The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1935
Page 6
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MGB SIX Builders Defeated Roland's Bootcry and Gasscn Trounce Pastime f.ltj- l.o.ipip Tenm W. Terry Service Slfltioii ) Rist Ark. Builders ..I Holtind's Bontery ..... 0 Pastime liiUliints ____ I) Pet 1.600 1.000 Popping It In lly .(. I'. Terry's Service Station mid Kits! ..Arkansas Builders Supply got aw lo a hwid start In the City liask. ball l.fiigiiii opening last uljjhl grabbing hard fought victories. Jimmy lorry's gnsser.s came [ r o!ii behind to defeat Pnstfme lillljard Parlor, 29-24, while a smooth wort- Ing Builder iDiiclilno proved loo much for .Jclf Uoliind's Boolcry live, winning 30-30. .lulmsdti flails Kcorlnir Jimmy Johnson, dlinliiiitive forward, "signed" ai the last minute, was the big gun in the Terrymeti attack. He sank seven goals from the field and addcdju basket from life n foot line (o 'lend the p.'ick In scoring \vith fifteen points. Five of his shots were recorded in the last half and helped Ihe stale line crew to finish ahead. Carl Clanskc Pastime forward, was niniier-up with eight points; Manager "Ace" Puckett was close tohiml vvllli seven. Although he 'played but the last half. Ord Mnvshall accounlod for (wo (ield goals and u free throw. Charles Hlankcnshlp and Carl Ganswc kept Hie Ju.wrs nhcntl in the first half with ncciiraic (sonl tossing. Pastime was lending 14.10 nt the eh dof the period. Soon after Ihe intermission Johnson got "hot" nnd couldn't be-stoppcd. n, P..(Dolly) Broaden chlppud in n pair from -thc floor and a couple ' of gift chunks. Skipper Terry" cased oils and one to help in (he rally. Tom Nofthcrn, Terry's >center, played'n jam-up game, as did PiickcU. ,-"Second-Game Close Thc second game was a "honey." Both teams were almost cvonlv matched and exhibited a surprisingly fine brand of basketball al this .stage of- ths league. Their Passing superb nnd while many good "sl!ols --were missed, their offensive weapons should improve: Boolory managed to slop Kenneth Bell. Builders' tip-off ace; but thev were unable to check thc goal tossing of Clarence Webb. Dkk-Pot- icr and John Holland. These three scored all but five points of the irhi- ners'-total. Webbs sis field goals \\eie iinalchcd by Ills teammate, irollaiid, 'for scoring honor, 1 ;, "rh'6 billllant red-headed guard registered five -field goals ; «iiil tossed in two nftcr'foiir throws. Potter sent five through lh c hoop for ten points. Jimmy t,; B Brooks, coach for Boot- eiy, led-his mates with four field goals. Sfnx chrisiian amassed five points. Bernard McAfee, [.DC Modlin, Charles Brogdon,' aml-Uitd WII- snn turned in ,;• Hoolcry 'lies Score ' ' After trailing 18-22 at the liall Bcotery staged-n Held goal splurge nith Brooks leading tlfc'phrade, and knotted the count at -24-all. 'Blackard sent, them- abend'- for the first time with nifield goal. Msdlln followed with another Wauly. However, Webb" and Holland cracked a pair to tit the score again as the bell sounded for the' (bird quarter Bell got his first good shot at the basket nnd made It. Holland followed suit. Christian fouled Bell and the .Builder center made it good. Passing the ball wifh brilliant case E. Ark. worked it dm vn in two through in rapid succession. I pun Charles Brogdon broke (hrough for Levi One of UK; most, dllllciill short thn front, I* illustrated hw In shots In' basketball,' a 'try from form l,y Nac Jfolrnan, coach ol ilu> Collf|!o of Liu; i City of New York. By , Harry Gray son I i iui Luny.. • . ,^-j . . . • -,;vo i -.;_•, itu- Kuiiie in ,nie. ; accLsIpn to. dis- .„., ,ur -., Kt-hlhiiiiilunv-lo-thn hearts au'd pl . n> ' i( M- '!>?* Olympics., f believe Since .tils championship go with 0|wn . •«»'»• of lhc fans-wiili-a : ". ml ! " 5 a :.' lf> W!.'.;U»iei-c will be a thc Pawing Pachyderm rfacr has! S1 ;!, sh>llcklin » '•lake-oii-ali^oiiiers" V™^ Climber, of scolioiml lour, done nothing more lo.rnh.ince hlsj ! ,^."' lL ;-"" (1 lhc ^^ who phy their ", nr "";"^ ; . llm ."-:. C .W-.before,. in- an «pBlallon. !M a heavyweight, kins £ &., -'', '"i™ 1 ^ *"'' "'^r>that ^^.^^^^--to.^any, Uiu Long hnve been the 'yowls, sent on high by yninnicrlng promoters nnd various boxing commissions decrying Max liner's knockout of Ktngflsh. Lcvlnsky in Hint, lour- round exhibition in Chicago. It liRs.been iiolntcd out that-the Butterfly Butcher Boy, who. turned enraged grizzly In the second, round of that llflil lo-piit the kibosh oil .he former mackerel purveyor, did ilmself.wrong to the tune .of $50,000 in scoring the knockout. ; . ,.. ' The ci'ill/s Indicate that Pretty Soy Bner wonlil have pulled clown -liatjiiilchj.or more, in a return go I lie li'ntl let 'Ihe' Klhj'n.sir coast alons throiit'li' lo the -eiiil of'the tour hents, rather limn let loose ib |»nt-np cnmllons, made.- fever- hot by the contlinml taunting and bellowing of- Levlnsky...... -.-.; .'. ; But Bner did more than :$50,000 worth of sood,:to his reputation— and n million dolnIrs', worth of.good to thai of the soured fight .gnme— with that :one . punch Hint lloovcd his foe. groat example for the rest of the boys. ..,...) 6 • - J ( Iii;,ii]aiiy ways, the carefree guy is Ike a big brother to battlers of lieluer dlvLsloius. . For years devotees .or the nght game' have looked p up . to .tire heavyweight- as the u.ltlmalc in'[he ring,-world. : Like n-blg brolher's;-Bacr's deeds are bouixl to influence the light- benvles, middles, welters, llgbtles, el nl., .just as Demnscy's activities .wore-responsible for .the production of. great flghting men.Mn-lhe le.wcr divisions when he-was kl Cagers Follow Example of Gi-icldci-s; Olympic Trials To Add Interest ! KDITOR'S NOTK: This Is llif Ililrd of u serifs of itirrr K r,,' fr:i ) slorlfs and 18 diagramed liaskfl- ball plays by Nal llolman, famous (oai-h of llir {.'ollpfre of the' Clly rif NBW . Vorkj • ; IIV NAT HOMVIAN ;/ ••amou., Player, Coacli, and; (iu- Tlipre lins n'een^sttin'firig^iv.- vlvnl of basketball interest, all over the country Oils ycaiv Particularly In ,t)ic oast, this can be noticrd Nnw.spnpcrs which heretofore have treated - basketball a.s the step- ehlld.of winter, sports now are glv- [Ji« H, a place of honor among the icndjiiics, anil other snort.s un bcinsj.liardprc.ssed by current • Im- Ketball news. Ono reason for the 'growing popularity of the caeo game is the in- cr-wctlonal,angle, which -.seems to have been 'emphasized this' year New-.York ilhls-winter 13 to be the steup of several contests ' between teams of. east, west, and south Already one. game, that, between Notre Dame find Nwv York University, has' attracted -more than 16,000. fails to Madison Square pardon. .', Other' teanis which -will' apnrar here.are Kentucky, the wondci wain of the .soulli; Duqiiesne; and "—due, chumpfon of the Bfg Ten. -'r^-^r. tlifs? qulntdts Is mirp. to i>Uract;.b!g crowds • nnd- rrailt In Increnscd. popularity 1 ..'- :...-. i * .., * ..'.•,.Football Shows .Way '. ' . I..»vrall, fliis Kerlcs'0f-€ame.s will WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9, On The Outside Looking In . know pqrt.- that •...« v .^.>,.. i . „„„„, ([ne , l)qrt , thnt Ititcrscctional games : ha.v e . ployed in . arpudr*',-far,ni.mi,, excitement and Intel, lu, f<ip'lba)l r ...TogeUier with the Enst T West,,r Sugar Bowl 8ose •Bmyj.-.nrut; .OViinge 'jBowi ""•"«' 'thV, clairies" between..dlf^ sections.'hnvi;. been largely 'for,, football's p'romin- HurrJrane Takes Indians Jonesboro's Hunrlcnnc showed considerable early season strength, with .several good players still ineligible, Iri defeating Johnnie Burnett's sbawJiec Indians 30 to II at Shawnec- Saturday night. The Hurricane kept J. ,\V, Speck, big center, .of the Indians, bottled' ip nil night and | a doing so effectively stopped SJiawnrp's vnunl- ed offense. - Chirks In Scramble Tlie niythevlllo CJilckn-saws, nin- ler-itps, It, .last yea) .. s - - ( |i 5ll . lcl oiirnnment, are going to | )e hard o slop (hfs yc-ar. The boys didn't look so goal for big part of last week's name gainst Leachville i), a they man . g«l to come through- with a V [c- ory. More practice should find the Chicks on edge and shooting much more accurately thnn 'they did I tltelr opening game Tin". Chicks united rithci slow last year but loimded Into foim !„ Hie dL«,"i' tournament only t 0 lose DjiflJs to Wcuicr Tiicn I* how tint It was only S fi gi Jonesboro soundly In n foi rcoijd phcc ascension j nad£.i. Philadelphia im'arfje of *on 8nd \ ii«e nullified. &i/M, and local dpvfjrnrruents plart^new riieflicxls of socking tiie • fligh lice Sling- Priifeclloi, ALBANY, Ore: '(Up) -^ when oiinty officers arrested Frank Ad- ni r foi sirnliiig honcj it W ns found he Ind on se\en pahs of lindeuveir And \\ ehier Too Welner K going [ o „„ nghl net title igaln this joii jf l ,f poius coming f rwn tint way arc true In Jones centei Wpln.r In•> nap mm scnuno imchme gainst Bono Situidns nigh taies tallied 18, point, no i , £ nights uork foi any ph >c , „<>• alHMdj bnng ticketed' Lr nil Chickasaw Cageis Win Over Oterola Basketoerb. 31-14 , ,, .* ice lii the field .of sport • • >• ;Bti^ct^li,. .Is ^certain '' beneflL n contests o: n up In n big'way niter lie Won .. ;-••-» --.«. ii.ii.njii -iui iiis CtUTCllt bjirnslorinln g ..|pnr wrlth-lilsibrother;- Buddy .Bner, Is'.lo..recoup st 1 • - ' ~ - • • •.•re. ^lur, ,i">miuc Jlonors ,-j There "Is 'a def^lie. sUinulant for the .game in'.Uie reputation as a heavyweight kin? oih^,,., "t?" 1 "-,' than pose with ravlsliing Aon s ^^ °" le .'>v!^ough Job this town.-and that, pose with .ravishing dolls In lhat lowii and this, make a vaudeville tour that, was more pathetic than funny, do a few movie slvmts, anil declare thnl lie was ready to lake' on Steve Hamas and Art, Lasky as.n good evening's workout. * « » All hi n Single Punch Pans don't get uop-cycd over champions of that kind; not since Jack Dcmuscy siwlled them . with his; uncnualcd personality and fc- .sllpped I roelly in ti le ring. Hut (hat one Steele Bulldogs Play On Friday *-~~j >• ••»-'.'n i* BUIIH: Braggadocio -Friday night In the previous games the honors have been, divided betwee .a score but Webb retaliated to end the scoring just before the game ended. The box scores: Pastime Cavnnaiigh Ganske 8 Wall Blankenship Puckett 7 Pos. Terry's S. S. F B. F. Brogdon G F Johnson 15 C Northern 3 O Terry 5 O Tyromis Substitutes: Pastime—Marshall 5 Refcree-w. B . Gilbert (Te.var- kana Jr. College). Timer-^Guard • D Pos. E. Ark B'lders P Potter 10 F Webb 12 C B?ll 3 G Wilson 2 G Holland 12 Substitutions: Boolery—Mpdiin 4. C. Brogdon 4; Warringlon 3 East Ark.—Rousli. Refcrte-^James Piickell iArk. State Collie). 'nmer-Giiard. Bootery McAfee 4 Brooks 8 Christian 5 Blackard a Rybe inch on thc chlsel-chm of Mister •Insky changed Baer's champion Hopes to Determine World Checker Champ SANDUSKY, o. (UP)-An Inter- nattonaj checker match, which might allract Ihousands of players from Ihe United slatss, is planned ana may be belt) In Detroit, Cleveland or Toledo, according to Bernard J. McGory, of.Sandusky, prcs- faenl of the-American Checker Association. - ; McGory hoi»s to bring together Asa W. !x)hj, Toledo; Newell W Banks, Detroit, and Charles W Stuart, of Edinburgh, Scotland, in nls proposed checker.? 'Voi-Id 1-ie.s.' 1 • • *< ' Long, won the' world:. championship, recently from Banks, while Stuart fe a player of worldwide fame. ship complexion overnight. Those who saw the shindig witnessed a scowling, sneering Mas, much in the manner of the old Manassn Mauler, wfllk out of his corner and. in one fell swoop, stowaway the Ktngflsh for the night, much in the same way ns the"Loop' Uthario was wont to pack his fishy wares some time back. The same punch had the effect ol awakening Ihe fans to the fact that there still wa_s hope for revival of the nghl game. Long disgusted by thc reign of the shady decisions, fouls, mismatches, and questionable characters, fight bugs saw that knockout prove there Is one champion who has what they want—a knockout punch equal to Demp- fcys. Hie scowling, fierce attack of Hie old Manassa Man, plenty of color, and cocky enough lo talk his vay in and out of anything. Bacr holds the future bl the fl«hl game in his iwo bis; fists, n he only win lay his title on his sleeve put a chip on his shoulder and yell •"Here, you nittgs, knock si off-" to all nnd sundry who class themselves as of his caliber, he'll set n .Courier News Want Ads Pays . . ' '^1 .---.-»*•.*•".--HI I J I v.c Sam's .colors., and-.-witti them n keener brand of, competition.- • j The.A. A. r 'U,.basketball toiirna- incnt .this ..year ...will.-be .instilled with, new life, .There Is n rumor afool, lhat the cast intends lo send _^ 11lie leading cojtoge'leain in its scc- STEELE, Mo.-!The Stcelc Bull lo , P n rHcil>atc, : and .it Is likely Dogs will piny n return game with 1 ' • H ' ( '- stcl11 .^ ltl -- so i'thcrn-colleges -- will be. close behind. '• -,' .. ; AVIth .cnch section 'of the. conn- the l\i-o FrS N 1 ,)";;- 0001 " WmnMlun! Ls' f-rlday night the undefeated Coot« . Girls and Boys teams,, which lavu won five games; wllhptay the Holland .learns. Tlie B nme, which was scheduled .between 'Cooler and Warden last Friday night 'will probably l, c played'- .next Tiic.sdav night nt Warden.'The'Cooler K Ufe have defeated'every team'in Peml- <cot comiiy except Hnyli arid ""'O a gameUo be played with "' m the near 'future. represented, the' the mpeUHon . . .--,.,.,.._ reprcsentti- ,ln this tournament Is'certain lo be .intense. ...... Which gives rise io Ihe 'predlc- lion that (here's n great basketball year ahead. . . ' : , New Bablts Tird , CLEVELAND:' (UP)--TW-O' baby toys tied for the honor of being Cleveland's first-born-In 1S35. Thc ""'™' ot f«h was officially set at 12.01 A. M.. JHII. !. They 'were born to Mrs. Charles Norton and Mrs. Louts Bertlk. Alexander Hamilton Is Cross-Eyed on Fake Bills CLEVELAND (UP)—Because Alexander Hamilton didn't have cross-eyes, six men were Jailed here on federal charges of passing counterfeit money. The $10 bills they were accused of circulating were delected as spurious because Hamilton's eyes arc crossed on the bogus reproduction, according to Assistant u. S. DLslrict Attorney • Hugh McNamee.. SHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSHKANCI DEFT. BRAKES FOR TRAILERS Warrior Mountain Type ELECTRIC BRAKES for all types of Trailers, $190.50, Installed. Hendlx B. K. Rooster Double Line POWER BRAKES for all types of Trailers, $210.50 In- slaUed. • . . 1'ropcr Installation made by Nahors Trailer Co. Reasonable Terms, If Desired. I-ocal Arjenls for NABORS TRAILERS 'Phone'811 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Brythevillcs Chickasaw s trounc- d Osceolu's Seminolcs 31 to 14 nn unusually rough bisketball ln game nt' oii, lit high school last Company \| Cage Team Will Play' Monettc Buffs mi A , W tf r of 4«tent What f,, this come, seems t be one of the best of tin in™ now. stones ,,, .ritte,/ by ?hl MSI He M) o,t ciitio and boson Cnts u ford pushed acioss for the first touchdown of the gllrl e Neu Vears Day K/jUcr ^camc Touls were thick and fast dur Ing the session nnd Referee Her- 'icvf.; Schwartz had hLs .hnnds full. < ?f c _ eo!a ' )! " ler W' ejected game for unnecessary , Then 1 came ~nSif~ diwyfsecond MONErr, Ark^An outst ^ISSlrf^ ^Ji ^^ ing cage battle is expected here' |Thursda\ evening when the Arkansas National Giinrd five from - — »>•• « 11 vt IIUJL1 Blsthe\ille Invades Monette for n HU with the Monette Buffaloes Thc Blstheville teini Ls o well sc lectcd team and Is said to ; be a _ .- field gc throns !ed the The line ups Osceolii C Fg Pf '.t n n p i i 'i 010 101 Ayr^s Olden Segraves Mcdlej ' ; ChIserilrall Totals Blythevillr-: H Moslcj R MO-.IP; Purtlc Saliba Koehler Bixter Tipto'ii- Blackii^ll , Totals 1 12 i ! 'o^o 10 21 J 'o i..:-3' o o 00 01 0 0 1 i •I S H'-M' a Fg-pf ,T: 5 J 1 13 0' 0. 1 . 0 1 ,.' 0 1 2 0 0 ; 1 0 a .1 a 5 0 0 • 3VO. a o 4 6 1305 12 7 16 31, bama. Again there was hetrd m tin. last stadium the cry.of Bring on Minnesota But this time ac cording to Keeler the nords had a decided soiithein accent i three tie. "" '"' " r" uat " The Buffaloes are composed of the following coaches Mai ion Adnius Monette high school Co burn Poss Thornton Manila Jfihmle Ferguson Lake City high school Clarence Hlggins Director <K Physical Education Monette Woodrow Turner, Childress High 'chool Adams and Turner are all Stite men from Aikansas slate Teacjieis College at Conwnj Pei gu'mi is all-st-aje from Unlveriitj of T^nii Higgins Ls absolutely a tough boj under the bislfe,t and Is one of (he fastest otfensiu mm In this section The Buffaloes re I ccntly'defeated Y M 0 A five from Jonesbofo which »as com Ipo^ed of Ferdinand Diehei center Jell> Jelks forward formei 11111 vcrsitj star at Fiyettculle F Pickens forward Flojd Cnlcmnn and C. .Pickens, guards. This was (lie best team that has plajcd here In several seasons. Classes for Ladies . _ ^ -mi The of n series of golf claws for ladies onl{ , s lo b, held at the country cluu Prida\ morning 10 o clock Dick Reinsmi pio has announced This mil be Ihe first (ime such elnssOT have bun held here A nuniler have already enrolled _Connei News Want Ads Pajs .-.., Wash. (UP)—A scries of automobile thefts were .solvecl when' police found !a 17-ycar-olU Yaklma 'youth had - been stealing- cars, to,: convey ;-h|s VweiHlwurl' to church.; ;;. . , 5 P. PRIDE; .Cerllfied Registered Engineer .. General Engineering, ; .'.f' Surveying, Mapping ftione 498 BiXherille, Ark. ROXY MIDNIGHT SHQW Tonight, n:30 P. ROXY Wed. and Thursday flIAT. & KITE—l(1c ONSTAGE If HAJI SHAH BAHA ilaht •U Ml«fnl 9 ht J 5PIBITUALIJTICIEANCE **4 Is fl«i> of the nnnllesl village.': In the world, In the 1030 census, It had a" 'population of tlnce ^ Last Time Today Mat. 2:3.0, 10-a5c Nile fi:45—10-35c H O R'T O N NEWS '. - GOMED1 Thursday & Friday A "- The bait s«|[et ravel l«opilDlh«iae«nwilh electrifying dromo and thnlllng myitety hat lies behind to- norrowV hiodlintt - HHET BEECHU OSWMPERXINS.STWEVBUCMH tOWARD EUIS • IRENE FIMRLIN . Drt,,,jk, William A:We!lmon .Walter W ealinq With Hie Sap*rnatural\ ON THE vSTAGE IN PERSON The Man w, 0 Slarllfd Millions at (he C«ntuir of Progress FAY WRAY «" "CHEATING thc CHEATERS" CARTOON—"The. Jolly Little Elves" No Children Admitted—Ladies Must Have Escorls ADMISSION TO ALL—30c URSUUMRROTT'S IHEhES ALWAYS TOMORROW WilK Elixbith Younj, UuUe, ' L«lim«r, Alin H«l«. Procfuctd by Ctrl LMmmlc, Jr. Directed by Ed.srd Slomin. Pr«»«nltd by Carl Licmmlt. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE. Fox News Comedy—"Blasted Event' Wilh Edgar Kennedy Musical Short CARTOON • - COMEDY COMING FRIDAY ON THE STAGE —IN PERSON— BIRCH The Famous Magician And His Company of Assisting Artists. _ The Latest i Breath-Taking v<s| Illusions.

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