The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, '1037 Aid For Pirates Four Gael Breaks Spoiled; BUGS' Pennant Chances 1 In 1936 This is the Icnlh of i series r>imt major league • training, camps, and 1931 prospect--. By NEA Service SAN BERNARDINO, Calir.,Aprll 7, — Mr Haiold ' Pie" Traynor, manager of the Pittsburgh baseball club, was weighted down wiih two- suitcases when he arrived, here, with his Buccaneer • crew f6v|. nnmiM spring cipeis ' One suitcase contained his •toothbrush and an extra pair of ; £ocks that needed mending. In'the other was an assortment of good luck chjinvi ranging from old reliable rabbit feet to a streamlined shoehorn purchased at the stroke of midnight, from a orte-eyed Hindu. j The pirates suffered discouraging ill fortune last season and Mr,• Traynor is.taking no chances :ihis year. He's Ilirling wllli Mrs. Ladv Luck . " | And that'suitcase full, of charms Is going to travel around the 1937 circuit with the boys In .the hope o'C helping capture Ihc National. • League pennant and world series. 'That's all we need, good luck," g ou u,i )nw says Trajnoi 'We've got a hot gang and with the breaks we'll be ridin' high" Four Bail Breaks In '3C Ed. Brandt...only major addition (o Pittsburgh cntr> expected to win 15 games. very lucky guy lo have such a Tom unlucky breaks last-seasfln gan g around. "But at the same prompted Mr Tiaynoi 16 go .out u mc ue's guarding that suitcase and pmehasc his collection of, , R00; | \ IK ^ charms with the good luck charms foi this 1 ;year's | efficiency of a G-man. diamond wars - : . " ' Pitcher Waite Hoyt v?as operat-'^rn ^ . -.-r ed on foi appendicitis and was, J. [10 Ol)'0rtlllff iNCWS out of the lineup from May: until- ~ "-.••• .'.. ° Augus hitting although he \vouiHi up wllh a .335 average. Al Todci, catcher, was Garrison Finisher at 1 Ihc lineup from May: until' /-, n' i» i' ist, Aikv Vanghan suffered a {..Oil! ll'lllS 1x01)011 (H ig slump eaily in the season I .' • ' '• - Bono s Appointment on the s'ck ll c t for six weeks wllh "an injury.. And Cy .Blonton, .whirlwind, twlrler In 1935. failed Willis the official announcement of lleisciiel Bobo's appoinlm?nt a:t to"iea5r expected foimTntin'nc" 1 "™»W<* of tho Dlythevllle Cllauls club was hopelessly behind. : of he Northeast Arkansas league Is „_,, .,, ... . , , still to be made bv the publicity 'Those ihings held us hack last ( , t]ncnl of lllc ' New Y ' ork ol _ yeai, sajs Tinjnoi 'But nothing , ull „ Wa apl)oln [ nlcnl ls now „ can stoi) us this jcai if those good , c , r tatnty luck pieces start clicking." "Announcement of the selection of The Pirates' seven-man pitch-! Bobo was made unofficially In ycs- Uig staff may cause skepticism terday's. Courier News ami arrival heje and there But Traynor isn't worried. "Seven hurlers are enough if theVie good" he Eajs. "And ours arc plenlv good " of The Sporting News, baseball's official weekly, which goes on the 'news stands tomorrow, carried definite announcement. Tom, Mcany^yotpian New York . j, Aom aicany 'voici;£n TJCW yorK The men to whom Traynor re-1 sports writer,^'traveling .with tlu fers an? .the aforementioned Mr. j New Yolk' cllib, stales Ip a slorj Blanton and Mi. Hovt plus Mace U)Hleir'i\t Sliavvncs. C!:I<i., lhal Blown, Bill Swift, Man Mountain ; E; *o lias been named manager ol Wea\er, Hcd Lucas and Ed: tllc Biythevllle chib. Brandt, the latter secured from Tll(; Sporting News' columnist Brooi-lyn In exchange for. Ralph Blrkhofer and Harrv Lavagctlo. Brandt, the only regular who twirls from the port side, Is an old hand at fooling batters and who writes .-"Qaught On Ihe Fly." has the. follo\viii2 to say: "W; Herschcl ;Ijobo, veteran minor league manager, 'lias beeli selected by tlic New York Giants to pilot the Pirates are counting, on hi m their uivihevllle farm In the North- to v,in at least 15 games. Five I cast Arkansas league. Bobo was in .rcokfiis will be farmed for further I clllu "* I! o( tllc Jackson club in (he experience. I Cotton States league the past two "Todd, Tommy Padden and possibly Aiibicy ' YoYo" Epps will handle the backstop department aided by Johnny Oooch, old-time Pirate star of/1925-27 who is back on the payroll as an emergency catcher, coach of young pitchers and scout Epps, up for a chance with the Pirates for the third straight year, is determined to stick, .this time and it looks like he'll be on deck for the start: of. the season at least. • Rest of Team Okay * Ei-er5rt!>-"g Ls rosy in the infield and outfield. ' Around the bases will be the familiar faces cf Bill Brubaker, the Hermosa Beech Calif, third baseman who was good enough to handle Manager Traynor's pet position exclusively last season, Gus Suhr, the previously mentioned Mr. Vaughan 'and Floyd Young. eajons and previously piloted Hat- tlcsburg In 1926 and 1927 and Jackso^ in 1929, 1930 and 1931." Pemiscot County League V/ill Open Season May 2 . CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo'.— Following a meeting of four managers of teams in the Pemiscot County "15, the otliclal opening for the league was set for Sunday, May 2. Roy Mc.ClosV.ey, president of 'the l-:a»ue. announced today that another meeting would be held next Sunday at which time the league schedule woul'd b> completed. Teams to be in the league this year Include: Brown shoe Factory, Stanley, Maplewoort, and Haytl. McCloskcy said that two more teams would probably enter at, the Bracldock May Have Started Something Jty IKCHAU1) McCANN NKA Sfrvlci; Sports U'rller H was (jiillc appropriate that Ilsliih Jce Louis. ne5 the Brown omljcr, should terminate his ex- lulllon boxing lour on April 1, hich is known around and about le country us April Fool's Day. You see, Judging by thi press otices sprayed In his wake, every ay was April Fool's Day on Mlsluh lour. The newspaper boys, it ecms, didn't, think Hint it was at 11 fun lo be fooled. Fsr Instance, afler drearily itclilns; Mi.stnh J03 cud around couple of traveling companions DCS MDln3s s|K)rtswrltcr wonder : d lo his public why "the Brown iomber's sta»c hands couldn't fig- re out a belter act," and a nlnk- lalned wretch In St. Joseph. Mo. rue to tile "you-goUa-show-nic 1 ISssoLirl co:le, snorted that "we'i! ake wrestling, anagrams or a spir- ted name of backgammon In pref- rcnce to a 1/iuis display of hi; hn wares," and an Oklahoma. City .gentleman of the press declared hat "Louis Imrls no one but him elf by bein^ a party lo .such a arce as lie slaved here." That's just what the boys oh cclcd to—Mlstuh Joe didn't, hurt inybcdy. Including his opponents. Mid. of course, his opponents dld- i'l hurt him. After all, who would bite the hand that's feeding him? Goodly Crowds Turn Out But, though the scribes didn't 'Ike Mlstuh Joe's exhibiting, the 'jharisces seemed to, In every city the circus attracted gco:lly crowds. H Is estimated '.hat some 25,000 in the 19 different •lop-overs considered it worth their 'Ime and Ihelr money lo watch Mistnh Joe plunge his fisls Into the 'ilubbcry balloon known as Seal Harris or drum out a time on the aunt ribs of Ihe phrall phlladel- 'liin Philosopher. Leonard Dixon. As a result, Mlsluh Joe came •omc with some S8000 in the coin if the realm afler all his expenses •ere paid. This, we believe, is belter than VIr. James j. Brnddock did on a similar lour. You remember Mr iraddock. of course. He's the heavy- •clRht champion of the world—or. 1 least, he was when court acl- 'ourncd. But, as we were saying, this scenis o be aboul the b?st tour a fighter is made—from a financial standpoint—since Jack Dempsey stalked 'roii»h the sticks a dozen years ago belling out this and that toogc. Of course, W. L. (Young) Strlb- 'ng, who traveled more than a ru- iq'r, made considerable monej / ALMOST BROKE THE 6*. ON Trie wf?ow& HS HIT ME HABEAS CORPUS, 1fl£ MUDDLED HE AW WEIGHT FIGHT ma SUITS /wo COUNTER SUITS /IMV &ET 1'iie LEGAL MINDED. BIRDIE .WHEN HZ Tile QUOTA OP. TIi/o THE &>':(, WILL SET Tile 1AW BY 1. S. KLEIN | aHW^^WWS*S««'<»''^*#>^*l BRAINS BEHIND THE BATTLE and Eddie Malcol along b ilcolm. He took every- ' A P)fYWm frffirlf* ml a referee, and that, -TV IvUWI1 VJI dUC Steeple Chase wasn't necessary. You may, by Ihe way, remember this Malcolm mentioned above. It was his good fortune one afternoon several months ago lo be in the ring cowering in a corner when Mistnh Joe slipped on a wet spot In the canvas and fell. Right away word got around tilat Louis had been floored by Malcolm and the sparring partner was immediately .signed for a couple of bouts in different small clubs. But lo get back to the track. The cost of transporting Mils caravan about the countryside was $5200 and the three squares a day to- tnled about 51500. Mlstuh Joe had to pay this feed bill—along with a S75 weekly wage to the sparring partners—but the train tabs were picked up by the various promoters They gave Mlstuh Joe 50 per cent of the gate receipts In'each lowii 'All are .300 or better hitters. mCCl ' ng Sunday ' Brubaker and Suhr . drove in around 2M runs between 'em last year. James Browne and Lee Handley aie in camp displaying their wares Browne, a seconc baseman hit 352 for Minneapolis last season, and third baseman Handley had 303 . working foi both Cincinnati and. Toronto. Condition'; in the garden are! much the same Back at their old posts are the Waner i boys — Paul was a holdout, Dan Hafey, For- Jest Jensen and Fred Schulte. Paul Waner led the National i-eague In hitting last season nnd the others also aie boys who add gray hairs to the heads of opposing pitchers fighting for a reserve berth in the outfield are John Dickshot, up from Buffalo, and Morris Sands from the Unlmsity of Texas The odds favor Dickshot, who startled the natives In Buffalo by hitting .3S7 and fielding .980. Mr. Traynor considers himself a Read Courier News Want Ads Byron Nelson, affable Texan, and Reading, Pa., golf pro, scored one of Ihe most smashing finishes in golf history when he overcnme n four-stroke disadvantage and three opponents on the lost seven holes to capture the Maslcrs' Tournament at Augusta, Gii. Nelson's 283 total was two strokes better than that o! Ralph Guldnhl, runner-up. mocking out his chauffeur al every i n ,' ld *> llle , Dclroa ,? ns ™, mi . ter cas " 'op sign on the road, but nothing ike $8000 on 0112 trip. Tildes In Regal Slyle And certainly Mlstuh Joe jour- 'eycd in grander style than all the cst. The aforementioned Willie Strlb- ing used to. bounce from town to own in a coughing auto while 'Jsmpsey and all the other tour- sts were content lo cramp thsm- Mves Into, a drawing room or n :ompartment. -: But not Mlstuh Joe. He had himself, a private Pullman car .'n' everything for his party, which tn- •luded Co-Manager John iloxbor- ough. Trainer Jack Blackburn, -iooking Agent Max Banman, Bodyguard Carl Nelson, Half-Brother .Moivzo Brooks and Sparring. Partners Seal Harris, Leonard Dixor Many persons of a superstitious nature slill bow- to the moon when they Ih^st see it, and turn the coins In their pockets. mm m n. & P. L. NO. 11 PLANTING SEED (A Pure Strain) Original seed obtained ' direct from the breeder anfl planted by us for two jcars. No other cotton planted or ginned on this farm. Reasonably priced In even weight 100 ib. bags. Spcciil prices on carlots. Inquire f. A. Rogfrs, manager, CLEAR LAKE FARM Kouic 2, Box 81, Blylhevillc Phone 1500-F11 The Sauetin Gasoline Company Tank Car Station at Holland, Mo. is now open and selling high grade gasoline for .13 per gallon, tax paid, as the opening special to convince you that they have better gas at lower price . Also Cigarettes at $1.15 per carton ily grossed some $10.000 in ung- ijels. Mistnh Joe would have mads more if Boxing Commissioner Frank McDonald of Michigan hadn't sttepped In. You see, the caravan to niake a lucrative stop In,-Detroit, Joe's home town, but McDonald, said, phew, shoo, or nay, nay, on your way, or words to that effect. "Such so-called exhibitions," said Mr. McDonald, "are a disgrace They hurt boxing." Yon don't look for such common sense in a boxing commissioner, do yon? The eagle has about 2000 times as ranch light to work with in the clear daylight as a man has in his home nt night. !hurch Organ Stolen; Tube by Tube Process P1TTSFIELD, Mass. CUP)— Slolcn: a church organ! Tuba by tube, thieves Ingged away the $12.000 organ of historic Bullfinch church, which recentlj was acquired by Mrs. Elisabeth c. T. Miller, of Cleveland, O. T'OMMODORE William Thomas ^•Sampson had drawn up plans for attacking the Spanish fleet at; Santiago, Cuba, in 1898. General! Shaffer was having trouble on the mainland and called Sampson for a conference. Just as the naval commander stepped off his flagship, he heard cannon lire. The Spanish fleet had left Ihe harbor and engaged Sampson's ships in baltle. Sampson hurried back to the line, but his command was not needed. The battle was being won along the plans he had laid out. It was Ihe climax of a brilliant naval career for Sampson. Born in 1840, he was graduated from Annapolis in 1601, and rose quickly as a naval authority, especially on ordnance. And the greater efficiency of instruction at the Naval Academy also dates from his leadership there. He was made rear admiral in 1899, and did nol retire from service xmtil shortly before his death in 1902. His portrait appears with those of Admirals Dewey anct Schley, on the new i-cent navy .stamp. ,. Read Courier News Want Adi IMI'KOVE YOUK PROPERTY NOW We'll help you secure a FHA loan. Wall Paper Painls - Varnishes^ Auto & Window Plate Glass HLYTHEVILLE PAINT and WALLPAPER CO. Glcncoe iilil ff . Plione 880 U. S.— 1937 Wouy scries Admirals Dewey, Sampson A Schleu •Jc gray (Copyright. I9i7. XKA Service, inc.) It may look like a surrealist's dream of a cupcake baked in a stova on a hillside, but it really is a church steeple al Ypsilanti, Mich. Towering 100 feet high, the steeple was declared unsafe and had to be wrecked. Th*. camera caught It. midway on .its crash. There are 243,851 miles of mil- ways in the United States. V'YOUR OU1DE TO GOOtl UQUOkS "Qnce tkey liy this whiskey most men stop shoppin' around "' says ll,c OLD TOim TAVERtV KEL'PER IB m m M EN wlio have been trying for years to fin 1 a really satisfactory whiskey try TOWN TAVERN and say, "This is if. 1 " For yon can't beat TOWN TAVERN'S combination of fine tasle, fina quality and reasonable price. America's foremost distilling organization otters TOWN TAVEBN to men are looking for tlicse qiialili&s in a iskcy. The first rubber tire was patented by Charles Goodyear in 1814. - Have You Visited Our New Hlodern Service Station? White Rose Gasoline Goodyear Tires Willard Batteries Koad Service On •- 'Gas - Tires .- Wrecks . 24 HOUR SERVICE ' Call 033 For Trompl Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Now Located at 101 Nortt Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FDWAKUS. All m.-tfeps si Rebuilt Typewriters. AdJIng Macmnn an ralc.niMors^RcDalrln*—Parts— LYTHEVILLE One Day Only TUESDAY N. 2nd ST. CIRCUS GROUNDS Tickets On Sale Circus Day at lionim Drug Co. No Additional Charge 200 ACTS ,. ACRES of TENTS 250 Arentc STflf S 60 DANCIHU ' HORSES MILITARY ELEPHANTS 60 AERIALISTS 60 RIDERS TROUPES OF ACROBATS ' CLOWNS-ZOO MUSEUM HIPPODROME

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