The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1935
Page 6
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'PS FllllER, AMBERS TfllEI Ignores Edicts That H Fighf Pair and Pn Title al Stake X B YJIMTIV DONAHUE N'EA Ktnftf Sp«r(s Writer NEW yORK.—The two mo. 1 , feared fighters In the llghtweigh division? Lou Ambers, of New York and Sammy Puller, the 'Bosto strong boy. Why? Champion Bar ney Ross, vrtio we were all hallfn •s 'the "flghtingest champ" las year, Is running away from them - Thai's a pretty strong state ment to make, but (he [act re mains thai (he New York Boxln; Commission has decreed thai Lo is No. l man in line for a Ull bout with Ross. Ambers has post ed $2500 as required by the com mission—and Barney has chosen rather to light Prankic Kllck, Jan 28, in Miami, in defense of his syn thelie Junior welter crown, And— The Illinois Boxing Coinmtssloi has decreed that Sammy Fuller is No. l man in line for a title boil with ROM. Sammy has posted $5,000 as required by. the cgminlssloi —and Barney "prefers" Frankle Klick. On the basis of recent performances, either of the selected fighters voiild be a better opponent for the 135-pound champion thaii Kllck And for that matter, If Hn.« were lo defend his llghUelght crowi against Ambers or Puller, he woulii draft a far bigger gale than hi; rather weak Junior wplier go with KJick will pull. Ambers apparently v,ns sincere nhcn he filed his challenge to nght Ross He announced he was willing to take on Kllck, Puller, Hurry Dubtlnsky or Tony Can zone rl the deposed No. 1 challenger, before he met the title holder In this he was doing something a lot of fighters are neglecting nowadays-prove nte right to a titular till. Has Style of Grfb Lou been flfjhtlns; ns a pro only since 1932 He has won 15 bouls, lost one, and fought four draas His most recent victories sere over Johnny Jadlck and Tony Herrera. The Herklmer, N Y, boy has a style that brings back memories of Harry Greb. and one designed to give Ross i busy night. He Ls a plenty tough nut to crack having been brought up m a rigorous environment that Included neighborhood brawls and hopping r 1 i t of his worries 'Although his record isn't excep- .lpnally, H nprf4lye, the boys Uv.hli loop seem ,U> be steering clear"' bj him as Bill Brown, of lhe"New York Commission, Intimates'; • ' ' ; ' H -. Qe S c lightweight, contenders pro- tat that Ambers has done nothing to qualify him for elevation to the Position of leading challenger" Brawn ..ays "Yet all of lijoiri seen a very . a oi to have nbal appears high respect for ht-s ability. "If he does noi measure m, a an opponent why I, it that neith Ock nor ™ l e ° ny part or siich a mT^ i,Y 1 . l ~ Im .i Scled ? wloh Borne- cocfc christened Sablria Fvnillo b Jib Italian parents, ls 011 oW £ C ° mngb! " :k llp thc ]m tra »- n b< i Ucd tnc llttle aow from p) liar to post, he has come back a long »ay. in fact, he his . or bout, to Ross in Chicago in November, 1M3 • • • Bat Jwkson— IXKI tag because he likes to fight-ind he has.o fight lo help support a ramily of n During the totaf Soth 1011 " 15 h<> ""V" 1 he beat Benny Bass "and^Honey Boy Fl-megan m his first trip up . ^ MM out Johnn y Jatlck to he fourth of a lo-roimfler. and Ihrice floored Young p e te r jack son in a Kew York = shmd ^ JT of lhclr «v» Jackson's hand was ra&t! ,„ loxen of victory. _ S ? mm . then outshied • Bobbv are Passed Up Sammy :hamplon narney Ross Ims Ignored hi*. p Illinois Boxing . Commission's ecommendatlon Ih'at lie meet Pul~T soon In rteff iw> of his crown. ShinniM By Harry Gray son This being the season of Ihe stove league, one Hears (he annual tiarrage agolnsl gambling. Tin.'. year, of course, Dip reolly heavy guns are being turned loose because of Ihe legalization of JIOTM raring in F.O many stales, and Ihn i.n- called sensational exposes of wld?- spread I'oorball belling. •'The rapid spread of helling." wiltlmore sucked dry by the horses,", "Pay envelopes slaughtered at race tracks and bookie Joints" are only a few of (he expressions common upon Ihe lips of reformers and those who woefully review a year of badly Judged bets—you never heard of a successful gamble r.srniawklng, did you? As for widespread increase In gambling, we must give „ gc ,,ti Cj If derisive, sniff. O.imbllng Is always with us, even as the poor. ilrtorlc man lisled gambling as of his few arts, and many a set of -;onc dice has been found ns well as olher gambling devices ' Moreover, tile gentlemen of our pent colonial period greatly enjoyed gambling on (heir horses, pit dogs, and lighting chickens. Also Ihey gambled In such way as to ""ike our $2 or even $50 bets .seen ilKC chlckej; [ceil. • So worthy n gentleman ns Join naiidolnh i»l J,[s entire estate ! Virginia on the result of Ki'llpse's Usiorlc struggle K& \ m i lln ' mid another southern Wagered no | OM tnnn Invos on the result. And Deurc.s wild! possibly, wiu , hook[l , Jolnls iij]() '"- tracks ojwrallng, men |' n tll( . .these K jmutag u,e 'Standing Room ny s lgn 0>lt lnf . f - d.ys M 0)f , t han , 0 , 00 „ y '8!' ° "-. n.r rqnl,.or.Madlfo n square Garde ro, the Garden In which New y^Tn"™^ tT^n?'°I " **" °' lnlcrsecllollal «•»«« ve U a hbt-scrn^We afto,- the IK,,, 1, eT a e s hie '^tlon " am * ^ JX>1 '" M 22 -« Pi y d " h Benlleinai SCO Jipg Loii-Ainbets;. .-.:Ross has-pass- tl-«)','Ambers, endbVsed'by, the New qrk" Boxing' CqnimLsslon as No. I hallenger.fof his llghtwelBhi'rro'wri --nght'frankle.Kllck, Jan: SB. olland Splits Games With Dell Teams Tuesday bout in Cleveland Puller and *10n N^^York and mlnols boxing £$%?5£?£S*£ "ted he must sign to nght Ambers h . r ° r clf *— ar >d either one fcE^V^^"" 1 Q NEBRASKA OPENS WITH By r """ " Neb-The University '—^••slcers open their with, a Big Ten 2«. Another t Nov. New* w«nt Ads, STEELE.-Mo.-A fast, basketball me was played between Holland W'Dell at Holland Tuesday night the girls game the race was clow ml last riunrler, when-Holland mle several Held foals.' The score us 21-18 in favor of Holland. Ken-. of Holland, was high point, play- wlth n points. In the boys game Dell defeated ollanrt 18-16. Taylor, of Holland as high point player. The line-up for the e !rls game as: Kenley m), Edwards (10) cnardson. Parish, Holder A Par'. with Ladd.and nromi as sub- itules, from Holland. The Dell ,„*'*" : p ' Mooncy (10), Whls- T V, ^' m ° ker ' Gl11 ' M ' iBlehart ISlehart, with.D. Thornton nnd Thornton as substitutes lc "? Uand boys worc: K «n'ey . rwwler (1). Taylor (8), S an, Slaylon m, Cohoon. Bray Hie. (1) and the Dell .boy a were «ey (2), Borum (0), Baughman rd wTS! «>• B««-nly. OU., The Hollainl basketball -schedule «• Jan. n, cooler at cooler Jan. 18, Dsering at Deering. •Ian. 22, Haytj at Hayti. K " 25 ' BraB8atlocto "t Jan. 29, Wardcll at Holland B, Deering at Holland! FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. OKT. I i* * — -J-V-1*1,1115, ultra in me, •'game o7s i l ' goUo " Ul(! K r(1R " <"<! small (own and Ihp bo 1 ™ '•• —>•• moderate circumstances your breath uway. And picnt Is played for nioncy, So ivlille football, baseball racing msi y ] mvo money f r o m »,„ ' glllllml It is highly doubtful if Ramble on anything aom^ta In" production of the Drosophll,,., ,iy If he Is so Inclined. • wiling sucks a community drv 'it ras no doubt invented by some ivarlclous gentleman whose reason »g was no better than Jib hotter Judgment. Yon know how It goes Is a million dollars in Ihe Per cent, nnd when t '' 1 ' trnck track will take om C balan is fo,- gambling, but .If- person.-, must gamble. H seems j, Ist ,, s „ thai they do IL i,t riice 1 tracks. ' Moreover, any number of com- mimllles which , wrath and cxpelJeU risen tin.' Now 'thl, sounds quite logical, and »ould be. were It not for the fact Umt .out of ,t s ,.,,,„,.. lh l e '- «^ it,' y , t)llrscs ' salnrf( ' s . »Pk«p * Imve .found to their nnmwv nifiU Lhat. racing actnnlly .'.fills Increased business. u-.-in,,- lon and I.onlsvlll ( > can DollV nt Ir-Kt thts fact. And, In case you're interested you might look nl the • Maryland rerords.. Right now Maryland I-, crying because oilier sections have cut down the quality of Its racing «»<|. "'ore important, the volume of bnttlng. Braggadocio Defeats . CaruthersviJle Twice CAHUTHEnsviLLE. Mo-BraB- gndoclo boys and girls won a twin loop bill from Carulhmvllle bas- keteers _ here -i-.iesday night, the [Iris winning easily 37 to 17 Alberta Parrls, Braggadocio fonvard vas high scorer of the game with G points, while . Mary Laura Tis- adt, with, 13 points, scored most or Caruthersvllle. • the boys gomn, Cnrutheis- ..-••-- 2 -(K>lnt lead at : th e - end of the first quarter was rapidly-over- fif-llnn n»i» i._. . *. J «.v* r.nme, Braggadocio 10. 'Jim )ln clo ant, 2, Huekaba, . Bruce, ,: kj "i-iv, LUXC.S on ing pronertv —"i *^. '"J.IIIL, 10, j\i. ijry- slransest^Wn^/mii'ilo™' a ,^J^ Huc'knbn, . Bruce' 6 'Da^^ffntlcy'l habit of translating rnonW (iifn Deilton - Caiuther.sville. (17)- -chlt-'l h«Y, oats .and straw, S7,™£ ^''Cook, ^ .TistadU 13; c^ , el i I imlners, Jockles nnd handlers Sso CI ^ skr ' T ™"<s. • C^ell, Taylor. I seem to be nbV t^v „„,,.,., I?..;" • 'Boys .BragcnUocIri "Wii). irii™'™ I bay. traine: , »—.---,. IUJ14 /uuHijpr.c r v^l %5* ** - «W ""'In*-'Aids BuslMss . In most statss a track cannot lie money bet. This liTrcgJi"^^ if.',?' 1 "^."-Presenls the track's ne for acting as a broker-bels b»- iff figured a .s n-commodity •-Pill (lid yo u 'ever slo , M ',v ^ °<hf (l CommcWle s you "J- s "g> . ns ^hes. refrigerators, mm ' ! OIK(>S . -etc.; carry rolil, or hamlllng fcrs which run s high ns 200 or .Wo ppr cent? Now v,-,-. ] lo id ; Iln p lr n cl|lnr winning 56 • to (G "' ls) ' WINNING BASKETBALL By Nat Hojnwi particularly effective Today's Markets Chicago Wheat Here In a tap-off play. A back lap k made by x-l to i he guard, x-2, who has cut in' mm!e'." '"" "^ r ^ Uln Ul " te ' open i,|ji May 101 1-8 102 .Inly 9:, 1-2 94 low elase 100 7-8 101 3-8 32 1-0 91 j s f t _ Chicago Braggado-, r, M ™ Bl5 <"i inE in al thc • iump ' crosses behind ">-!; .the ,defei)sive center. X-2 iqn-inakes n-.'long loop pas-s to ri, :.who has circled around X-3 janiV-ciil -for the Irasket ,ra^£^^|^^^^^uW e 2 ^^ffi^^tfSKT*£ M^-KA^et''yN^ S '^ n ^'^ : ' a ^' Vi ''' i::1 -- ' ; Flidgfpy. ,l>' ' ' •' i,',.' ,.T^^ r^—• — ~^~~~-~—~^~~-—' •• Cot >tf<-r..-Nevti< .Want Ads Pays , Now r.bcated al lor : North Sfcond ~ ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER I SERVICE (BUREAU 'I DON EDWAHDS, Proprietor »tl mak fso f rf .|> u ||| Typewriters, Mdini'M.cbln« and Calf nUto™ Repairing—-I'arts—liiLbo us ' '^•^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M SALE of Men's Wear ENDS SATURDAY MEN'S SUITS $24.75 Values $19.50 Special Lot of to ?22.f)0 Values $14.75 $27.50 Values $21.50 $32.50 Values $24.50 $2230 Values $17.50 $29.75 Values $22.50 £37.50. Values $28*50 All Sales Strictly iCash ' $17.50 Values TOPCOATS ,50 $1250 $17.50 $ia R. D. HUGHES & CO. 3 Doors West of Ritz Theatre open SO :t-4 en lilgh .low da* SI J-2 SO 3-4 91 I 8 8(1 1-2 85 7-8 filj i 4 New Cotton NEW YORK. Jan. Iff (UP) _ Cotton closed steady. open high j ov/ clmc 12S7 12S7 1253 12o4 12CC 12GIJ 1201 12S2 1271 1271 12C7 12C9 1215 1275 1210 P71 1259 1260 1257 1259 1261! 1206 1261 12(15 closed quiet at 1280. on" 5. Jan March May July Oct Dec New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS Jan to (OP) -Cotton prices closed unchanged to thiee points lower here today with most or the support corning from' IliS trade Ten . high : tow '"'< 1247' 1247 1217 I>46b March I205 1201 1201 PC* •May 1212' 1373 P66 P68 'nly 1274 .1274 1269 "»» Ofit 1259 1259 \->K n "i 1203 12(5:) 1261 Spof" cjn»nl 'teiily at 128J Closing Stock Prices NFW YORK Jan 10 (UP)—A -iibstantlal In utilities on-the New Yoik slock exchange urther galas in United Slates government Issue? 111 the bond market and a 52511- lon j Ise in United states steel shipments of nnlshed steel 'products 'In 1259 12G4 off 4 tot»l perceptibly.' . A. T. 'and T.' '. ... : ,,r Mh. E'eel .. ..... , : .'." -!» Ciuysier .............. " 3, Cities Son** , ...... " ? ' ' . ........ .... (1?n, Am. Tank ...... 37 j \ 7, nth.' mtctrie ..'........' 25 • Oen. Motors ........... ilS 3.3 Int. Ifarv^Sler ......... < ;j- ..... Ward ____ 2J 1-4 N. Y. Cchlral -...;,-' ..... So f,-8 Packard .-. . ____ ...... S 1-8 Phillip's Pet ......... " IF. ]. 8 Rad'lo ; .. ...... . 5 ' ' •. ...... ..... . Blnimdns'Beds .......... | j) Standard of K. .),...... 49 j.g Texas Co. ........ ' ____ ' 203-8 U. S. .Smelting . ' : 126 'f [j. s.' steei ...,:.;.';;;. ^ B .' 8 Zonlt« ... ...... ... ...... . Roland's Will Meet Strong Team Jeff Roland's : Bootery team of »ie City-Basketball league ™ake. on formidable opposition outsfde Its own loop when It •'meets the "i'm^at V 630 * 1 ""^ independent L 7:30 o'clock. r ' "'' Leachville kj said to Have taken the measure of the Jonesboro' Y C .A. quintet and lo boast one the strongest teams In" this en- ffre section. . : .The ..visitors will be odds on favorite;!, to lake the measure of Rol- ands.Bootery.-biit head .man Jeff Hotand says .his club will, be bat- M| ng HH -the way. 'A r.nmll Bdihu- i price, w j,|->,- - -•- •" r<amls An athlete "oould fmrtT Ij-pound shot t*n mile, if he had a,s much JOE P. PRIDE Certified Registered 'Engineer , General. Engineering, : • . Surveying,' Mapping •' Phone 4« BljtheVIU*, Ark. Follow the St rai "Astraighf line is the shortest distance between two points." That holds for any two points — your pocket book and your list of wants, fov example. Follow the straight line, and you'll save yourself time, trouble and money. • ..-'.:'•-•• , '•'''.'..''.. ' .'•••-.-• \ ' \. Use the advertising colurnns:of this newspaper as guide posts. In them, you. find late news of what's to be had in the markets of the world. No need for you to meander about from store' to st;ore, comparing-, pricing, judging-, : guessing. values. ; The .advertisements J^e 11 you the names of merchants and manufacturers you can trust. There you. reil 'what's new, what's favored, what's^offeredconfiHently for your inspection. The advertisemen^iti'thts paper take you into more stores than you could visit in 1 a month. There's tainty to this habit of shoppidg by tHe straight-line you'll buy with assurance, with economy satisfaction. - ; no.r\sh, no uncer- method — and with

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