The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 13, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO . XABKJ COURIER Society Calendar Tufsd-iy Mrs. J. P. Lent! Is having the Tuesday Luncheon club. Mrs. W. Leon Smith Is hostess to the Tuesday Contract club. Wednesday Mrs. Dixie Crawford is entertaining the new Wednesday club. There will be a benefit bridge party at the Woman's club for Ihc Junior high library. Mrs. W. I. Demon is leader of the Delphian program at (he Hotel Noble. Thursday The Jewish Ladles Aid society will meet In Osccola nt the home ol Mrs. Maurico Sllvordeld when Mrs. M. Rubenslcln and Mrs. Adolph WcIuberB will also be hostesses. Mrs. Max B. Held will have the Youns Matrons Bridge club. The Mid-Wcck clul) is meeting with Mrs. J. Lewis Cherry. Mrs.'J. A.--Leech Is having-the Thursday Luncheon club. Saturday Tlie library will sponsor the story hour for children ut 10:30 o'clock. ?or the Miss of Today- In the Mode of Yesterday ne and ravishing. The use of ostrich 1'ro^raru Is Announced for County federation Meeting Filly leaders hi club activities ol Mississippi county are expected here Friday for the annual meeting of Ihe county federation of Women's' clubs to bo entertained by the Blythcville Woman's club. Mrs. • Ira Gray, of this clly, will give the welcome address with the response by Mrs. J. H. Hook of Osceola. Tlie feature of the program is an address by Mrs. W. 11. McCain of Cotton Plant, district president'.-Mrs. John White of Osceola, a charier member, will give the -hlslory of the federation, Mrs, R'.' G. Lnngc will read her state prize winner in the poetry con- tejt-sponsored by the stale federation and Mrs. George M. Lee will present a brief program-in musk Another feature attraction will bp;atlcnding'thc art exhibit, spon- soVcd by the county department ol education ' and Delphian society. Prizes *ill be yivcn at this time' to students winning awards for the the\year's art program carried out under the direction of Miss Win- Hie-. Virgil Turner, counly supervisor, Pictures, now on display at Belt's art studio, .are to bo the ° f beauty Ihnl prizes. lo Ibe wearer. .Miss Corn Lee Colcman, president oft he local club, v^jl be the official mostcss. . (V. J « • « Majic.ll Will Be Given ' -Jlie Woman's Missionary Eocielj of; the First Methodist church will present hi a musical tonight at the .church, Ernest Mahlon Jones, tei orytand Paul D. Shultz, pianist, assisted by Mrs. Paul L. Tlpton. soprano, with Miss Lillian Briscoc as accompanist. A male chorus com- iwsed of George Henry, Griffin Echols, C. G. Redman, Roscoe Morris/Mill! am Trotter, R. D. Moore and-C. T. Kramer will also sing. Mr. Shullz, of Parkin, Ark., Is w_.. known in musical circles of the state. The local musicians have frequently appeared In public programs. The program follows: •Beyond the Dawn," Sanderson, "The Last Hour," Krnmcr; "The Grey Wolf," Burleigli—Mr. Jones. ^'Sonata Pathcttque - C-Mlnor,' Beethoven; "Grave Allegro Mull'i Con. Brio," "Adagio Cantabllc' "Rondo"—Mr. Shultz. VLeibeslraum," Liszt-Schipa; "Tiic Lamp LH Hour," Pcnn; "Ah, Moo; of.'My Delight," Lehman; "In Persian Garden,"—Mr. Jones ..'•Nocturne, B-Major," Chopin "Waltz, E-Minor," Chopin; "Bal • lade, A Flat Major," Chopin- Mr Shullz. ;"Misere 11 Trovalorc," Vcrdl— Mrs. Paul Tipton, Ernest Jones, ns sistcd by male chorus. A silver otrcring will be taken ! • • • Celebrates Birth day. Mrs. J. D. Atkins celebrated her 62nd birlhday Sunday with an all day parly at her home, MI6 West Ath, street. :Among the, 47 present were her son, Auibcrt Atkins, and Mrs. Atkins, J. H. Robinson and j. w Bailey .of Ncwbfcrn, Tcnn, Mrranf. Mrs. Joe Dozier, Mr. and Mrs.' Dock Cozier, of Amarillo, Tex., and James Warren, of Flint, Mich. A delicious dinner was served at naon. •The guest of honor received n number of interesting gifts •;-. * • * Rwis-Foss, the marriage of Mrs. Minnie Sue Foss, of Memphis, and Mr. Harrv E. Rcavis, of Nashville. Tenn.. took place here today. The Rev P o Rorie, pastor of the First Mdhod- ist church, performed the ring ceremony at his home at high noon • • * Crob Postponed. The meeting of the Literary de- partmcnt-of the Woman's club has been postponed until a week from tomorrow. • « * Mr. and Mrs. E. c. Welbom an nouncc the blrlh of a son Sunilaj morning nl the Blythcyille hospital The baby, who weighed wvci IXHJnds, has been named E. c. n. Hospital Notes Patients admitted to the Blythe vitte hospital: Mrs. E. c. Welborr. city,'Claude Brothers, Burdette t B.'Etchlson, city. Mrs. Pearl Mc- AllWer, .portageville, Klo, was dismissed. BY JOAN SAVOY NBA Service Writer Many a (lashing Imt this year ooks back n halt century or. so for ,ts inspiration. That, ol course, is what makes Eome of the ney creations enchant- nyty romantic and utterly fcmin- HUES, swecp- ng ostrich feathers curled or uncurled, adds that glamorous louch of beanly that is vastly flattering II you nro flirtitnj with the Idea of piircliaslng one of these new huts, it is u good Idea to consider Just which typo of hal, what period of Inspiration' fits you. if you are the type lo wear one of (he modified Gainsborough hats, you should not hesllnte lo get one for Ihcy arc gorgeous. If your features and i>crsoniUIty go liet- tcr with a Walteau, that Is the hat for you. One of Ihe most dashing and devastating beautiful hats of this lacking-backward type of new chapcnu is a rolled brim black bal- llbuntl with a curled black ostrich plume sweeping out from under Ihe short side of the hal, rmlle in Ihe inspiration of the 1870 per- lod ' • . .»•« It has n very shallow crown am 1 the left side lifts from the hair to show its beauty, and the ri side goes a long ways towards hiding out (lie right eye. Absolutely elegant and distinguished, this is (he hat, that makes the right costume, on the righ woman, regal -and unforgellnble. ISV W.M. E. McKEN'NKV Secretary American {Iridgfl League On the Iroln returning from MI- nnil this year, the following interesting hand was played and brings out a very instructive point. When you hold n high honor of opponents' trump, this card may appear worthless, but very often it can be used to good advantage to establish a Irump iti your partner's hand. 48-6-4 NORTH SOUTH *7-2 *7-2 3 .-• 4U-10-5 VK-3 -! 4K-5-4-Z The Tlie hand was played at auction i vvas taken ! .ml Ihc bidding was as follows: '"S. The seven of hearts was led Iron dummy and declarer finesse dtli queen. With no more trump i dummy, North was correct in lead Ing his ace.of spades to force th declarer. A small diamond wns dis curded from dummy. What would you do with th South hand? Would you discard club or a diamond? If so, the de clarer will make four odd. You hoi the king of hearts—yon know tha Die declarer will swing his ace o hearts on ihc next round, pickin up your king. He will then lend hi jack, and U your partner shoul happen lo have the nine and small heart, this will pick up you IKirtner's nine spot. When this hand was plnycd, South Irumpcd his partner's ace of spades with the king of hearts in an endeavor to establish the nine spot for him. Declarer was forced to over-trump witli the ace of hearts. North followed with the four, dummy discarding a club, and South discarding the five of diamonds. When the next heart wns led, North won with the nine spot and led a diamond. The llncssc Soulh won with the Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs. Itclllc Houston, of Memphis, i:enl the weekend hi the city as ucsl o( lier brother, O. J. Cr«ne, ntl family. Mr. nncl Mrs. Marlon V/cems, ol lemphls, weic visitors In the city or Iho weekend as guests of Mrs Vcems' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J '. Collins. Mrs. Mabel Watts visited in Cape Qirrmleau Bunday. Mrs. C, J, Crane went to Mcm- hls today where sho will visit for livural days before going to rownsvllle. Tenn, for a brief stay Mr. and Mrs. L. u. chumblin and wo sons, Jack and Don, spent eslcrday in Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Bannls- ci, Mr. and John W- Suydei loiorcd to ' Memphis Iglit for a show. Saturday MONDAY, Star Falls~In Love! A. Conwoy, accompanied by Ood- •cy While of Osceola, will go to lemphis loiilsht for UK prize Chi. Mrs. J. D. Lunsford of Tupelo, llss., arrived Saturday to visit trs. Fletcher King and Mrs. J. Lunsford. She was foniierly •llss Jewell Moore. Mrs. Lloyd Btickmon is ill at her ome on West Ash street. Misses Mary Frances ffincy and lutie I.cegclt sirent tlic week-end i Memphis us guests of Mr. and Irs. F. a. Bonds and Miss Babe 'arks. Mrs. W. M. Blaylqck and son, 3obbic. went, to Joliior today for evcral days visit with Mr. and Irs. Donald Fletcher. - . , . - 'V'. O. P. Paul, of Muskogce, Okla,, s the, guest of his parents, Mr. i!d Mrs. If. Paul, for a week. Carl Paul, or Memphis, spent yes-, erciay with his parents,-'Mr. and rs. H. Paul. «. Mr.-mid Mrs. j?arnsworth Blade This picture appears to confirm the report that Dorothy Mackalll. celebrated star of Ihe talkies, and Waller Byron, actor, are In need of a minister. Here you sec them sayinij goodby as Dorothy sailed from Los Angeles on the S. S. Malolo for the Hawaiian islands. Their wedding is expected soon. iiHl daughter, 'Bitty, Misses Sue .nd Ruth Butt,'"returned last night rom St. Louis where they spent he week-end with their father, A. tf. Butt, who is seriously ill at a lospltal. Mrs. Butt is with him. Mrs. Ellis Woodson and t daughters, of Lllllc Hock, will rive Wednesday lo bo the house* ;i:ests of Mrs. Woodson's sister', ,Irs. Ernest Roe, and family. Mri Woodson was formerly Miss Si. Llewelyn of Blythevllle and Laltt Vtllniro f. Village. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Whllld South passed, West bid one heart. "Jorlh ovcrcallcd- with a spade. Vliile East's hand was ralhcr weak. 1C was justified in bidding two dia- nonds after his partner had oncn- d the bidding. South supported his partner's suit by bidding two pades. West then bid three hearts vliich bought the contract. The contract bidding would be .he tame except that some bold ilayers might risk four he.irls wilh the West hand after the diamond bid by East. The Play Norlh made the natural opening —the king of spades, which held Iho trick. South piaying the five. North continued with the queen of spades. Remember that when you hold ace, king, queen, the king should be led' to show Hie ace. It it holds the trick, don't continue but lead the queen so that partner can better read your hand South played Ihe 10 and West, the declarer, the sis spot. South had played the five and 10 of fpadcs thereby denying holding the eight spot. He now held cither the Jack or no more spades. Ks long as declarer could trump in the dummj North continued with ft s p^(i c n i"_ lowing dummy to (rump immediately. A small spade was ted, however which riummy tnimpcd with the deuce of hearts and South played the Jack cot'spades, declarer fol lowing with the eight of spades By trumping his partner's ace of padcs. South created an extra trick or his partner, thereby defeating he declarer's conlrac I one trick. South had' everything to win and Mining to lose by trumping in with ho king of hearts. If his partner did not hold the nine siwt, "n was done. Radio Seen as Menace to Businessman's Health LONDON, Eng., (UP) — The businessman who yields to the fascination of the radio for cntcriain- nent is adopting one of the most unprofitable hobbies, accordiiij Dr. D.iLechmerc Anderson. For Ihose engaged i]|xm tedcii- lary occupations the radio Is a snare and a delusion, Dr. Anderson declares. It entices them to cultivate habits of Indolence which arc bound lo produce an adverse etlcct upon health. 11 undoubtedly lends to lead lo lack of exercise. "The business man's muscles require exercise." declared Dr. Anderson, "and hts lungs must bo given more work to do. The appeal of the radio will grow stronger the more he yields to its siren voice. Yielding means weakened health. The loss of health may not be apparent for months, or even years. Its approach will be insidious, but, being insidious, will spent yesterday In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Webb, _ and Mrs. J. H. Lowry and ilnugrj- ler, Miss Grace Lowry, spent Sunday in Dyersburg. i Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ozier mil (heir niece, Miss Helen Signup spent yesterday in Memphis. f Mrs. Louise Crane Hyler, of Mon{* phis, spent the week-end with h«r parenls, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. J. '_ Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Kirby spent Sunday in I'aragould. | Miss Mary Outlaw was a visitor in Rector for the week-end The Rev. p. Q. Rorie will go lo Little Rock tomorrow for a mccf- irig of the general board of Christian Education In the Mctliodis churches of Arkansas. He will also go to Hot Springs for a family reunion before returning home Wednesday. -Mrs. Fred Warren is able to be out after an illness Iroiu influenza The Rev. Marsh M. Catlaway ant Roy Walton-will go to Balesville Ark., tomorrow for a meeting 6 the Arkansas Presbytery. They »il be accompanied to Jonesboro bj Mrs. Virginia Keck and Mrs. J. H Morrison who will visit -Mrs. Morj rison's daughter. They expect li return Thursday. j Mr. nnd Mrs. J. E. Crilz, the Rev. and Mrs. p. Q. Rorlc motored to Lcachville last evening fo' dinner wilh Dr. and Mrs. Robinsoi nnd lo attend the baccalaurcat sermon of the Lcachville higi school which the Rev. Mr. Rorie de livercil nt Ihc high school auditor linn. There were nine graduates." The Hev. J. b. Ncwsom. pastor of the Second Baptist church. Is spending the week in Illmo, MO with his brother, the Rev. E. 't iN'cusom, and family. Mrs. P. E. J\>x and Mrs. Hat! Smitly spent Sunday in Wyniii Ark., with Mrs. FUN'S parenls. English Judge Charges Crime Shows Big Increasi LONDON', England. (UP)-Criu:C in England have reached ihc high cst number in 60 years. Justice 111 Honorable Sir Henry McCardl J-aid in his charge lo a grand here. "I am satisfied thai ihc crimina of today \& a cleverer man th.i the criminal of generations ago he- said. "The increase IL] crime i not an Increase in cilmrs ol \i i; icnce. but houscbicakiiK, Minn breaking, false pretences"' cmb--, zlemcnt and blackmail." Justice McCnrdie compair.f that police were so b'.isy dcahV wilh Innumerable minor olTr'n," lhat they had llltle time to ca; Ihe more Important crir nonoTs USKU IN- PHILADEDPHIA. (UP)_ Hie Philadelphia Orches stra sented Igor Stravinsky's Rex at the Mclropolilan OKI House,- animated Olympian rob', were used lo create the illii M<v , r the mechanical '--- -• ' " Luxora Society—Personal Misses' Charlie and Evelyn Scott eturnert Sunday to Eureka" Springs •here they ate attending Crescent ollegc. Mr. A- E. Thornc of Osceola was Luxora visitor, Tuesday. Miss Elizabeth Sliman returned o Union University, Jackson, :cnn., Sunday after spending the vcek end here. Miss Margaret Moffilt returned 0 Lexington, Tenn., Sunday uftcr pending the Easter holidays wilh icr parents. Miss Anna Margaret Wood left Tuesday for William Woods College 1 Fidton, Mo., after spending the lolldays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B- Wood. Miss Maibelle and Evfi Cooke sjicnt Saturday in Memphis. Mrs. Frank Vollmcr was a niein- >liis visilor, Monday. Mrs. L. L. D cannon was a Bly- heville visilor, Sunday. Mrs. E. L. Galyean spent Sunday n Memphis. Misses Elizabeth srpann and Maxine Drown were Memphis vis- tors, Tuesday. Mrs. Tom Dillalimity of Blythe- villc was a Luxora visitor, Tuesday. The senior claw of Ihc Luxora .ligh school was delighllully en- :ertain.?d when their sponsor, Mrs. B. Wood, complimented them Osceo/a Society—Personal »1lh a dlmwr ^rly .veu at her ?** ^ P ' J f<*f•.<** «' home, Wednrsrtnv evening. The "?,%,? C ' C °"' of town 8UI house was beautifully decoralcd J£?L™' C lmze was won inrt ttic class colors, pink and ivlvitc was the color scheme in the refresmcnts. After a delicious five course dinner, (he guefits enjoyed several (jnmi'S of Bunko. Miss Evelyn Martin won high score for girls and Carroll James won high score for boys. The guest list included Ihe following: Misses Pauline Sealon, Mildred Majors, Madeline Majors, Morine Fordacy. Mattie Payne, Esther Whitley, Dorothy Brown, Martha Lcggctt of Blylhe- ville, Anna Margaret Woods, Ar- Mlss Evalyn Ward and Mr. E. R Smith jr., were quietly married ii Jcmesboro at 4:30 o'clock yesterdaj afternoon at the home of Mr. am Mrs. Nathan Deulsch, whose guest they were for the weekend. Thi ceremony was performed by Rev D. H. Herd, pastor of Ihe Firs Baptist, Church ol Joncsbnro am was attended by Misses Mary Bell' Cowan and Eva Montague of Os ceola, Joe Clay Young anil Calls. Watson of Lake City, Ark. Mr. ami Mrs. Smith are leinpor arily at home at Hie home ol Mr Smilh's pnrcnls, Mr. and Mrs- K. R Smith Sr. in Osreola, where Mi Smith is an employee of the Pos Office. The bride is the daughter of Mi and Mrs. J. L. Wftrd of Osceola Si:e altcntlcd school at Gallowa College at Searcy. Ark., and at Blu Mountain College, Blue Mountain Miss. Slw is one of Ihe most pop ular members of the younger se here. Mrs. J. H. Lovewell entertaine Ihe two (able contract bridge -clu to which she belongs at her horn litre Friday wilh a luncheon. Mr George Williamson of Memphis an daughter, Mts. D. T. Haywar of Dayton, Ohio, who are hous guests of Mrs. Willamson's sistc -Mrs F. P. Jacobs, and Major Ja guests. . . by Mr Williamson. Mrs. W. J. Driver was hostess the two lab!c contract bridge clu lo which she belongs, cntertainin at her home here Friday afternoo Following th.Q game delicious r frcslnnenls were served in h courses and high score club pri was awarded Mrs. Guy Bryan Mrs. Chas. Coleman won high sco guesl prize and Mrs O. E. Ma tengill cut consolation favor. Holen Lowrance of Mcm- Many for Money and Live Happily Advises Novelist Freeman Lincoh 'Continued from Page 1) roiwrtions. It takes no account the facl lhat married love and arricd happiness have their bog not a passion but in mutual fcction and tespcct. It las caus- d many a young bride to cmcrgs om the Initial stu^r D f the hon- •nioon witli Ihc realization thai ie is legally led, not to a young cd, but to an individual who flg- ralively cats with his knife and kos pleasure in removing divots om InmMeill babes with Ilis ash.le niblick. ^ Love may serve its purpose of erpetuatlng the race, but Itmay so serve to perpetuate Ihe dl- orce courts and all of the other iscries that attend unhappy mat-. monial alliances. I am definilc- • wary of the more sensational id pulra-slirring elemenls of love. hey are pleasurable' but danger- ILS. * With that in mind, let me return > my penniless and calculating ady who decides to many for louey. What are her chances tor appiness? H is my belief that, ranted Intelligence, her chances re excellent. Taking the bull by lie horns I might even say tliui icr chances are as good, if not lightly better, than those of one who allows herself to drift witli- ut struggle in the tumultuous cur- ent of nature. • * » My Intelligent lady, remember, '.'ill not marry any rich man who omcs along, she will marry a rich nan for whom she has a genuine iking and respect. She will like the vay he wears his hat, and the way treats his Uncle Ned. Siie Mrs. Heibtrt Shippen won high core guest prize and Mrs. A. \V. Bowen cut consolation favor. • » » Miss Elizabeth Doyle, who is at- nding school at Joncsboro A. & M. College, sjwiit the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Geo. Doyle,- In Osceola. She hail is her guest over the week-end Miss Frances Chapman of Earl, who also altends school at Jones- >ro, They relumed to A 6: M College Yesterday aflernoon accompanied by Miss Alary Alien Edrlngton, Ernest Roy and C. A. Redder. Major and Mrs. F. 'P. Jacobs have as Ihcir guests, Mrs. Jacobs' Eistcr, Mrs. Georgia Williamson, of spending the day in Memphis today. .Miss Winnie Turner of Blythe- villc, rural school supervscr of the county, is in Osceola tcday conducting an ait exhibit at the grade school for students of .south Mississippi Cumity today. lene' Hires. Mrs. J. W. Seato'n jr., I l lllis ' who was '"c guest last week • of Mr. and Mrs. Chas Lowrance Jr. at Driver, was un out ,f.f .tov(i( Guest. « * * Miss Mary Catherine Ward entertained the two table bridge club to which silo belongs and an extra table of guests at the home of her sister, Mrs. A. W. Bowcn, the guests, besides club members, including Medamcs W. 'j. Driver Jr., Herbert Shippen, W. R. Dyess, J. W. Carlwright Jr., and Miss Ev.i Mo tit ague. Delicious refreshments were served in two courses following the game and high score club prize was awarded Mrs. D. L. Massey. Messrs.; C. O. Hall jr., Fred Shalen, Champ Meadows, William Lynch. A. B. Rozell, William Lynch, Charles Cockron, Jo; Gray of Osceola, C. B. Wood Jr., Carroll James, Edward Scacraves, Tom Rye, Seaton, John Scat on and T. L. Witkins. The womans missionary union of the Baptist church held Iheir Royal Service meeting at the home of Mrs. Grovcr Driver, Tuesday af- tcrncon. Mrs. Thomas Hudson explained (he Bible lesjon in a most interesting way and Mrs S. J. Smith, was leader of the Royal Service lesson which was one of Ihe most interesting studies the society has had. Everyone present took part in the program. Miss i'aullne Seat on, and Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Thwcat attended Ihe dance at Hosa. Tuesday night. Mu>s Lorcne Benlley of Blylhe- ville visited her parents here this week. Dr. M. C Rodgers and family moved to Blylheville Monday. .Mrs. Markcn Forest spent Monday in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Thwcal were Blythcvilie visitors, Monday. Large crowds are attending the revival services which arc bcinu conducted at the Methodist chuich by the Rev- Hall. Courier News Want Ads Pay. Makes Your Skin Look So Youthful Protect your skin with this new wonderful Face Powder and let MELLO-GLO give you that youthful bloom. Made by a new French process—slays on longer, prevents large pores, iwaulllics your complexion. Does not irritate the skin or give a. pasty look. Purest face powder made. Try MELLO-GLO and you'll love il. —Adv. 1C Memphis and Mrs. WjJliamsoiVs I daughter, Mrs. D. T. Hayward ol I Dayton, Ohio. Miss Agnes Ward and" Miss Evalyn Emerson, students at Joncs- horo A & M Coiylcge, spent the weekend with their parents in Osceola. They returned to Jonesboro yesterday afternoon accompanied by Miss Ward's mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Blake Howard nnd two of St. Louis were weekend guests of Major and Mrs. F. P. Jacobs stopping over here while en route to St. Louis from Florida, where they spent the winter. Miss Mackic Smith, who is a student at Jonreboro A & M College, returned to school this morning nflcr spending the weekend with 1'^r parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Smith, in Osccohi. Prosecuting attorney S. I,. Gladish and Mrs. Gladish,»who is grand 'jury stenographer- for the district, this morning went lo Jonesboro where they arc attending Circuit Court this week. -Mr- and Mrs. W. J. Driver Jr. and Mrs. W. J. Driver Sr. arc fc^SiSJfe^Kii 1 ;:]?: ^^V I* First — in the dough. Then in the oven. You can be sure of perfect bakings in using— W HOQP1NGCOUGH No "core"-but helps K j™—but helps lo re. duce pannrysms of cooghing. VAPORUB ?t?'MII.LIOH JARS USED YEARLY s Your Rest Disturbed? Deal Promptly Wilh Kidney Irregularities. When bladder' irritations, getting up at night and cbiv slant backache kccpyou miserable, don't lake chances! Help your kidneys at the first sign of disorder. Use Doan's Pius. Successful for more than 50 years. Endorsed by hundreds of thousands of grateful users. ^Sold by dealers everywhere. Dean's 'ills POWDER SAME PRICE FOR OVER 4O YEARS 25 ounces for 25c BY OUR GOVERNMENT Insidious, but, being insidio'.is, will the mechanical ago suggtfteri i,,'| be the more dangerous.'' [the, opera, c' j .j* |t|-j DBS. JMIIiS&NIES OSTEOPATH 1C PHYSICIANS Hemorrhoids (PILES), Varicosed Veins also Skin Cancers anrt Malignant Moles removed ulthont surgery. Weak and Fiillen Arches Corrected. Clinic-oil Main Phone 98 1,000 Sacks of I POPCORN FREE To Children from 6 to 16 Years Old 4 to 6 p. m. Tuesday April 14th ! " Kirby Drug Co. Corner Second and Main i like his friends, his family, his habits, ami himself, fihe will res- ognixc his good (MalMies and have very genuine knowledge of and tolerance for his faults. She will be mnrryfug a friend rntlur than a pillar of llauw. She" may miss some of the cctiacics of life, but she may also miss some ol its sharper miseries. In uiiy, event, she will not awake In the ar cold light of the morning 1 iifter which the shocking realization thai she lias acquired for her-' self a headache of lifelong duration. Scorn her if you like. Call her cold anil calculating. Perhaps her ' low.:'r temperature and tile sell control necessary n the carrying out of any logically planned line ol aciion may have saicd her Ironi a journey to the rai-iiiccl atmosphere of Reno. Perhaps in i-,;r artfully acquired husband she has found a friend and a companion. If to, file wins. 'I here arc many matrimonial projects more preciisjjoseci \p I'ail- uio than a marriage for mciicy. . lint understand, picas;, that I'm. not defending the purely gold-dig : ijer niiimage-lhe girl who is. cut. for material gain, and who docbn'4' give a I'/.ng about anything eke. '11:^ woman who marries purely and simply for the luxuries wljich the man can provide, without' regard for character, for congenial companionship, for any one of.tin; tilings that arc the, real foundations of a successful marriage— this tort of woman usually ends up in tlu divorce court and tile poor man finds himself saddled for life with heavy alimony payments. WALKED 114,000 JULES BATTLE CREEK, MicX lUi') — Charles Pralt, 03, for 31 years a mail carrier here, recently after having walked approximately 114.000 miles on his rente. During his service for Uncle Snm il is estimated that he has carried 5,130, 000 letters and 101,000 newspapers, the tolal weight of which aggre gates 492,000 pounds.

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