Alton Weekly Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1850 · Page 2
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Alton Weekly Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1850
Page 2
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if urn mi • t?m v;-, ; Sir IS 4' I J»3 i ALTON TELEGRAPH AND DEMOCRATIC REVIEW. ALTOV fcOTS FOB S1LE> AND UTHKRS TO LKASVa. rj-HE on designed caters to sell a P0'^"""",'", :ily_llargi II Hunler'a i of years.i DOCTORS J. A. H< hav ing alsdciared All (vr-sons la'joiin? under rtmpnic »' vital to ewe them a ca". «'«■ ">« assurance, '>"' they will be treated upon the most successful meth- Family Medicines prepared, according to C.^- ill 'lie nostrum! of i|uaclicry. Carlinville, may 3, 'So-18-6m LOST.— A I.ABGI confvm hvorby HIOKOKY STUIFE I deacded arr.l I roirr: id :j FASHIONABLE BOOT* SHUBatauu. WOOL UAUDIXI J- wo ! i ar <■■•<<• adamed. ' A BE just opening one of the laigeit asirrtmcntj I fx pure anil genuine Medicines, Drugs, Sc., eve hiousjol inl i Ihil county: n""'"^ '" Dye-stuffs of every dcscnylran Whitewash, paint and varnish brushes Srri-iliprrsail. a=J neitil-ntrjr 11 5f« variela. Eilenrea of every ilescription Anti-bilioui, and all kindi of other pills ^ HolTon'a, Dull'j, To'wnsend's and other S l. All Dr. Jaync's celebrated family medi. Celebrated Graelfenburg company's medici iter, cicen roounlain ointment, vegetable a e pi i«, dyr.-ntery syrup, heallb bitters table pills. Osgood's cholaaogue; Dr. Mackenzie's to-op: Pap: i faa a , '.Vi3lar's balsam; linimenti, oac A variety or couth syrups and candies; opodeldoc; British oil; No. 6; atyvo polish; polishing potrdcrfor Man, oaif. 1 roll, and nail brushes, Sac, Sac. All [lie lcI 'iritcd Ben Franklin medicines, which need but a trial to recommend them to general Every description of school books and far finrerand earrings, breast pins, ami alnd,; ihir and eight day brass clocks, watches; a line sc Jtrseyvitle, ruayn, '50-20-1 JOHN II. WOODS, T laSTICE of the Pcacei Agent, of the fi J l-a and jlfaiinr, of Ifarlford, Conn. -rvnr-ufr UJe fiuurnmc Conuarmy, of St. Louis, Mo. Amr.i, ra lara .'/lor* Irxl. Cun:p my, f;f VI ncaainc a , Ir And Hnnonry Scc'ynflhc Ainn-irnn Arl I/„(™, K. Y r£J*.1fay be found during business hours, at bis 01 fice, over Bead fc Starr, ready to attend promptly t v' i.j' r.i:,>ui :C- .[i in his (inc. mZi '50 la IDJES' FAXCV SHOW ItOOlIS. liberal pattonaijo that has herctofuro l^en extended t her in both the above branches, and a continuance respectfully aolicitcd. she also keeps on hand a r shionablc stock of Hals and Bonnets of all kinds; sui hri ; hai : .i .1 : islu-ls, ted, and patterns of every description for wr Etmps and fringes; Swiss and book mualins; sail cotton laces for mantles; corded skirls; ladies iMdron's hosiery; a jood assoitment of fancy silk and a fine selected slock of ribbons, Frc.orh n.-:;fi,ia; .Timers, kc, at as low prices as can be found in (he city. For taste and styls, they will equal anything I have -N. B. Uouncts bleached, altered and pressed, atyle not surpassed in the city. Mm. A.SWTCWFFF. <.!! 41\ CRADLES. rllHE subscriber would give notice to the I of central Illinois, that he has porcbas "•o: !i ai: I materials (including a largo number o( dnJle../ ,;' .•oris, Kv,5>. !alt decrase!, ,ml I will keep tl:l-=i frp sale a', his Manufactory at I -Mo.1, apj ^iil alao uV-p-aa;l llina. p;et;';!::a Pa ;!; in; harvest, at the following places, via: Spilncflcld, Carlinville, llillsboro, Staunton, ai ■rardsvillc. From Use lonj experience of Mr. Evans in i tradlcs, the great care ho took in selecting bis matc- , tiae subscriber his I > who have used 1, STIGLF.MAN, JOHNSON St GUILD past patronage, continue to carry oi business in all ita various parts, viz: l ircalar Sa-.a-M ,i;s. „-l,icli pallarn was ?ot , presslyfor that purpose, logMher ivilp all it ch!-i.-ry,r.-mpiclc.f,r .-.rc-.iiar Sa.r-Mo.'a. all of Repairing and Job work done. Brass Castings and STEEL aljlea, ~ L- w- STRATTON. BITTER & EGGS, •nTANTKD.-Thchighest market price paid for but-terandfggs. Always on hand at No. S,"chcar cash store.'' juneni READ k STARR. T OZF.XGE5- lj green, Bosc, Sa: FOU REST.— A HOLTON (a CO.'S. a.ori-ir. /.v.'//:i/ v;yr' lEEI-VOINaMUlXAla EIRE I.VSIR AXUE IJUniMM. BEMA.MI.S t- Loao, a-aiiaaa,. mduierul. Sold by IfoLTo.N i CO., under Concert IL1!,: orxr EM-E a l>o:ishing all meullic ari imie slic use, g.ass, e c. rr"pl>IN0 t nltlT i VMA W.*RE.-«>.. Communication. Mii-sp~. Kiiirtm,— ila.l: ar iiad orca-ioi! - " ' — ■■■ ■ ■ ' Iravol aonieJOU miles 10,1 r„;o;a:,a I.e. |i,r,,Uj,|i this State, 1 1 « M*» \prOI:ai i t:.r U-l t'-ia aa.oak- tV.M la: larciMy iippaoa-a,! cai.iioa ' I la .-Po.'i.l- , aaa ■Pal ..-.]„•,, .Mr. SorioPli'.: In •:»!■'' la in this ovjaoi! j promise. 1 !1 rccork-t.a t!w coin-! Rold 1 U. S M.nt.-TIk atnount of California. „oM .^,ovo, of not imi- 1st to llie 21st quarters, I other gold bullion clurinir ' ' 5 1. 1.74,000 ""n'1 f Hart's gcnuiue Erilano n aaare; wp; ,cturer-s prices. [jel*4) H.M.HINT BGE BRASS KEY. The finder anil a-!, at - Py Jan: :l a! IPO TaaO -ap.P yriPl- op all 1 [ jiane l-a.'3-tf . insure lCno .■..;„>:•.,,: i.-a'.P :.'.-l HLHiv-l!!,,,., - o..- a!:K.l a wal.ic- ..'li.-rmr.- <„ ' ,-. ,;.-.• pil I Pral aoPl IP 1 - - has been received 2t I.lcvd'3 from N,w P"? tarectpt ;'°l0'uni; v.! ,' ,..::„• I I. IP.' ■' a ra K.OPI a . I.pI.-P U'b at aypa y VP -Ui: av a-If. „o>V »,«-..,*• 01,1 .0 Oar r, ...t I .e I .r , a- I , - •„,„ ,;,„.. : ilaaMr „p or 0 , a- PPaP . . -IIV, 11.0 K. : |,„„JreJ ani fift ;„ ^J"**** o a . , ,a;, , „„| , talh Ml a .-Pipial'i 1 100 lo : 1 ,.o = '- - t 1 I 1 p,,,, 1 a. , r ,, t v„ abaut ,^ " ja > ;-'=; ae or public UMlv t« «!«.! "rtllcr*. -"oi »mv!i i* I"; i|o Ins in many localihc. „ too recent ipa, olo.n ,,; dflf. Several vessels were beset ,„i " »•"'« unless |o!ur>..ppcPlo,,„r, da,,-,, «, I or.od of.ix • Ti,eSo„So|-|,:'j„:l„ liaav avilhit, n lew vetrs lelule.l la, wu« I-rsvry |w»v« « fiorno.-leod ,,(- ptJ-.o, i,,e ,„a-|a ay,;!, planfca. l'lanfc roo.ia; Jeaaeit that ias the ice lies m the direct t, I U UNSaCO. s ,., „.,,„,„ t-ralasrl. ,as=,e ,aap- „,.„„.,, <.,,„„ ; ;,..r „, ,.,|,er Iroe laop, the eo Im-cucy 0! lo»*l or Uk ord.- ,vcr<: ip,ri»l„,iej in ('.„;.:!,. hy lla: Co-rprpar w...,,s tI0,,;r,fr M ■ " '*»' rele^rajah print- »'»!lt!.t r..1^.s..S.e«M>. staat, | »«f. To ^ , inau.-e a,,.' of the t est dia; of mats, t„ the '" am„„:,tol i-l-ppa. IPO aa.-.rre I i-.-, -.l'.,,->-!o> r.otelor apron I >' -r, 4;o.ljv,- pe, Cent, of w:.,. P ,i ;■— I ,r, a I.,:.,-,-, i -• . an I liar naes tosu.Iiby $| fuf ,, e |.„o0, ,,,.„p) ,„3kc only iSJ lor hi. trrst ground tLEKKC'U. I „a,lni..,i. a; ipe !•,.,„ y ions f,a s.s jears, much ^.TM-f! !*' ir.SU!3l„e.S'/;.e fo-.p:.a;. iorPre loo IP,. --la ol I Ire (!;|. .. ^oVa^sotiP^:]^ •e'str.-t • one ,W f ' ' 1 1 " "' c""" I JJ°"[| y ling Of rnllaieabeaiatl.e d.le ol IPt ir ,eCCi.!eyri al I.Pi 1|'homm.h7»" When an -V-.-i'it is ,T-ia.a.'e.I fcy anj- one to niaki ode! IPe par appiuali clop ,r.;.. -. V i» 100 Asjfttt of the per require ages to . :ar.-oc once iflila-l Wll.:l r'aiPPPar.-r ai ., ;■; .. ,;.;l. ,,[, l. o J v.Jepli on, » ho ii.o.l rtep tan: P nl- Ill lire Oral op," a. Pa ,,,,,,, .p.. ff 'a' (' 1 ' 1 , 1 1> orabler to fjie expeditions amplisli. Where nary casualties oi l isflejjlt- oicr Ike ■ • " as in nope r steamer ploustbs amioin.ced Hie : then the hum'ii.L' throu-h the- ie:; ,nav the site raf a l"..r l-e, c :l v ,.f nrepiLara in ..sfenSR: 'Ip-P >. . ,.„.„. Ppilp |„ Hie United Slates til itl(l.aJacks„oei'.ie..irP t'ilicappi. Wiple Bl.-llts. lu- ^.-..•l.'e.l that actio.. .»•.»•,• !m;I. na.Pi S . p a-a* lo I'enlral Pp-iare. .\,r.V Vort P.pp.p.r ,Ia:y. lS'.b; Piai :P. :;:a:l I,..le .„.„ J -a.-irrar:.. . p -P 1 1. a I al '. ! , 0 la'aa a ;p: ■-. P , ; a: rap.prpa pi . UP- .-■: p ^ .- , ,,p , , p.|. p ., . I h e f. ,„-la „c '.on: o 1 til. the cl.urci. Ml now sends out Iter joorect! "■■<■: f.-e.-n l.'.n pllr.-po,.,,,, i,,,l,l .Me. play |lJ{;r „ fi,c j,,^,^ ,..i!..a „, i!,is,-. prp! lire, lo-, e.:!!;,/- ...... avor ; , of V. ...I , and ,.c vl, as ill, j a re.v ,,! Iniaipe I he aii.linher |, , ,„„:„.,;„,, ,,| in „,.-p.s ,„aav more ill it, and in i terin- spire po.'-'slhc '.spiv lo heaven. ;' cpppj: l.,1:!- ce !.:.■■:, I... lo- - -.-■-: pi. \",,lv Jei-cev. Ohio, .Miehiejn, WUeoiisin. etc. i ' -: e'Vi: e lt! py j' r . 1 -: ' p! I n"r PPPp'd.rP' i s pp.! I I , , ; p i . „~ . .„.,,[ '.-, ^rioas dis. .: ol r-. ■ra:p-a. •>< Si y i.eii the PtAiNs. — The n.Ph|. . says the St. Lo„u « '< " 'V . ' ?T"!K; mw'ti')r i: HP.Pi U,e'l:iJ,:,psp:„'p., ipep.'!";!^ ..a... -' v .arSe amount ol capital;, iroUlen ai.iiearaiK-e t a' Saiois oi Cal.for,, 1 • ."■a a.rliaa, cmiii tlo-ia do',, p. r ap lop-p'.retcpir I in many places for anlea. r.ouieliojes as h the eye cuuld reach, an-l iir..-;;|iersed sail at houses, and han 1-oiue garde-is. presenl ; (jjearnnce of /.rosjaerilv ami iiidil-.lry. sufhcie ■r'laiUer. tlie heart, and excite emotions of gr over eierv slap, oftlio |.r,is;ieasol'tliii|;reat bill, [..Jiil'i-re and the almost daily exertion lie has lo put Ibrlli ;mliC |j,. to save it lioiu mnlilalion from open enemies p1J:,!-s , and secret foes, hps .educed hun lo a slate ot tlsn-Ii- ai debilily that is to l,e s.-.i,. as well in l.ia step as .... Ille roa.l, tlir, . Ccahed ,-s, or s.lls,) are ;■ led apart. NEW Sl'UIM. GOODS. fisrcsa rVnU/.V. of . worked Collars, evc.y varielj; dress Silks; Parasols; - fa DEiHOT,«.I.-Thes,.l,scribcrlaliesthisinelhp,l It of infor.nin r his old friends and customers, thai i i 1 1 in; »v'i:ir; noons. To-pa „■ :~ 1 a '.I'd PI Sa apd ,;,e,.|. opy .allp .Mr. his line, which he will aril very low. 'Inankful fo past favors, he rei|»ctf.|lly soli, its a continuance 0 _ may at K. BKALL. ^"'l'TEXT.O.\. - We' h, ir.»rt n,o, Pins £ We'solicit a'caU.1 my 17 E. L. DIMMOCK (a CO. EHASGE.|iaCIJ.*\GE.[ .^"-^'"E, . s; opuprs. gUSpiMEt nillinc. Crash Flann, ap2C CHARLES TRUMBULL. P .\t:OIJU AG E HOJI E ili .t N VFA C- ( I tlSIX, I I'. ,*\ Pa ap ip i o p I r.rrP.P.iprarre, r,rp r ppppps'.ral '.or all op It. E. Hart at the P.asa House, as he is fully aull.o- W1 A. S. JIARIIV to « ground l-aeweodi i I, pi trerri IPS any ppaplPy of ralole Ira arse, blue vitriol. c*T lo/swood. Also— Horse l.iosrapa, srrppp ' Sro :. : ; ryes-.-; ) pksra slas.ware-comp.i, ame Utvcllinj Houses. C1IAS. W. HUNTER. 0«c^«Ts ChnlaenRue; !4> '• LT.?,V«'V4? ™ w <« oS^~t; !!#.?- i"7,;'T " .,, arse Cinw^, SCO. S^cr ,1"; aaPcPya.SrnPPa.aeay Kf'-f • W^ffii Sf s.ranEec.jr.nirs do; anlBranilreth-srilb. ,. 7 'Z ' T,I:effnw'|rscc. Hollon'a a:rpirincs; 7 •p.-al-rc-s .;,;„., BOWMAN I. JOHNSON Slorm'. Caa.p.p enuni atinns u all, the Cf -ee, .nay he a * See, clary, at Alia*. IKr cl.ians s of the hrr.elits of iiisui'iuiee 10 II ■ redliesfcd 10 appoin'. A-eiats in tha COI.I TIUIS (O.I IeVSl'R.a\i'E CO. CAl'lTAl. I'AIU IN. A S Age .■\ Pa d-r, ,.;:.,. 1 116 | rrpuad lo lake riSllS SgaiOSt oss hy lire upon building a„a! oilier prop--., ly; in .... araUVrorPe aa.alar:. ..Par... Priapr: .-.r rp ■(•, hi [.rnnipl manner.1 All losses is ill be adjusted and paid Feb 1, '13 BOWMAN IS JOHNSON, Agents. KNOX FtltK AND MARINE INSURANCE CO C UT! AI., V-2D!»,taflO. 'y HIS Company bavina- h'.-c, aPaly 7 oil, and the to rcrc.yc applicatiooa for msurante ai-ainsl lessor danuac by the. on buildings, nieu liaoihse, ...aehinery, mills, iriaini(3ttoi,e>, =,„l all dear riplions ofpoyer,,. rives'of iiidia: p.r.l'. Ti e rales ei pftmino, .sd-ii l, will gr.vern Ihis institution, .iill.oi.roim to the estab- libaially and pconr-lly adjnstrp!; and paid. LIFE ixsunAxrE BY THE K.NOX INStltANTK C.lMPANV. ' Ihe al-ovc Company, is picyorcd to rccei'.c applica-li"„s (or iniurance. T. SOUIHElt, jan ii-l-tf Agent Tor Alton and vicinity. EXTENSIVE i t iSXITI IXF. E5TABLISH-^ OLCOTT sa CO. u opnl , espeelfnlly lavHe tlaf siiiioun.ling lour.:, ami eooidieP, to llitir verj laice Ppop pppic: lo :! dr. : r a. p Inpno p Py l r I and taken a,! hti.mal rooms. tl:-y .'eel ro.-rii Ira! that lire.' ran mil Ihe <a ants and fancy of all. I.r.lh el va;icly. style, a,:,! PPr :: ■ a, . IPa a. ■ P a' I I St te t wrntor°lUl esP,Plis.Pr„ei,i Drive fur. chasms- elscwh, re. - r-,a.. p..;:p , .-p. Pa a I: .rd I Pp lar.p.- I ad Pr the miner of second -and Slatc-als— • .-..trrn. c , ennd-st. may20,-n A. 01. COT r fa A ITEATrOS FAK3IEH*. rpo THE FARMERS of Jcisey, Greene, Mar I. and a'-i-'iniag ,-ormlies: The .indcrsUnc ' piietors ol the Alton I M„la. «o-,l.l ore- MITCHELL JaG.VBNIEn QiS&£dS£ CAIUMAGE-ISAiiER, TO4— \JJ Al.Tity, U.L., ( \N' Fourth-street, in ihc rear or M. Liirkson'a nr OIF.S; and intend fccrpir.s a constant supply. I also will allcnd to the repairirn of Canrrce;. of eve d'prr-rip.'p:::. .a! sparl pe'.ier: ap ! d rppa, Py Pp. air: to d Ian: a. adare of rlaa poldie palronaee. [ai N. B. He has,,,, hand Fasliropal,:,. . a [I ill AGES, ;es that may ho desired ri-Hi:p.Mm.v(.',of., 'Sa-FOUSALE Me 1 tnctv aa,lsecon,;-ln:„',l I y-H., rpl ri-uriupomce. He liaspeii I phvsieai lahor emapeli duri : the a laid tipai. these slicks, !,- . p IP p. par.paap A side 1,-aek of out upon is carclolly graded. Deep IPP I P.: ,ai . lo.vr, and silla;e through ten, has emhire i u'lv i,o|,rovi„e;i,olh r,s to W« to vinyiai;, acicr of its Imildinss. I the Mibjecl. IP p.- PP. .PI „lo,n ofadoptimja the subject of In - pppd ap--!. ,vc. ;therefrony : Mpp- : pp.'deilpy- edmpP.:: p.l.da: pry., ilm e,.i„,li; , '.or! by no ordinary ahnie of ei - killed any ordinary ar;ii:,.i;,.; ;l,,d thus is farmed a plank rood. a d I:'-! op eo, p.; P:r aa: _\ p ..p ;d p ... .... p.. ...•;,.!, : and lo.ay iloder Heaver. tio« m earihe,-., Inm-od; Ir.ick beside it ol twelve a,, Is ,,( three -core yeusao.-l v-. i i I in alinoM all CJ«« be siillicient. This what he lias is meo.-npielicnai- ivti iuc„iy fcot for the least width necessary p.iiom I have lnarJ <|^k -i|»» hetaveeu the iu-ide top lines of the ditches. Ihe ' widtii of which is to be added, uiakinj about ■tors mucli y.-eieecr thai, .dr. ,,,,, mU „„ Kr-„„n,l. If extra ermines or tins with limy., tins nieuiato- fiilinp ;K. pp.. :'::!,.,..■ pp.d d iioenny.iic ,„• y.o ,.,:,[.. .... ,.JC|, side of the plank opp-p led Oder'. vested in this trade, and the proceeds are of™,; consequence to the people ot Western MissE l'ri'hal.!) sale, to t n estimate to place u, ■nstaiiUy and rapidly1 /. ! '. .' dr.. . -0' UV0 didllpa,,. i,,a,,d the trade ■! ZZS?Z the increase. Surely Congress will „„ i,?°n sull'er the depredations and outrages of tC f dians to go on unavenged. Gold News.— Discoveries of gold7 con;,,., to be made in Indiana. Cold hasi™ f™ J-Jackson, Monroe, Brown, C^^J pppiy, tlop [pp., p. :, p ,y- let Ihe ciili that uoi.M llow lrM£ h... /,„„.:,. lla larrP O! HlOse wllO fl.l rk general plan's a „ I i \1 .1 cl K| f ( i by odermg imp, arlmable ainewl- |.,„;t „•;. :,p.;il; ; .;,i oat. T|le provisil eileJ (if equaled) inf, i y.llly !,y "ppy"..:i • »».' d',sed, and Hie Senate just icady t. world— a location re.-.i: p-.lp fpprppppp !.p { P/.d- : PS Pliv SLilesnian 111 11. ereeandmivipralion—upsiirparreil ill it* IP- :ep"d.,P p -a, a'. ... : ,0a either side of tile a Pa, P.. Ir.adi.e. ,.d I'l'.a ■ C-, a .-• II II- rlP.PP: P. 'OP : O il a : ■• a P r r r 1 PP PdaPP'P . pp I Cap.:!-: -a ili, a p-ii ami ippxnaust.- ! 'bat if this adjustment does not lake place al Una :p,p , , d die : Pd I • . IP- IPP .,..: - ::.■•■ r , , , p.. , , , !Ua-.e vvider plank yo!c; 1 In Canada sing! innal i )oct „.j(ll, J,,,, ' ronlo road. af;c pppiy 1 peer., ppri I pp.. a l.aP iprpe cnir il unite to make the future destiny ! separati, .iter a proper system of State poli- I ^^"j: m the past, who can estimate fully, j danger l l! :.; p „i the Sidles av'ill coatnililv follow. as :: p i .:. ihe rising „f ;|,p ami. Let lip-:: pi.a.prlon bis post in this hour ot a Ihe eon:, iry. Mr. Clay will never ye!! doing, until lie is ovcrpou'ered by of the planking was I third of the e.vpenditi ;i uotioie pianic Irai n, the admiration s her gloiv. K. aM. W. j Monday of this \ from lUnsljinfiton. p.; • number of Ibis disunion pi (priso, the entirp p -pia p i icek mrels Greek, then ' Con. Taylor does not of the Tcxans. though e l,.!e Captain Walker, Mr. U'ehilei's speech of Monday, has proa I an immense moral effect, which cannot iced from the Senate or the country. And ersary of the irtWUe o'; r. inker'" lim-trl, creat Senator from Massaehnsctts could t feel his heart swell with pri-ic at the m,--nf the depc.rled hemes ami pyirii,;., i;w a heie, that the first )ol. licaloli attacking or Thirteen, ami the altogether. Have the leen found Ivinj down logcdher ■; ..r does Inc editor ofthc disniiim. pa per think their i.ubiishing Col. Denlon'? speech apyiro.cingfi/, will do more lo kill him oil in .Uis-sonri, whose people are undivided upon tile subject of the preservation of the Union, than to pp. Pa y hwnV Iiv some it IS lli-dit tin's avipa Ihe object the " Sonlheri. prras h.-.d n, a.eaa v. lie., repoi-liaiicl Cel. Cen- edcii ra.nir c in : n. rlete, ipiae lor ilopself. W.-.shisgtos. Jam 2d. HM. 'iic '-ia-l card" of Ihe opposition, like moat hose a.-iiieh are usually i><ttn| hist or, the ere in election, is characteristic ami false. It is Col. Monroe has ia-uell a call h r a Conven-, lo form a suite Constitution, in New Mcjt- upon the adltiiorily of "Ire.-li inilincti " a Washing',..-:;, an ; .i!:!:cn;gii no aii'liep.lic m- he latest posterity. L-al us hope that some Patrick Henry rear of Dickson' s°r j-^ousE rrn.vnn issortmcnl Of BruWrr l!;e House of iieprcsentatii es, will soon reply to the cannon's roar from Doston. The spirit of discord is far more dangerous to our national grandeur than the despotism of George III. with The bill in now out of all danger in Ihe House. If any one doubt it, let him watch the Ions races of the pree-soilers. and a few of the" im practicable Southern ultras, and he will be sat- It is not true as has been slated, that Mr. Clay, .mmclialelv after Ihe papaaee of the compromise iiil', will resign his feat in the Senate. If any cud" of the avenue. If anv Senator resign it be Jlr., whose occupation will be 'orcver. Other Senators terms c-rmYr. on I, „.r March. K'U. will apply their !i require adjust, ii-hcil till the sla- .-\mo:,; Ihese arc r.lipar ir.p .rklalchearnirvlise Joc.Vs; ehair, foils fc quare and round boils; brass Hash foil dip: idaic.K.rd.i ; dl r . a, p P p.: rpd. I lies ana plates, .and an .ml! Senators an:! Cabinet ministers must br es:1 ed like other men. red by their profcrasio: ire. be their .-,,-ta. If is ahaor.l to sneak nf ,c'i..:e''.:,;':,,::.",:ij;: ■.:-'■<.<■. w..i„.,;t,rii.iiii.,-,iu:;ti.e • iroul bis rrc.-:,! eypchiron l.a c har-e is assumed In lie true, and against ll,e President ere airca.l mi Kite Ihrcnghoiit the South. lice, l.a Santa l'e- . silcli orders or inslruc-I by Ihc President or the ,.- indeed is theie .toy of-e, verifving Hie reports p ..I •! .. c.ill for a Con-M .Pi - has been eiven e acting Covernor of the rp P-pp. Pi ' p.'....'.:.-- I, to respect. The last insfrui the civil atfaiis of the Ten it the 10th of Kovendier. IS I'd '"Al! llidViiic i'r, id, :.; ip.-p ..p.p. 'inaiipii lip Secretary of War, was. that inaainach as Ihe Constitution of the United States, and the treaty of peace with Mexico, guarantied tire i.dmis-ioi: of the people of Xeav Mexico into the Union, subject only to the discretion or Congress, il thnj thought proper lo lake the necessary -slops The same instructions g ihe command of Col. now in force, tinder Ihe s were at first epiiaoa-e..!. ks were made from fl to 12 s found on the 12 feet Toil years use. 11;:.. liie plpiilca .e' middle 7 or S feel, and ,r :. feel of Ihe surface had ks of the saw. One-third I rarely he nci ithoul , p. pp-r,ce in the matter ■.moinit of travel, which one such iininodate. Over a single track 1 1' 1 .1)0(1 learns passed in two years, 22'J teams per day, and during passed daily. The earthen turn-, however, be keiit in good order. y. if it slope oil' properly lo the is oniy passed over by the wheels which lorn oil from the track and eiy exactly hit each other p- .pc-pa ! il. -.riy ppii'pip.ic t!ie earth, tends to keep it in shape rather than qually, besides de p pp lip;: pre :'ppe. ill. caeiiie ip- g.-i rp pily near the mid. n- ■ ; pp Pa ..cry pp i.-tiiiug the ends spr ipp- p;p aca upper: :i jpp-. :ar one end that will lilt up and loosen the l.esides. when a light vehicle wishes lo i ioy-iy,; one. moviiip' in Ibe centre, as il illy will, the former will be greatly d'elay-iv.iitinp' lor ;!:e other to turn lisnle. op else lave one wheel crowded oil' into the ditch where there are two separate tracks, tha vehicle. On a Hi feel Us p'pplca ippvip p p. - -pip -.err: (ieaile.l .vould make it .-: I PP-eild : and this imperfect r "'lilct' Vb"t ' ir^lM . d i.'l :- • tei ; pi.: acanlling 21) lent long. the uiidrfhr nf a roa-i. at iliierea I lie clear, hntaveen eacli seantlii ever, only partially remedies Hi When the ground is of such a very unsettled dad vied i::p; p.yd.ire. p:: P! p : po-p-e apppl. -See., that a solid irack of earth cannot he made, planks Hi i'.-.d I lingou :>',■!. and Tup-rii -d middle d or -1 inches, anrl the ends sprung down dC P-pl',-: .pd, :a:i ipp.p-, ia cppsl d, c.r railroad Irack. of any desirable ili; i the centre of which is placed an up; of rlo- .pppd hed, by means of a strap,. s Ivc freely.' Al th -I 1 1 :rc it crosses the rail, but not qui -:ie!c wheel is atlaclied in line sba: modified "r eafugeri ir, any laanacr, mi l '.hec fore, all the charges of Ipxeculivc inlerferen are so many dcliferntc fah: iralions -i-;si;:,e.i : political cil'ect. That ihc President looiied the ultimate admission of .Vew .^de.vico as State, whenever the requisite population slue.i be obtained, as a means of ayoidin; liic alaae p.ii : .ill, p , ^ . ..... ., ^ weight "f lii lip. -d i! i . r ■1 p-ip i Hp 'ii ot to be confined alone to thebeilsofc-eeksa , f ■.yines, hut the veins lead hack into the hhU here, it is said, il is lnund in great abund.,,,.:' tdddpapi preparing lo commence opera^ ^oder flattering prospec,/ glean the above information, has the folloirii.; ol the latest discovery heaed oi paper was put to press: j ii=i as w e are going to press, we are informed by Mr. Collins, that he has found told in the north part of this county, on Bryant'. er„.l. . great abu-'idance.— Zoaii- I u s-lurch and the Church Soutli,v?a. o e to-day, judge Taylor rulir,. p.p. i ( not entil ed to be made parties to tins suit, ml IdiUlPP Pepid.pgtipu B. Vdhept. a„d oiler. II- cntilled t Lead in Maine. — A lead mine ha dd. ', - ir, p ,h ie Bcltast Signal says that Ihe vein of or i*es its appearance in a ledge beneath lot d=r mark, on the shore of tlie Penobscot riv , and from thence runs under ground follow-in-e direction of the ledge. An analysis of sev -li.-c.ii'pi-s, dlperlp.rioineppi, other ira yaln, Ihe Diocese or Connecticut, adjourned on Mon day last, after a session of three days. Bisliu; Drowucll, in his annual address, expressed him self in strong terms against certain tendencie towards the Church of Rome, which elicited ai earnest and somewhat excited debate] and th, result was, that the views or the Bishop yver-sustained by a vote of oil to 5 of die clergy, an. 52 to 1 of the laity. Ni-.w Wheat.— The first which Ins come h market this season, arrived yesterday by fncstfa mer Whirlwind from Willard's landing, on the river below. Two small lots ivere of 2!) and the oilier of 7 1 sack--, in a!! about 2S bushels— the smallest by Willis Willanl, an-the latter by Messrs. Dishon & Provo-t, oier chants at that point. The sample.bcfofe lis look ipppii: re !. ...'i.o.i I Ip p . the Wheat bar. - P-Iil ai ' more than a week since whole field; acccm th, shock in the lower counties bordering on th, Illinois. In St. Charles and other counties on tin Missouri, the work has commenced, and from cr ery quarter we have the most flattering accounts notonly of qualify, but forwardness of the crop; fas, ye er than new Wheat . id in anticipatio : idld; a p.:;:c thc old stock < ly. pi: i pi p ypra P-: :I::pp and choice samples are not now worth over $1 1 SI 10, exclusive of sacks. We have heard bu little said about the probable opening price fc the new crop, but il is generally conceded tha very little will be sold for several weeks unde SOc, to $1. We are told that a contract wa entered into by one of our city miJlc.-s, a avec or ten days since, for the early delivery of se veral thousand bushels of new southern When atXIIc. and of which the 7-1 sacks received h the Whirlwind yesterday is a part. The smal ler lot was sold on private terms, bul under stood lo be at SI 10, exclusive of the sacks.-Mo. Rep. p.riil ''.-d.a for themselves, lie knew \er: •.•.•«!!, as eve te French spoli; must know who pretends („ know any tiling of the sentiment of L'nns.-eaj. that bill- lor the es-lalili-hrnelit of lerrilo, pal ppovf nuncios cop1-1 not be parse !; bo auie ;i,.. | [oil=c would insist upon attaching the l'rotiso. while liie Senate would be emaliy In m in resisling it. Under this con-„,n. he did no! in p !erri|..rial p ,vernm--i,|s. 1 ; pcrepoai 1„ an I pref-rre.l the other nlterualiae as ,•:„. „,„re »'« P cmnty practicable, anil the ,r.e likolv lo ,e attended io ir ivci in uia.ii"rcr t ICj - and anlrspiclior, lo Ihc , 1 '." ''• the pa,: years ent power. He has it me .ii': Itvo or liiree Iprraep. , •earn. ai,b 1 by hi> mael.ii U.NCOBBECTlin, Enobmoos Lnnons.— At til . a ■! I _ alt ' me yenllepaa.p yrp.iiicej a =',r,Pi p ; ir p.! la'pic. ' r.lein aicMin'dpals. in which it was »Hr.igr at thero u a, then Hinnin^ 1.190 l.OOlS of 20 liie I. -, I IP: i -dlld. pp 1 cpp.eri $|h,tss,»l.l ; Hid annual expep n. i.e. .... $39,.r>2 1.131. On this, or some similar sian i i -Hi -ii aleiHs a-, rpypi Pier,: paid:- Ir. the .--enate. me vane o sieae, dare, epp pp p. rep ir, lip- Ipl-.-r- ii 'd- IP lid: W,>t Id Hd' i-H'. ' " ' :jol,illi), as appears trom me iui.u.,ii.„. . "I!y a document lately ordered to be prinlc by the Senate, we find that Ihe net value of til' commerce of the Ohio and M i i and Ibeir tributaries, for the year 1S4:>, is cslirai Ic ! .it Sd'a!i,2:i:i,ae,i. ami i.iieapioe ..f .,■-=-,-■ m: fir.yc.i therein. 'is e.atiinate.1 at .r!S..Vi!.« tV Tilt Editor ofthc Western lioatman, at p-eal labor, complied the slnlislics of Western for the vear 1S-R He r.;! each b- at and ao- iValenl in I cioplyii.g inl> : Ire tirilf of Mexico, He lb" -'dd;;. Tip: ad, p:p : pf li:r p p. rp p i p al io p . pre ii'iercascil -speed and the immense leverage ob-^ I. lined. Tlie speed is made greater than ymi pro-Id icpii by tlie common horse poaver. in tip.,pipp. prop-::; ■:; yprl '■■„■ d ,-.-..-'.•: of li.e rrprii track j The i A (lo id ye . that : r 1 i'PC i SHcHH prrTared'l" Iill"an'j Jt may JI-IJ 'J1AH.-Si|krr;a:l.| iJi«:r;.-T"wo t,e:. ;,! I'.-lly ro-mlry. I'he wbol; inlerfer I ii.- i'r, I :::■'• Pi" .:; p Pi i'Pi lb.- two horses only. worked eight horses ii of l!i -i d'dne time tio'p.e' He aipoava tip- nap:1'.:,. "r' this samiv preciation of boals. and makes out the " inS to the' $5,l«ViT!l i^-pinieria- SI.U71,?2i> 92. W .te of ... p. :;:::::! r y pcrr'il 1 dec Pi'.ri i r-r i-p :: I a 1 ic I' , > i:1- 1 -' ' it-'l". ell's !7.-,3 OO-alitTering from tiie (. I : yet contained in any pn : tire hill that for to fK'.fi.^.llI.— SI. /.oi.i. Tin lio ? proprietors' agents for T msn-10 Apptjlo BOWMAN i' JOHSSOn" d. n. iivsiir. & co., . lands !„ the officer; .•,;„! men of lien. Wayne", war. the Seminoi ' anotlrr brilliant eip.rt was pr, , ni.aell. or Ili;,..,. a. in support of eel ye-teclay ■'(in h-.b-' nf l,-.'f burned at Troy a Tew .lavs since; sen i. vv ,-,.,',,.:„ !-..-« w re .ie-troyed, but compared ^» ' • o .'■'.'■, ':.'■, ';.'::'' en.. V,,^. I>a. Wool rode this ho: ;, without disinountu ■iv !-..adi' ::nV;iri,:;.V;'-!^,rTl'C,,:^r;;i;i:,i:- Jbeli^l^'^^-rcimidVa'^.^^ .. ... a..r.g0,..-r .el ,t ,., hcuy .1 s J , ( . . . t.he , Pr r; S'.pre, .lirccllr 03 Ox icon,', strea-'s. A' S. BARRY * CO. ,a.trn li> h.the t>rfi .::.yi..:i f.,f ;.av -ap." .ra-.tej-e. 'S "ir,'-|-ot ir,.-.;;i;:.;ir (i -pr . . ,' , , ;. '.hey pia-rai Side hy make. Su ;h ii;... si , t \ . i i . one oh.- ,rl, , RRCHIV! N kRRCHIVI EWSPA.PER EWSPA.PE C!GAKe._U.tK«) W«,e,. .nevrsar . 1 *• '■ sa^iy [ncjl.ii 3t..Mn,WKF.KLCn » CO. | fec.-'Jct the ypo

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