The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1935
Page 4
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fAGE JFOUB BLYTRBViLLB,, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS- THUKSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1935 THE'BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS , , THE COURIER NRW8 CO., PUBLISHERS 0. B. BABCOpJi. Editor. . ' K- W. RAINES; Advertising Mtnapr • Sole National Advertising Repre«nt»tlves; 'Arkansas Djlllcs, Inc., Now York, Chicago, Dejrolt, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Ctyy, Memphis ^Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered ns second class mailer at Die post, • office -at Blyllieville, Arkansas, under act ot Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by tlie United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By canlci In the City ol Blytlievllle, 160 per week, or SG.SO per year, In advance. By mall, within a radius ot BO miles, $3.W per year, SI 50 for ilx months, 85e for ttnx-c months; by m»il to postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per S'cnr; In zones seven imd eight, $10.00 per year, payable In aclv.iice. Who Will Pay? Rid • on four new buildings, lo be iioiiflructed at Arkansas State college, Joncsboi-o, with $'150,000 of TWA money, will be opened Monday. When these buildings are complete, according to a publicity article from the college's news service, Arkansas State will hiwe a physical plant worth ? 1,250,000. Hy way of reinsurance to Ark'Ui^as laxnaycrs it is pointed 'out that the state has contributed only $200,000 of the cost, "all other buildings have been erected as self-liquidating projects, most of them financed by loarfr or grants from the federal government." An iiiRhfiitioii that s(«rl«l out to be a .sort of a senior high school or junior college for Agricultural students is rapidly becoming a college of substantial -sine. 11 is no longer an "agricultural and mechanical" school, but mi'institution offering work in the liberal ajls and in, prc-professiouoi courses comparable to thai of the slate university. All of wh!th'r* ; it seems to us, is very -hutch . to the. good from every standpoint except the financial one. .Where is the money coming .from lo liquidate a million dolling worth of "self-l'uiuidalinj;" buildings? Doe.s any>body snppfise that student fefis and board bills are going to pay the interest and principal on that amount of money, or hall' of it, to say nothing Of -the increased operating costs /involved in keeping 'rfueh jin^expanded plant going? Our guess is thai before tlie bills are all uait.1 the Arkansas legislature is going to find the baby on its doorstep. OUT OUR WAY Behind Wild Proposals Is Public Discontent You can work up a Healthy little nightmare for yourself, if that sort of diversion iutcrtUts you, by sitting down quietly and imagining what; would happen if, by some freak of chance, all the .wild and woolly bills pending in Congress should become law. -' Suppose, for instance, Hint the Townsend old-age''pension plan, the 30-hour week 'bill, the greenback-balms bill, ant! n measure providing for jvide- unemployment in'swance iinauc- etl by a stiff payroll lax shov\)4 '>c passed »»d t)l|oii)<i |jc sinned by the presjdeiit or p»ned over hi« veto. Simply to meditate on the resultant (angle tu .governmental and industrial finance ia enough lo make one start looking fur the nearest cyclone cellar. , • * * Of course, there is no use in wetting sleitincd up a!x>ut it, because, while one of measures may get through Ihc hopper, there simply isn't a Chinaman's chance that they all will. But tlie imporliint Ihinjf f.--i to Hunk of what .these various hilts represent, and not, of what Uieir chances for becoming, law may be. Behind these jneasure.s there is great body of public sentiment which may \K confused, misguided, and soinewliH(l tliougUllOi-s, hut which nevui'Vlieless^rcpresonts |hc making of a treat decision \>y the American people. f' This iM-iriivn is, .sim()ly, that difficult time's of tl\e last- four years arc altogether loo difficult : to be cn- dtired jtgain. ' That is. to say thai-the people generally do not intend to put up with a repetition of that era .of .declining payrolls, declining living stiuKiiu-ds, declining bank accounts, and'general, all- around hardship. '.' . * *' * They may bavu only tliu foggiest of. notions how to prevent it, but they are determined' (o .prevent it somehow; anil the result IH a demand for legislation which may be completely, illogical, but which cannot be defeated by mere argument. Unites Congress und the adniiiiisdvi- tion cuu agree on some • program which gives a fair promise of protecting the average man from tlie cruelties of hard times, the sentiment which supports these measures will continue- to gather strength.' • ' '• .'"'"• That is (hi; i/iiporlant, thing to remember. There te very little real chance that our government will adopt a law, for instance, paying $200 a .month,to every American over (JO years uf age. '. But unless the government sli'uitis why stifli H law is demanded, and does something about it, we may And ourselves passing a miich worse law. than that a few years hence. ' ' - ;' —Bruce Cation. HKOIM HKMK TOIU* ANN IIOM.IK'rCH krrak* krr ijitijcrutrttr It TOW MICHI.K _<• »ui>ie Har l»"» I'M KM KB.X- HI,I. [HI. V.4LKHIA BK.VXKTT, hit Hnnctt. tfcaf ctcrnk'"* i» uvfr lietilre* Arm.. Ana IMibM «Ht «llll lnv«« Tomjr »•* Pelt» fcf- Itvet hf •(111 c«rf» fui Votriiri. nl *il««n cbiihec fcrlJiKi Ihc HTO i* ivr*t pvki An* ro uinrr? litnl the mfietm, so to Plarliia nn4 ate thfrr. TJif» Peter It if- hotur. IIU fnmlly «nul>» nd Vnlrrla trlti to mil*? f between AnH acd Pelir. ucrrfda ftnall) mid Alin toft rlM* HP (tace of htfl Tills was a new Allan, Anu de- Ided, A dangerous Allan, fie had ;eeu -drinking, not a little' us she lad tlious!)! at first, out entirely .00 much'. The evidence was In bis jlootlshot eyes, his haggard, duelled luce. "Sure you tvou'l have a drink?" ' asked. "No." "I'll liavc smollior tlicn, and l» rlglit back." "I though our modern school had sort of thing." I Tiv/s, CUK/QUS WORLD M William Fsrgtison SMMA.TRAM CHASER"- CAW 6£ EUNG IN «>MV PACT OF A RICE. PIELt: BV : STE(KINQ A CORD VJMCH BUNS TO THAT PART .CULAR. AREA. under-. I am u diuccer, nut- n Melitcr. I'm not, Just n fun rtanccr, ctUxcr. I do lntcr|ircttvc dancing, but Hie Kinghsli (Ijcvlusky) couWn'l interpret il. —MIB. Kiiigllsli Lcvinslcy. No prospective Integration of sUile finii In- tlustty Is expcctcit to rtellver ns tu the future from grave social disturbances. '—Pvol. Wllllnin P. Ogburn of llic University ot Clik-.igo. ivy BELONGS TO THE SAME PAMIL.V AS CASHEW AND PISTACHIO NUTS/ TRUE PEARLS THAT ARE STARTED ARTIPICIALLV. CANMOT BE DISTINGUISHED FROM For niontJu no\v the American public lias been waiting (or Farley lo explain why lie. cimscil the army pilots lu be. sent to their deaths, 'flic stigma, the eliamc Is Ills. Yd not once has ho confessed his grievous error. —Justus L. Johnson, cliulrmnn Illinois Kc- piibllcran Sliilo Ccnlrul Committee. EVEN BY VET THEY ARE WORTH ON UV A FRACTION AS MUCH. lbl» ttmr. crow* tuntllrt vr«-*k» |I»H». Ill* effort! l« Ann are" frultt«»M. bat found uork • at cov> mir** In tkr Knnlr of Mil* TIIACV, no nrll»l. M.I.AM VIX- fi:.>T. tilt. Tracr't hrolhtr, it Ilia Ann, Vnlrrln. •ekeiiilnK (0 wl» J'elrt buck, prnundr* him to kfrt Atla" ,CMII <o d««orat« ike kbw« ke mh( for Ann, irn« |kr bt»u»» Allan U drc'orufiiw |I«|IU»EM <a I'elrr. Can- vlnccd that Veter* ta dlvuri'r and murrr Valeria «»0N, Ann r» the Tracr komr. Slir tif- t* * clerk In • kfloK *\<t(f- iMfrl* Allttii OMe rntny- nlcMl ! nud hr itcrvttndea ker. to 'krHe kunif tvltk nlw Tor dliiMrr. '-Arrv'r U fn the vnr iike rrnllie* k» h«en drlaklnff. • ,-.;., .VOW C.O ON WITH TIIK STOItV CHAPTER XLIII waa elud when tlio : drive eiideJ. Slio 'sprung from jfii> car without waiting lor Allan's 35- and ran up tlie steps.- Allnn [oliowed. !!« opened Uxe- door with Ills key Instead of rlnj Ing tlie belt, "Go tn and: take off your cofit and hat," be said. "1 I'd better iruri the car in the :. H loolis ris Ihoiigb ar heavy ratn Is. due." Ann went-In. U was coz«r and warm Inside—and (inlet. A IDS (ire ainoldcrcd ill the Ili'Ins room. Allnn came [n. lie u'ent over to Kick iWe loss tofietlicr . aiid saiil "We'll have a real fire burning In i my studio In a little .while." "Wliere are the children ami Mrs Tracy?" Ami asfeed. "They'll he along. Here, take of tlta't damp com." lie helped tie remove H. his lianils lingering 01 tier nrmg. Ann drew away from him Walk Ing lo a mirror, she tiesnii taking ntf her hat. Allnn grinned. "Siinio olil Ann SV'[Uidi)(TvsU as ever. It's (tcitct'U cold tn here. How about'a t'lck' nienp?" "No lliatik you. Allan. I'm nulls u-arm." "I'll Iravc one then it. you don't mliul." iviten fie camo t>ack Ann wos 1 nt the urlnimliig nshlrnys an Che console, on the coffee tfittle. "Allan." she ssVed quietly, "wlserc Is Mrs. Tracy?" After a moment he said. "In Virginia." • : "In -Virginia!" Ann's voice wa= cxcitect. '"And - you tirouglu in* hereM wbiiltln't have tlioiis^t you'd .clo.a IhUtg ttke that." . "Why not?" v •'• ' Ann faced him ter*sry. Allan met her eyes nnea.siiy. "Wliat'a the liarni? I Knew you wouldn't come 1! 1 told you they were away. Would you tras-d come?" "N'o: ot course not." "There!" "Yon must take me linmc—now." Ann saltl ste.iUily. tie laughed. "Alid siiend the evening alone la this lomb! Oon't be silly." "I'lease, Allan. Yon must realize . can't stay here wHlv you." "VVdf not 1 / Who will kno'V; any ing about It. auyu'ay?" lie ililfng qncerly. [IE wont laid the feftchen mid ^mixed another stiff drliik. lie drank It and poured more Into M? glaas. Ho wanted lo torgel Aun'4 eyes. They had been frightened, appealing rather than accusing. What was the matter with Itie girl, making so much fuss over what lots ot girls would con llder a lark; What had .being good brouRlit . Ann? ! Only that stuHy place In a hook storo and the corn- >an[onshlp of an old worn-out cou-' IB whoae lives, he hadn't a doubt, md. beeh ruined by the same sort of deals,Ann' bad,<. , .'• '-.' ; ; Relng 'good had brought Ann to ho placo Where she wore a cheap brown coal anil a funny little hat she had ' probably picked. up ID a liisernent, to the point where she slopped about in the cold ra)D wearing ugly galoshes when she could be riding around In warm ears, Thta typo of reasoning was making AUiio fee! better. He was be- glnnlrig to forget how Ann's eye.* had looked. : lu the living room, Ann was try ing to be cairn, to lliinft clearly. "I'm trapped." eho.was telling hcr- seff, "Ha planneil this. I must not antagonize him." .• .• ft was going to bc'a flsht. Match ing »vi(s. Siio went Into the klle'ncn. Allan got lip from the table, came over to Her ami pulled licr head (Irmly ngalnsl hi? shoulder. Ann tiroke away, savins lightly: "Not now I've changed my mind. 1 do wniu'a cocktail." She could soe that ho f pleased. . • . [ "That's sensible," Allnn saM "Von>e a tetter . sport ihnn . thnuglii you were. I U-;IR afraid voi were solng 10 wbine some nior ! about tsoing home." - , / "Von wouldn't lake me, u-oiili yon'-" "What do you think?" Striving *i keep her voice Ush ! to keep her fear {rom stioVvin^. An salil. "Well, since f can't walk line hrough this rain I've decided no lo he poor conipnny-." "That's Ihe spirit. Come ol "Of course you arc. I'm turulns out lo he! Let's rnl'i the Ice box." "Von raid It while 1 enjoy llw firo. I'm really dead, Allan, On nn feet all day. Of course If you don't think you can manage—" "Of course 1 can. I'm a real cook." lie stood looking down at her. Ho touched her hair, tcnta lively, caressingly. "You are adorable. Ann, you do forglvo mo? It was the only way I knew. I've wanted you so. It was like a fever—driving me mad," "What is there to forgive?" Ann said Bayly. "Will you moke coflei', Allan? Make It strong." "What else?" "Rucoii. And I'd like eggs," "Von want breakfast, uot sui>per." "Voii'd never cook two meals." She glanced un al him and mcl his long, eager look. 7 lie was complelely deceived, she UT. Sober, his wit? would have vi, n.,iirpor. lie would have seen rough her change of attitude, in is muddled Elnlo he believed only hat he wauled to believe— what ie was trying desperately to niake m believe. Vlie stuilio. I've a tire all day. I'll nut on more wood THE s l il own was warm. fl stool uear By Williams C'uUurc pears me mado by inserting small pellets of moUicv- ol-pciirl inside Ihc oysier, which uttcnipl« lo case Uic irrilalton l)y covering the pellet with layers ol mracmis innllcr. Only by a pciu- cnu Hie iirtllicinl center lie ilelcctcil. NKV1: Win I liorm liave ni\iuml growlli rings, like Irccs'.' eel less pain tin; closer Ihsy sip- rojich Llic place in wtilcli they "re o receive llic dcnlnl ministrations, plc^siirc you Iccl Strong Mental Conditions Overcome Sense of Pain This is ttic second ot Inn articles by Dr. Fishbcln on Mir; mental and physical aspects nf pTifn. BY I>n. MOHRIS FltillRKIX , Journal of the American Association, :iml of Hy- jcb, Ihc lirallli Slasiuinc There arc times when you dou'l notice a pain until long aflcr tlie ransc is e° lle - Psyclinloglsls at- triliiitc tills to sonic form ol li^s- tcrln or to changes brought abt^nl by strong emotions. A toolball player Is uiir.iivwtous of bruises or other iniurira until Htjcr the game. . Soldiers in ;> charge dilriiij n bailie may IK unaware UyH they have bcciv hit until they see blood tlowltig . (rom the wound. ' Likewise." people do not jierccivc pulu during periods of exaltation or ecstasy developed by religious evangelism; "either cto so-called mediums seem to experience pjlu \\tieii ;hcy ' throw themselves into B • The moat- TO\»plcin>iis <-:nmplss ot Inablliiyi lo' • pererlv! twin -are seen atiiong Wloti, Imbeciles, and the'- Insane. Similar condition-, o:- ctir nlso aitiouj persons v.ii ttcovered from lunimiuation O t the brain. 'doctors occasionally see mstanMS of iiiallgnering or voluntarv ]iroi»c- Uon of Injuries to the skin in1 tlie body in «Wth apparently tii; sons concerned do not "rxiwvi pain, TilCie, however, may be ex- •»mples' cf a inentij -Ji;o;i~. Ann ?; 'ilto '. lire. vvnicVihig Allan' lift _ Aeslt • vojb'rt from tli'o "t«ilU-ln w6rJ(V'boxi' a(«m' blibp n little as tie carried il to the fire. "We [lon'E need a lljjhl. do ws,- lai-llng?" "No/' Ann s.iltl. "H's nlrer In tlis relight." Her face was very uala. Sluuld. fifllf-Orunk. Allan stioulfi HOE be dinicult to vuiwli. Slic miifi Dlay a role ihiit wonlil tie inicrlV new to her. ; "t Vove Oils rooiiu" Aun said "ConIrfn't »ve Eiiive 511 p;ier ncrc7" "Supper?" "1 haven't hnil n (tile since noon Only a sandwich and milk ihcn Where is Out rtluner you proiu ised me?" • " . "You're hntisry;" L LLjV.V stooucil, kissing lier baJr, ( Eind then went to the kitchen. There wero Uirec exits. One at tc re^r. It would be noccssnry to ass thr'uug)) iJ»e feJtclien thai «*ny. here was a tloor leading oulsitle rom the sun parJor, U was (cent ocked. but there wotil<! be a key n tlie lock il Ann were litcXr Sotno- inics Sonny removed II/ Mr was hvaya remains Jt. Ann prayed .ti\i the key would Ijc Ihevo. She would go into Uiu front o* !tc house. I urn on Die radio and lien unlock the door, putting Hie ;ey In Ihe lock on the outside. ,'tien she would open the front lonr. conic hack, step iluftu^h the idc door, lock It and waft. Allan's irst thought woukl be 10 look nhouc babljv Tlie door ro the sun par-, would be lotkcd and he wouldn'i suspect her trick. He would <ta$h U rough the front door, tjet tii.= CQt Jiirl- • sen roll for tier 0'i tlio roa.-J hat led lo town. Mo would know she couldn't be far away. When rtlrtift fintl licr lie wguhl rciurn ind she would nc ucrc. in the inpanilrne stio would linve called a taxi. She would insist iliiit the driver ivrtin rlnwii the directions. She iijiist bo sure, sure thnt he wouUl mn^e no errors. Ann \veut lo rite kltcfion iloor, humming "Slorniy We;uhcr,'' "SlnriHy IF rlyl»(." Allnii priiincrt. "The ha con smells good. Supper nlmnsi ready?" "Almost." Ann siarled (oward (he fron( of Hie house. "Allan, isn't lleelile \Vil-on Urondcasting frbni tlie Peacock "Gosli. Atui." tie nmtlerevl. "l( on't keep up ivith ]nz?. prosr^rns," • "Von ruiss sonielhing." Ann called llglitty from ilie living roorn- Sl'.t* turned on ihc -radio. In a moment more there was a blare of sound. "It's murderous. Ttirti ilie darn llitt)^ low." •'All riL-hi. I don't think this Is his program- **.Sno >vas iwiriing tiie tlinl, o»o proyriun mei'gins Into an"l linvc Ji now. Oorsii't that spiiiul swell?" Uiuler ilip steady floiv of melody Ann crossed to iho ami parlor aiui pulled aside I!IG cunnfn at tiis Krench doors. Tlie hey was in Ihe Jock. (To l*c Continued} The sense Tclcsc'ribf 1 <ilSlWCarS 1S di(HC>lll !pain is actually enjoy*!.. °Tlicrc is' the story of the man cl{!XS ' howcvcr - thc " ahl vlio was })oin)diiig hi-s heart that lie (elt so well when lie sloi>—- The unmml infect Jail- IwlO nl l,e;|. j Frankfort,, (imiian;/. is one of t)!<: Tlicrc are u\~M loi'nis ot inrntnl islraiiECSt In tlic world. Collectors anil. scxmil pcvvcrslon in w in c hj»nrt sellers of iraccls rrom all parts he wall. When asked why lie was ,. c i ) ' of the woi'W -gather here and j amazing sums of money aref in- Itsclt is! votvcd ' in lilt negotialions for intense and the emotional jsiiccimcns. outburst associated with the pain doing this, he responded by saying is exceedingly pleasiuablc. Rend Covtrlcr News Want Ads. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Tims, it is known that less pal is (clt'in one part of the body whc tdc attention Is directed elsewhere. One form of qunckcry rcsls on His pinching nl tlic Iocs to take the minrt nw.iy from u )>ninful loalli- nohe, There arc persons 'whose cly and fear arc so great, when gong Into a dentist's oHlce, tlmt they TOP. TIME VvE \NTRODViCt OURSELVES, SUM?— N\V NWAt ANT) XfA MAJOR OF THE rjtv/OMCI-UP,& OF 01-0 KWNTU'CKV .SUVA ! Of 7HE O\_D viOVE ,\OU fAUST THE HOUSE OP HQOP1-E WITH YOUR PRESENCE/ OF GOOD T5OURBON WALLET OR January to^ American deneral, ° 'President ler defeated' COLOK\E\. WA6HOW

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