as early as the time of the Hep- tarchy <rifth to ninth centuries). the northeast- brusscls sprouts and a tiosl. of olh rrn ed^e cf New Windsor. In 13erk-'ers that are easy to digest are rlc slilrc, near the rlvrr Thames. The .in other nulrients as well, original form of the conqueror's Broccoli, although it's a flowe preserved, divided bud. Is a good source of vltainl Uaskctball Threw—Perry, Uislritt No. 30, Frazier. Darfi—70 yards—Flat Lake, District No. 35. Frazier. Fla;; Relay—300 yards—District No. 3C, Flat "Lake, I'crry. liroad Jump—Frazier, Flat Lake, District No. S(i. Bash—100 yards—Frazier, Perry, Plat Lake. Dash—150 yards—District No. 36, Half, Moon, "plat Lake. Class Koom Events j Numbcis—District No. 30, Fra- j zier, .Perry. | Nature Study—Number N'ine. lie . between Fial Lake, Peiry and Dis-1 t.rict No. 36. I | 'Silent Reading—Flat Lake, Half: Moon, Number Nine. j lan^i'a^e—Number Nine, Flat Lake, District No. 3G. I .Health—Number Nine, District! ..'o. :'.C, Flnt Lake. i Here it was, too. legends say, that yards—Plat ! Kln ;, Arthur used to fit surrounded Perry. | by |] ls KnijhLs cf H-J Round Table. castle Is still inlo a Lower Ward, containing A. It.s green color shows tile prcs chaixi's, clolslers and deanery; a ' ence of iron. William the Cnnquerer, whose precocious aptitude of war and government left his indelible im- nrliu upon history, obtained the maiiiul upon which the castle slamls in a land exchange with Westminster Abbey. Frcm.that day lo UiK the , ing place m{ _ , ^ ()f ' circuit, was was built by the con- Mc-st el the Middle Ward, occupied by the] round tower, and an Upper Ward, surrounded by apartments of the royal residence, in many respects it is not much more modern now than It was several centuries ago, the great halls being unheatcd even today. Some of the most important of the'oarler. This ; lowers erected by England's bygone real tower was built: castle walls ar; Indicated ahove. Prcliistoric Mon Well HEADACHES Needn't Bother You Long TF you'll go to your druggist inJ gee •*• a hotile of Cipudine you'll be of Cipudine you amazed at the quicknesi headache. iufU'ring will completely disappear. Versed in Mine Work Brini; liquid,Qpudine acts Imiuedi- _ «lrlyi often in ont-lhird the <Ime WAKHINCiTON, lUP)--Kvlilenccs ttqnircd hy other formi. It conuirj» that man liad reached n well- no imcotics, dots not disturb diges- di'veioind .slni;e of inliilnt) activity (Ion and is tpprovcd by docion auJ veil when inasti'duns and oilier druggists. Even with the most sevcrB uelilslorlc animals roamed the headache, relief coraei very quickly. •ailli found tlnounh iciwrls of (.he SnldiiDnigSiarM.IO/.30X &cof Ixxilci lv.c-oveiy of a i:i'rie:{ of ancient uJbribe doir t Town Abandons Tram Cars ior Buses With this NEW STRENGTH you can eat better, ileep better . . . leel better Every spring countless thous»nds EXETER. Devonshire. England <UP)—Ixwal trnflic congestion ha forced (he abolition of trams and the ' substitution of double-deck buses of the "liegenl" type, commonly usrd In London. The City Corporntlon has decided that streets once allowing ample room for the post chaise, and the mall coach, are suitable only lo mobile double-deckers. take S.H.S.— ike (iitrtlu vegetable tonic—to build back their red-blood- cella BO that they may have that iiciu strength which makes for. a keen nppetitc, firm flesh, a clear skin and Rteater resistance against infection am! disease. You, too, will want to take S.S.S. for this very reason. Select the larger site as it holds double the quantity and rer> resents u price Having. O3.S.O. c* S.S.S. Tonic fjiicrcr. nnd th? first complete roimd tower—shown in the center here—was creeled by Henry III about 1272. ; 11 remained for Edward 111 lo reconstruct tlv* caslic on a more ! massive scale to provide a gather- ! fcr his newly-created or- : BOOK i' sketches for us a typical city of the mirldY! west; nnd after getllng away to an indifferent start he I'ocs a very intelligent and sympathetic job of it. His 'Big Town" is aparently a ccwprsite job. It is something 1 l;kc Iiidiananolis and something ever mental po!se may be possible like St- Paul— with overtones of and Milwaukee. What half-crnckcd M r . McKee tries lo do Is analyze such a city in all of Its aspects— Us history. Its' social organization its business, its social customs, its method of handling charity, its BY KRliCE CATTON . .. . . "Darkness at Nocn" by Harry iud Ic stop the outcries of on-! of [Jleveland Carlisle, tells the story of all tr-f? men who scnted. horror is admirably pre- \Vhen two of the men un- HerV the croup who gc.?s ;-Pcrry, District No. 30. Shear.. En 3 !lsh coal miner. ,:and resolves to run out and tell Number Nine. r " " Shew, in Ihis story. Is more than a policeman about it all. • 'Gecsr-aphv- Number Nine, Dis- an individual. He stands as the In snatches the atmosphere of trlct No. 3R. Frailer. I representative, inarticulate, groping fear and ,Ond Urartins—Perry. Half Moon, • and confused, of Flat Lake. .ch^i^^No. „. ^=~^r^ ^s 1 "^-^"^^!^-^^^^^ "^rion-^f >*,, n , s tr,ct s±r?- «< ™ ---?,; ss £,££""' " to - °"< f ^ ™ '* Carlisle presents a lyr.?. a class set, or two other places Mr- Walpole Np. ; M, Flat Lake. n—Half Moon, Flat Lake, District No. 3C. Services at Cardwel! • for Mrs. J. W. Warren \ ices and its "o d-a-n into (he r'arth'to "dig cool derlake to carry the body of their j Tu t»'e beginning tl'nrc is Just R (or an industrial civilization. jHc victim out loan Jiuto, for instance, triHs too much supeiiority in the is as'English as roast '---' '•"' u " , , i manapes to keep the reader on the This Shean is a hirtkinz hrule of ' edge of his seat In agonising style. a nan who was Imrn to labor and = For the most part, however, the has b:en very fair. If he Is ruth less in exposing typical middle- western hypocrisy and shctm, he also fives credit where credit Ls due. Fits portrait hurts. In places, ' the toils in 'vhr» was liorn to lauor anu - rui tuc jni^i i'm., .LU.,^.^., *..- i,u t . ..^ pu....... ..«..^, ... , 'rtment Dav after dny he hcok drns not quite produce the ef- I but his strictures s«om, in thi rrnmn«it eaileries 2330 feet feet intended, and I think it is main, eminently justified. Certain I I (111L|J^lh vuin-i'i- _ .»_ ur.^l — ^l- T-.*.n i.. -. >nn<?n. 11. ill Yniinsii\i7n ( nivlcr l!v sunshine: galleries r.o I cvampcd l'.«l he can never stand w -' t rei-L b"l must walk in a crouch nnd work, most of the lime, lying .CAimWELL. Mo.—Mrs. J. Warren cl Cardwoll died Wednesday" morning at the Baptist Hospital In Mer.iphis where the had jKien for SLveral (lays. The body was brought to Cardwell Wednesday aftfrnoon in the Howard-Anderson coach. Mrs. Warren WAS 64 years of aje. She had lived at Cardwell for several years, ana until the last year a t-^rmaid and Installs her as pro- or so liur healch b~tn p s impaired, che pri'fro^s. Ta this way. he INVJPS, wr.s an active church worker. She I i lc v; in get away from the imdcr- was president, of the Bapl:sl Wo- cr omid galleries. nibn'E Missionary society. Put it drrsn'l v;ork. Survivors are: her W. ''Warren, city mnrsnan; one. oj-a^pe chiefly because Mr. Walpole has i |y- many a reader will recognize strung out his material just a little ! glimiise 'or two of his own city In hit tro tliiu. To compare it with j Mr. McKee's description. 'Portrait of a Man With Red Hair" | gome such bcok as this has been .p 1 . -the only avenue seems to be s?l!s at $250. iiic"village oub He lavs his plans; to bin- 'it: 'and, realizing that he ,\v AMERICAN CITYJS hcs no business head, he marred ' ^™-r«r.-, KUTIILESSLY DISSECTED In "Big Town," Philip McKcc Mr. McKoe has not coatribuUd th last word, by any means, but he has made a very good begining. The book is printed by the John Day Co., Inc. IPU The girl. husband, J. 'o-'i'-aHy enough, turns out to be a, ^ ....irshall; one 1 grasper. The pub is a poor invest- daURhl-r. Mrs. Brockie lou Gor-1 menl. Shran must keep oil work-; ,\anr tl'rw scnr. O. D. Hall. John' iiv in the mine lo pav off his in-| W;-and James Warren; two bro-'. d-Uir-'In^s iiH carry his mortgas-, 'ihcrs, S. C. Rose of Hollywood, : ,--,. Tie must keep workinj despite and A. Dose of Sanath; a sister, the onset of tin dreaded eyfi dis- , Mfss Lucy Rose of Cardwell; ihree case that sometimes attacks mm-. granddaughters. Miss-is Ros= anl : crs: ar.d when, at last, it strikes Helen Gcrham and Mrs. John M.jhiin. far unrVrground, he is craycd , Dalion; and a great-grandson, by pain and resentment so that he John Hall Dalion. I rushes to the pu<!. kills his wife and 'Funeral services were held, at Ihc a man whom he suspects of hems? family home at Cardwrll Friday her lover, and then wandors aim- nft'i'i.ocn. with Rev. Williams of-!'•vMy's the fields—to die. at ficlntiriR. Interment wns In the last, by falling into the shaft ot fjardwell Ccinctciy. Funeral ar- rcnjicinents were in charge of Howard-Anderson. 1 Tli Schcol v. as dismissed and nearly i tragedy on all places of business closed for' 11 " 1 n " ri ' ' the tancral. .. qb^ndoncd mine. That is the outline of Ihe story. writer hss ivrhaps piled the Travelling Laboratory the end; hot he has presented a, dark, compelling picture of ihe miner's lite, and in places his dc- <-riplion becomes very powerful. The book Is worlh your atlenlion: Will FJnkl M^lor^ and if it raises a doubt or two In "til right Malaria; your mlnd ns lo i hc stability oi a . • „ „ - - ! civilization built on such a lonnda- GLASGOW, (UP)— A travelling tion-wvll. an honest doubt or two cnlumological laboratory for the j s hrjr.lthful De'rartir.ent of Agriculture In Tan- "Darkness at Noon" is published ganyika is under construction here, by Horace Llverleht, Inc.. at S250. The motor-laboratory will be us-i • • • ed srccifically lor malarial Inves- 1 H')KROR AND SUSPENSE IN tteattou. The interior, measures 10 WAl.POI.K'S NEW NOVEL ffr>t by 6 feet and five windows are | The jacket of "Above the Dark fitted— two ou each side and one Tumult," by .Husih Walnole, anon 'Oe door, which Is at the r?ar. no'jnces thit the book marks a re- Thc windows, louvres and other op- . turn on Mr. Waliwlc's part to the cnlngs are covered with copper irnnncr of "Portrait of a Man gairee on the inside to render them With Red Hair." 1 This is true yiroof against the dangerous Tsetse j cnoiislv. unfortunately, "Above the ny. The van is also fitted wllh a j Dark Tumult" falls short, by sev- special electrical plant. 305000 LOCOMOTIVES V'SKD PHILADELPHIA. (UP)-A Pest ,of nearly 300.COO locomotives, pas- I songcr, freighl and work, cars were | who lias deeply wronged them. The requirecV for the operation of the j man appears, there Is an argument Jtlinsylvaiila railroad system in and thry set upon htm and kUl 1930, officials of the company do- h'-n. Then It becomes niccssary to chred I ciispoto of his body, lo regain what cral leagues, of the mark set by the former book. ~A grou1 , 0 ( mcll ts gathered In a London flat, k-epinj an appoint- with an underworld Irlcksler If you are run-down or suffer every month,— take Cardui, a medicine used by women for over fifty years. As your health improves, you will share the enthusiasm of thousands of others who have praised Cardui for the benefit* they have felt after taking tt. Experience of several HELPS WOMEN TO HEALTH REBUILT Phones 180-730 We Have Just Installed the New WO-PEE-CO Hat Machine The l.asl Word in Hal Rebuilding MR. W. O PEEBLES Factory Kxnert and Inventor of Ihc Muchinc Will lie At Our Office To lirgin 10 DAYS DEMONSTRATION Wednesday, April 15th Send in your old hats and have them cleaned and rebuilt - - - they will look like nnvl Phones 180-730

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