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Rocky Mount Telegram from Rocky Mount, North Carolina • Page 15
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Rocky Mount Telegram from Rocky Mount, North Carolina • Page 15

Rocky Mount, North Carolina
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Rocky Mount, N.C. Tulirow Mamn comes bade home to dketi '1776' 1 I I ki IS, Hi JS ding, "Down here people still have an innocence about it. Not all of Mann's professional life is tied up in the theater. He has appeared on television in soap oj eras, which he said made him most recognizable to the public. "Visibility is a real icing on the cake to actors." Mann has also been in several movies, including "Chorus "Solarbabies" and "Critters" I and II. "They offered me a lot of he replied jokingly when asked how he got involved in portraying Ug, the intergalactic cop in' the "Critters" films. Mann said that each of his different acting projects serves its own purpose. "Movies make you famous, television makes you rich and theater makes you good." "4 I I teo. He has also worked with Theater in the Park and the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival. Mann first appeared on Broadway in "Barnum." lie was the original Rum Turn Tugger in "Cats" and was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in- "Les Miserables." "I've worked with a handful of good directors," said Mann. He added that Joe Layton, when he directed "The Lost Colony," was "the first dose of good directing I ever had." Mann said he became involved with "1776" when he was chatting by phone one day with DeAnn Jones, the N.C. Theater's executive producer, from California. When she asked him to direct "1776," he said yes. "I was bored in California," he said. "I had a really good time," said Mann about the opening night performance Wednesday, adding that he was very pleased with the way things had turned out. "I sat out there with the audience and felt like I was seeing it for the first time," he said. Mann praised the local audience, describing them as "very savvy people," and said that audience participation was high. "I was surprised at the amount of laughter from the audience," he said. He compared the local actors favorably to those he works with in New York. "There is not a lack of talent down here," he said. He ex- Klained that actors in places like 'orth Carolina tend to act because they love theater, unlike those in New York. "The pressure in New York is unbelievable' he said, ad By CHARD ES HOSKLNSON Staif Writer RALEIGH ActorDirector Ter rence Mann Id ras North Carolina, ry good to me," he a phrase made rett Morris on "Save." nri! ires in New York, lis "theatrical birth-i the North Carolina "Been very, ve said, mimickin famous by Gar turday Night Li' Mann, who not has returned to I place" to direct Theater's prodi. iciion of "1776," a tverent loo! at the bawdy and irn signing of th Declaration of Irst time I've ever )f this sort of magni-n, who studied thea-Carolina School of iton-Salem. In 1971, in the outdoor Independence. I "This is the i directed a show tude," said Mani ter at the North the Arts in Wini Mann appearet drama, "The Lo st Colony" in Man- 1 "1776' is spirited glimpse of independence fight i reduces the morality of Adams and Jefferson to hollow hypocrisy. His emergence in the second act is the unexpected climax to what could have been superficial treatment of the independence debate. The second act opens with "Cool, Cool Considerate Men." In this number the anti-independence contingent congratulates itself on loyalty to the crown. It begins the self-praise by noticing how cool the meeting room has become since John Adams left to check on Washington's troops. The drop in temperature becomes a return to reason for the group of wealthy delegates. "Mamma Look Sharp" is a the sad lament of a courier who has just seen a mother searching for her son's body. It makes vivid the true 1 price of the ideals of Adams, Jeffer-" son and the independence fight. "fit Jefferson, played by Malcolm HiUgartner, is an eloquent but quiet man who left his new bride six'" months earlier to join the continen--tal debate. When asked to draft the declaration of independence, his ef- fort is cumbersome and the lackluster. Adams sends for Mrs. Jefferson, the lovers unite, and the" expressive declaration as we know it H' is born. "1776," directed by Terrence na' Mann, starring David Chaney as -John Adams, through Sunday at Me- morial Auditorium in Raleigh. For more information and for call the North Carolina Theater at Ko! 755-6916. (- ate drive. It sets the stage for humorous bantering and verbal battles. The second act is by far the better. The delegates agree that any call for independence must be unanimous, requiring Adams to persuade strongly opposed members, as well as the slavery-dependent Southern delegates. Rutledge, played by Steven F. Hall, is all but unnoticed in the first act. Yet his number, "Molasses to Rum," illustrates why the Declaration of Independence took no stand on slavery: The Southern delgates would not approve anti-slavery language, and the Northern economy was built on the trade. By demonstrating how New England was built on profits from slave sales, Rutledge PARTY INCLUDES: Microphone V. Terrence Mann Jaeoby 1T ActorDirector OridgO By iames too smart to set it 2 Grant Baze was the shrewd declarer in today's deal who hoodwinked ex- peri opponents into leuing mm gei away with nine tricks in three no- trump. After Grant had shown a bal- anced hand and 23-24 high-card points, i North elected to just bid three nr trump rather than search out a possi ble 4-4 neart tit. sua, atter tne low club opening lead, and with East holding the ace of hearts for a quick entry to allow him to lead back through de clarer's club king, the chances were toot good for the contract. Baze was Qicky in that his adversaries were ex- jperienced players. After winning the seven of clubs in his hand at trick one, he laid down the king of hearts. East, to deprive declarer of an entry to dummy with the heart iSqueen, ducked. Next came the jack.of jjiearts, ot which West discarded a low jjipade. East ducked again. The ace and yoking of spades were now played, and Usn AAA nUtnMirlll Kid decision was going to deprive A nn r. Af minx mnlrinff ist1r nrittl UO cvci mailing a liivn vviiaa we swre enougn, wnen Baze played the 10 ot hearts, that was jalso allowed to win. Unfortunately for JIthe defense, declarer now exited with uta club. West was able to cash four club Strides. He then had to lead away from J-'nis Q-10-4 of diamonds into the A-K-J to give Grant Baze his game in no -trump. Schedule Your Child's Birthday Party ALL FOR ONLY Per Person (minimum of 10 people) "We Do It AH" All you do is "Cut The Cake" Reservations Required Call 977-0600 to schedule Groups and Parties A eview By MARION BLACKBURN Staff Writer For those who 1 la ve never dug into American historj because it had no life on the pages history books, the North Carolina Tl heater may have a tonic. lilts musical "17 76" brings the heat of the Continenta I Congress and the Philadelphia sum mer to life. Anecdotes, quirks and I strong personalities revive the del bate over independence, giving the i tudience an idea of the compromise ind political deals that started the A jnerican tradition in government. The show's ma in player is John Adams, played by David Chaney, a man singularly possessed by a passion for independence. He is joined by a newly-marricsd Thomas Jefferson, whose desire for his wife overrides his desire for a separate union; a cantankerous Be njamin Franklin; and a stubborn Jo hn Dickinson, un-swaveringly loya to the British crown. The show's bigg i est surprise, however, is a moody number in the second act by Sou nth Carolina delegate Edward Rutl iedge. He delivers a scathing assault on New England's role in the slave trade with a somber song heavy with. African tribal rhythms. His num iber brings an unexpected musical I and dramatic depth to the entire performance. "1776" attempts; to portray the fierce debate that ikept continental delegates locked it one room in the sweltering summeir heat for weeks. Dispatches fronvi Gen. George Washington in New Brunswick foretell the bitter battlt js to come, and a moving song by an errand boy who lost his friend in a skirmish with British troops shonvs who paid the price for our ideals; Perhaps the ma jor weakness in the musical is the Character of Benjamin Franklin, played by Allen Lane, who is strip) ed of depth and presented as a slumbering, predictable comic stereotj rpe. The first act begi ns with a rousing number, "For God 's Sake John, Sit Down." Members of the congress, frustrated by Ada ms' persistence, have little patience, with nispassion- Changing lifestyles? SELL FT IN CLASSIFIED! 446S161 rHf NORTH MS-SI Q64 VQ6 4 3 876 10 8 6 WEST EAST J7 3 10 9852 7 VA852 10 4 3 9 5 AQ932 454 SOUTH AK VKJ109 AKJ2 KJ7 Vulnerable: Both Dealer: South West North East South 2 Pass 2 Pass 2 NT Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: 4 3 Announcement Birthday Song Animated Character PLUS: Everyone In Party Gets a FREE PASS For Another Skating Admission Skate Rental Birthday Cake Ice Cream Round of Drinks Helium Balloons for Birthday Child Session WY 301 NORTH (across from Golden East Crossing) East was shortsighted. He should have realized that West was going to be endplayed. Ironically, most beginners would have grabbed the heart ace and returned a club to set the contract. James Jacoby's books "Jaeoby on Bridge" and "Jaeoby on Card Games" (written with bis father, the late Oswald Jaeoby) are now available at bookstores. Both are published by Pharos Books. ISM, NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. U.S. SAVINGS BONDS HARDEE'S' f' FURNITURE WAREHOUSE I port CD 5 CBS News 'CD 6 Moneyline CD 7 Jeffersons CD 8 Remington Steele CD 9 Crook and Chase 10 SportsCenter CO) 11 Jeopardy! Praise the Lord 16 $100,000 Pyramid Qli 19 Urban Scene 22 MOVIE: "The Apple Dumpling Gang" (1975) Bill Bixby, Susan Clark. 'G' Fall Guy 1 3 Dining in France 1 5 Good Times 26 Barney Miller 63 SI) 31 Newlywed Game (H) 27 You Can't do That on Television 28 Wheel of Fortune 30 Three's Company 1D 29 Airwolf C3 New Zoo Revue CD 3 Andy Grif- i fith (U2 Easy Street CD 4 Legislative Report CD 5 USD 15 Win, Lose or Draw -CD 6 Crossfire CD 7 26 Benson CD 9 VideoCountry 1 0 Golf British Open. Second round, from Royal Lytham in Lancashire. (R) (90 min.) CtO 13 11 Wheel of Fortune 1 6 Major League Baseball New York Mets at Atlanta Braves. (Live) (3 hrs.) 17 MOVIE: "Lethal" (3) 19 News (20) 20 MOVIE: "Club Paradise" (1986) Robin Williams, Peter O'Toole. 'PG-13' (Adult language, adult situations) (H) 21 Gleason: He's the 10 Top Rank Boxing (33) 11 28 Mr. Belvedere (3D Frederick K. Price 02) 17 MOVIE: "Predator" (W)n 8 IV10VIE: "Wisdom" (3D 19 Video Soul 20; MOVIE: "Party Camp" (11987) Billy Jaeoby, Andrew Floss. 'R' (Adult language, adult situations, nudif) 22 MOVIE: "Nadia" (1984) Le.slie Weiner, Johann Carlo. i 27 My Three Sons CD 9 New Country 03 CD 11 28 I Married Dora (H) 27 Oonna Reed 21 Comedy Club Network Reason CD 6 Headline News CD 7 CID (2Sj 31 Miami Vice CD 8 Straight Talk CD 9 Ci-ook and Chase 0JOI111 28 2020 Praisa the Lord 21 Brothers Friday the 13th: The Series (2D 1 3 Shortstories 26 30 News (H) 27 Rowan fii Martin's Laugh-In (55 29 Wired INN News CD 8 Last Frontier CD 9 VideoCountry 16 News 5 21 It's Garry Shandong's Siiow 26 INN News (H) 27 Car 54, Where Are You? 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(3D Religious Programming (3D 4 Wall Street Week 11 28 Full House (3) Diane Bish QD 1 9 Charlie Company (2D 27 Mister Ed CD2 movie: -a Piano for Mrs. Cirnino" (1982) Bene Davis, Penny Fuller. CD 4 Election '88: A Black Perspective CD 15 MOVIE: "Ciirty Harry" (1971) Clint Eastvwood, Harry Guar- dino. 'R' CD 6 Ur ry King Live CD 7 31 Sonny Spoon CB870OCIub local TV tonight 2 Partners in Crime CD 4 MacNeilLehrer Newshour CD 5 CD 7 11'26 15 31 28 News 6 Showbiz Today (3D 8 Big Valley CD 9 Fandango (H) 10SportsLook (j Praise the Lord 1 6 T.J. Hooker 20 MOVIE: "Mannequin" (1987) Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall. 'PG' (Adult language, adult situations) (2) 21 MOVIE: "Thunder Run" (1986) Forrest Tucker, John Ireland. 'PG-13' (Adult language, violence) 22 My Friend Liberty Beverly Hillbillies (p) 1 3 Golden Age of Television (H) 27 Finders Keepers 5 3) 30 Gimme a Breakl 29 Cartoons i CD Newsline CD 3 Alice CD 6 inside Poii- tics '88 CD 7 SD 31 NBC News CD 9 You Can Be a Star 1 0 Running and Racing CD 11 28 ABC News 1 8 MOVIE: "APiece of the Action" 1 977) Sidney Peltier, Bill Cosby. 'PG' (Adult language) (M 19 Video LP 22 Mouseterpiece Theater Facts of Life (H) 1 3 Yes, Prime Minister (26) 15 CBS News 27 Don't Just Sit There (30) 30 Too Close for Comfort 0 Tar River Magazine (T) 3 Carol Burnett and Friends JX2 Foley Square (3D 4 Nightly Business Re- jJL- We Have Something tr-r 1 For Every Room fiw In Your House fork 3 l1 FPfl SAVE piiJ 'r. OFF RETAIL 'Z 'fitfrn rrntf fpf I u. im-hliiii .1... fw a toiirgmiri''-v Grsdtest (H) 1 3 World of Survival GDO 31 Dating Game 27 Double Dare 28 Jeopardy! (30 f30 Current Affair

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