The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1935
Page 2
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TWO LYTHEVILLff - (AM.) : COURIER NEWS'' . EVENTS ;AmertcBn Legion Auxiliary ( -r>f at hul, 2:30 pm SATURDAY'S* 5VENTS ' CfU14r«n ef Confederacy liavlnj Iwicjieoii, meeting. 13 o'clock, with Mis..James B. Clark. Soft Born. .'jlr, an<J Mrs. Fred C, JWler nounce the blrtli of a son nils morning at, their liome with Mr. and Mrs .H. E. Bamelte p» \V«sl Walnut street. The baby, who weighs, j) pounds, has be«n named Jerc UJana powjer. ,~ * • » iff ion Auxiliary Plans Creeling. , Members of the American Lrgioii Auxiliary arc being iirec<t by t^ie president. Mrs, S. S- Slemberg, .to attend the meeting a I the Legion hut Friday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, * W » • Woman's Cliib lias Successful Drive, . ./The drive or the \Vo)na»'s club for payment of duw so ns to pay (he building note was very Miccess- Jul. MIS, S. S, Sternberg, prcfi- de'nl, has announced that without -soliciting donations, the club has paid all current bills to January 1 and has enough on hand to pay t|ic Iiebruary bills Including thp buHd- me note. ' '.Mucli Interest is now behig maui- fesl«d in this organization ant) the interest displajcd jn thb drire lias : caused all departments of (he club to make plans for more activities. P. E. O.\ Hau i luncheon Mettiiig. '"Fifteen members of the- local p. JS.,o. chapter had a luncheon me tU ing Wednesday at, the home of Mrs. T. J. Jlahau ' A low bowl of olnysaiithemiims, pink roses and baby breath formed the centerpiece oj the luncheon ta. .blc. 'in the meeting which followed Jlrs. Paul L Tiptou was' leader, , She gave a pap^r on Arlington cemetery, n$ar (Washington, D. C.. and Mrs. C..W. Affllck, who has visited ,the cemetery, added to the discus. sion. Mrs. A Conn ay gave a paper on Mount Vcrnon, home of George Washington, \\hjch had. been pro•pared by Mrs. \y. I. penton. ' The next meeting wll) b- held at the home of Mrs 0. S Stevens oji January Jj. " • « • ' Boy Uncling- . { - Wilton Wepb and his 'orchestra are now »t \\\t Awards hotel.''o! JaokJon, MISS, for a two month? engagement bsfore going to Florida where they plan to spend the spring «ason . Miss Josephine Nations ., and Jack L. Taylor Wed • OARUTHESSVIUJS, Mo. _ An- nouncerj(ent has been made here. of the manjagc of j\jlss Josephine Nations, of tins city, and 'Mr Jack Lester Taylor, of Canada neighborhood The ceremony took Place Christmas day "at, the home of the Presbyterian pastor at Bly- IheUUe. , The groom Is (lie son of Mr and Mrs A. O. Taylor. The bride is the daughter of C. P. Nations. Young Tailor attended the Canada school and later the high school ,of Ihis, city Mrs Taylor was orn.d- uated from the high school here with the class of 1935. They plan to make theli home In this city: Holland Neu>s Notes A. birthday diraier party tor Mrs, ?' .?.. WWt€ ln honor «t her 67th Birthday »^ gne,, al hcr 1lomc ,, y *lrs C. J. McCOrmicIt, Mrs. Leiu Burton, of Sleele, and Mrs. Johnny Story. Mrs Beatrice Donovan, of bteclc, was an out, of town guest The hostesses served refreshments of chicken salad, applasauce cake and hot chocolate ' Mr. and Mrs Ruwll Cohoon ails'* *" b ' rth ° f a daushter ' The child, « ho -neighed 6 1-2 pounds, lias not yet been Ilume <|. - .^'P' 1 Cohoon and sister, Efll« of Chaflee, Mo., «ho sps nt scv al days last v,eek with Mr. and Mrs! ' reluraed .-liome Sal- nr i , ,i St ' T' 5 - ^"'l Wednesday ht, m Hot springs, Ark, . Er ends of Tom Edwards will re- HJ* T thal ll ^ is, unchanged folloiving Jjeeks treatment. u, the hospital and at home \K«nnelh Correli, son of Mr and itrs rjlifford 'ckirreli, Is recover^ in' he BlylhevUle hospil," wh" r l he 1S , receiving treatment for his a ™- ' • !•• ' ''a* P. • ' E. Smith, of Warden,' ' . . fc. former sta ion »fent, has been transferred. : ' Luther Hayes 8 ,,d « M *° r John Azibil ™* were guests Mr ' an ^^ Sunday. 'Human" beings are attacked by dying cociroachss" with «hlch e - 8 ° Ulb -, APOUCEDOSTK-VTI3A G«*MODAUSHTER OF "WE FAMOUS NV STROHGHEARTi' JtoaiA STUART ISAM EXCELLEHT CMSEV^OMAN, AND ONE CFTH&SESr FEMININE POtO Rl-AVERS IH HOLLYWOOD. Unconventional Lead Spell Defeat for Game Contract Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. K. Mi'KENNE\ ; Stcrclary, American Bridge I. believe the happiest, member of the National Champion Team- Four was Mrs. Gail Hamilton of Warren, Pa. You sec. her Piiit- ijer, Mrs. Alberl Rock«'ell, " was elected, vice president of the Wo^ men's Auxiliary of the American Bridge League; her team-mate, Mrs.. A. C.,' Hotfmeier, was rc- eicctJKl ' presidenl; ajid \Mrs; Anno Rpsentcld, of Cleveland,. besides iis one or ihe outstanding teachei-s of the counti-y, Is an old- 108 68 KQJ3 4 07 5 A!) 0 * A K 4 V A S U 5 ' j + S ! 3 2 - . | Duplicate — Mono vul. South West .Voi'lh Unst 1A -'* 2* Pass 2 V Pass 3 * Pass 3 N.T. 1'ass' -1 « 1'ass 5 + Pass Piis.1 1'ass lead — v K. 10 Today's Contract Problem It you held tho South iiaml, the . oontr.ii.-t was thrco no trump, and West oiiencil tho four of sjwde.s, how many tricks could you rnnke? V A 3 7 5 •! 4QJR8 *AS6 -4 VQJ10'. • KS 4>K5 V KU . 4> J10 OS3 2 : eolution In next IESUG. 10 Miss Manrlne Bassett, wl>o' been hostess at th'e 'country ' n\\\ for the pact, two mpnths, will leav SuiKhiy for Jon«sboro where she to l>c headqunrtcrc'd as hostess fo the Jlolo) Nobic. She cnnie hei from San Antonio, Tex,, where sh had been hostess ut th.c Ssn An tonto country club for a nunvbe of years. n«r position -here wi not ixj filled for tho present. Mre. Howard Proctor,. who hu 'been quite 111, is now Improving. Miss Bobhie Lcc King was take back lo Memphis today to' Dr. Hen ry G. Mill's clinic where slie re ucnlly uniterwenlr-aii operation fo :i stiffened knee, she nas ixe much worse for several da'|;.- Bh was accompanied by her niothe Mrs Robert E. U e King, and lie brother-in-law, Nelson Thompson. Bill Robinson, of Cape Glcardc'ai Mo., will arrive nbout January 1 lo make Ills homo here where h will be employed by th« E. c. Rob inson Lumber company. He ''Is th son of E. C. HoniRson.' Mrs, Bonnie Bcrfleld and son wll return lo their home in Pan?, Ill Sunday after a visit, with Mrs. Bci field's parents, Mr. and ' Mrs Wi Ham Lane. Mr. BerfWd will com down for them and they will be ac companled liomo by Mr*' Charle Gros, of Birmingham, Ala,, who wl visit them. Mils Mildred Lane, wlio under \venl an onaratlon for appcndlcltl Tuesday at tile Blylliovlllc hospita Is resting very (jood. Mr. »n«Mrs. A.G. shibjcyspeu Sunday in Memphis as guests o Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Ramey. Harold sltrnbcrg' was U> Mem phis Tiicsdoy on business" Mrs. W. B. WUllams arrive noniQ lust night from a six month stay in California. Among the PM p!e slie visited \vas Mrs \v "l Westmoreland and family, who for merly,lived here. ' . • : Mrs. c. E. Emerson and daugh ter, Miss Elhei, of Hcrnando Miss are expected to Rrr i ve tonight 't visit Mr. and jU's.' J. T. Hall an, family. follow pened, you'll notice, if you tlic hand through. H il club is led, West will cash tile ace and king of clubs and re-' turn n club, but it will be rufled In dummy with the ten s)x>t. Now declarer will lend n diamond to- wurd . the queen, return to her hnml vrtih n spade, run off nil tho trump tricks a lit! East will not be able lo protect J)otli the ktne of hearts and her four spades. As ft result, flve odd will be made. However, If the king of hearts is opened; there is no way to prevent the opposition from taking two clubs and n heart trick, which defeats, the contract. timer at winning championships. To become a member of such n amous aggregation might lie con- iidered a handicap by some, but Mrs. Hamilton decided that hcr fluty- on tliis famous team was to >lny good bridge and that's whiit slie did in helping hcr k-nm-mnlcs win the cup. Here is how she Hayed one hand at the recent tournament in New York. •riic way ; The natural opening for most 1 Mayers to make, after partner had lid the clubs, would be the nine of clubs, but Mrs. Hamilton hav- 118 the owning lead, reasoned :is follows-"Thc declarer l)« s a | 0 i of trumps. I have the spade suit •lopped, and what I'd better try l o do is to establish a trick In my rand right away, so that, when ray partner or I do get In, we can cash » heart trick In addition lo he club tricks." And that's exactly what Imp- Eishleen million |wlrs of cotton hose were made In the Unit-d States in i[)3o. Marvin McGhee Heads 4-H Club at Gosne) The Gosnell J-H club he!d' ; a meeting at the OosneU school Jan <Wy 8 at which 20 members \vtr- present. Officers for 1535-are Mar vlnjMcChee.ipresldent'r Tessie Pot(«JV vice-president; Elizabeth Ray* nor, secretary and treasurer, and Celte Great, reporter. Sponsor are Miss Elizabeth McGhe c and G R. Lcdbeltcj-. "V fa HEADACHE due U funcUonot di^t«lonc« , Capudinecon1i\ln>i«eral InrrfdkDU v-hich net togtlhtr to elve quicker 'diet for hcsJarhe as well a< raini Hue lo fresh cow, neural™, and Tor: mU!<Mi « r and fclnl >ch«. Ask tor Lhui.l or tho modllM tor. mula. Opadlno Tablets. 10c, 30c, 60c. CAPUDINE CROQUIGNOLB OIL GUAUANTEEP WAVES 51 Up - - \one Better Finger Wave - - 25c Barret Beauty Shop tail House on No. 5th Blue Sta^ Kills The Itch Germs To pel rid of itcli, rash, teller, IOQ| Itch, ringworm or «ecma, cover witli roothmg Blue Star Oinlinenlwhicli contains tested medicine (bat melts, soaks !n quUWy and kills llic ilch. Money back it first jar falls. CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTHS BEST COAL SUPERIOR COAL i MINING CO. Phone 700 )'««)•' Last Chance To Buy High Grade Shoes At A Substantial Saving SHOE SALE '•Ends Saturday Night Women's Florsheim and Hice-0'Neil STYLE SHOES $8.50 and $<) Values $5 am | § 6f5 n Values Sg85 / $395 'SUEDE SHOES S^ $1,95 Holland Koys Shoes 20% Off MEN'S FLORSHEIM SHOES Black or briwn Calf ami Kid $««e; $8.7r> lo $10 Values <Py°» Holland $5 Shoes $3.95 All Sales Cash All Sales Cash Good Shoes and Hosiery NHA COMPARE y£ Ql|R^PRICES NRA LIBERTY CASH GROCERS • ,, SPEND rbpB-.fcR'jp i, ER B v: Customer, SaO^ in Our Stme-^arant^d •« Ounce, to the Pound Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday BANANAS Larg QRAJNGES SUGAR ^ Dozen lbs . 45c LargeFirm S Large Bunches Each With Tops CARR0TS Bunch _3|C 74C Bunch Sc CORN Pride of 'Illinois ; •__ . No. 2 Can: 4 /%^ JIUC Red Pitted No. 2 Can Al 57 2^ C . Iteds, Pound TOMATOES Standard No. 2 Can 7ic CELtRY CABBAGE N Jumbo Stalks ICach 7ic N ~ Cret " « Pound LEMONS 2c Large 3B«'s APPLE BUTTER Dozen 21 c Cardinal Large Jar SALMON MACKERET SQUASH All Flavors 'I Packages lie Chum Tall Can 9ic Tali Can Bach 7c Fresh. While __ Pound p '_. 9C 7f* __ round ^9 ^ FLOUR H.'« W lb 49c^S7c CAKE FLOUR MILK Swans Down Package 29c Colt age 4 mm _ Tall or 6 Small Cans JL / C All Crisp '2-Lb. Box 4 ,«y _^ L/C llLli 25c .Small o? 3Taii Cans 19C CANOVA COFFEE Lb. OA rt "IT SURE IS GOOD A JllIJ• COFSEE" COIL lobby's CHH 7ic FKKUS Libby's. Sour or Dill l>afgc Jar 13c KRAUT LIBBYS PEACHES '-JfT'iS'. Libby's No. 2'/j Can 10c UBBYS PINEAPPLE 12c No. 1 Can - - - 8c No. 2 Can - - • '7c P11TOES 8f S V. •.••.•.•'.•-:::£ '.Stokely's.Finest• Small ; Gan- -.-•- 4c , Large Can - • CORFLAKi 1 Willer'is Small Box Box 6'/,c - 9c SAWMEAT HENS Slr«ak-0-Lcan Cound Fancy Milk Fed. 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