The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1935
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY.MO,-: 1985 SIKH 1 L1ELIFIGURE Unassuming Son of Peasant Parents Wields Tremendous Power I!¥ MILTON KHON'NKK NKA Service Starr Correspondent LONDON. — More lonely than ever In his solitary eminence, Soy- iL't Russia's mighty Stalin observes —but does not celebrate—the start of his 6(ith year of life. Tor the same assassin's bullet which recently snuffed out the life of Serge Kyrof, another of live Inner ring of (he Soviet government, ako plunged deep Into the awl of stnlln, "the steely one." It robbed him or one of his closest and most trusted friends and turned to bitter ashes all thoughts of making an event of his birthday anniversary. There arc few to Aharc it with him. His wife died nearly three years ago. His daughter dors not live In Moscow. His 33-year-old son works in southern Russia as an engineer. Even that birthday is somewhat P'oblcmatlciil, as befits • this strange ruler of men. Some say he was born December 8, 1819, old style (Russian calendar). Others fi;: it ut December 21, 1819. Still others say it was January 2, 1880. So that, bringing them into accord with our calendar,, the dates woHld b'c respectively. December 21, 1871). January 3, I860, and Jan nary 15. 1880. The one thing .that is sure-is that he is 55. * * • Still a Mystery Figure Uy comparison Id Lenin, the Bolshevik dcmi-god, and to Trotz ky, Stnlin is largely unknown even at this lute day. This is because, unlike Trotzky. he does not wield a facile pen, has not written books ' f BLyTBEVlLLE (ABK.) COUKIBB Tiie VicejPresiaeijt ^nd His Belprtiatfr "V \VM. E. UILROV, D. D. Editor at Adv«n<« The aory or the life and mln- -y of JMUS as we luve It .'In our tour eospcls Is, (ortuiwtaly, very brief niict simple. It would _ at mi appeal to the Interest i»<l conscience of mankind If It nnd been burdened down with iiciall of Incident and disciuslon. It docs* however, mako It necessary for us lo look IhrougU the lages as through window*, or gaps, ii which we may sec a great deal hut Is not recorded. : . ics, or with other Indlvduals, and in spcaklna lo the multitudes. Occasional references,' also, remind us how largely he; organised the work ot evangelism, sending not only his Immedlalc disciple* but other scvenly" also on preaching ni&slons lo tile vlllaucs. What was Ihe response to this preaching unit teaching? Hc« In our lesson Jesus la asking his rtls- :fplC3 wlmt ti, c people „„ ^ying. liie answers are InleresLIng ana expressive alike of popular hope and popular superstition. » * • Some believe llml Jesus Is John Ihe Baptist relumed lo'llfe; others say that he. Is Elijah or one of the old prophets reincarnated o sneak forth once more Ihe messages of Irutli mid righteousness. But when Jesus challenges the ilisclplcs llicmsclvcs, Polcr's answer Is nuicli more simple. Jesus w lo him ihc Messiah—the Christ of God. It Is easy lo rend In this confession of Peter (Photo by Mirgirrt i nc .) Mim a Julie Is made at the (Apensr of the itii, piesitlcmy as a symbol of oblivion but l-ir from bemg in Alcxindci Th.ottteboltom is John Nunct Game,, slrawn .toe in a relawd- and . hitornnl lose in Ms Washington hoiel npntment with r/lrs Girncr Garner, us a matter or 'tact is ';. trusted advi«ei of the pi-sident in mit(..= congressioml site In on 'cabinet iMeetlii»i' and' hriii«s o his picsidcncj of the bemtc i wealth of \\isdom nnd oxpeiienee In legislation. ..Mrs Garner manfecs hi his office as his secietarj . .. Garners ulnte Inn In tumble cl»ar .and conU E ious. smile' grace sonality much-loved m the capital. - ferenee hrst time hii the "THE STEELY ONE',' ill which he is his own little lisro and has not in writing and ii ,s|;Dcch attributed to himself al that is startling, dramatic anc .Micceroful in the Russian revolution. Stalin started out -In life a; Joseph Vissarlonovicli Djugashvili born in the little town of Gori, ir. the Georgian part of the province or TiRis. His ralher "was an him We iiCBiant worker in a shoe fai lory at Tiflis. The boy went through the church school in Gori nnd'then entered the Tiflis Ortho (lox Theological College. Strange ly enough, tin's school was a hot bed of revolutionary thought, so fnr r!s the pupils were concerned mid young Joseph »-£5 soon In the Ihick of it. organizing a Marstst r.ircie, spreading illcgfil literature iimong the Tinis factory workers ami joining their labor party. He naturally was soon expelled from college. From now on be devoted himself to underground work for the revolution, using various names—David, Koba, Nizhci ndzc, Ivanovich. But the one which pleased him best and which stuck to him was given him by his comrades— 'Slalm" (ii, c stccly onc) because of his boldness, resolution find nithlcEsness. with the-Tzarist police and spies on his track -ho toon became a veritable in-again out-again Stalin. Finding Tinis too hot for him. he went to Batum where he organized strikes'against the oil companies. He was arrested in 1902 and in 1003 exiled for lliree years to the Irkutsk province of Siberia. Within a month he escaped nnd bobbed up . in • * * Favored Use of Force Even then within the Socialist party there was a violent Mrusele between the Menshevlks, "ho wanted revolution by semiconstl- stutional methods, and the Bol- tlievlks, who wanted to seize power by force. Stalin plumped tor Bolshevism and never warned In 1SD5 he went to g Bolshevik con- fr inland and Toi .----.- ..... - met Lenin 1901 himJbicK. in Baku editing Bolslic- Mk ]M|icrs wriluig Bolsheuk pam- phlct-s March 1S08 hi. was shipped off to o\lle in Vologdi pro vmce As usuil he cscaixid and came right b-ick to Baku 1910 sinie stoij This tmie lie bobbed up in whit was then St Petersburg w is arrested exiled and again escaped There followed thL simc monotonous story foi seven moic jcars — aricst exile escape BetWecli anests he directed the Publication of the futuic. grcit Soviet paper— Pi.uda •Ker'crisky's,. nioderatc revolution found him back in Petrograd'and he plajed a Iirge pait with Lcnm 1ml TioUkj in organising the Buhhc\ik rciolution which took flussn out of the world v,dr and to a humiliating peace with Ger many In 1017 he got the position which was the foundation of his tuturt foi tunes — mcmbci ship in thL Bolblievik (.uilral committee HP w as also in succession Com mfssar for; Nationalities : 'rind : for. Workers and Peasants Inspection What is not so generally known is Statins inctisant woik at all the war fronts when the Soviet government ..was struggling, against various White armies financed b> the Allies and oth«r Interested par lies At times it looked as if the Bolsheviks would collapse before these vinous onslaughts UsiiillJ, when things were at their dark cst tcnln would send Stalin for ward as, his .special agent. ' lie knew him (o be brave honest and ruthless. • 'Stalin , never: blenched vhon he deemed it necessary lo have cowardly or treacherous leid ers shot He icaiized the necessity of food and warm clothing for the soldiers and managed to -supplj ()iem Not trained as i soldier he hoKed a quick grasp of military strategy. In those troubled years lie «T> n tuin at, rsantsyn _ni southern Russia where the Whites were threatening the Ukraine grauai'j the west and the Caucasus in the south at 'Perm In tlic Ural mountain ranges and finally at Ihe most threatening place of all the Hue bctsvccn Orel and Tula which endangeied Moscojv itself In each case he hcllfctl his cause to MClory * * * ^ (•'ought frotzky With some incasuie of > peace now granlcd the "Soviets '.Trotzky Slid Stalin foughtifor Lwilus first favors Tiotzky got ^ th e k Job of dealing a I formidable R<;d *aniiy which was supposed to idolize him Stalin got the seemingly lesser^Job of secretaiy of the Bplshevft cerj Iral ' committee.-: Lenin's ''.death J In brought the rl\alry,to a s cll- nnx Stalin won As secretary, het h&d control of the party (machinery There were those who, thought he would not, dare oust f'Ttotiky and, if he dared, that, the' H«d Army : would : make - trouble. >Ther« Time Is Kind to Pershing Tlic vcns tint h-\\o iniicd •sliicu liter (..'rerd AVtir ended liava InkiTii lillle (oil of li'cii. John J. I'ersliiii!,--. as (liis now 'pic- tuns- vivi'.'.ly s,iions. In His 75111 ymr, lie Ktill prcGcnis lo .Hip world a keen, masterful fislifini: face ns lie goes nliotit C;lii5 niiiny'inllUiir* duties was - hardly a divested •- the ripple.' The victor '!lll<|Hl£hcd Of : his offices his paity •stimlmg Ihci, lic,exilcd:him to a distant part of Russia and'finally booled him out of ••the-country .entirely. The men's opposition was fun- lament!)!. Trotzky'wiinted'-to" work for .revolution in all'; llic' 1 countries of the world, stiiliii 'wanted::.'to stabilize and organize tlic.-rcvofu- Jon of : his own country first. Out, of-this grew hie huge' five-year iilaii to dpiclop great industries In Russia arid his second plan for collective running of the farms He wiped out the kulaki is the richer pratuiU were ftilled Today, with all p<ra«i In his hands, StnJin is rarely •jecn -in public except when he icvicws a parade of Ihe Hod 41 my Diesscd like the simplest v,orkei he Is wedded lo Ins work In n p] a i,i bare room In tlje Kremlin he labors all dij- over state papers. When he is thiough ^he goes In an automobile to lib plain little home in Ihe Koiki suburb of Moscow He has hvnl to see his government recognised bj all the great powers of the- world and to see Russia admitted to the League of Nations, riot^kys policy of seeking lo sin up Bolshevik revolutions in olliLr count! Ics would have-kept Ru'sh a pariah. '-. John Long Seeks Homes for Thre e Boys Homes are sought for three boys ase 3, 6 -itid 11 jean, who have no one to taJe care of-.. them and no means of support." Mrs. John H Lone, probation officer has thcni temporarily She has recently found p">rma- nent liomes for three other lads who are noiv happy aftt flcad Comici News Wint Ads. WEEKLY BIJNDAT SCHOOL LESSON^ Peier's Great Confession former, Parker, who o*p» wonun to re«t; Zl 5,'« The lulcniatloiui ay School Ussou J j»n. 1J. «[ llioh faith, Uijit lliey (lid not wiver wHcn the Uuo mission of ' Jesus «ml the means by.which-He''was to ficc,omp|lsh His stlvallwi bKBino ev|d<n.t. U IB tiroipcrleiue Hint, conies to almost, cyery Christian disciple In every aij«,- and d.lsclplo.s have. met It in different wnys. Here lliere are Ihose, like Judas Uem and clory of l|ic Christian who c»n tliui) Mime tlio wcrMcin) life •lid purpose or the MaUcr H Is Uue tod*), as n was In days of sires* and marljrdom, that lie tha(. "btlleiellj on Him shall not be put to .shame." , who find too nnd •ml way too hard far removed. or Impatience _ ,, ul , -jsijj TV<V> niu iuc; , how fully his days were Through . weakness „ v Uicy surrender their failh, and Uicy turn back with Indifference If they do not become Involved hi ctenlnl and. betrayal. The wny of faith Is not cnsy. K means a tremendous thing to acknowledge Jesus nj Lord nnd Master, to share His life nnd. mb- and worldly inspirations are - She wtmiaW that' there are an- prpxlnutely 125 000,000,WO I *eei Tn' the United state, and tktTury man v,om«n >and chilli in the country could be stung to death if «ch domesticated honey bee at^' tacked on adult. Mi** Doris Anderson Armorel 4-H Preiident 'Hie Boys unrt aiils 4-H chili ot Armorel hns elected these oftftcrs' for the new year: Miss oorls Anderson, president; Ernest I'lckens vice president; Miss Lucllo Abbott, secretaiy. - - ••— "-j- ,.~.v, ..., u nuiiuiy Uiyu lUEUIL^ lire " 1111 in convoMiiig w ni, his abandoned In the single oucst of. lr "•'"• ""'-• '•••"•-•-- atlalnlng 1 0 whm. O odwould1 lm?c us be uml -do. Ycl the.j verses hi our lesson from I Peter speak of (|ic reward the theological Against Human Race NEUHOW, N. Y. (UP) — A war - ' win:iiu.'u U1UIIJ, 11 llr OXW5 llOt between the human awl bee popu-1 benefit YOU, consult a physician, latlon of the United Slates would' _»H«'ir-nu WATCH KIDNEYS SAME AS BOWELS t«* Ou T«v 7», JM fe< *| tO*tj TiW. Your boiipli taM4lli only 3T f**t nf In. WlUan Hi? tutm or tlttci whl<fc »oo!l ir..nure 71,200 [,, t 1| uld tnd la «>a ;?";?'"•• " '• * urt " l»P<>rt»ot (o w«uh tk< kldnr. M tli> bit<f<]i. Kldn»i at. worklai ill lit tin,, » n a. t « Nilur/i chltt dogmas of a later lime. But apart from theological cloBiua, It dobs not seem difficult to sec what Peter meant. He believed that Jesus was a levcliitlon of Clod, a Redeemer come lo men. It Is Inconceivable tlmt Peter nad considered vrcy imich' such questions as later were lo rend ChristciKlpn asunder, rtucstlon's concerning- the metaphysical' nature of Jesus, It was Ihe moriil and spiritual reality of Jesus lhat Pclcr acknowledged In hailing the Master us the Divine Son of God, What a disappointment It must have been to Peter, with this dream of the Messiah setting up an earthly kingdom, la have Jesus speak of the sorrow nnd. death that a will led Him I OJic cnn imagine that, even Peter, ami the other disciples who had left nil to foiled- Jesus, must, have , had their.: failli and their hope seriously' tested as Jesus spoke, of dUclplesliip"In tcnns of self-denial adn takini; the cross, ratlier than In terms of the glory they would shure with the Muster In an earthly kingdom. It was a mark of the nuality of lhes« disciples, and of the depth of vut« r. n i, pui „, |k!, «w.t, jrour.1MO« f»l of H4n., tut,. WIT N I «l°n« "Mi PolloBOUl H«ltt. Tkll Ii Ihi d«t<r lln>l tr.d tr.iT kt tk« btlfn- •l»i ot njMliur lx.V.,1,.. l.^p.*." C o( p.» .niVll.!!!,, jillb, up .I,ku. | uh . URO, iTolIn J«l »nj .nVlei rl«umill« ptin* tnA dtnlntu. K!dmj« thould k« »Iehiil rlottlr tnd nttd o!««nlii» out Ik. »mt M bowel.. A.k jronr dnildM (or COAM'S PILLS, en old J«wt*l»U°n, »»)cb lUf b!tn uiid mifCiu. (ally bir mllllou o! kldn.y raS.r.n (or ***"• T1 " r •''• <iulck Mll f ( «»« la.truk «oi «ur T»,!00 f«t at n, , , • •« l.k, eh>*Mi ullS itroni «ru n lIrd "iiMnry turn" wWefi ct.lm "'"i, 1 " ls ml "»*«. Vour klinw But < tni M- 10 * T !?i^Il •n<H'-r3t«U<l«ll«lflUnaf». lett'iicm I)6AirB FILLS. IS. old r.!« r.llt( 1K.I et>B(«(ii« M "4o»" «r h.M(-forml.» drtfi. D« ran roa f« DOWN'S PILLS V »7ur ill. . O 1»C Fo.l.r.MiUmr. Co CqlnJer Ncvys Want Ada Pays .IVIie'n Chanfe of Lffe Comes " "I have used Cardul during the change of Jlfo and found (t just.- ilshl In my case," writes MM', DeWo Epperson, of Flat Uck, Ky. "I was very nci-vous. I could not rest at night. My friends recom, mended Cardul, nnd I started "talc. Ing It. i obtained splendid results. Kept taking Cardul and am In' good hcflllhi" To improve nourishment, thereby' helping lo overcome nervousness and painful symptoms during change of life, try-Cardui Thouf sands of women testify Cardul benefited them, if it does noi —Adv. AUDITORIUM—MEMPHIS ONE DAY ONLY! MATINEE AND NIGHT! TUES., JAN.22at2:30 P.M.and at 8:30 P.M. WITH XCH1TTANCK AND SELF. ADDXtmo x ji v r. L o r r, TO AUDITOKUJN, MEMFHIS, .TtNN. UURtNCE MVEHS, Inc., presents RICHARD B. HARRISON mth WOlttO FAMOUS COMPANY AND CHOt»: tn THE GREATEST OF ALL PLAYS THE GREEN PASTURES" t>V MARC COAWf LLY AMAZINGLY AtTRAaiVE PRICfS/ ^w , NIGHT MATINEE OBOfflSBTRA &»$ I32t> ,|J.65 "' f l.«' BALCONY ^1.10 QALtBRY (Colored* gSc S5c ''• • ABOVE PRICES INCLUDK TAX A SUN BATH IN EVERY TABLET Winter suns iirc weak in the raya which produce vitamin D. You need to supplement the sunshine with cxtm vitamin I). Otherwise, your body may become "rmi-ilo\Wi." Children rciiuirt: this precious sun- fliiiie vitamin to aid in growing sound bones and teeth. MCKESSON'S VITAMIN CONCENTRATE TABLETS ov Cop LIVER On, bring you plenty of vitamin U as well as vitamin A lo build resistance, uhii needed supplies of calcium and phosphorus. There's a sun hath in every tablet — for each one furnishes all the vitamins in one tcaspoonful of U. 8. P. X. (revised 1054) Cod Liver Oil, Begin building health now—with McKesson's VITAMIN CONCENV TABI.ETS OK COD LIVER < On. CONCENTRATE TABLETS. Checks ; COLDS and FEVER First Day ~ Tdoldi ff 1 I ' Noscuropj Headaches In 30 Minutes 666 FARM'FOR SALE [ninlecfiatc Possession 55 ..acre's, .all In • culllvallon except 8 ttcies with good" Epverjimciil: cotton contract located 6" mlWs; north of Bly- ; UievlUe..2 houses and 1 barn.- Can ghc possession fmmed- lalelj $500 or more ca h . cibwn will i handle,' bilance W sutt s Price (2,500 G. G. CAUD1LL Phone 797- BRAKES FOR TRAILERS Wdrner SjtoTjtil.nn Type' fc'LJECTIHL' WJAKKS for <ilM>pej, of 'Irailers, $1^50, Installed. l!tndi\ fj. K Hoosler DmMv l,inc I'QWBR • BRAKES'for ,ill lypts of Trailers, §210.50, Installed. Piopir Insfdllilmn made by N;ibi>rs Trailer Co. Rca-on,iblc Terms, If Desired. ( Lowl^Agtiils for NABORS TRAILERS Phone^ 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ISO Hart Sehaffner & Marx SUITS and TOPCOATS $19.75 $24.75 $28.75, This selection is complete in sizes and colors. All Our New Kail Merchandise Must Go! One Lot Prep Suits, Two Trousers - - - - Jlli.SO SHIRT SALE $l.GT) Shirls ... 51.95 Shirts ... 52,50, Shirts ... S1.3r> $;j.(jo I 'a jamas .. §2.25 $t.G5 53.50 I'lijimuis .. §2.85 $1.85, ' '§5.0(1 Piijtimas .. . 53.C5 50. I'airs $5;-and;-5B Shoes -Broken Sizes One Lot SHIRTS From Our Regular Slock $1 Kntjr'e Stock •53.'5Q,-Felt-Hats • $2.95 Corduroy Sails Pants and Jackets MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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