The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on June 4, 1893 · Page 17
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 17

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 4, 1893
Page 17
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THE SUNDAY INTER OCEAN, JUNE 4, 1693. IT BICTCT.Fa UklUUUS . - K.DMTBI RALF.84H- WT! UTTLL IT. THB . B MALLET, strongest light bicycle bunt. Ws sell . It. BICYCLES from 15 to t23. BICYCLES so d . - cm time. Old wheels Ukm la exchange. Rar- tains la second-hand Bicycle. Beat repair abop I Mcsgo. COMPLETE lin-eof sundries and Cycle clothing. BLOOMER SUITS Varum different patterns. FTtcee way don. Ewjf rider needs One. Club nuinment a specialty. aph-a lot of that Jou1 English style: cap In all colors and shape. Prices al way a low. STOCKINGS A necessity. . W bars several Bind sid all sixes. SWEATEK-Black and white. Different cuall-tl- and prtee. M Kiup. - - BELTS In larre variety. IV on. - -- ' SHOES Shoes specially niade lor riding. Beet iate-rtal. ay fio a pair. - -. .TIGHTS Quanrr sleeve and full-length shirts. Ir. aivd fuU-lpnnh tights. Racing atuia. FVltFS-Hwd and foot pump for pneumatic tires. We have l.tsai font pumps aa rood a ever i made which we are selling for l.fiueach. Never j criora toia lor let uu rl iw. uuuwjrvwuiTui j seconds. . -El-bbER MUD GUARDS These are detachable: ean be folded In a space x4xj Inc he : alicki-et thing yet nw; pnlon In leva than a nrTnnte: coat ''only fv.Maet: complete protection from-taud. LAMPS A big variety. We don't keep any ef tbs WJ tnai roou;: wy are Hi I cnnii -CYCLE CUK.K9-Fasten oa handle bars.-- Ton ran are now last you are goisg. jum ine wing ir Scorchers: 7 25 each. - SKIRT WEIGHTS Every lady rider needs them. Detachable: can be put on any dress. . L"K1 very larre variety. jk. LSO toe clip, wrenches, oil. oilcans, tool-"haws, ifw drtynw. tnulm r a uard. cement. Ing- rure-carrtera. cycle-horns, ixilish. graphite-. enamel, saddles, pedali notes, cycle-brush tools. In fact, everything OMd In connection witb bicycle. UiXK T PES U-. 7 HAUU CYCLE MFO .CO .. 271 Wabaab sr. Open evening. 100,000 B1CTCLE- v ' SEW AND SECOND-HAND ALL. SIZES. ALL PRICES, ADVERTISED Cf ' ; THE WHEEL j (Cyellac Trade Beview.) : FOR SALE AT FLETCHERS 43 Taa Bores at., Chicago. The leading paper devoted to the Interests of cycling. THE WHEEL" . la ninatrated and contains a complete review of the trade and sport. Ak yoor a -wsdealer for It. SCBSCKIPTIOS PRICE. $2.00 PER TEAR. ' SAMPLE COPIES FREE. P. P. PRIAL 71 PARK ROW. yrW TORE. wiS allU THE RALEIGH. WE SELL IT. THE SMALLET. Stronrest Uht bicycle bollt, We eell It. Many ether atylee, from TZi to KM. CASH OR EAST PATMESTS. 1.000 panautlc foot pump at II. SO each. of cycle and athletla dothioa cheap. Everything la the aundry line at bottom pnee. Tbe beat repair abop In Cblcaro. MARBLE CTCLE MANCFACTURCIG CO., 771 Wabaab ar., Cnleaao. Open evenlEf B. (DERBT. ECLIPSE. AND PREMIER HIGH AND MEDIUM GRADE. . BK7TCLES. jTHB ASHLAND CTCLE CO., WHITCOMB. POSTER CO., j Mil West Madlaon at-i CTCLE SCTPLJEt- BICTCLES RESTED. REPAIRING PaUJMKTLT IXiNK BT SKILLED WORKMEN. BARGAINS IN SECOND-HAND WHEELS. SWIFT CTCLES. HOLBEIN SWIFT (1993) MODEL. Superior to ail others In follow lr.f featm SPOKES Swift Piano Wire. EEA RINGS Swift Temsered Balls. CHAIN-Swlfl Roller-brartm. TTJBISG Swift Tempered SteeL GEARED ORDINARIES- ' LADIES' BICTCLES. Oldest and largest cycle makers In the world. COVEXTBT MACHINISTS COMPAST (Llmlled;. 296 Wabaah avenue. Call or aend for eataiorue. 4t3 WORLD'S FAIR BICYCLE STORAGE OPEN MONDAT. A. M.. MAT 1ST. 10C PES BOCR EXCEED ISO S HOURS OR S9C FOR SINGLE HOUR. SECURITY GUARANTEED. FOB COMMUTATION TICKETS ADDRESS THE PARDO WORLD'S CHAMPION BICYCLE STORAGE CO.. C342-634S STONY ISLAND AT.. OPPOSITE S4TH ST. GATE. OPEN DAT AND NIGHT. ' s LOUIS JORDAN, BICYLES. Jordan Speciala. Sanger Racers. .Telegram Bicycles, Asd Other Makes. LARGEST RXPAIRSHOP IS TBS WEST. 71 ASD 73 EAST RANDOLPH ST.. - CHICAGO. ILL. w& AGENTS WANTED ACCORDING TO HOYLB, i. HOYLB. IMPORTER OF EXCELSIOR" BICTCLES. Larre repair shops In fall blast the ye r round. Vita s large fores of ex perteared cycle mechanics. gaelMClas' Hoy le. " a host la hlmseif. For good work the world kaa not bis caaL AH "kinds of wheels remodeW to any style of anewtnatle on the shortei notice-. Nos. and 7 East Madison St.. Chicago. TU. "ARROW BICTCLES" . M UX BE FOUND TO MEET ALL THB RE-CUIRXMENTS OP THE MOST CRITICAL IS MATERIAL, WORKMANSHIP. ASD FETISH. THEY ARB EQUALED BY FEW ASD EXCELLED BY NONE. IN FECIAL FEATURES OF DETAILED CONSTRUCTION ASD Cf LIGHT-SUN NINO QUALITIES THEY BAYS SO FXXB. sw-wa ' CENTURY CYCLE MFO. CO. 3 Wahasb iv. - . ww nw -fTVTl sSg THE SiRfTTTR-S FRnrTt. EVERY KIDKR HIS OTN PA F.H A ITER. ER HIS OWJt TIMER. ' ibLE HANDLE-BAR CLOCK. SI'.HT: FEE OUR AWOTABI IT 1 OUT OF THE . AC EST WANTED EVERYWHERE. MASON A MASON. 6f9MaolBon st. la MOA-F.Ie- - - SEW MAIL. TENTH YEAR. Hlgseat grade. Weight, M ponnda. poenmaus. a! 23-00 tninlap detacbablo rtiei ma t la- S1XA. . . " SIT DEBAR tR BRIjs.. . Mich igan a v. and Van Bures Bt. ee DERBY ECLIPSE AND PREMIER Br--a -yTl r in high aod medium grades: Cycle supplies: proaipt repairing: wheela rented- bar- Iains la seeofxi-hand Mojrles THE ASHLAND Tt l.K CO.. WHJTXXIMB, FOsTXR A CO. BICYCLES. TOO : CAS BUT .j' MOBARCHS Ob a year's time a HO EXTRA CHARGE FOR INTEREST :W will take yourtild wheel la: ; exchange for a - -,: : . . - SEW MONARCH : : and ' . . : : make you a liberal allowance. : PON T PAIL To vlalt our retail alore . THE FINEST IN THE WEST : CM) Wabaah ar., cor. Vmp Bnrea.'.: Be'ore you boy el e where get our t4r" ,' pae catalorue. ; . " -FACTORT- : ' ." '. ... - MONARCH CTCLE CO., j -I A.1 S3 North Halated at. : ' 3 ZIMMERMAN- RIDES THE RALEIGH. WE SELL IT. THB SMALLET. Stronrest Urht bicycle built. We sen It. Many other styles, from fli to t2ZO. CASH OR EASY PAYMENTS. 1.0OO pneumatic foot pumps at f 1.60 each. A line aaaortnscnt of cycle and athletic clotblnf cheap. Everything In the aundry line at bottom prices. The best repair abop In Chicaco. ' MARBLE CYCLE MANUFACTURING CO., 271 Wabavb a., Chicago. Open evenlnra. SEVEN COLUMBIA BICYCLE POINTS. POINT 1. folumMaa are sound. Guaranteed from tire to Bana.e-t-ar. POINT 2. Extreme and durable llchtuess. POINT S. Beauty of outline. POINT 4. Beauty of flnlah POINTS. Always op to date. point . Always have led. als aya will lead, all blcyeles. POINT 7. Of highest grade, others may be. ColnmMaa ARB. our ri 1 1 itr school Is at rotir service. OPEN FROM M A.M. UNTIL u P. M. - POPE MANUFACTURING CO . !Otl Wabaah ar. IDERBY. ECLIPSE. AND - f HIGH I I BICYCLES. -(MEDIUM PREMIER. MIER. J GRADE. -THE ASHLAND CYCLE CO.. j WHITCOMB. FOSTER CO.. K West Mudlaon tt. CYCLE SUPPLIES BICYCLES RENTED. REPAIRING PROMPTLY BY SKILLED WORKMEN. DONE BARGAINS IN SECOND-HAND WHEELS. ARAB HIGHEST GRADE! SUPERIOR FINISH? LIGHT WEIGHT! .. -tiT.fnnweioap "Arab" roadster-? Cycllsta who have se.-n tt pronounce It the allck-f tern ,Ml hpvnml criticism. It has the si molest change of speed device there s alwaysready and adds less than two ounces to theweigtit. The - Arab" la light, easy running, strong, ana the finish Is superb. WE ARE MAKING QUALITY THE FIRST CON- !IULHATlu.-i. we invue in ves:igation. AO so is to believe. Send for catalogue. BAILEY MFO. CO., 207 South Canal Street, Chicago. THE CYCLING PUBLIC IS NOTIFIED! Heaunenect A lien ouyi W mr mlnr to ' "bounce' a Mr lot of bterrltats' suits and sundries: special Bale Monday. May ale Mundav. May 1. lasting u until article la aold: note m-icee: Bicycle i coats, black, gray C3.S3 Short Danta. black, gray 2.40 Jersey pants, nne slock, black S.1M Sweaters. Sll sixew Bni colors, ww. ........... Shoes, f2 2a: caps. ic: nosw-ry. etc., etc. Big piles of lamps from eoe up. No further discount to the trade: open nights, CHAa. H. B1EG MFG. CO.. 274 Wabash ar. BUY YOUR WHEELS OF THB WEST SIDE COLUMBIA AGENCY, i n 19 i lt. at.r-.-.t , TK '.AKSH AGENCY. HENIX AGENC-Y. AJtHVLiLr j, r. r i , . WAVEKLT AGENCY. BARGAINS IN SE4XIND-HAND WHEELS. All sold on ve-nr easy payments. RENTING AND REPAIRING. See our new cyclceloch. MASON A MASON. S'.'O W. Madison at. j-t GEO. V. CLEMENTL O. W. BARR, CLXMENTI A BARR. ManufM-t-ueraof BICYCLE SUITS, ALL MAKES OF BICYLES. Write for price and circular. Office. 271 Wabaah sr., Chicago. J. bOUCHKR, W. R. LEiTCH. BOUCHER A LEITCH. BICYCLES. vsiratva a n r-v A v f"T Txri CON VERTING A SPECIALTY. 221 JACKSON BOULEVARD, CHICAGO. TiiaCOUN 4a910TOsUPKRCEST HUME EES A ROVERS. LARGEST STOCK OF BARGAINS IN THB CITY. HORACE BELL, AG EST. ?3 WABAH AY.. 5 new patent areas wetgnt, u is ins very wung f - WtMV fll. A RI f r.S FROM "UTOM LBS. TTTASIA Finest ladles' wheel oa earth; weight from 33 to 3.'. lbs. AR1ELS for the fast men; round, elilptlo or octi- row sprockets. mtu1 hares Ins. ARIEL CYCLasMFO. CO.. IE or. ef s oamnmv and Tan rnircn st. RALPH TEMPLE ATI mkM. The "Roral Umltc-O' and Halla- day-Templs Scorcher" Is particular. Only Brat- rlaas South Bide bicveie store. Aae xsa St.. te tween Mlcoigan anq vraossn avs. BUSTED. -XAURER, TBS BICYCLE SCALPER. nm Wlrb Grade Blerelea rose to trie dogs. A Hirh Grade Light Road slur with M-A W. tires tort.i. .None better. MAUREK'S. jO gVslTg VUI-ywnr v tiw mi gswit- aa it. t-t "RADELL ' uH UFACTUSXS9 ASD DEALERS Ef CYCLES. OFFICE ASD SALESROOM; Tra .v , StrS Sta WHEELS BUILT TO ORDER, s - REPAIR TNG AND DAT STORAGE. ' ' a IrWIll. til l nf DlfTrCLES DURING No -sVi9:be next few oars we anall close out our Urge bum: a ot second-hand Wore lee at low prices: very 7 w-rms u uesirea. salesrooms makes It stock. Caavoaeatrh? Flxlsg trp our store and to pounce CHAR. B. 8ETO MFO. CO.. 27? Wabaah sr. ys WANTED BICYCLBi SECOND HAND; IS good i repair: state best rash price: name of I wheel, and how long Bira. trlnrBB FX iL later I Ocean. jf IMPERIAL BICYCLES ARB THB FAVOR w9 Ites. CHAS.H.8IEG MPG CO., 2-7 5 WabsaVar. IMPERIAL BICYCLEa ARB THE FAVOR-aki tass-CHAS-B-kiEG MFG. Wabaah ar. BICYCLES. 5 BICTCLES! BICYCLES I BICTCLES! OUR GREAT BARGAIN SALS STILL GOES ON! ' WE BKAT THE WORLD. SBsbeB LOOK AT THESE UNHEARD-OF BARGAINS. 1 Coventry cross, hlrheat grade aafetles. I ported . tKngllMu uakeii reg-ular prices 130 and simi. - - ? our prices : ' 49.00 U.tN TO TO 75.00. : : . - This rrest sale also Ineludea Oermully A Jeffery'a - ujgn-graue rutnioira. pneitmuuc ure. . . .. . .- reg-ular pries SIM. '7 OUR PRICE S75.00. V. B. All of the above a-tfeties are new and Perft-et. and strictly guaranteed. Wealao have on hand a lot of SECOND-HAND WHEELS, FROM 910 AND UPWARD. We will allow an additional K per rent dleeonnt front our already aacrlliclug prices by presenting tli In adver-itaenu-nt. Attend thin aale early and get first choice of our many bargains. THE CHICAGO SECOND-HAND FURNITURE CO., Milwaukee ar.. Between Monran and Huron Bta. Open eveiilnra. Tel.. Main 3P03. IF ALL WHEELS WF.KK AS UCMJl At RAMBLER BICTOLES ALL BICYCLE RIDERS so ukl I I be aaUaaed. IF ALL DEALERS AND MAKER- PPOKB ONLY THE TRUTH. FEW PNEUMATICS EXCEPT . A. J. PNEUMATIC TIRES WOULD BE SOLD. Call at HI MADLAON ST., opposite McVlcker'a Theater. GORMULLT A JEFFERY MFO. CO. c2 ARAB. : HIGH EST GRADE,: iSUPERIOR FINISH. ; LIGHT WEIGHT. : HAVE YOU SEES OUR ARAB ROADSTER? j 'Cyclist who naveseenii prooouoce It the slick est yet. and bevonU criticism. It has the simplest change of speed device there is MwKy. re-wi w.f w w to the Weight. . The Arab" Is llghu easy-running, strong, and ' the finish la superb. WE ARE MAKING QUALITY THE FIRST CONSIDERATION. We lu vile Investigation. To aee la to believe. Send lor eataiorue. BAILEY MFO. CO.. SO? South Canal St.. Chicago. 5 STOKES MFG. CO. 203 WABASH AY. STERLINGS. UNIONS. Largest line of bicycles In town for high grade wheels. rl; turn a?-.i tai hii a r n.r.r.. y PHANTOM- nuiiiiruiJV3. 115. THB HENRY BEARS CO.. 110 AND 112 WABASH AY. -H?G1 THE ASHLAND CTCLE CO.. WHfTCOM B. POSTER A CO. fan AND MEDIUM GRADE BICYCLES AND IMPORTERS OF BEST 'ENGLISH, WHEELS." CYCLE SUPPLIES. REPAIRING PROJ4PTLY EXECUTED BY SKILLED WORKMEN. BICYCLES RENTED. 801 W. Madison st.. near Ashland blvd. W. H. FAUBER MFO. CO. CYCLES. ' REPAIRING, RENTING. SUNDRIES. SS YAS BURES ST.. COR. WABASH AT. Cycles of all makes fitted with pneumatic Urea c2 JAMES BICYCLE. IMPORTING CO. SEE THE JAMES. 23Q and 232 Wabash ar. SPECIAL SALE "BICTCLES." CHICAGO GUN AND CUTLERY CO., 236 Stale st. . Chicago. jmt FOR SALE SO-LB 1M BAr ETT, CHEAP, I lt as rider has no nse for same: 1893 r-attern: a rear a guaranty glvv-n witn macni wo weeks by ao experienced rider. S a. m. to 6 p. m. . second floor, vol ( e; ridden out Call Sunday, t-mlnary av. Wt: FOR SALK-flSO PNEUMATIC BICYCLE if that has never bees ridden, with a guarantee for one year, for SMoraah: big rest snap ever of fered: must sell: esll Sunday, vs. m. tog n. m 98 Sedgwick St. second flat. e " ACCORDING TO HOYLB'1 RIDE AN EX Ab9relstor: see thla wheel and yon ride no other; wheela remodeled 'to pneumatic Urea larre renalr shops in iuia mast. Bt.. Chicago. HOYLE, and 7 K. Madison fjt REST ON RARTH uuadrant" Bcorcner; aw ids: oH-reies. at au prices. SOW Wabash av. sstFOR SALE-tl JO GENTS PNEUMATIC I blcrele. never been riddea. will Bell lor HJ: also one pneumatic combination bicycle for lady or vent, never neen ridden, for B75. Call to-day. s. m. to 3 p. ro.. oev seugw-ca v. w nsr. WANTED BICYCLE SECOND HAND IN I good repair: state best cash Price, name ?f wheel, anu now long useu. xuorosa ga t A. tiler Ocean. , - sSAYl YOU FAST RIDERS: BETTER SEE Sa0' I "Niagara Scorcher" before buying: some thing new; to try It and Inspect It call Mr, a. Wakrneia. 497 East rorty-nttn street. 'THB NIAGARA, THE N LAG AHA; THE FI-in.i whel nid.: dron a line to the Chicago ageut. F. B. WakeBeld. 497 Eaat Forty-0 ft h St. r. FOR SALE AN 1892 HlSH-UBAUli MOn Agan A Wright tire pneumatle safety; Al eon. onion; cos. W8 Sedgwick St.. nrst nat. -e"t FOR SALE A BRAND NEW 01AO COMBINA- ajfl lion blcrcie: tor lauy or irmi w-rr we rtouen: will sell for 7; call Sunday. AB9 bedg-wlrk st. second flat. WCFOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH A NEARLY new victor bicycle la nrst-cisss conmuun. 34? Prairie ar. . jtK FOR SALE-SAFETY BICYCLE: DIAMOND frame: pneumatic tire, good coudl lion, nearly , 470 Austin av.. city. a FOR SALB 160 PNEUMATIC SAFSTT FOH r.s. morning. Call sdl West Chicago . av. Sunday SFOR SALB PNEUMATIC- DAflfri, aooi AjcS-also OTdlnar-r Picycie, tJU. tot vvaoaan, pass- . pient, rear. tFOR SALETWO PNEUMATiO-TIRB Bl- AScyclee: best make: new; Vfcry cheap. Gomer rwooa ar 1 and KedxleavB. FOR salb tw nuiuEit. auwiAa as Ak9 Wright pneumatic, 7i; euahion, tM. 178 Fremont at. -e FOR SALB PNEUMATIC SAFETY BI- AkScycle: good order; cneap tor caan. osf a. Washtenaw ar. w.u SALE CENTURY COLUMBIA SArn- w-sk7ty; good aa new; 890. Ak7ty; goo, Randolph St. A wi-i;a n. ll J. MODEL SO, 8130 Ocean. yee.FOB SALE M TAKES . - iVf costtllS two weeks agoi asX 423 W. 13tb a. . NEW SAFETY! a bargain; must BUSINESS CHANCES. 1L X. WEIRS A CO., 1-': 79 Dearborn at.. , , GENERAL BROKERS. Busnness chances A specialty. If you aredealrous of Inveatlnr In a Irani any nature eouault us be lore buying-- w ca Of va you money. . . "r. ' '" ' " We have the larrest lis and beat barratna la business opportunities o any nnu in the city. , - Tf vmi have a balnea- cf any kind for aale and wani ivtuniH iimI it with ua. We can aecure you a purchaser without oeiay. , ... - ., , - - S. M. WEIRS A CO. - ' . : SUITE 408-410, UNITY BUILDING. - - 70 Dearborn at. OR SALE A .BARBER SHOP WITH FOUR chalra: will Bell cheap:, before buylnr coura sod see our awek; will eaehauge tor property or cuii. . . . - . EM'llAnuR Bt'KKAU. - " Suite tail . H4 La Salle at. city. L)R - BALK -UU. WORTH DOUBLE. FOR r beat-located rroeerr: nice clean stock: One Bet of flxturea: everything A No.-l: clteap reut fori atom, rooma. barn, and boaement: part time: I Biuat aaennce- call (mnuay or jaunoay. vomer Kobey and Cortlaml bib, near miwuw ar. lT A NTE D A GXD RESTAURANT MAN WHO U cuu furnlnh and otwratedlntng-hall for hotel with larre number ot guests, ruaranteeo; anen- dld opportunity for right man. Call Monday niorniur. between V and 10 Clock, Koom 73. 11 Aaaiie at. TX)R SALE-OLD ESTABLISHED CAFE IN x heart of city: t of city: 'U4 lease: cheap rent: big di-Iccm: dntnr flue buHlm-aa: aeata KM: fl.OOU. R. M. WIE KS A CO.. 7V DeaT-born. room 4QH. - F)R SALE BARBER 6HOP WITH 9 CHAIRS. 4044 LaSalle Bt. . TR SALE GRflC'ERY: GOOD LOCATION; 17 chess rent: good trade; must Bell tula week: gout), n. at. WIr.U3 a t.v.. u iearuorn. room on. 1XR SALE-GOOD CORNER SALOON; CHEAP. 71th and Houore ata. Auburn Park. I.X1R SALE G ROCERT AND-MARKET: NEW A Oxtnree; gootl trailc: rbeap reut: slaughtered for e.V-i. R. - M. W1ER3 A Co.. 78 Dearborn. room 4ti-a XR SALE BUTTER, EGGS. AND CHEESE. A Baaetiieiit corneri'.'tto si ana Blue lalanuav. 1X)R SALB MEAT MARKET: CHEAP: FINE 'oeatlon. A iply "W Lincoln ar. In aaloon. T.R RALE-REST A UK ANT: HEART OF CITY A cheau rvtil: .mm le' t41G da business: sac rinre ror reou. room 4r. R. M. WEU19 CO., U lwarboru. LMB SALE ROfiMING HOUSES. SALOON. I rroeerlea: anvthlne von want from stauthulrk to a Workl s Fair hotel. . KJIUASUJ- HUKEAU, Suite !. e4 La Salle at. city. Y.XR SALE CONFECTIONERY AND ICR X cream; school supplies; easy payments. Wbll.-tce St. FJR SALE MEN'S FURNISHING STORE: GIOD location: low rent: new stock: owner has other business: rood chance for mas with small cauital. &.M U-ld st. lOR SALEGOOD MILK ROUTE AND MILK DE-X pot: cheap. 1 M Moaart at. YtARBER SHOP FOR IK-halrs. tiiull'nlo i . RENT WITH TWO TX)R SALE0-CAN MILK ROUTE AAiO - " X taken at once. i4 waahburne ar. UOB HALE BARBER SHOP WITH S CHAIRS. A 444 Latun st. F,?i SALE BAKERY: ESTABLISHED years: good trade: reaaoa for selling. 3 Stale at. 31 IX SALE-BARBER SHOP: ON 2VD ST A chairs: sauu; a money saaaer. st; room In Itill Washington TXR SALE-BEST SALOON CORSES OS KED- x a ale av at great bargain. E. O. WRIGHT. 12iO Ashland block. I.X1R SALE A VALUABLE LEASE, LOCATED F near Park theater: Kl reuuinsL KNOX A ( O.. Suite .?--. TV Dearborn t. Al'OL'LD LIKE TO MEET PROMOTOR WHO IS ft In touch with .-.() to HO.OOO cauital. Ad- dress H X 11 Inter Ocean. FXR SALB-GROCKHY STORE. NORTH SIDE; a suap bargain: Price. 1 .: Investigate. KNOX A CO.. Suite 3iV. 7S Dearborn at. YX)B SALE-MILK ROUTE-TWO HORSES AND x wagons: price. -: s tiig chance; growing traile. 1HJ Washington St.. Room Ik. 1TOR SA LE SALOON AND KHTiPHlKT! A rare oanraln Apply 38 Dearborn: must be sold. 1XR SALE-MILK BUSINESS: CHEAP: LARGE business! swap. Aedreee f X by Inter Ocean. f TX)B SALE FINE SA I r luA... and -on h nl.t SALOONCORNER - PORT- caah or on time. IXR SALE GOOD PAYING LIVERY. 6flnQ A stock: rent Sis: Dries ttliul: call atable: allev. fi-l.Vl BUYS COMPLETE GROCERY. WITH tZjwtAJ horse and viroo: use money-making lo-e .Hon: part time given. 3'JJ3 Dearborn at; open sunoay. IXR 8AL-GROCERY STORE, WITH OR A wlthoiU house, lost Morgan st. -TX)R SALE CHEAP- -RESTAURANT AND FUR-ndld Dlaue: owner in nour x nlshed rooms; splendid health. Wl W. North av. Xf UST SELL GOOD GROCERY STORB. WORTH l'l fMOO, for f;t75: caah or easy payments: big barratn. e center av. near Msuiaon st: ouen sun- aay TTOR SALE STOCK. FIXTURES. CIGARS. TO- X bacco. candy, news depot, toe cream, notions; good trade. 4107 State at. TTOR SALE GROCERY AND MARKET: SOUTH X bide; money-ma Ber flneoDetititg lor rood man. Fill A CO. ajNoMdat.. Eugiewooa. TTOR SALE -OR EXCHANGE SPAN OF A horses; house-moving outnt. iHBSeeorat. 1XR SALB RESTAURANT FOR S200OR RENT for 4. O.-o W. Madison el. . IX) R SALE OLD-ESTABLISHED OONFEC-tlonery. bakery, cigar, and milk store. 292S fort la no. mv. - 11'ASTED-MAN WITH sAtiu TO TAKR HALF t T Interest In saloon with experienced man, near TTorw srair. v ail o-gtst piaie si. 1XR SALE BAKERY. CONFECTIONERY. Cl-rars. tobaoc-oa. news-atand. milk denot and laundrv office: three rooms, f mulshed or unf ur- I nittneu. nw v est Mauison St. ffflOlCB RESTAURANT FOR SALE WOULD vrxenange lor small larm. m van Buren St. TTOR SALE tO-ROOM HOTEL: BULL OF ners and boarders. Inouirs at 27 West x roomers and Randolph St. Kandolph house. O 4 KQ SOUTH HA LUTED ST. RFSTAURAVT I .rx. Tor sale: srood nlace to make monev. or would take a partner, aa I hare other business oa I nana. I SALE CONFECTIONERY. STATIONERY, ult. and cigar store: dolne rood business: s good Dlace for restaurant; call at once: a rood chance. 3350 Cottage Grove av. TtEMASD FOR TELEGRAPH OPERATORS; If learn and take smlilAn.r l?lu Sln-l mnntMw Telegraph Soperlntendenfa ofllce. lift Fifth ar. 1TANTED FURNITURE FOR SOO-ROOM Roll tel. Chance for World's Fair hotels to aell their furniture. Address F X 9. Inter Ocean HOUSEHOLD GOODS, ETC JTURNITURE CARPETS. STOVES. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. Cash or ease na-rmenta. Si (IB snrtk roods. S3 ner Full S-pleee hardwood bed-room suit, 97.S& Parlor suits from 1 18 up. Cook stoves from M.4o up. -Wood-seat chairs. 19u. . Tables from &5o up. -warpets. . , lc MARTIN EMERICH OUTFTTTTNG 00. Leading House Furnishing Outfitters. ... 261-203 Stat BA Jpen evenings till o'clock. flASH PAID FOR USED FURNITURE. CAR-KJ peta. etc. . entire fnrnlture nf hotels snd nrlvats residences a specialty. T. P.. 21 Park av. sa r i AS FIXTURES AT FACTORY PRICES; va latest uesigna: lowest prices. M. B. BUL1JLN, lu.iiuim.ku,.,, sou sv - -Lanai , Ms'llson. JEWELKY. A DIAMOND RING AT 2SO PES DAY ISN'T bad, la It? The assortment wfll Interest you. 103 State Bt. GEO. B. MARSHALL. r lmc u porter. COLTTMBTTS MEMORIAL BLDO. TVAMONDS! DIAMONDS! DIAMONDS! XJ. ..JEWELRY! JEWELRYI JEWELBYJ MA11C AND REPAIRED. TRADE PRICES. CHARLES A. WTNSHIP. WO. 78 STATE ST.. RtiOM 49. - TO EXCHANGE. rpO EXCHANGE - Oar exchanra list is unsanxled. ws can match almost snythlnr oflered Send for list and ask for anything you desire. Call or writs ua. A. b. VILKS A CO., - 430 West Mad Isoa at, BICYCLES. jfK FOR SALE-LADY'S HIGH-GRADE PNEU-wtj-ymatic safety; cheap. 896 Campbell ar. y-B-tPOR SALE-GOOD SINGER SAFETYl 830. aVk-7 800 Milwaukee av. FOR SALB BICYCLE CHEAP. JsaCHEST-mjjgy nut t, second Bat. . P. H. PENNISON. : StrOR SA LXJI-CUSHIOM-TIRB VICTOR; 866. wha Second aum, ui unm av ;, ::,.., ; - BUSINESS CHANCES. CAPITAL FOR ALL . - LEITIMATE BUtMNEiUl PURPOSES. PROCURED) KNOX. WEIR A CO.. 79 Dearborn at. , SUITES 437 AND 438, UNITY BLDS. PARTNERSHIPS NEGOTIATED. - SUITES 437 . . andi:k - UNITY JBCILDIN G. KNOX. WEIR at CO.. e PATENTS HANDLED. J.i:.'..'.':.': KNOX- weir A CO-' '-....'.S.... SUITES 437 AND 438, UNITY BUILDING. MINING SYNDICATES FORMED. KNOX. WEIR A CO., KNOX, WEIR A CO., KNOX. WETS A CO.. SUITES 487 AND 438. UNITY BUILDING. STANDARD ) MINING V STOCKS ) KNOX, WEIR A CO.. UNITY BUILDWG,. Suites 437 and 438. j COMPANIES INOORPOBATEP.' KNOX, WEIR A CO.. 79 Dearborn at.. Suites 437 and 43M. Unity Building. TX)R SALE A NOTION STORE CONTAINING X candy, rroceriea. croekerv. tinware, and a laundrv office. The Lmndrv office and candy alone pays the rent, which Is only f 13. A nice place for a wkiow with a grown chlia to help ner. Gvoa reaaoa for Belling. , VUKKAy JV EAlHANbE, Suite Mil. b4 La Salle atreet, city. Uri'ST BE SOLD AT ONCE BIGG EST BARGAIN Afxin Chlcaeo Larre Block of rroeerlea. comDlete set oi natures, horse, top wagon, and barnetis; rent, with three rooms, basement and barn. 9-3: no opposition whatever: thic kly settled neighborhood: gold mine for aomebodv: call oulc-k: rare chance; only 4tm-, part lime given. IMA Come 11- st.. near n - xsuiana-av.: can sunuay morning. S21 fWl-ASH tr-O. EASY PAYMENTS FOR i CllU nicest delicaev. clear, and confectionery alore in Late view: rent, lnciuaing a rooma. si; splendid chance; no opposition: everything com plete: call Sunday morning. 1043 Wellington at. near udcoio av. ()R SALE-24-ROOM FURNISHED HOTEL: transient trade: making money: don't miss this. lffg WASHINGTON ST.. Room IS. I m m v . VT-xr r . ti. DDVD trlfra cu 17 u . . l.- v . v v --.rias va -tu-r- ornt j -t e-1 sv tij -w mum mm I Ho-Q Masonic Temple, between t aod 2. f one of the best hotel shops In Chicago. Call FR SALE SALOON Canal: price. 2.&U0; , MADISON boos better; ST.. NEAR a fortune for some one. 12 WASHINGTON ST.. Room 19. TOR SALE AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED A flat. W est Sloe: a snap bargain; mu t be sold thla week. Apply to owners suite 437-8-0. jjearoorn at. TOR SALE MILK BUSINESS: price f2. VIO; the big bargain. 162 A stand alone rortb It a big. I Waahlngton at. room 18. TP YOU WANT A SAFE INVESTMENT. PAYING X . 10 per cent, address F X Inter Orean. tXR SALE SALOON AND LODGING-HOUSE: price. C2.4O0: near depot: a sure fortune in this. 1H-2 WASHINGTON ST.. Room 18. COME NICE OPENINGS IN RESTAURANTS, l saloons, lunches, and other snaps at PAXTON A CONWAY'S. 71 Dearborn.- iXR SALE PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO, NEAR 3Uth st. and Went worth ar. : price gtUSO: agem. 102 WASHINGTON ST.. Room 1M. A COMPANY HAVING MONOPOLY IN LINE OF patent mediclnea. doing active trade, but wishing to extend, offers s small block of unplaced stock at a ngure that will return 24 Bt cent on investment: we have the refusal of this for a few days; call and Investigate.. . KNOX A CO., 79 Dearborn St. TTOR SALE MILLINERY AND DRESS-MAKING x narlora on Madlaon at. : rif-tce. t.viti: fortune for a lady. . At2 WASHINGTON ST., noon ip. TX)R SALE-MEAT MARKET: r.tiO: A MONEY f maker; see It. IH2 Washington St. room IS. "COR SALE GROCERY STORE. STATE AND A 37th ata ; price, tisst: never r-t another chance. 102 WASHINGTON ST., Room 18. TTOR SALE A SEVEN-ROOM HOUSE. WITH 18 X oay boaroers; win sen lor .v.-. Suite M1 . 84 Lasa I le st. . city. I 1XJR SALE-RESTAURANT IN ENGLEWOOD; price, K-00; 1 know you will buy. If you look. ltt'2 washlnginn St. Room 18. TTOR SA LE A BAKERY WITH OVEN. ON THE JT WJCSTSIDE. WILL SELL CHEAP. BUREAUOP EXCHANGE. SUITE ool, 84 LASALLE ST, CITY. lTALL A1 T 103 WASHINGTON ST.. ROOMS 18 If you want a furnished flat, bouse, ho- vya i and 10. tel. saloon, clrar and candy store, or any kind of I a nuaiaess. tve na-re uta in ait nana oi t,m- eago. tlllt Kl T Ti A MARKET WITH HORSE. X wagon, and harness, bringing In about &0 a oay; good reason lor selling. BUREAU OF EXCHANGE. Suite ol. 84 LaSalle st. city. 1 YXIR SALESALOON: SOTH ST. AND WENT- I A7 worth av. : price tSAH): a chance to make some money. 162 Washington at., room iw. IX)R SALE FINE DINING-ROOM: ENTRANCE ' to World s Fair: price f 1.600; here ia a chance. ItiS Washington at., room 18. A GOOD RESTAURANT FOR SALE ON NORTH Clark atreet. will sell reasonable. BUREAU OF EXCHANGE. - Suite 6ol. 84 La Salle atreet. city. TTOR SALB MILK ROUTE: TOTH ST. AND I A stony Island av.; selling nracana: price fiOO. 12 Waahlngton St.. room 18. d7C TO tlS MONTHLY BY LEARNING TELE- V't-'arapning on our lines, xppty Telegraph Buperlntendenl'a office. 173 Fifth av. TTOR SALE MILK BUSINESS SOUTH SIDE; I A eight cans dally 162 Washington st. Ight cans dally; price. 9700; a aura fortune. itoom 18. TTOR SALE CHEAP ON ACCOUNT OF OTHER X business, new steam carousnel. built on entirely new principle. Call at Kuhn'e park. Sun-day: take Milwaukee av car. J. BENSON. FJR SALE OIL ROUTS HAS 000 CC8TO-mers and 700 eana: horse and wagon; price. 400. 162 Washington St.. Room 18. TXiR SALE CIGAR. CANDY AND NOTION X store: cheap. want money, zio jackson bivd. 1X)R SALE-HOTEL 50 ROOMS: RENT 990: A" price t2.800: -e r-J.KOO: thla la a enaD for any one: come and get particulars. 162 W ashington! at: room 18. TTOR SALE CIGAR, TOBACCO STORE WITH X atatlonery. confectionery, laundry office. Ice cream and soda-water trade; splendid location. 363 Thirty-first St. - TTOR SALE MANUFACTURING BUSINESS OF X rlasa. tin ana Iron Bhow card lass, tin and Iron show cards: entire plant P..t." - I prtce I well established: doing larre business fO.OOO. 162 Washington at: room 18. TMR SALE SALOON AND HALL. AT 69TH r and Halsied sts making big money: muat sell: here Is your chance; a fortune for an Investment of tl.iw-o; corns ana buy. room 18. . 102 Waahlngton at: T0 YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR BUSINESS? A111 f so, call ob aa at once. . Suite 437. 438. 439. 79 Dearborn Bt. PV)R 8 ALE-A FIRST-LASS PAYING RESTAU rant and board lug-house: South Side; paring well: must sell on account of alckuesa. Call at M02 Wcntworth av. PJR SALB AN Al CIGAR STORE. LOCATED In heart of City: Investigate. KNOX A CO.. Suite 437-8-9. 79 Dearborn St. TTOR SALE A RESTAURANT ON COTTAGE A? Grove avenue. Will sell reasonable. BUREAU OP EXCHANGE. Suite 001. 84 La Salle street, city. TVIH RALE A VALUABLE PATENT: CAN BE ' household: Investlrate. KKOl X sold In every household: A CO. Suite 437-8-9. 79 Dearborn. OALOON-GOOD LOCATION: '94 LEASE: SMALL Oesoital recti I red. 97 Klnzle St.. near Welle. TTOR SALE BARBER SHOP. WITH X suit Italian price, 47S; here Is a chance. 162 Washington St., room 18. r ROCERT STORES BOUGHT AS WELL AS . II other merchandise stores lor cash. Call or ad- drees MANSBACH. M N. Halsted St.. first flat. TTOR SALE 80-ROOM HOTEL: P-RICE. 24.- A Ot 000: sell on easy terms; a money. maker. 162 waahlngton at., room i&. i - TTOR SALE RESTAURANT: SOUTH SIDE: 94 X lease: cheap rent: a living rooms. grocery store. 240 Cottare Grove av. Apply TTOR SALB 11-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE; 1 tirlce. l.eoo; big money here ior ihe Fair. 162 Washington st. roora 18. FJR SALE BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY, soda and lee cream parlor; paying business. 4314 State at. F)R SALE FURNISHED FLAT, ON MORGAN Bt.: only 8200: worth A) ne-third more; take it. 162 Washington St. . roont 1 8. TVJR SALE RESTAURANT: -OWN PRICE. Jl rent paid for one month t jrncrwjn si. PJR SALE-HARDWARE STORE; WEST SIDE; 1.8U0: ob, but It la a bargain. 162 Waahlng- Bt.. room 18. - TTOR SALB-FOUR-ROOM FLAT ON THB WEST X Bide. bsU at a bargain. , . EXCHANGE BUREAU, Suite 601. 84 LaSalle St.. city. PJR 8ALE-S13I BUYS A CIGAR AND CANDY store In Englewood; rent, t!0: Buit marries souple. 168 w aahlngton au, jmmi Is. BOUGHT AND BOLD. BjpsnfEss jgacEs. AeM-ROOM HOTEL: FINEST LOCATION: DOING lanre buaineaa; owner muat sell on account of other buatnesa. -. - ... An KH-raim family hotel, down town; HOUSE ALWAYS FULL OF BEST PEOPLE. A 14-KOOM HOUSE. MICHIGAN AV.t walklne dlouwiee: 111 omIb: doing iHrre buglneaa; always full of BEbT PEOPLiS. PRICE. al.2UU: KEST Biys. . lo-CHAIR BARBER SHOP in 250-room hotel. Price fsuw. Lunchcoanter. Beating capacity 129 'people; beat location; cheap rent. ELKUANT 14-KOOM HOUSE, will rani fur- niahed (or oneyear: fI75per montb. A One MEAT MARK. on Madison, at. doing a ; buatnesa of S43 per day. Price, t:-MK nu. - IN A PATRICK. A BUSINESS MAN WHO HA$ (3,000 TO iSTEST ESTABLISHED LEGITrMATE BUSINESS can Hnd the bent opening la Chicago by calling OD Fmtn Itt.MHI tn tllLttn tin iMflKfirMl ihl.MW. No trifiers need call. - , KITTELL, . . - . . Room Kis AehUuitt hluca 1 corner CI ark a no Randolph ats. ' .TTOR 8ALE SUMMER RESORT IN THE MOST a. nounaiiiag weateru city. Large para. Bteamer. pieaaure boats, bsrres. ealoon. dauce-hall. fur. nlehlng, pictures, everything complete, fe.tka; one-fourth Ita value: halt caah. balaiwe lunr time: can double the money this year; no com petition. Write for oetaUa or call. . 8. B. MILES A CO.. - - - ' 460 W. Madison Bt.' Tlf UST SACRIFICE MY GOOD. ESTABLISHED tx caan grocery. i. Id re i neat door to larve tiMua niaraet: Heavy Block bl staple rrocenes: nae nxtures; new wagon: complete and beat buelDees I stand in Chicago: actually worth H.COO: will taae from quick purchaaer !OU and give part time oa same, itoj rf . iiiuuM . - FOR SALE BARBER SHOP; FOUR CHAIRS- well establlBhea; immense trade; price. tMM; In center of city. leii Wawhington at. room lit. TXR SALE RESTAURANT 600: WEST SIDKi X aoing large . dome buaineaa. l&J Washlugton Bt, room le. LXJR SALE-CHEAP FOR CASH-CIGAR, CON- X fectlonery, atatlonery, and news stand: living-rooms If deslrea; corner store. 'Juki W. Adams at. TXK' 'SALE GROCERY STORE. NEAR HUM-ilt Park, oa Division at: oriee. UM: awful Jl boklt Park, cheap. 16a Washington at, room In. 1X)R SALE GROCERY AND MARKET. OR will take partner; very cheap: good trade and fine stoca ' H. U. MILM CO.. . - . - , flj) -Heat Mam son st. TXlE SALE AT ELM HURST, ILL.. A ROAD- X house; old. established; easy terms; price. tlS.OOO.' j. lez n astiuig-tou St.. room is. FJK SALE HAND -LAUNDRY; worth more; must sell; S3u0; NORTH niaaing money. ltS'2 W ashington St.. room Iw. T.XJR SALE BARGAINS -O-ACKK FARM AT tl nierchau- X fiS per acreT new stock of general oiae. Invoice atl.uou, well locsteu: gooa newspsiier In good town, material all new and good, eouu; go ha terms on all. Aadresa J. M. J ACRbON. Lor- lnior. lows. ; IX)R SALE A SALOON: MAKING MONEY; wine room, etc., near liilh ano Mate; must sell; runt of partners; l,00O. lOi Waaulugton St., room la. Sl Q TAKESONE-HALF INTEREST IN WELL-t-51w estaOiisneu launcrv: aoou traue: norae anu wagon, boi Morgan st. 1XR SALE SALOON. NEAR 2BTH AND STATE; . suit coioreu man; price, rl.oU0: a big tight ou; come and get a bargain. lb waahiugiutt St., room jn. DELICACY 'STORE. WITH CONFECTIONERY, ice cream, clears, aoua water, ana fancy gro ceries; oest location on xtonn bide; no competition; etegant mtures; One stuck; fl.OOU takes U. . h.1'1 ifcLLA CO.. 813 Ashland blocs, comer Clark. VTE CAN FIND YOU THE CAPITAL NEEDED v to push your business, as it should be pushed. If the business la wurtli pushing. Call. , &NOA A CO.. Suite 437-8-0. IV Hearborn Bt. S700 BUYS FINE SALOON; CALL QUICK IF 'you want a bargain, ri. B. MILES A CO.. 4S0 West Madison Bt. WORTH INVESTIGATING EVERY BUSINESS we list and otter tor aale: If vou are looklne for a business opeulog In any line call on us; if we cannot satisfy ou uaa week we can tlx neat. KNOX A CO.. Suite 437-8-9. iV Dearborn at. L?OR SA LE 16-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE I s ill t ikIu at a sacriiice. V. B MILKS A COV 45Q West Madison St. TOR SALE AT A SNAP BARGAIN AN A NO. 1 X express ana teaming business; established 12 years; muat be sold this week sure. Call KNOX A CO.. Suite 437-6-X. 1i) Dearborn. TXR SALE e-ROOM FURNISHED FLAT ON X Adams St.. near Lanln; new stone front bouse; ail mocexn cunveuieuves. S. B. MILES A CO.. M West Madison St. IXIK r pri Usv W SALE SALOON AND 22-ROOM HOUSE: price, t-t.ouo: suit two people; maaing money. asning atreet. room le. I -OR SALE GROCERY; OLD STXND: WITH horse and wagou; owner retu-lag Irvtu bualncsa. jiat rcuer av. TTOR SALE NINE-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE: X North Side; price, tvOO; never get another cnance. iei wasuington auvet, room 1. YTOR SALE CORNER DRUG-STORE: MADISON X st-; rent t-49: price H.utM; part caan balance real estate or well secured. 8. B. MILES A CO. , 450 W. Madison Bt. Jt W barga XiR SALE TEA AND COFFEE STORE ON est Madison street; price, cvuu; on. what a rgain. jey wasniiigton street, room l. ftALL QUICK RESTAURANT WITH FUR- I vynisneaj-oums lor sale: nartuerB niaarree. aiui Mate at. PJR SALE SALOON; SOUTH SIDE: BIG j trade; sure winner; price, f ZOO; chance to maae money. 102 Waahlngton atreet. room 18. TTOR SALE STEAM LAUNDRY: ALSO A NEAT A and weU-paying hajud iaundrj': must be sold uils vy?tk O. . NU,U t.V., 4.'-0 W. Madison fct. TTOR SALE BLACKSMITH AND LIGHT PAT- X tern shop; Kntvol macuiuerv: maklnr monev. and doing hue trade; price, S3uu; suit two young men. 162 Waahlngton at. room 18. TTOR SALE-CIGAR, TOBACCO, OONFECTION- x ery sou oaaery. lua r xtortn ar. 1XR SALE-CIGARS, CANDY AND NOTIONS store: on 3lst st: price, tMtO: rent, (28; asful cheap. 102 Washington st. room Is. )R SALE-MEAT MARKET; ONE OF THE best-paying stands on the West Side: 2 horses, 'd wagons; tine fixtures, good, clean stock: everything complete. B. MILES A CO.. 4.10 W. Madison at. TTOR SALE CANDY AND NOTION STORE; iTsdeT th llaisted street; price, S30O; doing a big 162 Waahlngton st, room Is. TTOR SALE BAKERY X Ashland aves; t. ke this, if yon iwant a monev- maker. 102 Washington st, room 18. 500 trade. BUYS FANCY GROCERY WITH FINE Aivings-rvoma; low rent rood stork and B. IS. M 1A.S.9 A UU. . 440W. Madison st. IV)R SALE SEVEN-ROOM FURNISHED FLAT: suit transients: near 14th and WaoaaiiAr; you want thla. 102 Washington at, room 18. . TTOR SALE STEAM LAUNDRY; SOUTH SIDE: X well estaousneo: a good opportunity: Drive -F2.oto. lttj yiasnipgton st. room 18. FOR SALB RESTAURANT- MADNnV BT TMV. I uSlilbSarpsrt chDImce-W ume. sw-H. MILKS A CO. . 490 W. MadiBon St. SALE PLUMBER SHOP; NORTH SIDE; re trade: t-MXI: muat aelL l&t Waahlmrta at., room 18. -, TTOR SALE EIGHT-BOOM FURNISHED FLAT: A at -4 1 itn street ana vnampiain avenue: BHiNI: rent tA2; awful cheap, 102 Waahlngton street. room is. TTOR SALE BARBER SHOP ON MADISON ST. x scuaira; reuton.y taw; laundry pay s half of it; 3A0. e. o. aii-i si ias., 4SO West Madison Bt. JTOR SALE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Right at World's Fair groitndB: price $3,000; snap.el02 Waatjlng-ion street, room 18. TTOR SALE-MILK ROUTE; FOUR CANS DAILY; X West Side: ouly0500; buy and make mouey. 162 Washington st, room 18. . -rvjR SALE MILK ROUTE. 10 TOl CANS- RE- I Ftail andolesaleS? ApplysVsrcVnter a vT I TTOR SALE FURNISHED X near uth aud Cottare 4 19-RAJOM . HIIINK Grove av: tl.Ouo; reut 40: awful cheap. 162 Washington at. room 18 TTOR SALE BLACKSMITH AND PATTERN X shop: f.t.b0O; doing a nlee trade; forced to sell. I6- Washington Bt. room 18. TXR SALE CIGAR AND TOBACCO BTORR: X full stock; retiring from business; one week to investigate, ma. Jjespiainee st. TTOR SALE SALOON: HEART OF CITY TY; MUST 162 Waah- x sell; price, tv.t-oo; a pig bargain. lngion Bt, room 18. TTOR SALE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT. NEAR x norm s rair; to.uuu; Washington st, room isT making money. 162 TTOR 8A LB RARE CHANCE CIGAR AND TO- x bacco store: doing good buaineaa. Call .t-l'iu. 63d St. Englewood. . ' FOR SALE-CANDY AND CIGAR STORB ON West Harrisou; B3O0; business at all times here. 162 Washington Bl., room 18. 1JVJR SALE SALOON AND HALL IN ENGLE-wood: -Fl.Aou: thla place is amtnt; alwas busy. 162 Washington st room 18. FOR SALECIGAR AND NOTION STORE ON West Jackson st. ; 9325; take this If vou want a bargain. 162 Washington Bt.. room 18. TTOR SALE MILK DEPOT. SOUTH SIDE: X Belling eight cana: 0O: licniauua: kui II 162 Washington St.. room 18. YXJR SALE MILLINERY STORE ON Mtr x waukee av: tl.200.Oh: what a chance for two women to room 18. make mouny. . 162 Washington at, j PJR SACE GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET; near Twentieth and State ets:tl.800. This place Is sold on account of Bicknees; Washington St. room 18. a bargain. 162 TTOR SALE-MEAT UlB-rt-T. DDIH0 eiui. .a. Ill I. II i vi. iuvutj, Washington st. room 18. rent (25; North Side. 162 4 SNAP IF YOU CALL SUNDAY OR MONDAY a A cigar and conrectionery Btore; doing good Plisi ness. vaii iv tt. van puren st. 'jR SALE-RESTAURANT; NORTH HALSTED st: price f'M: a rood chance: muat aell. 102 Washington st, room 18. - - P)R SALS CANDY AND NOTION STORE, 2097 W. Laka at; sort married couple: price. tti25. 162 Washington st. Room 18. TTOR "SALE MEAT MARKET. SOUTH SIDE; r nrfML aa&A! a uir winner: no chance like it- It WaniJUoru18 R SALE HARDWARE AND TINWARE Store OA TV est A-u Bl J n,un, VTT aoiu. . Alia TT ssnmg hw ih-ou ao. - BUSINESS CHANCES. THE FHTKNIX TRADING CO., Accept nothing for aale but choice, paying boal- i neas, and tberefors hare nothing but good ones to offer. - ' WE GUARANTEE EVERY ONE. ' We refuse hundreds of third rale eoucerns every If you are buying. - . you bare some guarantee with ns. ' If you ar selling, t you are safe with ns. SPE4.IAL To-DAY. ' " Saloon, splendid trade, f,M needed.' Grocetias. H fine ones to aeleet from. Meat markets, all genuine and paying. Bakery and grocery, tlie beat we ever had. ' Ice cream, confectionery, etc.: splemiid trade; bo competition: a ana p Indeed, cheap. nresalug parlora. Tor utdirs. aeleet. log Itouae. aeleet: full and baviiur. ' mlng houses, from S3UO to f.Vtft-0. . ita u rant a. 7. all aeleet and turiiir. and I0A Other clianeea. . - if you have a business - - - . You want to sell. " - : . ... . Be advised in tints " ' - J and call upon -. PHCF.MX THA DING CO. J0 Ijneet JEADQUARTERS RrUNISHED HOUSES . ,.- -r -ESTABLl.SIIEi 1MSI. " A -Well-furnished M-ruoni hotel: eentrallr tw ' eated: cheap rent; clearing over S4UU mvalhlyi ' . '. tin U Ki.- . An elegantly furnished lA-room house near An- -Oito-nuni-rrent-MJu: at s great sacrifice. A handsomely iurulahed l-roora flatt ebolew . r : North Suie location; cheap rent; at a bargains or will renl riirulhhfd. -All poalUve bargains and easy terms. 2 - ' . - . -1 - . 8. ROBINSON. 1 ' - " - Suite 71W. lt;7 l-rtorn at. XT1CK S-ROOM, FURNISHED FLAT-WALK PHi .-i uistance.',. ....t..... , Seven-room fiat, elegant. South Side,, Twelve-room bouse, elegant Paying restaurant, center of city..... Paying rwatauraiU. center ef city J.0OU . .... 2.S4NJ If you are looking for an Investment of any kln4 call on ua; we have large lima. . . . .... J- R. PERRY A CO.. Room M. ISO Waahlngton st. S200 YIELDS B4A WREKI.Y ITXt'RIT A t.t.-r proetabletnvesttn--nt: legitimate seaaoa now open: . Rowe'a lufaiiiblu tern: Eaatera races; second successful veiir: refer ences from subscribers all parts United State-sand Canada; aafe. eonser-ratlrn. practical : prohta re- turneu EACH WK-.Ki for short tlm" only. markably liberal tenus to new subscribers: Dros- ' pectuBlH!i3 free. c. l. ROWE, P. O. boa 17. .-Brot-klyn. N. Y. GREAT OPENING FOR A RESTAURANT We have Br-ace in large flat bulldlne to rent foe restaurant or bakery lunch-room an locatloa where tliere la a larre trade assured; no' opposition. See its promptly about this. . EGGLESTON, MALLETTK A BROWNELL. 2Q7 Tacoma Bulkllug. " ARE CHANCE FOR CAPABLE, RELIABLM A caterer loeiuian preTerreai to aecure fresment rrlvlleees at Haverly'B Criterion ga den. Sedgwick st. North fiue; smau capital r quired: liberal arrangements offered the right red the right Manager, Crl- man. Apply wii.i.iam MXKJl. IS, tenon A neater. PATENT "WANTED WB HAVE A CUSTOMER for an agricultural machine; be will pay apwt caah or trade real estate. C. P. ZERBER ACO..S4 Major Block. L?OR SALE CHEAP, ON ACCOUNT OF OTHER X busluess. new steam carrousel, built ah en tirely new principle. Call at Kulin's park to-day take Milwaukee av ear. J. BEXON. WILL SEND FOR ONE DOLLAR TO ANY AD-1 Y dreea four formulas of the famous Marguerite Complexion Be-iutihers. Money made at houie. Addresa E. G. H.. 24 E. Adams St. FR SALE RESTAURANT IN HEART OF city: 'W4 lease: l6 month rent: ami day busl- ' s: it will nsv vou Ia lnvestlr.ife- pmu 1 -im. wlU sell for ASOO. R. M. W1ERSACO.. 7 Dearbcrn. Room 4QW TTOR SALE SMALL RESTAUUA-NT DOING X rood business: obliged to aell: 11 EL Tivlor one door rear from State: cheap. IF YOU WISH TO BUY. SELL. OR EXCHANGE property call on PINGER BROS.. Boom g4. 1 f-t Dearborn at. F3R SALEA SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY TO secure a nice olfiee business cheap. Amrolig away and must sell. Addresa F X 76. Inter Ocean. FB SALE CHOICE RESTAURANT BUSINESS! cheap; would exchange for small ttrm. 000 Van Buren at. IXR 8ALE-AT A 11a bed restaurant: BARGAIN OLD-EST AR-feeda2utladay: rroo. R. M. W1ERS CO.. 70 Dearborn. Room 4J. F3R SALE f4.Wa MANUFACTURING BUH-ness. fully protected by patents: will net t3.(-tn per annum: ft will pay s caah buyer to investigate. Address F X 33. Inter Ocean. PR SALE MEAT MARKET SOUTHWEST Side; only S'joo; awful cheap. 162 Waahing. ton at., room 18. - 1X)R SALE NOTIOXS. IADIES' AND GENTS' FF.i SALE DRUG STORE NEAR WORLD'S 'air: dolnr an immense trade: SH.2UO. lii'A Washington st.. room Is. )rZf TAKES ZiiMt if taken RESTAURANT. WORTH toOO. at ouce. Call 3410 State st. FOR SALE CANDY AND NOTION STORB Englewood: only 3O0; worth it. Iti2 WuLuif ton St.. room IS. . f?IRST-CLALL CORNER GROCERY STORE AND X saloon for sale cheap on account of Illness; l"0 years' lease: good place for a German. Inquira 1S1 Randolph St. . TX)R SALE CIGAR AND CANDY STORE NEAR x A-ineoiu avenue car oamsi only -1o. ItiJ Washington St.. room IS. F)R SALE Al CORNER GROCERY AND 6AE-ery; cash buaineaa; will invoice, 204 W.Adaaaa P3R SALE MILK ROUTE SOUTH tuAO: s sura money maker; none better. Washington at., room 1h. SIDE: FJR SALE A GOOD-PAYING CIGAR. CANDY store, notions, bakery, laundry office: nvs living rooms: make Oder. 33S W. North I av. TTOR SALE MEAT MARKET-CENTRAL: NO xisltion: '94 lease at aid rent: U'liiav hui. x opposition: ness: Kicnucpa lorn -o: win atann inveaturatKia. R. M. W1EKS A CO.. 79 Dearborn. Room 4t. PtRTNERSHIP CHANCES IN SEVERAL GOOD lines open thla week. PAXToN A CONWAY. 79 Dearborn. 1X)R SALE GROCERY STORE: SURE WINNER! . price, tl.2ia: awful cheap; making big money. 102 Washington at.: Room Ih. FR SALE BAKERY IN SOUTH CHICAGO! Drlee. fl.Ooil: well eetabltshe1- two k..ra and wagons. Iri2 Washington st. . Room 18.- AFINE CORNER GROCERY STORE, ESTAB-lished lO years, with 2O0 atock of fresh goods, for aale or trade for corner property: don', cars If eame Is incumbered. Call at S9a Seymour atl take Milwaukee av car. . PJR SALE BAKERY: FULLY EQUIPPED! two horses and wagons: C1.MI0: chance of your life; don't mlaa it. 102 waaulngtoo at.. jfcoom 1 18. PJR SALE-1S-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE. 1 minutes' walk: clearing f Iuo per month; cheap rent; call quick if yon want a banraln: price. fSM, W1ERSA CO., " 79 Dearborn. Boom 408. TTOR SALE-50-KOOM HOTEL NEAR WORLD'S X fair: t Ltl.tKlO: will aell Whole or half- hMv vnil 162 Washington et.. Room 18. TTR SALE 11-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE x jacason Diva. tMHI: full of mtinuTM- tu. Kaa . cheap. 102 Washington et Room Ik. A IlMltLASS, t X .- I LV1 1U.KKI 2!i2EZ!?S'S!& '""SSL-.' SrJSf--5 cream parlor: beat aland on West Side: open Sua- pays, eoumwest corner at at anq lase sis. JR SALE CIGAR AND CANDY STORB price (.too: rent S25: chancelor married couple. 162 Wa-hlngton at., room 18. . TTOR SALE-CIGAR STAND LEADING RES- X taurant. heart city; S3O0. W1ERS h CO.. 79 Dearborn, room 4Q8. - TR SALE CIGAR AND Ci ANDY STORK OH X1 West RandolDh st. a modeymaker, 162 -masnington St., room 18. FIR SALE GOOD CIGAR AND CONFECTION-ery store: near elevated atation: between two theaters: cheap lease; good trade. Ill E. 18th at. TTOR SALE SEVEN-ROOM FURNISHED FLAT; x near &Ath St. and Coitaee throve mw A7im, awful cheap. 162 Washington gt.. room 18. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST CHANCE IN CIGAR stand In city to-day, 250. PAXTON A CON-WAY, 79 Dearborn. TTOR SALE HAND LAUNDRT RENT ax; PRICB ;, ,-bu ou wam I-JWa FJR SALE CANDY AND NOTION STORE ONf Lincoln av.i t:90: rent fj&i a little rein. . IK Washington at., room 18. PJR SALE STEAM LAUNDRY SOUTH SIDE; ' doing -.'00 a week business: can be bourht for $2,100 caah. R. M. WIERS A CO.. 79 Dearborn st. room 4ti8. FJR SALE JOB PRINTING OFFICE. DOING an Immense trade; tl.OOO. . 102 Washington si. Room-18. FJR S A LE SALOON, WEST RANDOLPH 8T fl.2t0; coining money. 163 Washington at, Koom8. TTOR SALE GROCERY STORE: I,2O0: NEAR. X state and 37th at: a money maker. lr.-J Wikii. lngion et. Room 18. STOCK OF CLOTHING. BOOTS, SHOES. FUR-nishing goods, first-class order: splendid location: cheap for cash, or will exchanre fur Chicago Improved. Address U X 20. Inter Ocean. TTOR 8ALE-14-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE; x price t2.000; res 75; Washington st. Room 18. don t miss this. lo2 PJR - SALE LADIES' FURNISHING STORE Good location: big. trade: rood lease at C4S month: investigate thla. R. Al. W1ERS A CO., 79 Dearborn, room 408. FOR SALE LOCKSMITH AND BELLHANGER shoo: prtce. tooO- well established: big money in It. 162 Washington at. Room 18. I TOR SALE 9A LOON ANDFURNISHED HOUSE; 61st st and Wentwortb ar; price, I,aoO; see this. 162 Washington st. Room 18. , FOR SALE-SALOON; WEST SIDE: JEWISH neighborhood: price. fOOO; none better; fortune In it. 102 Washington st. Room 18 "REST CONCESSION FOR SALE NOW. PAYING XI tla per day: win pay jo. fAtiva CON- WAY. 79 Dearborn. rv SALE GROCERY " STORE: FINEST IH Suit two dhodUi: a rem. X the city: price. (15.000: 102 Washington Bt. Room 18. msmt FJR SALE-CANDY- AND NOTION STORE; price. f3.000: rent. 845: aee thla; must sell. 162 Washington Bt.. room 18. PJR SALE TWO FURNISHED FLATS: MAKING money: near 14th and Wabash avt suit Iran- -Blents. 162 Waahlngton at., room 18. PJR SALE CIGAR, CANDY, AND NOTIOM Btore; North Side; only SOO needed; reut,ualy 17. 162 w aahlngton at., room 18. COME SPLENDID FAIR NOVELTIES. CONCES-I? slons, etc. , now on aale. PAXTON A CON WAY. 1008 Unity bldg. TTOR SALE GROCERY STORE: NEAR HUM- a. win i iw-u Am L.i.i-Non i ru,-tr: gtn -Mnair lara of tola. .162 Washington at., room 18. - . X boldt park, on Division at.; (000:

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