The Berkshire County Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts on August 20, 1863 · Page 3
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The Berkshire County Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts · Page 3

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1863
Page 3
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VOLUME 35. BERKSHIRE COUNTY EAGLE, AUGUST 20, 1863. NUMBER 5 THE WAR. A New Orleans lettor to the Herald, states that the feeling of tho people of Mobile ia Ycry despondent. They anticipate an attack every day, and it is thought if that city is sorioualy threatened it would surrender. Provisions are very high, and they deeiro no more sick and wounded prisoners to bo sent there, as there is no medicines thero, and no means of feeding them. The squadron off Mobile is being largely increased. A conscript who arrived at Newbera on tho 13th from Wilmington, N. O w reports that within a few days 17 large steamers had arrived at that port having run the blockade, loaded with stores, among which are 96,000 English rifles, 160,000 ready made uniforms, 23,000 cases of ready made army ahoej, 11 locomotives, 6 rifled cannon of heavy caliber, 5 cargoes of railroad iron and skillful men accompanying them. A recent cavalry expedition from Corinth released 260 conscripts taken by the guerilla, Forest. A company of Coleman's men came into Corinth on Tuesday from Waynesboro. They wore conscripted by the rebels, and had several fights with Biflles. They refused to go with him, and armed themselves and reported at Corinth to enter the United States service. Gen. Roiccrituu' Advance. Private advicas from Roseorana" army state that our forces have been divided into two grand divisions, and moved toward Chattanooga on Monday last by different routes. The eoigo of tho rebel stronghold will doubtless soon commence, as it is not probable that our forces will meet with any very serious opposition before reaching there. Tho New York Htrald of Saturday had dispatches from "W iu- Chester, Tenn., to which point Gen. Rose- orans had advanced. The position of the rebels is thus described : "Ihe enemy hold the Tennessee river from Harrison to Bridgeport. Harrison is their right, Chattanooga the centre--tho fortified citadel--and Bridgeport is the left. Tho whole line covers the important positions of Cleveland and other points on tho railroad from Knoxville to Atlanta. Bragg knows that if we move on Chattanooga our lino must accommodate itself to his. If we do not ho stands ready to accommodate himself to ours. At any rate there is no fear that wo are going to commit tho fault of leaving him on our flank again.'' Gcu. Graul'n Report, Tho official report of Gen. Grant of his campaign in Mississippi and tho surrender of Vicksburg, haa been prepared. Gen. Grant frankly confesses tho mistakes of some of his first Jitternpts upon Vicksburg, and sums- up tho results of his campaign against Vicks burg as.follows: "The result of this campaign has been the defeat of the enemy in five battles outside of Yioksburg ; tho occupation of Jackson, the tho capital of the stato of Mississippi, and the capture of Vicksburg and its garrison and munitions of war ; a loss to the enemy of 37,000 prisoners, among whom were 16 general officers; at least 10,000 killed and .wounded, and among the killed Generals Traoy, Tilghman and Green, and hundreds and perhaps thousands of stragglers, who never can bo collected and re-organized. Arms and munitions of war for an army of 60,000 men have fallen into our hands, besides a large amount of other public property, consisting of railroads, locomotives, cars, steamboats, cotton, c., and much was destroyed to prevent our capturing it. Our loss in tho series of battles may be summed up as follows : Killed. Wounded Missing Port Gibson 130 718 Fourteen Milo Creek, News Miscellany. A lady calling herself Mrs. J. E. West o Sandusky, Ohio, ingratiated herself into th favor of a reiil estate broker at,Chicago, an bargained for 'a largo amount ol property i tho city.' " She then got a check cashed ac or! of tho banks for $11,000, and it afterward proved to be a forgery. Tho lady escape with tho money, and has not since boon hear of. A copperhead orator says that '« will prompt Louis Napoleon to espouse th Confederate cause, whether Great Britain wil or will not join him." Destiny sent his un cle to Moscow, Waterloo and St. Helena. Counterfeit tens on the John Hancock Ban] of Springfield, aro in circulation, and so we) executed as almost to defy detection. So ap one dollar U. S. notes altered to tons. Carr, the supposed murderer of Mrs. Mar) Loomis, at Worcester, Vermont, has been ar rested in Greensboro'. Ho is in jail aud im plicates a brother-in-law of tho deceased wh has also been arrested. Returns, mostly official, from 99 of tho 10 counties in Kentucky, show that Bramlctto Union, for Governor, has 06,370 votes Wiokliftb, Dem., 17,615 ; Brauilotte's ina jority, 48,055. Tho 11 counties to como in will bring it up to somewhere near 55,000. A meeting of tho National Democrat Committee ia called at the St. Nicholas Ho tel,"in the city of Now York, on Monday September 7th,'lSG3, at 12 o'clock, noon, foi the purpose of fixing the timo aud place o holding the next National Democratic Con vcntion, and to take into consideration sue) other matters of interest as will probivbl; como befofo tho Convention. Tho Mississipi River is btill free from guor illos, but Mobile papers say strong guorillt parties aro being organized to annoy boat and destroy navigation. If this is carriec out, thero will not be a house left within twenty miles of tho river banks, and ever} guerilla caught will be summarily hung. In Utica. ft man confined to his bed witl fever, hearing that he was drafted, becam excited, arose, walked the room, and fel dead. The Rev. Dr. Francis Wayland, tho emi nent Baptist author aud divine, has made cal dilations showing that the American Boari of Commissioners for Foreign Missions doei not receive annually as much money as is spent in the city of New York alone fo cigars. Gen. Grierson has again taken the saddh for the immediate benefit of fho West Tennessee guerillas--Biflles and Forest and tha class, who may read their doom iu the fate o .Morgan. The New York Herald says that tho gen uino copperhead platform is, "The Union as ii as under Buchan i n , tho Constitution as ii is under Jeff. Davis." (skirmish) Raymond Jackson Champion's Hill Big Black railroad bridge Vicksburg 4 G9 40 426 29 545 1,243 24 341 240 1,842 242 3,688 32 G 189 303 "737 Total 1,243 7,095 Of the wounded many were but slig wounded; and continued on duty; many more required but a few days or weeks for their recovery. Not more than one half tho wounded were permanently disabled." Of t^o capitulation Gen. Grant gives this brief account: On the afternoon of the 3d of July a letter was received from Lieutenant General Pemberton, commanding the Confederate forces at Vicksburg. proposing an armistice and the appointment of commissioners to arrange terms for the capitulation of the place. The correspondence resulted in the surrender of the city and garrison of Vicksburg at 10 o'clock A, M., July 4, 1863, on the following terms : tho entire garrison, officers and men, were to be paroled, not to take arms against tho United States until exchanged by the proper authorities ; officers and men euch to bo furnished with a parole, signed by himself; officers to be allowed their side arms and private baggage, and the field, staff and cavalry officers, one horao each ; tho rank and file to te allowed all their clothing, but no other property ; rations from their own stores sufficient to last them beyond our lines ; tho necessary cooking utensih for preparing their food: and thirty wagons to transport such articles as could" not well be carried. The terms I regarded more favorable to the government than an unconditional surrender. It saved us the transportation of them north, which at that timo would have been very difficult, owing to tho limited amount of rivet transportation on band, and the expense of subsisting them. It left our army free to to operate against Johnson, who was threatening us from tho direction of Jackson ; und our river transportation to be used for the movement of troops to any point tho exigency of the service might require." WHAT CRIME COSTS.--The trials of the New York rioters thus far have resulted in sentences covering a century of imprisonments which will be increased tenfold before the work is concluded. The Commercial says that, in addition--hundreds of persons havo fled the city, or lurk in closest hiding, haunted by their horrible crimes and dreading arrest at every moment. Scores arb maimed for life, and hosts of poor families aro loft in great destitution, with the public sympathy necessarily diverted from them, while they Buffer a merited retribution for their own participation in the fiendish orgies of this carnival of violence. The prisons aro waiting for the convicted felons of the riot week. These are some of the results and lessons that the mob may lay to heart, and which will be likely to deter others from undertaking a second outbreak. * * The clnrge of Recorder Hoffman to tho grand jury gave promise of his earnestness in the prosecution of tho rioters, and his whole course during the trials has shown him to be fearless and just.-The jurors, too have done their duty without fear or favor. Drawn from the body of the people, and representing all shades of political faith, they have quietly but firmly vindicated the honor of tho city, and majesty of th,} law, and the rights of persons and property. It is manifest that tho riot has no sym- pathizors in that large class of meu from which the jury list is drawn. At New Hudson, N. Y., en Saturday, a Mrs. Suttern went to feed a chained bear that was supposed to bo tame, when the animal sprang upon her, and partially ate her body. The creature had to be shot before the remains could be procured. VALLASDIGIIAM IN TROUBLE.--According to the Toledo Biadc, men who were tho mosi prominent in effecting the nomination of Val landigham for Governor of Ohio, includ ing some of those who are on the same ticke with h i m , have agreed to present a proposa to him requiring a pledge that, in case of his election, ho will co-operate fully with the National Government in the support of its war measures, and that he is to have the choice of signing it or giving place to sonii. man who will mako that pledge. TERRIBLE CALAMITY ATCOHOES.--FIFTKK»V CIRIS EUKNEB TO DEATH.--The knitting mill of Richard Hurst, at Oohoes, N. Y., took fire Monday forenoon at 10 1-2 o'clock. Tho flames spreading with gicit rapidity. Tlic employees, mostly women, were all in the building, some of them in the third stoi_ from which it was impossible for them to escape. The result was that Eeveral perished in the flames, and a still greater number were injured by jumping from the windows, Twenty-fivo aro missing, fifteen of whom aro reported burned to death. The loss of property will be about $30,000. Insured for 823,000. Judge Waterbury, in his partizan document, got up to sustain Qov. Seymour's un fortunate position, says that in his interview with President Lincoln, the latter declared " with an earnestness I was glad to observe, 'I will not peimit either a real t or an apparent fraud.' " The contrast between the President, anxious to rigbt all wrongs, and Gov. Seymour intent on magnifying the difficulties the President desires to remove, is altogether in favor of " honest Abe."--Troy W/ny. L)nowN£i.--Allen Manley, son of David Manley, of South New Boston, Sandisb'eld, left home to go fishing into Tolland on the 9th inst. Having been absent longer than was anticipated, search was inado and his body was found in a brook, where the water was about two feet deep. Young Manley was subject to fits, and it is supposed he was taken with one on the bank of tho stream and fell in. So says the Winsted Herald. The list of names of prisoners paroled at Vicksburg filled a box about three feet long and two feet iu w i d t h and depth ! M A R R I E D . At Great Harrington, July 1, by Rev. P. S. liamutn, Jo_hn F. Blake, to Mary J. Baldwin, both of Springfield. At Great liarrington,Aug 6,by llev. F B.Bar- num, Asahel .Freeman of Sheffield, to Charlotte Pype, of Great Barringtou. At Hillsdale, Aug. 2, by "William Coons, Rob- cit K. Andrews, of Sheffield, to Mary M. Sanborn, of Lee. At North Adams, Aug. 13, by Rev R. T. Wade.Edwin Bates of Pownal, Vt,, to Lydia E. Battals, of Williainstown. At North Adams, Aug. 13, by Kev. R. T. Wade, Augustus Eansenousen to Chloe E. Bat- tals, both of Williamstown. At South Adams, Aug. 10, by Rev. Mr. Tat- look, Wm. Battles of Piermont, N. Y., to Luoy Ann Crossett of South Adams. At Williamstown, Aug. 18, by Rev. W. H. L- Starks, Porter R. Cole to Lydia Ann Scott, all of Williamstown. DIED. In this town, Aug. 10, Lucy A., aged 49, wife of Mr. Geo. W. Persons. lo this town, Aug. 18, Mrs. Adaline E.. aged 33, wife ot Dr. Loroozo Waite of this town, and daughter of Win. E.MoKee, Esq., of Terryville, Ct., The funeral services will be held at the residence of Dr. Waite on Westst., at 10 o'clock A. M., oa Friday. Few die leaving more sincere mourners than this estimable lady. A devoted wife, an affectionate daughter,aiid a faithful and kind friend, in all tho paths of life she walked so as to win the love aud esteem of all who know hor, and 4 :he most so of those who knew her best,--her usband and rnoro intimate friends. The loss one which to them, at least, can never bo rewired. Iu laying her in the grave a part 'of hemselves will go with her that can never bo recovered . In this town, Aug. 16, infant child of George f. Phelps, a-.-ed 5 weeks. At Great Barrington, Aug. 15, Frederick D., sou of Frederick L. 1). Mason, aged 5 mouths. At Great Barriugton, Aug, 15, Isaac B., Lester, aged 48 years. At Da^on, July 21, of diptheria, Mattio H., a g e d 7 e a r s 7 months. August 17, Otis A., igcd d years 8 mouths, youngest children of .Thomas A. aud Sarah Lawrence. At Sheffield, Aug. 17, Mrs. Mary, widow of Chas. L. Canfield, uged 79 years. At Great Barringtou, Aug, 15, Ida Boll, youngest daughter of Frederick and Helen E. Lawrence, aged 7 years and 3.4 days. , At Now York, Aug. 11, Edmund B. Paot,ngctl 49 years, formerly of New Marlboro, and for tho past twenty-eight years Steward of tho Deaf and Dumb Institution in Now York. Hio remains vrero brought to Now Marlboro fov interment. t , At'S6\uh Egranont, \itry Huddonlyof di»cf\HO of the licui t, Sarah C. atml 52, wife of David Dftlzoll. At Monterey, Aug. 19, of oholora morbua, Hezikiah Judd, aged 80, formerly of Now Marlboro. At North Adama, Aug. 0, Helen A. wife of Wm. Wallace Colonmu, and daughter of J. II., and Martha K. 81mmway, aged !20 years, Union. 22 days. At North Adams, Aug. 0, Eliza E. Hioks.agod 18 1-2 years. At North Adams, Aug. 10, Betsey E.,aged 02. widow of tho late Andrew Arnold. At North Adams, Aug. 18, very suddenly, David II. Marsh, aged 43 years. At Clarksburg, Aug. 5, Wm. Carter, need 70. At Housatonio, July 30, Bonjiuuiu Ureon, aged 78, a native of Warwick, R. l. x At-Alford, Aug. 10, Ella Louisa, aged .0 1-2 years, daughter of James Holmes, jr. At Southfiold, Aug. 2d, Anna, need 15, Aug. 9, Ellen, aged 20, daughters of Edward Can- lipld, caused it is supposed, by impurities of tho collar under their dwelling. SPECIAL. NOTICES. List of Letters, ,. K E M A I N l N U i n tho Post Olllcc, Plttsli ol'i Mass., AUR. 20, 1803. I'oiaons culling for ndvortlnod lettciy.nill pleum guy udvcitlsoil, and mention tho Jute of tho lib In which ndvor ( N e d . UlSNThHMUN'H LIST. Aldrioh Harrison (Jupt IColly JIIIIICH Dr. Tobias' Venetian Homo Liniment, pint bottles at fifty cents each, for lameness, cuts, gulls, colic, upturns, §c,, warranted-cheaper than any other. It is umul by all the great hotsctucii on Long Island courses. It will not cure ring bono nor spavin, as there is no liniment in existence thnt vt ill. What it is stated to cure it positively does. No owner of horses will be without it after trying one bottle. One dose ichcvcs and often saves the life of nn over-heated or driven horsu. For colic and belly-ache it has never failed. Just ns biiro as the sun-rises, just bo sure is. this valuable Liniment to be the Horbe embrocation of tho day. Sold by all druggists. Oflice, 66 (JorUandt Street, New York. 3w4 FEMALES! FEMALES! FEMALES! Use that safe, pleasant remedy known tin HELMliOLD'S EXTRACT JiUCHU, For all complaints incident to tho sex. No family should bo without it, And none will when once tried by them. It is used by YOUNG AND OLD. In tho decline or Change of Life, Before and after Marriage. During and after confinement, To strengthen the Nerves. Restore Nature to its proper channel, and invigorate the broken-down constitution, from whatever cause originating. USE NO MORE WORTHLESS PILLS ! TJl KE HELMJiOLD'S EXTRACT L UCHTJ. Sec advertisement in another column. Cut out, and send for it. 2m51 To Nervous Sufferers of both Sexes A reverend gentleman having been restored to health in a few days, after undergoing all tho usual routine and irregular expensive modes of treatment without success, considers it his sa cred duty to communicate to hia fttlliotl fellow creatures the means of cure. IIoucc, on the re- ceips of au addicbscd em elope, ho will bend (free) a copy of the prescription used. Direct to Dr. JOHN M. DAQNALL, 186 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York. -Iwt8 Amlo Atwator W I) . UlisH Geo M Boardmnn Win Brown Froilrlok A Browater Fridriok Churchill John Clark JIIHH'S T Cono Peter Ci aw ford Norman C Dawliy Geo 8 2 Davis Jaa F 2 Droty Hoboi t Dresser Julius DuiMiis OncBimu Fislc lion G W Filiold Geo Francis Mortimer D Flank CluiB Gontuh Frulorio Gorman John Greenwood Thus Hurt A ml lew. HutchingsE HutchhiHOH Mr Hunt H C Kelly Thos LADIES' Kliojd Jtobt Leidhold E Mulyor I-' 2 Martin Arthur , MoKmuiy John MoDonough Potor Morrow John Mil cell Rohort Owens Albert 2 (VKollJohn O'CullrtlmuPfttiick Piioo William Riflo Jofioph Hohortson David Sibloy JoHoph Simmons E Scldol Jcs?co Smith I J Swclu Jacob Spior John Taylor W A Thompson Chan Vosburg Abnui K Watkina R C Williams Chas S Wylie II E LIST. Aikens A J Mrs Barker Matilda Bartlctt Nellie Bcobo Anno lleobo Charles Mrs Ulanohard Faiiuio M Burloy CornoliuB Mrs duly C E Mrs Clark HuUio Connor Hobo Coons John Mrs Colo Arietto T Mrs Drawin LOU'IBO Donnovan Eluabeth Edwards Sarah P Go\\o C A Harr'iH M P Mrn HOOH Emily Mrs Humphrey Laura Jenkin-s Harriot Mra Killlau Margaret Mis Martin Sarah Manning Kiito Merrills Nettie F Mrs Morgan Olms Mrs Nolaon Mary Phillip Elizabeth O'Brinc Mary Reed M E Rpardon Bridget Mrs Riohmoiul Moli.SHii Mrs Hobbiii.sKli/.iibcthSiiruh Rogers Amy Sherman Goo W Staples LoUk- E 2 Wood Mnry P Mrs Pittsfield Domestic Market. [Carefully revised every week by S. M. Coomr Co.] Flour per Barrel, »G,30a8,50 Corn Meal per 100 Ibs. , bolted Coarse Meal, Feed, Oil Meal, per 100 Ibs., Cotton Seed Meal, Corn per bushel, Wheat Bran, per 100 Iba., Wheat Shorts, Fine Wheat Feed, Middlings, Rye per oushel, 3ats, (wholesale,) White Beans, . Potatoes, new, Peas, Canada, Peas, Marrowfat, Clover Seed, Red, Timothy, Red Top, Butter, Lard, Eggs per dozen, Beef per hundred Iba., Pork " " " Mutton, livo weight.per lb., Veal, Turkeys, Chickens, flay, per ton, Wood, hard, STThe retail price is given for flour, meal, jrain, feed, kay and wood, the wholesale, or prices paid by merchants, for other articles. S. M. COOLEY * Co.. Painilv Uroeery Provision Store 19 NORTH STREET. 1 ,75 1,60 1,70 2,50 2,00 1 ,00 1,02 1-2 l,f0 1,75 l,bO flo 75 2,00a3,00 62 1,25 2.8C Oaf I 2,25a2,50 G0a75 18a20 10al2 9alO Ib 7,7 8,00 4, SO 5,00 M 10al2 3,50a5,00 Hubbaul E K i i a S M i H Wylie John Mrs H. CHiCKElUNG, P. M. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, HKAD.QUARTKUS, BOSTON, August 17, 1863. SPECIAL ORDER, NO, 481. U NDER General Orders of the War Dopart- meut, No. 191, His Kxoellenoy tho Governor is authorized to raise in tho Commonwealth of Massachusetts, four regiments of Veteran Volunteer Infantry. His Excellency decides that one of these rofjimcnta shall bo raised in Hampden, Hampshiio, Franklin and Bcrkah'uc Counties. Colonel Win. F. Bartlett, of tho 49th Reg., M. V. M , *sho i s H t i l l tutlorinj from wounds received at Port Hudson, La., will command the regiment and superintend its recruitment. Returned Officers and Soldiers in thy Western County legiinciits who wish to enter this Veteran regiment will report either to Colonel Bartlett or to these Head-Quarters. By order of His Excellency, JOHN A . A N DREW, Governor and Commandcr-in-Chief W I L L I A M SCHOULKR, Iw5 Adjutant General. Pittsfield Post Office. Arrival Departure of the Mails. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, 1863. OM'ICK OPEN UOJI 7 O'CLOCK A. M. TO 8 O'CLOCK i'. M. MAILS CLOSE. NORTH--10 A. M., and 5.1f P. M. SOUTH--8.30 A. M., (Way, to N. York,) and 4 30 P. M., Way to Ot. Barrington.) EAST--7.30 A. M., (Way) and 5. IS P. (for Worcester and Eas-tof that.) WEST--9.50 A. 11,, (Way) and 8 P. M., (for Albany and Soutli and West of that.) NEW YORK CITY, and South-5.05 P. M. WILLIAMSTOWN, Siago-Mondays, nesdays aud Fridajs, at 2 P. M. HANCOCK--Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 4 P. 11. M., Wed- MAILS ARE DUE. NORTH--7 A. M., and 2.20 P. M. SOUTH--8.30 A. M., and 4.00 P. M. EAST--10.20 A. M., and 8.33 P. M., (distributed next morning.) WEST--7.51 A. M., (including Now York City,) and 5.38 P. M. STThe Western Railroad time, which is usually about 10 minutes in advance of tho time indicated by tho Pittsfield Town Clock, \» the standard 'or closing and arrival of all ma'Is on that and the North Adams roads. Hinsdale Academy, IE FALL TERM of this institution will commence on Tuesday, Sept. 8th, and con- ,mue eleven weeks. P. CALBWE1L, A, M., Principal, Vho will insure thorough, practical Instruction n all departments. Tuition from $4. to SO. Board, $2,50 to $3,50. C. J. KITTREDGE. Seo'y. Hinsdale, Aug. 19.1803. 3wS Sheriff's Sale. BERKSHIRE SS. August 5th, 181't. J l Y virtue of an execution which issued on a t judgment in favor of Qhuird D. Kimball, Asa Pincrco. Thomas P. Pinprno 3d. Chen S. Coo, and James N. tnanaicr, executors of the last will and testament ot Da\'ut Pingrcc, late of Salem, in our County of Essex, Esquire, Deceased, against James N. Richmond ot Cheshire, in said County of Berkshire, at tho last June Term of tho Supoiior Court for said County of Bcrkhhiro, I have taken all the right in equity that tho said James N. Richmond had on the third day of June 1802, the day when the same was attached on mcsnc process, to redeem certain mortgaged real estate lying in said Town of Cheshire, and known as the Cheshire* Gluss Works. And on the fifteenth day of September next, at ono o'clock P. M. , a t m y d v \ oiling house in tho Town of Lanesboro' in said County of Berkshire, I shall offer for sulo by PUUI.IO AUCTION, to the highest bidder, said right in equity of redemption. Terras and particulars will bo made known at time and place of sale. JEDEDIAU W. NHWTON, 3wS Deputy Sheriff. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, BERKSHIRE, SS. PROBATi: COUKT. To the Heirs-at-Law, Next of K i n , a n d all other parsons interested in the estate of A n n Munroe Vim Cortlatidt, late of Pittsfield, in said County, deceased, ' (rtcctiny. W HEREAS, a certain instrument purporting to bo tho last will and testament ot aiiid deceased has been pro'entwl to said Court, for Probate, by Peter J. Al Van Cortlamlt, who priiisthat letters leitaincntary may ho itmtod to him, ono of tho executors t h c t u i n named.-John White Munroe, ami Gerard Walter Mot- ris aio also named (hoiciu us executois. You arc hereby cited to appear at a Probato Court, to bo held at Lenox, in said County of Berkshire, on tho sixth dny ol Ootohor noxt, ut nino o'clock in the forenoon, to show cause,if nny j o u luwo, aojainst granting the same. And Haul Pot or .1. M. fa hereby directed to pivo public nation thereof, by publishing this citation, once a week, for three mieccB.sivG weeks, in tho iiownpupor called the Bcrkshuo County Eagle, printed at Pittsfield, tho last publication to bo two days at least, before mud Court. Witness, J. T. ROBINSON, Inquire, Judge of said Coutt this eighteenth day ot August, in tho year ono thousand eight hundred ana wlxiy- tluce. 3wf) A. J. WATK11MAN, Register. T O-DAY, Aug. 20, between the American Hotel aud South Church, a gold Cboth pick, vatch key and told charms, from a watch chain, 'ho owner will oo suitably rewarded by leaving liem with England Bro., 'Bush's ,Block, ^orthSt. » , · Pittsfield, Aug. 20, ' Ten Dollars Reward. A R E W A R D of Ton Dollars, with all reasonable ex|cnsoa incurred, will bo paid o any person for apprehending and delivering deserter at these headquarters. Any drafted man whoso timo for reporting at lieso headquarters has expired is tt dcsortoi',un- CSB ho shall bo relieved from tho draft by tho toard of Enrollment. II. M. MOREHOU8E, Captain aud Provost Marshal 10th Dial. Mass. J rovost Marshal's - Headquarters, Springfield, August 19th 1803. Stf Will be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION, A T the Office of Brigga Iron Company in Lanesboro', MIIBH., Wednesday, Sept. 30th, At tea o'clock, A. M., tho following Property, vu i BUST FURNACE Well built, mid fixtures belonging to same, in eluding a fine Ihigina of Sixty Horse Power, in good repair, and three laigo Coal Sheds. Also, Four Ore Beds, With plenty of Ore, from which iho host of Iron is made. Also, Over 3000 Acres of Land, Situated in tho Town of Livnesboro', and vicinity, u part of which is heavily timbered. AUo, a iiirge and convenient STORK, Well filled with Goods. Together with tho Notes, Accounts, and all ohoscs in action belonging to Briggs Iron Co. On the premises aro ton Dwelling Hounes, thrcq,J3arn8j and Blacksmith Shop, uad tools belonging to same. Also a quuutity of Oro ready dug. Also 25,000 bushels Coul in Shod at Furnace. Also, ono Horse, Harness, and Wagons, and sundry other appendages too numei- ous to mention. A schedule of which will bo exhibited at timo and place of sale. I'or further particulars rofirenco may bo had by applying to C. B. WHITNEY, Trcus. of wild Company, or tho Auctioneer. Tho above property will bo. ijald without reserve on liberal terms. Conditions will bo made known at timo ond place of sale. . JEDEplAH W. NEWTON, Auctioneer. Uneaboi-oVAug. 20, 1803. otf ! B A R T E R ' S "" ; Pittstidd (ionimcrcial Academy, --AND- SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. S OUTH SIDE 01)' TUB PA1UC, corner f of South St., and Bank Row. For further information send for Circular. ' ' lyO E. F.'" CARTER, Priiu For Sale. I O N East St., Corner of Pomoroy'a Avcnuo, a very, desirable residence, with one-third of nn aoro of land, shodo aud fruit treoa, flower and vegetable gardens. 'Real' buildings containing five rooms, will bo sold roparately if do- Hired. Buildings In thorough ropftir, with modern conveniences. · Possession given immediately. For forms apply to E. B. OLIVER, on tho promises, ( ' i Juno 17, 1803, ' ' ' 48tf (Jouiiiioinvenlth of Massachusetts, BKIIKHHIHI: SB. PROBATE COURT. To nil persons interested in the estate of Susannah Crofoot, loft to her by tho provisions of the last will and testament of Daniel Crofoot, of Piltdield, iu «aid County, ccstui que lrutl t W HEREAS, Piugro, Jr., J. D. Colt and Thomas. P. of Pittsfield, in Said County, Trustees, of Iho estate aforesaid, havo presented for allowance their first account as such TriiHtecs. You nro hereby cited to appear at a robato Couit to be holden at Lenox, in said County, on tho first day of September next, at nine o'clock in tho forenoon, to show cause, if uny you havo, why tho same should not bo allowed. Anil mild Trustees aro ordered to servo this citation by publishing the samoonco a week in tho Berkshire County Eaglo, u newspaper printed nt Pittsfield, in said County, two weeks successively, tho last publication to bo t w j days at lonst boloro said Court. Witness, J. T. ROBINSON, Esquire, Judge of sivid Court, this tenth day of July, in the year of our Loidono thousand eight hundred and sixty- three. 2w5 A. J. WATERMAN, Register. Desirable Country Residence JFOtt SAE, At LCHS than tho Cost of tho Improvements. A (HI HAT BARGAIN. For RitlH.. Mice, HonetiCH, A;itH, Jicil Mollin in FIITH, WoolciiH/'c* Iimcctfioti 1'liuitH, Fovt Ix, Aniiimlx, c "Only infallible remedies known." "Frco from Poisons." "Not dangerous to the Human Family." "Rate como out of their holes to die." Sold Wholesale in all largo cities. Sold by all Druggibts and Retailers everywhere. !!! BKWAUE 1 1 ! of all worthless imitations. See that ''Costar's" name is on each box, Bottle and Flask, before you buy. Address ' HENRY R. COSTAR, Principal Depot, No. 482 Broadway N. Y. Sold b y C . D. Mills, M. D., J. H. Manning, M. D., Pittsfield, Mass. 4m3 TAXES. N OTICE is hereby given to all persons liable to pay Taxes m tho Town of Pittsfield, that the Assessors have committed to mo for collection the Taxes for 1803, aud that a discount of 5 per cent, will be allowed to those who pay on or before the 1st of September next; and on all Taxes remaining unpaid on tho 1st of October, Interest will be added. JOSIAII CARTER, Aug. 5.--4w3 Treasurer and Collector. NOTICE TO !"MIE subscriber offers forsnlohis HOUSE and LOT, pleasantly located in tho village of Pittsliold, Mans. House is ono of tho best built in the State, iian all tho modern conveniences and improvements, gas, water, q., and is protected by shado trees and its location from the rude blasts of wiator and tho excessive heats of summer. The Barn is also well built, with arrangements in tho stalls for feeding and water of unusual convenience. The Lot has 9 rods front by ^24 rods iepths--1 1-3 acre--is well stocked with fruit and ornamcutnl trees and shrubbery--with garden and meadow land of unsurpassed produc- livenebs [4tf] F. C. ARMS. rni JL Country Seat for Sale. IE Residence of Qco. Clark, Esq., on Lake Onota, hvo miles west of the \ iltago, on tho road to New Lebanon Springs.-Sixty iiores of hvnd in good order and condition; t ipeib views in every direction and a beautifully situated houte. For further paiticularsapply to C. T. Bulklcy, Esq., Bank Row, PittslieUl, or on the premises. Also for sale a neighboring farm of ll'J acres. Pittsficld, Aug. ·!, 1803. 3tf FOUND. A GOLD WATCH KEY, probably of valne to the looser. The owner can have tho key ly calling at this ofiice, proving property, and paying expenses of advcstising. 4tf W A K TC JE fl A I w i GOOD GIRL to do House-work. Inquire of GEO. N. DUTTON, Brown's Block, -- OF TUB -CHOICE FRUITS. B'hoy muko Delicious Ice Cream, 5'hey make Excellent Pa»try. fl'liey Biiuke Superior Sauces, 1'liey are the Important 1'art in Cust :ti'ds, Ellaiic !Haii£C, Ac. ,'hey ha\c as Reference, Proprietors of some ol the best Hotels in Now York, Uoston, Chicago, c.,and a Home Reference of names widely known. Those who desire the host want them. lousekeopers should test their Superior Flavor mid compare them with other Extracts. HOTEL REFERENCES: -- Fifth A-^euue Tousc, New York; Brevoort House, New York; Sherman House, Chicago; Trcmont House, Chin^o ; Delevnn House, Albany ; Massasoit House, ' rrUIE subscriber has mado arrangements with X one of the best Oak Tanners in Philadelphia for a constant fupply of Oak Leather.-The Leather is finished at my store oy a No. 1 workman. Those in want of an extra article of Oak or Mixed Leather, can find a large stock on hand at all times. Also, Leather Belting, Oak and Spanish Solo Leather, French and American Calf Skin,Shoemaker's findings, c., £o.-- No. HDepotSt.,Pittsfield. 3m3 D. H. BASSETT. Administratrix Notice. N OTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has been duly appointed Administratrix of the Estate of Edward Morhouse, late of Pittsfield, in tho County of Berkshire, deceased, and has taken upon herself that trust by giving bond as tho law directs, All persons having demands upon the estate of the said deceased, aro icquest- cd to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to ' MARIA T. RANOUS, 3w3 Administratrix. Commonwealth of Massachusetts BKUKSIIIRE ss. PROBATE COURT. To all persons interested in tho estate of Dennis McDaniel late of Lanesborough, in said County, deccised, GBEKTING : W HEREAS, V: Burlingham of Lanesborough, in said County, Administrator of the estate of said deceased, has presented for a'lowance his first account as such Administrator. You arc hereby cited to appear at a Probate Court to be holden at Lenox, in aaid County,on the first day of September next, at nine o'clock in the forenoon, to show cause, if any you have, why the same should not be allowed. And saia Administrator is ordered to serve this Citation by publishing the same once a week, in the Berkshire County Eagle, a newspaper printed at Pittsfield, in said county, three weeks succftsive- ly, the last publication to bo two days at least before said Court. Witness, J. T. ROBINSON, Esquire, Judge of said Court, this twenty-ninth day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three. 3w3 A. J. WATERMAN, Register. AT A GREAT BARGAIN. A THOROUGH and modern built house, very XX convenient, with a good b-irn and out buildings, the premises supplied with Ashley Water,--about 1-1 acre oi excellent laml.with a fine variety of fruit trees. The above property is situated onNorth St., cornerof BurbaukSt., and if sold soon, will bo disposed of for $1200, cash. Inquire of A. HARRINGTON. . Pittefield, July 22,1863. 2tf OP NORTH ADAMS, MASS., W ILL FURNISH any number oi instrument*, BRASS OH S1R1MJ, tor all Civic or Military occn*ion», Bull*. Plc- ON REASONAB'.E TERMS. Address SmoslO B, A, STEWART, (Musical Director,) Xorlh Alunm, Man*. CUBE THAT PJU6H OF YGUBS Use the best, surest and cheapest Household'/? amedy tho WorJd has ever produced. Only ia Cants per Bottle. ITIADAITI 2.4 DOC PORTER'S GREAT COUGH RKMEDF i Madame ZADOC PORTER'S CURATIVE BALSAM is warranted if used according to tho directions, to euro in all cases Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough, Asthma and all aftcctlons of the threat and lungs. Mad'o ZADOC PORTER'S BALSAM is prepared with all therequi- mtc care and skill, from a combination of the best remedies tho vegc table kingdom affords. Its remedial qualities are based on its power to assist tho healthy and vigorous circulation of tho blood, through the lungs. It is not a violent remedy, but cmol- Jient--warming_, searching and cllcctivc ; can bi taken by the oldest JJEMLKRS who havo bold other Extracts largely) doublo their sale" with these Goods, ml say they behove JVO BETTER CAjY 'IK FOU.YJ), bimply because they aro the URK FLJiyORvtilio Fruits ami of tri- ilostrongth. Wholesale iiRents in Now York, Boston, Chia-^o, c.-- SchiclVohn Bros Co., corner V»il- am and Boeltitmu Streets, New York ; M. S. Jurr it Co., 2(5 Trcmont Street, and G e o . C . joodwin Co , 38 Hanoxer street, Boston. These Pure Flavors aro iold in Pittslield by S. I. COOLEY CO,, and GEO. W. SMITH. 1ST So d by dealers in bolect Flavors gcucr Commonwealth of Massachusetts. BERKSHIRE ss. PROBATE COURT. To the Hcirs-at-law, Next of Km, and all other Persons interested in the' estate of Lydia Rogers, late of Stockbridgc, in said County, deceased, GBEKTINQ : TTJTIIEREAS, a certain instrument purport- T T ing to be the last will and testament and codicil of said deceased has been presented to said Couit for Probate, by Abner D. Jones who prays that letters testamentary may bo issued to him, tho executor therein named. You are hereby cited to appear at a Probate Court to be held at Lenox, in said County, of Berkshire, on the first day of September at nine o'clock in the forenoon to show cause, if uny you have against granting the same. And said Abuer D. Jones, is hereby directed to give public notice thereof, by publishing this citation ouco a week, for three successive weeks, in the newspaper called tho Berkshire County Eagle, printed at Pittsfield, in said County, tho last publication to be two days, at least, before said Court. Witness, J.T. ROBINSON, Esquire, Judge of said Court, this twenty-first day of July, in the year one thousand eight hundred aud sixty- three. 3w3 A. J. WATERMAN, Register. 'hat you iu o not swindled by persona falsely oproiiontiiiR themselves to ho our agents,who go loin house to house ottering inferior Spectacles n tho credit of our reputation. iVe fiiiiploy no Agents or Peddlers ilHfl'. II. LAZARUS, A member of tho firm attends regularly every TWO MONTHS, and will bo at tho BERKSHIRE BOUSE, PITTSFIELD, I'rom Tuesday, Sept. 8th, until Saturday noon, Sopt 12th, from whom only, uithis vicinity, can their celebrated Perfected Spectacles bo had. He is exceedingly Skillful In fitting the Eyo, Courteotis and Attentive and will uphold tho acknowledged reputation of tho firm for HONOR AND INTEGRITY , lu tho conduct of thoit business. fQFNoto tho dato of visits, and that NO PEDDLKHS OR A-GKEIST ABE EMPLOYED. Commonwealth of Massachusetts UKUKSIIHIK, ss. PROBATE COURT. To (ho next of Kin, Creditors, and all other Perbous interested in the Estate ot Uri Bradley, late of Lauesborough. m said County, deceased, intestate. W HEREAS, application has been made to said Court, by Sarah A. Sturgis, to grant a letter of Administration on tho estate ot taid deceased, to Charles B. Whitney of Lanesborough in the County of Berkshire. You are hereby cited to appear at a Probate Court to be held at Lenox, iu s»id County of Berkshire, on tho first day of September next, at nine o'clock before noon, to show caubo. if any you have, against granting the same. And tho said Sarah A. Sturgis is hereby directed to civo public notice thereof by publishing this citation once a week fov three successive weeks, in the newspaper called tho Berkshire County Eagle, printed at Pittsfield, tho last pnblication to bo two days at least, before said Court, and also to servo a like copy, personally, upon Hannah Bubcock, u daughter of said deceased, fourteen, days at least before said Court. Witness, JAMES T. ROBINSON, Esquire, Judge of said Court, this twenty-eighth day of July, iu tho year one thousand eiglit hundred and sixty-three. person or youngest child. Mad'e ZADOC PORTER'S BALSAM has been in use by the pubho for over eighteen yeara, and has acquired its present sale simply by being recommended by those who have used it, to their afflicted friends and others. MOSTIMP0117AJVT.--Madame ZADOC PORTER'S CURATIVE BALSAM is sold at a price which brings it Jn tho re ion of every keep it convenient /cr use. Tho timely use of single bottle will prove to be worth 100 times cost. NOTICE.--SAVE Yona M ONEY !--Do not be persuaded to purchase articles at 4s to $1, which do not contain the virtues of a 13 ct. Bottle of Madame Poitor's Curative Balsam, the cost of manufacturing which is as great aa that of almost any other medicine ; and the very price at which it is sold, makes the profit to seller apparently small, and unprincipled dealers will sometimes recommcn I other medicines on which their profits arc larger, unless the customers insist upon having Macl-unc Porter's and none other. Ask for Madame Porter's Cur ativc Balsam,price 13 cts , and ia large bottles at 23 cts., and take noother. If you cannot get it at one store you can at another. Eg 1 " SoH by all Druggists at 13 cts., and in large bottles at 25 cts. HALL RUCK EL, Proprietors, New York. CHAS. M. WHELDEN. Agent for PittsGeld. GEO. C. GOODRICH CO., Boston, Iy38ins General Agents for New England. COUNTY KAGLE. BURBANK BLOCK, 21 North Stroa, Pittsfield, Mass. HENRY CIIICKEHIXG, PROPRIETOR CT-Tho EnjfloJob Printing OlHce is supplied with the belt leoilUiiSlor Letter 1'icst Printing of all kinds, and h I y Jar the most complete, cxten- she, and well-appointed -printing 3w3 A. J. WATERMAN, Register. iu this part oi the State. The Proprietor has made recent additions to Iil3 before extensive and wo!l-sc2 iectt'd stock ol JOB 1 Vl'E. lie has all o purchased N E W P R E S S thus giving him facilities for the execution of FANC1" AND PLAIN JOU I'UIXTISU, which cauuot be surpassed iu this part of the State. We are now prepared to execute ail ordoi-s for Pilutiug, iu the latest aud most approved style of the art, ami at prices as reasonable as the name work can be done iu Western il.tssachusctts. Hooks, Pamphlets, /.ddrvsscg, o. Town and School Ucporta, Catalogues, Magazines, By-Law t,6. Insurance, Railroad, and other Blanks, Circulars; Certificates; BiUiUadij Kecciptg, Notes, Unlit* ai.d Checks ; Legal Blanks; , Notifications ; Ballikkets; Invitations: Billets;' i-abeli", Arc. DEALHK3 IN ALL KINDS 01' Furniture, Oval Frames, Gilt Mouldings^ c. PROGRAMMES, ifcnrnthie unit /nurtj printing, In colors and bronze, such n SHOW GAftDS, PAPER WRAPPERS. C. l,A7,AilllS MOttlllS and Oculists, No. 17, Up-Stiirs, Hungerford Cone's Block, Hartford, Conn., --AND-No. 184 MAIN STREET, Springfield, Maes. Tho handsomest, cheapest and best Coffin is SNYBER'S NEW PATENT, for the stlc of which wo ha^o tho exclusive right in this and adjoining IOWUB. It looks as well,and is to all intents ana purposes equal to the finest cloth. Theao Coffins can bo sold for Full Size $6 Small Size $1. Wo do all kinds of In tho most workmanlike nannor, and at prices that defy competition. {ST Call and oxam- inofor yoursohcs. , , j LYNES THOMPSON. , July 22,1503. Uf Wedding, Address Business' Cards, BALL AND CONCERT TICKETS, Ac. EXKCUTKL* «! A 8UPKOIOB MA:. - EB. In short, all kinds ol IMntiug that tbo lukinws oft State requires, executed nt the Eagle OUicu. O-The Proprietor being Ijiioscll a 1'iattical Printer, aud having coustantly In hl« employ experienced Job Printers, is confident that with his t\ccllent fa- «ilitlc3, he shall be able to meet the wautj and satisfy the taste st'tbosc who may faor him with their or dura. With bis FOUR POWER PRESSES, autl TIIKKE HAND PUE3SKS, well adapted to good exccnUou, as well w expedition, together with » sufficient force oi workmen, enable him to execute the various styles ol work rapidly, and well. lie respectfully eoLioiU order* tor Book aud Jol Printing, aud those who Uv or him iaay rist smreU that their work shall bo done with ·» di^rce of neat- ncas aud dispatch that HliL.l prove satUU.tory. IT7~Wo keep constantly cu hand a \sell selected lot of stock, of various Liu'ln, suited to all kinds ot woik, called for. V)LANKS printed to order, with neatness and Jjdispatch, at tho Eagle Office, 21 North Stmt

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