Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 14, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1895
Page 1
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, ! ii«3E5!j|f»5^^ •':•' - -'''' • - : '' - : VOL- LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- THUKSDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 14, 1S95. NO- 39. *Y ou're Still In Need of a Cloak! Well "We Have 'Em In The 25 and 40 Per Cent Discount Our Monday offering consists of our entire , stock of Cloth Capes and Cloaks which is still very complete and very elegant. Styles for next v.inter tend to con : ^ue as they are, so with one of these elega C ents you will be in style next winter and ful ell satisfied with yourself, Every garment is a bargain. YoUjShould have one. They're right. They're cheap. Come and get one. 25 and 40 per cent discount on all capes and cloaks. COME AND GET A BARGAIN- Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway. 306 Fourth St, Call and See! l^egiqa fllusie Boxes . lay Thousands ot Tunas by means ot IndeslrudiWe Metallic Disks, ritySuVolume cl Tone Unequalled The wonderful Begina MusicBox. Will play any tune. I am agent for Logan sport of the genuine, also the new things in.Gold Belts, Collarettes, Buckles, Czarina Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Side Combs, Hair Pins, Watch Pockets, Ladies' Guard Chains, ' Gold Brica,brac, Spectacles of all kinds fitted to the eyes. 80 years' experience in Eu- gTaving an/1 all kincls_of work done to order at A HAUK, Tlie Jeweler and Optician, 410 Broadway. AN OLD LAW RESURRECTED. Fr«o Colna;:« Advocates Thlnlc Tlu-y tluvn aiailp nn lm|><irtivnt Oiirovory. WASHINGTON-, Feb. .13.—The free coinage udvocates in the house have discovered a htatute, eiuieted in .l:v>7 ,'ind j-ceniicted in 1ST;*, which seems never to have been repealed, providing that Spanish and Mexican silver coins shall be received .for customs and at post ottiees and land otliees at the rale of eighty cents on the dollar, und this they claim opens the way for the free coinage oJ silver. The effect of the statute is to nutke all customs, intemul revenue tind other dues, they contend, payable in this .silver coiu. Shot by McxU'nn llnmUttt. CITV OP MKXICO, 1'eb. 13.—Word has been rceeivt-d from Pueblo of nn outrage upon jj party of Americans by Mexican bandits. At n tie camp ou 'the Inter Oceanic railroad, Capt. William Seott. an ox-captain of IV-xas rangers, his brother John and another American named Franklin und ;v woman were surrounded by sixty Mexican •[bandits, who shot the men down, robbed them of everything of value 'and abused the woman The men \"ill hardly recover. i'jk, Conn., Feb. 13.—The great paper-box combine, which has monopolized tho market for four years, has Ixien broken. E. Shelton Cornell, tie . president, has resigned, nnd a new ' ompany independent of the trust b.os i organized by him and others. State V«- Fnllmun CUM to lie Dnoldcd. CHICAGO, Feb. 13.—The arguments in tho "PnUiD 1 ^ qtic-worrnnto proceedings before Judge Bnker have been concluded and the judge will probably give his decision in the case some time next ' •PULLMAN EXONERATED. SntMlcs Judsrii Gro.iscup Time He Did >'ot Try to Evnde Ordur at Court. CHICAGO, Feb. 13.—George M". Pullman Wednesday afternoon appeared before Judge Grosscup iu chambers and was exonerated from the charge of attempting to evade the order of the court. J.le stated he was not in his otlito when the bailiff called with the subpoena but was in Vice "President Wickes' office across tho way. Later in the afternoon he left on a train for New York, not to avoid the order of the court, but because ho had already made all arrangements to go. Nobody was admitted to tho chambers but Mr. Pullman and counsel for the different parties interested. Will >ol liKiiiC-.UMico'* Claim. GITATE.MAI.A, Feb. 13.—President Barrios has stated that, although he has every hope of n peaceful settlement of the difficulties between Mexico and Guatemala, the settlement must be on the basis as outlined by Guatemala.. Kiccptlonjil Powers Abrosrtitcd. BERI.IX, Feb. 13. — The reichstag Wednesday adopted a resolution offered by a socialist member, abrogating thu exceptional powers which had been conferred upon the governor of Alsace-Lorraine- SrrjNC FIELD, Mass., Feb. 13. — The twenty-eighth state convention of the G. A. K. began in this city Wednesday afternoon at I' o'clock in city hall. The afternoon was occupied with addresses and reports and another session was held in the evening. Murderer Found Gnllty. SCRAXTOX, Pa., Feb. 13. — GniseppI Boschino, on trial for the killing oi Francesco Conforti, -was Wednesday afternoon found guilty of murder in the first degree. WOBTH SAVING.' House Committee Thinks Thus ot the $16,000,000 on Bonds, Resolution Adopted—Vilas Introduce a Bill in the Senate Looking to the S.»me End. •WASHINGTON, Feb. 13.—The house ways and means committee agreed to report the following resolution: ••Keaolvcfl, That tho secretary of tin.- trer.s- ury l)t! and la Hereby authorized 10 Issue and dispose: of. ut not k'ss Uian I>nr In i,'oli! coin, boiitls of Hie United Suu.-s.wUb tho fiu-.il- Itv, privilc's'es and exemption of boiuis issued under thuad. approved July H, 18JO. enHilod, •An act authorizing ihurcrundliiKOf the nation. ul debt' to an amount not exceed in;,' iOi.MU.-75, beat-In;; Interest m a rate not. exueodliiK 3 put coin, pel- unnutn. pi-luclpal and interest payable In yold coir, or the present standard of weight and Iliioncsa, said bonds to lji> made juyiilile not moru than thirt-/ years after dale. 1'rovldud. however, that no pare of the proceeds of t!i'.' sale or such bonds nor of the notes ro- doenied with such proceeds stiall bo uvallablu lor Hie payment of tliu current expenses of. the government." Tliu Vi,». The resolution was adopted by vote of S to ."., those voting in the affirmative being .Messrs. Wilson, of •\Vest Virginia; Turner, of Georgia (,'ochran, of New York; Mont- gonierv, of Kentucky; Stevens, of Massachusetts, and Tarsney, of Jlissont-i, democrats, Heed, of "Maine and IViyne, of New York, re publicans. The negative vote was cast by Messrs. MoMillin, of Tennessee; p.ryan, of Nebraska; Wheeler, of Alabama; and Whiting, of Michigan, democrats, and Hopkins (rep., IU.). 51 r. Grosvenor (rep., 0.) who was present did not vote, inasmuch as he was opposed to the proposition, but was willing that it should be brought before the house. Immediate.!)- after taking the vote the committee adjourned. Want to Save ¥10,000,000. The report accompanying the resolution will be written by Mr. Wilson (W. Vn.), the chairman of the committee. It is said that the controlling influence in passing the Wilson resolution was, the saving- of 810,000,000 that will accrue to the government from the payment of the interest in gold. Jt is understood that the previous question will be moved by Mr. Wilson before the hour of adjournment Thursday, in order that the delay in sending the resolution to the senate may be 'minimized to the shortest period consistent with an intelligent debate on the proposition. llouric. WASHINGTON, Vob. 13.—In the house it was agreed that when that body adjourn Wednesday it be to meet Thvu-s- d.'iy at .1.1 o'clock. A bill for the relief of Basil Moro- laiul was passed," giving him compensation for a certain tract of land in Minnesota which he entered in IS.'i-i. Wednesday's session had been set cpart for the consideration of business concerning 1 the District of Columbia, and the work was entered upon at once. Mr. Hudson, of Kansas, offered n, bill looking to an increase in the revenues of the government. The measure re- ciuircs bridges across navigable rivers chartered by the government to pay 3 per cent, par annum of their gross earnings to the United States for their franchise. Sitnivtc Anxious to Snvfl. \VASIU.\GTOX, 1'eb. 13.— During the procedure of morning business in tlie senate and when bills or joint resolutions were called for by the vice president, Senator Vilas (clem., Wis.) rose and introduced a bill with the title: • ••To save lue pooplo of the Uniied States 810,lTO,7ru." At his request it was read in full and laid on the table for the present. It recites that portion of the president's re- :cnt communication to congress as to reservation of the right to exchange within ten days, 3 per cent, gold bonds for 4 per cent, coin bonds, and thus save an annual interest of S539,- ,50, making an aggregate saving in thirty years of §10,1^0,770; and it authorizes the secretary of the treasury to issue 3 per cent, thirty-year gold bonds. :\ Plum for l'->r»Iffni>r». Attention was called by Senator TYolcott (rep., Col.) to the statement in the morning papers that the i percent, bonds were quoted at 113}£ in London, howing that the. syndicate of Jewish bunkers was making S per cent, profit. Senator Teller (rep., CoL) also referred to'the same statement and complained that the American people had :io opportunity to subscribe for those ionds. JSlll Goo on Culcndxr. Senator Vilas said that his intention had been not to bring on debate dur- g the day, but merely to have the Mil printed'and laid on the table. Subsequently the point was made by Sen- Uor Hill (dem., N- Y.) whether the bill should not be placed on the calendar, so that a motion to take it from ;he calendar for consideration—without reference to a committee—would >e in order. Senator V^.as said that he lad no objections to that; but an ob- eetion did 'come from Senator Teller. There was a parliamentary discussion as to the operation of the ruies on that point, and finally the vice president ruled that—objection ' made ,br Senator Lodfi-e (rep:. hi Mass.) to having the bill laid on the table—it went to the calendar, which was what Senator Lodge desired to accomplish. And now the bill can be brought before the senate at any time on motion. Sli<.-fm:in Ha» n Tree CohiiiRO Substitute. A substitute was also offered by Senator Sherman (rep., O.) for the free coinage of silver bill reported Tuesday from the finance committee and it was read and laid on the table. It authorized the issue of 3 per cent, gold five year bonds and 3 per cent, certificates of indebtedness, payable in lawful money. The senate then took up the post of- Ca': appropriation bill aud the discussion as to the railroad mail sex-vice was resumed. Senator McMillin (rep., Mich.) proposed nn amendment to the sundry civil bill granting to the state of .Michigan lor use as a state park the military reservation aud buildings ou Maukinac Island, Mich. , House joint resolution extending from March 1. iSDo. to April 15, IS'.i.-., the time for making returns of income, was on motion of Senator Vest (dem., Mo.) taken'from the calendar, amended and passed; and a conference vijth tin; house was asked. Senator Vilas (dem., Wis..} offered an. timendment to the post oiliee appropriation bill looking' to the put-chase, ownership and management of tile necessary postal ears on mail routes and ap- pviating $500,000 for the purpose. ADMIRAL TING TO SURRENDER. Toi'tm on Which l-lu I'mposo.H to Submit ' to the .Jiipum'iie. LONDON. Feb. I.'!.—A dispatch from Tpkio to the Central News says: A re- DOrthas been received at the naval de- fiqrt-ment from \Vci-IIai-\V'ei, under diite of-February ]2, that the Chinese giinboat in the harbor, under the protection of a flag of truce, conveyed to the Japanese lleet n proposal by Admiral Ting to S'iri'Kuder all of the Chinese ships, arms, forts, etc.. provided the lives of the crews. soldiers and foreigners were guaranteed. Under these conditions the terms of n formal sur- rendery.rti beiuga.iTanged. The Chinese defense 1 of the position at Wei-Hai- A\'ei', r -the report adds, has been a gal- Im'it-one throughout. Gen. Oyama reports that in the lighting- since .lanu- ary i!9 the- Japanese have lost eighty- three killed and >'19 wounded and the Chinese 700 in killed alone. The number of their wounded is not slated. GAS EXPLOSION. Accident at Meadville, Pa,, Results in Death and Destruction. Leaking Gas Pipes and a Passing Locomotive Almott Wipe Out an Entire Family. DISASTER NARROWLY AVERTED. MiHareiiDt Trirs to ISlniv Ui> :i Cotton Ship with Uyimmito. Kitw O.'iLKA^s, F«lj,,, w 4.g,—tate-.^jics-, diiy"evening two sticks of dynamite wire rli*eiivcred embedded in a bale of cotton being loaded iuto the British steamer Floridian. now taking- cargo at Soutliport. Had this dynamite iu the bale golu-n safely into the hold and been screwed in. as is done in loading cotton vessels, thi- operation would have exploded the dynamite and blown ;i hole in the'ship's bottom. The Floridian belongs to the .Liritish line which, onaceountof labor troubles, announced .t would employ only negro labor hereafter. A white man named Thomas Oakes was arrested, as the guilty person. 1-le was loitering: around the spot mid the police believe they have the right man. Whether or not ho is a screw-mau is not known. MEAUVK.I.E, Pa., Feb. .13.—A gas explosion, follor.-ed by tiro, completely wrecked the residence of G. If. Cutter, the lumber oiliee building 1 of Cutter A 11 ro., n-nd caused tho death of George Cutter und serious injuries to his wife, son and house-maid. There had been for some time it leak in the fuel gas supply pipe in the (Street, and Wednesday morning at, S o'clock George 11. Cutter, William Cutter, Charles Cutter (son of George Cutter) and A. W. MeClintoek were in front, examining the leak. A locomotive and caboose passed uml the gas ignited from the engine's lire-box. Two Uciifuiili'fr Iix;>luslo«». Two deafening- explosions followed, completely wrecking the two-story residence, which fell as if it were n heap of rubbish and kindling- wood. The warehouse and oiliee ruins took fire instantly. The flow of gas added. to the lire, and in less than five minutes nearly the entire mass \vas ablaze. Mrs. Cutter and the servant girl were badly burned and injured, but will probably live. The boy Charles was fastened in the wreck by a huge timber which rested on his leg. llc'roic Effort* to SHVC the- Hoy. It was thought that his leg would have to be cut off, but a persistent effort was made to fight the flames away from him, and by heroic work the firemen were given time enough to secure powerful jaukscrews and he was liberated. It was necessary to cover him with clothing to protect him from the heat o£ the fire, which was but a few feet away. All three victims were taken to Spencer hospital. Viollnn of KxplOklon. William Cutter was badly burned by the explosion, and was thrown clear across the street. Charles was also iu- jured but not seriously. George Cutter, who died shortly after the explosion, was badly mangled, lie was carried to a neighbor's house and died Ln a few minutes. Cuptuln anil Crew May Bo Sufn. NE\V YORK, Feb. 13.—The German steamer Taormina, which arrived here Wednesday morning. . reports that Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, oil Montauk point, she saw a, • four- masted barge being towed by a two-masted towboat which had a black funnel and house painted red. The report says the barge had appar- :ntlv been adrift. Her description answers that of the Standard Oil barge o, US which went adrift during the ale shortly after midnight on Thursday last with Capt. Forman and nine men on board. To Shut Out European Goods. YORK, Feb. 13.—A dispatch from Liverpool, 0., quoted several prominent pottery tnen of that place as saying that at a meeting of the .Na- .ional Association of Wholesale Crock- ry Dealers in this city last week a combination had been formed to shut out from the American markets all European potter;- products. MUltla II Kxonernted. BBOOKLYX, Feb. 13.—The coroner's jury, in the case of John Garney, who was shot during the strike here, brought in a verdict to the effect that (furner died of a gunshot wound received" at the hands of the military in the discharge of their duty. The jury exonerated the military from all blame. America and Hawaiian Island*. LOS-DON, Feb. 13.—The Pall Mall Gazette, in an editorial article on the Hawaiian question, says: "There seems to be no hope for Hawaii, save a protectorate. America is a good friend and cousin of ours, and if some one must have the island, we know of no 1 power-with a better right to it-" Troop* Srnt Ac»lo»t Honsrry IVoIvw. Koire, Feb. 13.—Hundreds of hungry wolves from, the Alps have invaded the plains in the province of Piedmont, riorta<*rn Italy,, and several villagers have been killed by therc.._ The authorities have sent troops ' to shoot them and many have thus been destroyed. WANTED A EOY. Khcdlvo of Kffypc WIsiipuoKitcd Ercannc IJ!r; Wifo.i'frBouts.HIm with a Glrli CAI;«), l''eb. 13.— The Larem favorite of the khedive became the mother of u daughter Wednesday. The khedive is represented as being greatly disappointed, as he was hoping for the birth of a son, who would have been heir to the tin-one. V.'IUidrnu'H from StuUi Troops. . Cor.b-.MUii, S. C., Feb. 13.— The governor's guards of this city, the company whoso fl>"g was the lirst raised in the City of Mexico in the Mexican war, Tuesday uight withdrew from the state volunteer troops and furled its battle- scarred Hag. refusing to eulist under the new administration militia rule which requires each member to take an oath to obey for two years asy order the governor may give. This is the company which during the Darlington war, upon hesitating nbout going to Darlington, was summoned to the executive mansion by Gov. Tiil- manand reprimanded, whereupon the men threw their scabbards and accoutrements at his feet. To Loivo the Copper Country. LAKE L.ISDEN-, Micb., E'cb: 13.— At a big meeting held in the opera house details were perfected for the colonization of a large tract of crown and Canadian Pacific lands in the Xipissiug district of Ontario, C<m. Two hundred French. Canadians, principally heads of families, will leave this coun- trv March 1, and it is expected SOO families will leave the copper district for the new colony this year. Rcmlutlvrii of tho Elbe Dljmatcr. LO.VUO.N-; Feb. 13.— The fishing smack Fortuna brought to Lowestoft Wednesday morning the bod}- of A. E. Lockart, who was a saloon passenger on the Elbe. The body of a woman has also been picked up and brought ashore, but it has not been identified, and pos- siblv may not be. The body has one of the "Elbe's life belts attached to it, and there is also fastened to it a satchel containing a quantity of money. Poscmii»t«r Secures a Claim. WASHINGTON, Feb. 13.— The house claims committee lias allowed the claim of Kobert , Bingham, late postmaster at Franklin. Pa., for 52,000, being the amount lost by the failure of ithe Venango national bank, where the •money was deposited by the direction. of the postmaster general- Pilot 'Bo»t» Turn Up Sifo. QCAKANTO-E, Feb. 13. — The pilot boats Herman, Oelrichs, Caldwell H. Colt. E. D. Jordan, James Stafford and America, for whom some anxiety was felt, have arrived safely at quarantine. »n Act. WASHINGTON, Feb. 13.— The president has approved the act granting right of way to the Forest City & Sioux City Railroad company through the Sioux Indian reservation. __ OVER THE STATE. News Briefly Told from Varloox Towns in Indiana. Wrockvil by » C:m Kxploriou. AXDEKSOS. Ind.. Feb. 13.—A natural gras explosion Tuesday morninf? wrecked the larg-c two-story rouionco of Councilman C. ITedrick. There were five persons in the building atUieiiiue. ' Mr. Hedrick's two daiifrhlers were thrown from a soef>iil-^.:"ry room to the veranda of a hous>- ; :> a:, adjoining- loU but wore only slightly injured.. Kvery window in the iiiyh school builditig- and St. John's KpiscopoJ church were broken. SOUTH l>Kxn, Ind.. Feb. 13.—Fire' destroyed the farm resi<!enee of Gran- viile Woolman near ?\ew Carlisle, this county. Mr. Woolman did not occupy the house in the winter, living in New Carlisle. A farm hand started a lire in the stove from which the house caught Tho loss is S.\000. with $1,000 insurance in the Fanners' Mnlmil. win Nor c;o to ciii<-.i£o. MUNCH-:, 1ml., Feb. J3.— George Ihnger. the Mnneie merchant bunkoed out of S.">00 in Chicago .Saturday, says he will not go back to Chicago to iden- tifv. the swindlers and get another big deal in (he "horrid newspapers." Ho uavs there is no hope of recovering his monev and he is not afraid of the men catching him again. Tlu'lr tlome for I'llry Years. Mt'NCiK. Ind., Feb. 13.— Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson, aged SO and TS years, came near being burned to death at their home east of this city. The house and all of the furniture was destroyed, cansi-ug a loss of S-.500. They commenced housekeeping in this house uud had resided there over fifty years. Tommy IJurdoll OutxvroKtlod. MAKJOX. Ind., Feb. 13.--Tommy Bardell, of England, and Eddie Koss, of this,city, wrestled before the Marion athletic club here, c.iteh a.s catch can, strangle hold barred, for a pui>e of 8100 and a side bet of S50. It was a fine exhibition, and lloss won straight falls in seventeen aud twenty minutes respectively. I.urcrT Than it Hog. SU.MI-TION PuAlKlu. Ind., Feb. J3.— Wlr'le out hunting John lluinmet, living here, killed an animal supposed to be the wild beast seen by tho wolf- luinU-rs some times ago. It is Inrgcr than a hog, is covered with hairy bristles over a foot long, and weighs about 900 pounds. Scljool Unll<lln;j T!nrt>*»(1. MI:NCIK, Ind.. Kelt. 13.—There was great exciteii.cnt in this city Tuesday as a result of lire destroying the Avondale public school. Tliu lire started during the noun hour. The building was a large ono-s-tory frame structure and the loss is SO.000, with 53,000 insurance. A .viVVou- l-Jsc.-ipf. Ind., Feb. 13.— The westbound Xew York & St. Louis through train was partly wrecked here Tuesday morning and ten passengers in tho I'nllman sl_-eper had a narrow escape. The accident was caused by a broken switch rod. Hum) N>:irly Torn Off. TlL'XTixG'iw, Ind., Feb. IS.— While falling from a stcpladdcr John llilde- brand, clerk in a dry goods store here, reached out, for a shelf and struck an iron hook, his hand being almost torn off. j _ Kotiml De:i<I In JSRfl. L.v POKTE, Ind.. Feb. 13. — Jacob .Schuinrn, a merchant and manufacturer of this city, was found dead in bed, having died of heart disease. He was of-Gcrman descent and was •<•) years of A Droken Kail. x, Ind., Feb. 13. — A broken rail caused tho wreck of a fast meat train on the Chicago & Erie road near this city, the engine and five cars being ditched. Jsobody wa.s hurt. Sent Up for KlKhc Yean. Lr.B.vyoy, Ind,. Feb. 13.— Allen Fair and Samuel Elkins were sentenced to eight years in the penitentiary for burglarizing a store ut Kosston two months ago. Given Tsvo Y<!:ir*. HUXTIXGTOX. Ind.. F«b. 1 ?., —Frank Moon wus given ';:••> VI-'T-, in the penitentiary f- •- --. '- '• • ' '" •'•in'.; ConsUiV'- ' JJrlekmftkprH In Convention. CLKVF.LASB, 0., Feb. 13.— The ninth,,' ' annual convention of the National' Brick Manufacturers' association held here. Tiie amount of invested, capital represented by the delegates] exceeds S-"iG,000,000. The associatioa lected Hon. F. H- Eggcrs, of Cleve-| land, as president. J.ubor sBUKGii, Pa., Feb. 13.— District assemblv No. 3, of this city, one of the] largest in the Knights of Labor, ha* been suspended by the general assem-| bly for not indorsing the action ot the general assembly at Sew Orleans. Taylor'* no'DdAtnei]. Sued. YOKK, Feb. .13.--The state of. South Dakota, is plantif? in an actiaa' just begun in the supreme court oi this state to recover a. judgment for, S35G.OOO against, the sureties on the official bond of W. Vi. Taylor, the defaulting treasurer of Sonth Dakota. .. !&;'•-.

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