Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 30, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 30, 1897
Page 23
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MANHOOD I The -world •dmlrei th« perfect Han! l>ot wnrage, dljrcjty, ormntcular development alone, •at thit subtle and wonderful lorco known u SEXUAL VITALITY which lithe (lory of manhood—the wide ot fcoth old and J-onnc.buttacreare tooniandt or men •nfftrlDg tbe icetitA] tortures of a 'wenlccntd •tanhoo^ •battered nerves, and fulling MXBiU IM> wer who can be cured by our Magical Treatment which may betaltim at home under oar direction! OT WB will pay B. R. fare and hotel bill! for those who wl«a to come here. It we fall to care. We have no free prcucrlptlonMrec cnro or C.O.D. fal:e. Wo bare t250,CX>0 capital and (ruarancco to euro every cage we treat, or ref and every dollar yon pay us, or fen maybe depomted In any bink to be paid n« When a cnre is effected, Write for fnll partlrc'ari, fcTATK atEIMCAJ. CO., Onaalia, Web. ILODD POISON B '^ ^LOOJD i-UlSON permiinently cured ID ]5 to J5 days. You can bo treated at homoioruaniepriconncIerBameRcmraa- ty. If yon prefer tocomohere we will contract to pay ralJroaclfareand hotel bills and OOCh»ree, If we fall to euro. If you nave taieii nicr- CQ , rr V« odide P ot ash, and etlll have aches and p«lD«, Mucous Vatfhes (a mouth, Sore Throat, rimpleg. Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers on «nr partof the tKKljr, Hair or Eyebrows falling out. It li this Secondary BLOOD FOISOX we jramrautee to euro. We solicit the most obstinate ca»e» and challenge the world for a Si? "»<»«" 1 °tc«ro. This dlsea«e has always patllea the skill of the moat eminent ph vsl- clang. •500,000 capital behind our uncondl- HODal guaranty. Absolute proof* sent sealed on •{plication. Address COOK KEMEOY CO.. «33Jla»onlo Temple, CHICAeo,JLU* TREATMENT FOR WEAK MEN. TRIAL WITHOUT EXPENSE. The famous Appliance and Remedies of theErieMedlcal Co.nowforthe first tune offered on trial without expense to any honest man. Not a dollar 10 bepnld la advance. Cure Effects of Errors or Excesses in Old or Touus'. Manhood Fully Restored. Bow to Enlarge and Strengthen Weak, Undeveloped Portions of Body. Absolutely unfailing Home Treatment, Wo C. O. D. or other scheme. A plain offer by a firm of high standing. BEAUTIFUL PAPERS. A MENDING CASE. ARTISTIC AND DECORATIVE ASPECTS OF WALL PAPERING. Oliver P. Kistler, or Cincinnati, has removed to Royal Center to reside permanently. TAT.K OF OHIO, CITY OF TOLEDO, I LUCAS COUKTY-, f B8 ' Frank J . Cheney makes oath that be is the senior partner of the firm of F. 3, Cheney 4 Co., doing business in the City of Toledo County and State aforesaid, und that said flrm will pay the urn of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh thai cannot be poured by Hull'fc Caianb Cine; FRANK 3. CHENEY. Sworn to before me ard subscribed in my preaence, this 6th day k of December, A. D.18SO SEAL. A. W. CLEASON. Notary Public. Hall's Catarrb CureistaJten imemally and cts directly on the blood end mucouesurfacei 3t the system. Send for testimonials free. F. J. CHENKY & Co., Toledo, 0. Sold by drutrjriets, "Be. Hall's Family Pills are the bef t. To Choose 'Wall CoTerine* Wisely »»d Well 1» a. Jflc« Matter—Some Color* »nd J>e- «iffns That Ar» Fashionable — Special Papers For T*rb**ut Kocms. While spring is the popular season for house renovation, the present time is not far behind in this respect, and many people consider it a preferable A Pretty Little Homemade Afflilr That It rueful and Decorative. Women devoted to fancy needlework are always pleased with, new models, especially •when these combine beauty ^-jth utility, as does a hardy little mending case illustrated and described not long ago iri The Standard Designer. The mending case in question is, in point of fact, jnst large enough to hold For sale by 0. M. Barna & Co FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These nre the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Pwis. Ladies cnn depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of cause Emerson Drug Co,, Importers and Agents for the United States. San Jose Cal. B. F. KEESLING, S04 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. Don't run any risks about health. A.void coughs, colds, Tevers, pneumonia, and all other similar ailments by keeping your blood rich and pure with Huud'a Sarsaparilla, Hood's pills are purely vegetable and do not purge, pala or gripe. All druggists. Hundreds of precious little ones owe their lives to Dr. Thomas' EC- lectrlc Oil, the sovereign cure t'or croup and all other throat or lung plseases. Train*- ftun Dy Central Time A« J-OI.LOVS ; lV; + Oftllj, except Satodftf. CHICAGO DIVI8JON DAILY. Le*T6 for ChlCBgo'3:15 a m; % 5:30 a m;'l :25 p in •2:00 pm; -4:30 p ro. Arrive from Chicago *I :00 fi ra ;«12:SO p m ;*1 -.00 p m; »1:40 p m; *8:15 p en. BHADrOnD ASP COtUMBBS. LMte for Bradford •! :15 a m : +7 :40 u m : •! :45 pm - t4:30pra. Arrive fi'Om Bradford *S:OOam; tlO:20 am: •1:20 p m;-t4:15pm. ESTNKH DIVISION. L«*ve for Bffner t8:00 a m; t9:0« » m- 12:05 p m 8 n m Sunday onlj'. Arrive from Effnor-'7:S5 am; t] : 03pm: 12:45 p m; 8:30 a m Sunday only. K'CHJlOKD AKP CINCINNATI, LMve for Richmond +1 :20' a m ; t5 :30 » m : *1 :10 pm; t2:20p m. Arrire from Richmond »S:65am; tll:00«m *J:50p z:+U:20pm. INKASAPOUS AND LOUIBVILr.1. Le«v» for Loulgvlllo '13:55 a m; '1:05 p m. Arrive from toulrvllle *S:06 a m: *1:56 p m. J. A. McCULLOUGH, Agent, Lognosport, Ind. LOOANBPOBT • O. EAST BOUIfD. INT and Soiton llm (Mflr)- 3:33 a. it Fait mall (daily) — 9:48 a.ro Atlantic Sx.dally oxoept Sun.. 4:K p.n: WMT BOUND. Pacific Ki^ dally except Sunday.JO:19 a. m SanM* City Kiprew (daUy) 2:40 p. nj \ rait Mall (dally) 8:13 p, m I It. Louli Limited (daily) 10:34 p. m IBL BOTH DrVIIIOH, inBTflDB, BITWMII LOOAWiPOUT AFD OHTLI. WIST lOUKO. MO.U Arrive* 8:SO a. B Ho.87... _.Arrivei S:SO p. n BA8T »OUNt>. Mo. M. «...—Leavet „....»:(« a. n MO.M —Leave* 1:46 p, jr MLiss Hastings Paused But our readers will not pause—except when compelled to—aftey they begin Will N. Harben's new story The North Walk flystery It will be published in this journal. Mr. Harben is rapidly making a reputation as one of the leading novelists of the day. His latest is a rattling detective story- TCLIP WALL PAPER. period, especially for papering and painting. Wall coverings are therefore just now a subject of importance in the household. It is too often supposed that the selection of wall coverings is a question •which any one with a certain amount of taste is capable of settling, whereas it is a difficulty which even the initiated approach with trepidation. We all know that materials which may seem most effective when seen in the pattern or in some particular room may have a disastrous result when hung amid totally different surroundings. The size and character of the rooms, their aspect and the style of furnishing are all to be taken into consideration, and the whole should form a complete scheme of color. Then, again, a dark roojn must reflect asmuch light from its walls as possible, a cold room warmth, and so on. Nothing should be forgotten. Without considering the costlier coverings, such as wood paneling, tapestry, silk and satin, leather, embroidered art linens, etc., wall papers, the most popular of all decorative materials, are capable of producing wonderful effects. They do not seem to furnish a room quite in the way that the rich fabrics do, but they have the advantage of in- expeusiveness. In selecting wall papers the difference between the color of the ground and the colors of the pattern should be very slight to get the best result. A startling design in some positive color upon a light toned background is in cho worst possible taste, being aggressive and commonplace. What we require is a soft and silky appearance. A very taking new bedroom paper is in dainty cream and pink tones, with a small, lively tloral design, and this, used with polished olive green woodwork, will give a most attractive result. The effect sought in a library is no longer heavy and solid, but rather that of picturesque comfort and restfuluoss. Among new papers a gold desiga upon a soft toned, cheerful green is typical of the latest idea for the library. A pecxiliar, clear, but not gliiring shade of red has been chosen by one adventurous designer as harmonizing well with the flow of good things to be expected in the modern dining room. For the parlor or drawing room an uncommon paper which would add character and Distinction to this apartment is in a warm, rich shade of brown •with a design in .gold that has the appearance of embroidery and affords in its handsome effect the idea of a fabric rather than a paper. Whatever fads and fancies flourish and pass in wall papers, conventional (SLIPPER M ENDING CASE. A thimble, spool of silk or cotton and a tiny pair of scissors, although needle and pins, of course, form part of the outfit. This case is made in form of a slip per, after the old time watch case in fashion not so many years since. It i; made of cardboard, covered with anj pretty material preferred. Velvet, satin brocade, duck or white linen, are al employed with pleasing effect. The to< of the slipper can be left plain or it may be rendered decorative by hand paint ing or embroidery, as the fancy of the maker dictates. It is held to the Bole portion by tacking, and the edge of the solo is attractively finished by a silken cord or a binding of ribbon, of a color to harmonize with the covering. A loop of cord or ribbon is added so that the slipper can be hung up. The needlebook is made of leaves oi white flannel, and the pins are inserted around the edge. The band of ribbon, which is tied around the middle of the case, terminating in a bow in front, is not merely for decoration, for under it in the back is thrust a card of darning cotton, the little pocket formed by the toe being the receptacle for a spool of white cotton, scissors and thimble. TTOI M ~~nt of Oriel Window. An oriei or bay window properly heated .becomes a charming feature of the. room. It has latent possibilities which women with artistic tastes recognize and develop. One plan which gave very satisfactory results partially VANDALIA LINE.! Time Table, in effect Sept ss, 1897. YMim* I*»TB Juofumpttrt, iBdlua. FOR THE NOHTH So. 8 _ _..10:3fl a. m. »•.» - — - S.-3S p. m, FOR THK SOOTH. If*. 21 -T;C6a. m. Ho. » »:25p. m. for complete Time Cam, giving *U tralni •nd itationi, and for full information M to ntet, through oars, etc,, address j. a KDOIWORTH, ajrem, Loiraniport, or • 4... FORD. General Pauenfrer Ag«nt, St. Loui*. Ho. Tennessee Centennial. Nashville,Tenn. Way 1 to Nov. I Big Four Route. The Great southern exposition, has created Ijrcat Interest throughout the country and applications are being made aa to the best route to reach this great southern city. Tne "Big Four" has tha best line from the East with ti rough traiu serrlce to Cincinnati from New Tort. Boston, Buffalo, Cleveland and Columbus; from Detroit, Tcledo and Sinduskr to Cincinnati; and from Chicago ar.d Benton Harbor to Cincinnati and Loulsvlllo. Direct connections are made with the Q. i C. Houte and thci L. * N. By. Full information will be cheerfully given upon application. R. & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. Solid tr»lQ« between Poorii, and Uld Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct con- Motioni to and from all pouts in tne United lute* and Canada. SOUTH BOUKD DMPARI No 2 Indian* pollJ Jbrp daily 7:10 a m U:»»nNO*3 " Mall 4 Krp_ll :S8 » m (dally except Sunday) Ho SB Indpl'e Rrp ex dun. „ 1 :26 p m •:1» p u No » Pawcofer exeept bun No 151 RoohMMr local arrive :1S p m Wtoept Sunday, MOUTH BODWD. •^»»MHo»Mall*Sxptt8uu. -J»:llam VJ»»B»NoMMlc»H»nCltr«*UT'_ 4:45 pm <4lvmKoM Detroit «xp «x Bom N« I» Acoom except Bun. .. «:«S a n •Dow not nm Boith 07 F«ru on Sunday . Jbi ttokM nttM andJ*nenU Information "oall J J. BldwMr, tiokol afeat, £>. «. 4k W. — AH the way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, tbe^Wabasta Railroad Operates Trains over its. Own Tracks. Having 1 leased the tracks of th« Grand Trunk Rall-^ay between Detroit and FSngpen- slon Bridge and those of the Erie R, R, from Suspension Bridge to Buffalo, tie Wabash K H will run its own trains fromlKansas City Omaha, Deg Molne*, SU Louis, Quincy, Hannibal. Keokuk and Cnicagojto Buffalo, being the only road frem UiMOuri and Mississippi Kirer points having lt» own line and trains running Into Buffalo. Through oars from Kanau City. St. Ixiuli and Chicago to Buffalo without chan. j* Notice of ApptintMent »t Assignee. Notice is hereby given that I have been appointed and qualified as assignee of all the property of Edwin M. Walden. >-daiw4t FRAXK Jf - KiSTLlB. A VARIATION OX AX OLD DESIGN. ized floral designs remain always safe and fashionable for those who redecorate at somewhat long intervals. Among these can scarcely be found anything handsomer than a stately tulip design with its rich colorings, and in the midst of the latest production may be seen a pattern so old as to have become new again, the same quaint, old fashioned basket with its wealth of gay flowers that smiled from onr grandmothers' walls long years ago. Wholesome Invalid Beverage. The most approved method of preparing that interesting but wholesome invalid bevfjrage, toast and water, is as follows: Cut a slice of bread from a stale loaf and roast ii quite brown, being mindfai. however, that it does not bnm. Then put it into a jar, pour a pint of boiling water over it, cover closely and allow to cool Theu strain, and it will be ready for use, Jfever give a patient tepid toast and water. A. Good Hot DUh. Chop finely an onion and fry in a little butter, add half s pound of boiled rice an! 2 ounces of shredded ham seasoned with salt and pepper. Fry all together till hot, then serve piled, on fried mad. The secret of the goodness of tiuw M to aarr* rtry hot Ten Years An Invalid. •air Restored to Perfect Health a ad Able to Perform All Houiruald Duties-A Cure After SSOllrd Phj-.lclaji» Had Failed. from the Industrial Xgaa, Jackson, J/«A. Mrs. Clara Hazleton, of v.Vbberville, Michigan. n-lare<l to a repn-seir .live vi ihe Industrial -Virus the story of IKT cure t'roni eczemu and other ills, liich has lew if any equals in this purt of the country, a»J puzzled tl>e must learned physicians. S!u- slid: " My husband's name is John G. IJ:i.z.'i'toii. He is :i fanner, ami we live in I.eivv. oar post-o tiii-e uddn-.-s ln-i..tr \Vebbervi.K 1 . Mich. I am 3U years ol aue. and fur over itii years I liuve sunertxl from hnniic i>cy.t'!ii:i, ti'iualo weuivfirss and a cmubuiiitiou ui" kiuu»'.v and blatiujr trouoles. " 1 employed the most skilled physicians we could ser, but my V:IM.> went from l>;:d 1 worse, until a Ce\v years airu womb KOI and pairii'ul uiease> a.ided to in mija-ry. I became so ivcnk and duipless tli.,i it became entirely impossible tV>r me to j>i>rt'orm my home dutie>. I tried aistin different phv-t- cians, but did not receive the sliditesi rrliei'. ami I rinally gave up u)l hope oi'ever?eiiiii£ better. " * "Last June I read in the Jackson /»./«.;trial -Very,* of tiie ruse of a lauy \vlto was cured by Dr. Williams' Pink P'lls lor Pale People, and although -lie imti only part ol tliB diflicul ies with vhidi 1 was aiiiieted and the™ bad been of ies>; duraiion, 1 cmi- ekided tii trive Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People a trial in the hope that tiiey iniidir relieve me to some enn-ni. On tbe twentieth of June I liousht tlie lirst box »nd commenced takins them according in directions. Alter using three boxes 1 be^an to feel improved, and I have now taken in all nine boxes and :irn able to perform all ujy household duties. I am. hovrever, somewhat weak, but am without pain or sailer- ing. I am now taking the tenth box, and shall continue to use the pills a short nine longer and sluiil never be ivittKMir ihp«i again if any signs of my former troubles sKall make their appearance. I can heartily recommend these woinlerfnl little healers to all women suffering with any of the troubles with which I "haw been afflicted, and I will cheerfully answer any inquiries regarding my wonderful cure." 'Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People are sold in boxes inever in loose form by the dozen or hundred, am! the public an', cautioned against numerous imitations sold in this shape) at 50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50, and may be had of all drmrtrists or direct by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady, X. Y. Yellow Complexion and Dull Eyes. An Indiana Sclioolmuitcr Describe* How They May be Hrl£tiU-ucd. From the Xt?w J2ra t (Ji'CC'/i-sbui'y, Jnd. There is probably not a brighter young country schoo] teacher to be found than Mr. IraWonn, who lives an a farm about five miles south of Greensburg, lnd. t ami teaches school at Xe\v Penmngloit, in .Saitcreek township. Mr. Wonn boards with Mr..I.S. Wise, a prominent fanner, who is well-to-do. Mr. Wonn was ill this city a few weeks ago, looking stout and healthy, with an encouraging color in his cheeks. All who know him would formerly describe him as pale mid languid, with a very sallow or yellowish complexion, and bis eyes dull; his auburn hair having the appearance of being dead. All of these in<Hcan'on.sof poorhcalih have Tanished, and all within the last few " Yen, sir, IV. Willfamg' Pink Pill* toe Pale People wore actually a great help to mr sou. as every body who knew ol his case will lestlry. I h;>ve bought a few boxes for family use, uud would not be without them." 0r. Williams' Pink Pilk for Pale People contain all the elements neccssarv to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They ire sold in boxes (never in lixije form, by the dozen or hundrvdj at 50 cento a bo.i, or six boies for cS-.5t). and may be had of all druggists or directly by mail from Dr. Williams* Medicine Company. Sciicnectady, y. Y. Nervousness and Neuralgia. An instance of a marvelous cure of ner- rousiicss and neuralgia of long standing it fiirni>hed ij; ;be case ol' Mrs. Benjamin Johuson. of JTapokon, ilipley Co., Indiana. A n-po.Tter drove to see Jfrs. Johnson a e i few weeks aao, but as she was not at home he was unable to accomplish the purpose of I bis mission. However. Mrs. Ji> inson learn- j ing what was desired, wrote a letter, in which ! she said: " 1 understand that you were desirous of learning w iciher ray trouble bad been on red. and if a cure had been accomplished h"w it had been done. I take pleasure in saying through your columns for the beneti: ot the pulilic" tlr.it such is true and the iii:irvi-li>i).« euro was accomplished by nothing other than the vise of Dr. Williams' Pink Pill-- for Pale People. For some time Iliad mili Ted from nervousness and neuralgia. I ci.ntimmily grew worse, although I was being iiliuost Cuusiauijy treated by my phy- sicKin. " A- time wore on I grew weak, reduced in t'.esh, and was unable to do luueh of my work. 1 tried different remedies without nvai!. wlien 1 was advised bv a neighbor to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, which I at once did. 1 felt better on taking i lie first dose, and when 1 hud linislicd one box I bad experienced a great change. I look several boxes and was entirely well. I hsvo now used Three boxes, and can honestly recommend them, as 1 believe I would have been in the same condition to-day, or perhaps worse bad I not been advised to take Pink Pills." Mrs. Johnson nlso staled that she indnced some of I er neighbors to use the pills which they are -loiiig wiih goad satisfaction. Or. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People contain in a condensed form, all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. Pink Pills are sold by all dealers, or will be tent post paid on receipt of price, 50 cents a box, or six boxes for S2.50 (they are never sold in bulk bv the 1IX)), by addressing Dr. William*' •any, Schenectady, K. Y. Medicine Compa Saved by His Friend. i; One of the leading farmers of Ejplcy Co. is Jonathan L. Weis, of Napoleon, Ind. Mr. \Veis is a wealthy and influential tiller of llio soil, and was a soldier in the late war. lie was one of the first 10 enlist, and served fur iliree years, coming home broken down in health and suffering from rheumatism, which hud heon brought on hy t lie great exposure to which he was subjected. Although previous to his enlistment Mr. Weis had liwii a strong, healthy man, ever since the war he lias been a physical wreck, b«ing almost a skeleton, such great destruction has flint dread disease worked tipon him. Mr. W<-is for mans' years was unable to do any ivork. beiug compelled to hire others to do his farm work. To a JVw f-i-a reporter he weeks, as the result, so we have learned i siated that to-dav he would have lieeti still from Mr. Womi himself, of the use of Or. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. Mr. ^ onn for several years has been fanning the whole year round, and taught school iit The winter time, often riding many miles eaeh day to his school. This great amount of exposure soon told on the once iu ihe same condition physically had not a friend advised him to try Dr.Williams' Pink Pills for Pak' People, which quickly and permanently cured him, and to-day he weighs more, eats more, and can do more work than at. any time since his dismissal from the army, although at a fairly advanced stou(; youth, and he rapidly .sank by the suf-; age. ferinEof rheumatism in his lower limbs. | "For years," said Mr. Wcis, "my pains PI« wished to gel alniijr with as small ex-; were almost unbearable nnd during damp pense ns possible, 30 confined himself to the ! weather they -were especially severe. I family physician, who, it proved in time, did not benefit him any. " In early September," said Mr. Wonn, "I began my school duties, taking up my abode with Mr. Wise, for I thought the distance too far to drive eae'i way every day, :s badly as I did. J still treated my trouble, which I learned to look upon as a permanent and indeed, very disagreeable companion. I had been at the home of Mr. Wise but a few days, when he told me that lie had just been" erred of a trouble of Ions standing verv similar to mine by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People." He had a few doses on hand, which I took, and began feeling better nt onee. I sent for two boxes, which' I barn used, and noiv I feel •tout and healthy, ns you see me, and am quite a different pernm." could sleep but little, and ns I had no appetite 1 rapidly dwindled away from a large man to almost nothing. I consulted different prominent physicians and tried several p.Mtent medicines claimed <o be good for my trouble, but none of them did but little pood. As soon as I began taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People I noticed a difference and by ihe time I haii tnkcn a few lioxes I was complete!}' cured. Had it not been for that medicine I would have been in my prave longasn." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People contain all the elements necessary to pivt new life atid riehne.ss to the blood and restore fhat tered nerves. They are sold in boxes (never in loose form, by the dozen or hundred) at 50 eerits a box. or six boxes for $2.50, and maybe had of all drucnrsts or direct by raaU Wonn's father in talking of hio son's ; from Pr. Williams' Medicine Company", Scb*- •ore to a reporter a few days ago said : j necwdy, N. Y. IX TDK ORIEL screened off the oriel window from the rest of the room by a fretted and spindled arch. This was daintily draped and made to serve as a sanctum sanctorum for private reading and correspondence. A writing table and a favorite Sheraton 'chair stood there, with palms on either side and jusc two easy chairs for real friends. 1& Coquette. Batter enough rameqoin cases for the number of eggs you wish to serve, pat a tablespoonful of fresh cream and break carefully an egg in each, season with pepper, salt and a little grated nutmeg. Place the cases in a saute pan containing a little boiling water into the oven and allow to bake long enough to set the eggs. Send to table in the cups. Tfrtngg Told by Housekeepers. Vaseline makes the best dressing for russet shoes. When baking sponge cakes, always have a steady oven and do not opeo the door for the first 20 minutes. For the cornice of a room dark colors should be avoided. Blue may be used freely. Red should be used sparingly. A good cleaning fluid for removing spots from men's clothing or sponging silk and woolen goods is made of pulverized soap tree bark Ink stains on white material may be removed raost effectually by washing first in a sffong brine and then wetting the spoc in lemon juice. A bath in very warm water will re- ieve greac wearinesjs. Give a quick dash of cold water after and rcb vigorously to keep from taking cold- To remove tie smell of nevr paint lay a bunch of hay in the room and sprinkle .t -wifh a little chloride of lime. Close ie room for several hours. The addition of a Irittle powdered jorax to cold starch tends to give tie inen extra stiffness, and a little tor- >eatine pot iu to the boiled starch bddj SCRAPS. Egyptians cooked me»t u BOOB vs the animal was killed. Peaches, called Persian apples, wer« known in Europe before the Christian •ra. Brandy was first used medicinally, »nd miraculous cures were ascribed to Its employment. The Chinese In the United State! have dried oysters and cuttle fiih sent to them from China. A flude Is a. cross between a fashion- plate and an unpaid tailor's bill. If some people we know had any- tklng to say, they wouldn't talk ao touch. Perhaps, it ig because doctors «Us- fr*e that tittr medleftw are so <f!»- agrtcable. The good that la Imt«rred with th« boaee o? most men <io««it, as a rule, cause overcrowding'. Marriage -would be itin more popular if, In doubling our joys. It didn't chareo lor the extra supply. It has often been stated that the rrave of Jenny Llnd, the "Swedish Nightingale," has been neglected: and is not even marked, by a slab. Thi» l« not true. A handsome cros* marks her j Iftst resting place on Malvern Hills, j tn England. The daughters of Harriet Beecher Stowe say In a letter to the Hartford Courant: "We are happy to be able to itate to those kindly Interested that we are, and we hope we shall aiwayg be, far from needing assistance, either public or priTate." it is reported that UM Tlorenc* m£U» et Forest City, N. C., have b*en bought by the Henrietta millg and will b* equipped with 12,000 spindlss and. 4M looms. The strik* of the Brittoh Society «< Amalgamate Engineers for aa eight- hour day without reduction in w continues to »f re*d, and 70,000 are- ou.t of employment. A Georgia cotton mill bag paid p«r cent in dividends dwriac the ll ••Ten yean, a testimony of the y«rlty of that form of tadactry In •outh whi«k carries Ma own I with it . , In m XuUh«lL Here 1» tie only way to look at Ufe New York situation. Tammany failed to indorse the Chicago platform. Real Democrats have bolted the ticket and are fighting under the national banner j of Democracy. The Democrats ol th« nation will therefore be greatly pleaaed should Henry George be elected. In Tammany th« Democratic party at large has no Interest. It is beyond tb« pale of the party. At future Democratic national conventions the Tan- many crowd will be shut out Ther* is no Democracy outside of the Chicago platform.—National Democrat. Candidate Henry Georges Is In train- tag. He walk* ten mile* every d»j, loon he will berin f» run. The new standard pogtal card will be a trifle smaller than the card now In use, so tiiat it can b« Inclosed In 'business envelopes ef ordinary size. Spain has more sunshine than any other country of Europe. The year^ average in Spain is 3,000 hours; that ol Italy, 2,300; Germany, 1,700; England, 1.400. The census of Egypt, taken June 14 ! «howed s. population of 9,700,000, an In. ! «r»**6 of 2,900,000 since 1882; in othtr j 'words, a gain of 42 per cent in fiftMn | years. Next to money, Rembrandt loT«4 ! nothing go wall ai iis monkey. H« | ihed tears when the ape di«d, ani | painted a portrait of hii p«t from ' memory. ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Atpntt or tie FanMylranJa Uaw •nil fomiiih information refrardinf BOOB- Seeker*' Exotirikun to rarkra* paint* In th» NorthwMt. Wect. SootbwMi Biid Smith. U will pay to inresttymte If yon oouteaptoto • trip. Apply to oouwt Pwuurlraaia Ufl* Ticket Afent, or aodrestW. w. Ciohar4*->o D Utrict Pmcc ttr

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