The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 8, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TIIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIV—NO. 18 BlyiSo Sid S^ppn'Sle'fLeS' HLYTHfcviU,R, ARKANSAS, THUHSDAY, APRII, 8, 1037 SINGLE COPIES FIVE'CENTS' NAZI INQUIRY PROPOSAL Student Flyers Battle Dust Storm In Texas Echo of Peace on U. S. War Anuivesrary 'lenancy Program Linked With Rehabilitation and Land Retirement SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Apr. 8 (UP) — A routine training night Hint turned Into a desperate jjat- lle.with the elements wns recounted today at Kelley . Peld where 19 of 21 student flyers checked in safely. Two plnnes were crashed in emergency landings and one cadet suflered a broken arm. Tiie cadets wer routed out of Kelley field at 5 minute 'Intervals starting at 6:45 P. M. Near Austin they encountered a blinding, dust storm. Each cadet did his| WASHINGTON. Apr. 8 (UP)— best to clear tlle storm which The house agriculture committee rcacllen ' 'he area sooner than ex- today reached tentative agreement l )ccte d. Only two managed to get on a compromise $195.000,000 ad-1 back to their home field for the ministration farm tenancy, rural, d " st are!> spread far north of San rehabilitation and sub-marginal Antonio. The others sat down at land purchase..program. San Marcos, Austin and Pawnee. Committee Chairman - Marvin Jones (Dem.. Tex.) said he would call n meeting later today to give formal approval to the measure. The three-point program, although in different form, was recommended to congress by President Roosevelt. | The committee formally approved after a six weeks light a sec? tiou calling for 550,000,000 In annual loans by the secretary of agriculture to aenant farmeis upon the basis of recommendations irom county committees. The loans would aid them in purchasing property. The loans, with no restriction on 'trie amount, would be repayable in 30 years at three per cent annual, interest. Tins compromise differed sharply from the administration program which provided for government purchase o£ the land for the tenants, who could repay the loans in forty years while the federal government held title to the property. Other features of the administration program, however, were vi-i'ially unchanged. These provide for $75,000,000 In lions annually to farmers for rehabilitation purposes'and a four- year .570,000.000 program for the EJ.C, Sill purchase;of sub-marginal lands by V 1 ? ^department • of agriculture'. May Keguire New Taxes WASHINGTON, Apr. 8 (UP)Senate Majority'Leader Joseph T Robinson said today that while no new taxation was contemplated at this session of congress, legislative action on relief, farm tenancy, housing and education probably would determine whether additional quired. Rctinson's statement Immediately recalled President Roosevelt's warning In his budget message of last January which declared that if congress appropriated sums over and above budget" estimates revenue measures would be necessary to finance such expenditures The budget as submitted by the president carried no provision for )emancl Same Concessions Given Company's Em- ployes in U. S. OSHAWA; Out., Apr. 8 (UP)— Approximately 3.700 workers abandoned the .plants of General Motors of Canada today and established picket lines. It was a strike sponsored by :lie United Automobile Workers b force the company to grant the same concessions that, its parent corporation gave the union In the United States, The company employs- appros imately 5,000 men here and at •3t; Catherines. Out., In the plant of its subsidiary, the McKinnon Industries. Workers In that, plant •vill decide their course of action 'oday. Union officials "predicted lhat they would Join the stiike this! afternoon.. The union'asks a.40-hour week, time and one-lialf for overtime, md union recognition. Possibility of repercussions In the United States was seen whEn-Hiisth Thompson, organizer of the U. "A W. here, declared that If Genera] Motors of, Canada brings "even one car" ncross • the border dur ing the strike the union will .call revenue would be ,re- another walkout In Motors States. plants in all Genera! the , United John Wiiks Victor in Hayti Mayoral Race HAYTI,_' Mo.—John Wilks was! elected mayor of Hayti in Tues-' day's election, polling 552 votes to 262 for Wiley Kirby. ' D. p. (Bud) Caliiey was reeled- farm tenancy, housing or educa-l ed marshal over two.opponents~He lion expenditures, although legis-1 received 600 votes to 173 for B L lation on ench of these subjects! Countess and 110 fo rTom Tsaster is likely at this session of ecu-1 Da Ve Pillow defeated P. X. .Schu-' macber for alderman In ward One. 220 votes to 196, and -Doc Hedge was elected alderman for Ward Two over Angelo Mahoulis, 288 to 150 Judge J. A. Johnson, who was unopposed for police Jndse. received 785 voles, and John Thomp?™ was reelected city collector, also without opposition, (railing 790 votes. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Apr. 8 (UP) Cotton closed steady. open high low 1418 H25 1405 1404 1414 1391 1353 1302 1339 1344 1351 1328 1343 1350 1329 1347 1352 1358 1340 1353 Spots closed steady at 1480. up thirteen. May July . Get Dec Jan . March close 1420 1400 1355 1348 W€Llr, UT€U YOU tanks, one of which is Army Day-on the 20tli anniversary World War. a little group of war- tativcs who braved blttci bccaiise of their stand against, war above were able .to' meet foi Washington reunion. They ator 'George Morris Hold Inquest in Leachville Man's Death I.EACHVILLlr:. Ark., April 8.— Coroner W. H. SLnvnll of lilyths- • • I vlllc wns summoned llils ivflernoon GrCill Brilmtl, However, l°/°'"lucl an Inquest Inlo lUedjath ,, . ' of Clint nnvls,-about 40. operator May Carry Prolesl lo General Franco UV 1.OU1S F. KGtiMM! United 1'rras Ca'llc Keillor Tension among the European powers, over the Spanish civil war lucre-used markedly today. . „ Italy again refused to discuss' bo ' <llc wlllcl1 npprvv'onlly had contained cnroolli; ncid was said have been found In the room. . Davis, who-has made his borne p ls,-about 40. operruoi of n locnl cafe, whose bo:ly \vns found in n room of a lo:al holel about noon. Indications pointed to suicide and LI uole was suld to have been found by the body. It w-ns withheld by officials ponding the Inquest. 11 wns rumored Hint dc-nth resulted from poisoning i\ncl an e I withdrawal of her "volunteers" ,rom S'jiUn. With the rebels Itiw- Ing difficulties In Spain. Drltnln nnrt Prance feared that Mussolini 1 llcrc for mnn S' >' enrs ' '» survived the time Congress members met near- bj lo commemorate their votes against the 1817 war djclaratlon. Of the 55 senators and represeh- attacks' ist war wllh Germany, only- the 11 shown (he arc, left to right, seated, with" their 'les: ; .,Senator ..ErnesL ep.,' MJnii.V . now In the House; Representative Harold Minn.), sllll in House; Representative Jean-: Mont.); Sen-' (Rep., Neb.),' still In the Senate; Representative (Rep., S. D.). feel Impelled to throw In I by his wife, (rcsli troops to Insure nn Insur- jent victory. ' Guns Force Apology Under the gutis of a cruiser and i destroyer In the Balearic Islands, lirilaIn forced nn Insurgent, apology lor the bombing of the British destroyer Gallant In the Mediterranean by rebel airplanes which some unofficial London sources suspected might have • been Itnl- an. There wcro Indications that the Bolh Resolutions Are Subject of Spirited Debate Today \VASHINdTON, April 8. (UP? — The' house In n turbulent se-ssjon today defeated the Dlckstclu rcsa- lullon proposing a congressional In- . vcsllgatton ' Into allegations that foreign nations are flntmclng un- Amsrlcan propaganda and activities tending lo Invite force rind violence. The,house.voted 184 to 38 in favor of a 'motion by Rep Lindsay British nmke government later would strong representations to Cicn. Francisco Franco nl his Snl- nnmnncn headquarters, Gallant Incident lidded for the to many others With Insurgents at sea and lo British' fear that'other European nations may'yet be dragged nlo Ihe Spanish civil war. Insurgent wnrplnnes which ap- imrently. came from Mallorca dropped 15 bombs i alongside (he Snrlnnd yesterday in .-two attacks off the eastern coast of Spain, Iliey 'were ; finally driven away by the destroyer's anti-aircraft fire. Freighter Molnslcd ] Interference with • the ''British I trelghter.v.ThorpehalK,.,..yesterday-! :)ddcd also' to British Impatience, fflc Thorpchnll (list was moles ted In the Mediterranean. ! and <igaln In the Bay of. Biscay. Three Uritlsh destroyers convoyed her into the Spanish government' harbor of Bilbao after driving, back Enactment of New Measure May Be Sought a! Next Council Meeting Emcr^encj action In icmp Bly- thcvlllcs piesettl beer oidlnancc and substitute another : ordinance In Its place, at the next regular session of Ihe city council April 13, appeared likely today as n-result a I the circuit court's .Indication recently in n li-si case involving Cluidnd Abraham, Rail- ioid sticct beei gaiden pro iirl;tor. While no niling was actualls hnndcd down" Standing, 1 left to right: Rcpresen- ' (J lc . Insurucnt warship Almirnnte tatiycs Harry C. Hull (Rep., la.); Edward Keating (Dem., Colo.); O. C. Dill (Dem., Wash.); Fred A. Britten (Rep., III.); James A. Frcnr (Rep.j Wis.); Edward E. Browne, (Rep.. Wis.). UTTflCK ON DEBT POPE IOLO RESIDENT fSTEELE Little Denies 'Rock Chancellor Petition for lervcrn. The Admiralty ordered British - BOB BURNS Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Aoril 8. -(UP)— Stocks moved erratically today in moderately active trndln?. a nv\- ipritv registering small z.itns. Bonds o'eclln°d. erai-is dropped A T and T Anaconda Cooper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola '.' General Electric ....... General Motors International Harvester McKcsson-Robbins : . Montgomery Ward -...--. New York Cenlral Temporary Injunction 1G9 57 7-8 D! 1-4 115 1-4 3 7-8 157 1-2 54 59 1-4 100 14 ' 58 48 1-8 Is Clew in Triple Easter i Murder Services for Mrs. Sara E. i onr'ictais Bunts, 78, Held Yesterday Aricrnoon NEW YORK. Apr. 8 (UP) .'— : STEELE. Mi.— Funeral services The slayer of . Grdson I ttcre l!cl d at th» Methodist church LITTLE ROCK. Apr. 8 (UP) — Chancellor Frank • Do'dae today denied the petition of W. O. Ecougale. taxpayer, asking n lem- | pornry Injunction to prevent state from carrying cut Gov. Carl E. Bailey's proposed bond refunding program. The court set April 21 ns the final hearing date on the petition. State Treasurer Earl Page. Auditor Oscar Humphrey and Comptroller James O. God. who were warships in the Mediterranean to go Into nctlon In event they nrc molested, and there were signs of Increasing vexation over Spanish ?xplnnnt!ons of "mistaken Identity" for Interference with British shipping. The government sent a - new lotc to .General Franco, reinlnd- uig him Hint he had not yet re- jllcd to protcsls against bombing Jf the British destroyers Ifavock And Glpscy in February. In Rome Virglnio Gayda, unofficial spokesman for Mussolini, continued in his newspaper his denunciation of France and Russia, accusing them of aiding the loyalists openly and on a large scale. Rebels Gain In Nnrlh In Spain the rebels were dominant in the north but almost completely routed in the southern Cordoba sector. Gen. Emilio Mola, however, wns driving hard for Bilbao in the north. Ills 'troops occupied strategic mountain peaks five mites from Durango and only 16 miles from Bilbao on the coast. Mola's forces were operating principally with German-made artillery, plnnes and tanks. No motive for suicide has bsen Wnrrcii (Bern, N. C ) lo table tit. disclosed although the purported "solution, thus killing the niens- note may revcnlsome reason. m£?1 Another Issue In the house debate was the pioposed Investigation of sit-down strikes. Mavcriek Leads Attack The resolution by Rep Samuel Dlcksteln - (Dem, N. Y) was brought up for debate nrsl but discussion quickly spicnd lo Ihe sit- down proposal of Rep Martin Dies (Dem., Tex.) on which a vote h due later. Rep. Mnury Maverick (Deni., Tex.) led off .Hie attack ion :both proposals. \ • Maverick contended that the two' proposals arc perhaps the-most Important mailers that will face us within the next 15 years," t •- . '< ... Mavei Ick charged that Dleksteln's • l| resolution would bring discredit upon Ire JesUsh race and nould servo no Useful purpose mid would embarrass good German-Aineii- can citizens " Rep Arthur Greenwood (Dsm,, Ind) asserted Ihe Dlcksletn resolution was supported by the Amei- Ican Leghn and other patriotic'01- ganrztitlons. - *-,. This \,,,s _i-| alleged byTfcp-^'v I - '"b&H afhsOT^'Vj^'^y-'Wt/'l-l 'aid tills set? up ^aT Anic'ricaV^'U chska. , Sijs Storm Troopers Drill Dicksteln, chairman of the houss immigration .committee and authoi of the hill said that the Legion supported the, resolution. Rep. J. Will Tailor (Rep, Tenn ), «'ho was a member of the house un-American activities investigation committee, charged there weie "200,000 Nn7i storm troopers drill-, ing in this countiy In the approved pealed fiom municipal court cans s:I the cessation of all attempts to collect the $15 . fine assessed . against Abraham In' the loVer court. Judge Kllloufih, in effect. Indicated that in Ills opinion the 3.2 per cent beer ordinance', passed by the council in 1933, provided no control over sale of stronger beer (such as is .sold everywhere* now) nnd that the city was without nn effective beer permit or- lintince, Snlc of the more potent iccr is legnl under state laws nnd tale license; for such .sale is ncc- .s.sary but until the city elects t° ilace a license or permit fee on he snle It lias no authority to demand a fee or require a permit is a condition lo the sale of beer, t was Indicated. , Litigation over the snle of beer cw out of efforts to close Railroad street beer gardens alter carved a full length 'figure in ai Wednesday afternoon for one of cake "of Foap Faster mornlri while ! Stecls's oldest residents. Mrs. Sara | nam ccl in the suit, were rcpre he awaited the beautiful 20-year-] E - Burns, who died Tuesday at the old artists' model's return to her apartment from a late drinking ' = of 78. A native of Corinth. Miss., Mrs. . ., . party, police said' todav as they| Bllr ns cams here with her parents extended their search for Robert! TO J' onrs n 8°. Ion? before the found' sentcd at the hearing by Atty. : en. Jack Holt. Scougalc In his original pctl- : of this city. She leaves one son, E. E. Burns Irwin, 29, ' sculptor nnd fornier! divinity student. ,1 . _. _. _ _ The figure. detectives said.! of Steele. one daughter, Mrs. Kath- "obvlously" represented Mrs. Ethel' """" *~ J ~ Kudner. sister of Miss GcdeoiW Police charged that the' model, Pnckar d i... 10 1-41 her mother, Mary, and a lodger Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp 11 56 3-81 In* their anartment, fYank Byrnes. 135, all died because of Irwin's I don't know why it is that you hear so much about complainin' wives, but very seldom about com- plainin' husbands. When it comes right down to fancy and assorted ccmplainln', the husband has got Ihe wife cheated a thousand ways. The poor wife gits blamed for everything. My Uncle Squlncey wns one of the worst wite-blamers I ever saw. One time ha was layedl EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. Apr. 8 up with the rheumatism and I sup-! (UP)— Ho«s: receipts, 11,500 St IX)iils-San Francisco 3 5-8 frustrated love for Mrs. Kudner. Kimmm " D °' 1 51 1-1 They claimed that he strangled 69 1-81 Miss Gedeon and her mother bc- 53 1-21 cause they Interfered with his ro- I mance and that Byrnes was stabbed to death because otherwise Simmons Bed Standard of N J Texas Corn U S Smelting u s Steel Zonlte Livestock 92 113 1-8 7 1-8 erine Laden of Blylhevilie. 13 grand children and five great-grandchildren. The Rev. M. A. Massey conducted the funeral, at which the pnll- .bearers were six of Mrs. Burns' grandsons. Ben. Ruble and Buddy Burns of Steele. nil of whom are students at Southeast Missouri Teachers college, cape Girardcau. Buster Brown of Memphis, and Oast on Brown and Carl German of Ion attacked the constitutionally of Act 218, passed by the fifty- irst general assembly, authortz- ng the refunding. He also con- ended that fulfillment of Act 27E would impair (he state's credit and! not give equal protection to nil the] state's taxpayers. Filing of the suit followed re-1 'usal of Treasurer Page to trans- 'er $100,000 from Ihe old bond refunding fund to the general bond redemptions account to be used he would have been a slate's wit- [ Steele. Members of the Steelc' high school girls' basketball team were flower girls. Burial was at Mount 2lon cemetery. i it ess. ! The figure, was said, was pose he suffered prstty bad and one time when Aunt' Flutey went in to scs him. It made her feel so bad to see him suffcrln' that she started to cry. Jest then a friend came in and he asked my Uncle Squincey how he was gittln' along and Uncle Squiucey says "Oh, terrtblat" He said "The Doctor told m- to avoid dampness and here my wife i Slaughter heifers, CSO-ll'oa cemrs in here and cries jest to Beef cows, 5.25-050 make it more moist In lh« rooml" 1 Cutters and low culler Top 10.20 110-230 Ibs. 10.10-1015 Light weights, 7.00-9.50 Bulk sows,. 9.50-9.75 Cattle: receipts, 27$00 Steers 8.00-9.40 Slaughter steers, S.75-1350 Mixed heifers and yearlings 7.00-9.50 found shortly after the bodies I were discovered In the model's Bcekman Hill apartment. But no significance was attached lo it until Irwin, once an inmate of an insane asylum, was considered a suspect. •> Irwin had. police said, a hobby for fashioning in soap. May 3.50-4.75' Jul Chicago Wheat open high low close 1413-4 1421-4 138.1-4 1383-4 New Orleans Cotton N'EW ORLEANS. Apr. 8 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. May J'lly Oct Dec •Ian March open high low 1414 1417 I39S 14pl HOfi 1387 135q> 1358 1337 1352 1361 1340 1353 1355 1353 1356 :1359 I35(i dose 1410 1400 1352 1354 1355 1359 1273-4 1281-4 1M 1-4 125 1:4* ntcn Spols closed steady at 1475, up Renewed action at Madrid where was picdictei the defenders pounded Ihe rebel lines In Ihe outskirts with artillery. At the same time Europe heart! reports thnt the rebels hai abandoned hope of capturing Madrid for the present and woulc concentrate on sweeping the loy- nllsls clear -of the entire north. several occurrences along the street, including a slaying, had iramcd the council and enforcement officers lo take steps to close the places. The council ordered Abraham's beer license revoked nnd refused to issue licenses to other beer harden operators on the street. A couple of lltciii quit business but Abraham, "A large perceniage of sit-down strike leaders in Detroit appear 1 , to be aliens," Tnylnr said r disc store on street, and Jharlcs Corey elected to fight It out In the courts. The city obtained court convictions after municipal Abraham 35 Negro Prisoners Break Jacksonville Jail JACKSONVILLE, Fla, Apr. 8 (UP) — Fifteen negro pnsoneis, five of whom were waiting trial on murder charges, escaped from Ihe Duval county jail today when they sawed the bars from a third floor window and scaled the wall lo the courtyard. / Two of those who escaped were , Alvin Tyler and .-James Baker, indicted for the double murder of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Surrericy, white storekeepers. , , One of the minor offenders wns captured shorlly after the break no I race was found of the others. > i JMcHaney Defeats Bandy ' In Paragouid Election PARAGOULD. Ark., Apr. 8.—T. L. McHancy, who moved here for expenses of the refunding as from Blythevllle several months ordered by Comptroller Gofl. ingo, defeated w. W. Bandy, form- had suffered a setback in an attempt to obtain an order from the chancery court to restrain city officials from arresting'him. Abraham's victory, with the practical admission of the present ordinance's defects, may be short- lived if (he council passes another ordinance lo take its place. However it appears that the movement to-close the Railroad street beer gardens has lost considerable of Us" power during the weeks -that have passed since the attempt.\vas first launched, city attorney in Tuesday's municipal election. The vote was 518 to Mr. Page refused to act without a ruling from the attorney general. A few hours after the suit .was (lied the attorney general J261. ruled the 1937 law was constltu- [ Aaron Massengill, barber, was tlonal and thnt Mr. Page wouldlelected mayor, defeating his near- te within his rights in transfer- est opponent, W.' C. Middlcton. by Expects Slate Income Tax to Yield $350,000 LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 8 (UP) — Ormnnd Shaw, director of the income tax division of the slate revenue department, ; announced I hat collection's. so far this'year totaled $222,356.73. Shaw estimated that $350,000 would be collected by the department. before May 1, closing daw for the payment of. state income taxes \vithout penalty. Rites at Steele Today for Mrs. E. E. Smith STEELE. Mo.-Mrs. Ella P. Smith. er circuit judge, In the race for W. wife of E. E. Smith. Frisco ring the funds. 152 votes. Middlcton had served The temporary Injunction would [several terms as mayor, have stopped the comptroller,! Police Judge J. T. Craig was treasurer, and auditor from trans-'re-elected over Otto Miller and ferring or paying put any funds. Chicago Corn May Jul open high 1311-4 132 low close 1281-2 1287-8 Hugh i,. Batten was re-elected city treasurer, defeating two opponents. 122 1231-2 1193-8 1195-8'7:30 o'clock. Masons Meet Tonight The Masonic lodge. No. 134, will have its regular meeting tonight. agent at Holland, died at her home here early this morning. She had suffered from cancer for some time. The funeral .was held this afternoon at the Methodist church, in which Mrs. Smith was an active worker, with (he Rav. M. A. Massey officiating. Burial was at Mount Zlon cemetery. Besides her husband Mrs. smith is survived by two sons and two daughters, all living at home. ST. PAUL (UP)—State foresters and entomologists are laying bat- Issues Bank Call WASHINGTON, Apr. 8 (OP'V— The comptroller of .the currency today Issued a call for the condition of national banks and federal reserve member banks as of March. 31. 1937. ; WEATHER Arkansas — Fair and colder, probably frost in west and. central portions tonight. Friday fair, rising temperature in west por- ti-'i. Memphis and vicinity — Nfostly cloudy and colder tonight, lowest temperature 40 to 44. Friday fair. The maximum .temperature' hera tic lines for the opening of the'yesterday was 65, minimum war on ..the tenlless caterpiilarjctear, with ..44 of on .inch rain- which last'year did so'mucli dam-ifall, according to.^Samuel P Nori age to forest trees of'the north. 'r|s, official weather'.'observer.

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