The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the United Press "•' T THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS VOL. XXXI—NO. 253 Blythevlile Courier niythevllle Dally News Blytlieyllle Hera hi Mississippi valley leader . BLYTHEVILLE, 'ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1935 IN GREEN" Hears Assurance Soy Bean 'Crushing Facilities Will Be Provided By (i vote of 10 Co 2 directors of the Blytheville Chamber of Com- inercc put the organization on record last night in opposition to a state sales tax. . •; The action was taken -after C. A Cunningham had informed the board that in his opiiiioii sales tux legislation was definitely' -a part of the slate administration's program for the 1935 general -assembly and that enactment of siieh a tax was inevitable. The matter came up near the end ot a loriVrneeting and evoked little discussion. The vote put the chamber on record in 'opposition not only to the. 3 per cent sales tax proposed by "the state -board of education for the aid or the schools but to any sales lax for any purpose. Will Crush Soy Beans Facilities for the crushing of soy baans will be available In Blythe- vllte next, fall : if farmers of thjs vicinity/plant a sufficient acreage ofbeans to justify the -Investment, 0. G. smith, chairman of the agricultural committee, informed the board. , He reported : that a subcommittee which conferred jester daj afternoon with 3 P Wagoner of the Blitheulle Cotlon Oil company had received assurance that the company would cooperate Hilly in such a program. .The company will feel justified; In going ahead -ir assured of a. minimum of 1.000 tons of soy beans the first year Mr smith said , Mr Smith discussed al some length the program of the t.ham bers agricultural committee Be "ides the soy bean projec^ the com mlttce hopes to obtain establishment here of a p'ant lor the manufacture "of starch from s\veet~fr> t aloes and to arrange for expan sion of Tio acreage of spinach, Leans d nd other vegetables for the canning fa.ctorv Favor- Oils^Tax The board approved a recommendation of the agricultural com mlttee that it.. cooperate' ;with thc American institute of Pats and Oils to obtain enactment by the legislature of a law imposing an f excise tax of 10 cents a 'pound on margarines made from foreign oils , J Well Brooks secretarj or the chamber was authorized to arringe for the introduction of such a measure The board also appro\ed a °u» gestlon by c A Cunningham that the legislature he asked' to provide "\emption from truck tnller brake Jequlrements of trailers owned and operated ',hy farmers iii. transporting their products to gln'syor markets- and .carrying toads 'nf not to exceed 4,000 "pounds. ' ; •". '- ' Such an .exemption would relieve farm truck -'owners, from the neces- s! ty° f: imping. expensive -brake in- stallallons'on; 'small- trailers; used In "."ylng^sfted cotton, and 'for'slml- lar purposes.:' .;',; :..-,,•;.,; Symbol of America's Etfoit Order Requiring Brakes on Trailers Is Rescinded LITTLE ROOK, Ark.-Thc state Rlghway commission yesterday rescinded its ycar : old order that truck trailers /and. •semi-trailers be equipped with brakes, arid Issued In lUs slead an. order setting up a 25-mile per hour speed limit governing such vehicles. Action or the commission follow- all-day meeting during which groups from various sections ot the slate protested enforcement of the brake requirement. For violations of -the speed limit, which the new order fixes, the own- f.° f ,"' c 'ruck traUer Wld be ?£?) * ,1 ° r lhe nrst offense a»d WO for the second. The 25-milo per hour speed limit affects l rtic k tral highways of brakes. The to , li me it w The out at . ~' —----- -• "..tan iraiier and semi-trailers to continue opera- lion without the expenditure of haying brakes installed, &uly Action Expected on $4,300,000,000 Appropriation WASHINGTON. Jnn. 10 (UI'J — A White iioiisi/ conference of Pi-sldent itoosevcll and congrcs- 'toiul lenders detiirjiiliivd loflny to pcfrt iicllon on Die $4,300.000.000 npproiiriatlons needed lo set the relitf nrograni In lulinlnlUmtlon motion. nnan .iDi-m., lie house Tex.) n r. micli- chlarman of -lons^ c'onimlt- Ice inld llinl'Oll.qoo of the amouiU would lie ea'rmarkwl. - An $:i(j(l,ooo.OOQ 'placed 'by Buchanan in Uio same category was Isrined "regular"; npproprinUoris. This sum will lj<i onrninrkw.! afid llelni^ed. ' L S| cakef Joseph VI. liynis iri- dlcnlcd thai no time would be Jest by (he administration hi putting through the necessary inca- stnes . Also In thc conference were Vne president John N.- Garner and Semtor .losspli T. Robinson,' majority wnate leader. FLEMINCSTON, N. J., ! Jai v' | 0 . (UP)— Dr. John P. Condon paused i|. the midst ot shaving himself In ; )ls rjunrlcrs lodRy to nftirm regret- ully Unit "Imd flic itollce not In- :crrerco i long since would have »cn able to oulaln a full mid com- iletc confession from Bruno Hniinl- unim UiroiiRh (lie nw of psychological methods." Discussing (he CHSO ID R room llt- .crcil with newspaper accounts'' of his testimony .yesterday, Jafsie seemed (Umosl eager (o resume the- "Itncss stand. "It'll IK? fun," IK -chortled. Reverting la Hauplnmim the pedagogue declared lie hud " wtm Standing m the ,midst of the inlltmal capllnl Ihe waffoltlmg winch completelj shealhed the Washing. ton Monument forms -i symbol'of the vast job of repur and new construction 10- again dedicating ifelf as a new veir begins...This startling Rlaigiiet Dourke-White — u-- — — •• .•--* V^QUI+I. ..Jijja isiUI illllv t\lU Immenslls of the Job of replacing crumbling mortar and chanihg monument wflh SIOOOOO of Public Works Admlnhtntion lo- which -America is photo shows-the lhe worn and stained surface of the Foreign Troops 1 Streets Following -Outbreak Today bAAHBRUOKEN, Jan. 10. (UP) —Serious rioting broke out 'today TV 1th the arrival bf 58 South American Saarlandcrs to vote in the January 13 plebiscite. • l i, : '' ' : •Ihe -IJazl German Front had ils .Usual cordon- -around lhe •;station when lhe -train pilled In.'-Attempts of opposition elements to break through ;stnrted; the "'Hots/ ;.': ; The sour cavalry and, 'mounted police fought 'the massed ranks of Nazi sympathizers,- who retreated In foniTaHoh".'". ..-"" '.'.-.','.'• .'' The cavalry controlled .the'>mab without the help of 'the-' international .army of (he .League of Nations which hart been patroling the streets without arms nnd'.did not interfere. ' After thc rioting heavy-, patrols of foreign troops were sent into th< streets. .' •' • . : Three Nazis were injured'-ditrlric the nghllng. ' " Merely . Calls.. for.. '.Payment in 'More -Units -of Present" Money Says. Lawyer WASHINGTON.' Jan. 10. (UP)— Atty. Qen. Homer S. Cummlrigs' conlention that chaos would follow an adverse decision In the gold clause cases was challenged in su- £ rcmc court "today by Edward W. ' or bond ** issues . Bourne said. that -he. could see no reason why 'a determ'inntion that these obligations be pnld at the rate of $1.69 to lhe dollar should affect lhe monetary policy. :.. "It will mean nothing but that these obligations, shall -be . paid in more of a^lven nnlt-tlinn otherwise," he -said.' - SBourrie challenged the contention that the gold clauss Impeded congress .in. its power to roguiatV'tho currency. The gold clauses 1 were smployed. he said, because" of" the w1thoul gold standllrd nct °f 1SOO -which T S ," 0t S f ccincali 5' s " »P » yardsii semlllrall «" th * m«surement-of ciirrericv. equipment " ---'-' --' ''"' • ••'•'•—' •' r ' ,._--.-„;. Taken ' to J^ail at Jqnesbpro ' Luther Blake, self-cc-rife^ed coin counterfeiter, arrested "here eart.v this week, was removed to Jones' boro today In custody of, local officers. Blake was expectedi p i'to'- waive. heaMng .before United Stales Commissioner . E, L. Westbrook, 'Jr, Seven Perish as Fire Destroys Cabin Home SOMERSET, Ky., Jan: id. (rjp) —A mother and father and their five children were burned to death today when fire destroyed their farm home near here. Tile victims were Ottiell. Harp*r 35. a miner.. Mrs. Harper, and their five children, Mlllon ,-ip.- Wanda 8 Elmer, 5. Denver, n. and Beryl' 'l Charred bodies; of the father 'nn'd mother. and four children were recovered from the smoking ruins of the- mountain Io» cabin at Public' 16 miles east, of here. The seventh l»rly was believed consumed by the fire. . ' Mrs. Eliza Esles, long Resident of Yarbro, Dies Mrs. Eliza Estcs. 75. for fortv- Iwo years h resident. of .(i ln y or bro communltv. died WedniMtov afternoon after a two weeks lllnwi of Influenza aiid heart trouble. "Mrs astes was maklnj I.P V j,om« wit' ami . he JS sun ' lTCfI fc" three sons Charlcv. nnd .Toe. nn-1 two Blighters.. Mrs. j. w. Holmes atij nuncli. brides three sis- corporation "which „ !"™" shall ,be;,fpund to be. an unlawful. 1 trust or\ combinatloir or a mono^ . . . ters and one brother. Services were h»Jd ' the home , 3 o'clock lodav with the Rov Qr«vcr Sutherland omdallnT. Poli- oearers were: Ed«ar Llovd, St»rlin» Winch. .Henry Yoime, R™ oaktns Don- Ross, anil Hubert Mulllns ' Buckshot Fired Through Window of Dedbam Jail cutlon. w-as madetoda y ;. w hena vol . I '"'."±^ ? Ef., h f d ,",i 1 . e .: Crnlg - S * rl!t " « &™^ of Rotary In- and 'Me'-uie-T^^,. ";,!!;:, Rotarv , Director Will _ " v * *•'H - .«-*.-^,. j-n: -,-,tiv-, ^-guilQt'U w -Vjsi^Caritthersville Club f^m. ' he Solsso " """ Would Give U.;S. Government Power-Over Interstate Corporations ' WASlifNGTON," Jail." 10 (UP)— Senator William E. Borah (Rep., Ha.) (d^ay'j'.-lntrpdu'ced a';-bill to license all: corporations engaged In lilt erstat« r^commc re e. " Tlie measure would refuse 11- poly." Borah proposed to authorize the federal trade commission to govern the system with power to .re Reports Allen Will Quit Receive Denial BATON ROUGE, La., Jan 10 CU P)—Reports that Governor O. K; Allen planned to resign as a result of criticism of Senator Huey P. Long's dominance over the state administration were denied here today by A; P. White, the governor's secretary. "There Isn't a word of truth In it," said White. "The reporls are being circulated by lhe governor's ponlical enemies." White said'the governor would return lo lhe executive mansion this nfternoon. He "disappeared" from the city yesterday a few hours before a mass mestlng of landed repeal of dlct- ._...- passed by recenl legislative sessions. - . Reporls said ilia executive had sent his resignation to Senator nt Washington. Jafsie Claims Bruno WasReady to Confess Ihe confidence" of (he qinnnn carpenter ami was convinced that eventually "i )c would have revealed tlie whole nwfnl Iruth" of his own volition. "I contemplated no mental third degree but rather a projection'of my known altitude of sympathy to- Wttvd nil humanity," Dr. Condon salcl. "I had John weeping when I low him I had treated him ,ilke " gentleman but that he had nol h-entect me like one. I 1, 1U| | mn laughing happily when I left—as h » great load, war about lo be llfte,-! li'Oin him—and he'assured me tliat he wanted me to conic back tignln. j'.'t I was hpver permitted 'lo go." Dismissal Asked by Counsel for Congressman Til 1m an B. Parks HAMBURG, Ark., Jan. 10. <UP>- Djclslon on a motion to dismiss the contested congressional, election stilt of Tillman B. Porks may came late ^. a \\ ?iW.;;>u.<l*« Patrick Henry, told. Ihjs Unlled Press at' noon ( Argumonts«ijnr" Parks' •motion lo dismiss (heveontest suit- bf Wade Kitchens, : Mignolta, .were • about half completed . when, court ad- jourjied for.the-noon recess, T. j. Vaughan of ; Oamden argued, tor Parks that only, the house of representatives had .authority to quas- ttei-jils position on^e he had bten accepted by; that body.. ./'- .\ • .^Kitchens 1 . .attorneys' claim. '•. the right to continue Iho 'trial they Ih^ Itlaled soon alter the i Democratic runoff, primary. last- August? 28 'when Parks . claimed :thc nomination by i'-" • .; . J . ... , ••• SKould tJudgfi':'. Henry''' motion.the long,case would be ended.^ irhV'dbes'. hbT'Kltonens'i it: torntys Indicated 'ihey-would' complete- Saturday.-.'' voke licenses found guilty trust laws. nny corporation violating anti- Three Medals Presented . at Veterans Meeting Presentation of three' «...«, medals was made at the meeting of the Herman Davis post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, here Tuesday night. James W. Christian-was presented -the Purple Heart medal "for Military Merit" and the silver Star, an award Issued by order of Gen- Frank Horsfall Out as Monticello College Head MONTICELLO. Ark. — Prank Horsfall resigned as president of the Fourth District A. and M. col- Mege here Wednesday In a dramatic, smiee, move aimed at direct .and spesdy restoration of harmony In an in stitution torn by dissension since students revolted against his administration last March and lalci were supported by Increasing numbers of taxpayers. Trustees of the college, accepting the resignation "with reluctance" effective at the end of the present semester January IS. named s cotn- |tnlitee of ihres faculty members, „ . line-Dr. Charles D. Johnson, C. C. •/and saw service on. Smith and Man-in Bankston, to dl• He was wounded while reel affairs of tha Institution until a new president can be selected. The resignation came as a surprise in the face of the refusal of • Ranted-..".uKt-Wta U« i»S sSI'lLT 0 '^ X^uhl""^ 0 " ll>e fn r M '* arag oSrrem1ve 0n p^nt My be held in the Craig- son, Ariz., n director of Rota'rv in' fnrt \£,t.^? ' ^ SSl St ' "' ? • Horsfa " d "P |tc '""easing demand, tv jail at Jonesboro un- fernirtUwii.^ii be a i, « ^ 2l ± J^;^K? n l,«'!«?> e ." I . e . n ^:* I ? d .««»«««l » declaration by slu- Bill for Advertising, Accounting and/Legal Fees Called Excessive : WASHINGTON, Jan.' 10. (Tjpj_ The Interstate Commerce commission vigorously : criticized leading railroads today for spending more than ?84,000,000 in the last four depression years for advertising outside accounting, and legal fee.? and Inaicated It would bring " a thorough-going investigation." ''Some of the expenditures reported are so large as to present a serious question as to whether iney meet the requirements of the 'aw for efficient arid economical management," thc I. o. C. said. "There [s shown such wide variance between the amounts expended by different, carriers for similar services ns to suggest the pro- pr ety of a thorough going investigation by the managements of certain carriers to determine whether wasteful, unprofitable expenditures are being made." • Oscar Johnston Named Assistant to Treasurer ' W ASBINOTON (AP) - - Oscar Johnston of Scott, Miss,, manager of the 1933 cotton producers' pool yesterday was appointed assistant to Secrelary Mongenlhau of the treasury. The appointment was • made by arrangement between Morgenthai and Secretary Wallace of the Ag. riculturt Department,. Johnston will devote part of his time to the study of agricultural commodity credits. AL Uie same time he will continue wltlr the Agriculture Department as manager of the cotton pool. The treasury appointment is for truce months. . : Hauptmann In Odd Pose From a hlRb perch, a cameraman caugbt Bruno .Hauptmann In this Boyel.pose, as tbe.Llnil- bor^h case defendant. Tils face never changing expression, returned to the Hunterdou county courtroom after a short recess. No Action Yet by Governor to Extend Time for Purchasing LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 10 (UP)More than 15,000 automobile license plates had been sold throughout the state by 'mld- afterncon today as the deadline for. buying them without penalty nearcd, \V. H. .Woodyard of thc revenue commission said. Woodyard expected 5,000 or more would be sold before midnight when thc penalty bocoiues effective unless Oov. J. M. Futrel] extends the grace period. There was no indication from the governor's office of an extension. - - • Appearance of Prospective Witness Linked AVith Mysterious Letters FLGMINOTON, N J, Jnn 10 (U P)— "Jafsie" walked off the ult- ness sland this nfternoon utter pending- iilinoit two days In tell'«B the fantastic stoiy of hh a'cl- /enlures wllh llje kidnaper of (lie Lindbergh babj Before lio l;ft, however, n ' wo- aiv In green 1 was led out of the :rowd by defense counsel an'd marched up io th« Rltness nnd .o slnre at Dr, John P. Condon • In some way the woman In Sieen Is tied up \\llh Uvo mjster- ous lettels which thc defense Iri- trodiiccd. ns evidence but lefuset) to vend to lhe Jury Thc woman's name Is Mrs Hcr- jilna KbpKin. She woic a gieen suit and a jrceii felt i hat and appealed lo x ol middle ago Edwnid J Rellly, defense counsel,: asked Jafslo: BUI >ou nvn see this woman before?" * looked nt hei Intentlj an,d., 'Yes she came to my house one time with a Mrs Bush' , ' Relllj handed two letters to Jafsie ' . '° tl1 , >°« "er tell this woman that the handwriting In these 1H- ers coiresponded to Uie handwriting in the ransom notes?" "i did not. 1 ' ihc woman In green was led Lack to her sjat In the scoiun reseried for wltne^es and order' were given that she was not to be Interviewed or photographed In cross-examination yeslerday of Dr Condon who thnce in dliect testimony linked Hauptmann with lhe kidnaping, the defense scored cmce- when condpn testified that he t. the symbols on ths raniom " h , the similar symbols which an- peared on the nolc,left In the u n 5- rgli baby's room by the kidnaper, Johnson win ^^ Testify - ' OSLO, Norway, Jan 10 (UP)— Henry (Red) Johnson former sweetheart of Betty Gow, will nol eturn to the United States to tes- tlf) In (he HnuiJtmann trial, he told the united press today Johnson, a Norwegian, nnd llvm? H D ™i U J l(ler J lUi Nora «'»n name, Henrlck Johanson, was held soon after the Ilndbargh kidnaping because of his friendship with Miss Oow nnd finally « 8 j? deported R-'cenllj married to a Norwegian girl, Johnson t s operating a fruit Appointment of Cross Awaits Senate Action Nomination of Herman Cross to be.postiftastec at Blytheville has been sent to the senate for con- f^ S n V accordlng to a d'spatch from Washington today Senate confirmation of the appointment. made several months ago by Pres'dent Roossielt, is regarded as a mere formality in this case. Mr Cross has been holding office under a recess appointment pending senate action En Route Home With Two Robbery Suspects Masons Meet Tonight The local Masonic lodge No. ;i34 wilt have regular cosiunuhlcatlon tonight, 7:30 o'clock, 'at the hall Visiting Masons are weicome. • $125 Reward Offered for Escaped Prisoner ™, SDP county, sheriff, and his chief aide Deputy Hate Jackson .of Osceole, were cnroute to Osceda today from Holbrook, Arizona, with jYed and John B«rryman, robberv and kid- naping suspects, in custody V Hn^J^ 1 ? 18 " 5 nere arrestcd at Holbrook early last week for a minor highway law- violation and were Identified as men, wanted In this county for robbery and kW- Haplug of William c. Westbrook near Wilson In lats December. Wilson was prepared to extradite the Berrvmans, if necessary, when he left here Saturday, whether' such proceedings were necessary Is not known * WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonizbt RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., Jan. 10 (U an . d . Frl !'?>' ." P>—Reward of $125 was offered by 1 , Ms , m & hls a»<> vicinity—partis "— -'---"*•- —•- • . • - •? jcloudy to cloudy tonight and IM- i^.. -.> ,. m tjniperj. lhe sheriff's office today for re-1??"^ to clouc capture'of Eugene Lucas, unem-, * 5 '' not mucil ployed laborer accused of cr'imln- ture ally assaulting his 7-year-oid daughter. He . escaped from the county Jail here .December 31 .after arrest on' the charge, r" ..' The reward was raised by prlratd subscription. >. •The maximum temperature here yesterda* was 54, minimum 47, partly cloudy with 01 of an Inch rainfall last night, according to ; Samuel p. Norrla, official -weather ; observer,

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