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Carroll Daily Herald from Carroll, Iowa • Page 8

Carroll Daily Herald from Carroll, Iowa • Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
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CARROLL DAILY HERALD, Carroll Iowa TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 1940 If dSntifwetf frtsfti Nebraska Flood Damage to Si Parish Ar- toMlfel, LcnsreMnff accompanied rHiri continuing to serve ad At the First PfegbyteHiin Church hefi Wedntsrtay, ttilTidf of many bookl, ifttwal of which ire In the Caffoll thene the most widely The Soul's Sincere Desire" and "1 Will Life Up Mine Me will arrive here Wednesday jfTOon to spend ft few rtaffl in th fiotne of Mr MM. B. fhtmday, MB two children. Surviving her nre ft large circle of relatives, incltid- 4 number of nieces nnd lets, Helen May and Marian, accompanied by James Plnney of 8t. Paul, will Join him here and all Will leave on Friday by automobile for Caltforlna. 1 Since (here are quite a number of people In this vicinity who would, like to meet and hear tir. Clark, arrangements have been made for him to speak at the Presbyterian Church at 7:30 Wednesday evening. There is also the possibility that his song leader, Glenn Harding of Chicago, will be present, as they are on their way to conduct the first of a series of "Camps Farthest Out" was a member of St. John's Church of Arcadia. She fMlsfled away well fortified with the iftfit rites of her church. Porter, E. T. Lindsay and (Continued from page 1) Odebolt; C. P. Sweeney, Ft. podge; J. Dailey, Sac CJty; Leo.J. HC- Goy, Ayrshire; D. K. Hurley, Marcus; Ernst, Akron; B. J. Smith, Sioux City; John Howley, Schal- kr; H. B. Kramer, St. Benedict; Jfoa. Trunk, Trinity. College, Sioux City; L. N. Klein, Sioux City; P. M. Sturm, Rockwell City; R. B. Nemmers, Lake City; E. 8. Maynard, Ledyard; R. V. Sweeney, Merrill; Marx, Kingrtey; John Thoermissen, Hosperg; C. A. Ah rhann, Algona; A. J. Fopmtar, Rock Valley; A. J. Ahleri, Carroll; H. A. Jause, Larchwood; E. Fandel, Reinsert; C. M. Knelp, Whittemore; M. A. Schennel, A. M. Conlon. Anthon; F. J. Hlg, Oto; F. H. Oreteman, Merrill; B. Eischeld, Armstrong; Basil Odermatt, O. 8. Conception College, Mfe H. J. Dries, Wwy; P. J. Durkln, Sioux City; Former Glidden Woman Is Buried There Monday services for Mrs. Clarinda Foxworthy, formerly of Oliddcn, were held at 2:30 Monday afternoon at the Methodist Church, with the Rev. R. J. McNIchols, pastor, officiating. Music was furnished by a quartet composed of H. W. Mogck, Dr. V. T. A. D. Smith, with Mrs. Earl Slier- Field at the piano. Burial was in Weatlawn Cemetery. Mrs. Foxworthy, who was about 75 years old, died Saturday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lowell Fowler, in Adel. Her death followed an illness of thre-3 of four months. Surviving are two, daughters Mrs. Fowler of Adel and Mrs. Sylvia Anthony of Ames, and one soh, Virgil Foxworthy of Spencer, all of whom were present at the services. She also leaves one sister, Mrs. Narcissus Piper of Carroll, and five brothers. Storm Lake; Wm. Buehholx, W. J. Cullen, Alwood; E. L. Schleyer, R. Graf, Hawardcn; Cherokee; W. Stoux City; Newman jfidux City; Joseph Milford; David McOoey, Wm. Veil, Whittemore; Ed' C. Lily, Ogden; the exception Of one brother, Edward Unttorberg, of Springville, N. who WM uu rtle to attend, all of Ffttjier Un derberg'a brothers and at the services, relatives included Mr. and Mm. Al Underberg and family, iHenry Underberff and daughters, John Olberding and children, Mm. Mary Underberg, Mr, and Mra. John Kries and Mr. and Mrs, Peter Dalker and family of Carroll; Mrs. and Mr. and Mike Ludwig and family and Val Underberff and chlktofn. Breda; Sister M. Syra and Siiter M. Raphaela, LaCropsc, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Underberff -and Children, Dedham; Mr. and Mrs. Underberg and 'childran, rchwood; Mr. and MTU. Will and and Mrs. Ray Whiker and y. Glidden. and the ohlldren Mrs. Anna Underberff of Kent, n. Numerous nieces, nephews and '-ids from LJdderdale, Oarmel, Breda and Templeton also present. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. 'Simpson, broke both bones in her left wrist when she fell from a trapeze on which she was playing Monday evening. Phyllis was taken to the St. Anthony Hospital, but will come home from there this evening. (Continued from I) jrhjleh will be held in Carroll, M. J. Theien chosen alternate Grand Knight and Wm. E. alternate delegate. The Knight automatically be- a delegate, Hannasch and John were the nominating Committee, reporting, out the slate candidates. In addition to the election of $fficers the council heard eonven- reports by Grand Knight ermaen and John Baumbover. 'allowing the buslnew meeting was a social hour. AltltIV AM FROM DKTHOfT Mr. and Mra. J. K. Doty and Jacqueline, Joy have arrived from Det to make their home In Carroll- la tbe Alice Hunting Apart Mr, Doty, ban a irav- onHlon, working out of TQll. Ifrfl, Doty, WOO WM Bailer beforf hw daughter 0. C. Ban- WJT or -1 Personal Louis Hiuissen, who is homo from the University of Iowa for his vacation, has summer employment with the Iowa Public Service Company. He is working out of Audubon, and is spending the next three weeks at Defiance. M. R. Barr and niece, Sunday two Carroll boys, Kenneth Bartcls and Norman Akey, with the Ralph Bartels family, explored the ruins of the havoc- ridden flood country around Homer ard nnd recorded parts of what they saw with a camera. Above is one of the pictures looking west into Homer and showing the ruined bridge over Omaha. Creek. In the center of the pic- tre to the right the bridge and below the approach is the wreck of an overturned car. The boys were kept out of Homer because of a quarantine established by health officials who are taking measures to prevent a typhoid epidemic. Between Homer and Wlnnebago, six miles south, the highways were with cars, according to the pair, and the fields on either side showed the effects of the flood with frequent bodies of dead animals and ruined buildings scattered about. In Winnebago the town depot had been completely washed away and searching parties continued to look for missing persons. Homer is about fourteen miles south of Sioux City. Germany Won't Reply to FR's Monday Speech Describe Rancor as Chagrin Over Fnilurc Of Peace Offers It 11 A tit hori 7.otl Sources said todny that Germany would leave to Italy the task of replying; to President Roosevelt's speech of last night criticizing Italy for her entry Into the war on the side of Germany. These sources said the speech revealed no new attitude except possibly chagrin over the result of efforts lusting months to find common hasis between Italy and the United States. These efforts, it was asserted, were based on wrong assumption. BtiJlitt Stays In Paris But Staff Leaves Friday Benefit Show Stars New Combination Shirley, Bowman Join Veteran Edward Ellis In Picture Dorothy 'Barr, who had spent sev- era! days at the F. A. Myers and William Pierce homes, returned to Wells; Monday. Mr. and jap. Myers took them as far as Ames. Wlnficld Hansscn, who represents Dun Bradstreet, is work- Ing in Carroll county at present, driving back to his home here every night. He is now at Coon Rapids for a few days. Mrs. Ray Henkenlus is vacationing from her employ at the J. Penney Store this week. Sponsored jointly by the Earle Theatre and the Daily Herald, Friday evening's Red Cross benefit showing of "A Man to Remember' 'brings together three prominent movie personalities. Anne Shirley, currently acclaimed by critics in "Saturday's Children," plays the feminine lead. Starred with her in the male lead is Lee Bowman of "Stella Dallas' 'and "Having a Wonderful Time." The new combination is teamed with Edward Ellis, veteran character actor. A member of a famous theatrical family, Ellis made his film debut six years ago in "I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang," sub- he played the title role in "The Thin 'and followed 1 with "Wintcrset." "The President Vanishes." "The Texas Rangers' and "Fury, 1 'among others. He scored his first big Broadway hi! as Blackie Daw in "Get-Rich- Quick Wallingford." In "A Man to Remember" Ellis is ideally suited to portray kindly and deeply sympathetic physician whose career in a small midwestern town, among smugfi narrow-minded people is traced dramatic fashion. Friday evening's showing of Man to Remember" begins af 11:30. All proceeds go to the lo-cal Red Cross chapter for war re-: lief work. certain areas in the Gulf of Venus. he Gulf of Quaranaro and all Al- waters are dangerous ovv- hg to mines. Court House Notes NEW CARS new car has been A new car has been registered to: Paul N. Heires, Carroll, Chevrolet sedan. Lose Something? Try ATTEND FIRST MASS The Very Rev. P. T. Lynch of Carroll and the Rev. T. J. Perion of Scranton were at Manilla Monday to attend the first mass of the Rev. John McDermott. Father Lynch was formerly a pastor at Manilla, which is Father Perion's home. A Daily. Tlefuld Ad GIRL BREAKS WRIST Phyllis Simpson, daughter of HOME FROM HOSPITAL, Milford Gray, 14 years old, of Bqtna, who had undergone an operation at the St. Anthony Hospital, went home this afternoon, Carries Gas Mask Mra. Corrine Uwia McLuhun Of Fort Worth, brought tier maak with her when site returned from the European WAT tone aboard the rescue liner Roosevelt. Mrs. Mc- was on a cruise in the MatUterranean when tihe was to return home, pg Get a thrill out of shop-f ping and saving every day at the new A Self-Service Store. WEST 6th STREET BLOCK WEST OF POSTOFFICE A6.P CHOICE QUALITY MEATS Tendered PORK CUTLETS, Ib. 14c Small Meaty SPARE RIBS, Ib. 9c Spiced Ham LUNCH Ib. LOAF tin 55c Boneless PORK ROAST, Ib 14c Center Cut PORK CHOPS 21.5c Slice or Half Peaches No. 10 can 29c lona Beans With PORK 2 Wholr Kernel Bantam Corn 2 lona Full Standard TOMATOES 4 Evergreen CORN 2 No. 2 cans No, 2 cans No. 2 cans 9c 19c 25c lie lona Early June PEAS .3 lona Cut Green Beans 4 Sultana Kidney Beans 3 lona SPINACH 3 No. 2 cans 25c 29c 20c 25c Sunny field Corn Flakes 3 JSS 25c 46-ot. can 25c A Pineapple JUICE lona PEACHES 2 ai 2 White House EVAP. MILK 4 calls 23c Fla-vor-aid or KOOLAIP IOC A Whole APRICOTS Sultana uit Cocktail 2 Hershcy's COCOA lona COCOA No. 2Y a cans 27c 21c 2ca 'n 15c FRUITS VEGETABLES California Sweet ORANGES doj. 23c New Sweet ONIONS Ibs. Choice PLUMS 15c I HI. 29c California GRAPEFRUIT doz. 35c Fancy Large CUCUMBERS each 6c Large PINEAPPLE 2 25c No. 1 California POTATOES 15-ib. peck 45c Red Ripe TOMATOES 19c Anti-Italian Demonstrations In South France of U. S. Embassy To Be Near Foreign Office Totrrs, France -William C. United States Ambassador to France, is staying on In Paris, but. a part of his staff has been sent to Tours to be close to the foreign ami other government ministries. Anthony J. Drexel Riddle, United States Ambassador credited to the Polish government in exile, has been made deputy am- hn.isndor to France to remain In contact with the foreign ministry and may arrive soon from the site of the Polish government at An- where he has had headquarters since coirting to France. Ford, Aide Talk Plane Production 'r- Tours, Franee Anti-Italian demonstrations broke out at Lyon and Bordeaux today, while, at Marseille 900 Italians were arrested during the night. British Officer Has Been Detained London (JP) Major James Hamilton Davidson-Houston, former war and foreign office official, was detained today under the defense regulations. British Label 3 Mine Fields London (JP) rr.iralty announced British Ad- today that Italian Steamer Seized By British Capetown, S. Africa (IP) 5827-ton Italian steamer, Sistiana has been seized in table bay by British South African authorities. Reuters, British news agency, re- lorted today. British Thwart I Scuttling of Italian Ships Gibraltar sources jsnid today that Italian crews attempted yesterday to scuttle six of their ships in Gibraltar Harbor. British naval units reached them in time to beach most of them. One remained afloat undamaged. Ciano Leaves To Command Air Squadron KOIIH- Ciano, Italian foreign minister, left Rome immediately after a cabinet meeting today to take command of his air corps squadron. New Zealand Picks Up Duce's Gauntlet Wellington, New Zealand Prime Minister FVaser stated today that New Zealand was at war with Italy from 10:30 n. m. today New Zealand time, 5:00 p. in. Monday, CST. HOME TO ARCADIA Mrs. Mathilda Buchholz of Ar- who had been under treatment at the St. Anthony Hospital, returned home Monday. Henry Ford (right) and Charles E. Sorenson, general manager of the Ford Motor are shown In Detroit near the tall assemblage of an army observation plane as they discussed the pos- sibility of mass production of aircraft for the nation's defenses. Ford recently snltl thnt hln plant could build 1000 standard planes a day under certain c-m- tlitions. Halbur Boys 4-H Club Has Meet Saturday Halbur (KNS) The regular meeting of the members of the Bqys' 4-H Club was held in the Peter J. Eischeid home Saturday. A practice game of kittcnbull was held before the meeting was opened by the president. Following the roll call and the minutes, the president appointed a senior judging team composed of Harold Halbur. Ray Reiman, and Theodora Potthoff, and a junior judging team composed of Arthur Hausman, Melvin Eischeid and Bob Meyers to judge the livestock Field Day, June llth. Talks were then given by Ernie Iluplper, Clarence Haiisman, and Maurice lYtthoff. Questions were then asked concerning these talks. Theodore Potthcvff was then voted by the group us manager of the kittcnball team. Following the meeting a wiener roast WHS held. Legion Election Meeting Tonight The Maurice Dunn Post of American Legion will meet night in the Legion Hall for annufl election of officers. the tc- the Though 2f.OO patents schemes to replace wooden on rail road tics have bnen granted in tin- past fifty years, none has been as cheap and us good. TRAD! NOW ON A NEW PLYMOUTH ANP OST A SITTER ALL AROUND Get Set Now for a Great Summer TURN IN YOUR OLD CAR ON A GRAND NIW PLYMOUTH I Forget about tires, brakes, lights, upkeep step into an eager 1940 Plymouth and leave your troubles behind. Your old car will probably cover a large part of Plymouth's low delivered price balance in low monthly instalments. Make a date with your nearby Plymouth dealer! PLYMOUTH DIVISION OF CHRYSLERCORPORATION. Your Money Never Bought So Much! More more real motoring satisfaction are yours in this big Plymouth Coupe! And its low price will astound you! You enjoy the riding smoothness of a 117- inch seats a full 51 inches wide. '645 thUCoupe, delivered In Detroit, Including federal tavee. Transportation and state, local tasee, extra. Roomiest car in the field Plymouth is the biggest of "All 3" low-priced cars. Its wheelbase is 4 inches longer than one, 5 inches longer than the other! Yet it's a joy to handle, and wonderfully thrifty 117-inch Amola Steel Coll Engine with Floating Power Double-Action Hydraulic Brakw I I 1) I I i I i i IJ MIA' MMSttTCKUMNMITH 51 sr 49" of SWITCH AND SAVE PLYMOUTH '699' ONLY Delivered In You'll Want Its Extra Size and Style Summer trips are the best fun in a car that's right. Trade now for a low-priced car most like higfi-priced cars! TWO GREAT For Fun and Sun Lovers Plymouth's Convertible Coupe has the famous power- operated seats and white sidewall tires are standard! The Aristocrat of Station Wagons! "Tally Ho!" Plymouth's handsome Station Wagon body is built on the long-wheelbase, De Luxe Plymouth chassis. Auxiliary seats are removable and interchangeable. SEE YOUR PLYMOUTH DEALERTODAY

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