The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on April 22, 1895 · Page 5
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 5

Chicago, Illinois
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Monday, April 22, 1895
Page 5
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THE DAILY IKTER OCEAN, JIOJDAY 3IOHSIHG, ATIin, 22, 1893. THE CITY : IN BRIEF. St George's Day Fittingly Celebrated In Chicago AT THE TRINITY CHURCH. Even, an Ar Keeper Has His Troubles. Academy of Sciences Building to Be Opened Tomorrow Evening-Minor Mention. Tie Sons of St Georre celebrated the day of the Mint who same tbey bear at Trinltv EdIsoopsJ Chare a yesterday after noon. Tuesday. April 23, U St. Georgw'a Day. aad the order always eoBneaonlei cither the Bandar aest predlaff or too om after that day. Last year the services were held at a ehareh oa the Weet Side, the year before oa the North Side, and thl year Trinity Episcopal Chnren, at the corner of Mlehiraa bonlerard and Twenty-Sixth atreet, wss selected for the place of wenblo by the aaoocLatloo. The Bona of St. Georr marched to the chares. The proeeeaioa formed at the Colaatbas Sutne oa the Lake Front at o'clock, and abont ooo thomaand member of the society followed too PaU fonr abreast to -the ehareh.' Before the band walked General John. Walker, mender-ln-chi! of the Illinois Grand Lodge of the Sons of St. Geor. . Directly after the band rsae the nnlforased officer of the order, who also are the staff of General .. Walker. The staff consists of Brigadier . General B. Grant Jeffries, Adjataat Gen-T. H. Graventoek, aXa)or General John HaVeock. and Enrlneer-tn-Chlef Charlea "BL Georfs's Benevolent Society was rep resented by IU president, W. B. Jackson, the British-Asa rlean Society by Vero V. Hnnt aad A. Anderson, aad tao Jollet Order of St. Georre by Nathan Bennett. The Royal SeotU with their fife and dram corpe in Highland eoatnme were epienoos part of the parade. The Daughter of St. George followed the Son In carrier a a. At the' ehareh the nnlforased officer separated aad forssed on either side of the entrance, and the member pa see it into the ehereh, wkilo the band played "A a Id Lang ry ne " aa too star ana stripes ana tne anion lark were carried Into the cbareh to rather. The snrpllced choir of men and bora soar lessons lor the nay were read by Bee. John atonse. rector of tbo ehareh. The sermon wan preached by Bey. J. B. Walker, of Christ Cnereh. Jollet, and was complimentary to Eaglisamea. air. Walker spoke of what they had done for the whole world, nnd pertleniarly for America, for aest to the American he placed the Englishman, aad from that nation nnd eonntry Mr. Walker thongbt this eonntry had la her i tad want was best in Its mako an. tie pared the Cbareh of Ear land to the maiden of old. and nrey to in oragou wno was a boat to deroar her. The Sons of St. Georre today took the place of their patron saint, aad each and nil should defend the ehareh from ita enemies woe rarer they were found. A larre collection was taken np for the benevolent society daring the singing by tbo choir of Goa nod's "Praise Ye the father." The whole eoajrregatioa then toined in slsrtnr rAmerien." The officers of the Illinois Grand Lodge f the Son of St. George are: James Smith, president: Barry Stanton, rice president; John Dempsey, oast graad pres ident: Thomas U ladle, grand ' and C T. Lacey, secretary. messenger, XfiriB DB TRT AJfD HIS TKOCBLKaV Park Pea Fa wis Takes foe Kansas "Jus," thj Issw. so lie EzUsMt. Keener Cyras De Try ha had his soul sorely tried of late, aad It U'tiae to hi snprrb flock of pea fowls aad a namber of typical "bad boys," who are the ban of toe genial keeper's ex la tence. ' The pea fowls bare beea wintered la the loft above the buffalo barn, but as mild weather approached they donned their Easter feather and - were - allowed the freedom of the park. They are not confined In a cage hot permitted to run at larre. At night they invariably select the loftiest serene npoa which to rest. This ani strained liberty enraptures the vain birds, for thev choose the saner stone alone- the main aveaaes to display their gorgeous plumage. Her tbey strat for the benefit of paaaers-by darinr tbo livelong day l less interrupted by sons lncorrigiUl Tenths. These lads are maalfestly an enterprising lot, since they have hit npoa a welV-de- laed scnemo to coin sosse shekels. At aa eppnrtaae saoment. when the eye of the park policemen, who glide noise leaaly along the walks oa bicycle, are -not oa them, tbey drive two pea fowl toward the north- era section ol toe para, wberw they a yorraled by the crowd aad taken to sot barn to be caged. Jk ei Innocent-looking boy w ill approach Keeper Do Vrr the following day. offering to see that the birds are returned, provided a reward of CO cent each is given. He Informs the keeper with maeh gracioasness of speech that be nap-peaed to ascertain wbere thee "bad boys' cooeeaava too proa a oiras. i be re are twenty-one pea fowls in the flock, and nt this Urn el the year tbey present a hand sons appearance In their randy dress. Tbo workmen at the para were treated ta lively seen Friday, when the two mam moth blaoa ball were transferred to different pens. These fellow, prior to Jaaa- ary. were quite companion able, bat oi day that moat a their paroaaity waa suddenly aroasad, and a stiff encounter w a engaged In. reselling ta "Buffalo BUI sertoesly goring "Jinx." The Utter i placed la a stable to allow his wounds to beeJ. while the other warrior waa left with tao herd. Being than separated, the two owly exahaaged eompUaseata at laterrale la the way of bellowing, bat n few day sr "Buffalo Bill' forced aa entrance lato the abode ef hi enemy, where na angry encounter waa precipitated. It waa a nrUene task to attempt to make peace base tbo enraged aaimala. Fiaallr 'Buffalo BUr waa ejected, aad "Jim's" home wss seenr gnarded. Friday Keeper De Try determined to give -Jim' the freedom of the yard, aad pat hia aatarwalat la durance rlla. Aeeord-lagly -Buffalo. Bill" waa lasaooed after considerable) trouble, dariar which ropes were broken aad on of bis boras was badly fraets red. Ha waa fattened to s tree, while "Jim" was led out to the herd. Then fter another tussle tbe ebetisat beast was lad to oonfineateat, where ho will remain while his brother I taking na airing. However, negotiations were perfected Saturday for the para has at three bisons for th saolorieal garden of Philadelphia. Keeper Lw Vry said that -Jim" would likely be aa of the namber. It is Interesting to know that this herd ef sixteen native of the Western plains Is the neat la eaptirity. Th park has beea its-eeaafnl ta raising these aaimala. Some years ago there war bat two bison; th rest ere lineal descendants of this eon pie. FORMAL OmUIOor THB ACAOKxfT. Hesse of ScJesie ta L la sola Park ta Bo files lasted Toasecisai night, Visitors will be granted the opportunity to see th Academy of Be lenses tllamlasted tomorrow craning from top to bottom with electricity. It will be th formal opening ef the entire bnildinr ta rh pablle. The collections la the building car a beea all rearranged aad placed la attractive positions. Th gallery, with Jts mag-alflcent collect lo a ef Insects, fossils and minerals, wUl be for the first time opea for Inspection.- Prior to the members aad visitors being shown tbrongh .the bnildinr a" meetinjr "ill be held in the library, at which paper will read by Assistant Cars tor Frank M- Wood-raff on "Cor Spring Birds," illustrated by specimen, nnd by C 8. Baddia on "Tne V sea and Advantage of Membership In the Academy of Selene.". Visitor will be cordially welcomed. Emrinr toe month of April the academy has received 11,000 specimens. Among the more valuable collection received last week were the 210 slides representing; all the soeeles of tree and shrubs la Illinois, donated by Professor Henry F. Monroe ; fifty-nine sets of egg with nest of native birds; 215 insects, presented by Andrew Boiler: 1,000 Insects, given by A. J. Snyder and W. E. Langley, and a valaabl collection of Japanese butterflies, which are more gorgeoa nnd larger than those of this land. Cora tor Baker Is particularly proud of a perfect specimen of a Boats. American ostrich presented by Wilder Bros. This is tbo one that was so much admired in the Arrentln Bepablle exhibit at tbo World's Fair. This bird the native catch by throwing a bo las around It leg. The feathers are valuable a plumes. MINOI MENTION. . Bald Ha Waa Cheated. Henry C "iwluer, who shot himself In Lincoln Park taat Friday, left letter which was foond among his e Beets yesterday eveniar when, the tannest was held. In this letter Swltxsr said that he ' was sable to loorsr bear the mental strain aader watch he had been - laborina- for socae time. He blames la his letter Loots K. Inland. No. M biete street, aad H. C BlUer. So. l Clara street, dsn lists, aad also oae Harry W. Culisa. tor ail his troubles. He claims lbs mea aasMd cheated him la Daanclal transactions -nnill I am coeded lato dearieralloa aad leal lusttasd la dolor what I otherarlae woeld not do, "the letter includes, ksltnr was a member or tne arm of Hssry C hwltaer Co.. Aadrew J. Hwaasoa liar sis partner. Tbey conducted a laermom- eter factory at ,Na 237 V est Msriiso street, . , Xtae la a reUee States. rho rave the nam of John B Murray died la a cell at the Deesialasa Street' Station yesterdsy afternoon. From papers fonad ia his poasssslo bis sirht name I sappoeed to be M. S. Morphy. of Si Peal. Miss. He came to the station early ia the morale la a demsated eoa-diUoa. He clslms the lasso lues ware arrayed aealaat bias, aad that ho waa solves to Seat taesa. He said he eaase a the station to seek protection. He was takes down stair, aad tee city pnyeieUa was- aouoed of hie coeval l loo. Murray l bea lay down ia a eell aad vest to aiewp. WtM tae lockup-seepse waat lato the eaU he found that M array had passed heyoad tae aani.tsaos of aay physasiaa. Murray was poortv dressed. Sboat e rears of are. a artdeatly been laborec Mothlar of raise was towed npoa him eseept a rosary aad a pair of spectscisa ... Hear HsIisIisms Installed. laatalbMloa ssiHtsa of the Oakland Battalion of the Boys Brtaade were held st the Oaklaad M. E. Church. Oak wood boolevard aad Laarley areaae, haat eveatasv A larre eoartaratlea at tended the ssi Hies, aaurmeated by ball from the Hoys' ttneade of tae houia Coaafwra- laurca aad tae Armour Mission, tae chorea was decorated with suloasl Bars aad banners, ta addition to walcb a larre bask of roses was Disced directly is front of the pulpit Tae new saitaito naaruaea isie see caurca. dowa tae saala nasi, wbere tbey were seams sesal-circle aboat the pastor. It. . H few in. Tae em oars waa wul rommsad the bans lis dortnr ta year are Georre F. Zaaels, maior; Caaptala Chamberlain, aad the committeemen. J. A. Harbaaa. A..HooaeU. aad Or. fraya. Be Waa Xa atadlt foe Cmieawo Whlahy. r. C Troasell was removed from the Harrt-i Street Police Station to the County Hospital yesterdsy afteraeoa. He was snasiiar ff alcoholism. Ti ussuu was arras is Clark street early Salorday eraalar by a pollco. wso saw aim stacr r tor aioar ta a seip- eonditlon. Yesterdsy Trnsseu was very serroos aad asksd to be taken to some hospital He said be waa an larealor aad lived at - So 17 Wiadsor etrsel. Boatoa. He has beea la Cai ro two moatba. aad baa baoa lirlar at And Itorlam Hotel. At tae Ceoaty Hospital taat blrbt TroseeU was reported to be quite aenooaiy lit. taoorh U was the opinion of ta aitendinr pbyaiclaa that ha woum recover. HerUeatteral gsclsty Premleeaa, ' Preliminary aanouncement ban been mad of to premiums offered by the Horticultural Society of Chlcaro to be awarded at the annual fall exhibition Nov. t Indue! re. The pre lama offered sr mere liberal the erer. and corer every variety of Bower caltlrsie in tats climate. The list eomprlaes eat Bowers, ehrys- s Hibernoma, roses of ail r arm ties, earnauoos. vtoleta. eeraaluma. coleoa. beeoniaa. cvclamena. foliate piaata, pal ess. sod masy others. The society haa aDoroortated a liberal sum to be awarded to merltorlooa exhibits which caasot compete for any of the class! Bed premiums. Msggle TUIer Join la the Hymn. Marrle Tiller, aader senteoes of death for the inrderor Charlea Miller, attended the dlrli services held in tae woman's department of the County Jail yesterday afteraoo aad Jolaed la i ainrlne of brass Th Tiller woman IS possessed of a rten coatralto to ice and her slnr- Inw waa BOtleeebie above all th other vole The wife of He err C. Hastinra. on trial before Jndre Wtndsa oa a ebarae of murdsrioe Edward P. Hill lard, called to see him la the Coaaty Jail yesterday afternoon. Hastings passed th day quietly la hie ecu. FeU Tarwarh a Skylight. Theodora Johnson, t years old. fell throorh ' skyllrhf Is the roof of his hoane. Na 117 uu arsaue, yesterdsy morning aad sustained prob ably fatal Inlurte. The boy fight arm 1 rtrht bl were broke, and hie scalp badly cut by tae (Lsaa. He lost mock blood from the scalp wound, aad sussred greatly tram tae aboea. Tae bheffleld ereeoe amouiaac eoaveyed tt boy to St. Joseph's Hospital, where hi la juries received carcf ol situation. Are Mlastag frame Their Hoaaee. Th Enclewood police were requested last nlrbt to locate Harold Robinson, n IS-year-old boy. who ran away from boms at Seeeety-First 1 Tale streets Prlday. Jaeaes NcUosooit 1 reported mtssbtr to the !tock Tards police yosterdar. MeUoaouea m SI years 010 as a urea si Nov J Duncan fark. WedaeeUay lass left home to go to work aad ass not been seen ' Jail PitsuasfS Sua re had. The rerular monthly search of the County Jail was made y sale rosy arteraooa under a 1 recti of Acting Jailer Whitman. Only a few concealed weapon wer found. Th double scree of Boe wire races l ly pot Is place la the visitors' ears haa slopped the peeaiar is of K aires aad raaora. aa waa th custom beiora th scree waa latro- Oeta Bis Klht Lee Fraetarod. Alas Saadqoist. of Xo. lxl East Chlcaro Bra ss, wss throw oat of th Vlklnr aelooe, at No. 130 Cast Calcaao arsnee. by Hermaa LI ado slat sad Ota Peteruoe. II is said, yecteeday amors in r. Is the fall auslsised by haadqaiat hia rirht lea- was beokea. He was takea lo hi home, where a pajslaia sue ad ad aim. Oread Jury a fAerta CThe rraad lory will probably be sworn li in by Jadr Freemaa. The yary will be la am two weeks and there are bow en the socket ready for a hearing. A tail saeae will resales attest! Brat so as to ro ller th Couaiy Jail of u erercrewded i K. Prlo Willisana and J. Is Jsaas. of London, ars a tae aaaiiar lasa. 'omlaent must the hotel arrival res lard a r were rrui ta. raaa. tae beraatoa re.i esa hiar. at b Wslliartoa. aad Jsmeq E. Blaiae. chief of the medical stag of the Kssley Insu la ia si uwif nt, as im i eiana. Sltraa.laLar photorrapaar.atsTUkor's Tatar. The Art be Clob will hold a receptloa at Rosa lia Hall. Plftr-Seroala street aad Rosail unrt. Fridar afteraoo at o'clock. at. J. V. Ka9aell will Mali r r a lector npoa -wooer Art la raace. - The Wlndermsr Hotel. Flfty-Slxtk street sad Cornell sresue. has leased the build tor sdioialnr known aa "The Old Colonies,"" and is ruaovaiinr aad ref araishlnr It preparatory snaklnr It aa annex to lbs Windermere. ataj sar Kos wUl bare dirscUoa of bock hoaeea. The Church Club will hold Its April meeting Thursday areolar In the club rooms, bio hla soaks Tsmple. Paper will be read by Bishop Mc cares, Mr. Arthur Kyersoo, and others. bis boo McLaren will preach the sermon at U eoosecreuou of the Htsbop-eiect of inaiaaa. Ir. Jobs Hazea While, la fck. Paul a Church. isninsspiiHis, May L A Great CI vll-9ervlc Beforxaer. Boston Jaurusl lr rr. .1. i i..mi la spits of nil protaats. en remortnr the widowed aiater of Abraham Lincoln from the little Kea-tacky portofflca, which waa her sole support, and " " te a Democratic politicUa ef the " not tbs very smallest " JV ki ' of Peanut politics which aa . -w ersr guilty of. It comes r w.s j awsBsaa aaa Ioyr fail to attend the special sals of chsmber . 7 ais week: ZSOsirles GROVES EXPLAINS IT; Tells the Trade and Labor .Assem bly About His Mission. SAYS HE WAS. SINCERE Committee to Hear Evidence Against Supposed Traitors.. Plana for the Labor Day Demonntra. tion Are Completed Lw . bor Note. The missions and action of Walter M. Groves, secretary of the Trade and Labor Assembly, at Springfield In the Interest of the labor bills before the Legislature last wee: were unanimously indorsed by that body at its session yesterdsy. Secretary Grove explained hi work on be-, half of labor interests at the State capital la detail and tried to Justify every course be had taken. He referred to the criticisms to which-be had beea subjected on account of some measure he had pursued to gala his ends before the General Assembly and said that he thought there was a misapprehension of his motive la the mind of those who cen sured him. He took affront at 8enator Craw ford' remark during the debate on the arbltratioa bill, ta which Secretary Grove alleges the Senator branded him a a "labor skate." Mr. Orove defended hi "conduct, claiming that all he had said and done vu sincere nnd proved to be effective. He felt a large measure of satisfaction for the results he bad brought about. Mr. Grove gv a report of the condition of the tabor measure now In the hands of the Legislature, tn par ticular the miners', convict labor, nnd arbitra tion bills. - Aa-alaal the Tra liars. - The followmr resolutions were adopted. In somuch as It I alleged that certain member of the assembly are acting the part of traitors: Whereas. An attempt to dtstarb the harssony eslsUea ta the Trade aad Labor Assembly af Chiracs la snaalfset la the attempted latro- iSTI'ibi ZL-stbi!1 ".en aaetVTb. d labor Aessmbty who are well known to be epealy arrayed asalnst the talc rest and wel-1 fare ef this oeraaualloo. Kseolred. That a committee of Bre be sp- notated by the chair ta bear suck eriornee as mar be eoTered by the members ef natoas at turned to this bedy aad ae ether er otbera, aad that tae gadias-s of said eesBBBttts be reported t this body shoald the eweamHtse deem suxh eetdsaee worthy of the aiieaUeaed the Trade aad Labor Assembly. Pre idea t Grady appointed Edward Mul- Vaney, Allan A. Hampton, Edward Kuna, Charles Hauke. aad Edward Parle the com mittee to act la accordance with the propo sitions of the reeelut . The Joumeymaa Tailors Union presented grievance against the Edward Ely Tailoring Compear, stating that the employers exacted too mock labor and hardships for th ware paid. Consequently a strike waa declared. The former scale waa at the rata of IIS per week, but according to th readjusted plan It was claimed Utat f If was the s mount paid weekly. P. E. Jansen. a member of the anion, gave the status of the relations (vera the firm nnd employes, aad said that the striker would not work according to the new regime. Terms were stated. If complied la the employe would return to work. - Th matter waa referred to th committee on abuse aad complaints, who retired with the tailor to consider the matter. After n con ference the president of the committee, Lee M. Hart, reported that the grievance seemed plausible ' 1 - Ortevaaeee Are Fettled. President Gmdy reported aa amicable set tle ment of the griersnce between th Home Rattan Company. 6 lege 1 and Wells streets. aad the Heed and Rattan Workers; also be tween the Weber A Lebsha Brick Yards Company, of. Cranston, nnd the Brickmak era AM lane. Mr, Grady said he had used conservative method and had beea treated with the utmost deference by the member of the two firms. He took occasion In his report to -deprecate the rash course often pursued by labor men ngnlnst their employers with out fully Investigating the entire matter. w. L Howard, chairman of the coal miners' amnesty committee, reported that Ringltng brothers had donated the proceeds from the of toe ticket for th performance to be given Thursday evening for th benefit ef the Imprisoned Taxewell County miners. A communication was received from the secretary of th Hod Carriers' and Building Laborers' Union nsktng that th Assembly participate ta the labor pnrdad May L It was promptly laid oa the table, as the first Moaday of September Is recognised as labor day la America. The State Federation of Labor Invited the Assembly to take part la a Joint Fourth of July picnic and share the expenses. The in vltation was unanimously accepted. Mrs. Dr. Kate Bradley was appointed In spector of public Institution and requested to report nt erery meeting. Charles Jones. John Stephens, and Philip Strong were seated aa delegate from the Coopers International Union. Philip Strong wss appointed by th chair aa president of tne tonvict labor commltt CXIOXS WILL MARCH. Arranges ta Are Made foe the Big Uesaw ssitrsllss xfay 1. Th delegates from the German Central Labor Vnlon, tn Bohemian Labor L'nion. th Socialistic Federation, the Chicago Labor Congress, th Turner and Singing Societies, Populist wsrd clubs, and other organisation met In Columbia Hall, corner West Lake and JJeeplalne streets, yesterdsy morning to arrange for th monster labor demonstra tion May L Tn day la net apart In the German speaking cousin of Europe as labor day. aad Is girea to parade, feasting, and Jollity In gen eral. There bar already some aeventy-flv orgaaixations signified their Intention f par ticipating in th event, many of which will be in uniform.- On hundred Turner will march at th head of th procession in full ores, it as expected that more than S.000 men wui b tn line. The parade will start st the corner of Mar ket and Randolph streets at 3 o'clock la the afternoon. After aligning the bodle the proeeeaioa will march eaat oa Randolph atreet to Michigan nveuu. soath oa Mlchiraa a re- no to Jackson street, want oa Jacksoa street to Desplalnes street, north oa Deeplaines street to Milwaukee avenue, northwest oa Mllwnnke arena to Aurora Turner HaJL Th line of march waa mapped out by n committee constating of Chief Marshal Ernest Lows, of Csrpenters' Union. No. 1; Adolph Kllcker. snd R. Braunschweig. Chief Marshal Lest has chosen aa his aaalstaata J. Johann, president of Cigar-Makers L'nion. No. 14, aad William Good, of th Brewers' Lnion. A mass meeting of work logmen will be held tn Aurora Turner Hall at 3 o'clock at which Thomas J. Morgan nnd R. Braunschweig will speak. Ia th erasing a variety entertain ment will be given In the same place by the various Turner and singing socle at es. Th meet loft yssterdar waa nrealded ever ny Jacob w Inn en. p. Kneckrehra was secre tary, i A pamphlet will b Issued rlvlnr the pro gramme for the day, line of march, officers In charge, etc.; also th reasons for celebrating the day. Space wilt be siren each or- ganlxatlon participating to aet forth Ita prtn-ciplesand benefits. The paper will b printed Bom m avngiiaa ana uerman. - AMCRICAW IKDCSTRIAL CXI OX. " Orgsalxatlow with L'ailaaltad Alaa Begin Its Exlsteaee. Th American Industrial Union, aa organi sation with a wonderful conception the amalgamation of all th multiform Industrie of this continent Into on grand central body was launched Into existence yesterday af ternoon at No. 104 Randolph street. George W. Howard, who gained soma spas modic notoriety as vie president of tb American Railway Union, broks th bottle of sparkling Tin tare cn the prow of the new craft snd christened her. The meeting, presided over by W. O. Tre- mas. with A. J. Ax kin socrcuxy. was rather a stormy oae. especially when It cam to the adoption of ' the principle which were to gnlde the body. A constitution, prepared by O. E. Ward. James Nureni. and tteorre w Howard. whlQh required a full hour to read. was railroaded tnrougn ana discussion stifled. Then came some vigorous talking from those who asked that It be debated and voted upon section by section. Tbey argued that It was preposterous to rush through a constitution In a few minute which waa supposed to contain the underlying principle of the Indus trial structure of America. Nevertheless, the room was packed with Howard men, and the document was adopted in a whirl. This breese was followed by a decided tilt concerning a letter that Eugene V. Deb had written concerning the formation of the new nnlen. Some attempted to have It suppressed, while others clamored to have It made public It waa asserted that he was un favorable to the new enterprise, but his friends alleged that he was In full consonance with, the Idea. During the heated debate Georre W. Howard characterised the Amer ican Railway Union as a defunct organisation which could under no conditions ever become animate. Finally the Deb letter waa read, In It the labor leader said that he could not affiliate with the American Industrial Cnlon. which originated In the minds of himself nnd confreres aa they languished la Jail. Inso much aa his whol attention waa to be given to the American Railway Union. He expatiated at length on the organisation which ho fathered and gained him hi notoriety. proudly claiming its prospects were never no bright aa at present. Me pictured ita future la slowing colors. The following board of ' director, which. with a president, two rice preside. ta, accre te ry. and treasurer, shall eonstltut the national central body, was chosen: Georre Muller. 1. H. fopelaad. O. w. Howard. A. J. A kin, B, H. Herbrsoa. Jaaie Nuronl. r. kL W.rdV JU H. Uorwre, W. Vf. Welsb. W T Howard. Other candidate were: 3 W. O. Fta. J. r. Uelany. ' Aoroat . Gana, Miss atari Ball-W.O.T rem see, Mrs. gsnnht -stetn. W. H FhlUlps- Ksraosorh. B. S. Momaad. ' The other officials of the organ Uatioa will be chosen later. This board of directors which It la supposed will govern all the industrial enterprises of America, was chosen by thirty-Are mea who were present. W. O. Tremain thus outlined the enterprise: "This Is the nucleus of the body that will la time include aad solidify all the departments of labor and finally Include the entire social fabric There will be a grand central bedy to which all local salons will be amenable. . These local unions will be composed of men from every craft nnd calling. In this wsy we propose to array labor la on " phalaax. There wUl be a meeting of the I ,, ...... isua k ,. grand council in Jaauary. la4, when national organisation, will be fully perfected. . - "We bare felt the pulse of the labor element, aad we know we have diagnosed ill disease. Representative mea everywhere are sympathy with th morement aad are aaxloue for It to be started. The Chicago Musical Society will tablish a drum corps of B flees member ta be kaena as "The National Dram Corp. A arret effort will be asade at the fortheemlnr lalernatloaal ceaerntloa of machinists which will be held In Ctnetuaatl next wioath to hare the national headquarters changed from Rich- load. Vs.. to this city. ... . At a rerular aeeatlnr ef the North Mde Coal Caloaders- l alew hsld yesaseday la Hart's Hell. Locust aad Townssnd strwsta, the foIWwlnr scale of waxes waa unsslsseqaly adapted: Twetee its per ton for hsrd coal aad 14 rests prr ton for soft eaaL The coal merchants hare manifested no dlspoatliea to eat the seals. At n recent neetik- f-I Jr -x2 the I Waitsro aad Bartenders' t'ntesi bishop FaiVaws-i laid before the members a ptsa for establishing 1 waiters aeedauarters la this city, witn em floyraent bursa u. library. - trad Ins-room. Ml-lard-raom. etc. The Msho. stated that the rreiert had loo a beea la hia mine, aad he ars-sd the materialisation of the arberae la tne near future. The project was receteed with faror. XTTXLSrjIO A '49 XXXZMQ CAW. isaae Lav WUl stepredace a Started Hntaafstst Geld H f th Ground was broke yesterday at Sixty-first street aad Cottar Gror arena Jar m ex hibition of th 9 mining camp that mad such a bit at the Midwlfater Fair la San; Francisco last year. " ; , ' The new' amassment venture has beea brought to Chicago .-by James Lore, who originated aad ballt the San Frsnclseo ex bibit, Mr. Lore's exhibit is a typical gold camp sneh as the California pioneer lived ia when gold "was first .discovered. Many of th bits which have been brought to Chlcaro were la 1S49 Inhabited by the men who are now famous millionaires. ibllle In the gold dirriogs Is typified. Mexican dance ra. dandies, and . desperadoes found 1 la the far VI est, keno halls. old-time stage coaches, and all, the para- pbernalla of a f all-Dedged "Western settlo- tnent in the earlier dars form a siorularly attractive picture to tboae wheat dwelllnr I far from th haunt described by Bret Hart ss part of the romanen ef the country Mr. Love's ban rrunctsco exnioit proved n great success from all points of view, aad It was amonr the chief nttractions ol . Mr, De Young's fair. H I now In Chicago ht the Arryle Flats, and will hare the '49 mining enmp la fall bloom, witnia a month. LAXX afAMfic BsTL Atwaad lb Lake. Buffalo. X. T., April 21. The steamer W, H. Wolf, the grot of the grain nee, anired here shortly after noon today. Captain Grave re ports that he met no Ice en Lake Erie until off MiadmlU Point, about elxht miles from thla poi m it a paeae in eery neary. Tb woir i faat la the tee there for aereral hours, but th tur Acme rum to her assistance and suc ceeded la reteaslnr bar. The steamer Nike aad consort Churchill were aboat to leers port today, bat ewlnr to the report of Captain Grsres erioea to postpone their start until tomorrow. Oswero. N. V.. April 11. Tb steamer Omaha, which left at S - clock for Mllwauhee. ooeaa mm Tii.u'i, aru. - i. Detroit. Mich.. A aril L.-.Tua Slfcl ssA Twlu Sisters laft here for Oeeeland this moraine la wan coai tor atliwaokee. The Kittle M. Forbes rreuaded at tha lower end ef Lime Kilns Croaa- Inr at mldalght. but waa released at o'clock tnta morn Inc. The C B. Leekwood e rounded Grosse folnt this moraine, bat waa re lea end thla afteraeoa by the Saelnaw after lichtennx sbout 2.0(a) bushels of rraia. She I now re load-ins and will tears la the moraine. Tha wind la brisk aad from the southwest and the water Is tery low. f$aalt ate Marie. Mich.. April n. A beery northwest wind la blowing tsalrhr, and the l her to sllrhUy colder. If the wind cen- ttaaee nartratioa will open a ban I April 24. Ice la Mud Lake morsd today, and reports from Rsbsr state that boats can easily sow art thrsuch te the Boa. rt Hum, Mich.. April 21. The aauth wind drtrea the Ice ftelds so Lak Huron, aad there is ne lee la sirht from Port Gratiot Lighthouse. Captain Cuaalngham. ef the New Orleans, reporta he had ne trouble la comlne throua-h the tea aalda thla nsrslst. Hay (Jlty. Mica.. April II. I pwsrd of a t bound people witaeeard the laaocblnc ef the monster steel freighter James J. Mc Williams, of Buffalo, at Wheeler's ship yard yesterday afternoon. The launch waa unerentfal aad com pletely successful. The boat ta feet ions, all steel, and on of the Bass of her class afloat. Local Part Last. AnarvKn. Merchandise Petouker. Caeborsraav . Lumber mho vasapouu. svuinsiofi. ruiun, i-Merchandise Petoakr. Mackinaw. Grata fJorse tpfr. Ordrasburr. Llebt A. D. Har-ward. Meoomlaaet J. V. Jones. Floe Lake; Trans fer, ataaiaiMiue. ersea Tsar. Airtvad frbiiatna Sawyer, L If. Foster. Manitowoc. Anired for "belter York State, Grnham Brotharu. City ol Graau Kaoids.- Msntstoa. Arrired -Wearer. Allmendlnrer. Ida K . Kiets. sinrav. buekioy, Slmpsoa. Markhaas. Mernik. stand. - - . Mackinaw City. Dowa John Dunean. It lnat nlrbu J. D. Marshall. 11:30 this mornlnr: Par-aell. 1:34 p. nvi F.mory Owsa. 4: Topeka, Pueblo, : bialmaa. a. Wind weui. fresh: clear. Port H urofl. Down N. OrMn, sons. TTn ffiat of htlchlraa. p. ai.s KJltla Fororn, io; rsrorlie. S:40; h'swarro. 8:BO. Cleared Fllrrtiu, Arnold. Excelalor, J. H. Clark, Kuuoelis. VVlod soulb; light. . TEMP TO THX Hi ST. . Eren In these dsys of money retttnr It is not every one who can afford a trip to turope sod tne iasr, yet no one Is so poor as to be witaout n full set of those marnlBoest Holy Land views wsica is 11 all about hundreds of eiues in r-ujee- tlne, Eirypi. Asia Miaor, Greece, Italy, and tne Archipeiarie Tilt it, bee advertisement. pars . .... . Ly you want to please a boy-or girl, a younr J evea your mother-in-law, mske a present of a n. l.v - - - A n MI1 Ae run set of tost cherminr fsorat series. vviia i'lowers of America.' t- LAKE TRAFFIC OPENS. Vesselmen Are Slow to Put. Their Boats Into Service. LIVELY SEASON IN VIEW. Shipments of Coal Will Break All . Previous Records. Business In Other Lines ' Promises Be of Stupendous Volume and Full of Profit to Lake commerce opens the season In a slow, uncertain wsy. With carrying charge in all lines of traffic at. or a trifle below, th actual coat of transportation, vesselmen are loath to put their boats into service, except when forced to do so by shippers. The arrival at Buffalo yesterdsy of th steamer W. H. Wolf, which led th great winter grain fleet from Chicago, clearly marked the full opening of navigation, although a good portion ct the fleet will remain la the Chicago harbor until May 1 or later. Thla spring the grain fleet Include 104 vessels, carrying 3.428, 000 bush els of wheat, 3. 07.000 bushels of corn. 1.44,- 00 bushels of oats, and 115,000 bushels of barley. Between porta of destination th fleet 1 divided a follows: Buffalo. 73; Og densburg. It; Kingston. 7; Port Huron. 6; Krte. S ; Fali-port. 1 ; Oa wego. L The charter ing was don at th lowest rate en record. and for a week past th I cent rats that bug-bear of vessel owners haa ruled. Tim waa when boat sailed from Buffalo to Chicago and lay for days waiting for the year the straits had been open a week before year the Straits had beea opea a week before the first craft steamed out of Chicago harbor, aad not a single boat haa since gone ex cept under the imperative orders of grain shippers, who desired to get th cargoes to Eastern markets. There Is bo particular use for boat to get down to Lake Erie, for coal cargoco Just now are extremely scarce, and there la nothing to do but wait for something to.tura up. Bin- Baalaeas Ahead. ' Notwithstanding all this reluctance of vessel owner to put their boat a Into service, Ink traffic la at th threshold of a seaaon of stupendous volume. Not lea than 10.000.000 tone of Iron or will be moved by boat from the trotv-mlnlng regions of Lake Superior to th rnraace en Lake Erie and Lak Mich igan. Shipment of coal bid fair to exceed all previous records. Merchandise will be fully op ta the record ofany past season, and It is believed that It will fsr exceed IL As s whole. the lumber trade will be ss large as tt ever a la nny single season. , Grain alone will fall below the usual volume, on account of th extensive drouths last summer, which ruined tbo corn crop. With thla vast business before them the owner of vessel property, particularly of the larre modern steamers, feel confident that tb season will yield a much better per cent of profit than th seaaon s of 18S3 aad 18M. It will not be s boom time, to be sure, but th i larger boata. It la felt certain, will make bo-twe-eo IS and IX per cent, which veeeel mea hare come to consider n fair profit, cooai Ber ing the risks nnd uncertalntiee of their In-veat meote. Th eld time when profits of M per cent a srwaoa were not unusual hare gone never to return. - - Tn general sentiment amonr lor p en-l gr line l that tne coming season will see a larger volume of business than ever before on the lakes. Last year the effects of the World's Fair were still felt, but with the Improving 11 mea and the better accommodations of lak passenger traffic It Is believed that mora people will take pleasure tripe than ever before. At any rate, the lines have all made preparations to ear for a big passenger business oa all route.. This 1 part kru tarty tru of th through line nnd their cob nee tion. which will enter Into a sharp contest with th railroad for a share of the summer traffic to the seaside summer resort. To Handle Pa sponsor T raffle. In th way of local excursions the Mil-wsukee day run of the Vint in ia and the whaieback Christopher Columbus will be continued practically the same aa last year. A dock for th Columbus has beea secured nt th north end of Rush street bridge, which is far more accessible than her dock last year at the end of Randolph street viaduct. The Graham A Morton line will undoubtedly devote the steamer City of Chicago exclusively to the passenger traffic, having her double tb ran every twenty-four hours between Chicago and St.' Joseph. The big fruit traffic of the line will be given over to freight steam-era. The company made a strong endeavor to charter a boat to fill tb place of tb lost Chlcora until a new one could be built, but waa unable to obtain nny craft suitable to the exacting requirements of the acrosa-the-lake service. A strong effort will be made this season to develop the largest Chlcaro business to tbe pleasure resorts around Holland. Mich., aad three steamers will run between J Chicago and that place. Th through Buffalo connections of th Lak' Superior Line, by which the run down th lake can be made in seventy boars by tb eteamer hi an I to u to Mackinac Island and the steamers Northweet and Northland the rest of tn way. give promise of a renewal of that traffic, which for many years waa the most Important on the lakes. Por the past decade th lak trip between Chlcaro nnd Buffalo haa been given over by nil tbe tinea which formerly ran steamers In It. It Is now believed that, with the great development of th west ern country and the large Increase In th number of pleasure-aeekera. thla once-favored rout can be mad to pay again. - Last bsssoa for Old Sebwowero. It will be th last season that many of tbe old-time schooners, which once did the traffic of Chicago, will ever sail. Th rapid transi tion from th old to th new marine in lake commerce will make Itself felt in a mors marked degree than ever. It ta likely that fully 25 per cent of the Chicago schooner Beet will pass out of existence the present season. even If there are no disastrous storms. Huge stsel at camera, 409 feet In length nnd carry- lag 4,000 ton apiece, will take their place as common factors la lake trade. Lake Insurance I In a moat unsatisfactory shape, from th standpoint of th underwrlt- It la estimated that the premiums re ceived this year will be fully 25 per cent less on vessels, owing to the action of th under writers Is reducing their rates on all Al wooden Teasels, without regard to valuation, together with th marked reduction of rates on steel boat. In grain tb com pan lea will receive about 1250.000 lee In gross premiums than they received last year and th year be fore. Either tbe business has been don st an enormous profit la th past or there will be a big deficit tb present season. It ta claimed that th underwriters mad soma money tn vessel insurance last season, but then there wer no disastrous storms, such ss bar swept vessels by the score out of exist ence la previous year. With one great storm. such as that of Oct. 14. 1893. th Insurance companies are likely to have loaaes that will wipe out all th profits of tb season's business and fall heavily upon the surplus. JfOXKAL SCHOOL II ASSAXLZ9. Movenaeat ta Bar th Property Which It Btaadsriaced mm the Market. The story that the State waa to be asked to take charge of the Normal School Instead of leaving it thsr property of th county has caused som of th old enemies ef the school to take vigorous action about It. Yesterday a circular petition ad dressed to President Healy, of tbe County Board, was actively circulated in Normal Park. It asked tbe County Board of Commissioners to take step toward having the property subdivided, snd to place it oa the market. The petition stated that it would b a benefit to tha residents and business men if It was done, and that tt would oe a benefit to the cause of education and to schools in Cook County. J oat how manr petitions are tn circula tion and who. is th originator of tbe scheme is not known. One of the petition was placed in a drug store st Slxty-Muth street snd Stewart avenue yesterdsy. Tbe M X 9 4 THE 11. K. is very much evidence in these days. The nervous woman should not always monopolize the advertisements. Great difference of opinion exists as to the treatment for both. Some say they need "a good talking to," others "a change of scene," others "something to occupy thernind," but what the nervous person really needs is wholesome foed whuk A or tht an digest, for the nervous man is always an improperly nourished man, and nervousness generally begins with inability to digest food. . It is therefore very important that all should know about If food is cooked with this new vegetable" product instead of lard, a change will be seen and before long the nervous men will be found to eat well, digest well and act well. This is not theory it is history, and the coolc for nervous men and women may benefit them with Cottolene. It is sold everywhere in one, three, and five pound tins, with" trade mark steer's head in cotton-plant lereath on every package. Made only by Fairbank. Ctomiaanv, The N. K. owner of tb store, E. O. Bins, Is in favor of tb school and It is said will aot sign it. The property was deeded to Cook County many years sgn by the owner, A. M. Beck, with the provision that If at any time the grounds failed to be used for school pur ses tt woald revert to him. Tne gener ous donor haa long sisea encountered the hards hi pa of bad fortune. The scheme wlU be vigorously fought by the friends of the school. BUSINESS NOTICES. Be sore and una Tufi-3nnlow's Soothinr Syrup for your Children while TeTftSjjr- DEATHS. rtTtrRAL TRAfW-Dally oa Chleor snd erne. Trunk Hallway. Polk fcireet Depot, te hi sua! Greraweod aad Mount Hope at IS m. Graceiand aad Calrary Funeral train ef the . Chlcaca. Milwaukee, and St. Paul Hallway tears Union Depot iMnlisoa aad Caaal sireuisi daUr at UdWan. - - - BOLXY-Anrtl 20, Ralph Franklin Bonier. J ounces I soo of Xd ward r. aad Eleanor foe iey. acad 9 rears 8 moathassad It) days. t'uaeral Tueedsr at lav at 1 o'clock, from residence No. a40 t sshlnrton boulerard, by earriaree to " Kose mil. BOTLB Aprtl 91. Selll. wife of William X. Boyle, ared 40 years. Funeral Tuesday at lO SO from her late resideoce. No. S4M Kast Chlcaro avenue, to the Holy Kama Church, where hleh maaa will be celebrated, tbenee to Calvary Cemetery. Toledo (Ohio) and Vucm S. Y.lpa-pera plunne copy. CLARK Sundsy e.ornlnr. April ?1. Georrie, wife ol w. irrina-ijiara. srMIl years, rnnem ran the residence of Thomae Clark. Ho. 17a Aberdeen street, Tuesday at 10 o'clock. Burial at . jioes lllll. - DRENHAN April SO. John, belored bubhaad of anna Drennnu and faiberof Kdward. William J.. and Annie Dreuuaa. stl Mra. Tnomae Warren, a - natire ef Uuean's County. Ireland. Funeral from hi late reaidenoa. no. sv Hammond street. Tuesday. April trt, st P:3o a. m., to the Church or tiie uaiAeulaie Conception, thenee by earriaree ta Cairn- X 'COT Friday, st 10 Jn p.-...M the realdeoce of ner motner. Mrs. i. a. .xr. o. m j"m Doulerard. Florence Elizabeth McCoy, of pneumonia. Funeral Tuesday at 11 a. m. Burial at Forest Borne Cemetery from late resaience. Philadelphia aad wermaatowa paoer pleas copy. RAMSKlIXr April 91. Jams P. Kamekill. ared reara Funeral Tueedar at 1 o'clock from No. 134 Fulton Btiwet, by carnage to Rose Hill Cemetery. TATLOR April 91. st his residence Ho. ST3 Park areuue. Captain W. F. Taylor, reteran of Company K. Mnty-Stxth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, sndmemberof treorru H. Thomae Post. No. ft. . A. R. e'uneral from late reaidenoa Wednesday. April !'. at 11 o'clock. Jo Daviess aad Stephensoa Conoty papers pieaae copy. WATSJN-Aprll SO. Mra Jane Watson, seed 90 reara. Funeral from the lata residence. No. a Lama street. Tuesday at lwu o'clock, by train w mount nopw. COLUMBIA Monro and Dearborn. CI1AUI1CEY OLCOTT . . Best of all slnrinr comedians la the romantic play, the .IRISH ARTIST. EVERT NIGHT. Rerular Maun sea. Next Sondar-TBfi NEW BOY. James T. Powers as the BOY. THE HAYMARKET Will J. Davis. Chlcaro 'n Beat Theater W. Madison and H sis ted. Th Patriotic WsU Sid Crowds . . The Mr theater 10 see The Greater . SHENANDOAH With Ita S3 Horse and 200 Mea. Comlor-CHACNCEY OLCOTT. FRANK BALL'S CASINO AND VARIETY THEATER Wso. ar. Jacksoa s Billy Rice's Minstrels and Bronse Pictures. The K osier a Btal e of Kew Tork. Continuous performance, ereateat anew la Chteaco.Prioss 1 lu. ia, v . Vi. 3. oOs. SOartiaia. T)oyal Kuril ah Ctrens snd OermsnYf ater Csrolesl Al, vraoaaa ar. ana uuooara c. Twioe dally. tmt af utroiMM at n. ererr areulnr at 8. Price TL'KH. Poaltl rely tne rreateat show la Chlcaro. HOOLEYS THEATER-LssI West. Hiss Llario Burroughs Tonlxht. Toes. Wed. Mat. snd Nlrbt tn... J I'D AH Tours-. Frl. Era. aad Baa. Mat-. Romeo and Juliet Sat. Nle-ht THE PROFLlvJATK Suaoajr Next Nat C Good aria la "A Gold Mine." M'VICKER'S THEATER Every Night. JOSEPH ARTHUR'S Latest n. LINSEY WOOLSEY A Story ef LOVE snd UTPNOTISX. Mstlneae Wednesday nod Saturday. GRAND OPERA-HOUSE. 5ECOND WEEK. - IMMENSE SUCCESS OF HOYT'S A BLACKS SHEEP. First TCnrarement tn this City. Krery Nlrbt. Maui sunee Wed. and Saturday. CHICAGO OPERA-HOUSE! MATiNrra iwil u.un anla atee. - 1 " wu. a aaa. Bebblisf ersr I Artistie Trarsttr, The Z&"-,tM PassinsrQhow CaaarrSLtScrsr'tl -" Monday next aa an additional feamre. New TorV latest aaosaUoa. XUs FRANTZ FAMILY. THE SCHILLER Thoa W. Prior, Mjrr. usi 8 rrzrTrrrrrrr i -ss TisiiS III) !--( ? i tvsdawissr Tonight rV n if: . a 18.15. ILL Lr V llH ' J aataraaa. Next Son. MAKia VV Al.s A Kluof in the Great Success, 'Dan titers of' heat sale opea Tours when you buy inferior soap instead , of the genuine SANTA GLAUS SOAP The favorite of every " woman who ever used it either in the laundry or for all around the house cleaning. Sold everywhere.. -.- Made only by FAIR BANK COMPANY, CH1CAC0. Chicaao. TATTERSALL'S State and !S:h St a. LAST WEEK LAST WEEK LAST WEEK Unparalleled sueoens'. Today at ?:I5. Tonlrht at . b-li, and erery afternoon and nirht unut aprsi ineiusire. IjuiGLinG poos: tJORLD'S GSEATEST SE3VTS. Special eJtlra eufwfnieot lor farewell wees of taw seaaon-SHBEDY. THB MARVKLOLS '-From tae Say to Neotune'n Bath:" 1)1 res noad foremost from the Dome ef TattaraaU'a Into a tank of water elxht feet ltM below. ThrUllsrl Sensational! Sianllnr! A marrelous flirbt ihrourh ?ce- To-oT5T-in'rhl. aad all thla week SPKaUtY. TKJs MtRvtmfS- HAiOSAs, tbe Unwinred Birds of-tfce Air. K1IIIY FAMILY. Wonoerful Acrobat. f.AN- ja l cm a lurt rr. r lexioie aooaia zu t UOOT Clowns. Great Bareback RlUers. H.r Menap-ne. ' Thrlilinr Roman Hippodrome. TJBERAT1 BAND CO-SCRRTaV Birreat aad Beet Snow Rrer ia Ca. . eaervtd teats. BOc 75c sd 1 1, lex Seats. SI SO. Gallery. 25c Reserved and box seats on sale as Lyon A Healy' a and at Tatteraall's. Tel. UM south. Carriaaes at 4:30 and 10:30. LAST WEEK LAST WEEK LAST WEEK AUDITORIUM.- Saturday, April 27, At 8 O' Clock. CELEBRATION OP '- GRANT'S BIRTHDAY. Ninety minutes of Patriotic Oratory. Sixty Minutes of Patriotic Music-General O. O. HOWARD, LUTHER LAFL.IN MILLS, " General JAMES LON G STREET. Frederic A. Danster, IftlvZSZ CLARENCE EDDY ....Organist Dramatic effects ra martial music- Salute to ta lore. 10O Armour Mission Cadete. Thia will M tb first nubile ejalAbratlon Ia CktMrn Af tn dead hero's b ttwlsr. UHUa .IS AUSPICES OF - The Press Clafa u Chicago. Ticket sale opens Monday .morninx at' a-nii'o- rtum snd Lyon A Healr'a. HIGHEST PRICED SEATS. S1.00 THE AUDITORIUM. " ' - - " THURSDAY EVENING, April 25th. - APOLLO CLUB AND " . EUGENE YS A YE Popular PTorramme, Box OHM now open. i HOPKINS State St. near Congress. Abeslets hsanty ta pa. fut usance aad advert is- tar haa received aad nserited puMtc patrsunga. COST1HU0TJS 1 TO II P. L 10 HOTJiS. Petri ess YsudevDIs Ffaturss and Strs.ig Drasta. The World-Famous Ooavolvolutlonlst. MLLE. BERTOLDI The Only set of Its kind. Not en raced at "SLOOO) a week. " but S300 aad expenses. The Grestoat of EturUsh Characteriatiqora, - 3 -The 3 Merrilles Sisters 3 prXON. BOWERS DIXON, the -Rnbe' Rlne-leaders: FONTi-BOXI BROS., the Furor-an Aoro-5.:0.?MJ,.,o. Clowns: LA BELLS TlSA. DEL- oSSo.! THE HOOP OF 60LO THB SAMS OLD TUNB tO. SO. and SO Cento. ROBY FAIR ASSOCIATION. I") A PIT TP FIVE OR MORE RACES DAILY liUUlU U RAIN OR SHINE AT 2 P. at, Bookior oa Foreign. IIsc.s. Admissioa 50c. SPECIAL RACB TRAINS DIRECT TO TRACK. P. A F. W. R. R. (Union depot), otoppinr at 204 St., 41st St., sod Enrlewood at Uf.'S. 12:4a, 1;14, and 1:40 pm. Rerular train at 2 KM p. tu. Lake Shore R. R. (Van Buren St. depot), stopptnr St ST.M St.. Strth at., and Ensrlewood. Rerular tram at VIMi p. m. Soecial tralna at 12:40 and 1 M p.m. Returninr traiua leare at 4J0 p. m. and Immediately after the raeee. Laat train after foreirn rare rouna inn oa apeciat tratua xa ceota. CENTRAL MUSIC HALL. 0ns Concert 0ny, Wednesday EtssIso, Asril 24 . GiLncnE'SBAra VICTOft HERBERT, Conductor. Soloists Frieda Simon won. tne marrelooo child Pianist: Lotiise Kaxali. the American Prima Donna: Victor Heroert, SoloiVioiooeelilst. Popular Pricea-oOc, 7jc 1. F. WIGHT NEUMANN. Mrr. SAM T. JACK'S iirZV Madison at., bet. State and Sear-born. Tel. Main 21. 3 Bir Shows Every Day and 8. SAM T. JACK'S FOLLY CO. In Purleaqoe and Llrlnr Plcturea, 'ine r eriect woman is uere. LTHE INCOLN. Phone 354. Matinees Eta, Thais. . North ana sat. MB. HERBERT A rtTV f. A PJ CAWTKOiN in vwmi anntii Next Sunday Yonrr Mrs. Wlnthrop. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFT. riTANTID-THlS MORXINOt THREB FIRST" T class waitresses for North Side restaurant! rood wares to competent rtrl. Apply In perso at xa inter vecaa rectus s ucuuft cures 14, -

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