The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 27, 1956
Page 7
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27,19!« . Bi/rnravn.T.E fAKK.I COTTRWH PAGE SEVEN with BILLY GRAHAM By George Burnham , (ChatUnoofi New«-Fre« Pm« Writer) TOKYO — General MacArthur conquered Tokyo before he got here, but Billy Graham had to wait until after he ar- 1 rived. Different methods were employed. MacArthur used! bullets and Billy used a Bible. History will record which of; the two methods produced lasting results. Every major meeting held by . Billy set records lor the .Protestant history of Japan. Residents said few men have gripped the imaginations of the Japanese people as has the American evangelist. Here Is a typaloal example o! one day after addressing the larg- esl group of pastors ever to gather In Japan. Billy called on Prime Minister Hatoyama at noon. THE JAPANESE Diet, similar to the U. 8. Congress, delayed the customary opening thirty minutes to make the visit possible. Billy told the Prime Minister how Christ had changed his life at age 17 and then outlined the Bible formula for world and individual peace. — Hatoyama,' who suffers paralysis of the legs and uses a cane like the late President Roosevelt, said he became a Christian as * young man. He added, "Burdens and cares of my office are so: great that I couldn't stand up under them unless I could go home a< nieht and turn.them over to God." Hatoyama loves church hymns and l» the only Prime Minister of Japan ever to have one sung at i session of Diet. He relaxes each nifiht tt home by listening . to hymn*. When one of Hatoyama'» «t»ft •sked if Billy would pray at the conference . the Prime Minister apologiied for the fact that he could not stand for the prayer. Billy prayed for him, for Japan, for Russia, lor America and for all nations of the world. His' secretary Matsumoto. said It was 'the first time he had ever seen Hato- ysmn shed tears. members. Old songs of the church rang out with fervor seldom seen When a man leaves home and trav eli half way around the world to ; talk about Christ he usually mean? business. At the end of the message Billy said: "Bless your hearts. I'm not | ^reaching to you. I'm preachinR! a myself." I The American Army had a huge Bible'and cross carved out of ice at I luncheon In Billy's honor . . top ranking British general In Tokyo signed a decision card at a morning meeting . . . Billy and his interpreter looked like Mutt] and Jeff at a rally - Billy, 6'2" interpreter. 5' . . . Sgt. Jacob De- BILLY HAD a hard time attending th* •vetting rally at Kokusat Stadium. H« couldn't get In because of the crowd. A cordon of nolle*, making use of th« track, finally cleared the way. Th* Indoor stadium Mating 15000 wai overflowing with, H.OOO. Lonr before Billy arrived the crowd outeid* in frigid weather •ent up • clamor saying they would go home If Billy would come em and talk with them. He went out onto the rool and apoke briefly But lew left. They continued the cold vigil and listened to an outside loudspeaker. In the middle of the address the erowd broke through police line« aud several thousand surged Into tb» building. Committee member trembled, fearing that th« con fusion wouM break up the meeting The doors near the platform were crashed open again Just a Billy wa».about to give the invita tlon People poured In but the al tentlon of tlx listeners was held Tn»r» had to tw an unietn fore becauw most of th« ploic* wer huddled In a room burning trash trying to keep warm. Over 1,000 decisions were made Asked afterward! what h« though •.bout all of the pandemonium bac of th« platform, Billy replied, "I wae one of the most attentive au diencea 1 havt «ver s«en " • • * SIDELIGHTS: Highlight of Bi lys visit to Japan was the nigh he addressed 1,300 missionaries Most of them were from America Thif might not seem like such Urge number but they represente millions of people. Back of eac missionary was » board. Back • esch board there waa a church, there was a enureh. Back -of each church were 1 IKteijirefegi. u . . . «*&»• •"--—: —- shazer, who made {he Dooiitue raid on Japan and then returned as a missionary, guided Captain Mitsuo Fuchlda Into making a decision tor Christ Fuchida was leader of the Japanese squadron which bombed Pearl Harbor. NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the Annual School Election for the veal 1 1968 'will be held in Brinkley ; District No. 52 of Mississippi Coun-; ty Arkansas, on Saturday, March ; 1th !or the purpose of electing' chool directors, voting on school axes and on. such other measures 3 may properly be submitted at aid election. The polls will open at 8:00 A.M. nd close at 6:30 P.M. at the fol- owing places: Homers Grocery tore. GIVEN THIS 18th DAY OF February, 1958. » IONED: LEWIS BAWJHER, President. BOYCE GRANT, SecreUry. /5 NOTICE OP SCHOOL ELECTION Notice U hereby given that the Annual School Election for the year »it will be held In Mississippi County District No. 55 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on Saturday March nth, for the purpose of electing school director*, voting on school taxei and on such other measures as may properly be submitted at said election. The polls Will open at 8:00 A.M. and close at 6:30 P.M. at the fol- owing places: Bonds Store. rVEN THIS nth DAY OP February, 19M. SIGNED: I! T BONDS, President. BRYAN BONDS, Secretary. 3/20-17-3/5 Bead.Courier New« ClaMltled Ads. DANGER! H U WW^* .«w«— •— -~ Chrome bronchitis m»y develop if TOUT cough, chest cold, or tcute broo- cbilii i« not treated and you cannot afford to take a chance with any medicine less potent than Creomulsion. It iocs into the bronchial system to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, iflflamedbronchiatmembri oea. 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