The Dispatch from Moline, Illinois on November 8, 1911 · 1
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The Dispatch from Moline, Illinois · 1

Moline, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1911
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mOETO PATCH, HOME EDITION DAILY 34THYKAB. circulation books open to all. MOLINE, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1911-SIXTEEN PAGES. exclusive wire associated press. TWO CENTS. BIS Hullo) LAUDED IN KEHTUCKY CAPITOL Henry Watterson Says Nancy Hanks Was Unjustly Calumniated. TAFT EULOGIZES MARTYR Pays Tribute to Lincoln's Judicial Temperament and His Fairness Even to Opponents. Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 8. A heroic tronze statue of Abraham Lincoln was today unveiled in the capitol building of the state in which the martyred president was born. President Taft and many distinguished Ben of the north and south were present. Henry Watterson Presents Statue. Henry Watterson in presenting the statue, said: "Tomorrow there will assemble in a little clearing of the wildwood of Kentucky a goodly company. The greatest and the best of our time and land will gather about a lowly cabin, whose unhewn loss like the serried battlements of Elsincre gave prelude to the swelling act of a theme yet more imperial, to tonsecrate a shrine. Of tim that was born there the final earthly word was spoken long ago; lut, Mother of God, shall that throng pass down the hillside and away without looking Into the heaven above in unutterable love and homage with the thought of a spirit there which knew in this world naught of splendor and power and fame; whose sad lot it was to live and die in abscurity, struggle, almost in penury and squalor; whose tragic fate it was after she had lain half a lifetime in her humble, unmarked grave, to be pursued by the deepest, darkest calumny that can attach itself to the name of woman; the hapless, the fair-haired Nancy Hanks? "It was a period of heroic achievement tempered by religious fervor. Double-living was Impossible. Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks came cf pxd people, and no shadow should rest upon the memory of the little cabin in which Nancy Lincoln gave to the world an immortal son. "Yon lowly cabin which is to be officially dedicated on the morrow may well be likened to the manger of Bethlehem, the boy that went thence to a God-like destiny, to the Son of God, the Father Almighty, of him and of us all. Fcr, whence his prompting except from God?" Covcrnor Willson accepted the statue on behalf of the state. President Taft on Lincoln. President Taft briefly sketched the early life of Lincoln and then paid a tribute to his judicial temperament and his fairness even to opponents. Love of truth was the supreme trait cf Lincoln's Intellect, and accompanying that was a conscience that insisted on the right as he knew it. "Now,"' concluded the president, "that perfect peace and harmony prevail, let this memorial be dedicated 83 typical of the love which he, in vhose memory it is reared, maintained for all Americans with a kindly and fatherly patience that has had no counterpart since Bethlehem." The president declared that Lincoln had the most judicial temperament of any man in history. To Banquet Taft in Watterson's City. After th ceremonies Taffe party left for 1MiisviIIe. where tonight the president will be the honored guest a pres club banquet and public deception. Bowlder in Honor of Lincoln. Washington. Nov. S. A huge bowlder commemorating the spot where President Lincoln stood exposed to confederate fire at Fort Stevens in the suburbs of this city during Gen. Early's attack on the national capital as put into position yesterday." with ppropriato ceremonies. Gen. Floyd King, who was in Early's tommand, was one of the principal speakers. Col. John McElroy In his ddress declared that Fort Stevens as the moral turning roint of the war. A more formal dedication will be held next July on the forty-seventh anniversary of the battle. TELEGRAPHERS GET BIG CONCESSIONS Workers on Two Eastern Railway Lines Receive Benefits Thru Mediation Under Erdman Act. Washington, Nov. 8. A wage Incase of six percent, reduced working "ours and the sharing of a lump sum J73.000 has been granted the Baltimore and Ohio and the Baltimore and "tuo Southwestern railways telegra-P ers. The agreement was reached """ouga mediation under the Erdman ABE MARTIN. Th first thing a murderer, does after he gits in jail Is light a cigarette. There's one good thing about white shoes they make th' other girl's feet look as big as yours. IN SALTLAKE CITY Also in Chanute and Manhattan, Kas. 155 Cities and Towns Now Have This Form. Kansas City, Nov. 8. The commission form of government won in Chanute and Manhattan, Kansas, and Salt Lake City, Utah. To date a hundred and fifty-five cities and towns throughout the country are under either direct or modified commission form. Of this number a hundred and thirty-nine have the direct form without modification. DRYS WIN IN ELEVEN OF SIXTEEN ILLINOIS TOWNS Jacksonville Has Good Majority After Hard Fight, with Thoroughly Organized Drys Working Consistently. Springfield, 111., Nov. 8. Local option elections were held In a score of towns in central and southern Illinois yesterday. The drys won in a majority of the places. Among the places which voted dry and the majorities were: Chandlerville . 60 Coultersville . 3 Golconda 156 Hamburg 53 Hardin 5 Jacksonville ..156 Jonesboro ..107 Meredosia . . 57 Mt. Carmel ,.422 Naples 39 Tallula .. 78 Among the towns which voted "wet" and the majorities were: Athens 40 Petersburg Rockwcod 56 Baldwin Kempsville ... 4 Jacksonville Fight Hard. Jacksonville, III., Nov. 8. The third local option election in Jacksonville was fought out yesterday and the dry forces won the third victory. The majority yesterday was 156 in favor of a salocnless city. The total vote was: Dry, 1874; wet, 1718. Two years ago the majority was 198, but this year 322 votes less were cast and so the result can be accounted as indicating normal conditions. The contest was one of the most clean-cut ever waged here. The "drys" were thoroughly organized and put up a stiff fight through three weeks. The saloon forces said nothing, but worked with silent determi nation to win, and the result was a reduced majority. Pugilism Better Than Football? New York, Nov. 8 Pugilism is better and aviation is the only sport worse than football, according to Dr. Charles W. Eliot's farewell remarks to reporters as the president emeritus of Harvard university sailed yesterday for a trip around the world. Dr. Eliot Is sailing as representative of the Carnegie endowment, the organization the aims of which he Is to explain to Asiatic countries. The matter of sports came up when an interviewer ventured to ask the distinguished educator what he thought of Harvard's defeat by Princeton. "I don't take much interest in football," he said. - . "Is there anything to jour mind worse than football?" .yes aviation. That's demoralizing to the spectators. They don't go to see the aeronaut in flight, but with the anticipation of -swing b-im fa" and perhaps be killed." Honor for William H. Jones. . Washington, Nor. 8. The superior jury of the Turin (Italy) exposition nas voted a certificate of merit to William H. Jones of Chicago. , vice president of the International Harvester company, "in recognition of his untiring efforts to introduce American harvesting machinery into European countries." Jones began the manufacture of harvesters at Piano, III-, thirty years ago MM SSI! FORM NCHUS REPULSE REBELS AT NIK Occupy Purple Hill Commanding City Rebel Attack to Be Renewed. COURT STILL AT PEKING No Revolutionary Movements Visible and Emperor arid Followers Are Still at Winter Palace. Nanking, China, Nov. 8. The revolutionists attacked the heights of Purple Hill overlooking Nanking early today, but were repulsed with a loss of mere than a hundred killed. They now occupy lower ground and will renew the atack. Attack Is Renewed. Shanghai, Nov. 8. Fighting at Nanking commenced at 9 o'clock this morning. The Manchus are strongly entrenched on Purple hill, which commands the city, and unless they voluntarily surrender, their position is believed to be impregnable. . All Quiet at Peking. Peking, Nov. 8. The situation here is practically unaltered tonight. No overt revolutionary movement is visible. The emperor and others of the court, according to the foreign board, are still at the winter palace. Big Exodus from -Peking. Tientsin, Nov. 8. Peking is still loyal this afternoon, but hundreds are fleeing from the city, as a rising at any moment is feared. International troops are held in readiness for any emergency. They are to commanded by a Japanese general. General Chinese Massacre Feared. It is reported that former Minister of War Yin-Tchang has recommended a general massacre of Chinese by Manchus. Revolutionists Capture More Cities. Hongkong, Nov. 8. The revolutionists last night captured the towns of Wcng Ting Fong, Pokut, and Sham-Chum. WILLIAM CLARK RUSSELL, SEA STORY WRITER, DEAD Lovers of Sailor Tales Will Remember His Thrilling Stories with Admiration Born in .America. London, Nov. 8. William Clark Russell, writer of sea stories, is dead. Russell was born in New York in 1844 and was a grandson of Charles Lloyd, London banker. Among his works were The Life of Nelson, Round the Galley Fire, An Ocean Freelance and scores of others. PRINCE TSAI HSUN IN CHARGE OF BABY RULER Prince Tsal Hsun, brother of Prince Chang, the regent and. uncle of Emperor Pu Yi, has been designated as custodian of the infant ruler whose throne is apparently lost to him. Should the revolutionists approach so close to the capital that it is deemed advisable for the emperor to leave the country he will depart in charge of his nncle. Prince Tsai Hsun. Yuan Shi Kai, the leader of the revolutionists, is said to have refused to go to Peking because he has heard that -Prince Tsai Hsun and his brother. Prince Tsai Tao, have vowed to kill him, A X jaw 4? Xc7 SPECIAL SESSION NOT HEEDED ANNOUNCEMENT COMES AS RESULT. OF CONFERENCE OF STATE OFFICIALS. Governor Deneen, However, Does Not Commit Himself on This Important Question. Springfield, 111., Nov. 8. Governor Deneen, Lieutenant Governor Oglesby and a number of senators have had a conference. It was announced later that consensus of opinion was that the present legislature had been adjourned sine die and there was no need at present for another special session. The governor did not commit himself on the latter question. PARKERATTACKSGARYYENIRE PROSECUTOR ALLEGES AT OPENING OF TRIAL THAT MEN WERE UNFIT. Also That List Contained Woman's Name, Which Proved Untrue Withdraws Objection. Valparaiso, Ind., Nov. 8. At the opening today of the trial of officials of Gary, Ind., for alleged bribery, Special Prosecutor Parker attacked last spring's special venire charging that the men were unfit for jury service, and that the list contained the name of a woman. The supposed woman, however, turned out to be a man and Parker later withdrew his affidavit of unfitness. SENSATION IN MANHOOD BILL BOTH HOUSES OF ENGLISH PARLIAMENT CRITICISE NEW MOVEMENT ANNOUNCED. Conservatives Will Ask Redistribution of Seats Bill in Connection and Women Will Oppose It Actively. London, Nov. 8. The prime minister's unexpected announcement relative to manhood suffrage in the commons yesterday, caused a sensation in both sides of the house and it appears likely to meet with much criticism, if not open opposition from both liberals and conservatives. The latfer's opposition will be on the ground that it ought to be accompanied by a "redistribution qf seats" bill. Its passage will be further- complicated by women suffrage the present intention of. the women's party being to oppose it actively. What New Move Means. Manhood suffrage means one vote for every adult male, with the excep tion of aliens, the insane, and other persons usually disqualified by law. Under the present system men maintaining several residences have the right to vote in each place. A deputation composed of ninety members of parliament memorialized Premier Asquith last evening in favor of adult suffrage enfranchising both sexes. Arthur Henderson, M. P., for Durham, pointed out that only 7,904,-655 persons were enfranchised out of 45,000,000. Opposition Leader Resigns. London, Nov. 8. A. J. Balfour today resigned as leader of the opposition. Balfour's retirement is said to be the result of a divergency of views regarding the efficiency of his leadership. CORN CROP 2776 MILLION BO. IS LESS THAN 4 MILLIONS OVER THAT OF TWO YEARS AGO-QUALITY 80.6. Average Weight of Wheat Per Bushel Is Put at 57.8 Lbs., and of Oats 33.1 Lbs. Washington, Nov. 8. The November crop report shows corn production 2,776,301,000 bushels, and quality 80.6 percent.' Of this 132,083,000 bushels remained on farms November 1. The production of corn in the season of 1909 two years ago was 3,-925,000 bushels less than that of this year.. The average weight per bushel of wheat is put at 57.8 lbs.? of oats, 33.1. YOUNGEMBEZZLERSENTENCED BOSTON STOCK BROKER WHO FLED TO SOUTH AMERICA - GETS FIVE YEARS. Pleads Guilty to One Out of Hundred Counts Creditors Hold $500,-OOO Claims Against Him. Boston, Mass., Nov. 8. Robert E. Davie, the young stock broker who fled to South. America last year to es cape creditors with $500,000 claims, was today sentenced to five years in the house of correction. He pleadedguilty to one of a hundred counts in indictment for embezzlement. HER PROBE TO GO TO WASHINGTON To Adjourn in Chicago About Nov. 24 for a Ten-Day Recess. TO REASSEMBLE DEC. 5TH Verdict Likely to Be Formulated Soon Thereafter Lorimer Counsel Attacks Yarborough Testimony. Chicago, Nov. 8. Senator Dillingham, chairman of the Lorimer committee announced today the committee will take a recess about November 24 to reassemble in Washington December 5, the day after the assembling of congress. Probability is that the probers will be ready to formulate their report soon after reassembling. Otis Yarborough was the only witness called to the stand this morning. He was cross-examined by Lorimer's counsel, who attempted to show Yarborough s testimony had been what he called "framed up." POLICE INTERVIEWING VERMILYA INTIMATES Persons Who Have Partaken of Food at Home of Alleged Murderess Questioned About the Noted Pepper Box. Chicago, Nov. 8. The police today interviewed a number of persons who have partaken of food at Mrs. Ver-milya's home, asking them about the pepper box from which the woman last Saturday is alleged to have given herself poison. Her relations with the fraternal insurance organizations are also being investigated. Another Suicide Attempt? Chicago, Nov. 8. Mlrs. Vermilya, accused of poisoning Policeman Bis-sonette, was this afternoon stricken with severe nausea and it was feared she had again attempted suicide by poisoning VIRGINIA WIFE SLAYER AWAITING EXECUTION Henry Clay Beattie jr., Date of Whose Punishment Is Set for November 24, Has Been Removed to Penitentiary. Richmond, Va., Nov. 8. Henry Clay Beattie jr., who is condemned to die Nov. 24 for the murder of his wife, was removed today from jail to the penitentiary to await execution. REPORT NINE MILLION BALES TO NOVEMBER 1 Announcement by Census Bureau Shows Great Increase in Cotton Ginned During Last Halt of October. Washington, Nov. 8. The census bureau reports cotton ginned to November 1st, as 9,968,172 bales. This shows an "increase for the last half of October of more than two and a quarter million bales, as the report to October 18 told of 7,740,834 bales ginned up to that date. SCHOOL BOARD PLACES BAN ON BASKET BALL Issues Order Prohibiting Playing of Game by Girls on Ground That It Is Not Conducive to Good Morals. Sparta, Wis., Nov. 8. The board of education has issued an order forbidding the playing of basket ball by girls on the ground that it is not conducive to good morals Heirs Divide Property By Lottery. Des Moines, Io., Nov. 8. Five envelopes, worth a half million dollars each, were drawn out of a hat here yesterday In the" settlement of the estate of the late J. S. " Polk. The drawing took place at the home of one of the testator's sons", and five heirs, In their turns, reached into the hat and claimed the envelopes, which contained the lists of real estate and other securities. J. S. Polk was the pioneer street railway man in Des Moines. He came here in the early days and grew up, financially and otherwise, with the city from the time it was a village. When he died recently he left a will which provided that l his property should be divided Into five equal parts, the beneficiaries to be his widow, Harry S. and John Polk, eons, and Mrs. George B. Hippe and Mrs. A. G. Maish, daughters. The drawing was suggested by Executor G. B. Hippe in order that there might be no complaints afterward. The deeds to the property are being made out in accordance with the arrangement. nil WARMER TONIGHT. Get Your Umbrella Because the Weather Prophet Also Promises Rain. Local forecast: Rain tcnight and . Thursday. Warmer tonight. Temperature above freezing. Highest temperature yesterday, 46; lowest last night, 28. Precipitation, none. River stage at Davenport at 7 a. m- 7.3 fu fall of 5-tenths of a foot Rapidly falling stages in the Mississippi will continue from below Dubuque to Muscatine. Sandstrom's Standard Thermometer. 9 a.m. 12 m. 3 p. m. Highest. Lowest. 38 50 50 50 27 PACCQ PLAN HAS APPROVALOF COURT Modification Made Providing for Keeping Books and Records Available and Intact. New York, Nov. 8. The United States court this afternoon approved the American Tobacco company's disintegration plan, with a modification. The court says that provision should be made, in carrying out -the plan, for keeping intact the books and records of the company and its constituents, so they shall be available and subject to explanation to the same extent as at present in suits for accounting and other existing litigation. NO PRESENT CHALLENGE BY M'NAMARA DEFENSE Announcement to That Effect Made at Convening of Court Today Five Men Now in Box to Be Sworn In. Los Angeles, Nov. 8. The defense in the McNamara case at convening of court today announced that it would exercise no more peremptory challenges for the present. . This left five men in the jury box to be swern in. ? Two More Talesmen Excused. The court excused W. F. Clark because of ill health and Sam Menden-hall because of his mother's illness. This left three jurors in the box. CHICAGO SCHOOL GIRL AUTOMOBILE VICTIM Commission Merchant Runs Down Student While on Her Way to School Slayer Not Held By Police. Chicago, Nov. 8. Ethel Degerman, a student at Lake View high school, was killed while on her way to school today by an automobile driven by James R. Baker, a commission merchant. Baker is not held by the police. CHICAGO OCTOGENARIAN DIES AT HOME IN CITY Chicago, Nov. 8. Fernando Jones, aged 91, one "of Chicago's oldest settlers, is dead. He came to Chicago in 1820.' LATEST NEWS SHOWS CRISIS IN PORTUGAL Lisbon, Portugal, Nov. 8. The ministry resigned today. Nobel Prize to Madame Curie. Stockholm, Nov. 8. The Nobel prize for chemistry has been awarded to Mme. Marie Sklodowska Curie of the University of Paris. Mme Curie Is the chief professor of sciences in the University of Paris. She was the co-discoverer with her husband. Professor Pierre Curie, of radium, and In 1903 shared with him half of the Nobel prize for physics, the other half being awarded to Professor Antolne Henri Becquerel. Each of the five Nobel prizes awarded annually amounts to $40,000. Recent announcement was made of the success of Mme. Curie In producing polonium, "a new element possessing a radioactivity, superior to radium' . Offer Reward for Lost Girl. Chicago, Nov. 8. Two Swedish societies Monday announced a reward of $100 for the recovery of Miss Alma Peterson, who, the police assert, was abducted by Louis Johnson, a negro, Oct. 14. Johnson was arraigned yesterday and- his case was continued until Nov. 17. The negro admits he met the girl after writing a letter to her, but says she left him to. return to her home, 6436 South : Carpenter street. The Peterson girl was living with, her aunt, Mrg. Selma Swanson. ve rvi. xo ve, J. 9LK TEH L TOW. PI ALBANY HOUSETWQ TO ONEREPUBLICAN 101 Republicans, 4S Democrats, 1 Socialist in New York Assembly., JERSEY LEGISLATURE WON House Changes to Republican, Senate Already Held Foss's Election Confirmed. New York, Nov. 8. As result of the election the next state assembly will be overwhelmingly republican. There will be a hundred and one republicans, forty-eight democrats and one socialist. The state senate holds over from last year and therefore continues democratic. New York Republicans Best Tammany New York, Nov. 8. In this city the republicans generally had the best of the election. Tammany retained Us grip on Manhattan and Eronx but lost Brooklyn and control cf the board of aldermen. New Jersey Legislature Republican. Trenton. N. J., Nov. 8. The republicans will succeed the democrats in ccntrol of the assembly as result of the election. The senate is republi can. Disfranchisement of Negro Beaten. Baltimore, Md., Nov. 8. Incomplete returns indicate that for the second time since the civil war Maryland has elected a republican governor, Golds-borough's majority being estinrvted at 2000. State Senator A. P. Gorman, democratic nominee, this morning declined to concede the election. Constitutional amendment for disfranchisement of the negro was decisively defeated. The legislature remains democratic. Fire-Eater Ollie James to Be Senator. Louisville, KjK, Nov. 8. After four years of republican rule, Kentucky changed front and elected practically all the democratic candidates with the heaviest majorities given in years. James Bennett McCreary's majority for governor .exceeds 30,000. The legislature and Joint assembly will have a democratic majority of about eighty-five, insuring the election of Congressman Ollle James, democrat, to the United States senate. Nebraska Republicans Win. Omaha, Neb., Nov. 8. Late returns show the republicans elected all stata candidates. The democrats elected Daniel V. Stephens to congress from, the third district. Foss Reelected In Bay State. Boston, Mass., Nov. 8. Gov. Foss, democrat, was reelected governor by a reduced majority. Republican candidates fer the other offices were elected. Lopsided Landslide In Columbus. Columbus, O., Nov. 8. The democratic landslide yesterday elected, Karb mayor by a plurality of C0OO. The democrats also elected the c-ity solicitor, but the other officers are republicans. The democrats will have seven councllmen, the republicans eight and the socialists four. Tho socialist candidate for mayor, Pollard, received more than 10,000 votes. Socialist Vote Heavy in Ohio. Cleveland, O., Nov. 8. Unofficial returns today show that the socialists elected mayors in Canton, Lima and eight small cities. The socialist ,vota has increased heavily all over tho state. Dayton and Conneaut elected . three socialist' councilmen. At. Ccn-neaut the socialist mayoralty candi date was defeated by only five voleB. At Canton the socialist's majority was only three. The democrats elected mayors at Cleveland, , Cincinnati, Columbus, Hamilton, and Zanesville. Brand Whitiock, Independent democrat, was victorious at Toledo. The republicans won at Ybungstown, Akron and Dayton. . Fusion Candidate Philadelphia's Mayor Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 8. Complete unofficial returns show that Blanken-burg, the ' Independent-republican fusion candidate, was elected mayor by 4000. . The fusionlsts also, elected clerk of the quarter sessions. The regular republican organization elected all other candidates. " V Socialist Runs Well. Jackson, Miss., Nov. 8. The democrats elected the governor and other state ofilcers. The democratic candidate for lieutenant governor leads his socialist opponent by only about-3000 In a total of 35,000 votes. Frisco Elects Union Labor Attorney. - San - Francisco, Cal., Nov. 8. , Charles M. Fickert, union labor candidate, was reelected district attorney, by nearly 1000. Harmon Predicts Landslide. Columbus, O., Nov. 8. Basing hie opinion upon the election results in Massachusetts, Kentucky, Ohio, and other points. Governor Harmon today predicted a national democratic land slide next year. He considers the result a strong endorsement of th democracy In recent yean.

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