The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1953 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1953
Page 13
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FRIDAY, APRIL 10, cotmiw WOT THIRTEEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt DO YOU SET THAT 'WE" 4TUPF. MA.3OR * THE PROPRIETOR OF THE O'i£ARY COVJ SR6AT CA6SAR/ HOW DOSS A 6TEANN CATCH FIRE ? — HURRV. TWI6S.S/ IP WE FAIL TO QUELL BLAZE BEFORE THE SMOKE REACHSS /VtoRTHA'6 NOSE. WE'LL. HAM6 TO COP6 MISSILES/ —BAH/A L6flKV BUCKET.' SERVANT CANS DO A(JY- ATTENTION FARMERS Be sure to have your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS TESTED for GERMINATION. Woodson - Tenent Laboratories Licensed Grain Inspectors 612 West Ash St. Blytheville, Ark. COTTON GROWERS It pays to have your planting cotton seed delinted and ceresan treated by the Slurry Method. We will appreciate the opportunity of rendering you this service. Blytheville Delinting Corp. So. Highway 61 Phone 2860 SHOISFOR MEN SEE THE NEW Miracle Mesh is advertised In the Sat. Eve.Post J/j FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant- Promised Land (tKKLH AN* Wl WINDS T. M. R. e . u, Cop. 1951 by NEA Stnlc* tnc "You've embarrassed your father again—you're getting along too far in school to ask him a lot of questions!' 'rompl DELIVERY SERVICE Phone -1507 Hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with Delivery to 7 p.m. WOODS . DRUG STORE Vi\ West Main St. Parts and Supplies for All Cars, Trucks and Tractors Hays Store Phone 2001 We Deliver High Quality Low Prices Wayne Feeds Layer Mash Layer Pellets Egg Pellets Chick Starter Grower Mash .... Scratch Feed Sugarine 11)% Dairy. Wayne 16% Dairy 32% Dairj Feed .. Call Starter Pellets Pie * Sow Meal Pig & Sow Pellets JJ5% Hog Balancer 'W% Hoe Sup'lmnt Pork Maker' Horse Feed .... Rabbit Pellets .... Doe Food WR Shorts Polished Chops 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ibs 100 Ibs. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib 100 Ib 100 Ib 100 111 100 Ib. 101 Ib. 100 Ibs. 100 Ibs. 100 Ibs. 100 Ibs. 4.89 4.99 5.39 5.89 5.49 4.39 3.09 4.49 5.39 5.79 .539 5.49 5.99 6.39 4.79 4.M 5.99 8.99 3.69 4.19 RTH ABIDES by GEORGE R.STEWART Cmrwht 1941 by 0*"9« * Sttwort. Ut*J by onangtmtnt wirh riv. pvttlihtr), Ri'rffiii Km*. IK. Dtitribiittd bj HEA hrricc, IK. TUP. STOHYi Althonffh food, elOfhlnF: nnd tool* Are plentiful, mnnr modern convenience* hnve been ION! to the enrth 21 renm after n Krent plfiRne nil hnt wipe* oat hitninnlty. A little clnn of ~~ InrlnuInK »even ndnlt*. 11 5nn Frnnelwen. [nh hn* her the * water was running. ing. It was merely another triumph of Ezra's at getting along with human beings and making thorn get along with each other. Ish turned to go, and then he recollected, and looked back. "Oh, Jean," he said. "Say. is your water running all right this morning?" "Why. no," said Jean. "No. it "Morning," he said. "I guess I'll have to get George to come over j sn 't. There's just a little trickle and fix up that plumbing a little coming out." ne'n"; i bit. Josey, why don't you run out i j sn wcnt do*n the porch steps „„ „ ,.„,.„_ into the sarc'en. and get some| an( ] over to Molly's house. He felt .j restore <ome of die civlllintinn. water from one of the outside' a little chill of apprehension. ' * ' , faucets?" | He picked up Ezra at Molly's, XVIII : Josey was gone (or a little while. an( j discovered that she at least A S Ish hrd expected, they did and then came back with the ket- nat i had no difficulty with water, nothing. Weeks passed. There ] tie full. That, however, might be the result was no heaving and grunting ofi "The water out there ran faster o f | lcr house being several reel men as they carried the refrigera- for a little while, and then it just lower than Jean's so that the wa- .tor up the hill, no click and crunch ' died out to 3 trickle, too." she said. t er might not yet have run out of of spades preparing a garden plot., setting the kettle on the gasoline- the pipes'. Ish worried occasionally, -but in stove. | They went over to George's general life Drifted along, and; "That's a nuisance!" said Em. house, which stood neat and trim even he could not be ftttrch con- "We'll need more water (or wash- inside its freshly painted white cerned. With his old student's I ing the dishes." i picket-fence. Maurine showed .habit of observing even when he j Ish recognized the tone of voice, tiiem j n to the living room, and did not participate, he often won- This was one of the times when a wen[ to get George, who was put- dered just what might be hap- crisis was laid directly at the feet tering around somewhere as usual, pening. , , °* 'he menfolk to do something i s h sat down fn one of the big. Was it really, as he sometimes about. velour-covered overstuffed ehairs. Imagined, that all the individuals • • • ... were still suffering under a kind \ FTER breakfast, Ish slumped of dei /ere still sullenng under a Kind /\rAr.r\ yiudKiciat, i&n biuiupcu f shock as the result of the sud- " Into an easy chair In the liv- "THE living room in George and en destruction of their old so- ing room, picked a cigarel from!, Maurine's house looked exactly :Ciety? His studies in anthropology the humidifier, and lighted it. supplied him with examples—the But the cigaret was not satisfac- the way the living room of any prosperous carpenter would have head-hunters and the plains In- tory. They were no longer able to looked in the years before the dians, who had lost the will to re- find vacuum-packed ones, and the, Great Disaster. There were bridge sdjust and even the will to live, ordinary ones had dried out al-! lamps, with pink shades, and tas- after their traditional way of life most completely in ihe packages sels hanging from them. There had rudely been made impossible, now. no matter how well sealed, was an expensive electric clock, When Ish woke up one morning, ."Might as well go over," ne and a magnificent console radio- he realized that it was a fine sunny thought, "and see George, and get phonograph, which had four dif- day. and that he had slept well him to clean out that pipe or ferent bands of reception. There and was rested. • j whatever it is." was also a television set. On both He dressed—a new sport shirt' On the way to George's, how- tables were scarfs carefully crum- and a pair of blue leans. He stuck ever, he stopped at Jean's house pled up to give an elegant look to his feet into some comfortable' to pick up Ezra—not thai Ezra things, and on one table were nrat slippers, went slopping'oward the could fix anything, or that he , piles of several popular magazines, kitchen. , needed Ezra for any negotiation The bridge lamps did not work, As he came to the door, he with George, but just because he because there was no electricity, heard Em say. rather more sharply always liked to sc« Ezra. Jean and the hands of the electric clock than she was used to speak. "Josey come to the door. always stood at 12:17. The mag- child, why don't you turn that "Ez is not here now," she said, nzincs were at least 21 years old. faucet farther, so you can really "He's over at Molly's this week." , There were no programs on the get some water?" j Ish had the funny feeling that he air for the radio to pick up. even "Put, Mommie. it Is turned on, often had when facing the actual if there had been any electric cur- as hard as I can turn It." • practice of bigamy. He did not rent by which the radio and the Ish. coming Into the kitchen, exactly sec how Jean and Molly phonograph could run. saw that .Josey was holding the kept on such good terms, and even Yet all these things were the teakettle in the sink under the ; helped each other out in all the symbols of prosperity, faucet, and lhat only a trickle of'UUle emergencies at aousekeep-| (To Be Continued) Television— Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel 5 FRIDAY NIGHT, APRIL 10 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Dennis Day 7:30 Life of Biley 8:00 Big story 8:30 Hopalong Cassidy 9:00 Cavalcade of SporU 9:45 Greatest Fights 10:00 The Doctor 10:30 News 10:40 Film Fenturette 11:10 Weather 11:15 Names the Same 11:45 News 11:5 Sign Off SATURDAY, APRIL 11 8:30 News 8:40 Morning Meditation 8:45 World's Greatest Stories 9:15 Tops 8:30 Rootie Kazootie 10:00 Pride of Southland 10:30 Smilin' Ed 11,00 Big Top 12:00 Cowboy G-Man 12:30 Super Circus 1:30 Quiz 'Em 2:00 Big Picture 2:30 Johnny Long 3:00 Mr. Wizard 3:30 Date With Judy 4:00 Aldrich Family 4:30 Kukla. Fran & Ollie 5:00 This Is Your Life 5:30 Strike It Rich 6:00 Juniper Junction 6:30 My Hero 7:00 All Star Revue 8:00 Show of Shows 9:30 Abbott & Costello 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Sightseeing With Swayzeei 10:30 Wrestling 11:30 Balance The Budget 12:00 News 12:05 Sign Off TRUSSES Spring or Elastic Abdominal Belts Kilty Drug Stores Treat yourself to Like the balance of your favorite rod,.CABIN STILL, is balanced at 91—to evenly combine mildness of proof with richness of flavor. OLD CABIN STILL mild In proof.. .ytt rich in flavor Every drop made, mcllmued and buttled solely by STITZEL-WEUER DISIIttERY blobllihtd Lmltvill., Ker.lucliy, 18X9 OUT OUR WAY r WHAT? , TH 1 MAIM I ROAP TO THE ER6CTIW 1 RCOM BLOCKEP UP! COULPNT KJUOf TURNEP IT TK OTHER WAV OP WSHCPf - pur rrTHafNHttf HUU. *HOP I THINK THEVW ( •OtW OUT C* \ WATCHIN 1 TO *K* I THEIR V*>¥ 1O I ' HURPLB THAT /• NCW-BUT ttXSU. ^ HAVE AN 1 FAPEP ARCHJNP HERB.' I HAD TO DO IT, MISS — COULDNY TAK6 A CHANCt—HB HAS A POLICE RECOBD A SHOP CCM1C ARTIST Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads THE •SHORT WKNEP Our THE SECONDARY POCKET- MECHANISM THI-71* BAP/ BAEEIE...HE SABOT.46EP MOKE THAN (ZAPIO. A PEAL, * WELKIN! WHEEE WE 6OHNA ET-SPARE PAK1 IF KENT 1 / LOCK HMWEi-F IN TOE MOW THEM, PR1SCILLA! WE ff/VOW, THE WORLD IS ROUND... SAY-WHAT DRSAPFUU SORT OP THNS 15 HAPPENN*? A SRL'5 NECKLACE HAS SEEN STOLEN. ANC7 THAT'S NOT ALL SHE FAINTBf".) DON/T TELL A\E— KISHT ON TH6 1 AN[7 N THE WPUE DANCE PLOOfZ.y Of- (W VERY FAV FASTER., 8WU! THE NETS NOT HOLP,,. BUT SHOULD CHECK IT TILL CAM— AHi HERE COMES THE SUB THE BEWDt BUT WHEKE 15 I HEW!. BUT VOU BOURGEOIS ICHOTl NOU WILLSBTU5 BLOWM UP T001 UEWOWHILEi MOTIVES W) WORK. FEvERISHLY TO SPAM THE MOM06I WITH FI6HWS WETS. LET'S AWAY; NHORSSIAND OUR TEARS ) LET U5 NOT ARE NOT YET I BE DAINTY BREVV'D OUTSIDE MACBETH'S CASTLE... ATDAWN. VER. POIM'SWELL, PETUNIA! I THINK VEE REAtry FER —i YER PIPLOMA! >— ^/ OH, SOOPY M-10 [WE 0ACK TO MV OFFICE,AN' I'LL FIX ONE UPFER^A WITH YEK NAME ON IT/ •YOU HAVEN'T CHA.NSEP VOUf^ AMNP HWVE YOU 2 I/) § you Wftfl ftNO Y1Y KW3E -'.- COMl BftCH HWt - r-y,

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