The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1954
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1954 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN. The Great Mario Man. of Lusty Appetites By BOB THOMAS (Last of Three Articles) HOLLYWOOD (AP) — What kind of a man is Mario Lanza? He is a person of lusty appetites, and not just for food. He works hard, plays hard and sings each song as though it might be his last. His conversation is as forceful as his singing, full of broad Italian gestures and punched across with earthy expressions. In his capacity for enjoyment of human pleasures, he is much like Enrico Caruso, who has been his Idol for most of his 33 years. Having been reared in poverty, Mario enjoys the luxuries that his brilliant voice has provided. He lives In a West Los Angeles mansion that rambles almost endlessly down terrace after terrace. There are seven TV sets, a pond with hundreds of goldfish, a swimming pool that would float a cabin cruiser, a formal garden and a. tennis court. He rents the place for a reported $2,500 a month from silent film star Norman Kerry. Royalties Pay Tab Royalties from phonograph records, which reach astronomical heights, allow the nonworking Lanza to live so lavishly. On the court is a regulation sparring ring, and it is Mario's pride and joy. When he showed me around, he hopped up on the canvas and peppered the punching bag with the skill of a pro. He spoke glowingly of his new friend, Rocky Marciano, who has promised to train in the Lanza ring when he returns here. When Mario goes to Palm Springs, he has the ring col- lapced and sent to Join him at the desert resort. Mario Is intensely loyal. He will recognize someone who gave him • helping hand a decade ago, even though he hadn't seen the person •Ince. H« has a robust sense of humor. His house backs onto the 13th green at the Los Angeles Country Club. When a golfer gets ready for a crucial putt, Mario sometimes •mlt< a booming "Fore" that could possibly be heard on Cata- Itna Island. It's said that the golf- trs are unnerved for days. Conscious of Greatness Mario is conscious of his great voles and speaks of it with almost R. reverence. I have heard him say many times: "It is a gift of God. I cannot take credit for it; It merely passes through me. That's why I must cherish it and give It to others He believes he con sing better than anyone alive, and there are those who will agree with him. One of these is his .vocal coach, Qia- como Spadont, who spent 22 years with the Chicago Opera Company ind has worked with all the great start, beginning with Caruso. A tall, stooping, white-haired man, he sits at the piano long hours whil« Mario sings. Mario said he would sing._for me, and stepped behind a podium next to the piano. "I'm joinj'to sing from 'Otello,'" he explained. "Most people would say I was foolish. Tenors seldom attempt 'Otello' until they are 40 years old, it Is that difficult. I am just 1 baby, but I will sing it. I Marilyn Tells Judge Trouble With Joe Tod ay SANTA MONICA, Calif. (If — •larllyn Monroe is scheduled to ppear in divorce court today to ell what wrecked her nine-month marriage to baseballs' Joe DlMag- ,o. Hollywood's most famous ottor- icy, Jerry Olesler, will usher the Dlonde actress Into the Superior Court of Judge Orlando Rhodes and lead her through the divorce sroceedlngs. He expected the hear- ng on the suit, which is brought grounds of mental cruelty, to ast about 20 minutes. The wedding took placenta anoth- TO SHOW IN MEMPHIS — "Golden Elegence" is the title of this scene which is one of the production scenes featuring Sonja Henie's Ice Revue. Miss Henie will bring her revue to Memphis' Ellis Auditorium for.a week's run Nov. 11-n. The revue will show nightly (except Sunday) at 8:30 with matinees scheduled for Sunday Nov. 14 at 1:30 and 5 p. m. will let you Judge." He explained the plot and then sang two arias, with maestro Spadoni offering a falsetto Desemona. It was a performance that would have cost many thousands on TV or in the concert hall, but Mario sang his heart out for an audience of one. He sang with great force and clarity, hitting a high C that seemed to make the windows rattle. As I sat and listened, I again became conscious of how great his gift is. It Is a voice that is heard in a lifetime, maybe in a cen- George Raft Sued For Auto Collision LOS ANGELES MB — Actor George Raft was sued for $10,OOC damages yesterday as a result of a three-automobile Ireeway collision. Miss Virginia Bouldware alleged the actor's car hit the rear of one in which she was riding last Jan. 9. She accused Raft of negligence and said the $10,000 represents medical care and lost earnings. VSp No. 12,792 Basil Potter, Dft. The defendant, Basil Potter, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Frankie Lloyd Potter. Dated this 15th day of October, 1954. . OERALDINE LISTON, Clerk. By ERNESTINE PETERSON, Raft's in the pileup. tury. Perhaps Its greatness has | Also named a defendant was been too large a burden for one | Donald Prankel, whose car hit person to carry. But Mario showed every sign of having overcome whatever mental troubles he has suffered in the past. I met him when he first came to Hollywood, and he is much the same as he was then — like a highspirited race horse eager to show the world what he could do. It could be that the Mario Lanza story Is really just beginning. WA R N I N C ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Frankie Lloyd Potter, Pltf. 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Intl. 120.000. Wli im AUti-Chatatu. Nit («,!00. Bin Vis 619 AtlU'CIHlmtri. U nil. potent. Wis 817 DedCt-Pljm. PrDTJ. ind. (27.500. .Minn 435 Nit (11,000. Prop. Intl. 550.000. Midi 411 studtbaktr. (127,000 tot. 1 mo. Mich 411 CM; Film., In. <I3,000. Minn 423 1CIVICE STATIONS Nil 15,900. Burl. It (T.OOO Mich 43? Gd. net Propty. Ind. (2».ooo. Mien 436 Monty.mkr. Complete only $14.300. U"h eni Lind, bldi., eqp., tic. (17.000. Mich 447 Set IS.500. Hit. wl. Pr. 117.000. Wls 010 18.000 III. mo. Bus. (25,000. such 435 Intli. iitiie. Pr. low it IIS 000. nil 630 3 atrti. home fnrl at 118,000. Mich 460 Tim. lit. Ntt (9.000: pr. 114.000. Wis 613 drift, 6 Itrti, bldg. at (21.000. Mich 423 Ci/e, llr. win.'Bin. 135.000. Minn 44S Grotery. tlblnl. Pr. 122.000. Mich 440 »Ki. Prop. Ind. it 58.000. Minn 457 (illlll 1 tout. Full pr. !t,000. Mich 409 CAHAteS—REPAIR SHOPS Nit (1J.OOO. Prop. Incl. 135.000. Mich 44!) Inell. »tldln|. BUR. 124.000. Wls 645 di. oil. Qk. Hie pr. 111.000. Wii G29 Nell 15,000 Prop. inci. (11-000 Minn 426 Hud Cm Net (11.000. Fr. (31,000. Mich 402 Bc4t, ealbr'd mtrt Pr. lew. Minn 414 KEITAUMKTS AND CAFES No eompelltlon. Only 11.1,200. Mich 4S4 Drill-In. Nit (1,000. Prop. 146.000. Nil (1.000. Mklns 113.600. Wli 625 Nit oter IB.OOO. Asking (18,000. Mich 455 Will MT «« to 18 ninths. -™ch 45T Nil 15.000. Prop. incl. (15.000. Wli «M PlM tiltrn. Bierlf. it S6.000. Wli 600 Od net Prop Incl. 112.000. Wli 026 bin 114,000. Priced low. Mich 4fll Ntt (5.000. (TO mo. tint. Birs. Mich 420 t tent. Sit (12,000. Top >»!. Mkh 401 Lh win. Uw lint. Pr. 13.500. Mich 44.1 Kill (15.000. Bill. « (11.000. Minn 444 !"bint ««rt loc. Pr. low. Mich 406 ft ttwtllta. Fr. IlS.fOO. Mich 434 MW-.HnlrHOOO. Minn 42.1 «U 000 Id. Bldl. Incl. (2S.OOO. Mich 41.1 ShtfTmllf. Nit (15.000. Pr. low.Minn 45S Nil (10.000. Bldl. Incl. 126.315. Mich 458 N«t SU 000 Quick sate priced. Minn 47R W eiblnl IswiSn It 117.000. Wli 634 wjl 111 000 Trot- Ind. $23.600. Vis 61* BtHtl ilH. (3S.TOO T. propty. Wli 640 bt. SO m »«l'l»«i.V 5 .™ 1 - "' nn J" (101 000 Kl. Birg. 143.500. Minn 462 l«l ml lt««. I"™'- Pr. (S.OOO. Minn 454 Minn 4flR Minn 460 Minn 441 Mich 430 MOTELS—HOTELS—RESORTS 40 VtriTtoinplele hell. 135,000. Mich 410 A irottrj. N. compel. 127.000. MonfMlkr. HOM incl. (14.300 t bid. ttop. M. net. (16.250. Nit (T 000 Bldl. Incl. 120,000. I Ml. Ul. wttl. (12,000. cmuc from ...... Kit 51 ft- Hir*. •' 113.100. -•--"- [otint, Pr. low. MAIL TOB»T ... HO 01110M10N COAST TO COAST, INC. I N. MICMiOAN AVI., CHICAGO, III. 15 rood. unit!, loc. (54.000. Mfch 408 Lodge, lop resort loc. (30.000. , Wls 643 12 Clhlru, Erocery, etc. (38,000. Minn 463 * tavern. 17 unlli. No compel. Mich 414 SO rpnt units, homt it 170,000. Mich 445 5 unlu t cite. ProfU-miler. Minn 479 40 aerei. home, 3 bldii. (37,000. WIs 632 GROCERIES t MARKETS I.U.A. Piopty. Incl. 145.000. Midi 468 Bcsort loan. Full pr. 144.500. Mich 433 2 story bide, apt. Incl. at (27,500. Mich 416 On lake resort area $18,500. Wls 616 Moncy-mkr. Full pr. only (P 000 Mich 453 k Ken. store. Pcopty. tnd, (1B,D(K). Wls fiOi Bldg.. 6-rm. apt. (15.400, Wls 620 1'ropty.. llv. qrlrs. Inct. (12.500. Mich 443 fid net. Home Incl. 127,000. Mich 467 Ctn. mdse. Propty., Ind. 123.000. Wlf 612 I'r. only 2 i Income. Propiy. Intl. Mich 4Q4 Bldl., II'. <lrlrs. Id. loe. , Wls 637 Oil. nil llomt Ind. Pr. 120.000. Mieh 421 (Id. like shore loc. Priced low. Mich 421 (8.250 hu>s 1 sett, hide., tiw. Mieh 441 Phil cahlns & home. Only 117000. Mich 444 Win 75-acrc- (arm. Only 122.000, Mich 401 Moneymkr. Home incl. It (17.500. Mich 417 Gd. nel; low rent; bargain priced. Mieh 431 TV—APPLIANCES—HARDWARE , Ind* amo tunpllcs. Top lalue. Mich 466 Nrt (R.T72. I'rottly. Intl. S26.SOO. WU 648 (Id. net. Pronly. in'., eqp. 133.000. Wli 615 Nit (7.000. Bargain priced (24.000. Wli 60S Plui plumb., hral. Net (12,000. Minn 476 Plus hcatine. (Id. nel. Pr. (l.l.OOO.Mich 432 Oil. loc. Propiy. Incl. 128.500. Mith 418 Net (22,000. W. proply.. 127.500. Midi 429 Rlilg. v. 6-rm ant. I'r. J25.000. Minn 461 1'ropty,. low.. Inv. (31.000. Mich 450 Hit. Suppllts. Bldl. Int. 19.350. Mllh 419 PLUMBING—HEATINC—SHEET KETAL Nel 110.000. Propiy. Ind. 122.000. Wli 601 Complete furnace gnrk. 114,700. Wli 623 P»vl off 1 vr. Pr. IB.700. ffll 624 Alu Kite. Net (7,000; pr. (12,000. Midi 421 UUHDRlEi—CIEABEM SO automallt Belli. Id. loc. Bart. Minn 464 Nit 16.000. Propty. Ind. UJ.OOO. Wli 64S Net (10,000. No competition, Mich 463 Eieet. owr. PC. onll (4,000. Kli 60( MISCELLANEOUS Linoleum Co. Nil 115.TOO; pr. (27.500. Mich 465 Cab Co. Net (10.000. Pr. (U.OOO, Minn 471 Can Co It Garage. Btrgaln pr. Wli 649 Griln A Peed Co. llolnl (93 000. Minn 455 UnltJ Appattt. Ixnc tent, Bar|. Mich 423 Grain Kloitor Proplv. 16 000. Mich 462 locker riant. Compl. 12.1 000. Wli 638 Weldlnjl Mich. «k. Nel (7.600. Wl! 601 Bollllng PH. Net 16,300. Pr. (8.000. Wit 851 Bus Line. Nell O'er 110.000. Mich 456 Tool & [He Shop Bare pr. Mich 443 Boiler Wkt.-Ucker Plant, 181,000. Land Cleirlng, So eompltltlon. Wli 603 [.umber Yd. Bldfi. Mil. Bll to!. Minn 13T Dilry Oueen stand. Net (7.000 Minn 4T1 Hulk (111—fuel Birg 118000. Minn 474 NtiiHptr-Prlnt Shop. (14.000. Wlj 611 Floral Shop. No Comptt. (4.500. Wls 6'4 Boat Rtnlilt. Bill. etc. Bire. Mieh 426 Seafood, ohols.. retill. Top bur. MVh 452 Knit * Sttdlecrill. Od. 1.M, Mich 4S3 •Hilton Co Bl'H Ind. !2fi WO. Mich 457 Bikery; Set 15.300. Pr. 110.000. Minn 467 1 1 I 0 >«J I SPECIAL ON WXZEMA! 50% more, -for your money in fhe Big 69* ^ (thin in taulleit siresj <«^ Thu .ticdicotitd skin cream that averybody needs sooner or later! There's nothing just like medicated Noxzema.Over 25,000,000 jars ar» used each year for skin comfort and skin beauty! Noxzema is a combination of softening, soothing and healing ingredients found in no other leading ikin cream. And it's graajd/ejj, besides! Stock up now—thi big 6 o< (or for 6»c plui tux |lv*s you 40% ftior* Noirioma 'or your moniy than you i«t In imalloit slz». You'll bo (upplitd tar month! «h«ad and MM no my tool At drill, coimotlc counttrl, er courtroom »nd w»s even speedier. U was performed last Jan. 14 by Municipal Judge Charles S. Peery In San Tranclsco, After > Korean honeymoon and i seemingly Idyllic life In Hollywood, Marllyn dropped a bombshell Oct. 4 by announcing the snavri»ge was finished. Two days later, tte onetime Yankee clipper left their Beverly Hills cottage, telling the press he was heading (or San Francisco. Since then Marilyn has been working on her current picture "The Seven Year Itch." Others on the set report she has been in good spirits. She had a day off yesterday to prepare for today's ordeal and won't have to report back to the studio until tomorrow. Oleseler said there would be no alimony request nor community property division. He said the divorce apparently will be granted by default, since he has not heard Off-B«at Terrapin ORANGE. Va. m—Theodore O. Scott, who has been a terrapin fancier for 40 yeari, snys he I* puzzled by a stray terrapin which has appeared at his plncc. Although ter- rnpins are nocturnnl feeders nnd a bit secretive about the whole .matter, the new terrapin at Scott's comes In and ent» from » bowl "Just like a puppy." Scott keeps a lot of terrapins and races them for his grandchildren. They are seldom atfectionaU 1 but Scott "put an Identifying marl; on U\e stray »"d took it and others to a frlnd's home a mile awny. Nest, all were at the friend's home except the stray, who showed up at the Scott's for a morning handout of food. from DiMBRgio. Joe did not file an answer to her suit. Separate Goa Sought NEW DELHI (/T)—The conflict between India and Portugal over the fate of Portuguese India has created a "third force" now cam- paigning for autonomy for the Portuguese possra/tons. Membership of the organization is secret. Its announced aim Is to convert Portuguese Goa Into an ind»- pendent republic. 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