The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1948 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1948
Page 17
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THURSDAY, MAY «, i9« _ Our Boarding House with Moj. HoopTt IT IShiT SO, SKiOFFV/ GPfiAl CAESAR// IT CArt v T 86.' PLEASE TELL ME VITAMIN 8 DIDSTT REALLY vJlN AT SO TO I /— AMD MS RELAX irwot/reum SWJlWdHf/ MARTHA, AMD BOYS (S-AVJ. MS PEOPLE FALL THEIR FACES ACT RAC& TRACKS &ORKI TVHPTV VEAR6. TOO SOON window overlooking the buay street and marveled that should be there ut oU. She heard Charlotte moving about next door and quickly un- acked her suitcase. Once ready Gorton Speculator w Put on Probation For Futures Deal WASHINGTON. May 6 (UP) ,_ Th« government yesterday put Thoma, Jord.n. New Ork.ns cotton Ipeoulator, on probation for two ye.ra for m«ktng » "fictitious trade on the New Orleans cotton future, market last December H rn« decision, announced by th° A»"out[;urt Department, will not «rf«et Jordan's trading activities in any way. The depal tnlel >l announced fliat it« juaiciat olficer, Thomas J. Flavin, had found Jordan, his brokerage firm. Thomaj Jordan and Co., and a partner, Edmund H. Crane, h«4 violated the Commodity Bx- haiig. Act in making the "fictitious " As a. penalty,.Flavin ordered that nil three "traders" be barred from all commodity markets for a period of 10 days. But Flavin at the same time ordered hia penalty "suspcnd- •feivin ruled that th« penalty shall not become effective unless the traders, within the next two yeart .again violate the jiovern- Th e nnocen By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEE SHANN- DISTRIBUTED BY NEA. SERVICE, INC. Political Announcements T»» courier New« has been atufeoriwd to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July yi and August 19, . ' COUNT! TREASURER Frank Wh i tworth COUNTY COURT CIJERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER K. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen ttTATZ REPKESENTATIVK JImmie Edwardi L- H. Autry M. JE. "Bud" Fisher ,. leslit M. "Dukie" Specie F«* County Jadft Fielder Peery Roland Green Fee Circuit Court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (ChUJcasawaba Township) J. Robert Crossltno Fried Chicken River Catfith Choice of 4 meats Vegetables - Salad 50c Gof f Hotel Coffee Shop XXVI sped swiftly through th streets, empty today save Jo i lit sparse Sunday traffic. Char lotte sat beside Roger. Patienc :behmd them. The two in tron ,»Pok« very little. Patience won idered uneasily what wai wron with them. They didn't seem t< lb« getting along very well. Las ijiight too she'd noticed that Char .lotte had been singularly irritable 'Was it that they were growin tired of each other? That each hai found tomeone else? They turned in at Ihe wide gate* ol the airport and Patience saw the plane waiting on the tarma As she followed Charlotte aboar she knew a moment's wild pani "Scared?" asked Roger. ^A little- B "for Heaven's sake, "Patienc don't get nerves," said Charlott sharply. Patience pulled aerscl* together. She settled down ta her Mat. The round her. "What'* this anxiously. The man smiled at her. "Only ju«t lor taking oft and •landjng, miss." •• Patience gav« * little shudder iit." dOD ' 1 th ' nk rm 8 ° ing to like But she found she was wrong In a. very few minutes, once they were airborne, her initial nervousness . vanished. She sat forward eagerly, looking out of the window, at the L-ountry spread below " uke a variegated carpet. -You'd soon get used to flying it you were in th« States." said Charlotte. "One just goea by plane as a matter of course over there. It's so much quicker Remember that first trip, Rooer down<to Washington?" ' Roger chuckled. "I do. And that parly we went »o when we got there." The steward put th« strap lorf fb* asked T-HEY were jilting next to each -*- other. Their heads moved nearer together. Patience caugh an odd sentence now and then They seemed to be getting on better together. Patienc« told herself she was glad Only—, ,,o, of course sh didnf foci a pang! Why should she? "There's the sea, Patience." Charlotte was smiling at her warmly, quite her gay self again Oh Charlotte, it's so thrilling.' And now they were crossing the coast She could see the white surf of. the waves breaking againal the sands. France! At last they were circling Le Uourget. A few moments more and they were Uxilng along the ground. Patience stepped out onto foreign soil and looked eagerly around her. 'I leel there should be a band Playing th« Maneillalse," « Roger. 'There is. I can hear it," Pa- lenc* insisted. They went through customs quickly and then took a cab straight to the Royale. The hotel took Patience's >reath away. Sh« followed Charotte acrosa the richly-carpeted oyer to the reception desk, trying a look as 11 traveling abroad was omething quite usual for her. It was the first time she'd signed hotel register. She thought tor breathless moment: "If Aunt Helen could only see me!" The man handed her her key. "Numero quarante-sept, Mad«- loiselle." "Thank you." "We'll wash and re-do our faces nd then see Paris," snid Charotte as they went towards th» lilt. • • • PATIENCE'S room was next to I Charlotte's. It had a bathroom eading oB it. She stood at the] she went in to collect her, only to flnd her jlill at her dressing-tabl*. "Darling, do be quick. I'm longing lo go out and sec everything," she said impatiently. "Go along down, 1 won't b« • moment.' Roger WM waiting In MM kMtng. for them. "Charlofle'i just coming - said Palience. ,,L! <T ', IC ., hour * IVe waited (or Charlotle!" "She won't be a minut»." She was 15. IJy Ihe lime she arrived they'd planned tin remainder ot the day. Subject of course, to lier approval. Cham- aa^ni cocklnils right now at the Cafe de la Paix. Umch in the Jois de Boulogne. A run out to /ersaillcs where they'd have tea. ^r°.^. again to cnai 'K e lor dinner. With a quickie at the Dome beforehand," put in Roger. It all went according to plan. And for Patience H was sheer enchantment They were at the Dome and aying it was time they went back o change for the evening when uddenly Patience saw Charlotte raise her hand in greeting. Sh« ooked round to see Dwight Bre«den coming towards them. "HeUo," he said, smiling dawn at Charlotte. "Hello, Dwiglu." Roger looked at him. "What are you doing ovar here?" he asked, none loo enthusiasti- ally. "I'm just over on famines* I'rn joing back tomorrow." "So are we," said Charlotte, Where are you slaying?" "At the Royaie." "We're there, too," said Patience, nd wondered If Dwight knew thi« Iready. Charlotte hadn't really seemed > very surprised to see him. Was possible that she had been ex- ecting hitn? That it had been [ranged bet we «n them before- aud? (To Be Continued) nienfa rules governing speculation. Flavin's order said, in effect, that the penalty \vns suspended because the "fictitious trade" was made be- Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing No Job ,too Large or Too Small Phone 2536 For Prompt Service Eddie Saliba fore the Commodity Exchange Authority had made clear that such a trnde Has & violation of its rules I Also, he said, it was not. made for i the purpose of "market mantpuln- tion." "Let', jo back horn, and w* oar, run .way tat«r in .umm.r when th. day, ar . PRISCILLA'S POP 'Vfs.tot ywkmf/how Read Courier News Want Ads. Remember Rolhrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN Calls Made—Farm & Town Day Phone 4484 Night Phone 2138 DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAY AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of All Ages! Here's what folks with children have wanted for a Arespnsible ' ^fe place to leave their chil- ARTIE'S NURSERY Ph ° ne 235 ° 313 N. 2nd SI. GET YOUR NEW CAR NOW! Drive a KAISER or a FRAZER Today "61" Motor Company (Home of < W - I mp i eiBent North «H, For Sale D.& P. L PLANTING SEED CLEANED & TREATID Roseland Gin Co. Roceland, Ark. HERE'S ~*& SAFE STORAGI • For Fun • For WooUn. ^&J^j^tJ.. . ——2»iia=«// Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North S«con<t Strt<t Phone 4474-4475 of KuUierhood By AL VERMEE8 taw eane yxj an newt- bunembet wo Birthdays WXfttf BUISN WGUKEAKMOCX GIRL VIC PUNT.' I£U IED TOOO'lfle PHONE DWU WASH TUBBS Croome Won't I'lay By LESLIE TURNEJ T"ED MAK<sHJ£E'l» ^NKKJ KUEW "WE O1 n HHU fftr^curi 5ira^,?lr^^^^ 5S c v!»"^ ll<eJ - llIH « §w ** MI «* t WUHOUT Mnxr-uf m <K. TSO PVRHUH) TO *teer HIM WHEN wt .u-r,,.,^,,, GO THEM W lOCfTlOW. \ HIM. W. PISCUSS if HIT! MVOM Scientific Mining By FRED HARMAli BESIDES, WHERE THE.Y HID Tri£. IrJ COLO DUST f'VKErt FROf Tri£ STRONG BOX OKJ THAT BWD ARE THE BASOIT5 WECWT PlC ITHOUT PROOF All Youra, Folks By V. T. HAMLIN .\. »16hrr. -Ml JU4HEAC* CAN s«ov.tiNa...\vB'vt aoi BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE By EDGAB MAKFJft

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